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Maniac's Mirror

[] Table of Contents

Table of Contents 1



PART 1 4

1. Lost in thoughts, lost in time 5

2. Encounters with the beast 7

3. I have the power 10

4. Mysterious servant 12

5. The Clone supremacy ends 13

6. Misery mayhem 14

7. Act of Creator 16

8. Cosmic connection 17

9. A broken promise 18

PART 2 19

Minion of the unknown power 20

Two cellar doors 21

Catch the Mouse 22

The unknown power unmasked 23

Arizel’s the hunted 24

Secrets revealed 25

Kayle of a galaxy 26

PART 3 The Timebook of Clocks ‘Whispers on the wind’ 27

Epilogue 43

Stories from the eventide 44

Author’s note 53


antim abhay


to my parents and fufu




By antim abhay




I am thankful to god for creating these following individuals of unique abilities, who played a key role in making this book happen. Some of them are my friends and family and some are my mentors. They brought joy to my life and they are my inspiration. Some of them are now in heaven. I sincerely ask for their forgiveness if I have broken their hearts in anyway. I was living in oblivion but they showed me the path towards happiness.


Mrs. James, Mrs. John, Mrs. Julie Liddle, Mrs. Olive Singh, D.S Kushwah,Psyd Oulkar, Jboy, Jaycee, Umang, S.K Veluri, G Mishra, S Rajgopal, Atul, V.S Iyer, Priya Sharma, Kushagra, R.D Chawala, Charu, Shobha Rana, Asim Thapa, Atul Singh, Late.J.S Rana, D Kanwer, Ratna Kishore Rana, Late.Thaman Dangee, Shrimati Durga Devi, Prabhat Rana and above all the fairy of my dreams, the queen of utopia, Manju fufu.


And I’m also thankful to the public and police in Pondicherry and Vellore (Tamil Nadu, India) and Bangalore police too; and my college teachers, these people helped me when I needed help utmost.


I have adopted few songs of these following music bands Metallica, Iron Maiden, Cradle of Filth, Simon Garfunkel, Slipknot, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Bob Seger, Amorphis, Pantera, Megadeth, Ramones, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin and P.O.D. and also a poem by Edgar Allen Poe. 


antim abhay




Dedicated to my parents and fufu




[][] PART 1











[] 1. Lost in thoughts, lost in time

My birth credentials:

Country –    Gazahbor

Planet –      Teargar

Galaxy –      Drofolax

Universe –   Arindhara


I have arrived here just now and as always I can’t promise to stay. There is this thing I’ am tempted to tell you, I think I’ve never done this before and I wonder what will be the outcome. Whatever you read is what I could gather from my faltering memory and write. I had to pay for making it easier for you all to understand the truth of what I have written but the cruel fact is that nobody will understand it unless and until they are in the right dimension or the right world of thoughts, moreover these dimensions are overflowing. In other words, as there are infinite images when one mirror is kept in front of another mirror in the same way there are many parallel worlds which does not look alike but they are similar in all respects even the actions, only the train of thoughts is different in all of them. We are present in all but aware of only one and it’s all in one place. Everybody here only know of one world of thoughts, they know of only one dimension, but they are present in all the dimensions in  different forms and all stay at a single point and aware of only one form. All the entities in one dimension have different identity in each dimensions. During my youth, I developed an abnormality that I cannot stay in one dimension and the same body for long. These dimensions (worlds), they may be a high level one or one from the lower levels, may be old or new.


In old ages there lived those who knew of all the parallel worlds or dimensions they were called Sysandrians, they were not like others divided in many fragments in different parallel universes but all there fragments from different dimensions were united into one and hence they had a single identity present in all dimensions at one time. All other living fell in love with Sysandrians as a Sysandrian could keep track of all their fragments in every dimension, they were consciously aware of them in only that one dimension in which they resided.


If, in any of the world of thoughts (dimensions), that fragment of yours residing in that world disrespects them, they will never meet that part of yours again, and your fragment in that world will never know. Sysandrians were once like you but when they were chosen to become one, there way was paved towards ocean of knowledge, and they began their journey to become a Sysandrian for there was no other path. In your world no one knows about them, but in the world which is above all the worlds, Sysandria, their story is not hidden. The identity of those who are moving ahead on their path is hidden in all the worlds, their appearance is of an ordinary mad beggar. When we see such ones we react in different ways as per our wisdom. Today the ones who do not continue their journey and have taken respite are not heard of and the others are said to be moving ahead on their paths. I once knew a Sysandrian, who came back from her journey for me, her name was Atmi. She was my first master and taught me how to become one.


Remember in all the worlds

The faith in the unknown brings

Desire out of despair

Strength out of frailty

Conquest out of defeat

Rest after wrestle

Peace out of animosity

Forbearance after rebellion

And life out of death

You have made me so vast

Too great for this world

Too deep to be filled by nothingness

Fill my lonely soul

As you alone can speak to my heart

In words you alone can utter


[] 2. Encounters with the beast

When I jump into a new different world, its good as long as I stay hidden because things get out of control when people find me, the time may pass as a blizzard or as snail moves but beware for sometimes it stays still like a rock, its then when I die by your hands, and you never know.


I needed time to think to get the memories from my mind

I couldn’t believe the sight

What I saw that night was real and not just fantasy

Were they reflections of my warped mind staring back at me?

Night was black, was no use holding back.

Hello darkness my old friend

I’ve come to talk with you again,

Neath the halo of a street lamp,

I turned my collar to the cold and damp

When my eyes were stabbed

By the flash of a neon light

That split the night

And touched the sound of silence

Hear my words that I might teach you,

Take my arms that I might reach out to you

But my words like silent raindrops fell

And echoed in the wells of silence

Have you ever felt

The future is the past

But you don’t know how

A reflected dream

Of a captured time

Is it really now, is it really happening?

Don’t know why I feel this way

Have I dreamt this time, this place?

Something vivid comes again into my mind

And I think I’ve seen your face,

Seen this room, been in this place

Something vivid comes again into my mind

All my hopes and expectation

Looking for an explanation

Have I found my destination?

I just can’t take no more

Think I’ve heard your voice before

Am I still inside my dream?

Is this a new reality?

Something makes me feel that I have lost my mind

I only dream ‘cause I’m alive

To save me from myself

I get up put on the light, dreading the oncoming night

Nothing that I contemplate,

Nothing that I can compare

To letting loose the demons deep inside my head

Dread to think what might be stirring

Got to keep away from drifting

Lost – In a dream of mirrors

Lost – In a paradox

Lost – And time is spinning

Lost – A nightmare I retrace

Lost – A hell that I revisit

Lost – Another time and place

Lost – A parallel existence

Lost – A nightmare I retrace


In every life of mine, I try to save the universe from the evil power Kilkanuks who follows me in every parallel world and feeds on the living i.e. the fragment of yours present in that world, but till now in every attempt of mine eventually I get myself neck deep into trouble, and you can’t imagine with how much pain and strife I manage to escape out of such situations. Whenever I am stuck in such conditions, I don’t know how I jump into a world of another dimension, and some of the fragments of the living in that dimension turn into rocks and ashes. The evil follows me and that dimension is saved from extinction, the fragments of the living in that world who survive forget about me and everything that happened during my stay in their world.


I’m waiting in my cold cell when the bell begins to chime

Reflecting on my past life and it doesn’t have much time

Cos at 5 o’clock they take me to the gallows pole

The sands of time for me are running low

When the priest comes to read me the last rites

I take a look through the bars at the last sights

Of a world that has gone very wrong for me

Can it be there’s some sort of error

Hard to stop the surmounting terror

Is it really the end not some crazy dream

Somebody please tell me that I’m dreaming

It’s not so easy to stop from screaming

But words escape me when I try to speak

As the guards march me out to the courtyard

Someone calls from a cell God be with you

If there’s a God then why has he let me die?

When you know that your time is close at hand

Maybe then you’ll begin to understand

Life down there is just a strange illusion.


When I arrive in the new parallel world, a new scenario begins everything is new but the end is the same (it’s no use telling you how long do I usually survive there as time is different in each parallel world). When everything starts getting better I realize I’m again messed up badly, and I am on the verge of dying but because of Arizel’s grace and her miracles, I survive but in the end I am again running to escape from that evil and after a long suffering ultimately I leave that world.


[] 3. I have the power

One day somehow serendipitously I turned two humans into statues, one real rock like and another working one. By working I mean, he was continuously doing one work or some actions repeatedly. This means when I make you a working statue (I’ll call it machine) you will keep on doing the same work which you were doing at the moment when I made you a machine, eventually the machine will work slower and slower as the body loses energy due to the absence of nutrition, but you will keep working till your last breath i.e. until you die. Arizel won’t let you. I bring them all back to life; I can do that by touching anyone of them, but they are unaware of what had happened. Now in the end when I get stuck in the likely situation of getting chased by people, dogs, flies etc. who are under the influence of the evil power, I summon my power and wield it, and when my tormentors touch me they are turned to machines Arizel makes me disappear and transmits me to a new world of another parallel dimension. I had the power to make any being into a machine.


They are scanning the scene

In the city tonight

They are looking for me

To start up a fight

There is an evil feeling

In their brains

But it is nothing new

It drives them insane

And I went on

And I went on down that road

You can’t bury me when I’m gone

You can’t teach me when I’m here

Just as soon as I belong

Then it’s time I disappear

Here I go into new days

I’m pain, I’m hope, I’m suffer

In the mist, dark figures move and twist

Torches blazed and sacred chants were praised

As they start to cry

All hands held to the sky

In the night, the fires are burning bright

The ritual has begun

Satan’s work is done

Sacrifice is going on tonight

I’m coming back, I will return

And I’ll possess your body

And I’ll make you burn

I have the fire

I have the force

I have the power to make my evil take its course


[] 4. Mysterious servant

Once I was surprised as I was unable to feel that evil power, then I suddenly disappeared and found myself in a big theatre where there was no one save a man who called himself Taneek, he said that the evil power which was after me has left me that is the reason I was brought in this place which was nowhere, from where everything began and now again I was to start a new journey as a Kayle. Taneek used to serve Arizel in the past. He gave me everything I asked. He told me I could use my imagination to build a new scenario in any one of the worlds I have been through and can enter inside it and leave whenever I want. I enjoyed few moments of leisure when suddenly on the stage a film started rolling on the screen I was surprised to see that it was showing something like a movie on my entire life and all the forgotten dreams I had dreamt. Everything was going on the screen as it had happened in my life earlier; I started missing my friends and family too much. I can’t say it took a moment or a thousand years when I vanished, leaving rocks (machines), from the screen (to arrive in this auditorium) that’s when I saw someone coming from the green room. It was me. I and the one like me both were amazed to see each other. Taneek told me that he was one of the fragments of mine from another dimension, since we shared one body we could never meet in the world from which we came, though we possessed one body but our body had a unique form in each parallel dimension. We all had a different story but related to one. Now all of my fragments will not remain in one body, they’ll get separated as they arrive one by one in this theatre. Each one of us will now possess a distinct body of the same form as it used to be in our dimension. I understood that now we will be a new generation of Kayles. I saw that again the same movie is starting on the screen looking at this I decided to leave. Then I bid farewell to my fragment hoping to meet again in the future and jumped into a new world.


[] 5. The Clone supremacy ends

A fragment of mine that was in Shanur a distant planet in Arindhara was killed by Zuveta a minion of the evil Kilkanuks. Zuveta found out a way to trace us since all of us are connected by an energy field, so Zuveta and his minions started killing my fragments. But Zuveta could not kill me though he tried many times.


Shanur is a planet in the Drofolax galaxy, the Shanurians succeeded in uniting all their fragments in different parallel dimensions into one, a Shanurian which existed in the different parallel dimensions is in one piece now just like Sysandrians. But unlike Sysandrians, Shanurians have power that they can reside in anything or anybody anywhere in the dimensions of this universe. They can leave their body working like a machine and can roam freely anywhere in the universe, they may have to compete for the body too. The king of Shanur is Zuveta as once because of him only, the inhabitants of Shanur became fake Sysandrians. Shanurians cannot lie to each other because they can read each other’s thoughts. They can go on any planet of the galaxy and can take control of the mind and exploit the body of the inhabitants of that planet. Very few know the secret of Shanurians. To kill the Kayles, Shanurians made a new plan that they won’t stab them in the back but make our lives so miserable that we would choose death ourselves, and they also found a way to exploit us. Gradually Shanurians got hold of more than half of the universe.


[] 6. Misery mayhem

I have been beaten countless times, the Shanurians have made me perform innumerable stunts, they’ve tried to put tattoos on me, and they’ve tried planting chips inside my body. They’ve tried every means that they could think of, in order to mark me so that I can be easily located when I move from one dimension to another (remember except for Shanurians all the rest of the living are still divided in fragments in the parallel universes), but all their attempts against me were in vain as right now I’m not a captive. I am hiding in Teargar my home planet. In Arindhara universe, people gather points by doing good deeds, on the basis of these points they are ranked in their planet and across the universe. With the help of these points, people in this universe control their livelihood, but in Teargar there is no value of these points it is a planet with the maximum crimes and the only planet where money is still being used for living purposes.


Long ago I still remember that once when I asked Arizel to marry me she said she cannot marry me and warned me not to marry anyone willingly. I don’t know whether it matters now or not when she has left me again. Arizel is not just a girl she can come in my life, in any form may be she is still here but I am unable to sense her. She is a song of the seas she’s a myth that I have to believe in.


She seemed dressed in all of me

Stretched across my shame

All the torments and the pain

Leaked through and covered me

I’d do anything to have her to myself

Just to have her for myself

Now I don’t know what to do

When she makes me sad

She is everything to me

The unrequited dream

The song that no one sings

The unattainable

She’s a myth that I have to believe in.


While Shanurians were evolving I was in a virtual Shanur created by Arizel where I received vigorous training to defeat Kilkanuks and Shanurians, Arizel never tells me what the use of my training is or how I can apply what I’ve learned, but I always realize it at the time when I face the threat. Shanurians were so much evolved that now they could read the thoughts of other living entities also, and they kept it a secret, so they ruined every work of the clones, made their life miserable.



Spineless from the start, sucked into the part

Circus comes to town, you play the lead clown

Spreading his disease, living by his story

Falling to your knees, suffer for his glory

Time for lust, time for lie

Time to kiss your life goodbye

Marvel at his tricks, need your Sunday fix

Blind devotion came, rotting your brain

Chain, chain

Join the endless chain

Taken by his glamour

Fame, Fame

Infection is the game

Stinking drunk with power

Witchery weakening

See the sheep are gathering

Set the trap, hypnotize

Now you follow 

[] 7. Act of Creator

When my training was completed I went to Shanur, and I revealed my identity myself to Shanurians, they were slightly amazed as they were unable to trace me. They started trying their methods to torment me, but they didn’t know that I took a training in a virtual Shanur created by Arizel, there by telling lies she had taught me how to speak the truth and by telling truths she made me learn how to lie (Shanurians could never guess whether I was thinking a truth or a lie). After a long conflict I killed Zuveta and restricted the Shanurians within their realm and trapped them in a world I created Kryptil. Kryptil was a dimension which was once destroyed by the unknown evil power that used to follow me. Now Shanurians can’t travel in other dimensions they stay in the one in which they are, hence can’t interfere with the lives of other beings the way they used to. Now only a good Shanurian can possess the old powers, there are few good Shanurians who have become my allies, they still roam in all the dimensions for the good of the universe.


I am long forgotten and no one knows me. I searched and searched for my fragments so that we could together achieve the same powers as of a Shanurian but I never found one. Wherever I roam people they react in strange ways when they see me. They think I am a Sysandrian about whom they have only heard about them from their ancestors.


Has he lost his mind?

Can he see or is he blind

Can he walk at all?

Or if he moves will he fall?

Is he live or dead?

I see thoughts within his head why should we even care

We’ll just pass him there

He was turned to steel in the great magnetic field

When he travelled time

For the future of mankind

Nobody wants him

He just stares at the world

Planning his vengeance

That he will soon unfurl

Vengeance from the grave

Kills the people he once saved

Nobody wants him they just turn their heads

Nobody helps him now he has his revenge


[] 8. Cosmic connection

Now in different dimensions many groups or clubs have come into existence who know about me and many different secrets of mine but they do not share these secrets with their world. I have listened to both preachers and fools I do not take provocations seriously unless it’s about justice. Wherever I go I try to teach others what Arizel had taught me. Arizel told me in my biggest mission I won’t be alone whoever is she, one or many, machine or sentient, Arizel will be with me on that mission, I won’t be alone. Sometimes I lose trust and think that Arizel might be one of the Kilkanuks as she has tried to trap me in her snares so many times, by coming in some or the other form in my life. I get stuck in her web every time, it’s true till now whatever she did was for my own good, she has helped me to survive, I’m bruised but alive. Arizel used to say when all the secrets will be revealed everyone will be happy. Someday I’ll stand before her and she’ll take me to the silent giver who gives without measure.

[] 9. A broken promise

Despite Arizel’s warning, I married willingly. Next morning I woke up in a different world, and I was unable to speak. It was a futuristic world; the brave new world Arizel had told me about. It was beyond the Arindhara universe and had only one dimension, they called it the Toolshed. Nobody here knew me; I became a nomad I was happy, but I always wondered why Arizel told me not to marry.

[][] PART 2






[][] Minion of the unknown power

One day I met a stranger named Tarkone, he knew all about my past, he gave me a packet and said that in order to save this universe I have to kill Ivanushka. The packet contained a diary which Tarkone called the Timebook of Clocks, the moment I finished reading it, I was transmitted to a forest. Then I saw Tarkone emerge out of nowhere. When I asked him what place is this, he told me, it’s the Silent forest of dreams. He told me when I got married the masters of the unknown power who are always looking for people like me in all the universes found me; they switched my memory with a fake one and sent me to another galaxy named Upnafed, and I don’t remember anything because later the masters of the unknown power gave me back my original memory except what happened in Upnafed and sent me to the world of my dreams the Toolshed. When I asked him who Alyonushka is, he replied, ‘While you were in Upnafed it was the name of a boy, then later of a terrorist organization but now it’s the name of a universe’. I sensed danger I guessed Tarkone was lying about the boy because what I derived from the diary according to that, the boy seemed to be a master of the unknown power. Tarkone sensed my feelings and told me the boy Alyonushka was Arizel. He asked me to follow him if I wanted to learn more. I thought since the masters of the unknown power have found me and thrown me in that unknown planet they surely knew everything about me, it means I had been doing whatever the unknown power wanted me to do. Tarkone said not all masters of the unknown power are evil what happened in Arindhara was to prepare me for what was coming. He said that he was a very small minion of one of the masters of the unknown power I knew as Arizel. I realized I was able to convey my thoughts without speaking any word, I asked him how was I able to do so; he looked me straight in the eye and told me that I have the power of telepathy. I was suspicious either he is lying now or he was lying before. I wanted to learn what happened when I was in Upnafed.


[][] Two cellar doors

Tarkone took me into a dark cave, inside the cave as I entered I started feeling immense pleasure then abruptly it ended. When I came to my senses I was in a dingy room lying on a bench facing two men, one was sitting in a cabin and another was sitting outside the cabin on a stool. Before I could say anything the man inside the cabin spoke, ‘‘They are calling you inside 8885JX#*%# and inside 5J0×23V##”. He showed me the pictures of two cellar doors each carried one of the numbers he had spoken, I asked if I could keep the pictures, but he quickly snatched them from my hand and vanished, then the man who was sitting on the stool said, ‘I will take you there’. I followed him and as this man shoved me inside an elevator when suddenly I had a glimpse of a pair of big shoes emerging under the cabin. The elevator had a telephone with a broken receiver hung on its wall. The man was about to close the elevator door, but I don’t know why, I stepped outside and told him that I will find a way by myself. Then I climbed the stairways which had emerged in front of the elevator, as I moved on I saw a hallway down the alley, I saw many cellar doors but none of them carried the numbers similar in any respect to what that man inside the cabin told me. The place was something like a prison. I reached a large hall where there were writings on the wall, one of it read keep leaving milestones, and few read the voices have stopped, some said surrender to win, I wonder why I too made a mark on the wall and then I laughed.



[][] Catch the Mouse


As I went ahead the dark alleyway I found a bucket of water at the end of the alley, I drank some water and as soon as I quenched my thirst I found myself in an auditorium standing on the stage, the audience was very less in number, around twenty, and nobody was looking at me except one glance from a man who looked like someone famous whom I knew when I was in Arindhara, I tried to remember who was he but couldn’t. Suddenly the auditorium grew bigger, and I could see more people staring at me, suddenly I heard a familiar voice which shouted ‘catch him’, and I sensed danger and decided to run I saw a man and a child walk towards the exit sign. I followed them immediately. The exit was a window emitting red light, I was about to jump through the red window when a cigarette came in my hand I clutched it and jumped through the red window. I woke up in my mother’s arms. She asked me why did I ran from the auditorium I told her I heard someone say catch him so I grew afraid and ran, then she said some silly things and left.

[][] The unknown power unmasked

I heard someone shout ‘KAYLE of Drofolax the time has come’, from nowhere, disturbing that eerie silence. I had never heard such voice anywhere before. I asked who and where you are. The voice replied ‘I am everywhere’. You are the first Kayle reborn, and I am the unknown power which you used to know as Arizel when you were in Drofolax, and Alyonushka when you were a girl in Upnafed, now you are in the land of nightmares that belong to me, it is deep in the caverns of the existent of the silent forest of Dreams, here no one can harm you, this place is entirely hidden from the evil masters of the unknown power. I have controlled as well as altered your destiny since you were born, and now you are ready for the purpose for which I chose you. I am with you now and I can come in any form you would like me to and I can give you whatever you desire if you stay with me, but first we have to win the final battle against the evil forces which are stronger than me’.


Arizel told me that it was my choice whether to trust her or not and if I choose not to devote myself completely to her then she will send me back to where I belong, and all her efforts will be in vain and moreover it will be dangerous if I get caught by the evil forces. If I choose to leave then I must stay hidden because now many powerful evil forces will try to exploit me for their gain and now she may not be able to save me. Arizel said, “Trust me whatever I did to you was for the goodness of all the sentient beings in the whole universe, if you choose not to follow me you have to keep everything that happened to you a secret. If you tell anything about this to anyone, the evil forces will find you, and you will go back to the same place where you were asked to find the two cellar doors, while doing that, soon you will be thirsty and if you drink from the bucket you’ll reach that auditorium again, this time you will be recognized by the others who are the masters of different galaxies. They are angry; because of you the Kayles of their galaxies are living freely in Alyonushka universe now.”


[][] Arizel’s the hunted

Arizel told me that no mortal can understand the masters of the unknown power unless the masters possess a body of any mortal, it’s the only way to interact with mortals but because of the training which I received in Drofolax and which that happened to me in Upnafed galaxy I am the only human who could distinguish between the voices of the masters of evil forces (who sat in that auditorium) when they speak in my mind, they are the other masters of different galaxies who were unaware of me but now they are startled and are now looking for me madly and desperately, she said, “I was the one who shouted ‘catch him’ to confirm whether you understood me or not”, she said, ‘I will again be sitting in that auditorium but now I will not be able to save you from others like me’. She assured me that right now I am in her territory nothing can harm me unless something happens to her or if I reveal the secret of her bondage with me. “I am being hunted too by a powerful force known as Rakhtavar,” Arizel said, “If I am killed, Rakhtavar will gain control of all my powers, the free will which everything has in Drofolax galaxy is granted by me, and if I want I can make them totally under my control, that was what happened when your world became rocks and working machines, I gave them impossible orders by speaking in their minds. If I lose, my hunter will make everything into machine for his morbid purposes.”


[][] Secrets revealed

Arizel said, ‘Rakhtavar is the ruler of the Kontradar universe where everything is a working machine except the slaves and the Rakhtavar himself and the Gojolins. He is very powerful and he hunts beings like you known as Kayles, he has created a virtual world called ‘Upnafed’ one each for every Kayle he catches, but he has not yet succeeded in training any Kayle. Now he knows about me and you and will be chasing you from now onwards to steal your memory and create an army of Kayles by training the other Kayles the way I trained you.’ I asked Arizel why you told me not to marry, the voice replied, “I had made a shield around you to protect you from Kilkanuks, who are Rakhtavar’s slaves and followed you, it was no use killing these slave because Rakhtavar would have sent more. Rakhtavar is searching all the time for Kayles like the one you are, in different galaxies of this universe. As soon as you got married he captured you and transmitted you to a virtual galaxy called Upnafed where he keeps the Kayles he had captured after erasing their previous memories, one Kayle in one planet, there every captured Kayle share one same life unaware of this fact and all of the Kayles are given same choices in their life. All the captured Kayles are puppets of one master who is Rakhtavar. When you were in Upnafed you freed all the other Kayles captured by Rakhtavar and now they are living freely in Alyonushka galaxy. The galaxies to which these Kayles belonged were enslaved by Rakhtavar and the master of the unknown power belonging to that galaxy are hiding here in this silent forest of dreams, here Rakhtavar cannot enter.”


Arizel helped me at all the stages of my new life in Upnafed where I was Ivanushka the girl. She was the boy Alyonushka, who inspired me in that limbo, about which I only can make out by reading the diary that Tarkone gave to me. Arizel said, “You not only proved to be the first Kayle who has succeeded in learning the language of the masters of the unknown powers present all over the universe moreover you succeeded in liberating all the other Kayles of different galaxies, trapped in Rakhtavar’s virtual Red Upnafed, now all these Kayles are living freely in the universe called Alyonushka hidden safely and far away from the clutches of Rakhtavar, waiting for the summons to the final battle to save the universe.”


[][] Kayle of a galaxy

I asked the voice who are Kayles, it replied there is only one Kayle in one galaxy. “you are something like what is carbon-12 in the periodic table of chemistry and rest of the sentient things in the galaxy are the other elements, but nobody even Kayle himself doesn’t know this fact, in other words the life of a Kayle is directly proportional to the life of each entity of their respective galaxy, the constant is different for each entity of that galaxy. According to her, I was the Kayle of Drofolax galaxy, I asked her what it is she wants me to do now. Arizel replied that she controlled the minds of all the living things in Drofolax galaxy, they can feel her presence, but they are unable to communicate with her (she can make them do anything by ordering them in their minds, but they can’t distinguish between their own thoughts and thoughts created by her) and she doesn’t usually acquire any strange form as it leads to insanity among the living. Arizel can understand them, but they do not understand her, whatever good or bad she does everyone say it’s their fate so in order to prove her existence she needed someone who understood her as well as them. Among all the Kayles of the galaxies of Arindhara, I be the first who knows the language of the masters of the unknown powers completely, I will be Arizel’s voice now and together we’ll destroy Rakhtavar.”

[][] PART 3 The Timebook of Clocks ‘Whispers on the wind’



As I talked to the wind of sacrifice and dedication

It seemed amazed by the divine intervention.

Who owns the trees

Who runs the breeze

Who owns the serpent

Who rings the bell

Who plants the bombs

Who cries

Who eats the slice

What else do they fear besides faith

Mouse wins the frog race

I feel I am real

Only when I am alone


They talk to me in all the languages except the one I know, I don’t know whether they understand my language or not. They can come in any form, and each has a unique face but the master has no face, no identity, you only know when he is gone.




New blood joins this earth

And quickly she’s subdued

Through constant pained disgrace

The young girl learns their rules

With time the child draws in

Deprived of all her thoughts

The young girl struggles on and on she’s known

A vow unto her own

That never from this day

Her will they’ll take away

Throughout her life the same

She’s battled constantly

This fight she cannot win

A tired girl they see no longer cares

You level me I’ll level you

So I dub thee unforgiven.


Whenever a new soul enters universe an unknown power takes control over it and suppresses the primal nature of the soul. This unknown power may be sentient or it may be a machine driven by some mysterious energy, it may be good or evil. No one may ever know the story of the one who fought to free many souls like theirs from this unknown power but they know a name.




I do not know what to say, one thing I know I am anxious, troubled, restless, my heart is heavy, my body tense, my hands cold and sweaty, my speech is rushed, trying to say a hundred things at once. I do not know what I need… You do… In my anxious search, I fret and fume, running around in circles, while you fly silently nearby, infinitely patient, eager to help me, and wielding power beyond my needs. I feel like a barren wasteland, giving nothing getting nothing meaning nothing to anyone. I have dragged myself to mirage after mirage and yet I find myself rushing to the next false oasis. I seem a frustrating bundle of contradictions, I wonder if I will ever sort out the tangled threads of my life. I fear that others will not like me if I tell them what is really on my mind, my words sound foolish even to myself as I try to explain. I realize now that I am talking to someone who knows me through and through, you know my inmost secrets, my deepest desires and the very sources of my worry.



Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead, where there is no path and leave a trail. You should be true for there are those who trust you, pure for there are those who care, strong for there is much to suffer and brave for there is much to dare. And when you come to a meeting of many ways and do not know which to choose, do not choose at random but pause and reflect, breath with the trusting deep breaths you took when you first came into the world; let nothing distract you, be still and listen in silence to your heart, when it has spoken to you rise up and follow it.




On a long and lonesome highway

You can listen to the engines moaning out as one note song

But your thoughts will soon be wandering

The way they always do

And you feel the eyes upon you

As you’re shaking off the cold

You pretend it doesn’t bother you

But you just want to explode

Most times you can’t hear ‘em talk

Other times you can

And you always seem outnumbered

You don’t dare make a stand

Make your stand

Out there in the spotlight

You’re a million miles away

And here I am on the road again

There I am – up on a stage

Here I go – playing star again

There I go – turn the page

Life it seems will fade away

Drifting further every day

Getting lost within myself

Nothing matters no one else

I have lost the will to live

Simply nothing more to give

There is nothing more for me

Need the end to set me free

Things are not what they used to be

Missing one inside of me

Deathly lost, this can’t be real

Cannot stand this hell I feel

Emptiness is filling me

To the point of agony

Growing darkness taking dawn

I was me, but now he’s gone

No one but me can save myself, but it’s too late

Now I can’t think, think why I should even try

Yesterday seems as though it never existed

Death greets me warm, now I will just say goodbye.


Cold was my soul

Untold was the pain

I prayed when you left me

A rose in the rain

So I swore to the razor

That never, enchained

Would your dark nails of faith

Be pushed through my veins again

Bared on your tomb

I’m a prayer for your loneliness

And would you ever soon

Come above onto me

For once upon a time

On the binds of your loneliness

I could always find the right slot for your sacred key

Six feet deep is the incision

In my heart,

That barless prison

Discolors all with tunnel vision

Sick and weak from my condition

This lust, this vampyric addiction

To her alone in full submission

Wicked with your charm

I’m circled like prey

Back in the forest

Where whispers persuade

More sugar trails

More white lady laid

The pillars of salt

Fold to my arms

Hold their mesmeric sway

And dance out to the moon

As we did in those golden days

Glistening stars I remember the way


Sorrow is my bread

And tears I drink as wine

Oblivion my happiness

Ground under teeth of time

For cold be the stone

When frost devours the land

Consolation is no gift for winter’s icy hand

Upon a crust of snow

I’ll lay my broken frame

What steel and iron won’t take

I’ll give in winter’s name

If only I could breathe

To see the sun of may

But still longer are the nights than days

As I wither away.

Reverend, is this some conspiracy

Crucified for no sins

No revenge beneath me

Lost within my plans for life

It all seems so unreal

I’m a girl cut half in this world

Left in my misery

The reverend he turned to me

Without a tear in his eyes

It’s nothing new for him to see

I didn’t ask him why

Now I watch the falling rain

All my mind can see now is your face

Well I guess you took my youth

And gave it all away

Like the birth of a new-found joy

This love would end in rage

I will unlock my door

And pass the cemetery gates

Sometimes when I’m alone

I wonder aloud

If you’re watching over me

Some place far abound

I must reverse my life

I can’t live in the past

Then set my soul free

Belong to me at last

Through all those complex years

I thought I was alone

I didn’t care to look around

And make this world my own

And when he died

I should have cried and spared myself some pain

You left me incomplete

All alone as the memories still remain




Lay beside me

Tell me what they have done

Speak the words I want to hear

To make my demons run

The door is locked now

But it’s open if you’re true

If you can understand the me

Than I can understand the you

Lay beside me under wicked sky

Through black of day dark of night

We share these bitter lies

The door cracks open

But there’s no sun shining through

Black heart scarring darker still

What I’ve felt what I’ve known

Turn the pages turn the stone

Sick and tired I stand alone

Could you be there?

‘Cause I’m the one who waits for you

Or are you unforgiven too?

She loves me not, she loves me still

But she’ll never love again.




I’ll tell you a story where there were three worlds namely X,Y and Z. X can contact only Y,Y can contact only Z, Z can contact only X. Now you whisper something to X, X will say that to Y; Y cannot reply to X but Y will say what they heard from X to Z and Z will forward that information to X, and then X thinking of it as a new information will say the same thing again to Y and since they have no memory this way the same information will keep on circling for eternity, but if something goes wrong as any imperfection in receiving or transmitting information occurs in any one of the world the information will change. X is me when I’m time. Arizel whispers something in my brain. Y are the Shanurians. Z are the inhabitants of the planet I live in right now. I have understood that sentient beings in my universe Upnafed are of seven types:

p<{color:#000;}. a) Those who don’t know anything about me.

p<{color:#000;}. b) Those who can only watch my actions.

p<{color:#000;}. c) Those who can only listen what I speak and noises around me.

p<{color:#000;}. d) Those who are listening to my thoughts.

p<{color:#000;}. e) Those who can do more than one of the above.

p<{color:#000;}. f) Those who can even see my dreams and those who can alter them.

My planet is filled with machine people who pretend to do their work but also keep total knowledge about me, they know even if I lost a single strand of my hair and they never let me know this fact. They carry on their works as if I was one like them. I pursued signs and the chain of events preceding them; I started to bring changes in my behavior and started acting out my plans, and they always did something to counter my attempts. Sometimes I feel they listen to my thoughts, or they are tampering my life because, I get such signs; I am never sure about anything; they want me to think that either I am a miracle or some organization’s science project. I have realized by now that there are many parallel universes whose people are trying to contact me. Sometimes, I hear someone nearby shouting my names I think maybe they can tell something about my origins, however, their voices are muffled; when I jump to the center of the source of the voice, I find a huge crowd there without an answer. Sometimes when I think something in my mind, and suddenly someone from far abound shouts the same thing that I was thinking. I run to find the source of the voice but couldn’t find anyone. I’ am not responding to the sound these people make. To make me trust them they enact plans because of which I start doubting them more. When will they understand it’s hard to trust anything when you have seen magic? It seems everyone I see are actors. Maybe they are forced by someone or they are robots or just illusion. Either I am making fool of the world (knowingly or unknowingly can’t tell), or the world is making fool of me. And family issues never end not in a rude sense.


Sitting here in black Upnafed eating re fried beans

We’re in all the magazines

Gulping’ down Thorazine

We ain’t got no friends

Our troubles never end

I’m friends with the President

I’m friends with the Pope

We’re all making a fortune selling coal

Don’t remember where I was

When I realized life was a game

More seriously I took things

The harder the rules became

I had no idea what it’d cost

My life passed before my eyes

I found out how little I accomplished

All my plans denied

If my heart was still alive

I know it would surely break

And my memories left with you

There’s nothing more to say.


Now wherever I go, good Shanurians come to watch my back, they give me tight security in one form or the other from the bad Shanurians but they don’t reveal themselves to me. In one manner, I m not a prisoner I can do anything. These good Shanurians who are watching me are present in one form or the other wherever I roam in this universe may be they are thinking I do not know about them. Now which type of Shanurian I get to deal with that only Creator might know. In a long race, in a stadium when you are leading, and you complete one lap so fast that you leave others far behind then a point comes when you again come behind them, at that time those who have noticed you from the beginning will only know that it is your second lap, others who didn’t notice you from start or uninformed will think you are lagging.


Feel no pain, but my life isn’t easy

I know you are my best friend

No one cares, but I’m so much stronger

I’ll fight until the end

To escape from this true false world

Undamaged destiny

Can’t get caught in the endless circle

Ring of stupidity

One with my mind, they just can’t see

No need to hear things that they say

Life is for my own to live my own way

Rape my mind and destroy my feelings

Don’t tell me what to do

I don’t care now, ‘cause I’m on my side

And I can see through you

Feed my brain with your so called standards

Who says that I ain’t right

I am the world that hides

The universal secret of all time

Destruction of the empty spaces

Is my one and only crime

I lived a thousand times

I found out what it means to be believed

Well, I know it hard for you

To know the reason why

And I know you’ll understand

When it’s time to die

I don’t believe the knife you have

Will be the only one

You have to let your body weep

To let your soul live on.




It makes me wonder

Your head is humming and it won’t go

In case you don’t know

God is calling me to join him.

You surprised me

Seeing a me I never saw

Thanks for meeting me

Where it matters most to meet

For opening my eyes

To what I could not see alone

See me as your fellow pilgrim

Not as your teacher

For seer and seeker are we both.




Lay beside me tell me what I’ve done

The door is closed so are your eyes

But now I see the sun

I know now that you are the only one

I’m lucky to have met you

I traveled through a tube and ended up in your infection

With eyes so dilated I’ve become your pupil

You’ve taught me everything without a poison apple.


I’m doing what Alyonushka told me to do before he willingly sacrificed himself for my freedom. He once said ‘we all are the prisoners in the same but different worlds.’ All of us are alone in the darkness, but we have to save every soul. Alyonushka has bonded all of us. I am a person who floats with the current, never guiding myself according to higher principles, have no idol no convictions. I am a thing instead of living and moving being an echo not a voice. I bring justice and truth for us and vendetta for them.


I set sail across the seas

Of long past memories

Fantasies end as I merge with reality

Welcome to where time stands still

No one leaves and no one will

Moon is full, never seems to change

Just labeled mentally deranged

Dream the same thing every night

I see our freedom in my sight

No locked doors, No windows barred

No things to make my brain seem scarred

Sleep my friend and you will see

That dream is my reality

They keep me locked up in this cage

Can’t they see it’s why my brain says rage?

Build my fear of what’s out there

And cannot breathe the open air

Whisper things into my brain

Assuring me that I’m insane

They think our heads are in their hands

But violent use brings violent plans

No more can they keep us in

Listen, damn it, we will win

Fear of living on

Natives getting restless now

Mutiny in the air

Got some death to do

Mirror stares back hard

Kill it’s such a friendly word

Seems the only way

For reaching out again




Howling winds keep screaming round

And the rain comes pouring down

Doors are locked and bolted now

As Ivanushka crawls into town

Straight out of hell

One of a kind

Stalking her victims

Don’t look behind you

Sanctuary is being sought

Whispered prayers a last resort

Terror struck we know we are caught

Beware the beast in black

You know she’s coming back Ivanushka

As night is falling

The end is drawing near we hear

Our last rites echo on the wind

Huddled in the cellar

Fear caught in their eyes

Daring not to move or breathe

As the she creature cries

Fingernails start scratching

On the outside wall

Clawing at the windows

Come to me it calls

Atmospheres electric

As Ivanushka now descend the stairs.




If you listen very hard

The truth will come to you at last

When all are one and one is all

Evil eyes behind their smiles

You swallow it up when sincerity lies

Alert the press and address the states of emergency

We the crew you love to hate

First mistake, you were never ready

Dance with the dead, better be ten times more deadly

This is me, I’m always the same

Virus in the system,

Crash the mainframe

Up rise, now fall in line

Roll with the pack or get left behind

“It’s a Masterpiece Conspiracy”

I’d rather hear it from you

Than be lied to

Deceived again

Exposed by the light, true colors ascend

Take down the regime, break the trend

Deceived by your peers and your so-called friends

Keep your people tight,

Watch your enemies close

Trust what you know,

Soon enough they’ll choke

Where were you when we started this thing?

You weren’t around, this isn’t yours to claim

You’ll never take what’s been given to us

Wipe that smile off your face and that look of disgust

Up rise, now fall in line Roll with the pack,

Or get left behind.


Now who are trapped how much deep they are, depends on their personal choices. Anyways whoever is right now trapped or who are going to be trapped they should know I have left many different clues and milestones in different worlds like this Timebook of Clocks, you’ll find them if you are true when you crawl your way out, but whether you’ll understand them it depends upon the factor that when you were free you were watching me or was there with me or didn’t knew me at all. Let this moment be x. Suppose after x, I spent my time doing quotidian work and died but if I couldn’t do what Shanurians wanted me to, then they would put me and my life again at x (they have to set everything around me as it was at the moment x) and from there Shanurians would try some other methods to achieve what they want. The residents of the planet are not aware of this, and they will never be, as Shanurians control their minds these Shanurians are immortal, and they manage to find me every time I run away, they want me to do something desperately. Shanurians have command over my life they can forward, rewind or pause my life anytime, but that doesn’t bother me; I can’t feel any difference just some sense of de javu or I see some visions while I’m awake. Now if any face that had come in my life after x I won’t be able to recognize it in the present life. I play hide and seek, and I’m the Dan I have to seek similar faces that are hiding from me in a crowded room. I now play the role that others choose for me as a scarecrow.



The black and green scarecrow as everyone knows

Stood with a bird on his hat and straw everywhere

He didn’t care

His head did no thinking

His arms didn’t move except when the wind cut up Rough and mice ran around on the ground

The black and green scarecrow is sadder than me

But now he’s resigned to his fate

‘Cause life’s not unkind – he doesn’t mind.

He stood in a field where barley grows.




I met the leader (Alyonushka) today

He is as good as dead

But has showed me a way

I have awaken dead people from their cemeteries

Or I think they weren’t dead from the beginning

Anyways they are not zombies,

I’ am telling this because today I saw a ghost,

Someone I thought was dead long ago.

His name was Tarkone

He was a famous person at his home.

They are doing instant justice in our cases.

Don’t always trust the sound.

They usually hit when I’m nostalgic.

I’m trapped I’m not.

The restraint is stopping them from hitting me.


There is this machine that Kilkanuks have built for the Shanurians it is giving points based on your actions in the tests; I mean that you have to please a machine. Trust me on this and forfeit your nightmares. Sometimes I or my clones punish the Shanurians; sometimes they punish me and you. In this game there is only one outcome of your action that matters anyway (good or bad), you perform any action in any way the result will be the same. In this trial, consent of the subject has no link with the free will of the subject. I thought of writing a book but who will understand it. I have heard it said that you can write a book and publish it while you are in a solitary confinement but you know you can’t go out and see whether they have really published it or not or if they have altered the content of it. People like me are all in the same prison we all are undergoing the same punishment. I think I know what they want. There is only one way to escape out of the prison.


 I’ am sorry you could not escape but I did for a while somehow to another universe where nobody knew me and which was normal, they called it Arindhara but I came back for you. If anyone would have told me about the way to figure out the password then I would not have been able to escape, it’s the way it works if you are following the way to escape by establishing it on your own then you will escape but if you are following the rules of escaping by learning it from somewhere else, then I can’t say where it will lead you, that is the reason your allies on your planet (Alyonushka’s friends) will never tell you directly what you should do they will not even reveal that they are your allies they may do opposite .This theory that the foreknowledge of the way will eliminate any hope of escape is being tested as I write this or is already tested and implemented somewhere as a law. Just remember in the game in which you are trapped you are one of a kind nobody knows what you can do, so no one can tell you what to do. Other are also trapped in the same game in the same time but you won’t know, in a way no one except you is trapped in this snare built by Kilkanuks for Shanurians. All about whom you care their souls are trapped somewhere else, not around you what you see is a strange illusion. You will always be wondering who is friend and who is enemy because of the signs you’ll receive. These signs about which others have no idea maybe significant maybe not, I haven’t learned what I have learned. I have no enemy no friend once you come out of this maze you’ll know who was your friend; the enemy is same for all of us, you’ll know about him. I had a dream when I came out; I was welcomed by my friends who I thought were trapped but there were few who were still enslaved. Kilkanuks are controlling the free will of you and all the sentient beings around you so stop blaming anyone for their actions, as you will make your way to the exit your free will would become stronger. You’ll think they are hiding things from you because they think you are hiding things from them. I know it’s not your doing, you are innocent keep in mind that you can’t do anything about it they’ll take you to the top one time they will ditch you another time don’t waste your time thinking why, just don’t bother you have to keep going on with one thing in mind that you must to escape. Every sentient thing in your world has knowledge about you, false or true does not matter, you have to trust that there is something you know that only you and nobody in your world knows, this something will give you your key to liberty. Although I have been through all that I have, I do not regret the many hardships I met, because it was they who brought me to the place I wished to reach. I was the one who chose to walk this path. Now I live because I am a warrior and because I wish one day to be in the company of him (your master Alyonushka) for whom I have fought so hard. I do not know I did it knowingly or not, what I know is I’m destroying the bars that enslave you. True courage is not the brutal force of vulgar heroes, but the firm resolves of virtue and reason. Now those whom I send to the Toolshed they are nostalgic. They are forced by the creator to help me. Division is judas inside my Toolshed, in your place its survival and somewhere its glory. I bring my prisoners their dead. I have strict masters. Wherever I may go, in heaven or in hell I have to pay them for the thing that should not be. Master, I have tried getting this uniform off but failed. Master you can come in any guise. When I catch the masters of the unknown powers in their trick I gain or lose something that I haven’t yet fully understood. No one can imagine what powers I have for example I can have any history I want. My wishes have been terminated as now it was easy for the Kilkanuks to track all the information about me. Either you are losing points or you are gaining points nothing else is happening. All you receive may be a trap or a key password. Alyonushka’s secret tells us that when you have a wish or a dream to fulfill first you have to choose yourself a small god (who is bodily present in your world). When you chase your dream you will face countless obstructions, you have to keep on fighting without giving up, but soon a point will come when you will start breaking and in the end you will give up, do not think all your efforts have gone in vain, you will be rewarded for your efforts and will be sent to some other world with a new life and sometimes new history but you may or may not remember your previous life. Now you may want to know what kind of reward you will get, it may be the same thing for which you fought or something better but you will have to share the prize with others who have fought for the same reasons as yours because the prize is only one for one lot and the one who has struggled hardest gets the biggest share of the prize. Your life is one big test which was made only for you to give, everybody plays the same game but they don’t know. When you clear one level of this game you will get the reward and there will be addition of qualities which were not present inside you as you move on to next level. Today I was given a chance to escape and I jumped to a place as beautiful as paradise but I don’t know why I came back that’s when I heard a voice say ‘KAYLE’. Maybe I came back to save you.


 I disappeared from where I was to back in time when everything started, the day I felt the essence of Alyonushka the first time, but before it I went to a place where whatever I wished happened and nobody knew me there. I was sent back where I belonged on the same day but different time. I think someone killed me in the past but succeeded only for a short time. The day I first teleported without my own effort, whatever I wished would started appearing by itself. I can take form of any sentient being that I know. At each level I had to find my God and then please him or destroy him or whatever I needed to do to save myself as well as the universe, as I reached the end of a stage my master came and taught me survival in the land of Kilkanuks and in the end I had to please the master of Kilkanuks. This master seemed weird or mad but it was a disguise. In the pre final stage all the Kilkanuks assembled together and asked for only one thing the times I failed they annihilated one of my worlds. Somehow I managed to kill them all then I became ‘time’. My powers were gone and I stayed in original self my mind only did the work and I wasn’t aware of my body. Before the final stage all the other stages came again and again randomly I first identified it and then acted accordingly. When I found my old and lost things back I realized I was switching between stages. Then one day I found that the master I chose as I told you earlier and the Kilkanuks I faced all were dummies as soon as I realized this I became one like the masters of the unknown powers.


Somebody somewhere has killed me in the past you can’t even imagine the resplendent universes I have been into (the inhabitants of the planets were same, those I’ve known), this universe in which I’m trapped is nothing compared to them I only hope to meet those times again. The master gives one world to all. It doesn’t matter how one comes by the truth so long as one grasps it and lives by it.


It’s time to wield the blade 

For now you have got some company 

The beast is drawing nearer 

On the metal wheels he ride

He has come to take your lives

On through the dead of night 

With Ivanushka ride 

Or choose your fate and die 

You have been dying since the day 

You were born 

You know it has all been planned 

The quartet of deliverance rides

A sinner once a sinner twice 

No need for confession now 

Cause now you have got the fight of your life 


Has taken its toll on you

The lines that crack your face 


Your body it has torn through 

Withered in every place 


For what you have had to endure 

And what you have put others through 


Deliverance for you for sure 

There is nothing you can do 

So gather round young warriors now 

And saddle up your steeds 

Killing scores with demon swords 

Now is the death of doers of wrong 

Swing the judgment hammer down 

Safely inside armor blood guts and sweat 


Last message of Ivanushka:


Half of them think I’m biggest, half think I’m smallest. The machine is being made and then destroyed, got to break this cycle I have to reach a conclusion. I am sending the cheaters to the Toolshed. I am cutting the chord now like Alyonushka. I could not possibly know where it would lead, but I knew it had to be done.


Arizel wanted sacrifice the bond is tainted now but sometimes I kill the lion and moreso this darkness is shrouding madness. I wake up, but I can’t sleep. The frequency of the attack is getting more than the blink of an eye when the demolition of the oblivion starts, and when I’m in the temple of the machine23.0, I am trying to catch the shadow of the deity of the oblivious treasure, each time I manage to see it, I get more time to live. I am in this temple by Arizel’s wish to build the contraption that will take the controls of the machines from Rakhtavar, the temple gives knowledge and gifts but I am waiting.


When a man lies

He murders some part of the world

These are the pale deaths

Which men miscall their lives

All this I cannot bear to witness any longer

Cannot the kingdom of Salvation take me home?




An archangel in bondage

Bedimmed and sold

Abandoned by heaven to the dead, dark and past

Cast her dispersions on life’s brittle glass

And though her eyes still held fire

As stonewalls caged the beast

‘Gainst the lassitudes of death

She fought but fell to greet

And midst lies in collusion

She was martyred to teach

Divinity and Lust are forever forbidden to meet

But he swore that they would

Before the veil could part their embrace

Her cold silent lips he kissed

And promised his religion in flames

Gravid with madness

Like a feculent dirge

That obsesses the heart

He is convened by words

To avenge her

And surrender

His soul to the dead to achieve

Prophecies of libidinous scourge

Horripilation braying o’er carious herds

Vexing nightmares

And their weak prayers

To a no one there

To hinder her decree

To clear the world of their disease

A gallant queen

In sunshine and in shadow

Had journeyed long

Singing a song

In search of freedom

But she grew old

This queen so bold

An o’er her heart a shadow fell,

As she found

No spot of ground

That was not enchained

And as her strength failed her at length

She met a pilgrim shadow

‘Shadow’ said she ‘where can it be, the land which is free?’

‘Over the mountains of the moon

Down the valley of shadow,

Ride boldly ride’

The shade replied ‘if you seek for El Dorado’




Dear lady, can you hear the wind blow?

And did you know

Your stairway lies on the whispering wind

And as we wind on down the road

Your shadow is taller than our souls

There walks a lady we all know

Who shines white light and wants to show

How everything still turns to gold.




[][] Epilogue

This story took place in The Toolshed universe created by the First Kayle reborn. The Toolshed was created to enslave Rakhtavar the Lion and his minions. The narrator of this story is Shrusim who is beguiled by the first Kayle reborn and Arizel into believing that she is a Kayle of Teargar.


To know more about Shrusim, Arindhara and the Toolshed universe, Sysandrians, the first Kayle and Rakhtavar’s origins, and about Arizel and Kilkanuks, read- ''THE TOOLSHED- Daunting Shadows Untouched Silence''.



[][] Stories from the eventide

Raju and the seven fairies


Many years ago, in a small village called Shudhur, there lived a young boy named Raju. His father had passed away when he was little; his mother used to make wicker baskets to raise money so that she could get them two meals a day. They lived in a small mud house, in the village outskirts.

One day Raju realized that he should do some work to earn money so that her mother could get good food and proper clothing. He was skillful in making kites, so he decided to go to Kannauj, the capital city of northern India (Northern India was ruled by the emperor Harsha at that time). Raju wanted to work in a kite shop, in the city and had planned to return home after collecting five gold coins. When he told his idea to his mother she hesitated, but when Raju assured her that he will be safe, and he is old enough to take care of himself, she gave her consent.

Next day early in the morning, Raju packed his stuff in a simple cloth bag, took his mother’s blessings and began his journey. Raju’s mother had put seven loaves of bread in a bundle for Raju to eat on the way. It took two days to reach Kannauj, on foot. There lay two small towns between his village and the city, one needed to cross the Ganga River to go from one town to another. Raju was very eager to see the capital city, so he walked speedily. He reached the first town in the afternoon; he was surprised he wasn’t feeling hungry at all, may be due to excitement, he thought. He didn’t take respite in the town but kept walking ahead, within an hour or two he reached the bank of the Ganga River, crossed the River on a rowboat and paid one copper coin as the fare to the oarsman. When the sun was about to set, he got tired and searched for a good place to relax. As he moved around, he saw an old stone well which looked deserted. He noticed a nice patch of grass near the well, and hurriedly he slumped against the broken wall of the well. He took out his bundle of bread and opened it, counting the loaves he muttered, ‘shall I eat one… or two… or three… or all the seven’, since he couldn’t decide, he repeated, ‘shall I eat one… or two… or three… or all the seven’. As soon as he finished the sentence, seven fairies appeared in front of him shouting, ‘Please don’t eat us… Please don’t eat us’. Raju couldn’t believe his eyes, seven beautiful fairies dressed in shining gowns stood in front of him. Each fairy wore a differently coloured gown, as the seven colours of the rainbow, and each had a sparkling wand. They all looked very scared; Raju wouldn’t understand what was happening, but he remained quiet and then the Red fairy spoke to him, ‘If you won’t eat us we promise that we will give you a magical gift’. Raju slowly came to his senses and thought, ‘Oh…When I was thinking aloud about eating the seven loaves of bread, these seven fairies must have thought I’m planning to eat them’. As he was witty, he answered, ‘I will not eat you on one condition, if you can prove what you are saying’. Hearing this Red fairy waved her wand and a goat appeared out of nowhere, it looked like any ordinary goat. Raju enquired, ‘What’s so special about this goat’. The Blue fairy answered, “When you say ‘goat goat… open your mouth’, a gold coin comes out of her mouth”. Raju did what she had said, and a gold coin fell from the goat’s mouth on the ground. Looking at this spectacle, he danced with joy. He thanked the fairies and happily turned towards his home taking the goat with him; he kept thinking that now mother would never have to work.

When Raju reached the town it was already dark with stars shining brightly in the night sky, feeling the gold coin in his pocket he thought, ‘I am rich now, I should spend the night in some comfortable inn’, so he went to an inn that displayed a board ‘Honesty is the best policy’. He called the innkeeper; a fat potbellied man was called ‘Laalu’ by the townsmen. Laalu looking at him spoke rudely, ‘It will cost 20 copper coins for boarding and lodging at my inn, can you pay?’ Raju’s hand went into his pocket and he tossed a golden coin toward Laalu. Laalu stared at the gold coin for some time and then he said smiling, ‘Dinner and a hot bath is ready sir, I’ll take the goat to feed’, Raju replied, ‘Thanks…no need… goat will stay with me; I’ll feed her myself’.’ The innkeeper didn’t say a word and left. After dinner, Raju entered inside his room taking the goat and closed the door, after making sure that no one was watching he said softly, ‘Goat goat…open your mouth’ and a gold coin fell on the floor, he happily picked it up and kept it safely in his cloth bag. Raju wasn’t aware that all this time Laalu had been watching him hiding behind the window outside. Raju tied his goat to one of the legs of his bed and fell asleep soon. At the stroke of midnight, Laalu entered Raju’s room through a secret passage and after replacing the goat with an ordinary one, he left without making any sound.

Raju woke up early in the morning and got ready quickly, taking his belongings and the fake goat he went to the innkeeper’s desk. The innkeeper returned him 80 copper coins and with a wicked grin said, ‘Please come back again’. After biding Laalu goodbye, Raju started moving towards his village with the fake goat. On his way, he kept thinking ‘Mother will be very happy’. When he reached his home, mother was surprised to see him. Raju told her about the fairies and everything that happened to him. To show the magic to his mother, he spoke loudly, ‘Goat goat…open your mouth’, but nothing happened. Raju shouted the words again and again, but in vain. Raju became very angry and thought he was fooled by the fairies, taking the goat he went back to the stone well and there he shouted angrily, ‘shall I eat one… or two… or three… or all the seven’. The Fairies appeared, and Raju blamed them that they have tricked him, seeing him so angry the fairies became very scared and gave Raju another magical gift, which was a magical pot. The Blue fairy told Raju, “when you say ‘pot pot…give me something hot’ it will be filled with delicious food”. Raju accepted the gift and after warning the fairies that he would surely eat them if the pot doesn’t work in front of his mother, he left. He went back again to the same inn to spend the night; this time didn’t order any food and told innkeeper Laalu that he was very tired, he rented a room and gave Laalu 20 copper coins. Laalu gave Raju the same room and to see what happens this time, he waited behind the window quietly. After Raju went inside the room he mumbled, ‘pot pot…give me something hot’ and he saw that the pot got filled with many delicious food items. He ate till he couldn’t eat anymore and keeping the pot near his pillow, soon fell into deep sleep. Laalu watched all this and again at the stroke of midnight; he performed the same cunning deed; he switched the magical pot with an ordinary one. Poor Raju, not knowing about what happened at night, left the inn next morning with the ordinary pot. When Raju reached home he again became furious when the pot didn’t give food. He went back to the fairies again. The fairies grew suspicious this time and asked him, ‘Do you stop at any place before you reach home’. Raju tells them that he spends his night at an inn in the town. Listening to this, fairies gave Raju a thick wooden stick and a rope, and told him when you meet the innkeeper this time just say, ‘Rope rope…tie the dope’ and then say, ‘Stick stick… do it quick’. Taking the stick and the rope Raju went to the inn and seeing the innkeeper he did what fairies had told him. Raju said, ‘Rope rope…tie the dope’ the rope itself gripped the innkeeper tightly and then he said, ‘Stick stick… do it quick’, the stick started beating the innkeeper. Getting beat, Laalu cried out of pain, ‘Please forgive me, I’ll give all your magical things back to you’. The stick stopped, and the rope untied him and he gave the magical goat and the pot to Raju. Taking the four magical items, Raju returned to his mother happily, telling her everything that actually happened he showed her the magic of the goat and the pot, seeing the magic, Raju’s mother was filled with joy and hugged him tightly.

Since then, Raju is living happily with his mother.




A photograph astray in the isle


Mr Lamper had been living with Miss Karen in an apartment at Thawcam Road since they graduated from college. They first met when they both accidently lost their IDs and after a dialectic argument with the hostel warden, had to spend the night outside in the lawn, since then they had been close friends. Both shared some good memories together and were together since last seven years; they were both geniuses in solving crimes, and had become quiet famous private detectives in the country. Miss Karen had one peculiar habit, she started humming an old folk song whenever she got lost in deep thoughts, Lamper always felt annoyed at her disposition because he never liked that tune much, but he never used to say a word. After cracking a crime case, Lamper thought of taking a break, so they both were now in Sims Island, a small and peaceful place with very simple folks.  One could walk around the island in little over an hour. Known for several waterfalls and sandy beaches, Sims Island had abundance of tropical plant life, including the remnants of the ancient rainforests.

Sims Island belonged to Mr Tucker, who ran a food factory, which stood at one end of the island. Mr Tucker was throwing a party today on the occasion of his son’s twenty third birth day. When he heard that the famous detectives Karen and Lamper are on his Island, he couldn’t resist the temptation of meeting them and so invited them to his party. Miss Karen and Mr Lamper arrived at Mr Tucker’s mansion late in the evening. Mr Tucker, a potbellied man wearing a tailcoat greeted them with gratitude and introduced them to the other main guests, Lapian the banker and Mr Hill the police commissioner. The party was held in the outdoor space which had a lovely reflecting pool in the middle of the garden that produced a visual effect of water extending to the horizon. Everyone at the party was enjoying, Lamper sipping slowly from his glass of lemonade was staring at a lady, when his friend noticed him doing so, he muttered, “Do you see that lady there, I think something is going between her and the banker”.

Karen replied, “I am more interested in Mr Tucker’s son Dom and that shy girl standing in the corner, I have been noticing them staring at each other from some time. The girl doesn’t seem to fit here she must be an ordinary girl from the town but I should say you are right about the banker and the lady.”

Mr Tucker called the main guests including the detectives for a group photograph. Dom wanted to click the shot, but Mr Tucker insisted his son to join the group, and so Lamper volunteered to click the camera. After the party was over, Karen and Lamper went back to their hotel. Mr Tucker wanted them to stay at his mansion, but Karen begged his pardon and left.

After spending a week at the island, Karen and Lamper came back to their city. The next evening after their arrival, someone knocked at their apartment door. Lamper got surprised opening the door as he saw that lady from the party, standing in front of him. He politely asked the lady who looked very worried, to come inside and called Karen who was in the other room watching television. Lamper went to get a drink for the lady. When Karen came and saw the lady, she asked her why she looked so stressed. The lady replied, “My son’s life is in danger, some people want to kill him. I came to know about you after I saw you at Mr Tucker’s party. Please help me.”

Karen answered, “I will surely help you but first tell me about yourself and your son.”

The lady stated, “My name is Araaya and Dom is my son…”

Lamper holding the glass of water exclaimed, “Mr Tucker’s sons’ name is Dom too, isn’t it?”

Lady answered, “Dom is not his real son, he adopted Dom about two years ago, Dom isn’t my son too, Dom’s mother died while giving birth to him, and nobody knows about his father. At the time of Dom’s birth, I worked as a nurse in the same hospital. I decided to take care of him. Dom had been living with me in the city since his birth. Two years ago I was assigned to take care of Mr Tucker in the island, I told him about Dom and he gave him a job of an accountant in the factory on his Island. Mr Tucker has no wife or children; he started to like Dom and soon made the decision to adopt him and later brought us both in his mansion to live with him. Everything was perfect until the day before yesterday when Dom came home badly hurt, when I asked him he told me about these two men who claimed to be Mr Tucker’s real sons, threatened to kill him if he doesn’t leave the Island. Dom stopped me from mentioning this to Mr Tucker as he didn’t want to trouble him. I had no option left, so I came to you for help. Nobody, not even Dom, knows I am here.”

Karen assured Araaya that she would look into the matter. She told her they’ll come to Sims Island tomorrow. Listening to this Araaya left. Next day in the afternoon Karen and Lamper reached Mr Tucker’s mansion. When they went inside, they learned that there had been a theft in the mansion last night. The police commissioner Mr Hill was present there, he told Lamper that the thief somehow entered Mr Tucker’s study when everyone was asleep but fortunately didn’t succeed in breaking the safe and couldn’t take anything valuable. Mr Tucker’s mansion had a lot of rooms, but he used to sleep in the study itself. The only things missing from the room was a silver vase and a golden photo frame which hung on the wall. When asked, Lamper told the commissioner they came to meet Mr Tucker for some business issues. Mr Tucker who was present there along with Araaya, said to Karen and Lamper that he was happy to meet them again and would discuss business over dinner. Mr Tucker took their leave and went to the factory. Araaya made the arrangements for the detectives’ stay at the mansion.

At night over dinner, Karen asked Mr Tucker about the photograph in the missing frame. Mr Tucker said it was the same picture which was taken at the party.

Karen said, “You can get another copy of that photograph made, and I think that the frame and the vase didn’t matter much to you.”

Dom, who was also there, said, “Dad isn’t worried at all for those chaffy items but he is sad at the loss of that picture, it was the only copy. The negative of that photo was with the studio owner who sold his studio and mysteriously left the town with his family”.

“I know the reason for his sudden departure; he left because of the deviant nature of his daughter”, Mr Tucker rebuked.

“You know better, Dad”, stated Dom.

“So, what was it that you wanted to discuss with me Miss Karen”, asked Mr Tucker.

“Nothing of much importance Mr Tucker, we could talk about it later now I think you should take rest. This had been a hectic day for you”, replied Karen.

Mr Tucker then retired to his study; Araaya had already gone to sleep, and Karen then told Dom to rest too.

Next morning Karen and Lamper went to see the banker. Mr Lapian was a jolly man; he was surprised to see them. Lamper told Lapian that he wanted to open a bank account for they are going to start a business with Mr Tucker in the Island.

Lapian said, “Sir, I am leaving the Island for few days next week, so if you want to open an account soon, you should carry out the necessary procedures before I leave”.

Karen replied, “We are in no hurry, we can do that after you come back”.

“As you wish Ma’am…now you must excuse me I have to attend a meeting now”, saying this Lapian left.

Karen and Lamper went back to the mansion and saw Mr Hill sitting there with Mr Tucker. “We found the thief Mr Lamper, but it’s sad he is alive no more, we found his dead body today in his own house. We discovered the missing vase and the frame from his house, but Mr Tucker is still annoyed because that photograph was not in the frame. Maybe the thief threw it away as it was worthless to him”.

“Who was he, and how did he die?” asked Karen.

“He was a drug addict who overdosed to death”, replied the commissioner.

“What a waste of talent…he was a very good artist, he used to come to my house and bring me my sketches that he drew without even looking at me, and I always threw him some money… I am feeling very sorry for him”, Mr Tucker said sadly, then he looked at the commissioner and added, “I’d like to meet the deceased person’s family and grant them compensation”

Karen said, “Mr Tucker I think you should stay indoors for some time, something’s not right here.”

Mr Tucker, a bit scared asked Karen, “Why do you think so?”

“Please follow my advice, I’ll explain everything later”, said Karen and left with Lamper meanwhile, Mr Tucker hurried to his study and shut the door.

Lamper enquired, “What’s going on…What can happen to Mr Tucker?”

“His life is in danger someone wants to kill him, we must keep an eye on the banker”.

That evening after closing of the bank both Lamper and Karen followed the banker, keeping some distance. Banker entered a park, there Araaya was waiting for him. Karen and Lamper heard the banker say, “You must not stay with Mr Tucker, he is not a good man you will soon get in trouble if you keep living in that mansion. If you trust me do as I tell you, leave him and come with me.” Araaya sat silently staring at the banker.

In the morning everyone woke up hearing Araaya’s scream. Karen sprang up from her bed and ran towards Mr Tucker’s room, Lamper followed him. Mr Tucker was lying dead on his bed and Araaya stood perplexed near the bed.

After examining the body Karen explained, “Someone has smothered him in his sleep”.

Karen looked under Mr Tucker’s pillow and found a key. Dom entered the room rubbing his eyes; Araaya came running towards him and started crying. Dom was shocked seeing Mr Tucker lying still and said, “Dear lord… What happened to Dad?”

Showing the key to Dom, Karen asked, “Is this the key for Mr Tucker’s safe?” Dom nodded, Karen asked him to open the safe. The safe contained few thick Ledger books on the upper racks and some cash and jewellery. Karen picked a Ledger book from the rack, and while flipping the pages she asked Dom, “The way these ledger books are lying on the rack, it seems recently someone has taken out few of them. Does anyone else have the key to this safe?” Dom replied that only he has one, but he rarely uses it. When the police arrived at the crime scene, Karen suddenly dropped that thick ledger book from her hand and then after picking it up placed it in the rack where it belonged and signalled Lamper to move out. Outside Lamper heard Karen humming her tune, he said, “I know what you are holding in your fist” and smiled.

At the funeral, Karen and Lamper, who sat behind Araaya and Lapian in the church, overheard their conversation. Lamper was pleading, “Please… You have to decide will you come with me or not”. Araaya replied, “I can’t do that, Dom will be left alone. Please understand”. Getting the reply banker kissed her cheek and left. Lamper and Karen both looked at each other and moved back, leaving Araaya sitting gloomily.

A lawyer came to the mansion in the morning; he told Araaya and Dom that legally Dom is not Mr Tucker’s son, so all his property will go to the Trust. When the lawyer left Araaya started crying, Dom consoled her. Krent and Lamper who were also present there asked Dom, “Did you know about this?”

Dom replied, “Dad and me met a lawyer a year ago and had a conversation regarding this. The lawyer told us its quiet a fiddly procedure, I thought dad will do this before he would die. We never expected that he’ll leave us so soon”, saying this Dom turned to Araaya and said, “there’s nothing left for us here now… we’ll leave the island tomorrow”

Dom and Araaya stood at the port carrying their luggage to catch a ferry to the city, the banker too stood there at some distance secretly following them. They were about to board when they heard Lamper’s voice from behind, “please stop!” They turned back to see, Karen and Lamper coming towards them with three police officers. Lamper told the police officials to check Dom’s suitcase. Dom went in a daze; he didn’t say anything. When police opened his suitcase, they found it filled with thick Ledger books. Krent asked one officer to take out a ledger book and open it. When the police officer did so, everyone was astonished to see that it was hollow from inside and was filled with Diamonds and so were the other books too. The police arrested Dom. Araaya confused and scared asked Karen, “Please tell me what’s going on?”

Karen answered, “Dom has committed two murders, its better you ask him.”

Araaya looked at Dom, who stared at the sea quietly, then he spoke, “Miss Karen is right, I murdered Tucker because he raped and killed Mili, the girl I loved, and he killed her father the studio owner when he protested.”

“Tell us why you murdered the artist?” Karen asked.

“I murdered John, so that Tucker’s men and the Mafia couldn’t track me. I wanted to leave no trace of my identity here in the Island…” Dom stated.

“So he destroyed the photograph and killed a man who could have made his exact sketch” Lamper cut in.

“Why Mafia or anyone would want to come after you?” asked Araaya.

When Dom didn’t say anything Karen explained, “Mr Tucker had connections with Mafia as he was into money laundering. Dom was his accomplice in this; everything was going fine until the village girl came between them. Mr Tucker used to hide his diamonds in the thick Ledger books, and Dom was aware of this, after killing him he wanted to run away with the diamonds. You can ask Mr Lapian he also knew about this but being afraid he never told this to anyone”.

“Dom would have ditched you after leaving the island, believe me Araaya”, Lamper added.

“That’s why Mr Lamper was following you… look he is right over there hiding behind the lamppost” Karen told Araaya. Araaya saw Mr Lapian who slowly started coming towards her; he was confused about what was going on.

Smoking his cigarette while relaxing in the apartment Lamper asked his friend, “How did you come to know so much about the case?” Karen who was reading a book said without looking up, “I guessed there could be two suspects, Lapian the banker and Dom, as they were in the photograph, only they would want to destroy it, so that no one could send anyone after them once they flee after committing a crime. My attention was on the banker because he had good reasons to do so, I thought he might run away with the bank’s money, but I realized I was wrong, he is a good man, and then I focused my attention on Dom, but I couldn’t find any evidence to prove his crime. When Dom mentioned leaving the Island then it was very easy for me, and I caught him red handed, rest of the story he told himself. The two ruffians who terrorized Dom were from Mafia, who beat Dom because of some unfair deal, Dom just made the story to cover the truth from Araaya… Maybe it was God’s wish that we go to that island, that’s why he sent her to us… However friend I am really sorry for you, she is indeed a good lady… she’d be happy with the banker… meanwhile, you can mend your broken heart with this…” She took something shiny from her cardigan and dropped it on Lamper’s palm, leering at the stone Lamper let out a smile and continued smoking his cigarette.




Merry go round


A boy and a girl went to a fair. This fair was not like any other fair, and it had just one ride, a merry go round and it wasn’t functional. There were also three shops which were closed too. There were other kids who were wandering here and there; no adult could be seen in that place. Suddenly a voice came from a loud speaker near the merry go round, ‘the ride is going to start in few minutes, and kids can grab a seat in the ride.’ The boy and the girl with all the other excited kids ran towards the merry go round and grabbed a seat. All of them were surprised to find out that the number of seats in the ride was exactly the same as the total number of kids present in the fair. Everyone eagerly waited for the ride to start.


The Merry go round started; it went clockwise. All the kids shouted with joy, but the boy felt sick, he noticed the girl is enjoying. And suddenly the ride changed its direction and started to swing anti-clockwise as a result of which now the girl was feeling sick, and the boy started enjoying.


After some time, the ride stopped, and everyone got down. The three shops were open now one selling food one sold books, and one was empty and dark. The boy and the girl went inside the empty shop and slept. Other kids revelled the whole night.


Next evening the loudspeaker announced the same words again. The kids again ran and grabbed a seat, but two seats stayed empty this time as the boy and the girl were apprehensive, the Merry go round didn’t start this time as if it was waiting for the two kids. Then the girl took the boy’s hand and both took their seats in the ride, this time they didn’t find seats together but they could clearly see each other’s faces. When the ride started the boy again felt sick, and he saw the girl enjoying but to his surprise he saw that like him, rest of the kids were feeling sick and this time they were not enjoying. Then after some time when the ride changed its direction of rotation boy started feeling light and was enjoying and as the boy thought the girl got sick now. The rest of the kids still not feeling well were shouting to stop the ride. After sometimes the ride stopped, and everybody went to the empty stall and slept.





 The wise farmer and the wild bear


This is an old story belonging to those ancient times when the animals had the ability to talk like humans. Story begins when an old farmer has a dispute with his landlord over the land. The landlord seized his farm just before the harvesting time. He was left only with a hoe, a harrow, a bullock and a cart.


The farmer had no family and lived alone; he was a very quick witted and hardworking man. The farmer had faith on god, even after what happened, he didn’t lose hope and planned strategy to earn for his living. He sold the harrow and bought some food to last for a month and dry radish seeds. He then took the seeds and his hoe to a nearby forest, there he started digging the land with his hoe. A bear saw him and came towards him running. The farmer didn’t even flinch and ordered the bear to stop. The bear came to halt right in front of him and growled, “I will break your bones and eat your flesh.” The farmer replied to him calmly, “You can do that, but don’t you see I am growing vegetables here, they will mellow in a month then there be a lot of food for both of us to last whole summer”. Hearing this, the bear said “I will not eat you, but since this forest is



mine, we will divide the yield equally”. The farmer said, “You can keep the stems, and I will take the roots, but you see I am very old and this is taking a lot of time, you have to help me dig the forest”. The bear agreed and dig the forest land with his strong claws very soon while the farmer rested under a tree. After the ground had been dug, the farmer sowed all the seeds. The farmer then went home.


One month later, he came back to the forest and saw large radishes. Suddenly, the bear came over, they both harvested the yield and as per the deal the bear took the stems and farmer took the roots. The farmer loaded his bullock cart with the radishes and went to the market. He sold all the radishes and made a lot of money. The farmer bought a piece of land and sowed wheat in it. On the day of harvest when the farmer arrived at the farm, he saw the bear waiting there for him. Seeing the farmer, the bear growled, “I will rip you apart, you cheated me. I ate some of the roots that were lying on the forest floor, and they tasted a lot better than the stems, now I will eat you.” The farmer calmly replied, “If you liked the root you can take all the roots this time and I will take the stems.” The bear agreed and took the roots, and the farmer took all the stems and quickly departed. Bear chewed and chewed the woody roots and injured his mouths. The bear writhed with pain and cursed the farmer, from that day till today, bears and farmers are known to be arch enemies.



[][] Author’s note

No one can tell exactly when the sufferings would end in our world, the way no one can tell when a life would end. I cannot tell who I am, the way I cannot tell where everything comes from. But I can say everything will be alright the way I look at the clock and tell the time.


Hope my work helps you find peace.


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Publication Date: April 7th 2017


Maniac's Mirror

Snippets- Whenever a new soul enters universe an unknown power takes control over it and suppresses the primal nature of the soul. This unknown power may be sentient or it may be a machine driven by some mysterious energy, it may be good or evil. No one may ever know the story of the one who fought to free many souls like theirs from this unknown power but they know a name. - Arizel They talk to me in all the languages except the one I know, I don’t know whether they understand my language or not. They can come in any form, and each has a unique face but the master has no face, no identity, you only know when he is gone. -kayle of Teargar There are so many kayles already here none of them could help me this new one is no different; it doesn’t matter he is the first Kayle reborn, he is just one more. -Rakhtavar

  • ISBN: 9781370859269
  • Author: antim abhay
  • Published: 2017-06-28 17:35:13
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Maniac's Mirror Maniac's Mirror