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Live of Alexander Novogorski

Live of Alexander Novogorski


Alexander (basically about it speech will go) – the usual guy to whom has not carried in the childhood, and owing to good people it has followed a way true.


The USA. The beginning of 70th years. It lived in small town, is more precise in suburb. Small town, which population only 2500-3000 person. The house where it lived, stood in beautiful seat, almost in a deciduous wood, near to a greater corn field. In the house there was a small facilities. Weather in these edges stood almost always good as the climate was soft: winter short and warm, and summer long and solar.

Alexander lived one in the parental house. So there was a destiny, that it became the orphan. Its father was the militarian, after serious wound it taught military science in military academy.

Mother Alexander was the rural veterinary. Alexander lived almost all time with mother as the father came from military academy only time to two-rub months. The distance between Alexander with mother and the father was about 600 kilometers. The military academy was about large city, therefore father Alexander worked much, because of it it so seldom came. It very strongly wished to take away Alexander with mother in the big city. Once the father the next time has arrived for a week. Alexander was very glad to it. It very much missed on the daddy. This time the father has brought from city for mum a beautiful bag and a hat with gloves under color of a bag, and to the son the military form and a model of a gun, and has told, that that got used, as it as wished to send the son in military academy on the stops. In couple of days the father with mum have called Alexander and have told, that they should go on couple of days to large city. They were going to leave Alexander from the friend and if it will conduct itself(himself) well parents promise to take it in park of entertainments. But neither in couple of days, nor in a week parents and have not returned. Alexander constantly cried and badly slept, in fact to it and have not explained, that with its parents. On that instant to it was only twelve years, and it felt, that with parents something happens, but did not wish to trust in it and that day when favourite parents will return to it waited. About every second month, not having sustained how it was bad to Alexander, the friend at whom it lived, has told, that to its parents has occured. The father has not coped with management on wet morning road, and they have moved down in a ditch and were broke. Funeral have passed without Alexander to not injure it. And to it have told, that parents will investigate, yet will not find the reason on which they have got in accident (it there was a lie). After that case Alexander has strongly changed, became nervous, began to study badly and has hardly left school, and after it so anywhere and has not acted. Seeing all this, residents could regret only the boy and shut eyes to all its leprosies, in fact all knew its parents, and that with them happens. When to Alexander it was executed twenty, it was arranged to work in repair garage and on a gaz station somehow to make ends meet. But thus it conducted very much dissolute a way of life: smoked, got drunk, swore at people and almost till the morning sat up in a local bar. Truckers, bikers entered into its circle of dialogue and girls of easy behaviour. That friend at whom Alexander lived after loss of parents, has died, when to it there were 22 years. It has died in a dream. It was one more stroke of bad luck for Alexander. After that case Alexander has run into deep depression, in fact it still did not have anybody from relatives, only parental house. On it its life has ended, as Alexander thought and washed down the to mountain every evening in a bar. It has started to row much, beat glasses, the dishes and to get began very often in a police station, and it even wished to plant in prison for hooliganism.


The №2 Meeting which has initiated. In prison for hooliganism.


In one fine sunny day in small town where there lived Alexander, has arrived elderly the man (Mr. Jordan, black large the man bespectacled). It has stopped to have a drink coffee in roadside cafe. When it had breakfast, has seen in Alexander’s window which was filled with the car on a gaz station, and it seemed to it, that that is similar to someone. It has asked the waitress who this young man who fills the car, it has answered, that this guy call Alexander, and it the orphan, its parents were lost in cars to accident when to it was twelve years. It was appreciable, how the man has changed countenance. It looked at the guy and did not trust the eyes. Alexander looked, as the person who has lowered very low, for a long time unshaven, in dirty clothes. And the man could not believe, that sees the son of the died friend about whom at all did not know. It has still asked at the waitress about Alexander and when has received enough information, has left, having said goodbye. Having left cafe the man has approached to garage where Alexander worked and has started to look at it long. Alexander has felt on itself someone’s sight, has turned and too began to look at the unknown person. The man has apologized and has told, that it has learned the son of its friend in Alexander and that it wishes to help it. Alexander has burst out laughing and has told:

- You the first who has told, that wishes to help me. Anything from anybody it is not necessary to me, and I’m fine.

But Mr. Jordan began to insist and has told, that if it knew about Alexander would arrive earlier and has made much to help Alexander.


3 From a pure leaf


After this meeting Alexander on what has not given a thought also veins as earlier. Mr. Dzhorzhan has left, but has told, that will necessarily return. In couple of weeks it has really returned and has found Alexander at work, as well as for the first time. Alexander looked any crumpled, there was it seems clear that it drinks much. The man has approached and has told:

- Rise the guy, at us with you of affairs much!

On what Alexander has answered:

- My business here, and about others I do not know also the nobility I do not want! And in general, me not up to visitors …

Mr. Jordan was broke and has seized Alexander for breasts:

- LOOK, TO WHOM YOU are similar??? Come round! For God's sake, for the sake of the parents, come round!

- What for??? Me all and so arranges, and parents for a long time in the next world.

Then the man has cast away Alexander and has told:

– Your father was the man, it was at war, was in all operations by the first and has received serious wound, and for what? That its son now was in such type?

Alexander has sat down on a floor and has told, that it was for a long time and that plenty of time is already lost. On what the man has strongly cried, that Alexander – the rascal whom time behind a bottle in a bar wastes, that at such good people as Alexander’s parents, such son whom that is now could not grow. Alexander I stood up also has asked, that the man wants from it.

The man has told:

– Here it is other conversation. First of all give we shall go on a tomb to your parents, in fact as I heard, you so never on it were

Alexander, having swallowed a saliva, wished something to tell, but has silently followed the man. The man has got the car, and Alexander has come on a gaz station to tell, that it will leave on business for a short time. Works was a little, and it have released. While Alexander and the man went in the car, they about what did not speak but only silently looked at road. On time they went minutes thirty on wood road when the man has told:

– Have arrived.

They as silently send from the car and have approached to a ravine in which the small river proceeded, traces of accident already, certainly, it was not visible, but nevertheless Alexander stood silently and nervously shivered. The man has knocked it on a shoulder and has told, that to it too it is very heavy and that it too here first time. There were they of minutes 15-20, and then the man has told to Alexander, that that should promise to it to throw alcohol and all the bad habits. Alexander has kept silent and this time and villages in the car. The man still by stood and too villages in the car, and they have gone in the opposite direction. On road the man has told, that it now will live here and to help Alexander will return to a normal life. The man it has told, that the military pensioner, widower, children have grown and have parted, and at them at already children. Alexander has asked, what for to it, what for it has arrived here, on what the man has answered, that now its duty to help Alexander.

– Your father would act also on my seat, – it has told. So they have returned to small town. Alexander has asked for leave from work, and they have arrived to the house which belonged earlier Alexander’s to parents. The man long went on the house, touched subject matters, looked old photographs, touched a dust on furniture and has asked:

– For a long time you here were not?

Alexander has answered, that very much for a long time. The man has shaken a head and has told:

– Take a cloth and wash up here everything while I somewhere shall leave.

Alexander, having tracked as has left the man, began to clean unwillingly a dust, to move apart furniture. The man has returned in a couple of hours. Having come into the house, it has seen, how Alexander diligently cleans a room. Having asked, how are you doing, the man has put on a table the big package with the foodstuffs, villages in one of armchairs and has told:

– Alexander, has done you has put. I was in city, and the policeman has approached to me and has asked, who I and for what purpose I here. I have answered, that I the friend to your father and that I have arrived to help you. On what that has told, that at you it is a lot of drives, and you even wished to plant, and you consist on the account.

Alexander has turned and has told:

– Well also would plant, and what?

The man has answered:

-well and the fool! I in fact do not blame you – you would like attention, I understand, and I here to help you. You hear – to help! I shall not throw you!

Having had supper, both men send in a court yard to look at a condition of cattle shelters in which for a long time already nobody was.

The man has told:

– Alexander, here it is dirty, and here it is necessary to clean too.

Alexander has told:

– What for? I am not going to get animals, especially cattle.

The man has told:

– Well and in vain, animals very much help people, especially to those who has remained in loneliness.

Alexander has gone to a court yard and began to clean it from the old rotted through hay, has corrected for an old fence. In half first nights Alexander has laid down to sleep, though it not so, and wanted, as has got used, to walk till the morning. And still it very much wished to drink, but it has decided to suffer. In fact it seemed to it, that the man long with it will not sustain. It has thought and that if it is deceived once again it more nobody will believe up to the end of the life.

Early in the morning the man has woken Alexander with words:

– Look, what fine today the weather, what warm morning!

On what Alexander has roughly answered:

– Here often such morning. Morning as morning, anything especial. I do not like to rise so early, – it has croaked.

The man has brought to Alexander a glass of milk and has told:

– Rise, now the half seventh morning, and at us affairs much.

Alexander has turned away to a wall and has said:

– Wake me when will be the half tenth morning, and it is better twelve one o’clock in the afternoon then I shall sleep and I shall be ready to affairs, and now I would like to continue the dream.

The man has burst out laughing and has told:

– You know, and you are right continue to sleep Alexander, and I shall leave back, whence have arrived, and live you one as lived earlier, drink, have a rest, have fun. To soon you it will already be executed thirty, and you do not have either family, or children, objective in a life. You though time looked at yourself from? Or somebody spoke you, what you the person without the future?

Alexander has jumped from a bed.

The man has slowly said:

– Why you so have reacted? I unless have told a lie? What future at you? You drink, your circle of dialogue – prostitutes both visiting truckers, and bikers, and still to pair-three the person from a bar.

– I have DREAM, – Alexander has said roughly, – I wish to save up money, to sell the parental house and to leave for the big city, and there to get family. The father very much wished to transport me with mum in the big city but so has left, what not destiny and consequently I live here as I live, – Alexander has finished. The man, having handed over milk to Alexander, has told:

– I am very glad to hear, what you have a dream but why you consider, what not destiny? Why you do not trust in yourself? You young, strong, like with a head on shoulders and so you speak. I in your years already went to marine navigations on half a year for flight.

– But it you. You the militarian, as well as my father. It too vanished on service till some weeks

The man has declared:

– And what impedes to become you the militarian? Your father the militarian, and who you? refueller?

You Sit in dirty garage you wait from the sea of weather the sonny?

– No, I save money to leave from here for city, I spoke already, – Alexander has said.

– And where in city? And to that you there are necessary?? You think there you wait or someone waits? How many you have saved up?

Alexander has scratched a head and has told:

– Five hundred, can seven hundred dollars.

The man has loudly laughed loudly and has said:

– On this money you will live half a year a maximum, and then that?

– I shall get a job, – Alexander has told.

– Whom? – has asked the Man, – you have a formation?

– I have left high school, and I am able to repair cars.

The man has frowned and has told:

– Believe the sonny, it you will not subdue the big city.

– Then what sense of this everything, these conversations, what for you with me now here waste time? – Alexander has said.

The man has looked in a window and has told:

– Alexander I can help you …

– In what, – Alexander has interrupted.

– Allow to finish speaking, – has bellowed the man and has continued, – I can help you, but only if you promise to listen to me and to do, that I shall tell. You agree?

– Ahahah, – Alexander, – That is I now your slave has burst out laughing? Or I shall look after you?, I have understood all – you have arrived here to sign me to you to help. You the military pensioner, have remained without the wife and wish to live an old age in calm in a silent small village, and the person who would look after you is necessary to you and helped. You wished to offer it to me? – with a happy type Alexander has said.

The man has silently looked at hours, then in a window and has said:

– You agree my conditions? Believe, everything, that you have told, I have forgotten. Consider, that I did not hear it.

Alexander, smiling, has asked:

– What shall I receive for the help to you?

The man has asked again:

– To me? Wait a minute, buddy, the help is necessary to you. I have that all properly, whether not so?

Alexander has asked:

– Well, what I need to do to help itself?

The man has told:

– You should promise to me, that you will cease to drink, and шляться at night.

– And how to me to spend the free time? Also what now I cannot toss of a glass whisky? – Alexander has started to object.

The man has told:

– If you wish, yet late, to change the life to the best then forget about temples and any other nonsenses which were at you in a life. Now you will open новою page. I am assured to you the life new to you is pleasant. I shall make everything that it has liked. In fact to you has got a lot of good, simply you ruined it in yourself from a hopelessness as it seemed to you earlier, but now all will be in another way. I trust in you. And shave, dress something more decently, I wait for you in the street.

The man has left in a court yard and has gone to cattle shelters. Alexander, having taken a sip of milk, has a little frowned, in fact though it and the countryman, but it has forgotten milk, as already for a long time preferred other drinks. Alexander, having looked around, has gone to a bathroom and has started to wash, and to shave off so a long time already started beard, and to sentence: – Put on more decently, shave a new life, ха-ха, we shall look, on this how many will suffice old the fighter. Alexander has left in a court yard. Though there was even an early morning, the sun was already highly and decently heated. Birds very loudly overstrained, being probably pleased with warm day. Somewhere bark of a dog and hum chainsaw was in the distance audible. Alexander has gone down from a porch and has gone to the man, that stood at cattlemen and about something muttered. The man has asked:

– Alexander how for a long time here there were no animals?

Alexander has answered:

– Well, I precisely do not remember, about years eighteen-twenty, I do not remember. After death of parents the friend, which raised me a visor of animals to itself in the house.

– Clearly, – has said the man and has told, – the Barn is a little подлатать, and it still long stand for, and it is simple to correct for a fence, Alexander has put here a little, yes?

Alexander, having looked around, has told:

– Well, the crew of builders for a day here will correct all, – and has smiled.

The man too has smiled and has told:

– Builders will consult for a day, and you for a week, truly? – also has looked at Alexander.

Alexander has melted and, having thrust hands in pockets, has said:

– To one me will not consult.

The man has approached and has told:

– I with you. I shall help, and now have gone to city, you still should discharge from office.

Alexander was delighted and has hastened for the man, they lodge in the car and have gone to the small small town was in 15 minutes of driving from the parental house of Alexander. On arrival to city Alexander has asked:

– And whence I shall take money if I shall discharge from office?

The man has told:

– I to you shall pay.

Alexander at once has asked a question:

– How many? And the overpayment for processing will be?

The man has told:

– We shall talk later, have arrived.

Alexander has left the car and has gone aside gaz stations. The husband-grade silently looked to it in a trace and saw features of its late father with which has got acquainted just about at the same age as Alexander. Alexander has gone, and it was not about ten minutes. The man looked in cafe which was near to a gaz station, and saw, how in a window Alexander about something violently talks to the person behind a counter. The man has left the car and has come into cafe. In cafe in such morning there was nobody. Alexander laughed also joked of the person behind a rack, the man of years of forty.

The man has sat down for a little table at the entrance of and, has shouted:

– Alexander, time we here send, can and we shall have breakfast? We are waited with difficult day, and?

Alexander, having turned back, has noded with a smile. The man was very glad, that Alexander, despite of earlier morning, was in good mood, joked, loudly something told. In five minutes Alexander itself has brought for a table to the man pair plates with an omelette and a plate with toasts. At once for Alexander the person because of a bar rack has approached and has brought to the man of coffee, and Alexander simple water. Behind a meal the man has asked Alexander where here it is possible to look livestock and if it will want, at once to buy it.

Alexander has asked:

– Are you serious? you would like to potter on an old age of years with house that?

The man has smiled and has told:

– Not to me, but you. I, as you have noticed, is old already, and you young and strong, can look after a small facilities. Well tell, unless it is bad up home milk and house eggs? Can to you it is pleasant, and you will have a farm.

Alexander has ceased to eat and has put a plug, has washed down all with water, has looked in a window and has burst out laughing:

– House milk? House eggs? Yes of it here it is full – through road shop. There this goods fill up.

The man did not begin to press Alexander and has continued to eat easy. After a breakfast both men, having said goodbye, send from cafe and have directed to the car. The small town has already woken up, children played a ball, adults – who a poly-shaft a lawn at the house, someone постригал bushes. Alexander greeted people, shaking a head, people answered who as: who a hand who as swung head, but all had one expression on the person. Expression of misunderstanding. They saw Alexander in the morning sober and shaved. Many have thought, that to men with Alexander – the policeman from the big city which has arrived for-t Alexander. But for what nobody knew. Men lodge in the car and on – aside suburb. On a way Alexander has asked the man, is it true that that has decided to get livestock. The man has answered, that sees in it only positive and does not understand, why it so agitates Alexander, in fact it the countryman, and economy should be at it in blood. They have approached on a small farm. On a farm children played, beside in a shelter ran hens, turkey-cocks, geese, from a shed reached sounds from pigs.

The man has left the car and has told:

Is that it is necessary to us.

Alexander also has left and has grumbled:

– To that to us?

The man has pretent, that has not heard Alexander and has gone to a fence where children played. When men approached, to them on a meeting has jumped out big dog and began to bark loudly. Men had to stop. Having heard bark dogs, on a porch has left elderly the man and has shouted to children – to the boy and girls about one age, years of five – quickly to return to the house. Alexander has shouted elderly to the man, that they have arrived on business about animals. The man slow step has gone to them, and stood at a fence. When elderly the man has approached to a fence dog has started to wag a tail and to whine. The man has approached even more close and has asked, who they such and that is necessary for them here. Alexander was presented and has presented the man which was with it, and has told, that animals on a farm are necessary to them.

Elderly the man has looked at Alexander and has grinned, and has then said:

– At you will die all. You the idler also like to drink.

With conversation has interfered the man which has arrived with Alexander, and has told, that animals are necessary to it, and it would like to buy at once what will approach it. Elderly the man has opened a gate and has let in visitors. Alexander went the last to enable adult men to talk about business. When they have approached to a barn with animals, Alexander has already decently lagged behind, it very much would not like to come into a barn as it till now not accustomed with an idea, that it, to be exact to it, soon it is necessary to be engaged in cattle breeding. Minutes through thirty men send from a barn, have shaken each other hands and dispatch in different sides. Alexander and stood at the entrance of in a barn, it has had time to say goodbye with elderly the man.

Having reached for cars, it has asked the man:

– Everything is OK?

And that, not having uttered before a word, has answered:

– Yes, everything is OK. Have gone to your house, will soon bring cattle.

Alexander was surprised and has asked again:

– Soon?

– More precisely already today?

– And to what such haste?

The man has burst out laughing also villages in the car. To Alexander’s house of the man have reached quickly as hastened to prepare a court yard, in fact soon should deliver cattle. About three one o’clock in the afternoon two vans have approached on Alexander’s house. Men send towards and have seen, that elderly the man has got out of the first lorry, has given up as hopeless to other people who have arrived with it. Visitors of the man have quickly opened vans.

One of them has shouted:

– Where to conduct cattle?

Alexander urine has specified a finger a building behind of the house.

So Alexander’s new life though it and not so wished to begin it so has begun. Alexander every morning rose in six mornings, with it there was a husband-grade. They had together supper, discussed newspaper articles. Every day their friendship strengthened.

To be exact these attitudes already переросли in greater as the father with the son, and Alexander was glad to it. It has much learned from the new neighbour. Once men had dinner on a verandah, and Alexander has asked the man why that does not go to city to see the children and the grandsons. The man has frowned and has told, that when it moved in it small town has asked neighbours in case there will arrive its children to pass it the address where it lives at the moment. And time comes nobody, means do not want. Alexander has understood all and has translated subject matter.

Alexander has told:

– I am very grateful to you, sir, that you spend for me the time, for money which you to me pay, that have let know to me that I should put always objective and tries to go to it as it would not be difficult to me. But I all the same would like to understand, what your plan further? Or I now up to the end of a life shall look after this old house, both to put beds, and to feed cattle? How I shall get family?

The man has put aside a morning paper and has told:

– I for a long time waited for this question and thought of it much. For these some months which we live here, you have strongly changed, very strongly. I see, how you try: you do the work and help me. Now I want still something for you to make. Tell, if to you have suggested to go to army, you would agree?

Alexander has become agitated and has told:

– Well likely yes, and why also is not present.

The man has told:

– Alexander, you think here, and I shall go to city on affairs and I shall soon return.

After departure of man Alexander has started to perambulate on a porch in both sides and has said: – And in fact the army is a chance will come close to dream. Otherwise for what this everything for what I myself so recustomized all these months? No to come back in garage or in a bar I do not want. Only as to me to get in army, yet I do not know. All right, I shall wait the old man, and there it will be visible.

With ideas on service Alexander has gone to armies to be engaged in a facilities. In some hours has arrived the man and has shouted Alexander. Alexander shifted hay and has heard the man.

The man has repeatedly shouted:

– Alexander, you where I have for you is good news.

Alexander has left from for houses and has said:

– What for news?

The man has said:

– You remember the militarian with the wife which we have met couple of weeks back in church?

Alexander has told:

– I remember, and what from that?

The man has told:

The man has repeatedly shouted:

– Alexander, you where I have for you is good news.

Alexander has left from for houses and has said:

– What for news?

The man has said:

– You remember the militarian with the wife which we have met couple of weeks back in church?

Alexander has told:

– I remember, and what from that?

The man has told:

– I know it, we saw it, when I still served. It also knew your father. It already for a long time on pension, as well as I, but till now goes in the form of, and I already for a long time did not dress the, and where already – I am old and there is nobody to brag, – and it has pulled a smile on the person.

Alexander has asked again:

– And what that militarian? And here I?

– Ah, well, – has said the man, – It has asked about you, has asked, than you are engaged, where work, what you the person.

– And what you? – with curiosity Alexander has asked.

– I have answered it, that first time then saw you and I do not know, than you for doing.

Alexander has leant against a wall of the house. The man has burst out laughing and has told:

– Relax, Friend, I have told to it, that you the good farmer, and the person you good, as well as your father.

– And what has answered the man? – with huge interest Alexander has asked.

– It has told, that you should go, as your father, in army if you, certainly, it want, and farmers to leave before will retire.

– I want in army, I have solved! – Alexander has nervously said.

– I and have told to it, – have said the man, – It has told, learns also all will tell next week. I shall meet it has appointed about church where men have met with it for the first time, on Sunday. From this point on Alexander’s life has gone in another way, it long could not fall asleep, though very much got tired for a day, but ideas on army did not give it rest. It very much looked forward to hearing the militarian. It understood, that if it will get in army in some years it can move to the big city, marry, get children is there was its dream, and it was as is never closer.

To Sunday of the man have arrived on a meeting with the militarian, and it, having seen Alexander, has said: – Radas you to see, I have to you conversation.

Men send aside to not impede to people who went to this Sunday in church. The militarian the man has begun conversation with a question to Alexander.

– How at you business with alcohol, the friend?

Alexander has answered, that alcohol is the passed stage in its life because of which it has lost plenty of time.

– Well, we shall admit, – the militarian has answered, – And you know, how many you have put done? I began to learn about you and was in a shock when in local branch of police to me have told, that you happened there on three times a week.

– Yes, was such, – having lowered a head, Alexander has answered.

The second the man which before was silent, has said:

– Well you on it have thrown? It has early lost parents and consequently its life has gone not at all how it wanted. It in fact was the youth and veins without objective. And now it the man, I warrant for it, I live with it in one house already enough for a long time and I see, that it aspires to the best, and it has a dream for which it will make all. Truly, Alexander?

– Certainly, I shall make everything, that from me it is required, – Alexander has answered.

The militarian the man, having sighed, has told:

– Then listen here, the sonny, I can talk, that you have taken in not-most part which is nearby to this small town, heard about such?

-Yes, heard, – Alexander has answered.

– You see, the sonny, frequent drives in police is yours the maximum, that I could make for you. You wish to serve, how your father, how we? Whether you Wish to become the person whom worthy to carry the military form and to respect with laws and people in this country, and if it is necessary to give a life for it?

Alexander could not believe to the happiness, it has sweated, in a mouth at it has dried up.

– Yes, sir, – has answered Alexander, – I am ready.

– Precisely? – the militarian has asked again. – In fact if you will throw service then you will bring also me, both the comrade, and the late father.

Alexander has said:

– I understand all, sir, I is ready.

– Well and it is excellent, – the militarian has answered and has told, that it will settle formalities and in a week waits for it to this address, and has given a paper leaf.

Alexander has said:

– Thanks, sir, many thanks! I do not know, how you to thank.

The militarian has told:

– Serve, the sonny, fairly, live fairly, get family as all normal people – here it will be gratitude to me and your comrade.

– I have understood, – Alexander has told.

– Success, the sonny!

And, having put a hand on a shoulder, it has told:

– I wait for you, do not lose the address.

The militarian has embraced the second the man and, having said goodbye, villages in the car and has left.

The man has asked Alexander:

– Well, you are happy?

Alexander having noded a head also has told:

– I am very happy!

And, having embraced the man, has told:

– I am grateful to destiny for a meeting with you, I shall make all for you.

The man has burst out laughing and has told:

– I have got hungry, can we shall have a bite?

Men have gone to cafe in which there were no any more some months. In cafe, as well as the majority of such institutions, nothing changed years. Men have eaten. The man saw, how Alexander, and especially it about what did not ask was pleased, and Alexander already mentally was in army and consequently almost nothing spoke. Having had a bite, men have gone to Alexander’s house. All the week long Alexander stayed in excellent mood: joked, laughed much. The man looked and other Alexander having objective – very happy, cheerful person saw, that, and it was very glad, that its work and time have not passed gift. There has passed week. Alexander very much waited for a meeting with the militarian and all conversations of the last week at comrades were only about army, more precisely Alexander asked the man about army. It all interested: what there the weapon as there behave that it is necessary to know. The man calmed and spoke, that Alexander learns all in due time. Day of a meeting with the militarian has come. Men have risen, had breakfast and have got ready for a trip. Alexander, sitting on kitchen, has seen, that its comrade collects a bag with things. Alexander has asked, where that gathers.

The man has sat down on a verandah and has told:

– Alexander, today I leave to myself home. I have lead with you plenty of time and have become bored on the family. Alexander, I is grateful to destiny that we have got acquainted, I am excited was to help you, and I have seen, that you have changed – you became strong, independent, self-assured, and you have a specific goal in a life. I hope, that we shall be from time to time sees: or I shall arrive to you, or you to me. I, by the way, shall acquaint you with my children and grandsons. In general, Alexander, from now on you begin the life. You are independent, you will have a work, on you there is a facilities, the house. Only while there is no family. I for you now too as family, but I had in view of family – the wife and children. All at you will be. Only it is necessary to wait. You can come to me at any time and if something will be necessary, you speak – do not hesitate. Alexander stood, having combined hands on a breast and having lowered a head in a bottom, it was not ready to such news and consequently thought how all to perceive. It understood, that the man has decided seriously and to overpersuade it is useless. Alexander has lifted a head and has told, that thanks the man for all time lead with it, for the invaluable help in all things and that has allowed to realize the life.

Alexander has embraced the man and has told:

– Thank you, I never shall forget you.

The man has smiled, has clapped Alexander on a shoulder and has told:

– I trust in you, I am assured, that at you all will be good. And now, Alexander, we should go on a meeting to the militarian. Men have directed to the militarian. The way up to it borrowed about minutes twenty. All this time of the man was recalled with ridiculous instants in life which occured to them and laughed.

Having reached to the house of the militarian, the man has told:

– Well here, Alexander, we have arrived. On this seat our ways miss. I shall go home, but I wait for you on a visit. Alexander has strong shaken hands with the man, has noded and has left the car. Alexander spent a sight the driving off car. It stood opposite to the house of the militarian and consequently it was quickly switched to conversation which should just about take place. The house of the militarian was beautiful: three-tier white with a brown roof. From a face sheet of the house there was a big porch with a years verandah, and around there was a green lawn very well-groomed. Alexander has directed to a door on the path which has been laid out

belt tiles. Towards to it there was a wife of the militarian, has greeted Alexander and has suggested to sit down on a verandah. It has offered tea. Alexander has told, that does not want.

belt tiles by a tile. Towards to it there was a wife of the militarian, has greeted Alexander and has suggested to sit down on a verandah. It has offered tea. Alexander has told, that does not want.

The militarian the man, smiling, has asked:

– You yet have not decided not to serve, Alexander?

Alexander has told, that such chance will not miss. The militarian the man has answered:

– Here and well. Now listen to me – here I have documents. With these documents you tomorrow to seven mornings will go to that military part which is on departure city. By the way, you have passport or driver’s license?

– The passport, – has answered Alexander.

– Here then do not forget to take the passport and these documents, that I to you now shall pass. And still – when you will arrive, tell, that you know me. I called in a part about you. Well here, the sonny, now all depends on you. Everything, that I could, I have made. I hope, you will not bring me and the comrade. And by the way, where it?

– It has left to itself(himself) home. Has told, that I have got family. Properly it all has told, now you to itself(himself) the owner but if it will be difficult, you address to me – I always shall help you, the sonny.

Alexander has risen, has approached to the militarian and two hands has compressed its hand. It wished to tell much, but with experiences could say only a few time: – Thanks! Thank you!

The militarian the man has risen, has clapped Alexander on a shoulder and has told:

– Success, the guy. Alexander has said goodbye and has gone aside a bus stop. All the evening long this day Alexander thought, than it will be, is borrowed in fact from it there was still a housekeeping. Certainly, the service was more important, but also the facilities was a pity to it, in fact it has got used already.

N4 Army

Next day Alexander has risen very much early to have time to gather, in fact today it should go to a military part. Alexander also experienced and was pleased. It now should be asked, that tracked its facilities and the house, but whom? In fact near to its house there were no other houses, and it will be necessary to go to city look for the person which could to agree for a small payment on to guard a facilities and the house. And the fact of that Alexander becomes the soldier and will serve though and not in big, but nevertheless a military part very much it pleased. Any back it also could not present couple of years to itself(himself) such. Alexander has sat down in an armchair, once again having examined all house from top to bottom, having taken a sip of hot coffee with milk, to itself has told: – Calm down, all occurs how I and wanted. Everything is OK, all things must pass well. Having sat some more minutes, having drunk up coffee Alexander has risen, has corrected for a collar and, having taken documents, has left the house. Alexander has left on road which conducted to small town where Alexander should catch the bus up to a military part. In some minutes Alexander has heard a sound of the motor. Having turned back, it has seen the old pickup slowly gone behind, at the wheel sat old the man, in a teeth it had a thick cigar. Alexander has noded to the man when the car passed a beside. Having passed some meters, the car has stopped. Alexander has approached to semi-closed to a window and has greeted.

The grandfather sat at the wheel too has greeted and has asked:

– Where you head, the guy?

Alexander has answered, that it goes to small town there to catch the bus up to military base.

The grandfather it is surprised has asked:

– And what you there have forgotten? You there serve? In fact I saw you at auto-station in small town.

Alexander has answered, that today it goes to submit documents on service.

The grandfather, having thrown out for a long time the extinct stub, has said:

– Well, sit down, if so – I shall take you to small town.

When Alexander has sat down in the car the grandfather has slowly got under way from seat and has asked

– The guy, and you incidentally not from that house near to a corn field?

– Yes, – Alexander has answered, is a house of my late parents.

The grandfather has looked at Alexander and has told:

– Yes, the guy, hardly was necessary to you. And why you have chosen army?

– My father was the militarian, – Alexander has answered.

– Clearly, – the grandfather has answered. – I in fact that you ask, that not the militarian as you see, I the farmer, and here my son, that militarian and serve in that part in which you have gathered.

Alexander has been a little surprised by such concurrence. The grandfather continued:

– My son just now on service, and give I shall take you to a part, at the same time and with the son I shall acquaint?

Alexander felt awkwardly that all developed in the best possible way.

– Well, if to you it is easy, certainly.

– Easy, easy, – the grandfather has burst out laughing, having slammed Alexander on a shoulder and having bared the unique tooth.

– Well and the family at you is? The girl or the wife?

– While is not present, – Alexander has answered.

– And who then will track the house while you on service?

Alexander, having sighed, has told:

– Not only behind the house, and and behind a facilities. I have cattle and hens. I for this purpose before have left the house that in small town to look for the person who could while I on service, to track the house and behind a facilities. I have there are some money. Probably, nobody will agree on my conditions.

– Clearly, – the Grandfather has answered. – well here we almost also have arrived, see barns behind a hill is and there is a military part in which it is necessary to you.

– We have already arrived? So it is fast! – Alexander has exclaimed. – I should look for the person who could track my house while I on service in city.

– You go more safely, you, probably, there wait. I shall help you. Good luck to you, the guy.

– Thank you huge that have taken me, – closing a door, a He said Alexander. – as to me you to find, – it has added.

– Here you will get acquainted with my son, and I’ll see you, I to it shall tell about you.

Alexander has directed to a greater gate from a metal grid. It was a front entrance in a military part. The military part has settled down in beautiful seat: around of it there were boundless green fields. The part has consisted of three barns, асфальтной a platform and several buildings with garages. All territory has been fenced by a high fence from a metal grid, and on angles there were four viewing towers. When Alexander has approached to a gate the building was left by the soldier and has asked, that it is necessary for it. Alexander has got papers and has given their soldier. The soldier, having looked papers, has told to remain here and that it now will return. In some minutes the soldier has returned with the man above a rank and has shown aside Alexander. The militarian has approached to Alexander and has asked, when that will be ready to start service. Alexander has answered, that it available.

The militarian has answered:

All territory has been fenced by a high fence from a metal grid, and on angles there were four viewing towers. When Alexander has approached to a gate the building was left by the soldier and has asked, that it is necessary for it. Alexander has got papers and has given their soldier. The soldier, having looked papers, has told to remain here and that it now will return. In some minutes the soldier has returned with the man above a rank and has shown aside Alexander. The militarian has approached to Alexander and has asked, when that will be ready to start service. Alexander has answered, that it available.

The militarian has answered:

– It is not a lot of, – the soldier has answered, – the person 30-35 is constant, and the heads that comes, leaves.

– And women here serve? – Alexander has shy asked.

– Here some women. Two work as cooks, and one woman in a first-aid post. They adult women, and at them are families, – with a grin the soldier has told.

– I have understood, thanks, – Alexander has answered.

– Well here, like I have shown all of you, now go to that yellow building with dark blue doors in a cabinet 32b, there for you wait.

– Thanks you, – Alexander has told and, shaken hands with the soldier, has directed to a building. On a ground floor it has found a cabinet 32b and has knocked.

– Enter! – someone loudly was responsible a door. In this instant inside at Alexander all was compressed, and it has come into a cabinet. In a cabinet there were the two militarians, it already saw one of them in the street. They sat at a window opposite each other.

– Be presented! – has loudly said that on the right.

– My name is Alexander.

– Why you have decided to go to serve to army? – the militarian continued.

– My late father was the militarian, here and I wish to become militarians.

– As whom did you work before have decided to come here?

– I worked at station of car repairs in small town.

– You mean understand technics?

– Yes!

The militarian who before was silent, has shouted:

– In army it is necessary to speak « yes, sir »! To You it is clear, the conscript?

– Yes! Yes, sulfurs!

The militarian has said:

– The person who understands technics is necessary to us. – we on the basis of some lorries and jeeps, your problem will have supervision over territory and servicing of technics to you it is clear?

– Yes! Yes, sulfurs!

– Well, if you will have questions, or you will want to ask something, address, and now go to a cabinet 44д. There to you will pick up the form and is faster – soon планерка, all employees of this base will gather in the street for recalculation. Now go, receive the form and too leave – we shall acquaint you with other employees with whom you will bear service.

– Has understood, thanks! – Alexander has answered.

Alexander has told:

– I precisely do not know.

The militarian has shaken a head and has told:

– All right, wait! – and it has departed to shelfs with the form. Having typed things, it has asked:

– And you the know the size of a leg?

– I know, yes, Sir! Forty third, Sir! – Alexander has answered.

In some minutes the militarian has approached to Alexander, in hands it had army boots and the form.

– Here, the soldier, try on, if something will not approach, I shall change.

Alexander has put on the form, it was to it at size and boots send during a time. The militarian, having seen Alexander, with a happy type has said:

– You see, the soldier as I have guessed. It is all experience – I many years on service and soldier has dressed hundreds.

Alexander has thanked the militarian and has directed on street as to it have told. Morning has stood out silent, solar, some soldier swept a platform and laughed, telling something each other. Alexander was in dormancy, in fact all so has changed: its all life. It earlier also could not think, that here it costs in the form of in a military part, and it have accepted on service. It has lifted eyes upwards and has peered in blue boundless the sky. Standing so to pair minutes, Alexander has given a thought, and that to it now to do further, it has decided to return to a building and to ask, but was not in time: from a door hasty send two military personnel who back it asked some time.

One of them has specified a platform and has told:

– You see a strip on a platform? Go there.

Alexander has noded also to fast steps has directed in the specified direction, it has not had time to reach the end as from a door soldiers with the weapon have run out and have directed to it. Soldiers have risen in one line which had Alexander. Two militarians above a rank have risen opposite the soldier and commanded a morning greeting. When indications one of seniors on a rank has said have been given to soldiers:

– Children, at us a reinforcement. Here get acquainted – Alexander. Itself on-asked to us in a part. The guy understands technics, therefore it is useful to us, and now get acquainted and on seats.

Soldiers of a mansion have said all: – So it is precise, sir!

Alexander stood, stone-still, and did not know, that to it to do further soldiers began to approach to it, and everyone began to press a hand and to say the name after that everyone has directed on the post.

After all soldiers dispatch, the high guy has approached to Alexander, has stretched a hand and has said:

– I welcome, you do not know me, I the son of the man who here has thrown you. I live with the father in small town. In the morning it takes me on service, and itself goes on a farm. It to me has told a little about you, address. I, if than can, I shall help, – and have shaken hands.

In this instant has approached Major and has told:

– You have already made friends, it well. Can then you together will be in one change?

The soldier has said:

– As you wish, sir.

N5 Service and Friendship

Day in army for Alexander has passed quickly, in fact now it had a new comrade who willingly told all and showed. The chart of service was six days in a week with 8 till 18-00, Sunday the day off. The chart can seem difficult, but payment was decent for a countryside, and three single free feed, therefore nobody complained. In the end of the first day of service of Alexander one question, as its house, as its facilities agitated only. New comrade Alexander has taken an interest, as it will reach the house. Alexander has told, that on foot up to small town, and there on the bus or passing trucks.

The new friend has objected:

– Today we with the father shall throw you up to the house.

Here the first day of service of Alexander also has approached to the termination. Alexander was glad, that all was pleasant to it, that it has quickly got acquainted with good people, and now it has a new friend. Children stood at a gate of minutes 15 pending a pickup of the father of friend Alexander.

When that has approached, at once has told:

– About, the guy, you have served day up to the end have not run away, means will serve, – and have loudly burst out laughing.

The friend too has burst out laughing after the father and, having given up as hopeless, has got into a cabin. All road of three men joked and laughed, well it is possible so to say, the adult the man joked basically. It was glad to communicate to children, and it was pleasant to it, that children laugh sincerely at its old jokes. Approaching on Alexander’s house, the old man has told, that that did not worry about its facilities, that it has checked up all, animals has fed. Alexander has been surprised to such attitude to it, in fact earlier it was necessary to nobody, and here at it for one day has appeared at once two friends. Having approached on Alexander’s house, men have strong shaken each other hands and have said goodbye. From road up to Alexander’s house was meters twenty. And this distance Alexander as it seemed to it, has passed for a second. Before coming into the house, it has decided to look, how are you doing in a court yard and was surprised, that all has been cleaned, and animals had water and meal. Alexander has smiled and has directed to the house, on a porch it has sat down and has peered at a beautiful red decline. Time was evening, but birds still continued the songs, and in bushes already grasshoppers with might and main tried. Alexander enjoyed this type while in the street finally has not darkened (in southern regions darkens more quickly). Having risen, it has directed to the house. Having come, it has sat down on kitchen in an armchair and, having taken the fresh newspaper, the beginnings it to thumb through. Having had a drink tea, Alexander has decided before to lay down to sleep, in fact tomorrow to it on service, and today forces at it any more were not more likely for excitement. Alexander has woken up in the half sixth mornings. The sun already seemed also a star in windows of the house. Alexander has decided to rise before to feed cattle and to pour fresh water, in fact it will not be all the day long. Having made morning work, Alexander began to gather for service and has heard, as someone beep from road. Alexander has left on a porch and has seen, that it was its new friend with the father.

Steve has left the car and has strong shaken hands with Alexander, and with a sneer has asked:

– Well as, Alex, you are ready to service?

Alex has answered, that is ready and very grateful that men have arrived behind it.

The adult the man, having burst out laughing, has told: – will suffice to plant slobber, – and has suggested all to sit down in the car, differently guys could be late for service. As well as the last evening, this morning the road has flown by quickly, in fact men laughed, joked also something each other told.

Steve has left the car and has strong shaken hands with Alexander, and with a sneer has asked:

– Well as, Alex, you are ready to service?

Alex has answered, that is ready and very grateful that men have arrived behind it.

The adult the man, having burst out laughing, has told: – It is good stop crying, – and has suggested all to sit down in the car, differently guys could be late for service. As well as the last evening, this morning the road has flown by quickly, in fact men laughed, joked also something each other told. Having approached on a gate, children have quickly shaken hands with the adult to the man and have run in a part.

The adult the man has shouted:

– Alex, do not worry for the house and cattle – I shall call in and I shall check up all.

Alexander has had time to give up as hopeless only in the answer and has disappeared behind a gate checkpoint. The second day of service has begun with the new task for young children.

After a raising of a flag of a part and morning planning meeting to Alex and Steve on-ha reach the man is there was a sergeant, black the man of years of thirty-five – and has told:

– Children, I have for you there is very important task, – and, having smiled, has sparkled white as pearls teeth.

– What for the task? Steve-has asked.

Sergeant, also smiling, has told, that the task very important, that it will personally check up performances of this task and will report above. Alexander and Steve have exchanged glances, and Steve has told:

– We are ready, only in what it consists?

Sergeant has told:

– Here see that hangar? And so is a sports hall, and your task clean outь it till a dinner.

Also has still added, that this task very responsible and, being dared, on-looked on hours, has told:

– Now the half ninth morning. I give you two an hour that will cope with the task, time has gone, – and with these words it has knocked on Steve and Alex’s shoulder, has wished good luck, has turned and has directed to a building of management. Steve, as though calming itself, on road to a hangar has started to speak, that once a week always put someone on cleaning and that so should be, and Alexander silently noded confirming to a head. The sports hall was not greater, in it passed competitions on basketball between militarians portionwise. Whenever possible the military part had a basketball command, still there was a tribune, about the person on 50, and simulators for employment. Steve at once has directed in shower room and in a separate locker has taken two buckets and two mops.

Alexander has asked Steve:

– And who acts in this hall?

– Our colleagues here play: five guys – you saw them in the morning on a ruler – they above ranks, than we, therefore they can go here at any time. At them the arrangement with the heads, they support our part in competitions between portionwise, but they play unimportantly, – with a smile Steve has told.

Alexander has asked:

– I though played already for a long time, but would try. How you look at it, and, Steve?

Steve has shaken a head and has told:

– Alex, the more quickly we shall clean everything, the it is more than time for game at us will be.

Cleaning has borrowed about two hours, children have tried, and when all have cleaned, have taken one of balls and have started to throw it each other, as though playing a pass, and to throw by turns in a ring, thus making comments on the actions. Suddenly behind someone has loudly slapped in palm, and children so have played, that did not hear, that someone has come into a hall. It was sergeant, and it stood and looked at them silently, and gesture has called them.

– I see, at you here is cheerful, – it has said.

– In any way is not present, sir! We have dared to leave a little a ball after cleaning, sir. Sergeant has silently gone on a hall and began to look at how children were cleaned and have washed a floor.

Minutes through ten sergeant has said:

– Not bad, with cleaning for today all – on you it is possible to rely. And as to game in a ball, it seemed to me, it is interesting to you to play together. You already played earlier?

– No, sir, – has answered Steve, – We are familiar recently. He is Alexander, it recently on service.

– Well, then I wait for you tomorrow at six o’clock here both and be not late, to you it is clear?

– Yes, sir, – guys have said.

– Well and now you are free, can go for a dinner.

Children have directed by fast step to an output from a hangar.

Sergeant has shouted

– Do not forget sportswear. Tomorrow I shall look, that you are.

Having come in a dining room, children have sat down for a table and began to eat.

Steve has asked:

– Alex what we shall do, in fact, I feel, sergeant tomorrow urges on us?

Alex has grinned.

– Steve, – has added Alexander, – I have even there is no form. In what to play? And where to me it to take up to tomorrow, I have no concept.

Steve has told:

– Tonight we shall go on a constitution and we shall ask there the form.

Having had dinner, children have directed by a part to a building of management. Towards to them there was a militarian with a paper in a hand and has ordered, that those went on a back part of perimeter of a part and have helped with unloading provisions in a dining room. And has passed day – children almost did not speak. When them have released, they have directed to a constitution where received the form. Guys send on a constitution and have told, that to them have given out the sports form as sergeant wishes to see them tomorrow veche-rum in a hall.

The militarian who was on duty in a constitution, has burst out laughing and has told:

– In a hall? So why you have solved, what it has called you to train? Can train it on you will, and for this purpose the form to what. Here when will bring a paper, or it will come and will tell, that I have given out to you it, then other conversation. Children have a little become puzzled and silently send on street. Having seen, that to a gate father Steve approaches, they have directed by run on an evening ruler. On it also there was also a sergeant who has called Steve and Alex in a hall. But any of guys has not dared to approach to it, recalling in a head of a word of the militarian from a constitution which has expressed an idea, that training will be not for them, and on them. On Alexander’s ruler sergeant to a flagstaff as it was the beginner in army that acquaint it with all has caused. Alexander felt awkwardly and on behalf of the soldier saw any grins, and Steve also stood and laughed. When Alex have presented to colleagues, and the formal part of a ruler has passed, Alex was going to come back already in build, as suddenly soldiers have run, have lifted it on hands and have dragged to a ravine where have thrown in a small pond. Alex has been shocked and did not understand anything. And soldiers got poisoned by fumes with laughter and caught at stomaches.

Steve has approached and has helped Alex to get out, and has told:

– Alex, I congratulate – now you the adequate soldier. You have just passed dedication.

Alex in the beginning has become angry, and then, having recollected in a head that it should get here, and too has burst out laughing.

Steve has told:

– Well now we shall go to a shower and have gone home, the father waits.

Elderly the man stood at the car and talked to one of the soldier, waited the car which should arrive behind it when it has seen children has burst out laughing and has clapped Alex on a shoulder, has told: – be not afraid to fall off in a dirt that who did not fall, that highly did not get. Alexander silently with a smile of villages in the car, and Steve has sat down near to it, it on the person had a smile which did not descend.

Alexander has asked:

– You in fact knew, yes?

Steve has told:

– Certainly, knew. You excuse me, the friend, but I could not tell to you.

Again having heard to all road home jokes of the old man, children almost have silently reached to Alex’s house.

The grandfather has told:

– Alex, I congratulate – now you the adequate soldier. You have just passed dedication.

Alex in the beginning has become angry, and then, having recollected in a head that it should get here, and too has burst out laughing.

– Alexander, I called in today and has cleaned at animals, has poured it waters – do not worry.

Alexander has shaken hands with the man and has told:

– I do not know, how you to thank.

The grandfather has burst out laughing and has told:

– That you became the friend for my son will suffice me and, I hope, your friendship will be long to the death, and you each other will help in all things. I in fact not eternal, soon I shall go, but I am quiet, that Steve now has such friend, as you Alex.

Steve has loudly said:

– The father, well that you begin? Well where you have gathered – at us so much affairs ahead!

– Not at us, and at you, – the grandfather has told, – I already have become obsolete the, now business for you. Alexander has shaken hands with the man and Steve, has told, that such friends as they at it never was. Wished good luck, it has clapped a pickup on a cowl and has directed to the house. When it has started to depart, has turned and began to look following to the car, it has heard, as Steve has started to speak the father, that what for that begins such conversations, and it is not pleasant to it. Alexander has grinned and with a smile has directed to the house. It has come into a shed on a way, here, as well as yesterday all was pure and is cleaned. Having stroked horses, it has directed to the house. Having lifted a morning paper, it has included light on a porch and has come into the house. Having put a teapot, it has sat down to look through press, yes and has dozed off. Having woken up in the tenth hour, it has seen, that its teapot already for a long time has boiled away. It has thrown off it in a bowl and has gone to itself to a bedroom. On the following morning Alexander has woken up in five mornings and has gone to change water an animal and to add it of hay and forages. Without twenty seven it has seen the familiar car on road, now it waited for it impatiently. Having caught sight of a familiar silhouette, it has run out in a court yard and, having closed a door, has directed to the car. Steve and the father spoke about something, but, having seen, Alex have broken off. Alex has greeted and has sat down in the car.

– The father, I. Alex, we invite you on Sunday to us on a visit and we shall acquaint you with my mum, it very much wishes you to see.

– And still I shall prepare delicious for a stake! – the grandfather has screamed, – You fingers will lick.

Alexander has told:

– To me it is somehow awkward you in fact me recently know.

Steve has told:

– Any excuses. If you are not borrowed, then have in view of, that we wait for you on Sunday at us! – with these words Steve has embraced Alex.

Having left the car and having said goodbye with old, children have directed to a part. On a ruler all has passed, as well as is usual, only some soldiers recalled, how yesterday Alex has been devoted and chuckled. After a ruler to children have given the task to esteem boxes with the weapon and cartridges in a constitution. Behind this employment children have lead all the day long, had fun and joked.

N6 Better luck next time.

In the evening when children have finished, they have come to conclusion, that will go to a hall to sergeant “as is” under the form, and let will be, as will be. Having come into a hall, children have seen, how five soldier played a ball, and they were in the form of. They have stopped and began to look at Steve and Alex.

– Well you here were cleaned, – one of them has told, – But now we here are engaged and prepare for competitions which soon will, therefore come hours through two when we shall finish.

– We were called here by sergeant at this time, – Steve has told.

– Yes? Interestingly what for? – other soldier has said.

– Probably, we on you shall train, – has declared the third, and they have amicably burst out laughing.

Sergeant has come into this instant in a hall and, having seen dialogue between the soldiers, has said:

– I see, you have already got acquainted, well and well – then there is less than time for acquaintance and at once to business. Why not in the sports form, private soldiers? You have forgotten my order? – sergeant has said.

– In any way is not present, sir! – children have said.

Steve has told, that to them have not given out the form in a constitution that the paper or the personal request is necessary.

Sergeant has told:

– All right, today we shall do without the form.

To those five to soldiers who already played among themselves, sergeant has told:

– Now you have contenders on behalf of these two children and if they about-show itself on a floor someone from you they I shall play to a command is better, than, to you is clear? – sergeant has said.

At the soldier expression on persons has sharply exchanged, and one of them has thrown strongly a ball in Steve’s hands, that that hardly has had time to catch it.

Sergeant has told:

Is yet everything, I shall play today for them. Who will one more go to our command?

Soldiers stood silently with dissatisfied expressions on the person, looking in different sides.

– Who will go to my command? – sergeant, – Well then, Country houses, you will go has repeated.

– No, sir!

– Any « is not present, sir »! It is the order.

And Country houses, the light guy of years of thirty, has directed to sergeant.

Sergeant has told:

– We play three on three with one replacement for ten minutes a time, only two times – for the beginning will suffice.

The command of sergeant started to plant a ball from the middle of a field, and the command the soldier defended. When a ball have thrown to Steve, it awkwardly has led it, and the ball has skipped away at it from hands then soldiers have loudly burst out laughing.

Sergeant has objected:

– To stop laughter, recollect yourself when you began to play – at you too such was or not so? – and it has looked on the soldier.

Those with a smile have silently risen in racks on a floor. The following pass has gone to Alex, it did not begin to drive, and has thrown a ball back to sergeant, and that has thrown it in a direction of a ring, but has missed. In following attack to a command of sergeant soldiers have hammered in three -point a goal and have led in the account. It seemed, in a command of sergeant it played one or with Will which left on replacement or changed somebody – Alex or Steve. And as a result a command of sergeant has lost with account 20-6, and the soldiers enough with self, have shaken hands to a command of sergeant.

And one has told:

– Sergeant, guys are rather weak. Thanks that have resulted them, on them we on-is trained to competitions.

Sergeant has smiled and has shown the snow-white teeth, has told:

– I have called them not for that you on them trained, and I have called them to train level with you. That they yet everyone are able so we shall solve it for a month, recollect itself. And here that these guys can play and not-is bad, I am assured. It is necessary only for a few time.

– And can and much, – one of the soldier has said and has burst out laughing.

Sergeant has approached with Alex and Steve and has told:

– I shall report, that to you have given out the form, and three times a week you can come to train here with me and soldiers if there is a desire come. Think properly today, and tomorrow give me the answer.

Children descended in a shower, have changed clothes to go home and send on a constitution where to them have given out the sports form. Coloring forms was dark green with white strips.

When the grandfather has taken away children home they have told to it about training, and that has been pleasantly surprised and has told:

– Well, Steve, at you the cousin not bad played basketball, and sports it in itself harm did not bring to anybody. Give train and outdo these jerks, and that they speak you so it with envy. You were called by sergeant. Means, you have pleased it something, and for them you competitors, therefore they and urge on you. Next day guys after a ruler have approached to sergeant and have told, that would like to continue to train. Sergeant was glad and has told, that waits for them, but thus now after each training children will be cleaned in a hall, yet will not win against a command the soldier. And days at Steve and Alex – friendship, service, training, the house have departed.

Children descended in a shower, have changed clothes to go home and send on a constitution where to them have given out the sports form. The coloring of the form was dark green with white strips.

When the grandfather has taken away children home they have told to it about training, and that has been pleasantly surprised and has told:

– Well, Steve, at you the cousin not bad played basketball, and sports it in itself harm did not bring to anybody. Give train and outdo these youths, and that they speak you so it with envy. You were called by sergeant. Means, you have pleased it something, and for them you competitors, therefore they and urge on you. Next day guys after a ruler have approached to sergeant and have told, that would like to continue to train. Sergeant was glad and has told, that waits for them, but thus now after each training children will be cleaned in a hall, yet will not win against a command the soldier. And days at Steve and Alex – friendship, service, training, the house have departed.

№7 On a visit at Steve.

Once, when father Steve (it too called Steve, Steve the senior, in villages often the father named the son in honour of itself), and so, Steve the senior once again took away guys from service and has asked:

– Alex, what plans at you on this Sunday, the sonny?

Alexander has answered, that wanted to fix a roof in some seats.

Steve the senior has interrupted Alex:

– On Sunday we wait for you at us on a visit, I shall fetch you in afternoon.

The father was picked up by Steve younger:

– Yes, Alex, come. My mum, Mrs. Sheril, for a long time asks about you and waits on a visit. It will prepare for excellent house bread. You are more tasty did not eat, and still a tasty corn and pork edges, fingers will lick, come!

– Well I do not know, – Alexander has said.

– Do not make a fool, – Steve has objected, – With a roof we shall help you another time, and on Sunday you at us – are solved.

Alex did not begin to argue more as it was useless. Saturday day has passed on service quickly. In the first, it was shorter, till three o’clock, and secondly, this day regarding is not present briefings, there are no cleaning and other administrative tasks, soldiers protect perimeter, clean territory, wash technics. Alex and Steve were on duty on a security tower with them there were two more soldiers, two brother Kollen and Nile, guys quiet, but fans to argue even on any trifles and consequently with them it was not boring. Alex and Steve have handed over change, have taken a shower, have changed clothes and send from a part. Steve the senior already waited for guys. Steve the senior stirred all road about under the firm recipe it tomorrow will prepare for what tasty stakes, and Steve younger noded a head and assented to the father. When Alex has left at the house, the father and the son have reminded it about tomorrow and that in afternoon that was ready. Alex before some weeks, namely Sundays, spent in house efforts, and for a long time any more was not at someone on a visit, was nervous a little. It has lead Saturday evening in work that tomorrow it needed to pour only waters and to throw a few hay an animal. Next day Alex has woken up in the half seventh mornings. Having left on a porch, Alex has seen, that in the street there is a drizzle, but was hot. Alex has poured to itself coffee, has taken the newspaper for Friday and villages in an armchair which stood at it on a verandah. About itself(himself) it has thought: – As well, that I was called to itself by Steve and its father, today obviously do not put for repair of a roof.

Steve sat on an armchair with a mug of coffee in a hand, it has been dressed in a dark blue dressing gown very warm and cosy, it has settled down a leg on a leg and in a floor lying position – an armchair it allowed – having thumbed through, the newspaper it has postponed it and began to peer at a corn field which went from its site and further on pair in km up to a small wood. Though day has stood out also cloudy, was warm, and the rain was fine and uniform, in air the smell of freshness and pleasant aromas of blossoming plants flied. Different birds tried, who is louder, Petyas this Sunday morning. The woodpecker with persistence beat out from the old, decayed tree in which it is a lot of years back the lightning, last insects has struck. Alexander breathed deeply to take pleasure in this fine smell. It has peered afar and as though itself has asked, why it did not see this beauty why it did not feel this fine smell why it did not hear this fine singing birds earlier. With these ideas it has fallen asleep. It has woken up about in an hour when the rain has amplified and became drum on a roof of a verandas. It has risen, has taken a mug and the newspaper and has gone in the house. Houses it has washed the dishes and has engaged in repair of a stairs which conducts on the second floor. It was taken with it up to half twelfth, has then washed and began to gather. About in half an hour has heard, as in the street zoom the car. It has dressed trousers and a shirt and has left on street, quickly having run across from the house to the car, it has sat down in it. In the car Steve younger sat, having shaken each other hands, they have gone to Steve’s house. To go not for long, minutes ten. Steve road told, that the father since early morning pickled stakes, and mum ran on kitchen and prepared for the firm bread and a sweet pie with apples. At Alex from told growled in a stomach as fussed it has forgotten to have breakfast with a stairs. Steve’s house stood in twenty meters from road, around of it there were trees of different breeds. The house was two-storeyed with a penthouse, a huge porch on which was, besides armchairs, a sofa, swing on which three adults can be placed and thus still to rock. It was visible, that it is a make-it-yourself design. In a court yard there were some types of technics, a tractor of the small size, a lawn-mower, the second pickup only in the disassembled type. And so all was well-groomed, it is visible, that owners looked after the house and territory. Alex and Steve send from a pickup.

Alex has asked:

– And where at you a facilities, or you do not conduct it?

Steve has burst out laughing:

– No, Alex, at all of us to be behind the house, hardly in deeper a wood. A wood of small mile about a floor at width, and behind it a field where at us the small cattle is grazed, and behind the house as I have told, there are constructions with a bird, pigs, at us is to pair cows and horses. It is idea of the father to construct construction more deeply in a wood. Well as in a wood as you see, it and is difficult for naming a wood, trees are on decent distance from each other, probably, once, can to pair centuries back, them put manually. Well, if we shall be in time, I still shall show all to you. When they approached to the house, on a porch there was Steve’s mum, Mrs. Sheril, it was low growth with gray-haired curly hair and in greater glasses, on its person there were many wrinkles, but these wrinkles were that the woman often smiles. It stood on a porch and with a bright smile met children.

Steve has said:

– Here, mum, Alexander – my colleague and the friend. Alex, is mum, Mrs. Sheril.

– Hello, Mrs. Sheril. I about you heard much.

Mrs. Sheril has burst out laughing and has added:

– I hope, only good! It has met guys both has embraced them by turns and has told, that they went to the house, there all is already almost ready. Steve the senior just about should come with meat, because of a rain it had to go on a back court yard, under a roof to prepare for meat. In the house at Steve all was purely and accurately, many beautiful pictures and figurines of animals, the kitchen was greater with greater windows in all wall, in the house very appetizing aroma of different dishes flied, here was caught and aroma fresh bread, and a smell fried vegetables, any spices. Steve has suggested Alex to sit down near to it, on a table already stood glasses and pair wine glasses with cold tea. Mrs. Sheril has spread out plates and has got a greater loaf of a white loaf, it was with a small brown crust and something is strewed from above. Mrs. Sheril has asked Steve to cut bread. And itself has put on edge of a table a huge frying pan in which the potato was baked, an onions, red pepper, tomatoes and vegetable marrows, from this dish there was a divine aroma. Alex has caught itself on an idea, that it for a long time did not feel such aroma from food, and whether felt, it is not assured. Mrs. Sheril began to display a dish on plates. In this instant behind a window bark of a dog was heard, all have turned and have seen, how Steve the senior passes in hands with a metal tray on which something laid. Behind it two dogs ran, one was light breeds Labrador and dark brawny breeds the American pit bull terrier. Dogs were turned around of Steve and a tray, appear, they will bring down its most, and it in turn quarrelled on dogs for fieriness. Steve younger has risen and has opened a door in the house. The father has asked, that Steve did not start up dogs in the house while they eat.

Steve the senior has seen Alex and has said:

– About, Alex, now you will try a firm stake from Steve of the senior, a secret of the recipe do not ask, it is its secret even Steve younger does not know, – has told with pride the man and has put on a table a tray. Steve younger has bent to Alex and has whispered on an ear: – the Recipe is not present, everything, that under a hand will get, but taste always excellent and children have burst out laughing. On a tray eight pieces of meat with a golden-brown crust laid, on which else bubbled and oil dripped, the smell stood shaking. Steve the senior has taken two plugs and has put to everyone on a piece to vegetables. All have sat down for a table of Mrs. Sheril has poured all cold tea and has suggested to join hands to say a pray before meal. Alex felt not at all comfortably, it never said prays before meal, and in the god that it trusted hardly. On the one hand it was taken by the hand by Steve younger, from other Mrs. Sheril. Steve the senior has started to speak a pray, thanked the god for meal, for a crop, for a possibility to live, be pleased lives and to continue the sort. In the end Steve, the father and Mrs. Sheril have told: – Amen.

– Fly, while hot. All began settle accounts assiduously silently with meat and vegetables with a potato. Mrs. Sheril has put in a plate to Alex an ear of a boiled corn and any fresh salad, there there were cucumbers, tomatoes. Alex, biting the next piece of meat, tested tremendous emotions from taste it has been fried as it is necessary, plus of spice gave the highlight in this dish, and it showed the big finger to Steve to the senior, and that planted with a happy type of a hand on sides. Hot from vegetables too was excellent, about it Steve also has specified Mrs. Sheril.

That with its firm smile has told:

– Eat, the sonny, do not eat – with yourself you will take.

They of minutes ate thirty and almost did not speak. The meal was such tasty, that all enjoyed taste and did not waste time on conversations. After all have eaten Steve the senior it has suggested to be passed to Alex and to show their territory.

Mrs. Sheril has told:

– Boys, take a walk, come to an apple pie.

To Troy men send on a porch, dogs laid glad with each other. When they have seen men at once have jumped and began to sniff at them. Mrs. Sheril has born bones from meat and has put to dogs who with pleasure began to eat greedily them. Steve the senior has lit a cigar, has given up as hopeless and has gone on a footpath at the house, guys have followed it. When all three has turned for the house Alex has seen, that behind the house nearby there is a barn of red-white color, and about it there was a lot of a fresh hay, in the same place there was a wooden cart, all was cleanly around, and the smell from animals was not felt almost, so people tracked a facilities. At a barn in a shelter ran hens, turkey-cocks and geese. Further by a barn there was a trodden road between trees, after it and men have gone. They were silent, all have gorged on and wished to take pleasure in silence and fresh air.

Having passed so minutes fifteen, Steve the senior, having extinguished a stub, has asked:

– Well as to you at us, Alex?

– Very beautifully and cleanly cosy, in general, at all of you as it is necessary. Very much it is pleasant to me, – Alex has answered.

– Here such answer also was necessary to me, now we wait for you each second Sunday on a visit, and it is not discussed.

Steve younger with pleasure has said:

– I for! And mum will be very glad.

Alex did not begin to argue, to it was so well, that it enjoyed this instant. Now it understood, that such family, strong family where everyone does the work, everyone helps each other. It even wished to get sad, but not in time. All three send because of trees on the big field. The huge herd of cows in the distance was seen. From the left side two horses – red and white were grazed.

Steve the senior has told:

– The sonny, you with Alex go, result here horses and adhere them to trees and wait for me, and I shall follow cows, I shall take away them today before.

Steve and Alex have directed to horses Red ate a grass, and white laid enjoying the nature. In the sky began to clear up, the easy breeze has blown. Alex has stopped Steve and has told, that it never drove horses yes to it still боязно. Steve has burst out laughing and has told, that horses house, therefore have got used to people and to be afraid of them there is nothing. Steve has pulled out metal probes from the ground and has tightened the cords, it has handed over one cord to Alex, the cord went to a red Horse. And itself began to reel up it, and the white horse has risen, unwillingly, and has gone to Steve. Alex too began to reel up a cord. The red horse too, unwillingly, has gone to its side. Children have directed with horses to trees and have adhered them, and have sat down on a grass and began to wait for Steve of the senior who conducted two cows from a field. When it has approached to guys those laid on a floor, it is possible to tell already dozed.

It a loud voice has shouted:

– Shepherds, at all of you the cow have escaped and has burst out laughing.

Guys have risen from the ground and began to untie horses. Steve the senior has told, that will lead cows the first, and they let go behind. The road back has borrowed little bit longer time, cows and strove to curtail from a way or will return on a floor. Alex conducted a horse behind itself, and that obediently went. When Men have approached to a barn, towards to them dogs have come running and began to bark and jump. On Steve and its father.

Steve the senior has told:

– Adhere horses to a cart, I shall get them, and you go to the house, there, probably, all is ready to tea drinking.

Guys obediently have made all and have gone to the house. When they have approached to a porch, there there was a table at a sofa which was shaken also an armchair, on a table there was a metal teapot and four mugs.

Mrs. Sheril has seen children through a window in kitchen and has left with a greater tray on which the big magnificent pie laid, it has put it and has told to Steve:

– The sonny, cut a pie, now tea we shall drink. Alex has sat down on a sofa Steve too. The senior and villages Steve At this time has returned to an armchair. Mrs. Sheril has born pair plates, apparently was, with jam and honey, and all have sat down and began to drink tea, they sat so long, weather already has exchanged completely the sun shone through trees, preparing soon to go for horizon. Mrs. Sheril and Steve the senior have risen and guys have told well on communicate and we shall go to the house if that call. Steve and Alex looked at trees, on beams of the sun and enjoyed in the evening in pleasant conditions.

Steve has asked:

– Well as to you, Alex at us was pleasant?

Alex has sighed and has told:

– Steve, I for a long time so perfectly did not spend time, you very good people, at you strong family. When I went here, I thought you me will ask about family and than I was engaged, and I would not like to speak about it, but now I have understood, that I was mistaken.

– Yes, my parents not such, to it it is not important, whom you were in the past, the main thing who you are now. The father at once you зауважал, and I too. And too you have liked mum.

– And not only, – Alex has told, between guys Labrador has got, and a head has put to Alex on knees and luxuriated, occasionally shaking from a head of importunate flies. The second dog laid in position of a sphynx and luxuriated in beams of the evening sun. When the sun has sat down, Alex has risen and has told, that it should go, that a facilities though small, but waits for it. Steve too has risen and has called the father with mother, Mrs. Sheril has left with a package and has told:

– Here meat, bread, a pie and vegetables to you, Alex.

It has embraced Alex and has told:

– The sonny, come whenever you’d like, when you will want, we shall be always glad you to see.

Steve the senior did not love sentimentality, has simply embraced and has shaken hands with Alex. That has told, that so is wonderful it did not sit never and that you very good family. Mrs. Sheril has told, that it now too from their family. After that Steve younger and Alex have directed to the car, dogs with them to see off. Guys lodge in the car, and Alex began to wave Steve’s to parents who stood on a porch in hugging. Those in the answer too began to wave dogs began to bark, as though too speaking Alex: – While, up to new meetings. When Steve brought up Alex to the house, already darkened, though the sky was still light, but on the ground because of trees beams did not reach any more, there was a silence only grasshoppers in bushes strained, who is louder. Where that the frog still submitted a sound, birds was not audible, probably, they so tired for a day, that already slept. Steve has stopped at Alex’s house.

Alex has asked:

– Steve why I did not know your father earlier, mum? You?

– Well, mum I have the housewife and from the house seldom leaves. We with the father earlier constantly worked in a floor, earned fine repair while I to serve has not acted, with the salary of the militarian it became easier, and we have refused work on a floor.

– And well, then it is clear, – Alex has told, – I conducted at all other way of life, therefore we did not meet, – and has burst out laughing.

– All right, – Alex, – thanks you, thanks your family, Steve has told. Pass to parents, that all was very tasty, and thank you for the excellent company. With these words it has shaken hands with Steve and has got out of the car. Steve has shouted, that tomorrow as usually and has gone. Alex spent its sight and on-was corrected to the house, has glanced in a shed. It has seen, that hay still is, too it is enough water. It has directed to the house, having come, it at once has laid down in bed, but long could not fall asleep and had, on a ceiling. It was grasped with emotions from gone through today. And now it to itself(himself) has told, that it will make everything that it had a same strong family as Steve. When for a long time already there was a night, Alex has somehow fallen asleep.

8 In an anticipation.

In the morning Alex has risen in very good mood, it has got bread which to it has given Mrs. Sheril and, enjoying taste, drank coffee. Day was clear. As usually it has heard a sound of a signal of the car, it could not wait any more when behind it will arrive, it very much would like to see Steve, its father. The friendship between Alex and between the son and the father grew stronger every day, more likely it переросла in related attitudes. Steve the senior brought every morning the son and Alex to a military part and took away in the evening. About time-two Alex went to a month on a visit to Steve, and they spent together all the day long went on a pond to catch cancers, to fish, gathered wild berries, something repaired, invented, in general, spent time, as one family. On service Alex and Steve too tried to do all together. Children communicated with the colleagues, only basically on service affairs a little. While other soldiers tried to gather even time in two weeks in a bar, nobody called Steve and Alex. The some people thought, that they will give up, others simply did not wish them to call. Alex and Steve visited all trainings. Sergeant has changed a few employment for them, with them it was engaged personally, then as the others were engaged in the general group. Sergeant also was the playing couch. About a year later in the spring when warm solar beams have started to warm up the ground and plants began to come to life after short winter, and birds began to be filled in with singing as though at them competition who is louder. Steve and Alex were in one of garages at a part and sorted through the old automobile engine. Alex understood cars as it had an experience before work on roadside car-care center, and Steve was Alex’s disciple and with pleasure to it helped. When business approached to a dinner, the soldier has come into garage. It was the Country houses, one of the soldier who as went on training with Steve and Alex.

It has told:

– Guys, you are caused promptly by sergeant, it in itself in a cabinet. Steve and Alex, having put tools, have gone in perplexity to a building where there was a sergeant. Having knocked, they have asked to enter into a door. Sergeant sat on the center at the table, in hands it had a white folder.

It has given up as hopeless and, having removed glasses, with a smile has said:

– So, guys, I have caused telling to you, that to me have sent the invitation to the championship of staff on basketball among military parts of all their four. You understand, what the victory over this competition not only will bring to us moral satisfaction, but also it is not necessary to forget, what there will be there a top management of staff before which we should act better others, truly? Plus of these competitions though they also pass infrequently, will consist of that as you will show yourselves on them, can affect your life in the further. Many of you, I know, wish to leave for large city, I do not condemn you, and, to the contrary, I understand, and it will be, though also small, but chance, therefore it will be necessary to give all the best on a maximum.

At Alex from a head up to legs has run a shiver. It has already left desire to move to city, but this news once again has stirred up it.

Sergeant continued:

– If we well shall act, that is that us or someone from us will invite chance to act in a combined team of staff, well and here, understand, and new ranks and possibilities. I have already warned guys, and since tomorrow we start to run after morning assembly around of a part. Still there is time to refuse, though I do not advise you, you have a potential if it would not be, I would not began to potter with you. Well as to you news? – sergeant has asked.

Alex has told, that it is ready to be engaged so much, as much as necessary or how many it is necessary, and it is very glad to such possibility to support honour of a part of their small town at competitions. Steve has told, that if you consider, that we on something are capable, it too with pleasure is ready to support a part and for city.

– Here also it is wonderful, – sergeant has told, having risen because of a table and, having approached, to guys, it has told: – Guys, I am already distant not young, and I serve already for a long time. Probably, these competitions for me the last as if we shall not show result, I shall not begin to train more you as I shall not see sense. Let’s try now and we shall make so that we have acted above the capacities and have proved to everything, that guys from remote places are capable on much. Well and me it will be pleasant to recall on pension this event. Remember are your chance.

With these words it has knocked guys on a shoulder and has told:

– And now go into a dinner, tomorrow I’ll see you in the morning.

Alex and Steve on the outside were quiet, but inside at everyone boiled and excitement, though before competitions still couple of months gurgled. Having had dinner, they have directed to garage where have continued the business. Though in heads at everyone think were about other, about forthcoming competition. In the evening when Steve the senior has arrived for guys, children have told to it about competition.

The grandfather was delighted and has told:

– Well, now, guys, you should prepare, I shall help you. Steve has burst out laughing, how the daddy you us will learn to play? No, the sonny I have ideas as you to help to be prepared.

This at night Alex could not fall asleep, it thought of competitions and thought, how it is better to it to prepare, that it has a chance of which it should take advantage. In the morning Steve has called in without the father on Alex, Alex was surprised, where the father. Steve through laughter has told, that evening on arrival home the father has taken a ring from metal flanks and has attached it to a tree both has decided to stir up olden time and has called Steve, ostensibly it will train its houses after few times it has jumped to a ring at it has taken a back then the father today on manuals of mum has decided to remain the at home.

Alex has burst out laughing and has told:

– Your father to us in a command you do not wish to call, – and guys have burst out laughing. In the morning after assembly Steve, Alex, sergeant and five more guys from a part have remained on drill ground. Sergeant has told, that at them ahead the important event, it very much would want, that all of them have made friends and trusted each other because there will be no good game if there will be no confidence. All stood silently who looked downwards, someone against each other – all understood, that this serious competition and that for them is chance. Sergeant has told, that since today’s morning three times a week it and a command from seven person will run around of territory of a part about about three kilometers. Competitions it is appointed to May, 10th. Sergeant has told, that it very much hopes for each of them and that trusts in everyone, differently it at all would not began to spend time. Someone has asked sergeant that is maybe better, to run in the evening before training, and not so hot will be. Sergeant did not love, when someone stipulates its decisions, but this time it has listened, by standing to pair minutes, it looked at the sky, on territory and has told, what yes, probably, they are right.

– Let’s transfer, I wait for you at a gate without twenty six, I hope, everyone will come, and now miss.

They joked:

– Sergeant, you have removed from what little girl cowards, or you have deceived with a size, or to you anywhere does not press.

And all amicably laughed. Sergeant ran silently and too, smiling, spoke:

– Joke, joke, while we of a gate when we shall come on territory of a part, I shall laugh, when you will cut a grass with scissors.

Soldiers, being dared, spoke, that they joke and that sergeant was not angry with them. After jog at guys training has begun. Steve and Alex, as before, played to a command with Will and sergeant, and for that period, and has already passed the whole year, at them much turned out, and they already understood each other. After training sergeant has told, that now it will train them on another: if earlier it divided them on two commands now all – one command, at them three months, to be played together. Steve and Alex is not enough with whom communicated on service. Certainly, they knew everything, but them usually sent on tasks together, and they were crossed with others seldom, and it was appreciable, that mood of all good all with each other joked. Has asked in the evening when Steve took Alex, Alex, whether there is no at Steve one more ring from flanks. Steve has answered, that it will find, and tomorrow to it will pass. Next morning Alex has left hardly earlier and has gone to a barn at the house; there, in old things and furniture, it has found a case which has already warped, and to restore it there was no sense and needs. The back wall has been made of a square leaf which has been made of the pressed sawdust. Alex has torn off it and has born on street.

– That’s the thing! From this the excellent board will turn out! – it has whispered.

Having put a board at a porch, it has seen Steve’s car, and has directed to up to-horn. As usually it has sat down in the car, Steve and today was without the father, it has decided one more day to have a rest on a behest of Mrs. Sheril. Steve has given a ring which promised Alex. Day has passed easy as usually only guys who now prepared for competitions, now pressed each other hands at a meeting though managed only words earlier. In the evening Steve, bringing up Alex to the house, has asked:

– Whether you are going to hang up a ring not so?

– Yes, – Alex, – come with me has told.

Guys have gone to the house. Alex has got a board which it has left in the morning.

Also Steve has told:

– Now I have there will be a ring. Take it, and I descend in a shed I shall look a paint.

Steve at this time has a little bent a ring that it became equal. Alex has left with jar and a brush. Having taken from a suitcase with tools a screw-driver, it has made a hole in some holes in a board, then by means of Steve it has attached a ring on a wire and has painted it white color. It is unique color which at it was. Having hung up a board on a tree, Alex has thanked Steve, and that has gone home. On training of business at a command went well: with all each other respected, did not pay attention to mistakes, and to the contrary encouraged. Game turned out: at times children showed such teamwork, as though they many years play. Sergeant, потирая hands, felt pleasant excitement. It was pleasant to it, that all in a command began to concern to each other yours faithfully and understanding. This the first, that it achieved. Well, and thus game became more qualitatively and more interestingly. When guys shared on two commands it is rare one of commands came off another with the big difference; in the account all struggled up to the end up to a whistle of sergeant. Alex and Steve every evening after service threw a ball in Alex’s new ring. Even when Steve leaved, Alex still long before twilight continued to throw a ball, it wished to learn to throw precisely from different seats. Every evening, even after training, it threw a ball, by the way, it it was presented by Sergeant when has learned, that that has hung up a ring at the house. The ball was not new and already all inscriptions were erased, but it jumped also as before. Time went, at eight the person and parts of 0888 armies of the USA pressure accrued; all of them felt, that already soon very important event is necessary to them. Alex, owing to the evening trainings, began to throw very well from apart, and, the most important, it began to hit the target often. Sergeant often translated it as an example when they assorted game after training. Steve has in turn learned to move briskly and in pair with Alex always opened, and Alex a good distant pass often found Steve. At them well it turned out to play together though both of them were low growth to measures of professional players of basketball. In one and a half month at guys obvious progress was visible, both in game and in attitudes on service all communicated, helped, if the help was necessary, and even have agreed, if will win the championship contain will go on fishing. Steve the senior, having arrived, once, as in usually evening for Steve and Alex has told it, that it has thought up for them new exercise which will help guys to hold strong a ball in hands. Alex and Steve laugh also have started to ask the old man about its ideas, but that any excuses did not give them the answer. When they have approached on Alex Steve’s house the senior has told:

– Alex, the day after tomorrow on Sunday we wait for you at us. Alex has left to 8- mornings, to road .

Alex has told, that anything. It rises much earlier to throw hay, and to change water for cattle.


– Here and well, – Steve the senior has told. Alex and Steve younger with surprise have looked against each other, and Steve younger has shrugged shoulders. The car has gone further, and Alex stood and with a smile on the person. It thought, that the old adventurer this time has thought up. On Sunday, as well as agreed, Alex has left to 8- mornings to road. But, when it has seen a pickup in a body something laid, something dimensional – was from apart not so clear. When the car has come close, Alex has seen, that in a body the boat, a small wooden boat lays.


– Sailor Alex, you is ready to navigation?


Alex has told shy, that is ready. Steve the senior has given up as hopeless and has told, that that climbed in a cabin. Alex has without many words sat down in a cabin, Steve younger sat and on its person also saw, that it not at all understands, where they go and that will do. Minutes twenty car went on a wood, then minutes ten on a field which was заросшим, not set. Alex has told, that here it the first time in a life. To it spoke, that vessels go to bathe, but it so never was. Steve the senior has told, that it and Steve earlier often here went, fished and bathed. Having passed a field, they have left to small wood lake, it was almost square form as though someone specially has dug out it. Alex has told, that here it the first time in a life. To it spoke, that vessels go to bathe, but it so never was. Steve the senior has told, that it and Steve earlier often here went, fished and bathed. Having passed a field, they have left to small wood lake, it was almost square form as though someone specially has dug out it. At length and width it was almost identical about meters on 200 in each side. Behind lake the wood at once began. On lake there was nobody though it was visible, that recently here there were people – remains bonfire in several seats. At night there was a rain, probably, it has frightened people. Men have stopped and send from the car. Steve the senior has looked on sides and has told, that it has carried, that there is nobody, that it is possible to take pleasure in the nature and catch easy fish who will be not not scared away by fans to bathe. Though now there was a middle of March, weather stood already warm, degrees 25 day, but nights were still cool, and water still was not warmed up but some people, especially youth which here came with tents, all the same bathed. Men have removed a boat and have put it on water. Steve the senior has combined some fishing tackles, oars in a boat and has suggested to sit and have a bite before navigation. It has got six boiled eggs, a white loaf, some tomato, sweet pepper, cucumbers and bacon from a bag.

Having spread out everything, it has told:

– Guys, I have called you with me not only for fishing, but today you awake to train the hands, namely to row with oars, moreover I shall mark, who from you will more quickly cross lake round-trip, that remains dry, and the one who more slowly, should be expiated. Steve younger has choked with bread.

Steve the senior has burst out laughing and has told:

– Eat up and for business.

Guys, hastily to chew bread, having washed down, it are fresh milk lodge in a boat. On lake there was a calm, birds filled in all around with the spring songs, different insects already with might and main were engaged in the affairs, somewhere frogs nearby croaked.

Steve the senior has got old hours and has told:

– Now twenty minutes of the tenth, Steve, the sonny sit down oars – we shall begin with you.

– Thanks, the father, – has told Steve and villages for oars.

Steve the senior has told:

– Well, the sonny, do not bring. Breathe in regular intervals and try to row with both oars with identical force to not do extra гребков and to not spend force.

Steve has told:

– Daddies, I only shall not understand, than your idea will help me with game, I not I see. remain one and a half month, all the same today hardly something will give to us.

Steve the senior has told:

– Will give, here will see.

Having lifted a hand upwards, it has waved to it and has shouted:

– Has gone.

Steve began to row Steve the senior sat on a forage the person to face to the son. Alex looked around and in water, the lake was deep, but water very transparent, and at coast the sandy bottom and branches with stones when depth began to increase water became more dark in some tones was visible, and nothing was looked through. Steve rowed very much, it was visible, that it tried the Father in every possible way it encouraged, that water still cold, and lost it is necessary to bathe. Steve even has a little reddened, but all with confidence rowed. They have crossed lake of minutes through 20, and Steve the senior has shown on a turn. Back floated more slowly, it was visible, that to Steve it is heavy with not in the habit. When have reached, Steve the senior has ordered: – Stop!

Time which it has marked was 48-minutes. Alex and Steve have exchanged seats. Steve, deeply breathing, a hand drew for water also began to pour over itself and greedy to drink. Alex has taken in hands of an oar, for it it was for the first time in a life. It sat and knees at it shivered a little, though it did not understand, because of what.

Steve the senior has told:

– It is ready? Has gone!

And Alex began to get oars. Even, in spite of the fact that it was its first time, it rowed with confidence and almost synchronously. It has crossed lake too minutes for twenty, after a turn under has reduced speed and too began to breathe more often. In the end of lake Alex, having compressed a teeth, began to accelerate a course, but it has sufficed not-for a long time, about time ten it was in time загрести as Steve the senior has ordered: – Stop! Alex has thrown oars and too began to wet a head water. Steve the senior has told:

– Your time, Alex, 45 minutes of 37 seconds. The sonny, you today bathe. Shaken hands with Alex, Steve the senior has told:

– Anything, the son, next time you will win.

Steve the senior has told:

– Alex, bring us to those bushes, the pike and the good perch there is found, can it will be possible to catch a couple of good copies for a dinner, for a long time I did not eat a small fish.


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Live of Alexander Novogorski Live of Alexander Novogorski