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Life After The Fall

Life After The Fall

By Damien Stone


Published by Darrin M. Bowers at Shakespir


Copyright 2017 Damien Stone


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Part 1: How It All Began


“There is a point of view among astronomical researchers that is generally referred to as the Principle of Mediocrity. … If the Sun and its retinue of worlds is only one system among many, then many other systems will be like ours: home to life.” – Seth Shostak quoted in ‘Do Aliens Exist in the Milky Way’, PBS web page for WGBH Nova, ‘Origins.’


“One solution to the Fermi paradox is that it is not possible to run a world that has the power to destroy itself and that needs global collaborative solutions to prevent that. It may be that the growth of science and engineering inevitably outstrips the development of political expertise, leading to disaster. We could be approaching that position.” – Brian Cox of “Stargazing Live”


My name is Paxton Roberts, my mother and a few others always called me Pax; I am 27 and have lived my entire life in Pittsburgh. I am currently also known as Orion, and I am the Chosen One THEY recently appointed as official historian of the United States. Official history is always written by winners, however in addition to the history THEY are directing me to write, I am also going to write this unofficial history to explain how THEY came to be the rulers of Earth, what their continued rule means and if it ever happens, how we regain control of our planet (from the human perspective). Before I get into all of that however, let me give you some basic information about myself as it pertains to what you are about to read. As I said I am now a “Chosen One,” meaning THEY chose me to watch over a group of my fellow humans which THEY refer to as a clan. My specific clan is Clan Pennsylvania, and it consists of the gathering of humans from what was originally the state of Pennsylvania. I say I am now a Chosen One because THEY only recently elevated me to this position due to the death of Clan Pennsylvania’s original Chosen One. At that time I also took over her duties as official historian, a duty she had been working on diligently for 19 years at the time of her death. I realize that right now, you don’t understand most of this information; I’ll start by defining some terminology you’ll see me repeating throughout this.

THEY: This is what all humans refer to the alien race as. We do not know exactly what THEY look like or where THEY came from. THEY appear humanoid to us, but communicate via telepathy.

The Invasion: This is pretty self-explanatory; it is how and when THEY arrived here on Earth and what immediately ensued after THEY arrived, and what led to…

The Fall: The fall of humanity as we knew it prior to The Invasion.

Chosen Ones: Others like me who THEY have chosen to watch over the rest of humanity while THEY rule Earth. Chosen Ones are the only members of any clan that THEY allow to reproduce or live beyond the age of 50.

The Fallen Ones: Some sort of social outcast that THEY sent to Earth in the past to perform what I can only equate to community service or penance in order to rejoin society by scouting the planet until it was ripe for the picking.

Ground Dwellers: This term is how THEY refer to what’s left of the human race other than Chosen Ones.

The Rule of Prey: Any human above the surface after dark is fair game. THEY feed not only off flesh and blood, but also off life energy.

Clanship Ritual: Quite simply, this is a fight to the death used to earn one’s way into a clan. However, it can be avoided if a fellow clan member has fallen to The Rule of Prey or reached age 50.

Clan: A clan is the term given to the population of each state. Each clan is named after the state it originated in. The clans, consisting of 200 adults between ages 18 and 50, are as follows:

Clan New England – due to the relative small size of each of the states that made up New England and their dwindling populations (as part of the exodus to Canada), they were combined and New England became a state thanks to the Consolidation Act of 2020.

Clan New York – also part of the Consolidation Act of 2020 was the combining of New York and New Jersey.

Clan Virginia – yet another result of the Consolidation Act of 2020, Virginia and West Virginia were merged into a single state.

Clan Delmar – continuing with the results of the Consolidation Act of 2020 is this merged state made up of what were Delaware, Maryland and the District of Columbia at the time.

Clan Pennsylvania

Clan New Carolina – North and South Carolina were merged into New Carolina by the Consolidation Act of 2025.

Clan New Dakota – North and South Dakota were also merged as part of the Consolidation Act of 2025.

Clan Michconsin – Michigan and Wisconsin were also merged as part of the Consolidation Act of 2025.

Clan Indihio – the Consolidation Act of 2025 merged Indiana and Ohio as well.

Clan Tenntucky – Tennessee and Kentucky merged via the Consolidation Act of 2030.

Clan Alagafla – the Consolidation Act of 2030 also combined the states of Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

Clan Missillowa – Missouri, Illinois and Iowa were merged as part of the Consolidation Act of 2030 as well.

Clan Arkissipiana – the final states merged by the Consolidation Act of 2030 were Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

Clan Minnesota

Clan Nebransas – the Consolidation Act of 2035 saw Nebraska and Kansas merged into Nebransas.

Clan Texas – Texas absorbed Oklahoma as part of the Consolidation Act of 2035.

Clan Mexizona – the merger of New Mexico and Arizona was also part of the Consolidation Act of 2035.

Clan Coltah – the Consolidation Act of 2040 merged the state of Colorado with the state of Utah.

Clan Mondahming – the Consolidation Act of 2040 also merged the states of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.

Clan Stonertopia – also in 2040 was the Stonertopia Act which saw the states of California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Alaska merged via the Consolidation Act of 2040. The state of Stonertopia then traded the Alaska region to Canada for several tons of Canadian marijuana (buds, plants, and seeds).

*The state of Hawaii was traded to Japan in 2040 in order to settle the amount of American National debt owned by Japan.

Humanity is struggling to survive; they are among the few original species of Earth remaining and the other remaining species have low populations (which is mostly humanity’s fault by the way). Humans have been underground for decades; at first they hid in sewer systems, fallout shelters, caves, anything they could find. Now they’ve taken up residence in underground villages that THEY built in order to more easily monitor the human population. The mysteries of the universe are no longer unknown, but there are still more questions to be answered. How much longer can humans survive like this, will THEY ever give up control of Earth, and how much blame for what has happened to humanity falls on humanity’s collective shoulders?

For now humans still have the ability to go topside during the daylight hours, which allows them to find food and water when necessary. Occasionally, they are allowed to hunt for game; but those times are few and far between. Humans have been divided into clans consisting of those that survived the mayhem that followed The Arrival. Here in the United States, there is one clan per state; its members were herded together after The Fall. The Invasion as it is referred to by humans was incredibly short; it lasted one human day and saw the global population reduced drastically. The current global population of Ground Dwellers is unknown; the official U.S. population is four thousand. Once an adult reaches age 50, they are sent topside to survive for as long as they can. Topside survival typically lasts a day or two, but has been limited to as little as a few hours and on one occasion lasted an entire week. Children and Chosen Ones are not considered a part of the official population. THEY consider Chosen Ones to be their servants, and as such are above humanity. Children of humanity are a different story entirely; when a child reaches the age of 18, they must take part in The Clanship Ritual if no clan members have succumbed to The Rule of Prey or reached age 50. The Clanship Ritual consists of an 18 year old fighting an opponent hand-picked by the specific Chosen One watching over their clan. Whenever a Clanship Ritual takes place in Clan Pennsylvania, I try to make the fight as fair as possible (though eventually that will not be the case as there will come a time when only my own children will be turning 18). There are a few Chosen Ones who currently choose opponents for the Clanship Ritual based on what they will find most entertaining.

THEY do not speak; THEY use telepathy to convey messages to Ground Dwellers via Chosen Ones. There is a Chosen One for each clan to answer to, The Chosen are allowed to live topside and are well taken care of for our services; but even Chosen Ones do not venture out at night as we are not exempt from The Rule of Prey.

THEY claim to have been watching our planet for millennia, through a group they refer to as The Fallen Ones. Even Chosen Ones have no idea who these Fallen Ones are or how THEY were able to communicate with the Fallen Ones from so far away. Apparently the telepathy THEY possess is some really strong stuff.

Ground Dwellers have no information about the alien race or culture other than that which THEY have provided through Chosen Ones. Ground Dwellers and Chosen Ones must all accept this information as truth. Neither Ground Dwellers nor Chosen Ones have any idea what THEY really look like, nor are they permitted to ask for any information that THEY haven’t passed on. Apparently THEY feel that the less information any human has, the less of a possible threat humans have the potential to be in the future. Welcome to life after The Fall.

“The search [for extra-terrestrial life] is a failure until that moment when it suddenly becomes a success.” – Seth Shostak quoted in ‘Do Aliens Exist in the Milky Way’, PBS web page for WGBH Nova, ‘Origins.’


“It may not look like us, but my personal view is that there is intelligent life out there.” – Roger T. Hanlon . . . From transcript of PBS TV program Nova episode ‘Origins: Where are the Aliens?’ (2004).


I: Leading Up To and Including the Invasion

For years mankind wondered if there was life “out there.” While many felt it was impossible for humanity to be the only “intelligent life” in our universe, there were also plenty of skeptics. No one was prepared to find out that there was indeed life “out there.” Nor was anyone prepared for the moment THEY would choose to reveal themselves, least of all those of us in the United States as a widely believed theory was that any possible alien civilization more advanced than our own would have somehow managed to kill itself off. Obviously humanity should not have expected behavior similar to our own from an advanced civilization.

It was Election Day 2116, but we wouldn’t actually get to hear the results of the vote count; not that it would have mattered anyway, the first thing THEY did when they arrived was eliminate ALL human leaders and soldiers from the global stage. Here in the United States THEY eliminated not only President Milton Jones, and Vice-President Leroy Byers; THEY also killed all members of congress, the Supreme Court justices, every elected official on the state, county or city level, state and local police forces, the CIA, the FBI, Homeland Security, the Secret Service, every soldier from all American military branches and the presidential candidates. THEY murdered the immediate families (spouses and children) of those I just listed as well. THEY eliminated every human being over the age of 50, and maintain age 50 as the mandatory life span of the human race. In a matter of hours the global population was reduced from approximately 11 billion (give or take a few hundred million) to approximately 2 million (give or take 100 thousand or so).

The fact that THEY were able to kill so many of us so quickly took any desire to fight out of those of us who were allowed to survive. After those of us lucky enough to remain alive were organized into a central location (Clan Pennsylvania was placed in Pittsburgh), THEY selected each of the Chosen Ones based on whatever criteria it is THEY used; none of the Chosen Ones have ever had any idea what the criteria actually was. In the event of a Chosen One dying, a replacement is immediately elevated from their Clan to become that Clan’s new Chosen One. I was elevated to Chosen One mere hours after my predecessor’s death, so I had very little time to grieve for my mother; I’ll explain that later.

When I say that Ground Dwellers live in underground villages, what I mean is they reside in a collection of subterranean dwellings that are connected by a series of tunnels. Most of the buildings and houses that existed above ground before The Invasion were destroyed. Chosen Ones then got to pick their estate from the homes and other buildings that were still intact after The Invasion ended.

The clans were all organized and Chosen Ones in place two days after The Invasion.

II: Life Underground

I was two when The Invasion took place, so I don’t remember much about it. The only information I have is what my mother wrote as part of her duties as historian for the U.S. region of the world after she was made a Chosen One and the official American historian. I remember what it was like as a Ground Dweller in those early days after The Invasion. My mother and I were holed up in a cave in a cemetery, THEY knew we were there and told us to remain where we were until the other survivors from Pennsylvania could be rounded up, sorted out and finally brought to Pittsburgh. My mother, Kassandra, had already been Chosen and given the new name Andromeda. Even with all the new responsibilities THEY gave her, she still considered herself my mother first and foremost. While I was not allowed to live above ground with her, she would come visit me underground as often as she was able. Since THEY didn’t consider children under 18 to be official members of a clan’s population, all children under 18 had to remain underground; only official members of any clan and Chosen Ones are ever allowed above ground. Throughout my first 15ish years underground, Andromeda was always there when I needed her as a mother. On my 18th birthday, I should have had to face the Clanship Ritual to gain access to Clan Pennsylvania or die trying. Rather than pick an opponent for me, my mother informed THEY that one of the other members of Clan Pennsylvania was due to turn 50 three days later and would thus be forced to leave the clan. THEY allowed her to waive my Clanship Ritual and I became an official member of Clan Pennsylvania three days later. I do not know how long that particular person was able to survive above ground after their 50th birthday.

Once I was an official member of the clan, I was allowed to be above ground from sunrise to sunset. Due to my mother’s position as historian she was able to ask for an assistant from time to time. During those times that she was allowed an assistant, the assistant was allowed to reside above ground with her for a period of three years; so I became her new assistant from age 18 until I turned 21. During those three years I helped her with her duties as historian and also learned a little bit about her duties as Chosen One of Clan Pennsylvania. The more I learned about the responsibilities THEY had given my mother, the more I respected and admired her. She became my hero because she seemed to manage all of her various responsibilities with such ease. Despite being the only member of our clan allowed to mate, my mother chose not to. Mating is not a mandatory duty of Chosen Ones, and my mother turned down many potential suitors in order to dedicate time to my upbringing, and her duties as a Chosen One.

When my time as her assistant was over, I returned to the Clan Pennsylvania underground village. Each clan’s village consisted of a central location where dwellings for each family are located. As the only member of my family, I lived alone in a smaller dwelling. Tunnels lead from the dwelling hub to the various other hubs (latrine, market, bathing, medical, education, and recreation). Everyone in the clan knew everyone else, and we all did our best to care for one another as well as for the children.

There were often times where I spent a week or so assisting in the education hub with the approved curriculum of language, mathematics, and basic science. I would also occasionally spend time assisting as much as I could in the medical hub. We had a limited number of doctors, and the few we had would try to pass as much of their knowledge as possible to those of us who were new to the clan (generally ages 18 to 25). When I wasn’t assisting in the education or medical hubs, I could typically be found in the recreation hub. This hub consisted of various pieces of workout equipment that survived The Invasion as well as various musical instruments that survived. There were a few members of the clan that knew how to play the instruments and would pass this knowledge on to any other member or child interested in learning.

Crime in a population of 200 was mostly non-existent, primarily because any violation of regulations THEY set forth was punishable by a sentence of being sent above ground. Time of day and length of sentence were dependent upon severity of violation. Clan Pennsylvania to my knowledge has never had a member violate any of the regulations. Though I did once here a story of a member of Clan Indihio being sentenced to three hours above ground after dark. Thirty minutes into their sentence the Indihio clan member could be heard screaming in agony. I was never able to confirm the truth of the story, but it at least seemed plausible.

III: The Chosen Lifestyle

Before I get into my own personal views of what life is like as a Chosen One. I feel I should include a list of all of the current Chosen Ones including myself. I will include the clan they represent, followed by their name and age.

New England – King (23)

New York – Selene (32)

Virginia – Logan (43)

Delmar – Draco (22)

Pennsylvania – Orion (27)

New Carolina – Ursula (33)

New Dakota – Socrates (21)

Michconsin – Desparo (39)

Indihio – Apollo (31)

Tenntucky – Artemis (20)

Alagafla – Xavier (25)

Missillowa – Athena (26)

Arkissipiana – Isis (19)

Minnesota – Odin (38)

Nebransas – Galileo (35)

Texas – Copernicus (42)

Mexizona – Quetzal (18)

Coltah – Tyr (33)

Mondahming – Hecate (29)

Stonertopia – Hydra (24)


Both Quetzal and Isis took over as Chosen Ones for their respective clans within the past month. It is rare for a clan member under the age of 21 to be elevated to Chosen One, unless they are a family member of their predecessor. Despite their exclusion from the mandatory age limit, Chosen Ones have always voluntarily passed their duties on to a replacement at age 50, after which they have the option of living out the rest of their days as an advisor to their replacement or adhering to the mandatory age limit. Typically, they continue to live at the estate of their replacement until they die of natural causes.

As I stated earlier, Chosen Ones are the only members of any clan that are permitted to reproduce. Female Chosen Ones who choose to reproduce may choose a member of their own clan or another Chosen One to mate with. Male Chosen Ones may mate with as many female members of their clan as they wish or any female Chosen One that is not “spoken for.” Or at least those are the rules that THEY put in place. While I cannot speak for any of the other Chosen Ones, I personally have chosen to only mate with female members of my clan that are willing to have my child. Of the 200 members of Clan Pennsylvania there are currently 90 healthy females between the ages of 18 and 48. There are also currently 15 females that are age 17 (but have birthdays upcoming) and 10 that are age 49 (also with birthdays upcoming). I have already gotten permission to waive the Clanship Ritual for all of the 17 year olds upon their 18th birthday due to having a total of 15 members that will be turning 50. I have already spoken to all 105 females; if all goes well, I will be the father of 105 children by the end of next year. I realize that may be a staggering number of children to whomever is reading this, but it is the way of things at this time.

All in all, being a Chosen One allows me to live a better life than what I had as a Ground Dweller; I have much more freedom to travel as much I want above ground because I can use my status as historian as justification. I try to improve the lives of my clan as much as I can as often as possible. Whenever I can use my status as historian to benefit specific members of my clan, or my clan as a whole; I try my best to do so. THEY do not always allow it, but THEY are typically fairly easy to convince that it is my way of making my clan easier to be controlled. A happy clan has little reason to wish THEY had never arrived, and a happy clan is also much more likely to remain content living underground.

The bonus to being able to choose as many females to reproduce with as are willing, is that I can offer them each some time above ground while we are in the process of attempting to get them pregnant. I may choose to bring as many above ground as I wish at a time, so I will more than likely bring all of the same age females above ground to stay with me at my estate. During their time with me, I will have sex with each of them as frequently as I can to ensure that they each return to the underground village impregnated. I realize how horrible it must sound when phrased that way, but all of the women I will be attempting to get pregnant have already consented to sexual intercourse with me; otherwise I would not involve them in my attempt to reproduce. And while I am not a fan of the system THEY have put in place, refusing to reproduce would be detrimental to the human race. The more we are able to reproduce, the better things could be if THEY ever leave.


IV: Fallen Encounter

Every few weeks I visit my clan in their underground village to see how things are coming along. I like to know if any of my members are not feeling well; and what, if anything, I can do to improve their health situation. On my way home from my most recent visit I encountered someone above ground that was not a member of my clan. Seeing as only Chosen Ones are permitted to travel, I was curious as to who this could be and what they were doing. I approached cautiously and had the following conversation.

Me: “Excuse me, my name is Orion and I am the Clan Pennsylvania Chosen One; would you mind identifying yourself please?”

Stranger: “I am terribly sorry, I did not realize I had crossed over into your territory. I beg your forgiveness, please do not report me to the Keplerians.”

Me: “I’m not sure how I would go about reporting you to the Keplerians, since I don’t know who you or they are.”

Stranger: “THEY are the Keplerians. I am Voose of the Fallen Ones. My people took refuge in what was known as Beaver Falls before the Keplerians invaded.”

Me: “How long have your people been here? How many Fallen Ones are here? The Keplerians have only told us that they used you to scout our world until it was ripe for their invasion.”

Voose: “My people were banished here 50 Earth years ago. I do not know if all of the Fallen Ones consist of my people or if some are from other planets the Keplerians have conquered. There are many other humanoid species of life in this galaxy and other galaxies. My people have always been peaceful, we would never assist in the taking of another planet. I cannot speak for the other members of the Fallen Ones. Though I also do not know how we would communicate with the Keplerians, we do not possess their technology; they do not share their technologies with any other society of people, especially those that they have conquered.”

Me: “Where did the Keplerians come from?”

Voose: “They come from Kepler-69c as named by humans. They have been watching your world and many others for centuries. They always attack a planet when they feel it is most vulnerable. My people were recently contacted by several different peoples considered Fallen Ones asking if we would take part in an uprising against the Keplerians, if we all join together; we may have a chance. Do you think your fellow humans would be willing to join also?”

Me: “I don’t know Voose, but I can try to find out. It’s going to be dark soon, we should both return to our respective homes before night falls. I don’t want to fall victim to The Rule of Prey.”

Voose went off towards wherever he and his people called home in Beaver Falls, and I returned to my estate to get in touch with the other Chosen Ones. I knew I needed to discuss everything I had just learned with them. I also needed to decide for myself if I was willing to risk my life and the lives of my clan, and possibly all of humanity to try to get our planet back.


V: Meeting of the Chosen Ones

I asked the Keplerians to allow a meeting of Chosen Ones in order for me to collect data as part of my duties as historian. However, the real reason for the meeting was so I could relay the information I had received from Voose to my fellow Chosen Ones. The following is a written account of what took place after I passed along everything Voose told me.

King: “So what you’re saying is the Fallen Ones, or at least some of the Fallen Ones are planning to challenge the Keplerians for control of our planet?”

Me: “Challenge yes, but not for control of our planet. At least that’s not the impression I got. I believe they just want to be allowed to live their lives as they see fit, and possibly return to their home planets. Aren’t any of your clan members tired of living underground and only seeing daylight when the Keplerians allow it?”

Selene: “I know mine are, and I’m tired of having to get permission to spend time with my own children. Orion, your mother had it easy because of her role as historian. The rest of us that have children don’t get to spend very much time with them, unless they are infants; but I don’t get as many suitors as I did in my youth.”

Me: “It would be my privilege to assist with your attempt at reproduction, if you would have me Selene. You are still quite beautiful and intelligent.” (This comment caused Selene to blush.)

Copernicus: “Whether or not any of us are willing to fuck Selene is not important right now. What’s important is the fact that if we choose to side with the Fallen Ones, we would be putting all of humanity at risk if we lose. Each of us needs to consider whether we feel like that is a risk worth taking.”

Odin: “Copernicus is right. If we side with the Fallen Ones and we lose, THEY will likely just kill the rest of us off. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I enjoy my way of life and would like to keep it.”

Artemis: “You enjoy your way of life, but do your children and your other clan members enjoy living underground? How many of your clan members are laying in your medical hub sick or dying because they don’t get enough exposure to daylight? We must not think only of ourselves and our way of life when we make this decision. We must think about the people we each represent. You speak of risk Copernicus, isn’t a better life worth any risk possible to take?”

Athena: “Artemis has a point. In my time as a Chosen One, I have given birth to six beautiful daughters. I do not wish to have any of them go through the Clanship Ritual or be forced into motherhood if my replacement is a male. I ask you all to think of the children that are currently growing up underground, even though they are not yet proper members of your clans. They deserve a better life than that which we are currently expected to give to them.”

Draco: “I think we should all take a few minutes to make our own personal decision on this matter, and then make our choices known to each other. Whichever side more of us choose individually will be the choice we make as a group.”

Me: “What you speak of was commonly referred to as a vote before the Invasion. I see no reason why we shouldn’t be able to use that format to make this decision, so long as no one has an objection.”

Xavier: “I don’t have an objection Orion, but I would like to point out that there are 20 of us; there could be a tie, what then?”

Me: “If each side gets the same number of votes, than we do nothing. If as a group we vote to side with the Keplerians, than I will warn them of the potential for an uprising from the Fallen Ones. If as a group we vote to side with the Fallen Ones, then I will try to make contact with Voose so I can let the Fallen Ones know that humanity is with them.”

[Several minutes later after everyone had come to their own decision.]

Me: “Now that everyone is ready, I will call on you one by one and at that time you will state your decision on behalf of your clan. I will go last. King, you may go first.”

King: “On behalf of Clan New England, I side with the Keplerians.”

Me: “One vote Keplerians. Your vote, Selene?”

Selene: “On behalf of Clan New York, I side with the Fallen Ones.”

Me: “One vote each. Your vote, Logan?”

Logan: “On behalf of Clan Virginia, I vote Keplerians.”

Me: “Two to one for the Keplerians. Your vote, Draco?”

Draco: “Clan Delmar will side with the Fallen Ones.”

Me: “Two votes each. Your vote, Ursula?”

Ursula: “On behalf of Clan New Carolina, the Fallen Ones.”

Me: “Three to two in favor of the Fallen Ones. Your vote, Socrates?”

Socrates: “Keplerians.”

Me: “Three votes each. Your vote, Desparo?”

Desparo: “Clan Michconsin sides with the Fallen Ones.”

Me: “Four votes to three in favor of the Fallen Ones. Your vote, Apollo?”

Apollo: “Keplerians.”

Me: “Four votes each. Your vote, Artemis?”

Artemis: “For a chance at a real future, I vote Fallen Ones.”

Me: “Five votes to four in favor of the Fallen Ones. Your vote, Xavier?”

Xavier: “Keplerians.”

Me: “Five votes each. Your vote, Athena?”

Athena: “For the sake of my children, the Fallen Ones.”

Me: “Six votes to five in favor of the Fallen Ones. Your vote, Isis?”

Isis: “Fallen Ones.”

Me: “Seven votes to five in favor of the Fallen Ones. Your vote, Odin?”

Odin: “Keplerians.”

Me: “Seven votes to six in favor of the Fallen Ones. Your vote, Galileo?”

Galileo: “Nebransas will side with the Keplerians.”

Me: “Seven votes each. Your vote, Copernicus?”

Copernicus: “Texas will also side with the Keplerians.”

Me: “Eight votes to seven in favor of the Keplerians. Your vote Quetzal?

Quetzal: “On behalf of Clan Mexizona, I side with the Keplerians.”

Me: “Nine votes to seven in favor of the Keplerians. There are four votes remaining. Tyr, how do you vote?”

Tyr: “I vote Keplerians.”

Me: “Ten votes to seven in favor of the Keplerians, with three votes remaining. The next vote for the Keplerians will be a majority in favor of that decision. Keplerians or Fallen Ones, Hecate?”

Hecate: “Fallen Ones.”

Me: “Ten votes to eight in favor of the Keplerians, with two votes remaining. I was going to vote last, but with only one vote other than my own to be announced; I have decided to make my decision known now. On behalf of Clan Pennsylvania, I vote Fallen Ones. It is now ten votes to nine in favor of the Keplerians, what is your vote Hydra?”

Hydra: “I also vote Fallen Ones, Orion. I feel that the risk of dying while fighting for a better life for everyone is worth more than the so-called Chosen Ones continuing to live so much better than the members of our clans. It is time to take back our planet and our future.”

Me: “That’s ten votes each, therefore we do nothing. I will try to find Voose in order to tell him we cannot help at this time. I am certain that if there is an uprising, the Keplerians will handle it quickly. I see no reason to warn them of what may not even come to be.”

After the decision was made I was approached by Selene, Desparo, Isis and Hecate. They each expressed interest in mating with me. Draco received similar interest from Ursula, Artemis, Athena and Hydra. Draco and I expressed our own willingness to be involved in their next reproduction cycles, and I said I would arrange for us to have a social gathering at my estate at some point in the near future in order to work out the details.


Part 2: The Fallen Uprising

VI: Social Gathering

As promised I arranged for Selene, Ursula, Isis, Hecate, Hydra, Athena, Artemis, Desparo and Draco to come to my estate in order for us to get to know each other better and work out the best possible plan to allow Draco and I to be involved in the reproduction cycles of the female Chosen interested in our respective involvement. As part of this gathering we each revealed our real names, and the few that were old enough at the time of the Invasion to remember what life was like before the Invasion told stories of their childhood. We also discussed our shared interest in assisting the Fallen Ones. I wrote down as much as I could to preserve it for the history from humanity’s perspective.

Me: “I would like to thank all of you for your company today, I hope we can work out a plan that we’re all happy with in regard to you ladies being able to mate with either myself or Draco. Before we discuss those details however, I think that it’s important for us to get to know each other better by telling a little bit about ourselves and what our lives were like before the Invasion. I will go first; when the Invasion took place, I was two-years-old. My birth name is Paxton Roberts, Andromeda was my mother Kassandra Roberts. I have no memories of what it was like before the Keplerians arrived, but I still wish the vote had worked out in favor of the Fallen Ones.”

Desparo: “All of us that knew your mother miss her, Pax. Among our fellow Chosen Ones at the time, she was the most well-liked for her honesty, her courage, her everything really. Even all the men she turned down during reproduction cycles respected and understood her decision. She was devoted to you and your father’s memory. I got to know Kassandra pretty well in our early years as Chosen Ones, and I helped her with you as often as I was able to. I’ve watched you grow into a man she would be proud of. I’m sure she would understand my desire to have your child considering humanity’s current situation.”

Me: “Thank you for your kind words Desparo, I appreciate them. Would you like to introduce yourself next?”

Desparo: “Certainly, my birth name is Grace Adams and at the time of the Invasion I was 14 years old. When the Invasion took place I was taking a test in my algebra class. I remember hearing the sirens and the school fire alarm going off as if there was some sort of weather event happening. My whole class immediately hid under our desks, waiting for it to blow over. None of us had any idea what was actually going on. The original Chosen One for Michconsin was known as Diablo; he was my uncle, Eli Walker. Eli had been raising me from the time I was 3 after my parents died in a car accident that I somehow survived. I took over as Chosen One for Michconsin when I was 25 after he passed away due to a heart attack, the Keplerians seem to like to keep things in the family when it comes to the lineage of Chosen Ones.”

Me: “Who would like to go next?”

Hecate: “Me! My birth name is Paulina Howard and I am the daughter of Paul Howard. He was the original Chosen One for Mondahming, Hades. I was 4 at the time of the Invasion. I spent most of my childhood with my clan underground, though I did see my father every so often when he was able to make time for me. My mother was also part of the clan, so she made sure I was well taken care of. I was asked to become the new Chosen One three years ago after my father lost his battle with cancer.”

Me: “Thank you for sharing Hecate. Who would like to continue?”

Selene: “I will. My birth name is Selene Wilson, I was 7 when the Keplerians invaded. Mon-Star, the original Chosen One for New York was my aunt, Monica Lewis. I took over for her about 12 years ago, at the time we were the only family each other had. Since becoming a Chosen One I’ve only had a few suitors, none of which have been successful with assisting with my reproduction cycle. If we’re successful Pax, you would give me my first child.”

Me: “It would be an honor to help you have your first child Selene, I will do my best. Who would like to introduce themselves next?”

Isis: “I was born after the Invasion, I am the daughter of the original Chosen One for Arkissipiana and one of the female members of that clan. My father was Jonah Lucas, as a Chosen One he was known as Anubis. My birth name is Paige Lucas, I only recently replaced my father as the Chosen One for my clan because he reached the age of 50 and despite being exempt from the age limit, he requested that I be allowed to take his place and like almost all Chosen Ones resigned from his post. My father chose not to stay on as my advisor and went above ground with the other members of our clan that had reached the age limit at that time, because he had grown up with many of them. My childhood was much like yours Orion, and that is why I have chosen you to be a part of my first reproduction cycle.”

Me: “Thank you Isis, but please call me Pax. I consider it an honor to be a part of your first reproduction cycle. All four of you ladies that have expressed interest in involving me in your reproductive attempts present me with what I consider to be the greatest of honors, and I would like to sit down with each of you to determine when each of you feels would be the most opportune time for us to spend together. Perhaps after we conclude the introductions we can go elsewhere and discuss them while Draco and the ladies interested in his assistance do the same. With that said, Draco would you like to introduce yourself next?”

Draco: “No problem, my birth name is Seth Hamilton and both of my parents are Chosen Ones. My father is Logan Hamilton, the Chosen One for Virginia and my mother was Liz Young; she was known as Cassiopeia, the Chosen One for Delmar until she recently passed away due to complications during childbirth. My little sister Sasha is currently being watched over by my clan. I try to spend as much time with her as I can when I am not fulfilling my duties as a Chosen One. For the record, I despise my father almost as much as my mother did. Lucky for Sasha she has a much more honorable Chosen One as her father, Anubis; so she is also the half-sister of Isis. Any time you would like to see our little sister, just let me know Paige and I will arrange it.”

Isis: “I would like that very much Seth, thank you.”

Ursula: “That is an exceptionally honorable thing Seth, I’m sure your mother would be pleased with that decision. If no one objects, I would like to go next.”

[Short pause during which no one objects]

Ursula: “My father was Uriel Thomson, known as Uriel when he was the Chosen One for New Carolina. He was killed by a lightning strike ten years ago while hunting one day. As his only living relative, I took his place as Chosen One at age 23. The Keplerians really do seem to have an obsession with keeping the title of Chosen One within a specific family lineage. I wonder if there is a reason for that.”

Me: “I’m sure there is, but we may never find out for sure. Who would like to go next?”

Artemis: “My birth name is Shauna Monroe, I was named after my father Sean Monroe who was the Chosen One Poseidon. I took his place as Chosen One for Tenntucky last year when he was killed by a chemical explosion. No one seems to know what he was working on or why. I too was born after the Invasion and am the second member of my family to be a Chosen One. This will also be my first reproductive cycle, as I was not interested in any of my suitors last year due to mourning the loss of my father at that time.”

Me: “Thank you, Artemis. That leaves Athena and Hydra, which of you would like to go next?”

Athena: “I will. My birth name is Michelle Torres and my uncle, Malachi Gomez was Missillowa’s original Chosen One known as Spartan. At the time of the Invasion I was only a year old. My uncle had custody of me from the time I was about 4 months old from what he used to tell me. In addition to being my uncle, he was also my godfather; and had petitioned the court for custody due to feeling neither of my parents were fit to care for me. Apparently the court agreed; as he was given custody and as far as I can remember, I never saw my parents after that. Spartan never spoke of them beyond what little he’d say about seeking custody to give me the best possible life I could have. Even after the Invasion, he did everything he could to ensure I had the best he could offer me.”

Me: “My mother spoke highly of Spartan, she said he was one of the most loyal and giving family men she had ever met. Had he ever expressed interest in taking part in her reproductive cycle, he might very well have been the only male Chosen One that she accepted. Hydra, have we saved the best for last?”

Hydra: “I don’t know that I would refer to myself as the best, but I’m perfectly content to be the last one to introduce myself. My birth name is Amber Waters and I was born a year after the Invasion took place. I took over as Chosen One for Stonertopia from Leviathan, he was my father Lexington Waters and my mother was a member of the Stonertopia clan that caught his fancy.”

Me: “Now that we’ve all introduced ourselves, is there anything any of you feel we should discuss as a group before we split off and discuss the logistics of the reproductive cycles that this gathering centers on?”

Selene: “The Fallen Ones not only need our help, they deserve it. They deserve to be free as much as we do. There has to be a way we can help them without endangering ourselves.”

Draco: “What about the medical hubs? We all have clan members there that aren’t going to make it much longer, right? Would it be possible for members of the Fallen Ones to assume those identities without anyone noticing?”

Athena: “That’s a brilliant idea, but what about the medical staff?”

Isis: “They go home at night and leave the patients unattended. I’m not sure about replacing the deceased, but replacing those who are so ill they’re not expected to survive could be done. As Chosen Ones it wouldn’t raise suspicion for any of us to inquire about the number of members currently in a condition that severe. We’d also be well within our duties to inquire as to how many of them are male or female, especially if we have any children facing the Clanship Ritual in the near future.”

Ursula: “That’s an excellent point, but there’s just one problem. Orion promised that if the vote was tied we would do nothing. Should we really go back on that?”

Artemis: “You’re right Ursula, but can we really be sure that none of the Chosen Ones who sided with the Keplerians won’t warn them of the uprising they may be facing soon?”

Draco: “My father is certainly enough of an asshole to do just that. I’m not sure there’s a single member of the Chosen Ones that doesn’t dislike that man.”

Me: “You all make valid points, and I will take them into consideration. With that said, should we break off into the two smaller groups or do you all feel like we should get some rest and begin anew tomorrow morning? After all, we have a few days together for this social gathering. If need be Draco and I can arrange further meetings at our respective estates in the near future.”


Selene came to my bed that night, and the time I spent with her felt magical. The next morning as she was leaving, Isis entered and we got to know each other intimately as I did my best to assist with her very first reproductive cycle. After lunch I decided to take a nap, but that plan was quickly cancelled when Desparo decided to join me. After dinner Hecate escorted me to my bed and took what she wanted from me. I believe Draco was having similar experiences with Artemis, Athena, Ursula, and Hydra; as when I awoke on the third day I was alone on my estate. However I still made arrangements to bring Selene, Desparo, Isis and Hecate back to my estate for a week the following month. I would need a façade to present to the Keplerians during which time I could try to arrange a meeting with Voose about his request for help.

VII: Mating Party/Meeting with the Council of the Fallen

Mere days before the arrival of my female guests I once again ran into Voose, this time while out gathering berries. I told him of our theory and asked to meet with him in my home once my guests had arrived in order for all of us to work out the best and safest plan possible. He let me know that he would not be arriving alone, as the other members of the Council of the Fallen would also want to be present.

In the few days it took Voose to contact the other members of the Council of the Fallen, Selene, Isis, Desparo, and Hecate each came to my bed 4 times. I did not get very much sleep, nor did I eat many meals; but the sacrifices I was making in order to ensure the success of their reproductive efforts were worth it.

On the fourth day, Voose arrived with the other four members of the Council of the Fallen. The full council consisted of Voose, Tah, Liat, Semdah, and Kiotu. Like Voose, the others were humanoid in appearance but lacked any kind of gender-specific attributes. I could only guess whether they were male or female based on their attire, unless they formally identified themselves. As it turned out, the Council of the Fallen was made up of a male, a female, and three different species of beings that were able to reproduce alone given the proper environment as they possessed both the male and female internal reproductive organs (as did the rest of the members of their specific civilizations). Voose was the male, Semdah was the female, Tah, Liat and Kiotu referred to themselves as being “split” which received a chuckle from the rest of the council.

The longer our meeting with the Council of the Fallen went on, the more respect I gained for them and their peoples. When we questioned them about the feasibility of Draco’s idea to replace our dying with healthy members of their civilizations, the conversation got interesting. I transcribed as much as I could so the future of humanity would know what we were willing to attempt on their behalf.

Me: “Would it be at all possible to replace the sick and dying in our medical hubs with healthy members of your peoples, without our doctors picking up on it?

Voose: “That is a very interesting idea. I think given enough time with the human we are to replace we could manage to look enough like them to go unnoticed.”

Tah: “I agree with Voose. This would most likely be the safest way for members of our communities to hide, as well as being the safest way for your kind to help ours without being caught.”

Semdah: “I don’t think any of us need to say what would be done to humanity if the Keplerians discover your willingness to help us.”

Isis: “No, no we do not. However, there are enough of us that feel it would be beneficial to humanity to help you.”

Kiotu: “Your help in this specific way will be much appreciated, I only have one issue with this plan. My people would be more quickly discovered if they take the place of adult humans. Unless you have children dying in your medical hubs, there is nothing you can do to help my people.”

Desparo: “Sadly Kiotu, we do have dying children in our medical hubs. We see more young children and infants die in our medical hubs every moon cycle than any other age group.”

Kiotu: “I am sorry that your kind suffers such a great loss so often, but I am happy that my people will have a safe haven within which to find refuge.”

Me: “Then this will be our plan; Kiotu, your kind will take the place of 12 infants and 12 young children in the Pennsylvania, New York, Delmar, Michconsin, Mondahming, Arkissipiana, New Carolina, Tenntucky, Stonertopia and Missillowa clans. The rest of you will be able to send 24 members from each of your communities to each of the clans I just mentioned. This will enable us to hide 240 members of each of your communities. Do you, Council of The Fallen agree to these terms?”

Voose: “On behalf of my people, I agree.”

Tah: “As do I.”

Semdah: “I also agree.”

Liat: “I too agree to this plan on behalf of my people.”

Kiotu: “And on behalf of my people, I make this a unanimous decision by the Council of the Fallen in favor of your plan.”


We spent the rest of that fourth day working out all the details of when and how we would sneak the members of the Fallen into our medical hubs without anyone noticing. When we were satisfied with the plan, the Council of the Fallen made their exit and the rest of us made our way to our respective beds. That was the only night that week I spent any time in my bed alone.

VIII: Executing the Plan

In order to execute the plan in the safest way possible, each member of the Council of The Fallen sent one member of their community to each of the ten clans assisting them per week. At the end of six months, 240 members of each community represented by the Council of the Fallen were hidden among Clans Pennsylvania, New York, Delmar, Michconsin, Mondahming, Arkissipiana, New Carolina, Tenntucky, Stonertopia and Missillowa.

Those 240 members of each community now represent 60% of the combined population of those ten clans (but only 12% of each specific clan). Among them are the members of the Council of the Fallen. Voose chose to hide in Clan New York and expressed interest in possibly taking part in one of Selene’s future reproductive cycles in interbreeding would be allowed. Semdah chose to join Clan Pennsylvania and expressed a similar interest to me. Tah chose to join Clan Delmar, while Liat joined Clan Mondahming and Kiotu joined Clan New Carolina. I do not know if any of the “splits” expressed interest in interbreeding with humans, or if it would even be possible for them.

In order to lower the risk of suspicion from doctors and other medical hub staff in Clan Pennsylvania and Clan Delmar, Draco and I insisted that they focus on the female members of our respective clans that were now pregnant with our children. Selene, Ursula, Desparo, Isis, Athena, Hecate, Artemis and Hydra insisted that their medical hub staffs and doctors focus on their respective pregnancies. As a result, the “recoveries” went unnoticed by anyone that may have questioned their possibilities.

During the final month of executing the plan, I received word from Voose that the Fallen Ones were almost ready to proceed with their uprising. Voose advised me that the Council of the Fallen Ones had decided to stage five seemingly separate uprisings, with each community staging their uprising during a specific time frame rather than all at once. As each community represented were, so far as the Council knew, the only species to survive Keplerian invasion other than humans. As such, they were well versed in Keplerian battle techniques and by staging their uprising in such a way would be giving themselves the greatest potential for success. The Council also felt that by doing so, they would be able to keep human involvement hidden from the Keplerians.


IX: The Uprising

Stage one of the uprising began on the day Selene and Hydra gave birth. Early that morning Selene gave birth to our daughter Gwendollynn, that afternoon Hydra gave birth to our daughter Maria. There were some complications with Gwen’s birth, she’ll be fine but THEY may not consider her Chosen One material. In order to ensure that her replacement is within her bloodline I believe Selene is going to consider the offer made by Voose.

Maria seems to be in perfect health, though she has an interesting birthmark on her abdomen that closely resembles an hourglass. It was that evening that Voose’s community began stage one of the Fallen Uprising as it is documented in official history. According to Voose, his people had been restoring and modifying military aircraft for decades in preparation of one day trying to rid Earth of the Keplerians. They dispatched 25,000 modified fighter jets to Delmar to attack the eastern Keplerian base of operations here in the U.S.

The Keplerians were caught by surprise which resulted in a few thousand casualties that day. Humans, including Chosen Ones, were required to stay underground for their safety. The first stage was still going four months later when Kiotu’s people began stage two. Kiotu’s people, during their time on Earth, had been restoring and modifying tanks. On the day Athena gave birth to our son Psymon, Kiotu’s people drove 2000 tanks into the heart of New England to attack the northern base of Keplerian operations. The northern base was no more prepared for this than the eastern base had been when Voose’s people began stage one. Within a week there were tanks in Delmar and jets in New England as the two stages joined forces.

Two months later Tah’s people began stage three by sending 2500 ground soldiers to the western base of Keplerian operations in Mondahming. The following week tanks and jets joined the fray on the western front and Desparo gave birth to our son Paxton Jr, though we began calling him Pax within hours of his birth. The day after Pax was born Ursula, Hecate, Isis, and Artemis all gave birth to Draco’s children. Ursula gave birth to his son Daniel, Hecate to his daughter Brianne (Brianne will likely never be a Chosen One as she appears to be a dwarf, and THEY seem to be very much against humans with genetic anomalies becoming Chosen Ones). Isis gave birth to his son Ajax, and Artemis to his son Ambrose.

Three months later with each of the first three stages still going strong, Semdah’s people sent 3000 ground soldiers to the southern Keplerian base located in Texas. Three weeks later forces from each of the other three Fallen species began joining them. Two weeks later Liat’s people began stage five ahead of schedule as the numbers of Fallen soldiers were beginning to dwindle faster. Liat’s people sent 1000 soldiers to each of the Keplerian bases, with the hope that it would be enough to turn the tide. While we were sequestered underground during the final stage of the uprising I began discussing the possibilities of interbreeding with Semdah. She seemed very interested in attempting to have my child. As her people and Voose’s people had the same type of reproductive system as humans, she believed that she would be capable of having my child and that Selene would be capable of having Voose’s child.

Three and a half months after the final stage of the uprising began, the Keplerians finished defeating the Fallen Ones. As far as the THEY knew, there were no survivors of the uprising. The 240 members of the Fallen Ones that had been hidden in what we were know calling The Ten Clans remained safely hidden. The Chosen Ones were allowed to return to their estates if they were lucky enough to have estates that weren’t destroyed during the uprising. Those in need were allowed to choose new estates or bring their capable clan members above ground to assist in repairing their damaged one.

As soon as the Chosen Ones were settled in to their estates all across the American region, I arranged for a meeting with the other Chosen who represented the Ten Clans. I justified this meeting to the Keplerians with the same reason we had met before, reproduction cycles. THEY allowed the meeting, but only if it lasted a single day. Also included in this meeting were the Council of the Fallen, believed to be clan members that would possibly be involved in the next reproduction cycle of our clans.

When the Council of the Ten Clans met at my estate we skipped the pleasantries due to our time constraints and got right to the point. The following is a transcription of that meeting that I have documented for human history.

Me: “While it is wonderful to see all of you again, I think it is best if we get straight to what I feel is the most important thing for us to discuss during our short time together this week. We members of the Council of the Ten Clans have had successful reproductive cycles together. Due to the interest of Voose and Semdah in being a part of the next cycle, it is imperative that we discuss the possible effects of interbreeding. Also, I would like to hear from those of you who have referred to yourselves as “splits” to determine if there is any way for you to interbreed with humans in order to maintain the Keplerian belief that the Fallen Ones have all been eliminated.”

Semdah: “I have already informed you of my belief that I could successfully have your child and my belief that Voose could successfully father a child with Selene. However, I am not an expert on how “split” reproduction works to give an opinion on that aspect of this discussion.”

Kiotu: “While it is possible for my people to self-reproduce under the right conditions if we choose, we may also choose to reproduce in the manner in which humans reproduce as well. It merely requires that we shut down whichever organs we will not be using and temporarily develop whichever external organs we will be in need of.”

Draco: “Holy shit, you can do that?”

Kiotu: “Yes, I can and would gladly do so if Ursula would be interested in interbreeding with me.”

Ursula: “I would be honored to do so Kiotu.”

Liat: “It has been my experience in the many galaxies I have explored before being sent here by the Keplerians, that all “split” species are capable of and regularly use this practice. I would also be willing to do this, if Hecate would be willing to allow me to take part in her next reproduction cycle.”

Hecate: “I have no objection Liat.”

Draco: “Well it would seem that the “splits” have no problem with the duty of impregnating, but have any of you ever given birth?”

Tah: “I fathered as well as gave birth to children prior to the Keplerian invasion of my planet. If you are willing to father a child of interbreeding Draco, I would be willing to give birth to that child.”

Draco: “It would be an honor and a privilege to take part in an interbreeding reproduction with you Tah.”

Me: “Well then, now that we have that settled. Are there any major differences in gestation that we need to know about?”


[Semdah, Tah, Liat, Voose, and Kiotu confer with each other for a few minutes.]


Semdah: “It is the shared theory of the Council of the Fallen that successful interbreeding will result in gestational periods equal to that which humans are accustomed to. The only difference is that the interbreeding will only require one session of intercourse for a pregnancy to occur. Therefore it is our suggestion that the interbreeding couples have intercourse tonight while we are all here.”


That night Selene took Voose to her room, Semdah joined me in my bed, Draco, Hecate, and Ursula bedded Tah, Liat, and Kiotu respectively. When I awoke the next morning, Semdah was still nestled in my arms. She was the last to leave my estate.

XI: Interbreeding Pregnancies

As expected the interbreeding that involved the Council of the Fallen resulted in five successful pregnancies. Due to this success, the Council of the Fallen encouraged Draco and I to have intercourse with as many of the Fallen members of our respective clans as was possible. Semdah spoke to the Fallen members of Clan Pennsylvania and then introduced me to those willing to participate in interbreeding. Tah did the same for Draco in Clan Delmar. As a result of their help there were as many pregnancies as a result of interbreeding as there were from our standard efforts. In approximately nine months Draco and I would be fathers again; Draco to another 72 children, and myself to another 78. The human females that I had not successfully fathered children with my previous reproduction cycle did not see fit to give me a second chance.

Once again the Council of the Ten Clans insisted that medical staff pay close attention to the pregnancies of and resulting from their Chosen Ones. Though we did not expect complications, mutations, or any other issues with the pregnancies that were a result of interbreeding; we feared that something would indeed reveal our secret. Only time would be able to prove our expectations or our fears correct. While we waited we all hoped for the best and prepared for the worst.

Part 3: Children of the Fallen

XII: Hybrid Births

As Clans Pennsylvania and Delmar began to welcome newborns into the world, it became apparent that it was going to be impossible to tell the human infants apart from the hybrid infants. Semdah gave birth to a beautiful baby girl that we named Kassie after my mother. Kassie and my other hybrid offspring looked no different than Miranda or any of the other children I fathered with the human females in Clan Pennsylvania. Over in Delmar, Draco was seeing similar results, as Tah gave birth to a son they named Anton. According to Draco, Anton was no different in outward appearance than his son Finn (the second child he had fathered with the same female member of his clan). Nor did any of his other hybrid infants look any less human than his human infants.

I also received word from Selene that her son Victor by Voose showed now outward qualities of not being human. The same message was delivered to me by Ursula about Konner, her son with Kiotu; and from Hecate in regard to Liam, the son that Liat had fathered.

As far as we could tell, the secret of our hybrid children would be easy to maintain; at least through their infancy. We would have to keep a close eye on them as they grew and matured to see if any differences in appearance or any other traits would develop.

XIII: Hybrid Children

One of our biggest fears when there were no noticeable differences at birth was that as our hybrid children grew and matured it would become obvious that they weren’t as human as some of the other members of the clans. Infancy was pretty much what we would have expected from a human baby. Some developed slower or faster than others, but overall there was nothing to raise suspicion.

By the time they reached age three, there was still nothing that would indicate that they were anything more than human toddlers. They began to walk, run, play, and talk as any other child would. Some kids learned faster than others, some grew more, but this was also the case among the human children.

At each stage of growth our fears eased until we thought about the next stage. As all of our children, human and hybrid alike, neared puberty we began to fear again. Once again our fears were proven to be unwarranted. It seemed as though the human genetics were dominant when it came to outward appearance. Voices changed, bodies matured, hair began to grow in all the usual places you expect during puberty. Keeping our hybrid children a secret from the Keplerians was continuing to be fairly simple. Now the question in all our minds was “What happens when they turn 18?”

XIV: Hybrid Coming of Age

As Clanship Rituals in the Ten Clans approached and with hybrid children among those turning 18, I wondered how we would manage to avoid our secret being revealed. My question was soon answered as the Fallen Ones who had now “reached the age of 50” removed themselves from their respective clans and went into hiding elsewhere or fell to the Rule of Prey. None of the Ten Clans had to put hybrid 18 year olds through the Clanship Ritual in order for them to become official members of their particular clan. Upon obtaining official membership to Clan Michconsin, Pax II took the name Loki and replaced Desparo as Chosen One.

Victor, Kassie, Konner and Liam have grown into strong, intelligent young adults. I am sure that when the time comes any or all of them will make excellent Chosen Ones. I believe the same can be said of Psymon and Maria, though they should not be needed to assume the role of Chosen One for quite some time thanks to having younger mothers in Athena and Hydra.

XV: Council of the Ten Clans (Part 2)

Now that I have reached age 50 I have resigned as Chosen One for Clan Pennsylvania. Kassie has replaced me and now goes by the name Amaranthine (her favorite flower). She has also taken over as Chosen historian. The Council of the Ten Clans recently held a meeting to introduce its new Chosen Ones and have a retirement party of sorts for those of us that are resigning this year. This was also the first meeting to feature Loki (Pax II) as Chosen One for Michconsin, a position he has held for two years. The following is a transcription of the meeting.

Me: “First of all, I need to announce that this will be the final Council of the Ten Clans that Selene, Ursula, Hecate and myself will be attending as we are all resigning effective today. Replacing Selene will be her son Victor, who will now be known as Viper. Ursula’s replacement is her son Konner. Konner will now be known as Coyote. Replacing Hecate as Chosen One for Mondahming is her son Liam, who will now go by Lion. As most of you know these three young men are all hybrids, as is my replacement; my daughter Kassie will now be known as Amaranthine. Also now representing Michconsin is my son with Desparo, Pax II who has been known as Loki for the past two years. As my replacement, Amaranthine will be taking over as the historian for the United States region. I will be staying with her for at least a few months as she gets acquainted with the duties of the position.

Draco, Athena, Artemis, Isis, Hydra, it is good to see you all again; and to see that you are all in good health.”

Draco: “It is good to see you as well old friend. It’s good to see all of you. Do we have any new business to discuss today, or was today’s meeting called to introduce our new members?”

Amaranthine: “It was mostly called to introduce myself and the others new to the position of Chosen One. I believe our primary business is to keep our status as hybrids a secret from the Keplerians as well as the hybrid and Fallen One statuses of several of our clan members.”

Isis: “So far there have been no outward indicators that any of you or the other younger members or children associated with any of our clans are anything but human. I think we all need to think about the future and figure out how much longer we wish to continue living under Keplerian thumbs.”

Athena: “I think it’s still much too soon after the uprising attempt by the Fallen Ones for us to try anything similar. But it never hurts to have a plan in place. These ten clans will always be ready, we need to wait until we can get the support of a few of the ‘Keplerian clans’ to change their minds before we can move forward with trying to take our planet back.”

Viper: “Athena is right. If there’s too much of the old guard of those clans still in place, there isn’t much we can do.”

Me: “That’s true Viper, but there aren’t that many members of the old guard still in place in the other ten clans. King, Xavier, Quetzal and Socrates are the only pre-uprising Chosen Ones still in place. Copernicus was replaced a few years ago by his son, Onyx. Granted, he probably shares the same mindset his father had. Draco’s half-sister Ceres has been the Chosen One for Clan Virginia since Logan died ten years ago. Apollo resigned three years ago, his daughter Oracle is the current Chosen One for Clan Indihio. Freya has been the Chosen One for Minnesota for three years as well; same for Valkyrie in Coltah and Amelia in Nebransas. That’s five female Chosen Ones that took over for their fathers. We have three new young male Chosen Ones who happen to be hybrids that can choose whomever they wish when it comes to reproducing. So gentleman, I suggest you decide amongst yourselves how to divide those five young women between you and impregnate them as soon as you can. As awful as it sounds, if they give birth to hybrid children it may be easier to convince them to join us.”

Loki: “You’re right Dad that sounds like a really shitty thing to do; but it is also very likely to work. Fellas, get to know our new female counterparts among the other ten clans. See if you strike the fancy of any of them, then work your hybrid baby-making magic.”

Viper, Coyote, and Lion together: “Done.”

XVI: State of the Clans

The following is a listing of the current Chosen Ones by name, age and species.

New England – King (49 – human)

New York – Viper (24 – hybrid)

Virginia – Ceres (31 – human)

Delmar – Draco (48 – human)

Pennsylvania – Amaranthine (24 – hybrid)

New Carolina – Coyote (24 – hybrid)

New Dakota – Socrates (47 – human)

Michconsin – Loki (26 – human)

Indihio – Oracle (30 – human)

Tenntucky – Artemis (46 – human)

Alagafla – Xavier (51 – human)

Missillowa – Hellion aka Psymon (26 – human)

Arkissipiana – Isis (45 – human)

Minnesota – Freya (25 – human)

Nebransas – Amelia (26 – human)

Texas – Onyx (34 – human)

Mexizona – Quetzal (44 – human)

Coltah – Valkyrie (24 – human)

Mondahming – Lion (24 – hybrid)

Stonertopia – Black Widow (26 – human)


Of the original 2400 Fallen Ones originally hidden by the Ten Clans, 1000 (20 men, 50 women and 30 “splits” in each clan) are still members of the Ten Clans. The other 1400 members of the Fallen Ones either “aged out” or “died” to keep up appearances and as far as any of us know are living somewhere above ground.

In addition to the hybrids currently living among the members of the Ten Clans, the following Clans now feature hybrid children and/or pregnancies that are the result of interbreeding.

Virginia: Ceres has twins fathered by Viper and is carrying his child again.

New York: Several female members are currently pregnant with Viper’s baby/babies.

Nebransas: Amelia has a daughter with Viper and is pregnant by him again.

Arkissipiana: Isis is currently carrying Viper’s child.

Pennsylvania: Amaranthine already has a daughter (Tallulah) with Coyote and is currently pregnant by him again.

Minnesota: Freya is currently pregnant with twins fathered by Coyote and already has a son by him.

Stonertopia: Black Widow recently became pregnant with Coyote’s baby.

New Carolina: A dozen women will be giving birth in the near future to babies fathered by Coyote.

Michconsin: Several hidden female members of the Fallen Ones are currently pregnant with or will soon give birth to children fathered by Loki.

Delmar: Tah and several of the other Fallen women that have already had children with Draco are in the process of doing so again.

Indihio: Oracle is once again carrying a child fathered by Lion.

Coltah: Valkyrie is currently pregnant with her second child by Lion.

Tenntucky: Artemis invited Lion to be a part of her final reproductive cycle as a Chosen One. She is expected to be pregnant within the week.

Missillowa: The female Fallen Ones of this clan are all currently carrying Hellion’s offspring.

Part 4: Dawning of a New Humanity

XVII: Uniting Clans (Part 1)

While I am no longer the historian for the United States region, my daughter is; and she keeps me informed whenever something important happens so I can include in my continuing history of life after the fall from the human and hybrid perspective. There was recently a meeting of all Chosen Ones in the United States region; during which the secret of the Ten Clans was revealed, which led to a great deal more. Amaranthine provided me with her note from the meeting, I will include everything of importance to human and hybrid history here.


[After everyone takes there place and introduces themselves, the meeting begins.]

Xavier: “Okay, we all know each other now that the new Chosen Ones have introduced themselves. If there isn’t anything else to address, which I imagine is the case; can we go the hell back to our own clans please?”

Black Widow: “I understand you’re the oldest Chosen One here Xavier, and you probably want to leave before you lose control of some bodily function; but we do actually have some things to address that you and several other Chosen Ones are probably not aware of. Draco, you’re the oldest member of the Council of the Ten Clans; school is now in session.”

Draco: “Thank you Black Widow. I see confusion on half the faces here, as I should. Black Widow is correct that I am the oldest member of the Council of the Ten Clans, a Council that was formed by our disagreement about how to handle our knowledge of the Uprising before it occurred. I will now reveal the secret that has been kept for so long. The Ten Clans hid members of the Fallen Ones, Orion and I fathered children with two members of the Council of the Fallen. Orion’s hybrid daughter Kassie is now Amaranthine, Chosen One of Clan Pennsylvania; and she is not the only hybrid Chosen One. Viper, Coyote, and Lion are also hybrids; they are in fact hybrids that have since fathered children by Ceres, Oracle, Amelia, Freya and Valkyrie. I’ll give you ladies a moment to let that sink in.


We have been under the collective thumb of the Keplerians for far too long. Hell, we’re not even the only ones; can you imagine what’s going on in the rest of the world? The Fallen Ones here may have been the only ones to try to fight back, but I don’t believe for one second that they were the only ones on the planet; nor do I believe that their attempt to stand up to the Keplerians went unnoticed by the rest of the world. I think it’s time to start using some of our old technology that we’ve managed to salvage over the years and see if we can use it to contact Chosen Ones anywhere else in the world. But first it is time for all of us to come together once again as a nation. It is time to unite our clans into a cohesive unit. Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the United Clans of America to pull itself out of the muck and mire of what we have thought was the fall of humanity.”

King: “Let me get this straight, you’ve been lying to us for years but now that you’ve finally told us the truth, expect us to join you and try to take back what some of us may not even want anymore?”

Xavier and Socrates: “Pretty much what it sounds like to me.”

Quetzal: “That’s what it sounds like to me as well, but how much longer can we really expect our clans to be content to live underground? How much longer can we go on living away from our families? I don’t know how the three of you feel, but I’m quite frankly fucking sick of it.”

Ceres: “Viper, I understand why you didn’t tell me. We have beautiful children together and I will do whatever it takes to keep them safe. I’m sure Oracle, Amelia, Freya and Valkyrie feel the same about their children.”

[Oracle, Amelia, Freya and Valkyrie all nod in agreement.]

Xavier: “I can’t believe what I’m hearing.”

King: “They’ve all lost their damn minds.”

Viper: “King, Xavier, Socrates, it is real simple; you’re either with us or you’re against us. If you’re against us, I can promise you won’t leave this meeting alive.”

Loki: “I believe what Viper means to say is, you won’t leave this meeting at all. And if the Keplerians inquire as to why we’re burying your bodies on the estate, we’ll simply tell them you all died of natural causes or killed each other during a violent disagreement. Xavier your old enough to be put out to pasture if enough of us agree and request you be replaced as a Chosen One. King, you’re just about there with him and Socrates isn’t far behind. What I am suggesting gentlemen is that we have multiple ways of getting rid of you before moving on with our cause.”

Onyx: “My father would be absolutely disgusted by all of this, but I have to be honest; I’m not at all surprised by this and I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with the three old assholes in this room. I couldn’t care less that you’ve kept this a secret from the rest of the Chosen Ones for so long because it means you’ve kept it a secret from the Keplerians as well. Draco is right, our region of the world can’t possibly be the only one that THEY sent Fallen Ones to. It is time for all of us to prepare to rise again. If we agree to become the United Clans of America, we can set the example for the rest of the world. If we can use old technology to contact other Chosen Ones and convince them to do the same in their regions of the world, we may actually have a chance to rid ourselves of the Keplerians. If we fail we probably die, but at this point death is better than continuing to live like this. I have children that I almost never see because they live underground and I have duties as a Chosen One. I say we put this to a vote among the other half of us that were not a part of the Ten Clans. A unanimous vote means we move forward as the United Clans of America. Anything less and obviously we’ll be forced to thin the herd in order to bring in leadership that will be on board. I’ll start the voting, I am for uniting our clans. Everyone else please one at a time say whether you are for or against.”

Ceres: “For.”

Amelia: “For.”

Valkyrie: “For.”

Oracle: “For.”

Freya: “For.”

Quetzal: “For.”

King: “Loki is right, I’m getting too damn old for this shit and I still remember what life was like before those bastards got here; our children deserve better than this. I’m for the United Clans of America.”

Socrates: “For.”

Xavier: “I still think you’ve all lost your damn minds. I hope somebody has a better plan for the next uprising than there was for the previous one. I may be 51 years old, but I’ve stayed in fighting shape simply because there was nothing else to do with my spare time besides father children; which I’ve done plenty. My kids should get to see the stars at night, fuck it; I’m in.”

XVIII: Clan Uniting Spreads

Using a combination of old computer parts, old television parts, as well as a functional knowledge of several different computer languages, the United Clans of America began attempting to contact other clans around the world. While they got no response early on, eventually a scattered few began to trickle in.

After a few months and some modifications to the equipment, they began to have even more success with contacting other clans. Soon responses were coming in by the dozens, and it seemed that the concept of uniting clans was going to spread like wild fire. By the time it was over there were now eight United Clans (the United Clans of America, the United Clans of Canada, the United Clans of Central America, the United Clans of South America, the United Clans of Europe, the United Clans of Africa, the United Clans of Asia, and the United Clans of Oceana.

XIX: Uniting Clans (Part 2)

Now that there were United Clans to represent the eight major regions, it was time to move on to the next step. There needed to be a council to represent a unified planet. Each of the eight regions had its own council, it was decided that each council would choose one member to represent them and speak on their behalf. There would then be a “meeting” via their secret communication to determine the best course of action to take as a unified planet to re-establish the freedom of its people (humans and hybrids alike).

The first United Clan to name its representative was America, the Council of Clan America appointed Draco as their representative. Next the United Clan of Oceana appointed Dingo (a human male from Clan Australia) to be their representative. The United Clan of Asia selected Khan (a human female from Clan Mongolia) to speak on their behalf. Kidd, a male hybrid from Clan Alberta was chosen to represent the United Clan of Canada. The United Clan of Central America chose a female human from Clan Mexico named Antonia to represent them. Pele, a male hybrid from Clan Brazil was chosen to represent the United Clan of South America. The final two representative to be chosen were Belladonna, a female hybrid from Clan Algeria (selected by the United Clan of Africa), and Foxglove, a female hybrid from Clan Sweden (selected to represent the United Clan of Europe). And so the Council of Clan Earth was formed.


XX: Council of Clan Earth

Once all the members of the Council of Clan Earth were chosen, a date and time was chosen when all would be prepared to have their “meeting” to decide how to proceed with their desire to take back their planet. What follows is the dialogue from that “meeting” as originally recorded by Draco.

Draco: I would first like to congratulate you all and welcome you to the Council of Clan Earth. [A series of thank yous follows.] Now we should probably get right to the matter at hand, how do we defeat the Keplerians and take back our planet?

Dingo: There’s still plenty of venomous snakes here in Australia, are they susceptible to the toxins?

Antonia: I’m not even sure they’re humanoid.

Belladonna: Since humanity pretty much already lives underground, there’s always nuclear weapons.

Pele: That seems almost a little too drastic.

Foxglove: Perhaps, but we can’t rule it out as a possibility. We have to be willing to do whatever it takes to rid Earth of the Keplerians.

Khan: That’s true, but we also have to ensure humanity’s survival.

Kidd: Electro-magnetic pulse is the way to go. The Keplerians are dependent on the Earth’s magnetic fields to maintain their corporeal appearance.

Draco: How can you be sure of that?

Kidd: My grandfather was the original Chosen One of the Alberta Clan, he was also a Fallen One; and not just any Fallen One, and he was a part of the initial scouting party sent to Earth. My father is probably the original hybrid, according to him he is the original hybrid. In any case, when my grandfather passed he made my father promise to do his best to somehow make the Keplerians leave this planet; even if it meant killing them or dying himself to do so. My father spent the rest of his life researching everything my grandfather had written about the Keplerians, in addition to doing his own research. What my father came to understand is that the Keplerians are a highly energy based being, so much so that without the perfect magnetic field conditions; they would simply dissipate into the atmosphere without the ability to put themselves back together, so to speak. He spent years calculating how much of a disruption in the Earth’s magnetic fields it would take, and then drew up blue prints for the type of device that would need to be built in large quantities shortly before he passed. He also started making a list of components that I completed recently. I’m not talking about a small device either, his blueprints are for a 500 megavolt EMP; and there would need to be one constructed and placed on the estate of every Chosen One on the planet. I can send you all copies, and you’ll each need to pass copies on to the other Chosen Ones that you represent on this council. I estimate it will take about two years to construct these EMP devices. I will also send you each a code to program the detonation of all devices in each of our respective regions to a single key-stroke because all the devices will have to be set off simultaneously in order to maximize their effectiveness.

Draco: Are we all in agreement that this is our best option?

Foxglove: Two years seems like a long time to put it off, but if it works; the wait will be well worth it.

Belladonna: Indeed.

Pele: Let’s do it.

Khan: How soon can we start construction?

Kidd: You should all have a copy of the blueprints in your inboxes, pass them on to the rest of the Chosen Ones in your region and start gathering components.

Draco: Good luck everyone, and let’s be sure to keep in touch regarding progress.

XXI: Global Uprising

After two years of hard work and steady progress the EMP devices are complete and humanity is prepared to at the very least try to take back planet Earth. As the calculated best time to set the devices off draws closer the Council of Clan Earth had a meeting to ensure precise simultaneous detonation. It went as follows.

Draco: Is everyone here and ready?

Belladonna: As ready as possible.

Foxglove: Damn straight!

Pele: Ready.

Antonia: I suggest we each take a number between 1 and 8 for a countdown.

Khan: Excellent idea, I think Kidd should get the honor of being 1.

Dingo: I agree.

Draco: The so he shall. Antonia, since it was your idea; do you mind being 8 and starting the countdown?

Antonia: Not at all.

Dingo: I’ll take 7. If there are no objections, Khan can be 6, Pele 5, Belladonna 4, Draco 3, and Foxglove 2.

Draco: That’s fine by me; if everyone else agrees, we should begin.

Antonia: 8

Dingo: 7

Khan: 6

Pele: 5

Belladonna: 4

Draco: 3

Foxglove: 2

Kidd: 1 [At this moment they each perform the key-stroke to set off their respective region’s EMP devices]

Just as they planned each EMP device goes off simultaneously with the others causing every Keplerian on Earth to dissipate into the atmosphere.

The Council of Clan Earth and other Chosen Ones keep watch over the next few days to be sure that the plan was successful. On the fifth day after the EMP devices were used, the message is sent to the Ground Dwellers that they may come back above ground and find new places to live.



A new humanity is dawning, and much remains unknown. For the time being both the hybrid and human members of society are interacting peacefully with each other. We all hope that this peace continues as our society grows, technology and all other aspects of life as we knew it before the Keplerians. If a different set of Keplerians invade, or any other alien civilization decides to attempt to expand to Earth; we want to be better prepared to defend ourselves.

Everyone seems to consider the status of the current clan based system a success. Clan Councils are how decisions are made, from major councils like the Council of Clan Earth, or local councils like the Council of Clan Pennsylvania which is beginning to form as members of Clan Pennsylvania gradually move back into other areas of the state. Rather than being the leader of Clan Pennsylvania, Kassie has become the representative of Clan Allegheny and is currently the designated speaker for Clan Pennsylvania. Semdah and I have moved to Butler County with our children as well as several other families. I have been asked to take and accepted the position of representative for Clan Butler. I believe similar offers have been extended to and accepted by other former Chosen Ones here in Clan America and worldwide. World peace and global democracy is something we seem to have achieved and we strive to maintain. Humanity may have fallen thanks to the Keplerians, and things were tough after that initial fall; but we are now standing tall and moving forward once again.

First I would like to thank my friend Darrin Bowers for proofreading and publishing this work for me. I would also like to thank all of you who have downloaded and read my novel. This work of science fiction took quite a while to blossom from passing thought, to outline, to rough draft and finally finished product. It was an amazing journey for me as a writer, and I thank you all for being a part of it. Until next time…


About the author:

Damien Stone is a sucker for all things science fiction on pretty much any platform. It has taken him a long time to gather the courage to attempt to write his own work of science fiction. “Life After the Fall” is that first attempt, and he hopes it will be well received and well read. Damien also hopes to take another thought he has had for a science fiction novel on a journey to being a published work. Stone lives on the east coast with his wife and dog.

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