Love Is Not Blind


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Many people think, and even believe strongly that, love between a woman and a man is always blind. Is this true? You may be thinking the same. You may be saying the same words, but the fact is, this is not true at all!

If love is really blind, than it’s not love at all! Read this short conversation about true love, and judge what true love really is. This article represents both the man’s view of love, and the woman’s. Women do not feel the same way men feel about them in our streets!

The names in the article are examples, they are not real names!

Susana: John, do you love me?

John: With all my inner man!

Susan: How do I know that you love me?

John: Through the door of my eyes.

John: Susan, do you love me?

Susan: God commanded me to respect, not to love you!

John: But, how do I know you respect me?

Susan: By sending zero text messages, until you show and prove to me that what you say is real.

John: But, I really love you darling!

Susan: John, please explain that term “love”…

John: I mean what I am saying. I just love you with all my heart.

Susan: What kind of love, John?

John: the best and deepest feeling of affection about someone like you!

Susan: a feeling? Feelings come for one reason. They only come to pass!

John: But, that’s what love is all about. It’s just one of the human emotions. Period!

Susan: Yes, you are right, as far as you can tell.

John: I feel really good, when near you sister!

Susan: What about when I’m not near you, John? How do you feel then?

John: I still think about how to meet you again.

Susan: But, do you still feel good when I am away from you?

John: Not really, not the same way, as you are close to me.

Susan: John, tell me, what is love?

John: Love is one of the human emotions, just like anger, laughter, and others!

Susan: John, we only express love in that way, but what’s love?

John: Susan, I think love means to like someone or something so much that you want to be close to them.

Susan: John, what if that thing, or person is not seen for a while?

John: They say “seeing is believing”…

Susan: So, what’s that?

John: It means love requires being together.

Susan: I see your points, John. So, love is a mere feeling, right?

John: Yes, Susan. There is nothing else about it, but a mere feeling good about you.

Susan: I think it can then move an extra mile from there, couldn’t it?

John: Yes, it goes from there to affection and passion, yet, it’s still an emotion, Susan.

Susan: John, how many types of love do you know about?

John: only love, and love alone!

John: And how many types of love do you know, Susan?

Susan: There are four types of love, John.

John: Can you tell me what they are?

Susan: Why not!

John: Just wait a minute! I think I know them.

Susan: That’s great. Go ahead and name them one by one!

John: There are: affection, feeling good, liking someone, and finally sex!

Susan: John, you are saying the same thing—feeling! Is sex love, or a sign of it?

John: Susan, sex is the best proof of love.

Susan : That’s hundred per cent 100% wrong!

John: Then, what’s your best sign of love, Susan?

Susan: Deeds, not just words!

John: Yes! And sex is the best deed, not just words.

Susan: I know, yet, it’s not the true sign of love. You cannot build a foundation of your best house on feelings. They come, they go. They repeat this all the time, until we leave the planet earth for our everlasting home!

John: You are a wise lady indeed. I want to know more about love from you, if you don’t mind. Can you tell me more, Susan?

Susan: Yes, John. Now you are talking? Love is more than an emotion. It goes extra mile, or else, it’s not the true love, or it’s not enough for a couple to go for marriage.

John: But, what’s that extra mile, darling? What’s it called in English?

Susan: It’s called love beyond feelings, John. This is true love.

John: Ha! But, there is no love without feelings!

Susan: You are very right, and correct, John. That’s why I said “Beyond feelings”. It just needs to go deeper from there.

John: Susan, do you agree it must start from the feelings?

Susan: Yes, John, but it must grow deeper, taller, and wider beyond the feelings, which only comes and leave unexpectedly.

John: Then, love is a feeling. It’s simply a deep affection towards someone or something!

Susan: John, you are only describing what love looks like, but that’s now what it really is! Feeling is a mere sign, not love. John, people can play sex many times, yet they don’t really love each other. Therefore, it’s not even a sign for love!

John: How do I know then if you love me, Susan, if you don’t allow me to play the game with you?

Susan: There are many other good ways and things we can do to each other, to show love, apart from playing sex, John. You love your sister, but do you need sex to prove that you love her?

John: No! But, that’s my sister, Susan.

Susan: What about me, John?

John: You know who you are to me. You’re my girlfriend!

Susan: John, did you now noticed one type of L.O.V.E.?

John: You mean the love between a brother and sister?

Susan: Absolutely yes, a brotherly love, also known as “phileo” in the Greek language.

John: You mean I should love you, as I love my biological sister?

Susan: Sure! I thought you do, but in a different way of course.

John: what’s that different way of love called, Susan?

Susan: It’s called love between a gentleman and a lady, also known as “eros” in the Greek term. This is also called romantic love.

John: Which means feeling like to touch, kiss and huge and hold you close to my heart like this? Then, my body shivers and I feel like……? But, I don’t feel sexy when holding my sister, is that the difference you are talking about here?

Susan: You are right, John. But, that feeling sexy is an emotion, not love. Take it out of your vocabulary.

John: Susan, you mean I can love you without feeling funny about you?

Susan: Yes, you can even do other things to me, without touching me. You can even love me without seeing or hearing my voice for a long time. This is love that goes beyond the physical feelings and mental emotions.

John: What about buying some good things for you as gifts, is that a true sign of love?

Susan: It depends on the intention. You can buy for me anything, just to win my heart, so that after this, you can get what you want.

John: Susan, you mean when I buy for you flowers, that’s not the sign of love also?

Susan: John, it all depends on your intentions. You can do all the good things for me for many other good reasons. But, still true love goes beyond those gifts.

John: You mean I can give you gifts, because you will give me something else in turn?

Susan: Yes, and that’s also called friendly “…..” or something kind of love. There is love between relatives, friends, a lady and a gentleman, and finally, the unconditional love.

John: Then, my love for you darling is that of a man and a woman, right?

Susan: Yes, I know it. But, it must go an extra mile. It must go beyond feelings of being closer to each other. Love is more than loving my physical body! My body is just half of me, not the whole of me.

John: I wish I can give you my heart, Susan, so that you know how much I really love you!

Susan: John, you don’t really need to give me your heart, all you need is to demonstrate your love for me, both in words and in deeds. Yet, those words and deeds must be driven by the true love in you. This must be that love which goes an extra mile. This love must keep holding the water, even after you emptied your baggage into me!

John: You mean I can love your physical body, both in words and deeds?

Susan: Yes, but you cannot really love everything about me. My physical body may look beautiful from the outside world, but that’s not all that I am! Therefore, when you see my body, you have not seen me yet. You must take some time to really know me, rather than being carried away emotionally by the way my outside body looks.

John: You mean your physical body is not the real you, Susan?

Susan: In the real sense, yes!

John: Then, what is it that makes the real you?

Susan: The real and complete me, as well as the real and complete you, are made of the physical and the spiritual parts, likes and dislikes, thoughts, words and actions. We are more than the physical bodies we see and touch! The way we think, talk, and act makes the real us.

John: I see! But, how long will it take for me to know you fully before I can really say I love you?

Susan: It takes some time, John. That’s why you must learn how to tame your masculine emotions, when you’re near me. We have to do certain things together for a while, and this will help us know more about each other.

John: What if I discover something I do not really like about you in the long run; will that not spoil our relationship?

Susan: That’s much better to discover that, before we make commitments to get married to each other. John, do you now see the true sign of love?

John: Susan, how sure are you that, as we take time to really know each other, someone else will not try to destroy our friendship? The more we know each other, the more our love for each dies!

Susan: John, if that fire of love burns out and dies, then it’s questionable. It may not be the true love. It may be based on instable feelings that come only to pass!

John: To me, someone else may take you away from me, especially if there is no stamp of love between me and you! You know the stamp? We can then do all things together, until we get married!

Susan: John, what is marriage? The moment we play sex, we have got married at that very time! How do I know you will still love me after I allow you to break my dear virginity?

John: Susan, how do I know you really love me, if you cannot offer such a great gift of your dear body to me?

Susan: John, the problem is that, giving you my body is not really a proof that I love you. What if I do the same thing to other young men that you know in our class who also ask me for the same? Getting to know my body is your final score of the game! If you score that now, what will be your next goal?

John: Susan, the final goal is to wed you, and to take you to my home as a wife. This is when all your boyfriends will know you are gone! They will never think of winning your heart for themselves anymore after this moment.

Susan: John, do you know that the seal of any marriage is sex? As I have already told you, there will be no any other milestone left, if I give you my dear body now! You get the point?

John: Susan, I understand your arguments. But, my problem is that, someone will take you from me very easily, unless there is a proof that we love each other. As you just said, sex is really a true seal of marriage, and if we can do that just now, no one else will win your heart again, until our wedding day comes.

Susan: John, if someone takes me away from you now, that’s much better than is it happens after our wedding day! It also means I do not really love you, it such a thing can happen. Do you trust me, John?

John: Susan, what do you really want us to do then?

Susan: I want us to take time to know each other better. It may take weeks, months or even years. Yet, it’s the best thing we can ever do, to find out if we really love each other. I want us to do many other things together. We can go to church, we can visit the markets, we can go to school, and visit many other places together. We can also work, joke and play together.

John: You say we can play …………………..?

Susan: Yes, John, we can play and work together, but NO sex! John, how sure are you that I will not get pregnant after sex? How sure are you that I never played sex with any other man before I meet you? How sure are you that I am not an HIV+? How sure are you that you will never turn your back to me after this?

John: Susan, I do not know the answers to all these important questions. All I need is you, and I need you now, before someone else get you!

Susan: John, the best way to prove what you are saying is to wait, and take time to explore me beyond my outside appearance. I also want to know who you really are!

John: Susan, my only problem is that someone may take you! Have you never heard of them giving their daughters to the rich old men from the village, just after their schooling?

Susan: So, you have a problem?

John: What?

Susan: I mean, you own something called a problem, regarding our relationship? Why don’t you trust me, if you cannot trust God or yourself for this matter? I thought you knew who I am! If not, then take some time to know me better. You should know the real me.

John: It’s okay Susan; let us take some time to know each other better. But please, be in touch with me. I want to be closer to you, as much as I can. I love your dearly!

Susan: John, thanks for seeing the point. If you really love the whole of my being, you will like to wait and know me better than you think you know me now.


Love is not blind. No one falls in love, if they do, they will hate it, sooner or later. Love is a difficult word. It goes beyond human affection. It goes an extra mile. Men feel they love women, as soon as their eyes can see them. But that love is as good as lust! It’s just a feeling for all males.

True love must be planted. It must then germinate and grow into a full plant. This is a progress. It takes time to grow big enough. Do not fall into the trap of the blind love! Open your eyes before you allow that feeling to close in, and you end up where you never dreamt to be in life.

The time spend together, not thinking about sex, is the best proof of true love. Focus on what you can do together with your friend, not about sex, and this will make you know more about each other before you decide to get into a life-long relationship—marriage!

Love Is Not Blind

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Love Is Not Blind Love Is Not Blind