Make up Your Mind: Isn't it Time to Get Out of Your Rut?

Make up Your Mind

Isn’t it Time to Get Out of Your Rut?

By Joshua Ray

Shakespir Edition

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I’d like to dedicate this booklet to my wife and children. Cindy has taken this journey with me and we have grown so much in such a short period of time. Together we have made giants leaps forward to achieving our goals and dreams. To my children whom I love dearly.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my wife Cindy who helped me to take this expansive topic and put it into a concise but clear format for those who are looking for a quick read. She helped me lay this booklet out in a manner so that the reader picks up key components quickly. The goal is to help create some spark to your life and get some direction so that you get out of your rut. I’d like to thank all those who are teaching the law of attraction – it has changed my life dramatically.

Table of Contents

This Was My Rut

You Will Find What You Are Looking For

What is LOA?

My Thoughts Have Merit

Visualize What You Want

Speaking It Out Has Power

Gratitude Changes Minds

Allow Yourself to Be Blessed

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This Was My Rut

I was wandering aimlessly in the mall watching people go by with smiles on their faces as they shopped, buying whatever they wanted while I always seemed to be short on cash. I wondered, “What am I doing with my life? There must be something more to life than what I am living right now.” I was looking for answers to dozens of questions as to why I felt incomplete, living as though I was destined for something great, something bigger than myself – that would impact the world.

I had reached the age of 40 and I was asking these questions at a crucial time of my life because I had a family to take care of and work was hard to come by, especially when I was living in a city that boasts the highest unemployment rate in the country.

I started a business in order to create my own work, but after 6 months I noticed that the demand for the service that I offered dropped off as fast as it climbed. Initially, I thought that I was doing something wrong and examined my business from every angle. It wasn’t until I introduced myself personally to virtually hundreds of business owners in this region did I realize that I wasn’t the only one having issues of attracting more customers to my business. I spoke to one owner who confided in me that there was a tremendous decline in customers to his business and he was on the verge of closure and was doing whatever he needed to do to keep his business alive.

I found some comfort in knowing that I wasn’t the only one going through tough times in business. Why I found comfort in that was unclear to me at the time. By my sixth month of business, I noticed I began feeling worried, confused, and angry about the state of my business and personal finances. I realized that I needed to get a job and start working for someone else. I had to do it fast.

I didn’t like the idea of being away from my family 40 hours a week and sometimes longer for a paycheck. The reason why is because that paycheck would only help me to get by for that week and nothing more. The reason I ventured off on my own was because I hated the idea of working ridiculous hours away from my family just to make ends meet. I hated the idea of living paycheck to paycheck, sacrificing my time with family in order to be able to make money so that I can spend quality time with family. I deeply believed that owning my own business would give me the life that I really wanted.

I had experienced temporary success because the first 6 months gave me exactly what I was looking for, the freedom to choose my hours so that I can be with family and the finances to support my desire to stay home and work from my home office.

I had a taste of something good for such a brief period of time and didn’t want to go backward, but that’s what was happening. When business declined I found myself being critical of my business skills and feelings of failure crept into my mind. The stress of not succeeding in my chosen career became unbearable and despair seeped into every area of my life. Knowing that I wasn’t the only one going through such hard business times only gave me temporary relief from the mental and emotional abuse I caused myself – through my thoughts and what I was speaking about myself.

In desperation, I turned to a job coach who could guide me back into the workforce with the necessary support structure. While I was in the interview stage she made a comment that surprised me and caused a light bulb to go off inside me. She told me that I’m displaying signs of depression. I was taken aback by the comment because two other people mentioned the same thing to me weeks earlier. One of those people happened to interview me for a job. They came right out and said, “I don’t think your head will be into this job. You seem depressed.” I guess it took the third mention to get me to accept the fact that I was out of touch with my emotions and didn’t recognize that feeling of depression.

I now had a starting point for turning my life around. I now had evidence that I was in a position in my life that required change, one that indicated that it was time to do something different so that I can get out of this rut I was living in. I now realized that something had to change in order to get something more out of life. I had to face reality – I had a failed business, no work, no income, and my dreams and goals were nonexistent and I had a family to take care of. Temp jobs offered relief, but they were inconsistent.

If I had to sum it up in a sentence I would have said, “I’m now completely empty, void of happiness in life, void of passion and desire, and I have no place to go but up.” I had the desire to take care of my family whom I love dearly and that was enough to motivate me to take any job that I could find, but more important – to do something different.

In desperation, I began searching for answers with great passion. Unknowingly I had created a passion for something – the passion for changing my life and getting answers to questions that I’ve had for years, questions like “how come the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer?” This was on my mind for years primarily because my finances had never panned out in my favor, living paycheck to paycheck – money went out faster than it came in. My sister and I laughed with amusement when I told her that in my life there was always too much month at the end of the money.

Other questions that plagued me were, “Why is it that there are people who seem to be in a perpetual cycle of having life dish out crap to them, and I’m one of them?” “How come some people appear perpetually happy in life but I can’t be happy just for a moment?” “How come I haven’t discovered what I really want to do with my life even now at the age of forty?” “Why does success seem to elude me?” “What was I born to do – what is my purpose in life?” “How come life isn’t fair?” “Why am I so fat and can’t seem to lose weight?” I didn’t recognize it at the time – that vicious spiral thinking became commonplace for me.

These were just a few of the questions I’ve had floating around in my mind for years. The deeper issues have to do with my own self-awareness – my desire to have a fulfilling life, to achieve my goals and dreams, to be physically fit and financially secure so that I can experience and enjoy life. To actually achieve my personal desires.

Perhaps you have felt the same way I did or you feel like it right now and are looking for answers to these or other questions. With certainty, I can say that I’m happy that you and this booklet have crossed paths at the right time. You having this booklet right now was meant to be. Why? Because you wanted it to be so, because you want to change your life and the universe and its creator wanted you to use this information to help you make it happen.

The purpose of this booklet – as short as it is – is meant to help you sort through some things in your life, to be aware of where you are now and to help you get to where you want to be. Ultimately this booklet is designed to equip you with the tools you need to create meaning and purpose for your life through a concept called the Law of attraction. If you’ve never heard of this concept before, it is quite powerful and life altering. We’ll look at it a little closer later on.

This booklet may answer long-standing questions you’ve had in your life, but it will also act as a guide to point you in the right direction to achieve significant and welcomed results in your life. In the end, you will be genuinely happy and living the life you had only hoped for or dreamt of.

At this point, you may be asking yourself, but I don’t know what my goals, dreams, and desires are – let alone what my dream life consists of. Rest assured that things have already begun to turn around for you by virtue of the fact that you got this material to read. Your passion for changing your life brought this booklet into your hands which will give you the information you need to begin living life with passion, joy, happiness, and feeling fulfilled. In the end, you will discover how to be able to contribute to the world with purpose.

Just when I thought I was void of passion I realize now – as I’m writing this book – that I had a tremendous amount of passion for changing my life. It was that passion and desire to obtain knowledge that altered my course of life – directing me to the first book that got me started on this journey of self-discovery and a put me on a path to success.

You Will Find What You Are Looking For

My passion and desire to understand why I was in a rut were so strong that it drove me to search through everything and in every direction. At one point I was so tired of searching that I simply gave up and stopped trying so hard to make something good happen in my life. In a nutshell, I surrendered my whole being to a higher power than myself that I call God and at that moment I felt a sense of peace engulf me.

With that burden and weight now off of my shoulders, I then got the urge to take a walk around the mall, not focusing on my lack. I decided I’d do it even though I considered it pointless and a waste of time as I aimlessly walked about. I felt a nudge – to walk to the bookstore – and so I did. I proceeded to the business section assuming that was the logical topic for me to read. Right in mid stride I was compelled to make a quick left into the self-help section, which I rarely visited. Immediately I was drawn to a book called “The Undervalued Self” which was written by Elain Aron who has a Ph.D. in psychology. Her book and other resources can be found at www.theundervaluedself.com for your convenience.

Since I had nothing better to do I spent the remainder of my day at the bookstore reading her book, reading with a purpose and passion while at other times just skimming through the book. The content in this book got me started on a journey that I’m so glad I took and wished I had begun when I was much younger. Nevertheless, I discovered that there was a part of me that was undervalued and it was that voice that spoke the loudest to me for the majority of my life or at least began to speak to me in my twenties.

Dr. Aron points out that there is a part of us that is undervalued to some degree and from that perspective we judge ourselves, our circumstances, and talk ourselves out of a positive future with words like, “This won’t work, it hasn’t before.” “Nothing is going to change.” “You can’t do this because…”

Dr. Aron offers a unique perspective on how this “undervalued self” was developed and how we can address this side of us. If this is an area of your life that needs to be addressed only you would know, but I offer this information up to you to demonstrate my starting point in hopes that you glean some information to discover your starting point. As I said, I spend some time in the bookstore reading her book but it was only a starting point which opened my eyes to the reality that our thoughts have a tremendous impact on our future through how we perceive ourselves and our lives.

Dr. Aron’s book has taught me that when the “undervalued self” brings to your attention your lack of money, skills, talents and dreams – and then speaks words that bring you down rather than lift you up, you can simply remind the undervalued self that it’s on the same team as you. That part of you is supposed to be your best supporter and the ultimate life coach. You can demand that this part of you help you rather than hurt you. Once you make this demand on yourself – like a miracle – that part of you begins to be your best coach ever.

I realize that I’m over-simplifying the method of Dr. Aron’s years of significant scholarly research but for the sake of making my point this is essentially what I needed to begin taking charge of my life – writing my own new chapter in life. At that moment, in my desire to change and find answers, I experienced a glimmer of hope. I wasn’t going to let this new information remain a mere theory. Instead, I put into action the elements I learned and consciously applied it on a daily basis until I noticed a change in me. Soon I would reach a point where I wanted to learn more.

I was now equipped with information that could get me out of the rut I was in and begin getting answers to many of my questions. I now had an insatiable desire for more knowledge, wisdom and information that I could use on a practical level to continue to grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially and change me physically.

Now that I had a new passion in my life for a specific knowledge, coupled with an intense emotional desire to learn, the universe brought more books, audios, and videos into my life from renowned authors. That newfound information soon chartered the best adventure of my life that I’ve never taken. The topic that has excited me most – which was new to me – was a subject known as, “The Law of Attraction,” also known as LOA.

What is LOA?

The next part of my journey took me into the world of the Law of Attraction. What exactly is the Law of Attraction? I wanted to know why my thoughts were powerful enough to influence who I am as a person and how they shaped my future and how I viewed life. The study of LOA helped me to understand all of this in a short period of time.

It was at this point my local library – who barely knew me – began to be flooded with my request on the topic of the Law of Attraction. I did manage to find a limited amount of material on the subject about LOA written by modern day authors. To my surprise, I found out that this is not a new concept. This subject goes back to Biblical times. I guess it must have been understood as common knowledge. As it turned out, there wasn’t a lot of written material about it.

I checked out a video called, “The Secret” and watched it in awe. I was so mesmerized by the topic that I literally watched this movie ten times over the course of two weeks in order to understand what these people were passionate about. It was Opera’s endorsement that made it a cultural phenomenon and caused everyone to search out this subject of LOA.

After studying this subject for weeks and months I have come up with my own take on the Law of Attraction. Since nobody really tackled at great length the origin of this subject I thought I’d do my own research. The Law of Attraction is a principle that was established at the creation of this universe. You know from science class that there are several laws that govern this world, such as; the Law of gravity, the Law of thermodynamics, the law of motion, the law of electromagnetism and the Law of Inertia. You understand these laws because they were taught to you since grade school and you learned to accept the fact that the Law of Gravity exists because you have been taught what it was and you experience it every day.

Scientists have known about these laws for centuries, in fact, it wasn’t until our recent history did scientists understand the Law of aerodynamics and the Law of Lift. With these recently understood Laws, they were now equipped to build and shape a large metal object that could defy the Laws of gravity to fly in the air above. You could say – that because they knew these laws and how they worked – they could use them effectively to produce something of value and get results by design. They used these laws to create something that could be used to their advantage. By knowing these laws and how each one functioned, they were able to make a plane fly and defy gravity – as though it were like a miracle.

In the same way, the Law of Attraction was not identified or labeled, but it was intrinsically understood even in Biblical times. Just because it wasn’t mentioned in the Bible doesn’t mean it wasn’t understood. Heck, the term “gravity” wasn’t coined until 1687 A.D. by Isaac Newton – but that doesn’t mean nobody understood the principal of gravity, even in Biblical times.

The oversimplified definition of LOA is “like attracts like.” A long-standing teacher and practitioner of LOA, Bob Doyle, leans more toward the scientific definition of LOA which is “Like energy, attracts like energy.” Bob describes LOA as such – the universe is made up of energy and if you examine all matter under a powerful microscope you will discover that we are made up of atoms which in turn are made up of energy. This energy draws to itself the same energy – or as he would say it – energy will resonate a frequency that attracts the same energy. (Bob Doyle, “Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power: Everything You Need to Know about the Law of Attraction”. 2011)

From a physicist’s perspective this energy is all around us, in fact, tests have shown that our thoughts (our brain) at any given time will resonate and emit frequencies that attract like frequencies. In turn, that which we think about sends a signal to the universe that responds to those frequencies to give you what you are thinking about. Because this is a Law of the universe – just like gravity is a law – it returns to you those frequencies whether you realize it or not or even believe it or not. It does it just because it’s a Law. Just like gravity doesn’t need your approval or belief in it to work in your life, so too the law of Attraction doesn’t need your approval or belief in it to work.

Allow me to clarify something at this point. The Law of Attraction is not to be understood as, “that which you think about, is that what you attract.” It is much more encompassing than that. The law of attraction also includes other elements such as; that what you think of, that which you visualize, that which you speak or voice, that which you emanate with deep emotions, and that which you act upon is what you attract.

LOA has been taught in such a way that it can be misconstrued that thoughts are the only thing that can change your life. While thoughts are the starting point, they are not the only thing that changes the course of your life; they are just one element of the big picture. In order for LOA to be effective, you must integrate thinking, visualizing, speaking, and attaching strong emotions to your thoughts. Not only are these elements required but there are other laws that must be understood and applied in conjunction with LOA to achieve maximum results.

Just like the case of building an airplane that flies, engineers must understand and use effectively the Law of Gravity, Lift, and aerodynamics simultaneously to achieve maximum results. As with the LOA, you must also understand and use the Law of Gratitude and the Law of Allowing and apply them in harmony with LOA to achieve maximum results.

For the sake of this book and what I want to teach you, I will simply say that your function in the process of LOA is to send out the energy and the universe’s job is to respond to it. The common response that practitioners of LOA give are, “accept it on faith” or “you don’t need to know how it works, you just need to know that it works.” A great example that was given in the video, “The Secret” was given by Bob Proctor in which he said, “You don’t need to know how electricity works, you just need to know that it works.”

If you want more details about this part of the subject then I recommend you purchase my book called, “The Law of Attraction in Greater Detail: Easy, Practical Ways to Achieve Results.” In it, you will find plenty of examples as to how this works and you will find detailed insight into this law that we call “attraction.” The book is available at most major retailers who sell E-books online. It is primarily a good bridging point for the beginner and intermediate learner to understand LOA.

Let’s go to the next chapter and begin looking at the way thoughts work and the impact that it can have on changing your life.

My Thoughts Have Merit

Now that we have covered some ground on what LOA is let’s look at the various elements that put Law of Attraction into action. The first element of LOA is our thoughts. Thoughts have tremendous power to shape our actions, our lives, and our emotions. Your thoughts are the starting point for making a change in your life – it is the fundament key to getting out of your rut. This is why one needs to make up their mind in order to get out of a rut.

Be aware that your thoughts can create the life you want for yourself but you have to make the decision to live the life you want. Jack Canfield mentions in his book, “The Success Principles” that we must take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. Where you are now in life is the result of thoughts and actions you chose in your past. If you want to change your future, then take charge of your thinking today, so that proper action can be taken to change your tomorrow.

As an element in LOA, thinking is the starting point of achieving results. Here is the “how to” on thinking. You must be deliberate about your thought life. Be aware that as you begin your new walk – it’s easy to follow the path of least resistance.

Unknowingly, you’ve been trained to think a certain way most of your life. For example, if you are not expecting much in life, then that is the way you will subconsciously think. This way of thinking can influence your decisions. As a beginner, you will tend to think your old patterns because that is the way you have thought all your life. This is what I call the path of least resistance. You will need to exert a little effort at this stage to be conscious of your thinking so that you can adjust it from being negative to positive.

When you have a pattern of thinking already established then that becomes the continued pattern – one that you will not be resistant to – simply because it is familiar to you. When applying LOA, you must be conscious of your thinking and create new patterns, but it takes effort and time to create new ones. In time, they will become the new patterns that your mind follows and you will be on your way to making a change and finally seeing yourself get out of that rut.

Patterns are the thoughts that are done over and over again so that you either have or have not the things you desire in your life. If you want wealth, happiness, health, or positive thinking then you must begin by thinking of the life you want in that area. Think about exactly what you want – what does it look like and how would it make you feel if you had it? Even if you think you have no imagination, then begin imagining what it would feel like to have all those things.

My original thought patterns went as follows – I’m fat and unhealthy, I must be lazy because I can’t even work out, and therefore I’m fat and lazy. Can you see the negativity so far? Can you see how that could affect my behavior and lead to spiral thinking?

Since I believed I was fat and lazy, my “undervalued self” harped on the idea and kept feeding into that belief system. When New Year ’s Eve rolled around instead of making a resolution to lose weight I said, “I chose not to lose weight so that I can keep my resolution.”

A resolution to shed those pounds was not enough motivation for me to lose weight because my belief system and my thoughts were stronger than the resolution. I had to find a new motivation for losing weight. Something that evoked a lot of emotion. I had to connect my motivation to being around for my family and just feeling better overall.

Once I told my “undervalued self” to support me – the thoughts began to change too, and I began to believe that I will get to my ideal weight in a reasonable amount of time. I envisioned myself as fit and choose to tell myself that I have the strength and the drive to follow through.

Once I purposefully applied those thoughts on a daily basis my thoughts changed to goal setting. I set a goal to lose 81 pounds over time, then my “undervalued self” became a coach and I reasoned that I could break my overall goal down into daily achievements. If I wanted to reach this goal in a year I would have to lose 1.5 pounds per week in order to make that happen, then suddenly I realized that 1.5 pounds was not difficult to lose and it made it easier to get motivated to take the first step.

Each day I consciously changed what I thought about myself – how I see myself, and visualized my end goal – and because the goal of 1.5 per week was so small, I set myself up to succeed rather than fail. Then what took place was amazing, I began to believe my new thoughts and I took action and began to eat right and exercise.

It was hard to exercise at first but I stayed motivated by visualizing my end result and focusing on my weekly goal. As this book is written, I’m one-quarter of the way to my goal and have no doubt that I will reach my goal by the end of the year because I am on track each week achieving the smaller goals.

I have a new thought pattern when it comes to my weight and as a result, I continue to lose 2 pounds per week and working out keeps getting easier and it takes less motivation to exercise. It actually took more effort to notice what I think about myself and how I perceived my body. Once I recognized my negative thoughts I began to take charge of them and replaced them with ones that would help me get the results I was looking for.

The first element of LOA is taking charge of your thoughts and to be conscious of the way you think in order to make good changes, the kind of changes you need to make in order for you to achieve the results you want. You are the only one in charge of your thoughts and you have a choice on what you want to think about. Once you understand that you can choose your thoughts, you then begin to realize that you can also choose your emotions as well, to some degree.

Don’t get me wrong, there are those times that you just react emotionally based on the situation, but for the most part, you can choose to be happy, sad, angry, joyous, content, jealous, envious, and you can choose to love. It all begins with a thought.

So now what? Where do you go from here now that you know you can choose the way you think? Begin by addressing the area of your life that you want to improve. Let’s say you want to improve your fitness level. Make an effort to pay attention to that part of you that is called the “undervalued self” and listen to what you are saying about yourself. Once you’ve learned to recognize the negative comments, the next time you hear one that prevents your success, address it immediately.

Take charge of your thoughts. Since we are talking about losing weight as an example, when that inner voice tells you that you’re fat, address the thought by suggesting that you would rather hear something that is helpful rather than hurtful. Ask your “undervalued self,” how you can move from being fat to the perfect weight? Demand that your “undervalued self” begin coaching you and ask, “how do you intend to help me then?”

I have found this exercise very rewarding. Not only does it make you aware of your thoughts toward yourself, but it also reconditions your “undervalued self” to support you in a positive way. In time, your will discover a self-respect starting to take root. This particular action only took me 2-3 weeks before I saw results. It’ amazing how quickly the “undervalued self” is willing to change. Before long, it became second nature to think differently. You don’t have to talk out loud when doing this exercise; I don’t want anyone calling a psychiatrist for you. You are simply using your mind to combat the battle for your mind – using your thoughts to empower yourself.

After addressing the inner self, the next step is to think about all the positive things that being fit would bring. Begin to purposefully use your thoughts to see yourself fit and ask yourself, how do I reach that goal?

During this first stage of change you may find that the “undervalued self” will provide excuses and other reasons you couldn’t possibly obtain your desired outcome of being fit. Be strong and counter the thought with a demand to help you rather than hurt you. The “undervalued” part of yourself will easily yield to the new – stronger, assertive you!

Napoleon Hill once said, “you become what you think about.” Begin thinking about your success in life, what you want to achieve, what you want in your life. Think about what you want in life and see it in your mind and train your thoughts to see your end goal and allow your emotions to support what you think.

That which you see in your mind daily is the signal you are sending to the universe and it will respond accordingly. Remember that you have total control on what signal you want to send to the universe. Take charge of your life with a thought, recognize what your belief system is and change your mind.

At this point, I will address the next element of LOA which is to visualize what you want in your life and to see what you want and focus on it.

Visualize What You Want

Napoleon Hill said in his book “Think and Grow Rich,” you become what you think about. Even though Napoleon is credited for making the above statement, this idea of thinking and visualizing is nothing new. Buddha said the exact words around 3000 years ago. Where do you think Napoleon got his quote from? Although Buddha said what he said – around 500 BC – king Solomon said the following quote approximately 2000 years before Buddha, Proverbs 23:7 – “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.”

Our modern day writers may be getting the accolade for many quotes about LOA but all they are doing is making people aware of something that has existed since the creation of the world. As I write this book I understand that what I’m conveying to you may not be anything new, I’m just rewording the message in such a way that you understand it better, so that you can begin to apply LOA more effectively.

When you are ready for something quite radical, something that very few have suggested before, then you should pick up my next book when it comes out. It could be quite controversial to some people because I challenge old thinking patterns. But for now, take this baby step before you venture off into things much more challenging.

The point I’d like to stress is that thinking and visualizing is not a new concept and visualizing goes hand in hand with thinking. The difference between the two is that visualizing involves a little more time and practice because it is where the details are found or formed.

Visualizing something is a skill that must be developed. We are temporal beings and we often rely on our memory to see our past clearly. Have you ever gone somewhere and suddenly a smell, sound, or touch causes us to remember a moment in our past? Think about that for just a moment, the smell of something reminds us of when we were a child in a particular time and place. The memories at that moment come flooding back and images are sharp, everything seems clear enough that you feel as though you were reliving the moment.

Visualizing calls upon details of your past, however if you want to change your future then you must visual your future in the present tense. All we have to create our visual future is our previous experience, we often use our past experience to help us visualize. In other words, the only basis we have to visualize our future, the way we want it to be, is a reference to our past or our current time.

Let’s try an exercise to explain what I mean by this. Visualize right now that sometime in your future you will be surrounded by a million dollars. Take a minute to try this exercise. Ok, you might say, this was easy. But how do you know how many stacks of cash it will take to make a million dollars? Or how large of a space do you need in order to be surrounded by a million dollars? Have you had any personal experience in the past with that? Perhaps not, but you may have seen a movie or a picture of this somewhere along the way in your life – right?

What you have done to visualize the stacks of cash was to take that experience of seeing the million from a movie or a picture and you transposed your image in its place. You had to do this because you had no personal experience with being surrounded by a million dollars in cash but you had to see some image in the past in order for you to visual your future with the million. You had to use your past experience of seeing an actual dollar or five-dollar bill and you stretched your imagination to fit your purpose – to envision your future.

This is the power of imagination and visualization. Many successful business people or investors can see things completely new even though they have never seen anything like it in the past. They are simply using past images to create something new.

The idea is that you create your future by not only thinking about it but also by visualizing in great detail what it looks like so that it evokes an emotional response so strong that you can recall vivid details such as sounds, smells, and touch, just like when they evoke certain memories of your past.

If you have to, find images that reflect what you want your future to look like – find an image of that perfect house or the features you want, find that image of the vehicle you wish to drive, and find the place you want to live that represent the features you desire. Once you have them, then notice the details so that you can use them to create the vision you want in your future. Use someone else’s image or creation to help you visual what you want in your future.

This idea of visualizing your dreams and desires will take some practice if you are not used to it. In fact, this is where most practitioners of LOA will tell you that you must take the time to meditate on your future. The benefits of meditation can be to restore your sense of well-being by calming your mind and removing stress. Since stress a major cause of many illnesses, removing it from your mind can help your body restore or repair itself effectively.

When you take the time to visual the future you want, and the things you want to change, it causes your subconscious mind to accept what you want and stores it for future reference. Visualizing in great detail with sights, sounds, smells, and tastes will cause your body to respond as though it is really happening and since we want that to impact our emotions it will amplify the signal we are sending the universe.

Your ability to see your future clearly will inspire you to move toward your goal. By visualizing the things you want in your life, your subconscious accepts that as being true and works at bringing into your life the very visualized items that you desire.

We have now gone through how thoughts affect your life and how visualization enhances the emotions, and now that you can see clearly your future, we are now ready to get into the next element of LOA, which is speaking. We will begin looking at how the words we speak can influence what we attract in our future and how the words we use can be an indicator of what our core beliefs are.

Speaking It Out Has Power

Does speaking add to the effectiveness of LOA? The spoken word to some degree will be the external indication of what is really going on inside. When you say words like, “I can’t do that” or “we’ll never be able to afford something like that,” what you are displaying is your belief system and what your conscious or subconscious mind has accepted as true.

The power of speaking occurs when you voice what you believe and your ears pick up the sound while your brain registers what you have said. Your brain reinforces the thing you already believe and what you are speaking. What is happening is a verbal and subconscious loop, playing your core beliefs over and over again until you choose to speak something different.

Speaking has power especially when it is charged with statements of positive words. A study done by a Chinese scientist showed that when he spoke positive, loving words in the direction of a cup of water -when it froze it displayed unique beautiful crystals. At the opposite end of the spectrum when he spoke negative, hate filled, ugly words in the direction of a cup of water – when he froze the water it displayed asymmetrical patterns, disorganized, ugly crystals.

His research concluded that water responds to positive and negative words. He also noted that our body (which is primarily water) will respond to our spoken words just as much as when he spoke to the cup of water.

So what is the best way to speak the current situation? If there are zero dollars in your possession, then simply changing the word from I “need” to I “want” will cause your thinking to change to a more positive emotion. The word “need” implies a lack in your life, thus, you are thinking about your lack. It took me a few weeks to make the change in what I speak but after that it became second nature to me and I began speaking the wants in my life. When you speak this way while practicing your new thought pattern, and visualizing your new life, it simply affirms to your brain that you are in a position to allow and receive that which you want in life; the universe then gives you what you want in life.

Once you master this level of speaking there are additional levels you can embark on. These levels have specific words that are used. The next word level is, “choose.” When you say words like, “I choose, to be wealthy” or “I choose to have this in my life,” then what you are doing is making a statement from a position of responsibility.

In other words, you are taking responsibility for your life’s direction and making a decision how it unfolds. Speaking this way directs your thinking and influences your decisions. The universe will give you what you ask, and you end up with more choices.

The highest level of speaking is using the word, “committed.” When you say words like, “I am committed to being wealthy” or “I am committed to having this in my life,” then what you are doing is declaring to your brain, your body, your subconscious that this is what will happen and I am determined to make it happen without anything stopping me.

The word “committed” gives you a sense of power and responsibility. Your subconscious teams up with your conscious mind to help you achieve that which you have spoken with your mouth in conjunction with what you have visualized so that it sees that it comes to pass. As you speak the word, “committed” it begins to take root inside you and influence your core belief system.

In regards to lack, you must understand that lack is something that is manifested because of your past thinking, visualizing, and speaking. You can change your future by changing the thoughts and words you speak now so that your tomorrow will be different. At the higher levels of speaking you can then say, “I choose to see prosperity in my life.” Or, “I am committed to allowing wealth in my life and put lack behind me.”

You might say to yourself, “word are just words.” You might even say, “actions speak louder than words.” This is true, but in the context of LOA, our words will shape our actions because as we practice LOA we take control of how we think, visualize, and speak using keywords – this is what helps direct us toward the life we want to live and to get out of the rut we find ourselves in.

It’s time to begin speaking kind words to yourself to encourage yourself to achieve great things. Remember when I mentioned about the “undervalued self” and how it speaks negative words loud enough that you listen? Well, if you can respond negatively to the way it speaks, then I am telling you is that you can also train your “undervalued self” to speak kindly of you so that you respond positively to your own words.

When it comes to speaking positive words, may I suggest that you begin with terms that express gratitude? Begin by being thankful for what you have now, be thankful for the things you appreciate in your relationships, and in time, you will begin changing your mental state toward that something or someone.

Gratitude is the next topic we will examine and is another important element to LOA. Gratitude plays an important role in affecting your thinking, emotions, and speaking.

Gratitude Changes Minds

What exactly is gratitude? The dictionary defines gratitude as the feeling of being grateful; grateful meaning deeply appreciative of benefits received.

If I asked you how often you take the time to express gratitude in a week, what would you say? For several people, especially people who are religious would answer that they are grateful every day. Although they say they are grateful every day, what they are really saying is that they think they are grateful each day because they feel as though they are.

The gratitude that I’m talking about is the one where you literally set aside some time during the day to express your gratitude in the form of thinking, visualizing, and voicing your deep appreciation for what you have, where you’ve been, where you are going, and what you are about to receive. When you get into the realm of gratitude for your future you then tap into the realm of faith and manifesting the future you want for yourself. The effort that it takes to go through this process is so minuscule in comparison to the results you will get in the end, that it only makes sense to make the effort to do this one thing every day.

Gratitude for the things you have now will ultimately change your mental state toward that item, event, or person now. Suppose someone does something that bothers you, it may be small or it could be something quite large. What normally happens, in this case, is you begin to focus on that little something that bothers you and then you become annoyed by it. Eventually, what seemed so small initially, has somehow grown to be a huge problem and causes an unfounded emotional response from you. This is how small problems become big ones.

Let’s take that same scenario and shift it. Let’s suppose you notice something irritating about another person, but with purpose and choice you begin to express gratitude for that person instead. By expressing gratitude for what the person offers in your relationship, you begin to focus on the good things while the bad things become smaller.

By expressing gratitude for the good things in your life, if you encounter a flaw in any way, it will pale in comparison to the good things of that person – item – or event in your life. Gratitude has a way of literally rendering most flaws almost imperceptible. It won’t be easy to get to this level but it can happen the more you practice. This is a much better way to live than to be perpetually negative or pessimistic.

I remember a time when my over-the-hill car was on its last leg. It was rusting all over and it was starting to cost me money just to keep it. One day as I came out of my driveway – I got about 75 ft. down the road and it began to sputter. I quickly pulled over in a parking lot and just as I did, it died.

I began expressing my gratitude for the car – that it normally got me to where I needed it to go and that another vehicle was on its way to replace it. I expressed gratitude that I didn’t drive too far and that it died in a very convenient location. This kept me positive about my situation. Within hours, I found a mechanic who replaced my alternator in exchange for a website. I built him a website for his mechanic shop while he was changing the alternator. A day later my car ran really well and he had a website to attract more customers.

I expressed gratitude for the quick turnaround and continued to express gratitude for the car operating until the new one came in. One month later, we qualified for a 2-year-old mini-van right off a lease. Needless to say, the car continued to run another 2 years after that before we retired it and made $250 for junking it.

Express gratitude for your vehicle now even though it may give you problems, by choice find the good things to be grateful for. When you change your mindset and emotions, the universe will find a way to bring more of that feeling to you, and in time, you will find yourself being grateful that you replaced that car.

The law of gratitude, when expressed mentally and verbally, will begin to change your core belief system and will cause the universe to affirm your beliefs and emotions. This is what we want from the universe, more of the things we desire in our life.

The next topic we want to look at is the element of allowing, or as practitioners of LOA would say, we want to practice the law of allowing.

Allow Yourself to Be Blessed

When I say the law of allowing, I’m talking about an element within the context of the law of attraction. What exactly is the law of allowing? Allowing is exactly what the term means – to allow something into your life by choice or to allow something into your life by not knowing you did.

Have you ever gone through a period in your life where you feel like life seems to dictate your direction? Have you ever felt like all you were doing was going through the motions? What you are really doing is allowing life to dictate your destiny and your direction. In other words, you are simply reacting to the circumstances around you and allowing them to dictate your next move.

Reacting to the circumstances around you is a choice that you make, which means you are choosing to allow life to dictate your direction. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you can purposely choose your destiny and direction despite circumstances around you or what people tell you or say to you. In this case, you move forward to the place you want to be on purpose without external influence.

Whether you realize it or not you are always allowing something to happen to you either by choice or through your subconscious. Let’s look at an example. Let’s suppose the car that you’re driving now is on the verge of breaking down and you already know that it needs repairs. You have chosen not to make those repairs for whatever reason – lack of money, no time, or procrastination. By making one of these choices you have allowed yourself to get into a situation where your car will break down probably at the most inconvenient time.

When your car does break down you respond to your circumstance with anger or frustration and then eventually with contempt toward yourself for not fixing the problem sooner. At this point, you are allowing this circumstance to dictate your feelings and thoughts when all along you have allowed this circumstance to unfold by the previous decision or by the decisions you didn’t make.

I already know your argument – but I didn’t have the money to fix the car, if I did, then I would have chosen to fix it so that it doesn’t break down. This is a reasonable thought; I’ll give that to you. But, why don’t you have the money to fix the car? Apply the same principle and you will find that you allowed something in your life to the degree that you don’t have enough money to fix the car. If you look back at some of the decision that you did or did not make, you might find that you allowed this situation to unfold. Perhaps, you allowed yourself to work at a job that doesn’t give you enough money to fix the car, right?

Take this thought further and you will find that ultimately you have allowed or did not allow something to happen in your life to change it for the better. At this point be mindful of your thinking. If you find yourself finding excuses for not changing, then it only proves that you haven’t taken charge of your life and that you are looking for external reasons as to why you shouldn’t change.

I realize this is a little hard to swallow, but I too needed a wake-up call just like this, in order to realize that I needed to change my thinking – in order to get the future I wanted.

Let’s take the same situation in which you are driving the car that is on the verge of breaking down and you know it needs repairs. Instead, you have made a decision to fix the car on the next payday, but then the car breaks down one day before payday. You are now faced with a circumstance that causes you to choose what kind of reaction you will have.

You can allow this circumstance to dictate how you feel or how you respond. By being in control of your emotions you can determine the best course of action to take to resolve the situation.

Most people who respond with high-intensity emotion cannot see things clearly, but because you have chosen not to allow something in your life to dictate your emotions you can think more clearly. At this point, you can reason that you have made a decision not to fix the car sooner and because of that choice you have allowed this situation to occur.

Without getting upset with yourself or frustrated you can now calmly assess the situation and bring resolution quickly. Had you fixed the car sooner, you would not have allowed the car to break down at the most inconvenient time.

When people feel like they’re in a bind or trapped by their situations, they end up flustered and they keep feeding into a situation that they have allowed. In other words, I can choose how to respond to any situation whether it be negative or positive and I can choose to allow circumstances like these to happen in my life. In the case of a car breaking down, I chose to allow it to happen to me because I did not fix the car sooner.

The law of allowing is rather straightforward; you simply allow or not allow something into your life. When it comes to our emotions you can allow outside circumstances to dictate them or you can have more control over them, which in turn will put you in a position of thinking clearly and express gratitude.

As a student of LOA, I’m always learning new things. When I learned about the law of allowing it opened my eyes to a different perspective on how to view certain things. It helped me to take responsibility for the choices I make.

One particular area that I really had issues with when I began learning about this part of the concept, was the fact that things do tend to happen beyond your control. Did we really allow this external even into our life? My biggest question I asked were, “how do you explain accidents?” I’m sure people don’t allow themselves to get hit by drunk drivers and become maimed or die. They certainly didn’t allow that in their life.

These are tougher questions for those more learned than myself to answer. To me, because of this one particular question – I am tempted to render the law of allowing a flawed and cruel principle. But because I want to see the best in knowledge, especially if it can help people, I choose to give this serious consideration. After all, even gravity can be a cruel law to those who fall from great heights. It’s not the law’s fault. It’s just a law.

I will leave this one for you to wrestle with too. The takeaway is that we must be able to allow ourselves to experience life to the fullest and address our own inhibitions and take charge of life. In return, we can take charge of thoughts and not allow them to dictate where we should be going in life and how we should respond to the variety of challenges we face each day.

If you are having difficulty allowing good things to come into your life, then it would benefit you to find out what it is deep down inside that is causing it. This is huge topic altogether, and the author that I suggest you read is Bob Doyle. Bob has an innate talent to help others discover some of the hindrances in being able to receive fully and allow good things to happen in one’s life. Bob suggests that a belief system is in place that may prevent you from allowing good things to happen in your life.

That being said I would like to move on to the next element of the law of attraction and that is the law of inspired action.

Do Something When You Are Inspired

The next important element in the law of attraction, and in my opinion the most important, is taking action on inspiration. It’s not enough to just think about your future, visualize your future, express gratitude, and allow certain things in your life to create a positive change in your life. The bottom line is, there must be an action that takes place to make a change.

Newton said that an object at rest will stay at rest and an object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon. Notice that to get a body in motion there has to be some form of external force to move forward or back depending on which way you want to go. In order to go forward, there has to be some form of action, something has to take place to cause movement.

When it comes to the law of attraction, taking action, even if it’s a small action can yield either positive or negative results. Just visualizing your future and speaking it out in a positive way, is just two elements of the law of attraction that when acted on alone, will not yield maximum results. You can sit on your couch all day long and visualize that you are producing a $10,000 a month income, but if you are not going out into society to create an avenue for that income to find you then how will that $10,000 come to you? In other words, you must take inspired action to create an avenue in which it can flow to you.

What do I mean by inspired action? If you’re sitting on the couch and you’re visualizing a $10,000 a month income and then suddenly you get an idea to write a book, create a product or send a resume to a certain company then you must act on the inspiration immediately. When you act on this inspiration it means you are taking action so that the universe can bring this $10,000 a month income. By sitting on the couch and doing nothing, you are guaranteeing that you won’t be moving in any direction. Sitting there visualizing your future while disregarding any inspired action will not benefit you in any way. Realize that you are a body at rest until your external force (inspiration) pushes you along to inspired action.

When it comes to inspired action, one of the most important things that I have learned is that you must act on them immediately. If you allow inspiration to remain a thought for more than 48 hours you lose your inspiration to move or act.

Have you ever had a great idea about a product that is needed and you saw it clearly in your mind but did nothing about it? Then within a year, you see that very same product on the shelves? You say to yourself, “hey, I thought about that 6 to 8 months ago and now it’s right here on the shelf, that was my idea months ago.” The universe at that moment of inspiration was trying to give you the opportunity to create the income, or the life that you desired, however, you did not allow it in your life and you did not follow through with action. In short, you did not start the process of moving forward with action.

Now you might be saying to yourself, “yeah, but once I get the inspiration I don’t know what to do with it, I don’t know what the next step is, so why should I bother even moving forward?” That is a logical question to ask, but don’t allow limiting beliefs to stop you from taking some form of action.

With the law of attraction, your job is to just act on inspiration and to ask important questions such as, “what is my next step with this idea?” When you present this question to the universe then it responds by setting up certain situations in your life or sending certain people in your life to help you with the next step.

It is not your job to know how to get the end result, all you have to do is trust that the universe has your best interest and you have to respond and allow the good things to happen in your life. This is the part where faith must begin to take over in your mind and your body. This is where you begin to speak the end result, while you visualize the end result, and to ask yourself what would be the next logical step – being willing to take that step no matter how hard it may seem when it arrives.

What makes visionaries seem so eccentric is that they have a knack for seeing things as they want them to be and not as they are now, or for creating a tangible product from an idea. What makes an entrepreneur who he is, is his ability to create a product or service despite not knowing how to make it happen. You have to ask yourself, how is it wealthy people keep getting more wealth? It’s because they have a knack for taking action despite what anyone else says. They find solutions to problems while taking the next step toward developing that thing that originally inspired them.

I remember reading somewhere how an average person can look at a block of stone and see only a block with no from, while the artist can look at the same bock and see a finished statue. This inspiration is what drives the artist to chip away at the stone, piece by piece until he sees the original vision in his mind.

The lesson here is that when you get inspired, begin chipping away until you get to where you want to be or until you have what you want to have. This chipping away is the action that is needed to put to good use all the various elements of the Law of Attraction.

The world can always benefit from your inspired action but you must learn to train your mind not to sabotage that inspiration. Some of the greatest inventions have come from inspiration and many of the inventions are created by people who have made the statement, “there has to be a better way.” Think about how important it is to follow through with your inspiration. By taking action immediately it will set in place a chain of events in your life that will yield good things. It will allow the universe to help you get to the next step despite you not knowing what that next step is.

You can ask yourself and the universe what your next logical step is, and in time, it will become clear what your next step should be. If it’s writing a book; then begin writing. If it’s producing a service; then begin providing that service. If it’s creating a product, then do your best to create that product or at least begin the process to design the product. The universe will help you find the next logical step to make it happen, even if that means someone has to help you.

So how does the universe set up the next step for you? This is the part of the law of attraction that requires faith, and you already know how to build your faith and that is with gratitude. To get more details about this I would recommend getting my other book because I take the time to speak about this in great detail.

One final note about inspired action, when you get that gut feeling to take action or you have a hunch or an internal nudge, then it is important to act on it. If you are going to question those nudges, here is one thing to ask yourself – if I act on this nudge will it hurt me or anyone else around me? If the answer is yes it will hurt me or someone around me if I act on it, then I say don’t act on it. But if it doesn’t hurt anyone (and it’s legal), even if it doesn’t make any sense as to how it’s connected to your future, then act on it.

The inspired action doesn’t always have to appear connected to the future you’re trying to build, in fact, it may not even look like it is remotely related, but in the end during hindsight you may find that acting on that nudge was the starting point for something good.

Inspired action may not make sense to you in the beginning, but the more you respond to inspiration, the more your future will unfold as you envisioned it.

In closing, I just want to say that now that we have gone through what the law of attraction is and all the elements that make up the law of attraction – you are now equipment with the knowledge you need to create the life you want. You are now in a good position to get out of your rut.

I hope that you benefit in some way from this nugget of information, and I look forward to you reading my other books to get the bigger picture of how to develop the future you want for yourself. Now that you have a foundation to work from, you can now begin the process of transforming your life on a daily basis.

Remember, this is an ongoing transformation and it doesn’t stop just because you finished reading this book, however, it continues each day as you take inspired action. This is a life process, not an overnight fix. Keep finding material that builds you up and helps you discover your passion and encourage you to take a step forward.

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