Letter From The Future, The Year 2160


Sebastjan Videtic

2017, Shakespir Edition






Would you eat food that cleans your teeth? More than you could eat, more clean teeth would you have. Welcome to the year 2160 in the future. We sit in the restaurant, we eat the food, that we clean teeth, blood, muscles, bones, easily excreting. There is no disease, no one knows what exactly is it. We are finally in the era of perfection, when finally all product are written on the our skin. We will live 300 years or longer. We're fire books from 2000, 2013 and earlier. Very retarded ideas of our ancestors. We do not want to know about the things, that are not 100% written on the our skin. We have developed. Travel in other galaxies. We have colonies and people who are so far away that we do not have many contacts. Our value is perfection, all what we have, is 100% written on the skin. Greetings past, we do not know you and we do not want to know.

About Earth. Solar hot beams that are steady waves, transformed into cold impulsive waves. We discovered opposability. Everything is reversed. On the satellite orbit, we have converters. On it is a condenser lens for heat of the sun. Converter converts heat into cold impulses. On request sent in the receiver of the whole earth in houses and other, which convert into electricity. No more electrical wires. Also transports have changed. We flying high above the clouds. From the satellite’s orbit getting energy, cold impulses that fuel. Car flights automatically. In fact, luxury cars are already spaceships that have their own solar inverter heat in the cold impulses. Flying far across the galaxy. We are now in a restaurant in another galaxy.

The present: To move quickly to other galaxies is necessary to discover the operation of eternal law – gravity and space. It is necessary to build a spaceship , in the form of an arc . Knowledge today is part of the problem . Otherwise, you can go to Andromeda . Freed of rotation around our sun. Looking for planets with oxygen . Researching new species. Convert energy into galaxies. Built planets with oxygen . A need therefore to develop knowledge to discover unknown to us today . I think that the future was however based more on the discovery and development to build and leave. Space is unlimited , and is our mind to learn. We need to develop our mind that is ready to discover knowledge and develop skills. Humanity must grow at the rate of Albert Einstein . Everything we produce today is very backward . We need to make a revolution in the discovery of new laws of weights and space . Imagine that is possible to exploit the planet’s gravity for transport without gasoline or other energy . And is the eternal laws, inverted with witch we can quickly go far up in galaxy or space.

The wheel is round , which attract us to the gravity on the planet , the plane is a square and already allows us to retain the same height . But today with gasoline. All modes of transport can build and benefit without gasoline or an additional drive . Enough weight of the vehicle can be drive of vehicle … The same spacecraft , in the form of an arc , not use gasoline but can be powered by its weight with inverted eternal law of the space and weights , which we have already not discovered. You are invited to discover this eternal law . Spaceship drive by space , is designed in the form of an arc .There are more energy – the sun and everything is tied to the sun , gasoline , wood , uranium … But the weight of the planet is also power. And with this power is possible to be with inverted law used to hover above the planet , fly with proper weight on weight. And space is in motion. This is also power . Therefore, the spaceship in the form of arc can exploit this power, as boat the wind . Not all is sun and energy, there are weight and space . And it is an absolute novelty for discover. Because is the only way to go in another galaxy far.

Remember, there are more power :

The sun and its derivatives , metals , uranium , gas, oil, wood …

Gravity of the planet , of the sun, moon , any weight …

Space .

EXPENSIVE BEGINNING – start a business today – Until someone discovers easier, cheaper and faster ways to achieve whatever we live traditionally. When it happens talking about invention. Today’s business at the time of the global environment. So unless the innovation does not do anything. As tradition has countless identical methods, our one does not come into play. And how do you innovate, or to open a global company? Knowledge is the basis of imagination, which could become an innovation. You must have the knowledge and you imagine ways to be faster, cheaper and easier. Not improve the current situation, but the same problem is solved with another point of view. Then prototypes. And everything is very expensive. A bunch of money and time you invest before you even begin to market the products. Hard times. As with toys – blocks to compose a Certain idea is to build innovation. Like the blocks are our knowledge. More than we know, more blocks we have many and varied. We need to know what the problem want to solve, a solution assembled. And accumulate knowledge from Which We Will create a Certain idea. Knowledge can Improve with the transparency separated by branch, and it Makes Sense Also integrate it all into one. We can however ignore What They Have Learned in School, if we want to make a revolution. If we want to Develop knowledge. In college tell us That the inverted heat waves are impossible. We must to Overcome the school, and Dare to be smart. We must took the start That Anything is Possible. And we have to draw. If you want inverted heat rays, you need to first draw to see them. Then invert sketch, on another the wrong side, in starry shape. And as you continue in practice.

Imagination – we do not teach anyone. Understand by watching and observing. We are too mathematical, too little we dare. Viewed from the point of view of the small man on earth. But if we change our view on the spaceship, which is in another part of the galaxy? Quick spaceship that converts the sun’s rays in the cold impulses which is drive in the galaxy. It would be the knowledge that is Not developed on Earth. They would be freed from the learned. And we would be more conceited. Imagine ourselves what we want. If we want fast spaceship as it was already on it. And from this point of view, the imagination, to build what best suits us. Do not we trouble. In this case, the conversion from the solar wave in the cold pulses of energy . We have to live in our imagination the idea that we want to build. From spaceships to see a lot of suns, not just one. We would know what we want based on the seen. Travel with these suns.

The biggest problem is our mental limitations in start. From the perspective of the Earth's slowing us in mind the fact that in universe is not oxygen. This is a mistake. We must liberate borders. We have to imagine that anything is possible. The galaxy with the help of solar energy build atmosphere in a space ship. Build artificial water circulation. We should not be limited to the known. We need to be open and elsewhere. Best of imagination already on the space ship. Water vapor with the heat. And clean up. Causes oxygen. The galaxy's suns heat in abundance. Therefore, to build an artificial atmosphere in a spaceship as we can. In practice, we build an artificial environment adapted to humans. Built a large compartment where the water circulates through the heat of the sun, and what should we produce clean water and oxygen. And below so on, all we need, food ... -INVERT YOUR LOGIC - Obstacle was our mentality , the result of our habits in the era of gasoline. Consumables drive is not required. By discover eternal laws of weights and space. And inverting eternal laws . Albert Einstein discovered that weight is not a constant. If you pull on the rope stone, or the weight up , add power at any given time stone lose weight, or energy. It is then that a little before starting to fall down again . Float without weight or energy. Weight has been reduced , as viewed stone from the perspective of three dimensions . Now with dropping the weight again increased until the fall to the ground. We think the logic of how the stone falls down and is increasing its weight or energy . This must be INVERTED. Since we intend to discover the opposite Einstein equation , which our spaceship by adding the weight of her take us up from the galaxy. We need to develop a mechanism which acts as a bird’s wing . And form should be the opposite of a circle, one quarter of a circle or a star. When we turned ON the mechanism we rise out of the planet or galaxy up, when we switch OFF mechanism, we fall down our spaceship against galaxy or planet. In order to increase the weight on a spaceship that drive us: we can do that on the circle rotates ball and causes the tilt of the ship in the air right left , and rotates itself. . As the ball rotates , and rotation is driven by its own , thanks to the ship tilt to the left, right , so in this mode to add weight on the spaceship . Adding weight is our drive.


We believe that we are the product of the environment in which we live. Without imagination, we do just this. What is imagination? Go with thoughts far forward, backward, up, down. Anywhere and make it happen. Uncover new skills thanks to escaped from the environment with the imagination. Be elsewhere, anywhere, anytime. We need a reason for imagine, for example, we want more. We need interest for imagine, for example, we want it. Now we have a goal and achieve it. For example, aim to go in another galaxy. And we are working on this. Our time is dedicated to the goal to go away, far away.

Imagination could also be unlimited creativity. We do not have borders. We are not tied to an environment where we are. We are anywhere with thoughts. And this can be realized in practice. Create something that does not have roots in the our environment.


Money, money, money. We’re all in the big game for money. We need it more and more. We can exploit, globalize, market products from the United States, for example, wherever there is demand. What about the US market? Perhaps the most demanding market, with the most money? From the point of view of the fact that most of the innovations are coming from this market, we must, in order to succeed in this market, create a new market. We need to know the ambitions, goals, and problems of the United States and its citizens. The United States aims to become an energy-independent state. It’s an opportunity for us. We have to use this. We need to discover new energy sources, make them and sell them. Sea and coast of the United States. Millions and millions of waves of the sea, every second and thousands of kilometers of the coast. Let’s make a hydroelectric plant that, by rotating turbines, converts the power of sea waves into electricity. We take advantage of the universe, the sun and the rotating planet. We use huge amounts of water, sea, waves. In all this, we can discover new equations of the operation of the universe. The S-turbine is fixed to the axis in the sea, driven by the waves of the sea. And it moves forward along the other wave of the sea and so on. In the cover page, there is a S-turbine that may not work. Or it works. If it does not work, it must be made of elastic materials and will work. When one part of the S-turbine captures the water of the sea waves, it extends, and is larger than the other part of the S-turbine. When this second part enters the line for water capture, it extends and the first part shrinks. A great game is to make a prototype working from this knowledge. The S-turbine prototype patented and sold the solution to the United States of America. Money, money, money, that’s why we are all in a big game. And to earn a huge amount of money. For the sake of the S-turbine, a tsunami defense can also be done, so an interesting patent is also sold to Japan. These brief instructions for a great game are intended for anyone who wants to personally advance, achieve something in life, and above all earn a lot of money. We’re all monitored. So carefully do the S-turbine, and this is the competition, the first patented has won.


















Letter From The Future, The Year 2160

  • ISBN: 9781370358472
  • Author: Sebastjan Videtic
  • Published: 2017-08-25 18:35:07
  • Words: 2268
Letter From The Future,  The Year 2160 Letter From The Future,  The Year 2160