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Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight



By Hiranya Borah






Copyright 2017 Hiranya Borah


Shakespir Edition


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This is an uncommon fictitious love story which has nothing to do with reality. So if you find any resemblance with any character in the story, it is pure coincidence only. Hope you will like the story.

Thanks to my readers and friends and above all my family for their constant support to write something usual and unusual. I am also thankful to those readers who review my books and give few encouraging words. I love them all.

Thanks to Shakespir for publishing this story book along with my other books.



Chapter I: Mother Insists


Mrs. Arunima Choudhury, a widow of fifty five yelled to her son, ‘this time, before going to Delhi, you must tell me whether you are going to marry or not.’

Arunima had brought up her only child, Arindam single handedly after death of her husband in a scooter accident when Arindam was only two year old. She still recalls the day vividly when she lost her husband twenty five years ago. On that day, her husband, a school teacher in a local high school went to the market to bring vegetables as his sister was to come to their home on that evening. He was knocked down by a speeding truck from behind just in front of their home. He was declared brought dead on arrival at the local hospital.

Arunima was advised by many to remarry; but she did not marry again. She brought up her son with lot of difficulty, as anyone came forward to help her, came with a demand of high premium. She refused to bow down to any pressure. She realized, though there is no dearth of thugs in her society who wanted to help her with an expectation of physical favour, there are few good people are also around. One such person was Hrishikesh Barua, the school inspector, who helped Arunima to get a teacher’s job on compensatory ground. After getting the job, she could dictate her fate in her own terms.

Her efforts to make her son a good citizen of the country, did not go in vein and in due course of time, her son Arindam became a mechanical engineer and joined a leading automobile company as an Assistant Manager at Guwahati. After three years, he passed executive MBA course from a leading Management Institute of India. After four years of his joining into the service, he was promoted to the post of Deputy Manager and posted in Delhi.

Since last year, Arunima is looking for a suitable match for her only child. She got lot of good proposals, but Arindam has not shown any interest in his marriage. Therefore, she is not happy and yelled to her son from the kitchen while preparing breakfast for her son.

Chapter II: He Confided


‘Ma, I love a girl. But I do not know, where she is now. I do not know, whether she is married or not. I do not know where she lives right now.’ At the dining table Arindam told his mother.

Arindam’s confession about his love affairs gave his mother more trouble than a solution.

‘What is that answer? How can I find the girl, if you do not know anything about that girl?’ A perplexed Arunima asked her son.

‘I can give a clue about the girl. Can you remember, we attended Varun uncle’s niece’s marriage, ten years ago? At that time I was in the Engineering College. I saw that girl with a red coloured dress. I fell in love with the girl at the first sight. I know nothing about the girl. That’s all.’ He confided to his friendly mother.

Chapter III: The Old Video


Arunima is an old war horse. She had faced a lot of problems in her life. She knows her son very well; he is always truthful to his mother. She also understood very well, without that girl he would not be a happy man, though he might marry another girl of his mother’s choice.

When after a week Arindam was leaving for Delhi, Arunima told him, ‘I am going to find out the girl whom you love. I shall find out her marital status and if she is yet to be married, I shall meet her and her parent with a proposal to bring her as my daughter in law.’

Arindam knew, her mother never gives a false promise. He also felt a pain in his heart for giving his mother a real tough task.

Next day, Arunima talked to her classmate Varun Saikia, brother of Barnali Saikia, the marriage of whose daughter was the first and last meeting point of Arindam with the unknown girl. However, Varun could not recollect any girl with a red dress. He might be very busy on that day to notice any girl with a red dress; Arunima agreed.

But whenever, there is a will, there is a way. Varun told Arunima, ‘Probably, my sister is still keeping a copy of the video of her daughter’s marriage. I shall ask my sister about the video and inform you.’

Chapter IV: The Girl Was Identified


As expected, from the video, Apoorva could be identified easily. She is the daughter of the doctor who was posted in their town, when the marriage of Barnali Saikia was taken place. She was in class X at that time. Her father was transferred to another town, just after that particular marriage. Again, Arunima faced a road block. There is no clue whereabouts of Apoorva and her family after their transfer to the other town.

Arunima was not disappointed with the information so far she had gathered about Apoorva. She contacted the doctor posted at the town where Apoorva’s father was transferred from her own town. The doctor presently posted at that town provided the required information about Apoorva’s family to Arunima.

With few attempts, the girl, Apoorva was tracked down in Guwahati by Arunima. Her father, Viramjeet Barua has settled down at Guwahati, though his present place of posting is at North Lakhimpur, a district HQs, almost four hundred KM away from Guwahati. In the meantime, Apoorva has completed her masters in History from Guwahati University.

However, there was a bad news waiting for Arunima. Apoorva had already been married to a doctor three months’ ago.

Arunima did not dare to inform Arindam about Apoorva’s marriage as she was worried that her only child would be heart-broken at the news of Apoorva’s marriage.

Chapter V: What a Coincidence


Arunima had to hear another bad news about Apoorva just few months’ later. In a tragic car accident, Apoorva lost her husband and her father. Though she and mother were also travelling by the same car which was driven by Ashotosh, Apoorva’s husband hit by a Night Super (bus), had miraculous escape. At the same time both mother and daughter lost their husbands and became widow. The entire family was devastated. Arunima got the bad news from a common friend presently staying in Guwahati.

As time passed, Arunima forgot about Apoorva and she did not mention about Apoorva before Arindam. Even when Arindam asked about the girl with red dress during one of his visits, Arunima snubbed him by saying, ‘I am not Sherlock Holmes. Forget about that girl and look for another one.’

But God has a different plan for each one of us.

One of Apoorva’s cousin, Hemen was Arindam’s classmate in his engineering college. One day when Arindam visited Hemen’s place, he took Arindam to his Aunt’s place. There he met Apoorva, a completely devastated young widow.

When he was introduced to Apoorva, Arindam realized, he got a new feeling, hitherto he never felt earlier. But next moment he recollected, he experienced the same felling at least eleven years ago. He asked himself, ‘Why?’

After taking tea, when Arindam left Apoorva’s place, he came to know about the family, about the tragic accident and the fall out of the tragic accident. However, he did not know that Apoorva was the girl with the red dress whom he saw eleven years ago in a marriage party.

After few more visits to Apoorva’s place, Arindam thought to tell Apoorva that he loves her. But he decided to tell about his emotion about Apoorva to his friend Hemen.

‘You know, she is a widow. Even though publicly we all support widow marriage, no mother wants to marry a widow for her son. You better talk to your Mom first, before you propose to Apoorva. In the meantime let me talk to my Aunty also.’

Arindam knew, his mother, being a widow herself, would never oppose to his desire to marry Apoorva. Therefore one day, he proposed Apoorva.

She did not want to marry again. She out rightly rejected his proposal on his face without following any diplomatic route.

Instead of being angry or dejected Arindam said, ‘I know it is difficult to say a yes to my proposal. It will be very difficult for you to forget Ashotosh, whom you loved very much. I propose you to marry me at an appropriate time when you will be mentally ready for your re-marriage. I shall wait for that appropriate time, because I love you.’

Apoorva did not say anything.

After two days, Arindam left for his hometown. Arindam told about his new love affair to his mother frankly. Arunima did not take long time to understand, the red dressed girl has been found by her son; once again he fell in love with the same girl. She realized his love for Apoorva has been decided by a super natural power whom many of us call as God.

Arunima hugged his son and told, ‘I know everything about the poor girl, Apoorva. She is a nice girl; but unfortunate one. I found her as your red-dressed girl one year before. I know about her tragedy. I understand the pain of a young widow. That is why, I said earlier that I could not find her. I am sorry, my son. I should have told you earlier.’ After a pause she said, ‘I am with you my son. Apoorva also needs a husband who will always love her. I understand the loneliness of a widow in a long life.’ Her eyes became teary.

Wiping his mother’s tears, he promised, ‘Mom, I shall try my best to convince her to marry me.’

Chapter VI: The Decision


Arindam telephoned his friend Hemen and told him about his mother’s willingness to bring Apoorva as her daughter in law.

Hemen went to his Aunty’s home and told about Arindam and his willingness to marry Apoorva with full blessings from his mother.

After a long time, Apoorva’s mother got a news that naturally brought a smile in her face. She agreed to the proposal without a second thought.

But for the second time, Apoorva rejected the proposal. She was not ready for a re-marriage.

‘You cannot live whole life without a companion. You may not find another boy as good as Arindam. Above all you won’t find a family who will whole heartedly welcome a widow as a daughter in law. You think over the proposal, before you finally reject it.’ The mother advised her daughter.

Whole night, Apoorva could not sleep. Ashotosh’s face all along disturbed her. She thought, how she can marry another person, when memory of Ashotosh had been so vivid.

Next day evening, she went to a mall, just to get some freshness in her mind. She saw many couples are moving around the mall holding each other’s hand. She saw such couples earlier also; but she never felt so lonely amidst so many people in a mall earlier. As time passed in the mall, she felt lonelier on every passing second. She heaved a sigh.

On that night, Apoorva saw a peculiar dream. In her dream, Ashotosh was coming near to her with open arms. The moment she wanted to touch him, he was dragged by a wind and he disappeared soon to the darkness. He was never seen again. She got up from the bed after the dream. She could not sleep for the rest of the night.

She thought about the proposal of Arindam again and again till dawn arrived; driving away the darkness from the earth. Outside light had a positive effect inside the heart of Apoorva also.

Apoorva finally understood the stark reality of life; it would be very difficult to live alone for the entire life. She knew there would thousands, who would be interested in her body but only a handful would be ready to marry her.

She decided to marry Arindam following the eternal advice of all the love gurus, ‘If you want to be happy in your married life; you marry the person who loves you, not the person whom you love.’

A wild smile went through her lips which are now ready for a French kiss with her new hubby, Arindam.

The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.

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Love at First Sight

This is an uncommon fictitious love story which has nothing to do with reality. So if you find any resemblance with any character in the story, it is pure coincidence only. Hope you will like the story. 'Apoorva finally understood the stark reality of life; it would be very difficult to live alone for the entire life. She knew there would thousands, who would be interested in her body but only a handful would be ready to marry her. She decided to marry Arindam following the eternal advice of all the love gurus, ‘If you want to be happy in your married life; you marry the person who loves you, not the person whom you love.’

  • ISBN: 9781370352586
  • Author: Hiranya Borah
  • Published: 2017-07-25 10:05:09
  • Words: 2736
Love at First Sight Love at First Sight