Living from Within


Living from Within


Harmony between body, mind, and spirit


Catherine Marie Bergman


Living from Within – Harmony between body, mind, and spirit

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Living from Within – Harmony between body, mind, and spirit

Copyright © 2016 Catherine Marie Bergman

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Author: Catherine Marie Bergman

Publication Date: February 16, 2016


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Section One – Releasing Self-Doubt

1. Course of Action

2. Self-Identity

3. Thinking for Yourself

4. Take Credit for Yourself

5. Visualize Your Needs

6. True Fortune

7. Meditation or Prayer

8. Thinking Positive

9. What You Can Do

10. Let Go

Section One Summary

Section Two – Revitalizing Self-Hope

11. First Thought Equals First Action

12. First Desires for Yourself

13. First Thoughts of Life

14. Acknowledging Glory

15. Passionate Desires

16. Love From Within

17. Acknowledging Yourself

Section Three – Maintaining Balance

18. Be True to Yourself

19. Care for Yourself in What You Do

20. Trust Your Intuition

Maintenance Affirmations

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There are many principles today that explain how you originated and why you are here. Likewise, there are many religious and spiritual beliefs you can choose from to follow and practice. “Living from Within” does not require you practice or believe in any one concept. What is required is that you must acknowledge you are born the person you are meant to be.

Based on this belief and if you are in self-awareness, you will have everything you need to know for this lifetime. You will be able to know your path and accomplish what you need to do. Self-knowledge and awareness is always accessible to you. By practicing the principles of the steps in this book, they will help you regain this knowledge from within. The steps in this book focus on you the person and the makeup of yourself.

It is unfortunate that over time you can lose sight of yourself underneath layers of earthly notions. In working through the sections within this book, the layers can be removed. Each section is broken down into steps that enhance your level of self-awareness and place you closer to your inherent love. Section one involves releasing self-doubt, the second builds upon self-hope and the third section gives guidance on maintaining hope and your inherent love of self.

Through teaching of self-awareness and how to remain in harmony of body, mind, and spirit, “Living from Within” reveals the strategies behind living your lifetime as it was meant to be and within the guidelines required by humankind.

Section One – Releasing Self-Doubt

By recognizing your need for change, you can change and realize your true potential. Each person is given a gift. This gift is called intuition and it is available to you through self-awareness. Intuition will help to guide and protect you.

In essence, what you know and don’t know are one in the same. By using your intuition, you have the ability to see what cannot be seen and know what cannot be known prior to your decision making process. Each person is granted one avenue in which to walk, or one path in which to take. At each crossroads in your life, you choose between right and left. Neither choice is right nor wrong and is always correct for you at that given time.

Whenever you reach an alcove in your thought process, you are able determine the outcome. If you do not do so already, for this time being, believe you have everything you need to know to accomplish your journey called lifetime. The tasks you are to accomplish are predetermined thoughts chosen prior to your birth. By believing this, you can then realize these thoughts as your intuition.

Your intuition is always available to you and can also be heard through prayer or meditation. Through acceptance and practice, you may use your intuition as a stepping stone to better understand who you are and why you are here.

Over time, the predetermined thoughts may get layered underneath earthly notions. However, it is possible for you to recall these thoughts by releasing your self-doubt. Living within self-doubt denies you the freedom to choose love and happiness. You can choose to live without doubt. In so doing this, you regain access to your inherent love.

It is through inherent love that you may better understand the natural laws of the universe and attain the ability to live harmoniously and in a state of balance between your body, mind, and spirit.

All you need to remember is that everything you know and don’t know are one in the same. Everyone has been given this gift and knowledge. To rediscover what you know to be true for yourself in this lifetime, you must clear a pathway to reach back into your thoughts. By releasing self-doubt, you will be able to clear this pathway.

To release doubt, you must:

p<>{color:#000;}. Change perceptions your mind has been taught

p<>{color:#000;}. Create a link between physical action and your thought process

p<>{color:#000;}. Formulate a belief system based on harmonic balance

Repetition of these three concepts will lead you to like mind and body. Having a like mind and body will then lend you to emotional balance. It is also with this like mind and body that you will be able to move onto the spirit of yourself, which is self-hope.

Within self-hope, you achieve accomplishments and tasks deemed necessary for your lifetime. Self-hope brings your spirit into alignment with your mind and body to complete harmonic balance. Environmental factors cannot prevent you from moving forward in life. They may change your course of action, however, it is still your decision making process that brings you to your next step. Release doubt, believe in yourself then you will understand more about living harmoniously and within a state of balance between your body, mind, and spirit.

You already have the gift and tools within you to achieve. Practice the following steps and incorporate them into your daily life to release doubt.

1. Course of Action

As you ponder the outcome of a given situation, you can realize its potential to be whatever you imagine.

Perhaps one of the downfalls in regards to holding onto self-doubt is its double-edged sword. On one hand, questioning the self is relevant and is a course of action involving self-evaluation to maintain your integrity. However, on the other hand, questioning the self is not relevant and is considered a course of action that demands negative thinking.

To question your motives and needs is a positive and relevant course of action. To achieve this thought pattern for yourself, all you must do is change your perspective. An easy step in changing your perspective is to use the word “need.” Encouraging yourself to be acting in needful ways is a positive course of action for each task you undertake. All you must do is ask yourself, “Do I need to take this course of action?”

Realizing your senses and thusly your needs requires you acknowledge the positive in all that is negative. How would you do this? Take the yin and yang literally. For every instance of a positive, there is a bit of negative – this is so, because you always have a choice in what it is you choose to do. The same is true for negative influences, there is a bit of hope or positive within it – this is so, because it provides you a way out of the negative. You always have free will. You always have choice. Sometimes when contemplating your course of action the answer may not be clear to you. This is because the answer may not be the one you are looking for. A way to acknowledge your answer is to accept everything as love. By changing your attitude and outlook, what is negative is no longer negative. It becomes love on all levels. In essence, that negative becomes positive. By changing your perspective to one of love, you can engage yourself in constructive criticism. You will then be questioning yourself in relevance. This does not happen overnight. Changing your perspective and thought patterns takes practice. But in focusing on this concept, you will achieve the change you are seeking. Your intuition will become sharper and the answers will flow more freely.

The same holds true when thinking bad is the opposite of good. When you do this, you can recognize what may not be necessary for you in this lifetime. By looking within and evaluating your course of action, it will help you circumvent self-doubt. For example, in order for you to want an object that is not necessary for you or you do not truly need , you must convince yourself of its importance and goodness. Sometimes it is quick and easy to get caught up in the hype- especially if everyone else has one, or it’s free (with low monthly payments), or the advertising promises you the moon… Unfortunately, if you look within and evaluate this course of action after the fact, regret can occur because the object loses its value when not placed in the same perspective. Do not regret this action. Regret leads to doubt. In reality, the object obtained or action performed is not bad. It is good because it is a past experience. You incorporate your values into everything you do. Do not think in retrospect that you should not have taken it or brought it into your life. The task is now done and you must move forward. Rather than regret or doubt what you have already done, accept this action and move on in a positive manner. Keep in mind that your object or action may also be words you have spoken, or something you have done to yourself or another person.

As you begin this process for shedding self-doubt, you will begin to know yourself again and you will be able to visualize your needs. Intuitively, you will know what is necessary for you. You will find more and more that you will not have to convince yourself to purchase something or convince yourself that you need this person, situation, or element in your life.

Shedding self-doubt is how you deal with learning patience and tolerance for yourself while gaining new knowledge of love and joy for harmony from within. There will be a point at which you will say, ‘Is this necessary at this time?’ or ‘Do I need to take this course of action?’ and be able to answer honestly.

When in doubt, it is always best to check your motives; the thoughts behind the action at hand. As mentioned earlier, in each situation you arrive at, you will come to a crossroads in the decision on which action you need to take. The crossroads is available to you at each event you arrive at. For every situation, there becomes a decision. It is in your heart to believe that the decision you make is the decision that is correct for you. It is in your body, mind, and spirit that the decision is actually made.

Your instincts allow you to view all that you need to know for any given moment. Your instincts are derived from your body, mind, and spirit. Each part of yourself works together to conclude your thought process. This is a very important discovery in your evolution of self-awareness. To act on a situation or decision based only on your body will leave your mind, and spirit feeling void. Just as to act on a situation or decision based on your spirit will leave your body and mind feeling void.

By asking yourself first ‘Do I need to take this course of action?’ you are asking all of you (body, mind, and spirit) for input on the decision for the situation at hand. Allowing yourself to take this course of action in decision-making brings each part of you into alignment. Alignment is the harmonic balance achieved through integrity of body, mind, and spirit. By coming into this world complete, you have the advantage of knowing all and being all for yourself alone. This opportunity to know yourself is the known as the state of harmonic balance. It may be achieved through meditation or prayer. Through this opportunity of reflection, you achieve harmony for yourself. This harmony allows you to see what you need to know for this lifetime.

At a crossroads in your life, you can ask yourself which direction to take, and hear the answer as it is given to you. As you begin to use this method of thought, you will become more comfortable in your thinking. This, in turn, will allow you to be more comfortable with yourself. Being more comfortable with yourself will bring you more trust in your decision-making. This trust removes doubt. First, practice hearing the answer for your life-changing events, for example, buying a house, buying a car, or changing jobs. Once you become less doubtful and feel comfortable in yourself, you may use this decision-making process (Do I need to take this course of action?) on a smaller scale, incorporating it into your everyday living. For example, ‘Do I need to wear the blue shirt or the yellow shirt today?’

Affirmation: To develop your belief system for this step, always ask yourself, “Do I need to take this course of action?”

2. Self-Identity

In knowing beauty, you become beauty. In knowing love, you become love. In creating truth, you give truth. As you see yourself, you will see the Universe.

If you want to change, you must decide what there is to enhance. What it is you are currently made of is a part of your beliefs and doubts. In order to change these things, you must be able to look honestly at what is present. Allowing yourself the probability of change is allowing yourself to be open to the possibility of enlightenment.

Doubts are the representation of the desire to be what is considered by society as “normal.” Normal meaning to stay the same or to remain what it is you have been taught. If you feel this way, most likely, the unknown for you is fear of rejection, dejection, and unhappiness from yourself and from others.

In order to break free from the painful hold of doubt, you must embrace the idea that doubt and fear are created by the reality within your very own mind, and because they are within your mind, they are within your control.

The ability to change your identity is not practical, but the ability to change your image (physical attributes) is an attainable goal and an advantageous one. First, you must understand that physical beauty is not what others see; it is what others feel you give them. In order to be you in essence, in beauty and knowledge, you must love each aspect of your being. This is not always taught in your culture or by your parents. You must grow and aspire to achieve this need to be completely involved, to be completely in love with yourself. This kind of love is love of soul, love of being, and love of life. The complexity of life is not complex at all. It is the interaction of beings and it is held together by love. Love is the backbone of humanity. It is the breadth of being.

Another way to think about change is to re-write the base foundation of your beliefs. For example, another mindset is to acknowledge that there are no weaknesses. There are only abilities and strengths. Some of your abilities need to be strengthened and that is the change for which you focus on. Draw upon your abilities and strengths in moments of trial and they will grow stronger. Focus on changing and modifying your abilities and strengths and they will grow stronger. You will be generating an energy of cadence for the reflection of confidence and growth towards enlightenment of the soul.

When you are acting on a situation, you must remember your motives are for you alone. Each time you make a decision based on another person’s value, you do not include your own. This type of thinking will lead to the reduction of your self-identity and self-esteem. Within yourself is all that is necessary for living this lifetime to your fullest potential. By reminding yourself of this, you do not need the input of others. When you ask another person for an opinion, it is their opinion, not yours. They do not know what is right for you. Only you can make that decision. For this reason, if you allow yourself to view your identity through your thought process, you get a clear picture of what is present and a clear picture of the abilities and strengths.

Try this exercise: Look in the mirror and write down everything you see that you like about yourself. Do not write less than ten items down on the list. Review the list, then mark ten more items based on the original ten. For example, if an item on the list is hair color, the second written item based on hair might be long or curly. Keep repeating this exercise until you have completely itemized your entire physical appearance. Once this exercise is complete, your next step is to accept all of these items as valuable to your self-worth. For example, if your items are: hair color brown, straight, and cut well, then your attribute and the acceptance you will need to achieve is, “I have beautiful brown straight hair that is cut well for me.” This is not an overnight process. You will need to make a commitment to yourself to work on accepting these attributes on a daily basis.

By breaking down to the clearest possible feature of yourself, you shred away the value of anything or anyone you have ever come in contact with or heard from. You are taking what is given, viewing it for the first time, but viewing it based on a positive outlook for yourself. If you do not view it with love, review it then from a different perspective, one of positive growth. If you see you have unhealthy weight, focus on strengthening your ability to change it. It is not a weakness for food; it is a love for food. The focus is needed on enhancing the actions of intake, your environment, your behaviors… all for which you have control over. Strengthen the assets you have. Focus on the right things, the abilities and strengths you were gifted upon birth, in order to achieve change.

It is important to live this life in acceptance of yourself. That is acceptance of yourself completely in body, mind, and spirit. This is how harmonic balance is achieved. This acceptance may take time to achieve, but it is a possible and attainable goal.

You can enhance and change your physical attributes. You cannot change your self-identity. By starting with the physical, you will lead yourself to what is behind it, your personality. This is what you will need to focus on in order to remember that your self-identity is not produced by others. Your self-identity is unique to you. It is your essence of being. Accepting yourself as you are will enlighten you and afford you the opportunity to be yourself in any given situation. This, in turn, gives you the confidence necessary to live without doubt. It is a simple task if you agree to accept yourself as you are, and in your abilities and strengths.

Affirmation: To develop your belief system for this step, always tell yourself, “My self-identity is present within me. I believe in who I am.”

3. Thinking for Yourself

In the sunset, you can see the dawn as the sun lays down its golden arms. The sky an ember burning bright, you can see the hope of dawn’s first light.

Every day you are faced with obstacles in your path to Well-Being. How you perceive these obstacles depends on how you perceive yourself as a human being. If you have a strong personality, you may tackle the obstacle, whereas if you have a meek personality, you may find these obstacles insurmountable. To defeat any power struggle within, you must recognize the power of yourself. Whether you are strong or meek is not relevant. Those terms are an outward perception based on someone else’s definition. If your perception of yourself is that you are meek, change it. Each person only has abilities and strengths within themselves. You have the power to achieve and accomplish any goal no matter what obstacle may be placed in your way. An obstacle is merely a creation of self-doubt. You will not create doubt if you detach from it. Doubt will not reside within you if you do not give into it. Remember to change your perspective.

In this moment, you are in accordance with the laws of nature. You can see what cannot be seen. It is evident to you which path to take. All you must do is play witness to your instincts. First, you must accept yourself as you are in body, mind, and spirit. Second, you must ask yourself, “What do I know?” You can do this by writing it down on paper, the answer will come. Doing this exercise will guide you to your innermost knowledge. Begin with writing down the outside influences, such as: I know how to scramble eggs, or I know how to brush my teeth. You can then bring yourself to something more personal such as ‘I know I don’t care for eggs that are sunny-side-up, or I do not like spearmint toothpaste. It is all about perception. You must know and understand your perception of yourself in order to realize which perceptions are based on an outside influence. Once you understand and practice this concept, the perceptions based on outside influences can be denied by you and you instead think for yourself.

Once you achieve harmonic balance between your body, mind, and spirit, you achieve your livelihood. You can accept who you are and why you are. Once you begin to search your self-knowledge, you begin to see yourself for who you truly are, which is the “why.” At any given moment, you will be in a situation that requires you to think. By choosing to acknowledge this thought process, you are witnessing your instincts. By getting in touch with your deepest desire, the true nature of yourself, you become guided by your instincts. For example, when you go to purchase an item, more than likely, you want the item. What you must determine is, do you really need the item? This method of thinking places you within the thought process as a participant, not a bystander. You are taking control of your thoughts and emotions. Instead of blindly purchasing the item, you are analyzing its importance for you and the why of it. Asking why is a powerful tool to use. Even more importantly, taking action after understanding why is what propels you forward in life. There is an ebb and flow to life. Being in control of your thoughts and emotions allows for a consistent current of flow- even when the world may seem to be ebbing, you can always continue your inner reasoning and giftedness of knowledge that there is flow and remain on that mindset. You will then again place yourself as a bystander, watching the ebb of negative flow away from you.

In the beginning, this process might take more time for you to accomplish, but once you begin to incorporate it into your life, it will become effortless. Thinking for yourself places the perspective of every task in your own hands. It is not another person’s value you must seek. Every time you decide to do something, verify your instincts. Think it over before you act. Your intuition will come to you at any time you deem it necessary. This method of interaction with yourself will get you to interact with the laws of nature. You become the active member rather than the passive member. Once you make this decision to take control of your livelihood, it is in your best interest to continue doing this. You will be rewarded with fortitude and strength, and the doubt that you once had will no longer be an influence.

Affirmation: To develop your belief system for this step, always tell yourself, “I am in control of my perception.” Thinking for yourself places the perspective of any task in your own hands, and as a result, in your control.

4. Take Credit for Yourself

When you are in doubt, your own eyes betray you most… hence the need for self-confidence and to acknowledge your good deeds.

Realizing your potential involves moving away from the anticipated results expected by others. To visualize your ideals or values, you must stop denying your self-worth. Keeping up your appearance for the sake of someone else denies yourself of love and also prevents you from helping others. The denial of goodness and happiness that are inherent to you is the same as allowing yourself to die. It is true that in order to live fully, you must expect setbacks. Moreover, for growth, you must allow for minor setbacks in health and allow time for the unity of body, mind, and spirit. However, during those times, remember that you are worth more than you allow. Take stock in your inventory of self-worth and open up to the possibility of love in your life. Give yourself credit for the simple reason of being thankful for yourself. If you are in the mindset of knowing you have only abilities and strengths within you, then each growing action (setback) you encounter makes them stronger.

Each act you create on an earthly level is rewarded through love of life. Taking stock of these accomplishments you have achieved gives you hope. All thoughts require action, and all actions are tasks of labor no matter how great or small. Within each day, open up your heart and mind to good thoughts about yourself. When you accomplish a task, give yourself credit by acknowledging what you have done. This basic step will give you the potential to do anything as you move forward in your growth of self-worth. For example, after you have finished brushing your teeth, acknowledge your ability to do so. This may sound silly, but this task really is not a simple task. This requires you to be using several parts of your body at one time, and to be concentrating on each tooth. It may be true that it has now become second nature to you and requires no conscious thought, but the task is still complex. The effort you take is the same effort given to driving a car or performing on stage. Once again, it is all about your perception. Self-doubt is not the most important belief system on which to base your decision-making or self-worth. Once you accept doubt as a normal mode of thinking, you are no longer able to see what is in front of you for what it is worth. You are seeing what is in front of you for what it is not, because you have become conditioned to disregard your true intentions and feelings.

You have been placed on this earth to love yourself and other people. When you are in doubt, this does not occur. The value you place on yourself is lower than the value given to you at birth.

As you mature, layers of earthly thinking accumulates upon your true intentions and thoughts for a better life; the life you are to be living on a regular basis. By getting back to your true intentions, you dispel the doubt that surrounds you. Each time you give yourself credit, you acknowledge your self-worth in a positive manner. This, in turn, will guide you to a better understanding of your true knowledge. For example, each time you thank yourself in kind thought, you bring yourself closer to the love that is inherent. Once you begin acknowledging this love for yourself, you will begin to pass it along to other people.

As stated in a previous step, the doubt you decide to avoid is the same doubt you give strength to survive. In other words, if you avoid doubt, you are still applying energy to it and giving it an opportunity to remain in existence. Doubt is a feeling that can be discarded. You do not need to use it for everyday living. You can let go of it at any time.

Check your motives; look at yourself for who you are in body, mind, and spirit. This is your true essence of being. It is not made up from the value given to you by another person. Be thankful for yourself in everything you do. You are a value to yourself and to others. By acknowledging yourself in each endeavor, you give back to the earth a positive attitude. This, in turn, gives other people positive attitudes. Even if it is just for a fleeting moment, the power of positive energy has a vast impact on the earth. It is the light at the end of the tunnel that everyone searches for. Remember when in doubt to look at yourself and value your actions. These actions do not need to be minimized in your mind. These actions set you apart from other people. You bring the focus back to yourself. You become and acknowledge your positive perception of yourself.

For every action you take, energy is created. Based on your actions, this energy can be negative or positive. Positive energy is grateful energy, and absorbed by everyone for use in a positive way. Negative energy is thankless energy and must be disposed of in order to replenish the earth. It must be dwindled down to nothing by positive energy. Disposing of this energy is an overwhelming task and can take years to complete. Positive energy is fleeting because it is used and re-used by people. Negative energy, however, is tossed around and not re-used; it is a stagnant form of energy. Positive energy can touch negative energy and minimize it to nothing. The amount of positive energy available to do this, though, is minimal at best. Positive energy is fleeting, and once it is consumed by you, it is no longer available to minimize the negative energy. Also, because positive energy can be consumed, it is not practical to depend on it for getting rid of negative energy. Everyone must be responsible for this task, and needs to begin to see him- or herself in a positive light rather than a negative space.

For each day you begin to see yourself in a positive manner, more negative energy is disposed of. Take credit for your actions and give thanks to yourself in what you do. This will bring everyone to glory and bring you to harmonic balance of body, mind, and spirit.

Affirmation: To develop your belief system for this step, always tell yourself, for each accomplishment achieved in a day, big or small, “I give credit and thanks to myself.”

5. Visualize Your Needs

Greater vision is born through trust in one’s own instincts.

Self-doubt is a crutch for accomplishing the minimal amount of self-gratification you need for a false sense of survival. Self-gratification is considered a commodity because it allows you the opportunity for advancement on an earthly level. However, the result of self-gratification through self-doubt techniques is not a true positive advancement for yourself. Self-doubt allows you to be stagnant and emotionally confined to a comfort zone you become accustomed to. Advancement while in this stage includes materialistic and monetary gains, and gains accomplished for the purpose of denying self-doubt. Unfortunately, this continues your creation of doubt.

To know if you are in this false state of survival, look within. For example, if you are working in a job that is gratifying, then you know the job fulfills your wants and needs in some way. The question you need to ask yourself is, “What needs or wants does my job fulfill?” The answer(s) will place you in your current perspective and also provide a clear answer to the question, “What is my direction or goal (for having and continuing working at this job)?” You will be able to know if you are working for gratification and encouraging a sense gratitude and positive self-worth. Curbing self-doubt by use of hope and love will allow you the opportunity for advancement in gratitude, not in self-gratification. Through self-gratification, things are necessary for you. Through gratitude, you have hope and love for yourself, and things are secondary. In gratitude, you are being thankful for your inner needs and desires.

Monetary gain is essential for this lifetime; this is a fact. However, monetary gain achieved in self-righteous acts is sustainable only for short periods of time. To maintain substantial wealth through healthy means, you must know how to achieve great heights of a balanced means through self-awareness. You must know and acknowledge (be aware of) all areas of your life: body, mind, and spirit. In measuring your spiritual growth, you may obtain the knowledge of your monetary growth. Compare the difference in size. What is larger is greater in importance for the time being. If you have a large financial deficit, you will in turn experience a spiritual deficit. These two are connected. You must fulfill the spiritual deficit to gain monetary wealth. Having a balance between body, mind, and spirit will bring balance financially. If you have no doubt and you are full of hope, your needs are met regardless of earthly wealth.

There are two techniques to harness the desire for wanting more than is necessary for this lifetime: (1) have desire for yourself and (2) have desire to be the person you need to be for this lifetime. By accepting yourself on all levels of love in body, mind, and spirit, you become more in tune with what is necessary for this lifetime in matters of true desire for your needs.

Needs are accepted as truths for yourself. Needs encompass what is necessary to succeed and accomplish the tasks you have chosen for yourself. When you are aware of what is necessary for you to become all that you determined before birth, the needs will become second nature, and the desire for more than is necessary is overpowered by loving thoughts for yourself.

When you accept yourself in body, mind, and spirit, you can get a sense of what your needs are in this lifetime. Each waking day, you are obligated to yourself. You are responsible for meeting your own needs, not the needs of others. There may be a person you care for, but you do not dictate their desires. This form of love is called capability. You are capable of meeting the needs they portray to you, but it ends there. Beyond what you are capable of is what they desire for this lifetime. For example, a child needs to eat and drink; you are capable of fulfilling these needs for him or her. The child also will need nurturing and support; again, you are capable of fulfilling these needs for him or her. However, this can only be partially completed by you. It is your responsibility to give your love to him or her and to nurture, but it is his or her responsibility to accept their own love as truth. You can always give a person your love, but it is their own love that they need. Foster this idea within him or her.

You can begin again at any time and regain the love that resides within you. Cleaning your house is similar to clearing your mind. Clutter can build and build and build. Your mind is also structured in the same manner. You build thoughts upon thoughts upon thoughts. It is in your best interest to clear the thoughts that are negative or full of doubt. By visualizing your needs and desires, you will be able to pinpoint what is real for you and in love for you. For instance, go back to the example of the child; you will care for him or her and love him or her, but you need to find balance because you must also care for and love yourself. In order to do this, you must identify your boundaries. By writing down what you like and what you love to do and have, you can see what it is that is most important to you, which is a “want,” and also be able to see what is necessary for you, which is considered to be a “need.” This is the beginning step for accepting yourself in body, mind, and spirit on a spiritual ground.

You are made up of different needs and desires. There are the needs you meet in order to fulfill your livelihood, and the desires you have while living your livelihood. It is very important for you to distinguish between the two. For example, the need to be responsible for your child is the need that is considered to be on life terms, whereas the need to be responsible for yourself is considered to be livelihood. In order for you to move forward and grow in self-awareness, you must accept yourself for who you are. By doing this, you can fulfill your goals and desires deemed necessary for you. It is through these accomplishments that you continue to build your self-worth and deny and detach from doubt.

By identifying what you need, you will identify your lifetime. For example, you can begin each day in meditation or prayers and you can do so because you make it so. Once you deem this meditation and or prayer as necessary for yourself, a need, you become accepting of it. For example, you can achieve great heights if your goal is equal to a great height. You are only limited by the limitations you place on yourself.

If you want to succeed at each endeavor you arrive at, then you will succeed. You do not need to rely on other people for your fortune because true fortune comes from within. By visualizing your needs and wants, you will be able to see the fortune that is contained within you. This is not a game; this is a fact of life. Most people do not acknowledge their abilities and strengths. They only see strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your strengths and abilities allows you to set reasonable expectations for yourself and identify an area where you need to take more action for positive growth.

Affirmation: To develop your belief system for this step, always tell yourself, “I visualize my needs.” This releases your thought of wanting more than is necessary for your lifetime and helps to keep the focus on a healthy and loving self.

6. True Fortune

Awareness comes at any time you are open to the moment at hand.

At times, you may wonder what is it all for without really thinking about what does it all mean. To know the truth of the matter, you must know what is the matter. The question you need to ask yourself is, “Why do I have to be happy?”

Happiness is the lack of desire for doubt in your life. Happiness is a summation of goodness and love. Love from within is an excitable matter that comes from looking not at the big picture, but rather looking in the mirror. It is not what surrounds you that makes you happy, it is yourself that makes you happy. To know yourself, you must ask, “What do I know?” Through this simple course of action, you may witness the true desire for yourself on an earthly level. This allows you to be happy with your accomplishments in all tasks and creates a self that is worth loving on an earthly level. To create the happiness you need in this lifetime, it is necessary to create the happiness yourself. Practice the need for less doubt in your life by focusing on love and hope; this in turn brings happiness forward.

It is clear that earthly possessions are required for living on this earth, but this can be deceiving. What you possess and what you consume is best done in moderation. Cleansing yourself of doubt requires openness of heart and mind. Earthly possessions crowd your heart and mind and eventually yourself. Your desire for a person, place, or thing can create self-doubt, which removes you from your inherent love. It is not wrong to collect and hold things, but it is not necessary for you to require these things for love. Earthly fortune distracts you from your true purpose, which is to love yourself and one another.

Self-doubt is temptation from outside influences. Fortune from wealth of wrongdoing leads to congestion of the heart and mind. Releasing self-doubt is a tool that will allow you to understand and practice the steps of enlightenment ways. To understand your livelihood and yourself, you must examine who you are on an innermost level. This technique is considered getting to the “truth of the matter.” The truth of the matter is your hope and fear for this lifetime. It is the yin and yang of you. For example, you have the ability to experience your lifetime as it comes to you rather than by going to it. For every event in your life, you have an opportunity to dictate its outcome. As stated previously, there is a crossroads at every opportunity you see. This crossroads is a path for you to take. You may take the path to the left or you may take the path to the right. The choice is yours to make. By choosing one path over the other, you dictate your life.

In any given moment, you can see where you are going. It is always available to you, but everyone does not take advantage of this knowledge. To always take advantage would be to let go of your fears and inhibitions, your doubt. For some, this is scary. Exact knowledge, or intuition, is not the norm for all people, but to use it at a crossroads in your life is an acceptable venture to take. By using this technique, you take control of yourself and you cease the existence of doubt. When you are in control, you are in the matter at hand. When you are in control, you are in exact knowledge of yourself.

You know your innermost needs, desires, and wants. This control is the opportunity of life, the yin. The yin can override the yang if you allow it to. In the same token, the yang can override the yin if you allow it to. This is what is meant by taking control of your emotions. You have the power to see beyond the moment. It is available to you through your intuition. Once you acknowledge this gift, you can use it at any time. The saying ‘true fortune comes from within’ is to remind you to look inside yourself to your intuition for the answer. If you do this, you give yourself the opportunity to be who you are in body, mind, and spirit, thus creating balance for yourself, which leads to Well-Being.

As you discover your physicality, you realize what you like and dislike about your body. The same will be true in regards to your mind, and spirit. True fortune is the spirit within you. This part of your being allows you to move forward in time. This means that you can eliminate the negative within your mind by focusing on the positive. This true fortune is your inherent love for yourself. It is the love you give to yourself on a daily basis. You are fortunate to be yourself and to have this ability to love yourself for who you are in body, mind, and spirit. As you grow accustomed to living without doubt, you will be able to see and feel your fortune more clearly. You can decipher your wants and needs on an intimate level. This focus will lead you to your spiritual self. Within this self-love, you will acknowledge your intuition without question. To question yourself leads to doubt and confusion. In growing and strengthening your intuition, doubt no longer becomes necessary because you are loving yourself and thinking positive for yourself. You are within the yin and in acceptance of yourself.

Affirmation: To develop your belief system for this step, always remind yourself, “True fortune comes from within.” This ability to recognize yourself as you are will bring forth love and happiness as you learn who you are, what your needs are, and develop a relationship with yourself and others.

7. Meditation or Prayer

Visualization and meditation for a given desire becomes the essence of your being and thus a part of the Universal laws that develop this world as one.

Intentions of the heart are honorable, but can be muddled in self-denial because you are hoping for a desirable outcome. In order to be hopeful and expectant for yourself and others, you need to know yourself. To think like an open-minded, open-hearted individual, you must remember to honor yourself.

You can pinpoint what is real for you by opening your mind to individual thinking. Focus on one item and close the mind to all others. This may be done literally or figuratively. For example, you can mentally create an image to focus on while waiting to receive intuitive thoughts or images of what you need to know for the day, or you may try writing a repetitive sentence such as ‘relax and breathe’ while waiting to receive intuitive thoughts or images in written form of what you need to know for the day. A form of automated writing is a stepping stone to creative visualization, meditation, prayer and internal intuitive actions that will help you to better understand your place within the universe.

You can create everything necessary for hope in the heart and mind. Diligent practice of either technique will help to hone yourself in matters of the body, mind, and spirit and create an open heart and mind. Concentration and meditation practices are best used with breathing techniques that build the mind. Positive intake of breath relieves worrisome doubt and disheveled spirit. The saying ‘the body is a temple’ rings true in regards to housekeeping. A clean mind, and spirit facilitates positive breathing. Concentrating on positive thoughts will bring positive outcomes. Matters of the heart are most desirable when coming from a positive attitude for a hopeful outcome. When encouraging yourself to be open-minded and openhearted, think of yourself in terms of love for all, regardless of the outcome. If you are giving of yourself freely, outcome is of no relevance. In this state, your heart is pure.

Do not be troubled if other images come to mind while you are meditating. You are these things too. Do not push against them and they will subside. Focus on love and they will disappear. Worrisome thinking is created from inward anger at self. Meditation, taking course of action through changing thought patterns, and relying less on outward movement of emotions will remove worrisome thinking and doubt. By doing these things, you regain a calming sense of self. By devoting time to yourself for love and joy, you will find that you have less self-doubt and inward implosion of negative energy. Concentration on self-love, and devotion of time for self-healing, will help to reward yourself with love and care for energies that are both positive and naturally mobile. This sense of energy can help you and other people regain a sense of thankfulness and enhance gratitude.

In your heart, you have the ability to see yourself for who you are in body, mind, and spirit on an earthly level. This view is the window to self-knowledge on a level equivalent to the love you receive from other people. Your heart is the essence of humanity and gives you the desire to love mankind. This ability is what gives you the peace of mind to accept others for who they are in body, mind, and spirit. To live in harmonic balance and on an intimate level with people, you must accept them for who they are as you accept yourself for who you are. This can be achieved through prayer and meditation.

It is each person’s desire to live together in harmony with others. This is a born trait. You cannot escape from this desire. You can, however, suppress it. When you do this, you become angry and self-loathing. (As these are stated, do not always think the extreme of each emotion. Each person has a different degree of anger or self-loathing.) The truth of the matter is that for you to continue loving yourself for who you are in body, mind, and spirit, you must also do the same for other people. This is the truth of the matter for you on a level consistent with mankind. To portray yourself as a channel of peace and kindness, you must accept peace and kindness for yourself.

Prayer and meditation are the groundwork for your foundation of strength. By beginning each day with meditation or prayer, you are priming yourself for peace of mind. Prayer and meditation help you focus your energies on positive thoughts of love. Prayer can be questions on guidance or gratitude for gifts given, for example the gift of life, love, hope, etc. Meditation is inner peace, the harmonization between body, mind, and spirit. This moment of rest helps your body center itself within the universe. This ability to relax in the moment helps the mind find strength in knowledge and the spirit to find peace in the stillness of your heart.

Learning to concentrate on specific items eases the pain or worry of the day. You may release outcomes that have occurred or outcomes that are expected. Meditation is your time to visualize a worldly peace and your part in that unity of body, mind, and spirit. It is a vehicle to move forward in time. It allows you to envision what is to come and to let go of its outcome. The crossroads you choose are determined by the situation at hand. Meditation will help you to visualize these situations and bring peace of mind that your outcome is pure. This is helpful in giving back to the earth a positive influence in harmony for its people. By meditating, you are at rest and at peace. This positive stillness is one less negative for the earth to hold. You give back to your community by letting go of your self-loathing. Positive outcomes net positive energy. Meditation takes many forms and the only requirement is to perform it in a way that works for you. This may be in a traditional manner, or a combination of different forms. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. The choice is yours to make and it is one you will be most comfortable with.

The same holds true for prayers. Prayers are direct conversation with a Higher Power or the Universe. This communication opens up the possibility of love for all to see. It is not contained within you, but extends outside of you. Prayer is an outward movement of emotions. It is something you project. For this reason, how you word your prayers is very important. You need to write or say them in a positive manner. For example, if your father has cancer, you will want to word your prayer in such a manner, “I pray for love and health for my father in body, mind, and spirit so that he may better serve the Universe/God/Higher Power with love and hope for himself and others.” This dispels the negativity that may surround him and gives the focus of love that not only affects him but also projects the love to others. This manner of thought and prayer can give everyone hope and love rather than mainly focusing on the negative in a prayer, “Please remove my father’s cancer.”

Wording has a great influence on your perception and the perception of others. The more you focus on dispelling doubt, which is accomplished by focusing your energies on love and hope, the more love and hope you will encounter. As this occurs, your manner of thought will lead itself to a new way of developing what is positive in manner. Prayer and meditation will help to facilitate this process. As you progress in self-awareness and your desire to be at peace with yourself, you will find that these tools were already present within you. You needed to accomplish self-worth first in order to see them.

Affirmation: To develop your belief system for this step, remember to tell yourself, “I will begin each day and end each day with meditation or prayer.” Doing this will help you to remain open to receiving guidance.

8. Thinking Positive

Breathing in goodness and love exhales negativity and self-destruction.

Guarding yourself against pain is not living fully. Pain is an outside influence you have control over. The control is found from within. What you allow to enter is up to you. Fear is a factor you can deny. Pain is a factor you can deny. Love, too, is a factor you can deny. Once you determine the origin of yourself and the love you have, know, want, need, and require, you can become more complete, and stronger in thought and emotion. The power is already within you. You come into this world complete. Outside influences weigh you down with unnecessary factors of emotions.

Living with fear and being a part of the negative togetherness of doubt is not something you are required to do. You can be most positive and happy at all times. Controlling what you think and controlling what you do will lead to a more fulfilling life. Outside influences are cumbersome and unnecessary when they do not have a positive purpose for you. You are here on earth for goodness and love. Actions taken outside of this scope are not needed in your life. You can change your thought patterns to not worry and fret over things, people, and places. How you think is frequently determined by how you feel. The trick of the matter is to change how you think, and this will change how you feel. Encourage yourself to think in a positive manner. Encourage yourself to see the good in humankind. Encourage yourself to find the needs in a situation rather than the shoulds. Once you treat yourself to a better way of thinking and understanding, you can have a better way of feeling.

Your thought process is determined by your upbringing. You learn traits from your caretakers. At any given moment, you are able to decide what you focus your attention on. As you grow in maturity, your parents or guardians teach you right from wrong. You will find, however, in your heart what is correct for you. This is a natural occurrence and is not influenced by others. To gain this knowledge of your instinctual ability to choose right and wrong for yourself, you must rid yourself of what you have learned from your parents or guardians. In order to do this, you must shed yourself of doubt, build your self-esteem, and trust your intuition. Doubt-free living is healthy living. Building self-worth not only builds your self-esteem, it also allows you to help others. When you are strong for yourself, you can be strong for other people. Trusting your intuition is the same as accepting yourself on all levels of self-knowledge and self-awareness. This gives you fortitude, and fortitude allows you to move forward in a positive direction. This is an important factor for your growth.

Positive thoughts and actions generated by you give other people the ability to move forward as well. For humankind to evolve, they must move forward in time in a positive direction. This is both figurative and literal. Literally speaking, moving forward is the same as moving your body physically forward to the action you must take for the task at hand. This may be driving yourself to dance class or going to work. Figuratively speaking, moving yourself forward in time is the advancement of your knowledge.

To know yourself, you must learn about yourself. To gain knowledge of other civilizations you must teach yourself what is left behind. This past existence or culture is your ability to move forward. You can learn from past mistakes, past successes, past regrets. However, to think positive gives you the capability to see only what you need to know in order to continue to move forward in time. For instance, you can see what other people are currently doing today. This is firsthand knowledge. To apply this knowledge to yourself gives you mobility. You are accepting their value as your own. This practice is only feasible if their actions are good in nature. You must remember that your knowledge supersedes theirs.

You may have an idea of what is right for you, but look to others for guidance. This is not good practice. You must always look within. You may see, hear, and do what you see others doing, but it is best to check your intuition for your guidance. This is the positive outlook on life. Your intuition is always right for you at any given moment. You may feel you are in the worst position of your life, but if you check your intuition, you will find that this position is only fleeting. The outcome of the position may be positive, or the outcome may be negative, but the value you receive in learning from this experience far outweighs the negative. Again, it is all about perspective and how you place value on yourself. How you perceive yourself and how you perceive the situation you are in is dictated by you alone. It does not matter what other people believe, it only matters what you believe and know for yourself to be true. You have choices to make and in these decision making opportunities, look within and realize your true potential. You can prove the outcome of any situation at hand prior to its outcome. This is deductive reasoning. It is a capable human trait and in building your strengths and assets, growing your mind and balance between your three levels of self-worth (body, mind, and spirit), you will be well equipped to see a positive outcome, no matter what the pain threshold is currently present. There is strength found in adversity. Hold onto your love of self, and you can move through any task.

Take, for instance, a person in a wheelchair; you may feel sad for this person. However, this does not matter to them, they do not need to know or be concerned with what you think or how you feel. They only need to think about how they feel. Perhaps the logical approach to this example is best. The person in the wheelchair is the person who needs to focus on the acceptance of the matter at hand. The wheelchair is their tool for mobility. It is not a hindrance, it is a help. Yes, there are circumstances that will be beyond comprehension to you, like the cancer that was given as an example in the prayer and meditation step. You may wish to think about why did this cancer have to occur, and will it go away, etc., but this is not for you to contemplate or understand. The cancer is not for you and not for your present lifetime. If it is you with the cancer, you will understand your situation and why it is occurring for you. Your intuition will always guide you in this manner. All you must do is ask for the answer, and it will be presented to you. It may not be the answer you want to hear, but it will always be the answer you need to hear. This is the outlook of ‘positive’ that will move you forward in your growth for self-knowledge. It is the outlook that helps you to give to others a sense of security and well-being. To be positive in your own needs helps you to be positive in the needs of others.

This world has evolved in negative outcomes from positive situations due to lack of trust in intuition and desire for love on an intimate level and earthly level. People must learn to get back to that basic need of inherent love for yourself, and in turn love for others. Positive thoughts and positive outlooks will help to bring everyone to that place once again, one person at a time.

Affirmation: To develop your belief system for this step, tell yourself “If I think positive, I will feel positive.” You can create positive action for yourself and others.

9. What You Can Do

To love yourself is to give value to yourself.

In your heart you have a developing sense for self-appreciation when you use your energies as a positive influence for other people. In order to pursue this line of action, you must first take care of yourself. Initially, you are bound to be giving rather than receiving, but you can only give what you have. If you have hatred and anger, then you give hatred and anger. By the same token, if you have love and hope, you give love and hope. To get yourself back into love and focus on it, you must come into acceptance of your inherent love for yourself again. It is ever-present, but forced into stagnancy by negative feelings. Negative feelings are mirror images of self-loathing you receive through mixed messages sent out by other negative people. This negative energy from others does not have to be absorbed or received by you. If you are in constant love of yourself, negative feelings are not welcome, and they will not enter.

To stay within inherent love, you must be able to love yourself at all times. To love yourself at all times, you must be accepting of yourself at all times. In order to do this, you must be able to agree with yourself in all actions. In other words, no action is “wrong.” Every action is correct, because every action you take is meant to be loving for you. This makes you full of love for yourself. It is true you may learn from those actions you lose sight of, or deem as “mistakes.” In understanding your limitations and boundaries you gain full knowledge of strengths and the strengths you need to grow. In time, you will begin to feel better about your self-understanding and that you can believe in your self-worth. Everyone is capable of self-understanding and has inherent love to draw upon. By believing in yourself, you can believe in other people as well.

At each milestone you reach, you will know that you may go left or right; it is a crossroads. Also, for each person you meet, you will also go left or right. Where you are in your life will determine which way you will move forward. For example, the person with whom you are speaking with may be full of anger. If you have anger issues, it is more than likely that you will commiserate with the person, rather than walk away. These circumstances will begin to be clearer as you learn more about yourself. When you have anger in you, then you have anger outside of you. Your energy is produced by your feelings. To have angry feelings brings angry energy. This will go out to others of the same discord and bring them into your life.

Projected feelings begin by placing your self-worth on hold. Looking within curbs the urge or desire to look outside of yourself for your feelings of self-worth. What you want and need for yourself determines what you give and receive. If you are neglectful in choosing positive influences for yourself, you will receive negative input from others.

The cycle of anger and hate goes around in circles. All you must do is begin to look at yourself in a loving manner in order to break this cycle. On this earth, there are plenty of opportunities to do good will. It is a matter of choosing positive over negative. This is not always clear to individuals, due to extenuating circumstances. These extenuating circumstances are created by your actions that are negative in nature. It is best practice to always think positive thoughts for yourself and others, and create positive acts for yourself and others. These are the things that rid the earth of negative circumstances. This is not a difficult thing to do if you begin as an individual and start from within. Each day you are with yourself in body, mind, and spirit. In each day, decide to love yourself in body, mind, and spirit. This will encourage you to love others in the same manner. By doing these basic things, you will be able to help others achieve great heights as you achieve your own.

Affirmation: To develop your belief system for this step, tell yourself, “I know that what I can do for others is determined by what I can do for myself.”

10. Let Go

In letting go, you receive more.

In some situations, it is best to leave yourself open to interpretation. For instance, if you have no set outcome in mind, the outcome will be pure. Leave yourself to chance that doubt is only a hindrance for truth of substantial meaning. Freeing yourself from old thought patterns takes practice and can be accomplished. Releasing self-doubt is inherent to you. Your self-love is pure love in beginning, future, and end. Self-doubt is a manifestation of earthliness that is not essential for this lifetime. If you are fearfully focused on an outcome, you will come up short. If you focus on love, you are open to more possibilities.

Open-mindedness and allowing yourself to be open to interpretation are essential for this lifetime. Allowing yourself this opportunity in manners of events will allow you to hear the guidance for the task at hand. In being open-minded, you are allowing yourself to be aware of something other than the present state of being. In each state of being (past, present, and future), there are opportunities to hear guidance. If you leave yourself open to interpretation, you are able to foresee the outcome of a task. This ability to see the outcome is the ability to envision the event as it is. Hearing or seeing the outcome is an inward experience of acknowledgement you will come to understand in time. Hearing or seeing the outcome can be literal to some, or figurative. What is most important to remember is this simple statement: be in the now and know the how- it will flow freely through you. This is essentially how you let go of the outcome. It is a state of acceptance for the event and allows you to move forward.

Each event is allowed more than one outcome. The event may be realized as positive, negative, or the state of unrest. Each of the outcomes is an opportunity for you to grow in awareness. In leaving yourself open to interpretation for an event, you may realize the outcome for the time being. In other words, allowing yourself to be open to the moment at hand allows you to be flowing and in the inherent love of self. This is a positive state of mind, so to speak. While in this state, your answers are clear. It is the path of least resistance and comes very easy to you. If you are in a state of unrest or struggling with an event, more than likely you are not believing in yourself and being open to interpretation. As a result, you will not be open to possibilities of outcomes.

As you learn about yourself, you will come to realize many things about your nature and the nature of those around you. These personalities will have similarities and disparities. What you choose to focus on for yourself will bring you ill or good will. For example, the person who is always speaking in a negative manner will always be speaking about a negative circumstance. The opposite is true for those individuals who are positive in nature. How then do you become positive in nature rather than negative in nature? By the thoughts you think. To break it down to the most simple and basic understanding, the thoughts you choose to think about are the determining factor in you emotional well-being. It is not possible to always be positive or to always be negative. There is no way for a person to be the “all” of one emotion. Your complexities do not allow you to be all or nothing in regards to emotions. That would not allow you to move forward in time. Thinking is the one tool that you can use to understand where you are and why you are here. Choose to think in a positive manner. You can always revert to positive if you go down the path of negative, because, it is in this lifetime that you have chosen to learn new traits. These traits will bring you freedom of will and this freedom will point you in the right direction on your path to Well-Being. Well-Being is the balance between body, mind, and spirit. This path is the essence of your being. This path is your lifetime of achievements laid out before you. It is in your lifetime that you will follow this path and succeed in your endeavors.

Let go of fears and inhibitions. Let go of doubt. Your life is worth more than negative emotions that weigh down your instinct. You need to focus on your endearing qualities as a human being. When you wake in the morning and when you ready yourself to sleep in the evening, it is best practice to allow yourself time to contemplate on your endearing qualities. This exercise is not a list of positive and negative qualities, like when you noted the physical traits you saw in yourself and came to accept them all. The endearing qualities you possess are your free-spirited thoughts about your self-worth. For example, you may feel that you are witty, bright, pretty or handsome, comical, kind, artistic, or athletic. These are traits that you feel you possess. When you come to realize your traits, you recognize your aptitudes. These are the qualities you possess that other people are attracted to. These are quality traits that respond to your actions. By this I mean that your traits help to drive your personality. It is this that people become attracted to on an earthly level. The more traits you possess (acknowledge and accept), the more positive thoughts you will encounter. The more you know and recognize yourself on an intimate level, the happier you will feel. Remember that thoughts lead to emotions, so if you control your thoughts you in essence control your feelings. Your personality is only part of your body, mind, and spirit, which is that essence of your self-worth. To think in a positive manner about yourself, you must know yourself.

The first nine steps help you to achieve thoughts pure in love for yourself and to become pure in love for yourself. The purest love of all is You. You are what you know and love for this lifetime of achievements that you will accomplish while on this journey of life. You will know every aspect of your being and every aptitude of your nature. These are the attributes that allow you to move forward in time to Well-Being. While on earth, you will always be liked or disliked for who you are. The truth of the matter is to always be yourself. To be yourself will guarantee that you will be liked or disliked. This is what dictates the harmonic balance of earth itself. It does not matter if you are disliked. That is what you are possessing at that time in life for the other person and for you. It does not matter what they need from you or of you. It is for them to decide. What you need to do is think in the purest love of yourself, this thought will bring you to happiness. This happiness brings you to your love for yourself, and is where you need to be in this lifetime of events you arrive at in each day.

Always think in loving thoughts for yourself and you will then come to those thoughts that are pure in nature. These thoughts are where you need to be for this lifetime that is full of positive and negative. Let go of your doubts. Be yourself and do not rely on the opinion of anyone else. You are who you are, and for this reason, you will succeed. The only way you will fail, is if you fail to believe in yourself; this is step 10.

Affirmation: To develop your belief system for this step, always tell yourself, “I am in pure and utter love of self.”

Section One Summary

In time, steps 1-10 become second nature to you. Practicing all of the steps will bring you out of self-doubt and back to self-love. It is already waiting within you. It is natural to be you and it is also common to be the you yourself needs to be⎯ pure love.

Naturally, the ways of humankind are what you had been accustomed to. Love is also a natural practice and can be rejuvenated, as it is ever-present and only lying dormant under what you have laid above it. Develop a thought pattern consistent with these beliefs, and self-doubt will no longer consume you. Once your self-doubt is quelled, self-hope can be nurtured. Through self-hope, you have the ability to achieve the heights of glorified success beyond monetary wealth of humankind.

Remember to always look within during times of doubt. Doubt is manageable through prayer and meditation. Fear is pure mental obstacles and can be overcome through mental tactics. When your doubts and fears are released, your intuition is empowered.

Section Two – Revitalizing Self-Hope

The first ten steps lay the groundwork for continual motion of positive growth for your self-awareness. Steps 1-10 teach how to value yourself. Once learned, you are no longer reluctant to move forward in your life, because now you can see yourself as a person full of hope and love from within. The next steps 11-15 explain the hope that has been revitalized within you. This hope is the love you inherently have for yourself. By beginning first with releasing the mind of self-doubt, you allow yourself potential for revitalizing self-hope. Self-hope is merely living without self-doubt. In order to achieve the awakening of self-hope, you practiced all of the ten steps on a daily basis. Through the practices taught in releasing self-doubt, you developed a pattern for gaining hope.

Self-hope is using the power of love that is within you, because love is full of hope. While leaving yourself open for interpretation is essential for releasing self-doubt, it is not essential for attaining self-hope. The hope for yourself resides within the love already present through birth. Therefore, no interpretation is needed.

Hope is in categories of three:

p<>{color:#000;}. Love – Love for yourself comes from within and is inherent to you through birth.

p<>{color:#000;}. Desire – Desire to be yourself is driven by your first thought and first action.

p<>{color:#000;}. Need – Need for yourself is that yourself is the need⎯ act for you, not for others.

If you love yourself and accomplish your desires for yourself, then you will need yourself to be the person you chose to be. By trusting what it is that comes from within, you can be that which is necessary for being all that is. In other words, the need for yourself is that yourself is the need. Each day, there are circumstances you must abide, and by living each day through each moment, these circumstance become minimal. Each category of hope is a portal for Well-Being. Each category of hope must be honed daily through a ritual manner consisting of doubt-free living, loving others as you love yourself, and striving to be the person you were born to be. Acceptance of all categories is needed for living on an earthly level in harmony with nature. This is possible by living within hope and staying in the moment. By being yourself, you are afforded the opportunity for wealth and happiness. All people are not meant for glorified success of fame and fortune. This is an earthly thought or misconception. All people are meant for love and happiness through self-love. By thinking in this manner, all people will achieve wealth and happiness, and this is above fame and fortune.

There are times when you may have moments of non-hope. This is when humankind can get disillusioned with the self. You must live inherently, moment by moment, guiding yourself through what you know and don’t know. Moments of non-hope are the reason you can get lost in your thoughts or surroundings. The split second of disconnect between moments causes discord between your body, mind, and spirit. Practicing meditation helps to strengthen your focus and ability to stay in the moment. Meditation helps to lessen the impact and occurrences of non-hope states.

Hope is not simple. It is a dynamic form of energy that encompasses your body and mind. Doubt was present in your thinking and affected your body. Hope resides in your mind and your body. Your body is full of hope in that you can carry it within your heart and soul. Hope is a part of your physical makeup because you are born with love for yourself. Your mind is also full of hope in that you can think in positive ways. Doubt is man-made, whereas hope is self-made. Self-hope is ever present, but it lies dormant if not released by positive actions created by you for yourself. Self-hope remains, regardless of self-doubt. It is the true intentions of your deepest desires for this lifetime. Being love and hope for yourself enables you to give love and hope to others. This creates a continual cycle of positive energies through your actions and non-actions.

Action is positive movements, thoughts, and events brought about by you. Action is associated with positive. Non-action is negative movements, thoughts and events brought about by you. Non-action is associated with negative. To see what is positive you must acknowledge the negative, and for every action there is a reaction in time. To remain in this time, there must be a physical force to hold the body within it. This force is positive energy and negative energy. The positive energy flows through and around you, only to be stopped by negative circumstances. These negative circumstances hinder your growth within. For you to remain positive or negative at all times is not relevant or possible on this earthly level. You must have balance to survive and exist. In this case, have balance in the sense that everyone is capable of both positive and negative actions. No one is capable of being totally negative or totally positive. You can only be mostly negative or mostly positive. It is in these instances that good and evil are described. These terms are only used here to gauge emotions and actions. For example, positive action may be termed good, and negative action may be termed evil. Your perception of these words is influenced by their context and how they are interpreted by you. For example, ‘To kill a person is considered evil’ or ‘To kill a person is considered a negative action.’ Both sentences express the same event, but depending on your perception, both sentences will not bring you the same emotions when you read them or say them. This example will become more important as you continue to work through these steps on self-hope.

It is your perception and ability to be open-minded that will determine your ability to live in self-hope and love. By focusing on negative trends, you continue their existence in your life. Perception is your ability to balance the two and choose which is more important for your lifetime. It is this perception of positive or negative abilities that will guide you to your self-hope. For example, to notice only the negative events in your life means that you are in a negative space and far from self-hope. If you do not see your negativity, then you are not ready to rid yourself of doubt. But to see that you have no positive in your life means that you are ready to receive this hope. It is this perception that needs to be encouraged. The perception of not having positive influence means that you need it and you want to focus on having these events in your life. This comes to you as you lose your doubt. To see only positive events means that you are in self-hope.

For every emotion, there is an equal action. This is evident in body movement and surrounding energy emitted by the emotion as it moves forward in time. Listening to the tone of a voice and watching body gestures validates this statement. How you interpret your feelings in your body movements can keep you from focusing on the positive outcomes that are necessary for you to survive. It is important to accomplish positive actions by giving positive feelings to yourself and other people. Harboring negative thoughts results in body ailments and sore muscles. Your body retains the bulk of your actions, whereas your mind removes itself. For example, a negative thought does not remain inside of you. It is expelled through your actions. These actions, however, are retained throughout your body because your body emits the action. Your thoughts are flushed and new thoughts flow in. Your actions are energy-producing, which makes them tangible events. Trace evidence remains behind. For this reason, it is paramount that you think positive and act in positive ways. To be hopeful and full of love will give your body positive actions and positive thoughts, and these will in turn be favorable for your body and mind.

To accept action, you must accept yourself as creator of your intuition. Your intuition can also be termed as the known and unknown of your lifetime. It is important to remember that what you know and don’t know are one and the same. It is the possibility of knowing that makes every unknown capable of being known.

Earlier, you were asked to believe that before birth, you were able to choose what was to be and not to be for you in this lifetime. If you believe this to be true, then after birth, you are responsible for creating the world you have chosen and what is to be your lifetime. As each moment passes through the mind, it is molded to fit the life chosen by you. For this reason, you will know that your first thought equals the first action you must take. The dilemma you may face in realizing this fact is from the impact of energy surrounding you. Your first thought and first action can be influenced by what is around you physically. This is circumstantial and cannot be avoided. The earth’s elements of time do not allow for the same elements as that which is unknown to you.

The unknown is not a part of time that is defined within the earthly level. It is relative time and non-existent until you bring it into existence and into your world. In other words, you are “creating” it. This line of thinking can be difficult to grasp so it is best explained in layman’s terms: The world is round, yes? For this reason the world cannot be flat. This analogy shows how time can function. You are in time, yes? Then you cannot be of time. In time is to be within the present moment and currently moving and acting within the present, not off daydreaming or projecting into the future or remembering the past. To be of time is to be of the moment. It is that you become the moment and thusly your intuition, there is no need for conscious thought.

Hearing the first thought to know the first action is difficult because you are experiencing what is around you at the same time. It is possible, though, to tune out enough of the earthly level to hear your first thought. Or, you can learn to tune in to your first thought. These two perceptions bring about the same result. However, both of these tactics take practice in learning.

As stated earlier, there must be balance for the earthly level to survive and exist. Based on this concept, you will have more than one choice for any action you may take.

To be able to hear your intuition when involved with the earthly notions of everyday living, you must concentrate on self-awareness. This task is only difficult in the onset. By releasing self-doubt, you have opened yourself to listening. To hear intuition, you must also be open to guidance. To be open to guidance, you must be aware that it exists.

To hear your subtle first thought is very difficult when you are being asked a question by someone from this earthly level. Speaking freely will help you bring about your first thought, and acting freely will help you bring about your first action. The first thought is the first action you must take. This conditioning of yourself is the first step in revitalizing hope for yourself on an earthly level.

For you to act, you must also be willing to move. Willfulness is the desire to change your elements. Willfulness is not inherent. It is a learned trait from which you gain your strength by positioning your emotions. Willfulness is strengthened by your desire to act and react in positive ways for yourself. This form of movement (physicality) sends energy to the otherworldly (universal) level. While in this level, the physical element of energetic thought becomes energy that is absorbed and recycled to others for use. In order for this type of energy to be recycled, you must let go of doubt and fear. Those thoughts store energy and thus weigh you down.

Recycled energy is an absorbed matter that transforms itself into a positive mass of energy and then re-releases itself to those in need. Positive energy in a sense is pure energy and because it is always and only positive, it can be used and re-used by you without fault or negative impact on nature. Negative energy stays within the earthly level and is a form of non-action because it does not recycle. Negative energy is the by-product of human emotion that is less than positive. It is transmitted from individual to individual and does not exist within the realm of the otherworldly. As mentioned previously, negative energy can only be removed by the impact of positive energy.

By acknowledging the positive and negative energy within your environment, you will better understand the impact of your actions on yourself and others. Self-doubt and self-fear inhibited your growth within. Releasing these two aspects of your being expanded your self-knowledge and self-awareness. Regaining hope and love will allow yourself the ability to take this newfound knowledge and act upon it in positive ways for yourself and others.

11. First Thought Equals First Action

Using your thought processes for releasing self-doubt has disciplined you to remember what you already know, love for yourself. This is a natural occurrence that resides in everyone, however great or small.

The first step you must take to revitalize self-hope is to think for yourself and of yourself. Relinquishing the hold other people have over you requires steady diligence in re-enacting your thoughts and desires. Remember that your first thought is the first action you must take. You must practice, practice, and continue to practice knowing this first thought.

To know your first thought, you must feel your first action. The time that passes during first thought to first action is not the same as earthly time. It is much less. Because your mind is quicker than your body, you will find that the first action will begin to take place before you acknowledge the first thought. You do not always detect this action or movement of your body. However, as you begin to practice knowing your first thought, you will recognize it. It is also akin to having a sense of knowing, which is like when there is no instance of discord within you. For example, the act of walking backwards takes much more effort than moving in a forward fashion. Knowing this first thought and action is very similar. It feels like moving forward, something you already know how to do and know about. Again, this will take time and practice.

To assist in practicing, allow for yourself “freedom of thought.” Freedom of thought is using first thought and first action in all tasks. By practicing this technique, you will begin to distinguish subtle changes in emotions that will allow you to instinctively know your first thought. Opening your heart and mind has given you the self-awareness to know these subtle changes of emotion. To know the truth, you must hear the truth from within. Try practicing this technique with simple events such as choosing which parking lane to turn down when looking for an open space, choosing which elevator will arrive first when waiting for more than one, or intuitively knowing which floors it may stop at before it arrives, etc.

Every event you encounter holds a special meaning for you. At each event you grow spiritually (body, mind, and spirit) toward your lifetime. Whether you are on the path you chose at birth or far from this thought, you still have the opportunity for growth. This growth can move you closer to the path or farther from the path. At each level of your self-awareness, you still know your truth, regardless of which direction of the path you are on. Emotions surrounding your event trigger what is already known to you. The word path is used more figuratively than in the literal sense. The path is ever present and within you. What is meant by far from the path is that you are not moving in harmony with nature and your life feels strained. Here is a simple way to show how your emotion relates to the direction you are on your path.

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Affirmation: To help you remain on the positive path full of love and hope, always tell yourself, “First thought equals first action. My thoughts and actions flow freely.”

12. First Desires for Yourself

Remember that hope is in categories of three: 1) love, 2) desire, and 3) need. Love for yourself comes from within and is inherent to you through birth. Desire to be yourself is driven by your first thought and first action. Need for yourself is that yourself is the need⎯ act for you, not for others.

In order to be one with yourself on all levels, you need to know the first desires for yourself. First desires for yourself tend to be those that you deny. The perception of what is desirable to humankind can be misleading. What makes you happy, and what comes from within is equivalent to what you first desire. By practicing open-heart and open– mind, you will increase the need for yourself to be the need of yourself.

It is in knowing that you have the power to be loved that you can achieve the first desire for yourself. Through this desire, you may better live within your means for this lifetime. You have been given a gift of knowledge, which is your intuition. To use this knowledge, you must be able to receive it. By acknowledging first desires, you acknowledge what you know to be true for yourself in this lifetime. This in turn will allow you positive thoughts, actions, and influences. To be insightful and intuitive, you need to be forgiven. This belief is twofold. To be forgiven relies on giving thanks for all that is good in your life. To be thankful in this manner allows you to acknowledge the positive influences around you. Secondly, in forgiving yourself, you are acknowledging your self-worth because you are asking for more of the act of giving. The word forgiveness is the combination of the words “for” and “give” and has always meant for to “give more love.” When you ask for forgiveness, you are asking for the ability to get back to the love you have for yourself and to be able to give more love once again.

You deserve to be giving yourself that much acknowledgement of love. Forgiving is about loving yourself enough to give extra thought in a positive way. The importance of positive energy lies within its ability to be re-used by another person. The more positive energy the earth beholds, the more gratuity people will receive. When asking for forgiveness of body, mind, and spirit, you are thinking in terms of love for yourself. This love allows you to be available to know the next direction you must take in self-awareness growth. Growth is the vantage point for releasing doubt and ridding yourself of negative feelings. There are varying degrees of all levels for yourself. You may be highest in matters of love for others, but lacking in love for yourself or vice-versa. It is through the achievement of balanced elements for body, mind, and spirit that you can be thankful for yourself, and it is at that moment you become forgiven. This matter of love is already available through birth, but not if you accept past situations as present situations. You will have no room for growth if you remain in the past. When accepting the past as present, you hang onto fear and doubt. In doing this, you block the love and hope inherent from within and force yourself into forgiveness. By releasing doubt and getting back to the hope within, you are no longer in need of forgiveness because you are already giving yourself what you need for this lifetime: love for yourself in the present moment.

To believe in yourself, you must also become accustomed to thinking in terms of love for yourself. This thought pattern relinquishes the desire to love another person more than is necessary for this lifetime. Through birth, you are guaranteed forgiveness of body, mind, and spirit, and you are considered to be accepted as you are. In choosing yourself before birth, you are more inclined to accept yourself after birth. It is earthly notions and desires that hold you back. To shed these thoughts and regain your first desire for yourself, remember these words of wisdom: You are pure love in beginning, middle and end. There is no room for doubt when in pure love of self. Accept yourself as it is before you in body, mind, and spirit and this will bring about the pure love from within. To have gratitude for material possessions will bring happiness of self-worth. But to have gratitude for physical attributes and your actions will bring about self-love. What do you do that makes you feel happy and fulfilled? What is it that you do that influences other people in a positive way? In all likelihood, the answer to both of the questions is that in each instance, you are completing an action that you love to do.

Each time you help yourself be who you are meant to be, you are giving back to the earth an amount of glory. This glory is then fed into earthly measures. These earthly measures are what sustain the earth. For example, each time you smile at a friend because you are happy and enjoying their company, it gives the earth an asset to move by. This asset is positive energy, an element of the earth used in growing a blade of grass or a raindrop falling. Everything is interconnected. No one element is separate from the rest. All elements of earth depend on each other for survival. For this reason, to know your first desires for yourself will give you the opportunity to give back to the earth and consequently to yourself. This helps you to move forward. To move forward and grow in self-awareness, you must give back to the earth. Moving forward is a term for living freely in body, mind, and spirit. It is being a part of the universal flow and the natural order of the universe.

Affirmation: To help you remain on the positive path full of love and hope, always tell yourself, “I practice open-heart and open-mind. I love myself in the present moment.”

13. First Thoughts of Life

To regain what you know to be true for you in this lifetime, you need to rekindle your first thoughts of life.

In this lifetime, you must obtain goals that have been predetermined before your birth. Upon birth, you have the ability to see all that is evident to your body, mind, and spirit for this lifetime. This knowledge is most often lost. To regain this knowledge, you must be born again figuratively speaking. The thought “what you know is already within you” comes from the first day you were born. Given that you can recreate this process, you can achieve your goals for this lifetime.

By releasing self-doubt and concentrating on the hope within, you can meditate successfully. There are many alternative means to achieve these results. Find the meditation practice most suitable for you. There are many different meditation styles out there for you to explore. Once your meditative style has been chosen, focus on receiving the answer for your question. There is regression through therapy, journaling, yoga, and the dream state. Not all are expected to get back to that first breath of life in the same manner, and you may find another means that better fits your need. The idea is to place yourself once again within the womb you had been given. Open your heart and mind to any thought you may possess at that time. What you will see and what you will hear is what you must know for this lifetime. I cannot relay how this will be presented to you as it is your awareness you seek. The goal and intention is to ask and become aware. Your intuition is always present. To be still in any moment allows you to hear what you need to know; for it is in the moment that earthly elements become no more.

In the beginning of time, there was nothing for you to see. You only had the ability to think and feel; this is the embodiment of your spirit. As you grew and evolved, your spirit became a loving entity of mass. Your mass soon developed to feel its surrounding energy, your mother or primary caretaker. As you continue to grow, you still continue to feel your mother’s spirit. This will always be known to you. Your spirit becomes detached as you give birth. Upon birth, you feel extremities; this is your physical body. At this time, the body is not a fully functional portion of your being. It is still evolving. When you are able to move of your own accord, then it is at this point you become mobile and active in your society. You also become an influence to others. Once this occurs, you no longer have the ability to act alone. When acting alone, you knew all of your needs. Now a part of society, you still know the needs of yourself, but they are influenced by what surrounds you, your environment, and your society. For this reason, all of your values are no longer clear-cut. They have become valid to you based on your surroundings.

The significance of this statement is that your needs belong to you and thus, you will need to identify them based on your first thought of life, not necessarily the thoughts you own today. You gain an advantage through the recognition of your first thoughts of life. They will validate your actions and direction in life.

Affirmation: To help you remain on the positive path full of love and hope, always tell yourself, “My intuition is always present. To be still in any moment allows me to hear what I need to know.”

14. Acknowledging Glory

By acknowledging other people in all of their glory, you acknowledge your own. To acknowledge the good in others is to give glory to the person they know to be true for them. Through this acceptance of goodness, you create a place for others to acknowledge what they know to be true for this lifetime.

By gathering at the truth of the matter, more glory is presented for the earth to behold. It is in this glory that you can give back to the earth, to yourself, and consequently move forward in your inner growth. It is through each task that you put forth your glory and love for yourself and to others. By achieving first thought and action for what you know to be true, love and glory is created.

At times, you may need to step back from the current situation or event and look at what is presently bothering you. This will give you the opportunity to give more than you receive. Each event or task is a striking ground to build upon. You may be a part of your own inner growth at an event or you may be a participant in the inner growth for the other person. Doing this exercise will also help you acknowledge others in all of their glory. Your intuition and your lifetime are not the same for someone else. By acknowledging others, you show them that they too have love, desire, and needs. Just like you, inner love is the necessary means to live freely and within a lifetime. You can help to support others in achieving their own glory and gratitude. To give someone your courage and strength in terms of goodness and love will summon the positive energy surrounding you. This energy will also allow them a sense of hope and freedom. It is best to give what you have in terms of love. Encourage yourself to look for compliments, and find the positive that is around you. When you give a positive outcome to someone, they return this gesture. A smile from a person in need is an outwardly mobile advancement in self-growth. The more often you generate this advancement, the more love you will see in your environment.

By acting in this manner, you are also giving the person your beliefs. You believe you are confident in yourself (body, mind, and spirit), your needs are met and that is why you can share this feeling with another person. If you pay attention to the person who compliments you, you will see that this person is full of love and hope for him- or herself. They exude self-reliance; the true compliment holds no current value for the person who is giving the gesture. It is purely an outwardly positive energy being produced. This gesture will encourage the person receiving the compliment to think about what you said, and decide to accept it as truth or find their truth within on the matter at hand.

As you may recall, this concept was discussed when you needed to release self-doubt. How you perceive yourself is the stepping stone to regarding yourself in a hopeful manner. Acknowledging others in all of their glory allows you to continue to remain in a positive light within the realm of self-hope, and will advance this sentiment to those around you and encourage them to do the same. Living with hope and love that resides within cannot be contained. Your inner radiance will show forth to others, especially if you allow yourself to release it for the well-being of the earth.

Affirmation: To help you remain on the positive path full of love and hope, always tell yourself, “I put forth hope for myself and others. In each task, I can put forth my glory and love for myself and to others.”

15. Passionate Desires

Acknowledging your passion held within is akin to acknowledging the earthly possessions of life.

Inner desires driven by passion for you alone are equal to possession of earthly goods not necessary for life. The three categories of hope: love, desire, and need, require that you do not hold material goods above your own natural abilities. More specifically, do not hold them above the love you have for yourself. To be of this lifetime, it is true that you require money and earthly possessions to survive. However, more than likely, the gauge to which you measure this amount has not been fixed by your needs, but by the needs of others. Remain true to yourself in measuring what you need and what you desire. By amassing weight around yourself, you may lose yourself. When love is present from within, when self-doubt is no longer, and when self-hope is ever-present, earthly possessions hold no true value for you.

In times of confusion, minimize your perception. By starting with the basic needs: food, clothing, and shelter, you will remember what is most important for living this lifetime. Always be thankful for what is present in your life, and be mindful of your priorities. The needs of humankind are many when thinking in terms of earthly possessions. You may own many things in order to own yourself. To regain your first thoughts and become more in tune with your intuition, you must shed your earthly belongings. The fewer earthly possessions you own, the more spiritual forgiveness you receive. Earthly possessions account for earthly instances. More possessions require spiritual diligence. The space that is freed up when letting go of earthly goods can be replaced with spiritual instances. You may regain those first thoughts and become more intuitive. Through this perception you will realize once again the necessity for less is good, and as a result, gain more prosperity of a spiritual means. Your passionate desires for yourself will then be at the forefront of your mind.

Affirmation: To help you remain on the positive path full of love and hope, always tell yourself, “In times of confusion, I can minimize my perception. What are most important in my life right now are my basic needs.”

16. Love From Within

Each waking day, you must accomplish tasks for living this life. Each waking day, you must remain pure to the love within to maintain a balance with the three categories of hope: love, desire and need.

Begin each morning by opening up your heart and mind to allow your love within to encompass your spirit. A morning ritual of this nature fills your soul from within and encourages your love to grow outward. By taking care of yourself, you open up to helping others take care of themselves. Creating a cycle of birth and rebirth allows the world to grow spiritually through a connection of like minds and bodies. Spiritual growth is merely the extension of love from within moving beyond one. The laws of nature are not unique to you alone. They are simplistic for all to understand and follow.

To be in this day, joyful and free of ill thought for your body, mind, and spirit, there are steps you must take to heal the mind and put forth positive energies of hope and freedom of will. In this day, you must accept yourself as you are in body, mind, and spirit. A peaceful spirit is one of hope, a restful mind is one at ease with self-knowledge, and a healthy body is one that has knowledge and self-awareness in matters of the spirit and mind. When spirit and mind are in balance, the body always follows. It is when all three avenues of self-awareness are aligned that you are at peace with the Universe and that which surrounds it. You are living in harmony.

To be in acceptance of what is otherworldly and spiritual, allow opportunity for growth beyond what is given. Being open-minded and open-hearted will enable you to see beyond what is given. You will be able to see the why. This knowledge allows you to move forward in self-awareness on a natural level of existence. This natural mobility is the chance for you to be in accordance with the Universe. These aspects of earthly living will allow you to be living freely and prosperously in body, mind, and spirit. Living in the moment and in harmony brings about a worldly peace from within. Balance is of great importance in matters of the heart and mind. Each has opportunities and disallowances for you to behold. Each has a state of rest and unrest. The two are separate in the sense that one cannot outweigh the other, and one cannot outlive the other. Your most natural state to be at peace and within love of self. When focusing and realigning to this fact, you gain the balance you need to sustain within the day.

To be available to hear what you need to know in matters of the heart, you must be clear on what you need to be accomplishing for the task at hand. True desires for positive outcome feel as though they come naturally and with ease in movement and thought. By this point, self-doubt has been ridden and your positive outlook and strength of mind have begun. These assets will give you more confidence and willingness for an open heart and mind. In this state, you are open for suggestions from your intuition. Listen for these times of acknowledgement. In practicing these suggestions consistently, you will be able to acknowledge what came before you in body, mind, and spirit. When all three areas of self-awareness are balanced, the guidance is forthcoming to you.

Affirmation: To help you remain on the positive path full of love and hope, always tell yourself, “I love each aspect of myself. I accept myself as I am in body, mind, and spirit.”

17. Acknowledging Yourself

To practice all that you have learned so far in each task or event you arrive at, you must accept risk of failure in the eyes of outside influences. Failure in this magnitude is not relevant.

Other people cannot know what the truth of the matter is within you. It is only your eyes and thoughts that are pure for you. It is not enough to practice releasing self-doubt. You must practice it in conjunction with self-hope. As these steps become second nature to you, they become no more. Acknowledging yourself in all tasks and events is acknowledging the need for yourself in that yourself is the need.

For you to love yourself, you must accept all “faults.” The internal beliefs of what you deem to be most unpleasant aspects of yourself. Upon acceptance, these faults become no more. They become truths for you. In this lifetime, there will be truths for you to behold. These truths are of importance in matters of health and balance for you and your three categories of hope: love, desire and need. Each category is comparable to a level of self-awareness. You can become more in tune with yourself as a whole by working on each category, because each is dependent on the next. Category one is for freedom to choose who you need to be in this lifetime. Category two is for accomplishing those tasks deemed necessary for this lifetime. Category three is for the strength to push forward with emotions of love and hope for all, and to be the need for yourself as yourself needs to be.

There are also categories or levels of awareness in the world in which you are living. These can dictate how you live your life. For example, once you become accustomed to your surroundings, you become accustomed to your health and well-being on that social level, and on an earthly level of doubt and fear. On the contrary, the more hope you have in your life, the less chance for doubt in your life and to fall into these social levels. You can become hope on an intimate level with yourself and others. It is self-hope that affords you the ability to live socially on a global level of self-awareness. If you look at body, mind, and spirit within the context of earthly living, you will be able to level set that which you need and that which you desire for living life in a balanced state. To grow and evolve at each level of awareness allows you to become more diligent and forgiving of yourself. These are aspects of humility, the necessary element for being one with the Universe. To make yourself the ‘center of the universe’ is not practical, nor is it necessary. To remind yourself that you are of the Universe and thusly a part of it, will allow your mind to reconnect to that which is already known to you, and this is a step in the direction of flow. It is a step forward in growth and Well-Being.

Affirmation: To help you remain on the positive path full of love and hope, always tell yourself, “I am thankful for what is present in my life. I acknowledge the love, desire, and need within myself.”

Section Two Summary

The steps for self-hope will keep you in self-love. Thinking in a positive manner is a world of good for yourself and for others. Its energy is pleasing and contagious. Although to always think in a positive manner is not possible, you can intend for that process to happen, which will keep your insight strong and moving in the direction of love of self.

Keep working these steps in all that you do and the level of awareness you attain for yourself in body, mind, and spirit will increase. All of these steps were created for growth. Releasing self-doubt was about becoming aware of what is currently present in you and its effect on yourself within your environment. Revitalizing self-hope is about moving outside of yourself and creating a level of awareness that is heightened from within and its effects when released. Search deep within your mind and you will see that all of self-hope is a natural process. Once realized, it is hard work to implement these beliefs into worldly life experiences. Your environment has many factors, but recognizing your first thought and action will help to minimize their effects on your abilities to live in self-hope.

Section Three – Maintaining Balance

Now that you have gone through the steps for releasing self-doubt and revitalizing self-hope, you must practice maintaining this state of harmony and balance. Through each series of steps, you have gained enlightenment. You have created love on all levels within your body, mind, and spirit.

To remain in self-hope, you must absorb yourself. To absorb means that you must think of yourself in a positive manner at all times. It is not selfish to believe in yourself and to love yourself and acknowledge yourself first. This is not what you have been taught, but you can learn to do otherwise. Intuitively, you know the outcome of each situation and occurrence that you arrive at, but you need to be able to hear the outcome. To be in tune and hearing, you need to be in the state of hope and love of self. This state puts you in line with what you already know for yourself. You use and re-use thoughtful energy to keep a continual cycle of balance for this lifetime. You must strive to be the person you were born to be. If you are not able to succeed and accomplish the predetermined tasks, it places you in disharmony with nature, and you will be inclined to repeat your journey. The journey of lifetime for some can be painful, because it is all determined by the love you allow for yourself. If you remain in love of self, you remain in harmony with nature.

Maintaining harmony once you have achieved the enlightenment from these steps is your true essence, and places you with nature and that of nature. Your harmony is a balance between body, mind, and spirit. Your body is healthy, your mind is happy, and your spirit is hopeful and full of love. Healthy means free from harm; harm being what is painful to you. Happy is being joyful with what you have for this life. This may be monetary, spiritual, or emotional well-being, both the earthly and otherworldly elements. Hopeful spirit is having love for yourself in all tasks and events. Completing the steps allows you to be yourself and supporting the needs of yourself.

Maintaining balance also requires your continual acceptance of living without doubt, and your continual acceptance of living within hope and love in all that you do. By living in this manner, you maintain harmony and unity of body, mind, and spirit. Maintaining balance consists of the following three concepts:

p<>{color:#000;}. Be true to yourself

p<>{color:#000;}. Care for yourself in what you do

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Love for yourself is the binding factor in all endeavors, and acknowledging this mindset gives you the knowledge and gift of the known and unknown. Remember that it is the possibility of knowing that makes every unknown capable of being known. It was suggested that before birth, you were able to choose what was to be and not to be for you in this lifetime. In addition, after birth, you are responsible for creating this world you chose to live in and what is to be your lifetime. This concept is the foundation for the known and unknown. As each moment passes through your mind, it is molded to fit the life you are to be living. You will always know your first thought and your first action. This means that you have the ability to agree with what you are unsure of, or rather, that which is unknown.

You may think you have an idea, but in reality it is premeditated thought from a previous lifetime. This lifetime could be the thought of your conception or an actual previous life. To interact with multiple lives, you must accept no boundaries. Boundaries inhibit thought. Boundaries are physical and mental in nature. Mental boundaries are fear, anger, doubt, and uncertainty of abilities. Physical boundaries are the earth and the universe as a whole. For it is not a whole, but is only a part of a larger sum. For you to analyze what you know is a redundant task. For simplicity’s sake, you don’t need to analyze the unknown if you accept it as the known.

In knowing what came before you, you have an advantage of discovering the unknown in your life. To be able to decipher the messages you receive, you must be in tune and in balance with your body, mind, and spirit. This balance brings forth clarity on all levels of love and hope for humanity. Intuitive messages can be initiated through contact of an emotional means or physical means. You may be able to feel first thought to achieve first action, or you may be able to see the obvious. This is usually physical contact. For example, to have conversation initiated by a person you know or meet by chance can bring about your first action. Perhaps you were thinking of taking a yoga class, but were not sure if it would be worth your time. Coincidentally, after you have this thought, two or three people you meet participate in yoga classes. They love it and encourage you to try it.

‘First thought equals first action’ became obvious once your body and mind have been retrained to catch these subtle changes of emotion. Physical contact is obvious again once you train your mind or change your perception to see these signs. Signs can come in the form of chance meetings with a person who says just the right thing to you, which in turn brings you to clarity of mind, or the sign can be in the repetitive nature of an object, such as always looking at a clock when the hour equals the minute such as 9:09 or 11:11. These are signs of encouragement for yourself in knowing that you are moving in a positive direction for love, hope, and togetherness for all levels of your Well-Being.

Please read carefully the next steps given to you. Each is meant to be completed in love for you. Through the love you have for yourself, you can light the way to harmony for your body, mind, and spirit.

18. Be True to Yourself

Keeping counsel of the actions for yourself alone will give you the opportunity to concentrate on first thought and first action. When thinking of matters not of your own being, you become congested with non-relevant material. This can only hinder your growth from within.

What you are taught and what you perceive as truth are not in harmony if you are practicing the opportunities meant for someone else. The truth of the matter is what you desire to be necessary for you. To act on another’s impulse will keep you from your first thought and first action. For example, if you are a craftsman, but pursue a career in computer technology because it is in demand and pays well, you will only bring fortune to yourself on one level. It will not fulfill all of your needs because it is not your true desire. By keeping your own counsel, you limit the control of others’ possibilities in your lifetime. You must participate not on an earthly level through action on others, but on a Universal level by taking action for yourself. Considering first thought and first action places you in direct harmony with nature, and in this direct harmony with nature, you align your body, mind, and spirit within the love that is inherent to you. In residing in this love, you become love on all levels. At each level, your strength of will grows strong for accomplishing tasks necessary for your lifetime.

In your lifetime, tasks have been chosen by you in no random order. You reach each milestone in your life at each appropriate time. Taking counsel for others or from others can only hinder your growth. However, to receive counsel from others that initiates your love within can lead to a positive outcome of first thought and first action. It is in love that you are in acceptance of yourself. As a result, you allow the need for yourself to be yourself as it needs to be.

To be involved with yourself on all levels of love is acceptance of all beings and their level of self-awareness. Self-awareness enables you to cope with each circumstance as it is presented to you. Each person is allowed multiple opportunities to be in love with him or herself. Each of these opportunities is followed by a period of thankfulness. To become thankful for yourself and love yourself, you must achieve that one circumstance to its fullest. This is the opportunity for growth from within. This growth within is your acceptance of you on all levels of love in body, mind, and spirit. By proceeding in this manner, you will no longer be thinking with the heart or on earthly terms alone. To think in the heart alone is to not be true to yourself. For example, the heart can be misleading if it is being filled full of love for something or someone other than yourself first. This distraction can be a disadvantage in matters of truthfulness for you. This does not mean you need to be null and void. It means do not think just from the heart. Thinking within allows peace of mind, truth of heart, and a resourceful spirit. To be all to someone is to be nothing to anyone on an intimate level. To be all to someone is to be nothing to self-awareness. When you are not in self-awareness, you are not in love of yourself and thusly have no true love to give yourself or anyone else.

When thinking in true love, visualize yourself in true light. This light will always guide you to hope of peace of mind, body, and spirit. With these three in balance with nature, you will see what is necessary for you in this lifetime. In this manner, you will see your partner, friend, or colleague at his or her level of self-awareness as you are able to see yourself in awareness.

19. Care for Yourself in What You Do

Caring only for yourself in what you do will bring unity of body, mind, and spirit that is unique to you. In order to have balance, you must remain true to yourself alone. Regarding the possibilities for someone else is not your doing nor concern and takes away from your abilities and desires.

Maintaining balance between your body, mind, and spirit requires that you reach beyond what you know and apply it to your own being. For example, letting go of all outcomes for other people enables you to concentrate on yourself. Through this concentration, you absorb yourself and remain in a state of love. The love that resides within you is inherent to everyone; as a result, this creates a universal love. If all people release doubt and revitalize hope, and are able to gather in this universal love, all people would create a positive force within the universe to allow for freedom of will. In this state of freedom, you can pursue what your true desires are for yourself. It is in freedom of will that you can pursue first thought and first action at all times.

A good question to ask yourself is, “How do I determine what I need to care about?” First and foremost, you must determine your self. You are body, mind, and spirit. You have hope, denial, faith, anger, redemption, peace of mind… in other words, you have human emotions. Your body is complete. It may not look the same as others, it may not come with the same amount of limbs, or physically react the same as others, but it is unique to you; for this reason, you are complete. Also, for this reason, you can be joyful. Your mind is a mixed area of filtration. It can have elements from the earth and elements from the otherworldly. It is where you make decisions based on first thought, which is why it is connected to your perfect body, because first thought equals the first action you must take. The answer to the question guides you to care for yourself in everything you do. Your actions reflect who you are and also influence the environment. Accomplishing great things in a day also affects other human beings. Whether you are a servant for your community, for example a police officer, or a stay-at-home mom or dad, your actions directly influence your body, mind, and spirit. Caring for yourself in what you do allows your inner strength to grow and a positive flow of energies.

While you are capable of doing many things, where you spend the bulk of your time is at work. For this reason, you must seek to become the best in what you do while at work. Each person you affect is driven by the same desires; to be happy and fulfilled, that is, to be full of love and hope. To continue a task in foul spirit brings forth negative energy for those around you. Seeking the positive in every action for every task will bring your honor and courage to the forefront of your mind and to the people around you. For example, at a dentist’s office, the waiting room may be full, and filled with tension. If the person you meet at sign-in encourages the positive feelings you have inside you by asking about your day or your family members, and pays you a compliment in some way, your positive thoughts and actions will display on your face and be in the air around you as you enter the waiting room. You can choose to bypass the positive path and succumb to the negative energy in the waiting room, or you can choose not to. By choosing not to, you give confidence to the people around you by sharing with them the courage you just witnessed.

Remaining in the positive can make a difference, just as encouraging the positive within you can. Even as a person in the waiting room, you can view yourself as a person with a job. Each day, you are faced with choices like this example. How you perceive yourself in what you do affects those around you. If you care for yourself in what you do, you will help to encourage others to do the same.

Happiness and fulfillment in your life are contagious. All you need to do is what you love to do, be yourself and be happy for who you are in body, mind, and spirit. It doesn’t matter if you are working in your chosen profession while waiting for your big break, or determining your true desires. You are working and you can care for yourself in what you do. Being in the moments assists in achieving harmony while working on a task. In this instance, the type of work you do is not relevant, but how you do it is.

20. Trust Your Intuition

To be able to know what you do not know, trust your intuition. To accomplish what you need to do, or for each event you arrive at, call upon your intuition for guidance. It is through this resource that you complete the cycle of thought that you have chosen for you in this lifetime.

The complexity of every day is only so because you make it so. To accomplish what you need to do, be yourself. Re-enter that time of knowing all, that time of first breath when you were first born. You are capable of being that breath once more; you may recall it at any time. You may simplify or rather break down each moment in time. All it takes is the practice of these steps.

The possibilities of your mind and body are endless if you take the time to relearn what you know to be true for this lifetime. You have come to this moment in time before. What you have learned is forgiveness. Allow forgiveness for you and others. You also have freedom of will. To will yourself into happiness, you must know what happiness is. Happiness is a form of love that is rewarded by outward movement of emotions. Love and happiness are inherent to you. In order for you to feel happiness, you must first be happiness. By helping others and bringing them closer to their glory, you will find the happiness in yourself. This is a cycle for lifetime achievements and prosperities. How you reach each milestone is not relevant. It is in reaching the milestone that you complete the cycle, and it is in each cycle that you achieve and find glory for yourself.

Milestones are not just hand-picked by each individual person; they are hand-picked by others and placed in line for you to choose from prior to your birth. So, in reaching each milestone within a lifetime, a wealth of communion evolves. These gathering of thoughts help each individual person move toward a more spiritual lifetime of love. As the communion of like thoughts (milestone achievements) amasses, each lifetime for another person is healthier on a spiritual level. For each milestone you achieve, a greater good is accomplished. Milestones bring you closer to what you believe is true for yourself in this lifetime.

To achieve unity of body, mind, and spirit, you must act in loving ways with yourself and with others. It is in releasing doubt that you have strength of will. It is this will that carries freedom of thought. It is in this free thought you can choose what you know to be true for yourself in this lifetime. Free will is not the undoing of humankind. It is its Well-Being and good toward a more loving self. Everyone has intuition. It is not a gifted element given to a select few. There are, however, a select few who take this element and use it to its fullest potential. You have intuition inside of you. All you need to do is call upon it and it will answer your question.

You are complete in body, mind, and spirit. When you are in full balance, you have full intuition and your instincts are clear. What you know to be true for you is evident. The only consistent factor for a person, the only true equality for all is to listen for the answer as it is given.

Maintenance Affirmations

All of the steps enhance your self-awareness and guide you towards harmonic balance between your body, mind, and spirit. These steps can be nourished through three maintenance steps.

For steps 1-10, say:

Universe (…Holy Spirit, Higher Power, God…) release me from fear and doubt in this moment. I choose to change my perception of this time. I move forward in hope and love for myself and others.”

For steps 11-17, say:

In hope, I find love. In love, I find forgiveness of body, mind, and spirit. In the name of the Universe (…Holy Spirit, Higher Power, God…), I command my body, mind, and spirit to realign itself.”

Or, you can also say, “In the name of Universe (…Holy Spirit, Higher Power, God…), I command my body, mind, and spirit to heal itself.”

For steps 18-20, say:

I maintain my Well-Being regardless of the emotions and actions of the people around me.”

These maintenance steps can be said at any time during the day. The situation you are in will more than likely guide you to the step to focus on. For example, when someone near you coughs, you may want to say, “In the name of the Universe, I command my body, mind, and spirit to heal itself.” This will help to safeguard in case the person coughing is sick. Or perhaps you are going to visit a new place and have anxiety about meeting new people. At that time, you would want to recite the first maintenance step: “…release me from fear and doubt in this moment. I choose to change my perception of this time.”

Each morning you wake, give yourself time to get centered. Write, meditate, or pray. Anything to help you realign your body, mind, and spirit. Here is an example prayer or meditation you can say:

In this morning light, I ask for thoughts of truth and Well-Being. Allow my mind to accept all the good You allow me and all the presence of love in this world. Through this acceptance, help me to pass along to others a sense of well-being and aspirations of love throughout this day.”

In working each step, you have achieved a new level of self-awareness. By becoming aware of the different sections of your being, you can focus your attention and ask yourself, “What is not aligned?” And know the answer. All of these steps have not only helped to enhance your awareness, they also have helped you to realize your potential, and your potential effects on others. Each step can be reworked at any time, and you can center yourself at any time. Here is another example of a prayer or meditation you can say:

I ask for goodness and love for myself and others. May each of us be given our own forthright knowledge of abilities and strengths.”

In knowing yourself, you know others. Share these insights with those around you and incorporate these steps into your lifetime. Self-awareness will keep you grounded, and balance between your body, mind, and spirit will keep you in harmony with nature. Remember, you move as one with the Universe. It is up to you to choose to ‘move as one with the Universe’ full of love and peace for yourself and others.

About the Author

Catherine Marie Bergman was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. Living from Within is Ms. Bergman’s first book and was written from her life’s experiences, natural intuition and automated writing skills. Her hope is that her readers will experience more balance in their daily lives and an increased sense of self-awareness after reading through and working the steps contained in Living from Within.

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Living from Within

"Living From Within" by Catherine Marie Bergman is about achieving harmony between body, mind, and spirit, through self-awareness and intuition. The book is broken down into three sections, and each section contains steps that enhance your level of self-awareness and place you closer to your inherent love. Section one involves releasing self-doubt, the second builds upon self-hope and the third section gives guidance on maintaining hope and your inherent love of self.

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