Make Every Coaching Client Want You; with the 6 Steps to Yes

Make Every Coaching Client Want You

with the 6 Steps to Yes!

by Jo Davidson

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You know that sinking feeling?

When you get a prospective client on the phone and it’s time to ask for the money?

And you’re just waiting for them to tell you that it’s too expensive, or that they need to think it over?



But you know, if you truly believe that your coaching can add significant value to that person’s life, then you owe it to them to help them to overcome their FEAR. Because, more often than not, it isn’t a case of what they can afford at all; it’s just a case of how uncomfortable the size of the investment makes them.


And, the one thing that you and I know for sure, as coaches, is that when you’re most afraid of something, that’s when it’s most important to take massive action to create the most incredible breakthroughs.


So check out my short video training at YesYouCan.JoDavidson.biz (or scan the code below) to discover the 3 easy-peasy, yet highly effective ways to help your potential clients overcome the IDEA that they can’t afford it.


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Step 1: Attract Perfect Prospects with a Kick Ass Lead Magnet

Step 2: WOW them with Killer Content

Step 3: Host a Webinar

Step 4: WOW them with a Value Packed Session

Step 5: Invite them to Work with You

Step 6: Overcome their objections




Yes, it really is possible to make every potential client want you. In fact, it’s pretty simple. And yet seldom do I see coaches truly implementing the steps that will indeed get every prospect you speak to, wanting to do business with you.


So today, I want to share with you the exact steps I take, to make sure that I book a minimum of 6 high-end clients every single month. And, you should know, that this process is the exact reason that I’ve been able to (and, in fact, have needed to) increase my prices 5 times in the last 6 months.


But, before we dive into those steps, let me briefly explain that prior to implementing these steps, I was struggling. Big time! I had NO money, I couldn’t pay my mortgage and I was even out looking for a “job”. I was mortified. I’d invested so much in getting my business off the ground, and here I was with mounting debts (to the tune of £35k) and out of options. I went after a few positions, but I completely sabotaged the interviews because I couldn’t bear the idea of going back to work for someone else.


I’d also devoted an incredible amount of time and money to coaching, training programmes, and personal development; yet I still couldn’t bring in enough prospects. And then, even when I did manage to get people on the phone, I continually heard the same objections around the size of the investment. Things like… “I didn’t realise it would be so expensive”; “I really can’t afford it”; and, “I need to think about it”.


So what was I to do? I felt so completely demotivated – which isn’t great when you’re trying to make a living out of SUCCESS CREATION – and I really didn’t have a clue where to start. So, I did the only thing I could…


I went back to the drawing board. Back to when I first started on my entrepreneurial journey. Back when I was so full of optimism, and determination. Back when I completely believed that I could make it work and make it work perfectly. And that’s when something dawned on me.


I had been so turned off by the “law of attraction” enthusiasts (not that there’s anything wrong with the law of attraction; it’s just not my bag), that I had completely switched myself off from my self-belief. And, by switching off from my self-belief, I had completely stopped doing the most critical things in my business. The things I needed to do, above all else, in order to bring in clients. And, instead, I was filling my days with pointless busy-ness!


And that’s when I realised that I had been sabotaging my own success. It’s when I remembered that I truly could make anything happen in my life, provided I trusted in my skills and depth of knowledge; believed in my capacity for learning and self-development; and, I went ahead to TAKE THE ACTIONS that would make the biggest difference in my business and, in fact, my life.


And that’s when I began working out my “6 Steps to Yes”. Of course, I hadn’t given it a name at that point, but I was determined to make it work and, after 6 months of honing and mastering these skills, I felt that it was only fair to share them with you, so that you too can improve, or even save, your business! And your sanity :)


[]Step 1: Attract Perfect Prospects with a Kick Ass Lead Magnet


Ok, so I did say that you could make every client want you, but let’s be honest here…


If you want to work with 30something women, and you end up with 50something men desperate for your coaching, then that’s not a good result for everyone.


Because actually, the key to getting every potential client to want you, is to make sure you attract the right potential clients in the first place.


You see, in the past, I just created any old lead magnet. Just something that was “good enough”. A lead magnet or cheat sheet around positivity or confidence that would get people, who were looking to improve their mindset, on to my mailing list.


But the problem with that, was that the majority of people looking to improve their mindset, were NOT in the market for coaching. In fact, for the most part, they didn’t even know what a coach was. So I spent all of my time creating positive mindset content (keeping myself busy with stuff that didn’t impact my income), for a mailing list full of people who just enjoyed reading positive stuff. Which is amazing! I mean, I got into coaching to help people to feel great but, actually, it wasn’t great for my fledgling business.


So, I want you to get really clear about what you do and who you do it for, and create a lead magnet that your perfect prospects will be desperate to get their hands on.


Survey your favourite past clients, or your current audience if they are already well targeted, to find out what they’d most like to know. What they struggle with the most. And what they believe is holding them back. And then create your lead magnet with that in mind, while making sure it’s a perfect lead into your services, products and programmes.


Make sure it’s so good, that they can’t believe you’re giving it away, but don’t obsess over it being perfect. I would give yourself no more than a week to get your lead magnet out and start testing the water with it.


For guidance on how to make sure your lead magnet completely kicks ass, click here to download my “6 Steps to Create a Kick-Ass Lead Magnet (that will have prospects banging your door down”.


Once it’s created, share it everywhere your perfect audience hangs out. Your website, blog and social pages, Facebook and LinkedIn groups, use twitter hashtags to reach the right audience, Facebook ads too, and ask yourself where are your audience when they’re offline? You want to be everywhere they are, and you could even consider offering your lead magnet as a free giveaway for a market leader or complementary business with a similar audience to yours.


And, since we all know that there’s a lot of clutter in our recipients inboxes, make sure that when they first sign up to your lead magnet, your brand new subscriber is dropped onto a trip wire offer, where you give them the opportunity to buy a low value product, attend a webinar, or preferably, get on the phone with you.


I get about 20% of all new subscribers booked straight in for a complimentary session off the back of this tactic, and it’s one you’d do well to steal. Because, once I have them on the phone, I can begin building a relationship with them, and I can demonstrate what a massive difference I will make to their success, which regularly enables me to jump straight to the sale. We’ll cover how to handle a complimentary session in a later step.

Step 2: WOW them with Killer Content

Once you have those perfect prospects on your mailing list, it’s time for you to keep wowing them with amazing content that they can’t wait to consume.


The key here is to keep it incredibly relevant, with irresistible subject lines and just enough tempting information that will ensure your new subscribers eagerly open, click through, and enjoy what you’ve created for them.


Now, I know that you may be sitting there thinking that if you provide all of this incredible stuff, that your prospects won’t ever need to do business with you, but you can totally relax. Because reading an article or watching a video is never going to be a substitute for working with you. Because the bespoke assistance, support and accountability that they truly desire, is only ever going to be achieved by having you as their coach.


The point is to make them see just how expert you are, in an area that is dearly important to them, so that they can see that you’re the perfect coach for them.


A good follow up sequence should look something like…


Day 2: Give them a nudge to check they used your gift

Day 5: Send them an amazing tip that will rock their world

Day 8: Ask them what they’d most like your help with

Day 11: Send them some really relevant, useful content

Day 14: Make an offer

Day 18: Send more really relevant, useful content

Day 21: Make a second offer (same offer again, or ideally something different)


N.B. You can set all of this up through an automated workflow in MailChimp or AWeber so you can crack on with the important work while this sequence takes care of itself.



Step 3: Host a Webinar

If you haven’t already managed to get them on the phone with you through your tripwire offer, or the offers in your follow up sequence, then now is the time to make this a top priority, and my top tip for doing this is to host a webinar.


You don’t even necessarily need to have any new content, you can simply spend 30-40 minutes going into your lead magnet content in more detail. After all, that’s the thing that attracted them in the first place.


Make sure you fill the webinar with a great hook, interesting stories, high-value content, and interactive polls and Q&As. I’d also recommend throwing in a bonus (mention this up front but make it the last thing you provide) to keep them online with you until the very end.


And then, once you’ve wowed them with your webinar, make them an offer to get on the phone with you.


Now, if you have a pre-recorded programme that you’d like to sell, then you can of course make an offer for people to buy that and, provided you’ve demonstrated the value of your expertise and offer, you will most likely do well.


But, I particularly like using webinars to get people on the phone with me, because I want high-end clients, either for my 1-2-1 coaching, or my group programmes.


So, make sure that the offer to speak with you is focused on the value you can provide for them so that they are itching to take you up on it. Use an electronic booking system such as youcanbook.me to manage the appointments as they come in, and I’d recommend vetting with a couple of questions so that you have a rough idea of their biggest issues before you get on the phone.


If you are on form on your webinar, you can expect to get around 30-40% of your attendees taking you up on your offer. So, as time goes on, you may need to limit the number of slots to make sure you aren’t overloaded.


N.B. If you’ve never done a webinar before, and the thought of it is terrifying you, remember: the scarier you find it, the more you should do it!


So, get started as soon as you can, even if the only people that turn up the first couple of times are your mum and your best friend. The more you do it, the more competent you’ll get. And the more competent you get, the more confident you’ll get. The point is to get so good at it, that by the time you’re using your lead magnet, and rapidly expanding mailing list, to fill your webinars, the easier you’ll find it to get those attendees to take action on your offer!


[]Step 4: WOW them with a Value Packed Session


And here’s where the real magic starts to happen. Once you get them on the phone you have the opportunity to start demonstrating the value you can provide, specifically for them.


So, make sure you lead the conversation and keep things moving in the right direction. Explain the format of the call and let them know, right up front, that you’re going to be telling them about how you coach clients, so that it doesn’t come as a shock when you start discussing it at the end.


Now, once you’ve outlined the call, have them tell you about the biggest issue they are currently struggling with, in relation to your niche (you should already have an idea about this based on the form they filled in when booking).


Ask them about how they’re handling the situation, and what they’re doing to address the problem themselves. Then, take some time to highlight a couple of areas where they’re going wrong, identify any limiting beliefs that you’ve picked up on, and give them one or two alternative suggestions, as to how they can improve their results.


Your job here is to give them the very best suggestions you have so that, if they want to, they can go and take action and put your ideas to work to generate results themselves. In reality, most won’t and this is when you get to pitch in about ongoing support.


First though, ask them how they’ve enjoyed the session, what they found the most useful or surprising, and how they could see themselves progressing with your support. Provided the responses are positive, it’s time to…



Step 5: Invite them to Work with You

And the word really is invite. So, get it absolutely straight in your head that you are not trying to push people into doing something that is wrong for them.


You are inviting them to supercharge the results they’re getting in whichever niche you work in.


You are inviting them to invest in themselves. In their joy, happiness, success, health, wealth, and so on.


You are inviting them to join you on THE journey of their life.


You are inviting them to utilise your skills and expertise to propel themselves forward.


So, before you even get them on the phone, make sure you’ve got the price right for your valuable services.


You see, back when I was struggling to get clients, I was charging a meagre hourly rate. While now I don’t even sell my services by the hour, if you were to work out how much I earn an hour, you’d find it’s around 7 times what I was charging 6 months ago. And here’s the crazy thing… the higher my prices, the easier I find it to convert prospects into clients.


And you know why? Because back in the days when I was charging by the hour, people didn’t see the value. It was an insignificant investment and, if clients didn’t get results, they weren’t that fussed. They didn’t commit to the process and frankly, more often than not, they didn’t part with their cash at all. Because cheap doesn’t work in the coaching world: FACT!


Nowadays, with only 2 or 3 high end solutions to choose from, my prospects understand, right from the get go, that working with me is a significant investment in themselves, and their business, and they commit wholeheartedly to doing the work. Which in turn gets them better results. And, in fact, the higher my prices go, the more clients want me.


Of course, there is one caveat to that, which is that they can’t always afford me…


Step 6: Overcome their Objections

Ok, so while I can make (virtually) every client want me, rest assured that I can’t make every client hire me.


So, how do you get clients to yes, when they start throwing up objections? Well first up, be aware of the objections that are likely to come up, so that you are prepared to handle them.


In the beginning, you may not know what kinds of objections people will come, but as you get more experienced you will learn which things come up all of the time.


Typically, I find that…


1 in 10 have a genuine issue with being able to afford my coaching,


while, 9 in 10 are afraid


These issues come up in a variety of different guises, but common objections will be


“I can’t afford it””

“That’s more than I was expecting”

“I need to check with [partner/spouse/accountant/etc]”

“I need to think it over”

“I’ll get back to you”


Now, what normally happens at this point, is that most coaches feel bad about pushing the matter, and so they let it go, discount their offering, or fumble around for excuses. But, actually, the only thing you really need to do is remember that you are a coach. And keep coaching.


So, first of all you should dig to find out whether the objection is really the objection, or whether you’re being fobbed off for some other reason. Again, remember that you’re not trying to get your prospect to do something they don’t want to do. You’re just trying to help them past their fears.


Because, there are only a few reasons that you’ll ever get these objections, which are:



p<>{color:#000;}. They Can’t See the Value in What You’re Offering
Provided you’ve gotten agreement that the prospective client feels they will get greater and faster success with your coaching (as outlined in Step 5) this should never be the case, and in fact the only time I have seen this to be a common issue is when there is a low hourly rate involved.


p<>{color:#000;}. They Genuinely Need Someone Else’s Approval

Don’t take this objection on face value though, as it may still be an excuse. Help your prospect to decide if they truly want the coaching, provided they can get agreement. Ask them to consider what they think the other party will say. Help them to be able to clearly communicate the value of the coaching and overcome objections. And, agree a date and time (asap) to reconvene for a decision.


p<>{color:#000;}. They Really Don’t Have the Money

This is the least common reason, because most people won’t get on the phone with you, in the first place, if they genuinely have no resources. Check out my free video training at YesYouCan.JoDavidson.biz to discover the 3 ways I compassionately overcome the “I can’t afford it” objection to identify if money truly is the issue, to help them to be able to afford it without negotiating on my price, or to move clients forward if the real issue is that…


p<>{color:#000;}. They are Afraid

Of losing their investment, of not getting the results they need/want, of not being able to do the work, of not being able to handle success if they do get it, and so on. This is the most common reason that people will use any of the objections outlined above, and any others that they might come up with. So, this is when you should call upon your very best coaching skills, to help your prospective client to say “Yes” and finally get the support that they need!


So, I hope you’re starting to see how easy it can be to get prospective coaching clients to, first of all, want you and then enable and empower them to say yes to your offer.


It really is this simple but you do have to take action, and the faster you get started, the faster you’ll start seeing results.


Remember, if you haven’t already, you can pick up my free video training at YesYouCan.JoDavidson.biz to discover the exact ways you can overcome the “I can’t afford it” objection without trampling on your prospective clients pride.


And, if you’d like to jump on the phone or Skype with me, to find out how I can help you to improve your business results, and your entire life, then just head to www.SpeaktoJo.com to book your complimentary Strategy Call with me.


Just to be clear though, that this session is for you only if you are serious about taking massive action to get major results in your business. I only release a limited number of these sessions each week, so I want to spend those sessions with people who are truly committed to massive success.


Wishing you every success


Jo xx


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Jo Davidson is a certified performance coach, specialising in helping female entrepreneurs to excel.

Following a 15 year career managing in the manufacturing industry, Jo decided to buck the trend by pursuing what she really wanted for her life; the opportunity help women to live without limits.

As well as coaching and mentoring, Jo is also the co-founder of Bloody Brilliant Business, author of Remarkable Me: The Woman’s Guide to Becoming Fearless and Getting Whatever You Want, and [+ 7 Steps to Get a Life+], expert contributor to Healthista, Women Make Waves, and Natural Health magazines, and an in demand motivational speaker and networking leader.

Make Every Coaching Client Want You; with the 6 Steps to Yes

Are you feeling frustrated in your coaching practice? Tired of constantly trying to find new prospects? Not getting enough enquiries? And, struggling to convert those you do get into paying clients? If you are, you can relax. For the first year in my business, I was exactly the same, and 80% of my clients start out in that position too. So, in this free ebook, I'm going to share with you my "6 Steps to Yes", which will make every prospective client want you, so that you can build a thriving coaching practice, and life! Enjoy! :)

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Make Every Coaching Client Want You; with the 6 Steps to Yes Make Every Coaching Client Want You; with the 6 Steps to Yes