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Life 2.0

At 16, a boy encounters something incredible. There was a crack in his life.  It looked like someone had unzipped a piece of the world back and he could look inside the crack but it looked like a dark void.  He sticks his hand in and felt how cold it feels.   Something inside him told him never to go in something like tbe crack if another appeared. But as he grew older, so did the cracks. They were all over and some were so big. Only he saw them and only he could fall into one. Everyone keeps telling him, he could leave whenever he wants to.  He gets married and has a daughter.  As hes driving one night, he loses control of the car and drives straight into a crack! What is it? An alternate reality? A way to travel through time? Just a dark abyss and void? The ending will blow your mind away! One of the biggest twists created in 2018!

  • ISBN: 9780463392119
  • Author: Leonardo DiSalvatore
  • Published: 2018-10-27 22:15:05
  • Words: 2192
Life 2.0 Life 2.0