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Make America Great Again; World War 3

Make America Great Again: World War 3



Vincent Pet



The characters and storyline in this book is fictitious.

2016^©^ by Vincent Pet

All Rights Reserved.

No parts of this book may be reproduced without express written permission of the publisher.





So what happened?

Anybody that says they never saw it coming is a downright liar. Then again that’s what everyone was doing before the election – lying – so I guess I’m no better than them now.

I guess I was like most of the people around that time – at first amused, then riveted, then passionate, then half-disgusted, then half-revolted, then just simply tired of it all, and finally not even caring anymore. In the end, I told myself, no use thinking so hard. Whatever happens-happens. Anyway, nothing is really going to change and even if it changes, nothing is really going to change in my life. Know what I mean?

Actually, I didn’t even vote. I could have gone, I guess, but it was pouring outside and the wind had blown debris and mud across the road. Even in the best of times, going down Chatsen Hill is quite a feat. Once in a while the creek overflows and completely takes out a good stretch of the road. I’ve been caught a couple of times with no way back up again.

When that happens I sleep over at Jeff’s place, but Jeff and I have had a falling out ever since my girlfriend Doreen left me. He took her side – told me I didn’t treat her right. Maybe he has a point, maybe he doesn’t. I kind of think she sneaked behind my back and said bad things about me. All lies. Anyway, there’s a chill between us now all because of a woman – or was. I sometimes still forget that world is no longer here. It’s hard to believe.

So what happened?

Well, the world blew up, of course. I mean, I don’t really know what happened to the rest of the world, because the TV and all that stuff didn’t work anymore, but I heard a muffled roar in the far distance and those missiles flying way up there – just like in the movies! It’s surprising how accurate the movies are. Well, on some things. Actually, for a few minutes after the missiles disappeared, everything just felt normal. Quiet really. It was like, OK, so what do I do now?

Then the winds started. Strong ones. I can see quite a way out on my side of the hill and I saw these big trees swaying and then these loud snapping sounds. Over the horizon there was like this glowing red. Can’t really describe it. Just this big, round glow. And red. I knew it must’ve come from the military base way back there. I had kind of figured where those missiles were heading. I mean, there’s nothing else quite of interest out here in these parts of the woods and those missiles sure must be expensive. I doubt the Ruskies would spend that much money just to take out a few homes.

Well, I think it was the Russians. It could be those Koreans too. That guy with that weird looking hair was never up to no good anyway. Reminds me a little bit of my pops – he always used to look at me like that. But now that I remember, he did get along well with our President as did the Ruskies. Maybe, the President was right all along and it was the allies that nuked us because they didn’t want to pay their part of NATO. It’s hard to say who’s right anymore and you know what? I don’t think it matters. It’s not going to change anything for me – know what I mean?

Anyway, to go back to the moment, I kind of stared dumbly out as that wave of trouble approached kind of a little too fast for my taste. I asked myself – were those falling trees? Was that the snapping of tree trunks that I was hearing? It didn’t look good, so I found my feet under me and made a mad dash inside my home and down the trap door into the bunker, but not before taking my rifle and gun with me.

I tell you it hit and it hit with a bang that must have taken out my home in a split second because I heard all these crashing and heavy things just roll across the land. The bang must have popped out my ears – in fact I couldn’t hear any more on my right side. I put my hand up and felt something running down my cheek. I couldn’t see in the dark, but I’m pretty it was blood.

So there I waited with my rifle clutched in my hands, pointing up toward the trap door as I leaned up next to the wall. Not that any threat might be coming in. I figured there wasn’t an animal alive that could live through that – but you never know. Better safe than sorry.

Then it just seemed to drag on a long time. I don’t know how much time went by, but I was so tired that I dozed off despite the noise. When I woke up, the noise was just as strong and I thanked the Lord that the trap door had resisted. Then again, it’s made in the USA – strong stuff. None of that foreign steel.

I must admit that I was starting to feel hungry and a little thirsty at that point. Perhaps, I had been too hasty? Instead of reaching for the gun, I probably should have grabbed some food and a few bottles of water to bring down here with me. Anyway, I already had the rifle, but how was I supposed to guess that the winds would last so long?

And you never know when you need some fire power. If the rifle jammed and I didn’t have the gun, then what? I don’t live too far from the Mexican border. Sure glad that we started to build that wall. Not that I was a big fan of it. Down deep inside, maybe I was rooting for it. I wasn’t against the idea of keeping all those foreigners out. I mean, we don’t have enough jobs for everyone and then, you can’t really tell where they came from or who they are, can you?

Sometimes you read the news and hear of good women getting raped or babies being kidnapped. Horrible stuff. Not that this stuff happens much around here. We don’t have many latinos or blacks in the region, but I heard in those big cities, violence is a real problem. I just don’t know why everyone just can’t live peacefully together with good American values. Some people just go looking for trouble, I guess.

The President was smart though – got to give him that. He said that the Mexicans would pay for the wall, but when they didn’t want to put up a cent, he told the illegal Mexican immigrants in the country – you either build it or we deport you. Well, he even told them we’ll drop you off at sea, but he was only joking around. He didn’t really mean it. Some people just are so uptight they can’t even laugh and have fun anymore. It’s called politically correct. I don’t get it.

So what happened? The wall was built for free in exchange of food, clothes and a chance to stay in the country if you behaved right. Sure, some said it was humiliating and reminded some of concentration camps, but I really never formed an opinion about that. I mean, it’s not going to change anything for me – know what I mean?

But I figured at that moment, as the wind howled over me, that if the rest of the country was in bad shape, maybe we were lucky that the wall was built – or most of it anyway. If Americans were hiding in bunkers and no one was there protecting the borders, those bad hombres might start to take advantage of our situation and start coming over to steal our resources.

Anyway, they weren’t too happy with us and it wasn’t so much about the wall. When our President scrapped that bad deal the other administration had signed and started slapping tariffs, all the big companies were kind of stuck. I heard some of those city people were complaining that everything cost more and that people were getting poorer because the food and goods increased but the wages stayed more or less the same.

Could be. I buy my stuff from my neighbors and some of it a grow myself. Don’t need much. I’ve had the same TV for twenty years and never need to change it. Still works fine and whenever it breaks down, I just go get it fixed. My table and chairs have been handed down through four or maybe five generations! They must be worth a lot, but don’t matter to me. Don’t intend on selling them.

So what happened?

You know, you’re kind of a boring guy… always asking the same question! A little nosey too. That’s alright. Anyway, down in my bunker, I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. What can I tell you? I think it had something to do with those terrorists and Middle East – always them. They just can’t get their act straight. Someone should have just gone over there years ago and whacked their asses red until they cried blue.

Or maybe it was the Chinese. Now, that you make me think about it. It could very well be them. Our President just hated them. He accused them of everything. It was always their fault. Always. The TV said he must have had very bad dealings with them in the past. Probably stiffed.

Anyway, there was this sort of unwritten deal between Russia and us. We left them alone and went after China instead. We flexed our muscles against their expansion in the south western seas and ranted against their economic evil empire while the Ruskies did nothing to interfere and even supported our views at the United Nations on certain things. We became buddies.

In return, we let them quietly go about their business, letting them do whatever they wanted in Syria and in the ex-Soviet countries. According to some, we abandoned them, although I must say I never remember us supporting them. Georgia, is it? Is that a country? Anyway, not that it matters. I never graduated. Didn’t need to. In my part of the woods, don’t need book education. The real university is the life around you. The rest won’t do you much good here.

So, as the story goes, when the Russians started sending in the troops to these places to take care of the terrorists, we turned the other cheek. Sure, there were harsh words exchanged when something happened, but it was all staged, friendly propaganda to keep the other party and the people calm.

Some compared it to Germany when they went about annexing the lands around them – but I might be wrong about this too. Don’t know too much about the Nazis. Just heard they were good for the economy and built some amazing U-Boats. And I also heard a lot of lies from a lot of people about them. I mean, how can one man kill six million people? OK, maybe with a nuclear weapon…

What happened after is not too clear. The economy went into a quick and deep recession – something to do with Brexit and the Euro. Lots of countries in Europe were also in deep financial trouble and defaulted – Greece, Portugal, Italy. I have my idea on that. They should have stuck with the American dollar. Or gold. Gold never disappoints. The Euro? How can you trust something you can’t even pronounce?

Then, there was this whole big mess that I never really understood. One day it seemed clear, but then I listened to the news the next day, and it wasn’t clear. One station told you this, another told you that. What most believed was that Turkey was like a Trojan horse – half in Russia and half in Europe. Syria had become the terrorist’s home ground, protected by a dictator that pretended to fight the terrorists while protecting them. Me? Does it matter?

All I know is that at home we really didn’t care anymore what happened overseas. We were at each other’s throats – I guess much like Rome. One paper wrote that our President was like Nero playing the harp or violin or whatever they had in Rome at the time while Washington burned.

Now, I’m not a smart guy, but someone said divide and conquer. That’s how Babylon fell. That’s how Rome fell. America was divided. So what happened? The Russians always wanted to open up the Mediterranean theatre and have a full naval fleet patrolling in the heart of NATO. Some said that they wanted to take back their former satellites and needed to set up their troops strategically for one big blitz. They did.

They used Syria to provoke Israel and after a minor skirmish, Syria officially requested aid from Russia. With the excuse of protecting the country against an Israeli invasion, the Russians sent their fleet though the straits of Gibraltar and at the same time troops in Turkey and Syria.

All hell broke loose. We were forced to react. I guess we weren’t buddies anymore. The last things I heard were not that good. Our President was sending our jets out and repositioning our fleets and had asked the Russians to step back and get out. Israel had scrambled their jets as the Russian fleet was aiming for their coastline while the Syrian troops started marching south towards Israel as Russia covered their backs.

Turkey started gathering their troops on the border of Greece and on the footsteps of Eastern Europe with the Russians close by. The US navy stationed in Italy were on the move towards the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean. There were conflicting reports that the two American military bases in Turkey were being attacked by the terrorists and that the Russians were bringing in troops at the request of the Turkish government to help them secure the perimeters around the American bases in case the terrorists succeeded.

At the same time, while the armies of the world were concentrating on Europe, that Korean guy got his chance and sent a few missiles that struck South Korea and kind of finished off Seoul. Just then the TV went blank and I tried the radio, but nothing seemed to work anymore.

I knew then that something serious was happening.

Well, staying in this dark while the wind howls outside has had me thinking about my life, and especially about Doreen. OK. I was wrong to beat her up. I can see that now – it’s just that she cheated with a black guy. I kind of lost it there. I mean, I’m not even sure if she cheated. Jeff said she didn’t. Maybe I should believe him. Anyway, I don’t know what that black guy saw in her. She used to look pretty when I first met her, but now she’s grown fat and is getting old. It was time to check out anyway.

I’m getting very hungry now. Stomach’s growling. I don’t know how much I slept, but the air is feeling stuffy and smells weird. I just have to go outside, I guess, and try to find Jeff. He’s my closest neighbor and I hope he made it to his bunker. Maybe, he has some food. Hopefully, my generator is still around somewhere, caught in some tree trunks. I’m pretty confident I can fix it and get it running. Now that I think about it, it’s probably good that I brought a rifle and gun. I imagine it will be like some of those survivor books I’ve read. There will probably be little food and all these people waiting to kill you.

Yes, it’s surely going to be a dog eat dog world. Not that I want to be the top dog, but I want to give back our country some sense of pride again. I have to get out of this hole now. We all do.

We need to make America great again.


For over a century, scientists vainly searched for the elusive ninth planet somewhere beyond Pluto in the far reaches of our solar system. For much of this time, the intrigue was sustained by conspiracy theorists, fortune tellers, prophets, and the like. This ninth planet, Planet X as it became popularly known, even had a name, Nibiru. It was prophesied that one day this giant planet would come hurtling out from the deep freeze of the Oort cloud, which more or less spans three light years from the sun, and smash Earth into oblivion.

With better tools to search the sky and a better understanding of the laws of the universe, new theories emerged which led credence to its existence. It was theorized by a group of scientists that this planet was responsible for the actual positioning of all the planets on a tilted plane. The planet had to be massive to exert such a gravitational pull and had to have a very long orbit around the sun. That’s why we hadn’t found it yet.

We never did find it, but we were right.


Dr. C’tu shut off the energy pulse feeding his 4-D reprinted and reprocessed human brain. The brain quickly started to decompose. He jettisoned it out of the magnetic tube and the brain hit the laser field. A puff of smoke ballooned out as the gray matter blinked out of existence.

“We still have some genetic material left to remodel this subject’s brain,” his assistant Bu’u said as C’tu slowly removed the attire off his six limbs.

“No,” C’tu replied. “I think I have pieced together what happened.”

Bu’u quickly became more curious than he had been. The third planet from the sun was found barren and mostly stripped of life. Everyone wanted to know what happened. A few insects had survived, and in some way, it made Bu’u feel pleased. His race closely resembled the insects – even if no species on the third planet lived in cycles of five thousand years like his race did.

Every five thousand years, as his planet came closer to the sun, the eggs would hatch and the new generation would take over the cities that their mothers and fathers had left behind for them. Then after five thousand years had passed, as the planet moved further away from the sun, they would mate just before dying, leaving behind their eggs over the complete surface of the planet. After another five thousand years in the deep freeze, as the planet started once again moving closer to the sun, the feeble heat would start providing just enough energy for the eggs to hatch a new generation of life.

This species planet, the elusive ninth planet, took about twenty thousand years to circle the sun. For about ten thousand of those twenty thousand years, their planet was close enough to Earth to send patrol ships to visit. Their last visit had been about 2,000 BC and their ancestors had left them an affectionate and romantic vision of the planet. Their children couldn’t wait to make contact with the inhabitants. They were excited that they could not only share their ideas with another intelligent species, but that the species was in their own solar system. Like cousins!

They were eagerly waiting contact. There had been a wonderful progression from 17,000 BC to 12,000 BC to 7,000 BC and they were certain that in 3,000 AD they would be able to meet as equals. Dr. C’tu was to be part of the welcome committee, but in the end, he was left with the unpleasant task of trying to discover what happened to the planet.

Dr. C’tu weighed his words carefully. He was about to reveal something that certain might find preposterous.

“We now have recomposed four brains from the four genetic specimens that we were able to discover. The information I gathered with this last brain, in my belief, reveals what we need to know to conclude our research. To continue is pointless and can also be counterproductive. No use bringing back the memories from these poor individuals who lived through that tragedy.”

“So,” Bu’u said, feeling apprehensive about the situation – he dreaded to hear what many feared. “So you know what did this? Can it happen to us?” he asked as Dr. C’tu started to shut down the instruments surrounding them.

“No, Bu’u. You don’t have to worry about that. There’s nothing lurking in the solar system capable of doing this. This race destroyed itself and in the process, their planet.”

Bu’u was left speechless. He couldn’t utter a sound.

Dr. C’tu glanced at Bu’u. He couldn’t leave him like that. His assistant was in shock and deserved an explanation to ease his mind.

“It can never happen to us because we have a hive mentality. Our brains work together and we empathize with one another. This race is prone to sickness because they cannot heal their brains. Each functions alone. Each body is an individual and thinks alone. Trust is not inherent and they will only work together as a society if each individual benefits from that society. An individual will not work for the benefit of the group if that individual is not satisfied with his status.”

Bu’u didn’t know if he fully understood what the doctor had told him.

“I see, but at the same time, I don’t. The concept is… strange.”

Dr. C’tu agreed. “Perhaps, they never had a chance. Or perhaps they did. We will never know. This race had to learn how to develop trust in one another. That is not easy when you don’t evolve as a hive mentality. Without trust, the differences grow and eventually each individual pursues what is in their best interest without regard for the other. Radicalization sets in. They reached a point where they just wanted to kill one another because of their differences.”

Bu’u fidgeted. “Too bad,” he finally said. “I really wanted to meet them.”

Dr. C’tu looked thoughtfully at his assistant.

“Perhap, we should feel fortunate not to have encountered this race.”

Bu’u was left speechless once again.

The End

Make America Great Again; World War 3

  • Author: Vincent Pet
  • Published: 2016-11-05 03:50:10
  • Words: 3784
Make America Great Again; World War 3 Make America Great Again; World War 3