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Live the Life Like A Newbie


Imagine two people playing a card game.

One is an experienced player, he knows what to do, he has his own approach to the game, he sits and intensely waits for the good hand. He wants to win the game, he waits for the high cards to bet a huge amount and win the game.

The other person is a newbie who just learned the game a few minutes ago and it is his first play ever! The first time he sits in the circle to play.

He is so curious about the game. He gets the cards and watches them carefully. He is not waiting to win. He is not expecting to win. He knows no one expects him to win! He is aware of this fact that he is there to learn now and not to win.

He watches his hand with curiously, he even does not know or hardly knows if he has a good hand or a bad hand. He observes the cards with wide eyes trying to understand. He looks at people with curiosity. He watches other players’ faces. Everything is new for him. He has entered a realm of the unknown, he is discovering. He is so excited and enjoying his discovery. He is already surrendered to his losing or winning because he has no expectation. He has no Ego in this game. He sees. He observes.

But the same newbie after one hour of play or so, loses this state of mind, his curiosity, he becomes a normal player, now he feels he knows how to play, he knows he has to win. Now he is expected to win. He does not enjoy anymore. He is waiting, He waits for a good hand to win. The game loses its novelty. He is not curious anymore. He has surrendered anymore. he entered the zone of known. The joy of discovering and seeing has gone. He lost the ability to observe.

The same thing with the life! After some time living, we lose the curiosity about the life. We become “mature”. We become purposeful We can’t see anymore, we can’t observe anymore, we become so limited like a blind person walking towards to an illusionary spot of light missing all miracles of life around us. We literally become blind.

We miss the life. The life is still so amazing, but we can’t see it because we just want to reach to somewhere! Somewhere?! But where is that somewhere?! Is not that somewhere is an illusion? Losing the precious moments of life blindly for reaching to something that even when you reach to it you see it is nothing!

When you look to the others or even to objects while you want something, you expect something, you know how it must be, your gaze is not an innocent one. It is polluted with your desire/expectation. You lose the ability to see to observe to enjoy! Your gaze is looking for its benefit in the subject and completely lose the whole picture! You are not even there.

Live the life like a newbie, a rookie. What ever comes to you observe it with surprise! Don’t be like an old player who knows how it must be! Enter the realm of the unknown! Be surrender to what ever it gives you. What ever it comes to you just say “Oh!!! Look! So it must be like that “. Don’t expect to win or conquer. Indeed, nothing to win! Be there!

Thanks for reading,

Ramin Pourmand

[email protected]

Live the Life Like A Newbie

  • ISBN: 9781370850440
  • Author: Ramin Pourmand
  • Published: 2017-07-23 09:35:08
  • Words: 588
Live the Life Like A Newbie Live the Life Like A Newbie