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Many people wonder about the deep blue, but even more think about a sea monster legend that  may be at the bottom of the Pacific ocean in slumber.   The Tuscany dives into the deep blue and embarks to make it past the world record of 36,000 feet.  It makes it's way to the Maw where it's a nautical graveyard that sits down at the bottom of the Pacific ocean where there are ships and creatures living where no daylight penetrates and no sea creature is catalogued before.  Most the size of busses.   The pilot of the one manned sub is Doctor Booker of the Tuscany.  A sub that's made to travel the great depths of the abyss.  But it wasnt built to survive encountering a Leviathan and the prodigious size and killer instinct and thirst of a predator it has.  When your 50,000 feet from the surface no one can hear you scream or help you.  Dr. Booker relies on his instinct and nautical experience to escape the fury of this monster. The U.S.S. Navy sets off with another crew, including a sub called the Abincourt headed by Lieutenant Latnar and Lieutenant Lovell.  They set out for this feat in part 2 with the notes and recordings from the Tuscany exploration in part 1.  Only Lantan accepted this mission because he didnt much care for living anymore.  Sometimes it takes looking death straight in the eye to learn whether life is worth living as they encounter devastating effects they never imagined.   Witness and experience a coverup and immerse yourself in both missions first-hand experiences as they descent into hell and face terrorizing elements of disaster and battle the monster that they stir from its slumber.  

  • ISBN: 9780463390702
  • Author: Leonardo DiSalvatore
  • Published: 2018-09-30 00:50:06
  • Words: 9560
Leviathan Leviathan