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Lion And The Thunderstorm Book 1

Lion and the thunderstorm (Lion Series Book 1)

Children’s Animal Bed Time Story

First edition: First printing

Illustrations and design © 2016 Dr. MC

ISBN-13: 978-1535532211

ISBN-10: 1535532211

Dr. MC

© 2016 by Dr. MC

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First Printing, 2016

Printed in the United States of America

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It was a rainy day in animal kingdom and all of the animals were looking for a cover. Foxes had no problem finding perfect place to hide since they burrowed their way between two thick bushes under a large tree.

Lion and the thunderstorm (Lion Series Book 1)

Giraffe didn’t have much luck because she was so tall that no burrow or a hole could hide her enormous neck, so she just stood under the same tree while the rain was pouring down her face. There were lots of hyenas running around, trying to hide into other animals’ shelters but with no luck, so they decided to hide under unfortunate giraffe. There was a loud roar coming from the distance, a rather unplesant roar, some would say. A lion with all his mightiness was soaking wet, walking around and trying to find any kind of shelter. The clouds were black as coal and the rain started to hurt because the raindrops were falling continuously from the sky. Every hole in the ground was filling up with water and there was no end to the thunderstorm. Some of the animals were beginning to get scared because they didn’t know what to do and where to take shelter.


Chapter I Dig Deep?

Everyone started yelling at each other but the sounds could barely be heard because the raining and the thunder was so loud and noisy. -Where should we go? I'm afraid of thunder! It's scary – said the young elephant to its mother while trying to hide underneath her. -I don't know, baby. Don't be scared, it can't harm you, it's just very loud! - she replied and caressed his cheek. Then, the lion came from behind, grumpy and grouchy since he wasn't very fond of the rain and water in general. -Ah,hear me, animals! We have to do something here – he roared out loud, - there are many small animals that will soon be swimming around if we don't do something about this terrible rain. - he said while shaking his head left and right. -We can try to dig in that small hill to hide from this irritating rain! - he pointed towards the small hill just behind a line of tall bushes. All the animals united and burrowed through the hill and made a big hole inside it. But as soon as they finished, the water starting falling down from the entrance and became a large waterfall which soon filled the hole with water.

Chapter II Jump high?

As the idea of deep hole failed, the lion was trying to think of another solution of hiding from the everlasting rain. -I know! - weasels, monkeys and squirrels and they found their spots in the tree. But, when it came to the bigger animals to climb, they discovered it is impossible for all of them to climb up. -Ahh, this doesn't work either. - frowned the anxious lion while standing under the tree and looking up the sky. -We should try something else again.- he concluded and invited all the animals to form a circle.



Chapter III Collect the Branches

-I bushes in one big pile. They started forming a big shelter and arranged the pile in a tent-like structure with the small entrance in front. It was rather big shelter, unlike the first ones, so even a giraffe could fit inside it. Later on, all of the animals started entering the branch tent and just when they all got it, it became so tight and cramped that the lion couldn't get in at all. -Great. No room for me. - he said while standing in the big puddle. -Maybe we should try something different? - he thought to himself and called out all the animals.



Chapter IV The Rain Is Gone

The lion became very aggitated because he couldn't think of perfect solution to their problem. All the ideas he had weren't as good as he though they would be. - I'm out of ideas, my friends. I'm sorry I let you all down and couldn't protect you from this horrible thunderstorm! - he frowned in sorrow. -That's okay, lion. You tried so hard to protect us that it doesn't matter if you failed. You had great ideas, but look how many of us are here. - said the giraffe and tapped lion's shoulder. - It is important that you showed us that you care about us, no matter if you succeeded or failed. We appreciate your efforts! - concluded the cheetah rubbing his back. As soon as the animals finished praising poor lion, the rain stopped and the bright sun appeared on the sky. -You see? You kept us so busy with trying to make shelters that we forgot to be afraid of the thunderstorm! - said the elephant and pointed to the sun. - So you didn't fail, you helped all of us who were scared of the lightning and thunder noise. -smiled the hyena. -I guess you're right! I succeeded! - laughede the lion and lied down to finally rest a little.

Story description

In the animal kingdom where giraffes, elephants, hyenas, all sorts of birds and rodents lived, their king was a big wise lion. He took care of all the animals and if everything was wrong, he would be the one to solve the problems. One day, storm clouds gathered in the sky and a terrible thunderstorm began to rise. Soon after, the rain started pouring down, making everyone soaking wet and cold. Animals didn’t know what to do, so the lion tried to think of a perfect solution how to shelter everyone from the rain. He tried to dig a big hole, to get everyone to climb a big tree and even to collect enough branches to make a big tent. All of the animals worked hard, but none of the shelters worked. What did they say to the lion? Did the lion king failed his fellow animals or did he manage to help them?

The End

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Fun Game

Kid’s Jokes


Q: What goes up and down but doesn’t move?

A: The temperature!

Q: What happened to the wooden car with wooden wheels and wooden engine?

A: it wooden go!

Q: Which weighs more, a ton of feathers or a ton of bricks?

A: Neither, they both weigh a ton!

Q: What has one horn and gives milk

A: A milk truck.

Q: Did you hear about the party a little boy had for his sisters barbie dolls?

A: It was a Barbie-Q.

Q: Where do bulls get their messages?

A: On a bull-etin board.

Q: What runs but can’t walk?

A: The faucet!

Q: Whens the best time to go to the dentist?

A: Tooth-hurty

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About the Author

Dr. Mc is a creator and story teller. She has two kids and she loves to tell a story for them before they sleep. She loves reading, writing many kinds of book especially children’s book because she read it with her children every day. In her book include moral, question, and so many advantage things for children that can make them become a good human in the future.

She graduated from The University of Durham in UK. She turns herself to author since her first child was born. She hopes this will be good for her children. She wrote so many children book that include moral, entertain, inspire and imagination for children. She has a unique style and creativity that make her book outstanding from other children’s book authors. She love to write a bedtime story and make laugh for children before they get sleep with sweet dream.

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Lion And The Thunderstorm Book 1

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Lion And The Thunderstorm Book 1 Lion And The Thunderstorm Book 1