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Man Alive - It's Only Five !


Man Alive – It’s Only Five!

© 2016 Barbara M. Schwarz


Purple Eyes Publishing (PEP)

the value of knowing


ISBN: 978-1-910774-94-6


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On the front: “The simplest feather dive” 2016.


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A simple countdown show, we’re up for wider flow.


Man Alive – It’s Only Five


Five more things to do

And then we’ve made it to

The final hat trick…


Yes, just the final three,

I’ll ever put in front of me


And though you may complain

Find it easy to disdain

She’s off with poetry once again

It’s really quite plain:


that counting backwards game

has loads to recommend

the sense that time will end,


on a big bang note,

the rocket soar

or I’ll launch a boat


yes, the final three

are marvellously

close to me


so tantalisingly

these five

help me to dive

into a spirited



of activity

to clear away

with energy

those remnants

of memory


that might just serve to prepare

a sense of energy where


I get a second wind -

I get a second chance,


to simply dance and dance

without so much as a glance


of what it all should be

to finish one hundred history


in ever flowing prose

that following my nose,


I lead in hot pursuit

the final stretch to shoot

as a simple run

to quite elaborate fun

when all hum

to the beating of a drum

that countdown begun

that moment I become

simply a part

of the finish from the start


and there I said

back in my head


the home straight

a simple sense appreciate


that when it’s almost done

momentum carry on

and take us to a finish line


and there that moment underline

a giant closure sign

whatever now the rhyme


Man alive – it’s only five:

the simple way to dive

and into achievement thrive

is breaking into pieces

all that time now leases

those moments that are staged

to perfection


a countdown predilection

to get it all just going

in a final sense of flowing


the downhill drive

see how water thrive

by surging faster than before

and as it splurge and as it roar

exhilaration pour

to get the speed up some more!!!


Home straight

why would I now deliberate

no moment now to equate

what I wish commiserate

this is really fun

pushing out to everyone

the sense deliberately

a life’s journey


is like a steeple chase

you get to race and race

and then you start to pace

right in your head

what will put it all to bed


and leave you marvellously

where you wish to be

with the final three

a hat trick memorably

a sports allegory


and so I start to see

a countdown energy

that’s getting me quite loose

I’ve almost cooked my goose

and can leave the stage

of a poetry age

to split and to define

the home straight of a time

I took the sun to shine

as an inspiration sign.


Anything that helps

no matter if it yelps


Anything you can

that can help you, man!


Man Alive – now almost

less than five for when

you start to show:

you quickened pace to

go – much faster than you

know – a memory of flow

surged to hurry through


encouraging you:

get to the finish line

get your hundred in on time


for that is your design

to shake up and align

a simple sense to see

momentum harmony

is my fair share of energy


Man Alive – Now almost

less than five


You think it’s poetry

all gone senselessly

out of control

to grab a hat trick

bowl and leave

indelibly that final

mark in history

to finish on a high

of “this season’s

finished!” cry!


Purple Eyes Publishing

Almost end of a season? You punctuate the air with good reason – it’s all nearly done – deliberately you’ve almost won a close to all those poetry flows by setting up a pace the final moments now to race: you set your own true goal and then you’ll finish with a hat trick bowl – just in sight with which last moments to ignite: see here the great “high five” – man, now you’re really alive!!!


The home straight – a moment to elate.


“High five” – “high five” – “high five” – applause within me thrive – just to get it done: that final hundred won! Full score – full score – full score – I’ve nearly reached that final shore and excitement pour from which I draw brand new energy by the score!


Sportsmen galore – a moment worth waiting for.


When we start to give ourselves a pat on the back – see momentum now gain track, where we start to stack a sense that we can tack our final course as a joy source: the inner horse, a vibrant force.


Completion in our head – a moment we can dread or simply jump ahead instead just to see ‘how much that matters now to me’ – deliberately, we set our inner critic free to rout for us incessantly: be on your own side for that ultimate joy ride – a simple matter of pride – with momentum now your heart collide and your spirit can confide “almost finished what I tried, see my joy now magnified!!!”


That sense of closing in: the joy of the pre-eminent win.


Horses for courses – galvanise your own joy sources!


Man Alive - It's Only Five !

A simple countdown show - how anticipation grow - we're off to our heat - the competition we can beat - when we stand firm on our feet - nothing can defeat - that pure elation call - to rise up one and all.

Man Alive - It's Only Five ! Man Alive - It's Only Five !