Leptin Resistance: 23 Tips on How to Fix Your Leptin Resistance

Leptin Resistance

23 Tips on How to Fix Your Leptin Resistance

Table of Contents



Chapter 1 – What is Leptin?

Chapter 2 – Leptin Resistance

Chapter 3 – Fixing Your Leptin Resistance – 1 – 11

Chapter 4 – Biochemical Forces responsible for Obesity

Chapter 5 – Fixing Your Leptin Resistance – 12 – 17

Chapter 6 – Leptin in the Reproductive System

Chapter 7 – Fixing Your Leptin Resistance – 18 – 23


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Leptin is the hormone for satiation that is produced by fatty cells. This means people with more fatty cells in their body would automatically produce more of leptin hormones. This will in turn give signal to the body to eat less of food and thereby normalizing the body’s weight. This is probably an over-simplified idea but I tell you, leptin issues are not as easy as these. Many people struggle with problems associated with leptin resistance. In this case, although leptin is produced, it is unable to produce its normal effects that will help stimulate weight loss.

When leptin is resisted, it is interpreted as starvation. This therefore activates a multitude of mechanisms to work on increasing the storage. Instead of burning up excess fat, they are stored up in the body. Also, leptin resistance also leads to the formation of the reverse T3 which obstructs the effects of the thyroid hormones effect on metabolism. So an individual is over-eating yet the body interprets it as a filling up in response to starvation and therefore signals to the body to absorb more.

A quick note here is this: the problem is not the production or acquisition of leptin. Research has shown that most overweight individuals who have difficulty in losing weight are having a problem with leptin resistance and not the production of leptin itself. If you do not have a lot of fat in your body, then your Leptin level will be naturally low. This will in turn boost your appetite which will naturally serve to entice the body to accumulate more fat. But if you are fat already, your brain could possibly have immunity against appetite suppressing signal. But if you are already fat, the brain may be immune to the appetite-suppressing indications from Leptin. This condition is referred to as Leptin resistance


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[] Chapter 1 – What is Leptin?

History of Leptin

History has it that leptin first came about in the year 1950 when a no-obese mouse colony was being studied at the “Jackson Laboratory. This study recorded a production of an obese offspring. This suggested that a mutation had transpired in a hormone which regulated the hunger and energy procedure. The mice homozygous from the “ob mutation of “ob/ob” consumed food in large quantities and became hugely obese. Later

Later in the 1960s, another mutation brought about obesity again as a similar phenotype was observed by Douglas Coleman. This also occurred in the Jackson laboratory. It was named diabetes.

Furthermore in 1990, Rudolph Leibel and Jeffrey M Friedman, had reported the mapping of the ob gene. In accordance with Coleman and Leibel’ theories, many further studies conducted by Leibel and Friedman as well as other groups also confirmed that the ob gene programmed a novel hormones that circulated within the blood and it could lower food intake as well as body weight within the ob and wild mice gene make up.

Also in I994, the identification of the gene was reported by Friedman’s laboratories.

In the following year, 1995, evidence that the mutation that took place in the mouse with the ob genes did not take place in humans was provided by Jose F. Caro’s laboratories. In addition, they claimed that since the ob gene expressed was increased, in human obesity, this suggested that the resistance to leptin was a huge possibility Roger Guillemin suggested that Friedman should name this newly discovered hormone – Leptin.

Leptin: is from the Greek word “Leptos”. It is a word used to identify the hormone in the body responsible for satiation. It is a hormone made by adipose cells. These cells help in regulating energy balance through inhibiting hunger.

Leptin Opposition: The Leptin hormone actions are inhibited by the hormone actions of the ghrelin – the hormone for hunger. Both the Leptin and the ghrelin hormones act on the receptors that are in the arcuate nucleus in the hypothalamus in order to regulate appetite so as to achieve energy homeostasis. In obese situations, there is a decrease in the sensitivity of the organs to Leptin. This usually leads to an inability to sense satiety despite the high energy contents stored. Leptin plays a significant role in physiological processes as well as its role in the regulation of fat storage.

Leptin can be described as the hormone responsible for controlling the effect of fat metabolism in the body. It serves as a monitoring agent in controlling the amount of energy taken in by an organism as it further maintains the energy balance in the body. Hunger is regulated via three major ways:

p<>{color:#000;}. Retarding the effect of the neuropeptide Y – (this is a strong feeding stimulant that is secreted by the hypothalamus as well as some other gut cells.

p<>{color:#000;}. Retarding the effects of anandamide – (this is also a feeding stimulant)

p<>{color:#000;}. Promotes the producing of a –MSH

What you need to know about leptin

p<>{color:#000;}. Leptin is a type of digestible protein that unlike other protein intakes does not enter the blood stream. For this reason, leptin won’t work if taken as a supplement.

p<>{color:#000;}. Leptin supplements don’t contain leptin. No supplement contains leptin. Supplements can only contain ingredients aimed at the general wellness or improvement in the general health levels. e.g., necessary fatty acids and or plant extracts. They are not usually harmful, but at the same time they cannot control leptin resistance in any significant way.

p<>{color:#000;}. The long-term role of leptin is to bring about a regulation of energy and balance in the amount of calories absorbed and expended as well as how much fat it is that we store in our bodies.

So as you can clearly observe, I will not be mentioning some medication to help fix Leptin resistance. Actually, there are no medications for fixing leptin resistance presently. However, there is so can be done in order to assist you in fixing your leptin resistance issues naturally. So, do not waste your money on leptin supplements. They do not have any scientific bases and won’t help you lose weight. If you want to still use them, ensure you are using one that will not pose health hazards and ensure you do so with the understanding that they won’t help fix your leptin resistance issues. They can only help with your general wellbeing.

[] Chapter 2 – Leptin Resistance

What is Leptin Resistance?

Leptin resistance simply can be explained as a situation whereby your brain assumes that you are hungry when in actual fact, the opposite is the case.

What does this means?

When the Leptin is malfunctioning, it makes the brain to do all it can to send signals aimed at preventing hunger. The brain therefore enhances the appetite and increases the cravings for junk foods and high calorie foods. Furthermore, Leptin resistance also brings about lower metabolism which in turn can result in other problems with the hormones. Problems like insulin resistance, polycystic ovary syndrome, type 2 diabetes and thyroid difficulties.

Symptoms and Health Hazards linked to Leptin Resistance

These days, we find that many people are leptin resistant. This in turn has created several health problems. When there is a high level of leptin:

p<>{color:#000;}. you find high health risks like obesity, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease and any other form of blood sugar related ailments and diseases.

p<>{color:#000;}. High levels of Leptin as well as the subsequent follow up of leptin resistance can also result in a decrease in fertility.

p<>{color:#000;}. People tend to age quickly

p<>{color:#000;}. It enhances obesity. If you find that you are trying to lose weight or you are trying to make improvements with a health problem, you are most likely having a problem with leptin resistance.

p<>{color:#000;}. If you have the inability to stick to a health change (s) you are most probably leptin resistant.

Some factors that Enhance Leptin Resistance

These days, many people are leptin resistant and have from mild to severe health issues along side. Just as we have in other hormonal issues, leptin resistance is a complicated issue. It does not have one singular cause. However, there are several factors that can negatively influence leptin levels. Some of these are:

p<>{color:#000;}. Lack of quality sleep

p<>{color:#000;}. Excess weight gain

p<>{color:#000;}. Uncontrollable urge to snack even after meals

p<>{color:#000;}. Increase in blood pressure

p<>{color:#000;}. Overeating

p<>{color:#000;}. Fatigue especially after meals

p<>{color:#000;}. High levels of stress

p<>{color:#000;}. Consumption of fructose.

p<>{color:#000;}. High consumption of simple carbs

p<>{color:#000;}. High levels of insulin

p<>{color:#000;}. Cravings for sugar

p<>{color:#000;}. Lack of motivation

p<>{color:#000;}. Over-use of exercise. Most especially when your hormones are damaged

p<>{color:#000;}. Grain consumption

p<>{color:#000;}. Regular anxiety

[] Chapter 3Fixing Your Leptin Resistance – 1 – 11

Tip 1 – Balance in Diet

There are three major categories of nutrients contained in our meals. They are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Avoid foods that are low in calories. I.e. below 1000 calories. Recent studies have shown that diets that are very low in calories result in drastically profound reduction ability of the circulatory levels of leptin. When we talk of balanced diet, it means your diet consists of at least these three major nutrients but as much as possible, ensure your meal contains the other nutrients in moderate proportions as well.

Try to ensure that your three major nutrients are contained in your meal in about the same proportion. Eating balanced diet and in appropriate proportion will help deactivate dietary hormonal surges that triggers uncontrollable appetite that promotes weight gain. I will like to recommend a proportion of:

p<>{color:#000;}. Carbohydrate – 40%

p<>{color:#000;}. Protein – 30% (protein reduces hunger. It also improves leptin sensitivity)

p<>{color:#000;}. Fat – 30% (healthy fats e.g. fatty fish like sardines, salmons and herring. Contains high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Tip 2 – Right kind of Nutrients

Have had comments like “are there nutrients that are not right?” sure, there are nutrients that are not right for the body. There are nutrients that will ultimately contribute to obesity and malfunctioning of the body’s hormones. I implore you to ensure you eat the right kind of carbohydrates, fat and proteins. Just you eating a balanced diet is not adequate. Please note that it is possible to eat a balanced diet yet your balanced diet consists of unhealthy food which will not fix your leptin. There are types of foods within this nutritional category that should be avoided.

Tip 3 – In planning what to eat and not to eat:

Avoid processed carbohydrate foods – high sugar, flour.

p<>{color:#000;}. Eat more healthy carbohydrates – vegetables, whole grains and fruits

p<>{color:#000;}. Eat low fat dairy products

p<>{color:#000;}. Eat proteins with low fat sources – avoid the fatty cuts in meat.

p<>{color:#000;}. Ensure you eat healthy fats that are rich in mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats – fish, olives, nuts and avocados.

Tip 4 – High Antioxidants

Ensure your meals contain foods that are high in antioxidants because high antioxidant foods like fresh veggies and fruits are a good source of alleviating leptin resistance as they are able to calm inflammation.

Tip 5 – Avoid Late meals

Many people make this mistake. Sometimes, there are situations that make eating late unavoidable. But I will like to tell you here that eating late is very unhealthy for the body. As much as possible avoid eating late at night and avoid any intake of heavy meals after 5pm. If you need to take meals after 5pm ensure they are light. Heavy meals taken towards night time do not digest easily. They constitute residues in the body that become generally harmful to the body.

Tip 6 – Best time to eat green vegetables

Try to make eating green vegetables a part of your morning meal intake. As much as possible eat your vegetables before 10am in the mornings and make it a habit. Please do not consider this rigorous. It is one of the best things you can do for your body to help you fix your leptin issues. It is a sure natural way of absorbing the needed supplements without taking pills. You can add veggies to your breakfast, eat them as your morning stacks or simply gobble them down in a few bites.

Tip 7 – Exercising

Exercising has a very effective effect in the process of fixing leptin resistance in the body. There are however two basic rules that need to be considered when it comes to performing exercise to help fix leptin resistance:

p<>{color:#000;}. Do it and

p<>{color:#000;}. Keep at it

Why is there so much emphasis placed on these so called simple and basic rules? They might seem or look simple but they are not always that simple. In most cases, people have more problems with being consistent with exercising. Some people get discouraged after some time. Being consistent at exercising is a very major tool to help fix Leptin resistance. And I will like to add that it is an indispensible factor. If you want significant results, am afraid you might not get it without good exercise.

Tip 8 – Consistency in Eating

Try as much as possible to ensure you form a consistency in your eating habits throughout the day. One of the major rules to help alleviate leptin resistance is to avoid going long periods without eating. Avoid skipping meals. Most especially breakfast. The best times to eat are within three to four hour intervals during the day. Avoid large quantities of food per time. Little dish ups are better.

Tip 9 – Enough Water intakes

Ensure you drink enough water daily. Dehydration will make you leptin resistant and you will have the difficulty in losing weight regardless of all the efforts you put into place. Drink as much as 8 glasses of water daily

Tip 10 – Get Sufficient Sleep

Several people simply do not get enough of sleep. I have come across people who sleep as little as a couple of hours a day and they keep going on and on that way. Lack of sleep is not a good process for the body. Aim to get as much as 6 to 8 hours of quality sleep daily. Leptin needs proper and good quality sleep in order to function properly. When the body is deprived of quality sleep, it brings about sleep disorders. Several forms of sleep disorder have been associated with leptin resistance.

It also results in increase in appetite, diabetes, lower metabolism and several other deficiencies and ailments. In a study conducted on a group of people comprising of over 1000 participants that had low levels of sleep at night, it was discovered that they had a reduction in leptin levels and an elevated ghrelin level as well as an increase in the body mass index. Those among them who slept for about 5 hours or less per night produced 15.5% lower leptin levels and 14.9% higher ghrelin levels.

Tip 11 – Early to bed principle

This is closely linked with the good sleep policy but I have chosen to separate it here because they are closely linked but different factors. They both function individually. Sleeping early does not mean you will be able to have quality sleep but quality sleep can be achieved when you sleep early. Sometimes or in most cases, the inability to have quality sleep is linked to the habit of not sleeping early. Try as much as possible to be in bed by 10am. The earlier you are able to go to your bed to rest and sleep for the night, the more the better chances you have at quality sleep.

[] Chapter 4Biochemical Forces responsible for Obesity

Several times, people have the erroneous belief that obesity is as a result of excess intake of food and less exercising. That means the excess intake of food is what is serving as a driving force to gain weight therefore it is the person’s fault that such is happening. Although this assumption might be true in some individual cases, I would like to say here that it is not often the true reflection of the situation. The increase in food intake and decrease in exercise is usually as result of the function of the hormones. Simply put, in this case, we do not get fat because we eat more food; rather we eat more because we are getting fat.

Leptin and Insulin

Obesity is not as simple as it sounds. It is very complicated malfunction. So complex those scientists do not have a definite agreement on its causes. However, one major point of agreed established fact is that hormones have a lot to do with obesity. Insulin and Leptin are 2 key players in obesity.


The leptin hormone is secreted by fat cells after which signals are sent to the brain that enough energy has been stored and there is therefore not further need for food to be eaten.

There is a large amount of body fat in obese people and a large amount of leptin present in their bloodstream. The major problem however is that the leptin, despite the largeness in quantity, does not get to the brain to send out signals. In simple words, the brain does not get to see or absorb the leptin. It cannot and does not see or know that there is enough fat stored. It therefore concludes that we are hungry or starving. This is what is known as “leptin resistance and it is a major influence on obesity. It is usually not possible to exert willpower against starvation signal when it is leptin enhanced.


Insulin is the main energy storage hormone in the body and is also the hormone that gives the signal to our cells to absorb glucose in the blood stream. It gives directive to the cells to store energy and to do so either as fat or glycogen. Leptin contributes to obesity is by its blocking the signal sent by leptin hormones in the brain. Due to this key reason, there is the insurgence of chronically elevated insulin levels which in turn result in being leptin resistant. Furthermore, insulin sends signals to the fat cells instructing them to store fat and refuse to let go of the fat that they are already in possession of. Insulin resistance basically means that the body’s cells cannot see the insulin signal when sent and therefore cannot respond thereby leading to the pancreas having to produce more insulin which becomes in excess.

[] Chapter 5 – Fixing Your Leptin Resistance – 12 – 17

Tip 12 – Eat Foods High in Omega-3 fatty acid

Try to include in your dietary intake, fishes that are high in omega- 3 fatty acids. Also in grass fed meats and Chia seeds. Try to aim to absorb as much as 1000mg to 4000mg of omega3 fatty acids per daily intake. Fatty acids are found in cold water fishes. In a four ounce serving of salmon fish, you can get as much as 2000mg of omega-3 fatty acids. They function in calming inflammation and in alleviating leptin resistance.

Tip 13 – Consume less Omega-6 Foods

Minimize your Omega-6 consumption. They are available in vegetable oils, grains, conventional meats. Eating lower quantities of these will help you lower inflammation rate and also help support a healthy leptin level.

Tip 14 – Calming Inflammation

When the body has excess fat, inflammation is definitely inevitable. Excess fat is the most frequent source of having inflammations. Fatty cells in the body produce inflammatory chemicals that are referred to as cytokines. These chemicals have the prerogative to wreak damage all through the body. When we reduce the amount of fat in the body, you will be able to lower and control inflammation.

Tip 15 – Supplements

You can take in supplements as well but try to ensure they are high quality supplements. Although it is very much advisable to ensure you go about your entire process the natural way. Remember there are no medications for leptin resistance fixing. You can only try to boost the effect of your working on your hormones with supplements. One of the weight loss aids that have been mentioned all over the world is “Irvingia”. Its components are derived from the African mangoes.

They have been found to serve as a good means of influencing the production of enzymes and the lowering of inflammation. This supplement allows for weight loss if taken in highly proportionate doses. Irvingia is not the magic bullet you need for fixing leptin resistance but when used as a supplement, it will definitely serve as a healthy lifestyle boost and also aid the weight loss and leptin sensibility increase. The same with other good quality supplements, they cannot fix leptin resistance but can only enhance the fixing process adopted naturally. Ensure you include zinc supplements as this is a mineral that not only enhances the body’s immune system but it also helps leptin hormone in performing at its optimal levels.

Tip 16 – Promoting Satiety:

One major way to promote actual satiety is by taking in a good amount of protein and healthy fats in the morning. After waking up, or quite early during your morning, when you have enough intake of these nutrients, you would have placed your body in a satiety mode to last you throughout the day. The building blocks that will help in producing and sustaining the hormones are built. I recommend a meal like scrambled eggs with vegetables and a combination from your previous night’s meat all cooked in coconut oil. This is a good example of morning meal you can emulate.

Tip 17 – Use Workout with Caution

This is a very important factor. Observe your body and take proper c0gnisance of your leptin resistance level. If you are really leptin resistant, you do not need to add working out immediately. This will only compound your stress level on your body. Allow your body to heal a bit from the leptin resistant state, and then gradually add in exercise.

In addition to your working out, ensure you get outside at least once during the day. Move around a bit bare footed and with your skin exposed a bit at least. This has huge health benefits on the skin.

[] Chapter 6 – Leptin in the Reproductive System

Ovulation cycle

In mice and to a lesser degree in human beings, leptin is needed in enhancing both female and male fertility. The ovulation cycles in females have a linking with energy balance in both positive and negative forms depending on factors that have to do with the female gaining or losing weight. It also depends on the energy flux, i.e. how much energy is used up in the process. This is different from energy status (fat levels).

When the energy balance is on the highly negative trail, i.e. the woman is starving, or the energy flux is on the high side, which means the female is exercising at an extremely low level, but still consuming calories that can be scaled as normal, at this point, the ovarian cycle stops and females no longer menstruate. It is only if a female has a very low percentage of body fat that the energy status will not affect menstruation. A leptin level found outside a normal range may not have a positive effect on the quality of egg and the outcome during the vitro fertilization process may be negative. In reproduction, leptin stimulates the gonadotropin releasing hormone present in the hypothalamus.


Leptin levels rise during a pregnant state and falls after childbirth. The placenta produces leptin during this process. Leptin is also poured out in fetal membranes as well as in the uterine tissue. The contractions in the uterine tissue are inhibited by leptin. Leptin is further known to play a major role severe morning sickness during pregnancy.


During lactation, the immune-reactive leptin has been found in the human breast milk. While leptin has been found in a mothers milk, leptin has also been found in the blood of the suckling


The leptin as well as kisspeptin, both controls the beginning of puberty in human. High levels of leptin that are usually observed in females can serve to trigger neuroendocrine cascade which results in early menarche. This in turn may on the long run lead to shorter stature since estrogen secreted begins during menarche. This causes an early end of the epiphysis.


The ability of leptin to regulate bone mass was initially recognized in the year 2000. Leptin can affect bone metabolism through a direct signaling from the brain. Leptin has been found to decrease cancelous bone but increases cortical bone.


Leptin receptors are expressed in the hypothalamus as well as other brain regions. For this reason, some leptin receptors in the brain are grouped and referred to as central (hypothalamic) and some as peripheral (non-hypothalamic). A deficiency of leptin has been revealed to alter brain proteins and neurons functions in obese mice and can be corrected with a leptin injection. In humans, a low circulation of plasma leptin has been found to be associated with cognitive changes that are associated with anorexia, HIV and depression.

Immune system

The factors that seriously affect leptin levels are also known as the same factors that influence other inflammation markers. These are sleep, testosterone, emotional stress, body fat levels etc.

[] Chapter 7 – Fixing Your Leptin Resistance – 18 – 23

Tip 18 – Avoid Snacking

Snacking is an unhealthy habit if you want to fix your leptin resistance level. You need to avoid snacking. When you are constantly nibbling, including little amounts, this process only keeps your liver continuously at work without allowing your hormones to relax and take a break. Space up your meal intakes into a sequence of about 4 hours intervals and avoid eating for at least 4 hours before bed time.

Tip 19 – Reduce Sugar in foods and Drinks

As much as possible, avoid drinks that are sugary. These are very unhealthy for the body and store up unhealthy sugar levels… You can take herbal teas, coffee or tea without cream or sugar. These are very healthy. And above all take a lot of water to aid the cleansing within your body organs. Also, you need to reduce your intake of processed, carbohydrates including fried foods. Rather absorb high protein foods and low glycemic carbohydrate foods.

Tip 20 – Be Selective in your Choice of Workout Exercises

When you do your workouts and exercises, perform only sprints and weight lifts. You can also walk or swim if you want to as well, but avoid any cardio exercises just for the sake of cardio exercise. You will simply be putting your body under a lot of strain. However, intense exercising as well as weight lifting gives great benefits to the hormones without stress. Effects are usually very good and visible after the first few weeks.

Tip 21 – Use Evenings for your Exercises and Workouts

When you want to indulge in your workout exercises, ensure you make use of evenings and not mornings. Working out in the evening will help support your hormonal levels.

Tip 22 – Complete Shedding of Toxins

Most health issues are created as a result of accumulation of toxins in the body. In order to fix your body’s leptin resistance, you need to completely shed off any form of toxin and toxin creating habits and processes from your body and your life as a whole. This includes every little bit of ranging from your foods you eat to the applications on your skin and body. Being able to do this will ensure a generally healthy lifestyle.

Tip 23 – Healthy Guts:

Research has revealed that the state of our gut be it healthy or unhealthy goes a long way to impart on several areas of our health. It also includes the regulation of our weight. When the intestine is healthy, it will help control appetite. This will in turn create a proper balance in the body’s leptin and ghrelin levels. Gut disorders like colitis have been observed to be as a result of leptin and ghrelin imbalances. Taking probiotics are good enhancers in helping to maintain a healthy gut.

[] Conclusion

This book has comprehensively looked into virtually every aspect that has to do with leptin. I believe it has been categorically made clear that leptin in itself is not a harmful hormone. It is actually supposed to assist the body in developing and sustaining good and healthy capacities for its functionality. Leptin is a very important indispensable hormone. One of its major duties is to regulate the feelings attached to hunger and satiety. It is supposed to provide right signals to the brain when the body is hungry. But we see that this is not often the case due to a situation known as leptin resistance. We have been able to observe the various factors that contribute to leptin resistance and the ways that this dysfunction can be fixed, controlled or eradicated.

Above all, all the tips mentioned in this book require consistency in order for the effects to be seen and experienced in its totality. To achieve any significant success rates, consistency is the key.

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Leptin Resistance: 23 Tips on How to Fix Your Leptin Resistance

Have you ever had problems with staying on a particular dietary plan? Have you had a problem of desiring junk food? Do you have a challenge of being overweight? Do you feel like eating, especially at nights? These are all signals that you may be having some Leptin issues. You might never have come across the word “Leptin”. You are not alone. This is not a word that is so commonly used in our day to day living. Leptin resistance is a problem that is facing a lot of people and they do not know how to fix this problem. If you have a problem with your leptin resistance, I have good news for you. This problem can be fixed. This book has been carefully put together to included all you need to know about leptin and how its resistance can be fixed.

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Leptin Resistance: 23 Tips on How to Fix Your Leptin Resistance Leptin Resistance: 23 Tips on How to Fix Your Leptin Resistance