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Learned to Die, Learning to Live

Certain people are just meant to do certain things in life and such a man was blessed with an incredible ability to be a hitman...unti he finds out his newest target is a woman---also she is the one that hired him and is lagging for him to kill her.  He has heard and seen a lot of stuff in his career but neve sometning this insane, so he is intrigued and wonders why?  He soon finds her but is reluctant pulling the trigger because theres sometning special and enduring. Her beauty perhaps. He reminds himself he can never have a normal life. Because of his last job and shoots her in the head. He turned around but heard something. She is still alive and the bullet is flat. He is caught in an undertow of not getting further involved in whatever this woman is and not even touching the money or satisfying his deep curiosity. If only he chose to take the money and leave. She begs him to help find a way to kill her because she has been here for 703 years.   All the events and actions that ensue further are humorous and dramtic walking a fine line between genres..  A suprise ending that you wont see coming in this twisted love affair.

  • Author: Leonardo DiSalvatore
  • Published: 2018-10-24 02:10:05
  • Words: 2915
Learned to Die, Learning to Live Learned to Die, Learning to Live