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Life in Love


Love & Life




Written by

Lauren L. Carpenter























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This short story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination and are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events and persons are coincidental.















Love & Life

Give me a reason to live. She says to herself. The words echo in the empty space of her own heart. I just need one reason.

She writes the pages of her life. Without filters, and without editing out the flaws and heartbreaks. For real life isn’t perfection, but filled with the colors and depths of our own souls.

And what is life…without love?

Journey Within

A journey into her heart. Into the spaces and memories creating her life and love. The ride isn’t just as it first appears. For looks can easily deceive. And what happens when you have every reason to just stop believing.

In your self.

And in love?

There’s so much doubt in her heart. It bleeds like a dark poison into her own dreams. And she wonders what tomorrow holds.

What tomorrow holds…

Another promise.

Another lie.

Another sacrifice?

Too many burdens but love lessens the weight. The world we choose to live, is one to which we ourselves create.

Walking this path, where every step leads to a different outcome.

Isn’t it true, life only begins in the moment where all fear disappears.

And what reality lies beneath the mask we all wear?

She’s walked these steps before. She knows exactly where they will end.

And how will she find the strength for her heart to mend?

When will her heart begin to mend. The words echo within her mind.

Sometimes we must all learn to walk when we are completely blind.

She takes a deep breath. Letting the despair and hope in. A mixture of love and hate strip away the layers she had made carefully to conceal her self.

But how long will she stay?

Day turns into night, and night becomes the day.

Lost forever in her own dreams, somehow love mapping out the way.

And she continues on. Through the rain of life, through the sunshine and light.

Sometimes the darkness must take the weakness from you, so you can see what was hidden away in second sight.

And at times…what you thought was always missing, can only be discovered without the light.

Letter to Reader,

It has always been my sincere dream to write and share my words with the entire world. Thank you for reading and for being my inspiration to chase after my own dreams.



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Life in Love

  • ISBN: 9781370340118
  • Author: Lauren L Carpenter
  • Published: 2016-07-27 08:50:06
  • Words: 496
Life in Love Life in Love