Kitten Coloring: A Realistic Picture Reference Book for Adults

Kitten Coloring

A realistic picture reference book for adults

By Jasmine Taylor

Copyright © 2017 by Jasmine Taylor

Shakespir Edition

Book design by Jasmine Taylor

Photographs sourced from Pixabay

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Who can resist a lovable baby kitten? From a very young age, we are instinctively drawn to their soft fluffy fur, big beautiful eyes, little meows and adorable faces. As children, we were also naturally drawn to the simple joy of coloring as a form of comfort and creative expression which, unfortunately, has been long forgotten by most adults.


I’d like to invite you to return to that comforting and stress relieving pastime. Kitten Coloring is full of adorable kitten images just waiting for you to color (only in the paperback version). This eBook is intended to complement the paperback version and includes full color image examples meant to inspire your artistic creativity.


So, if you’re ready to exercise your own artistic palette then take advantage of these uniquely crafted realistic images. Unlike most other coloring books, these images give you the freedom to practice your blending and shading techniques so you can watch your masterpiece come to life in the most rewarding way.


Each coloring image is framed on its own individual sheet and includes a place on the back to sign and date. I’ve also included a few blotter pages to protect your artwork if needed.

Enjoy, have fun and Happy Coloring!







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About the Author

Jasmine is passionate about art and loves being creative. She fell in love with coloring at an early age and never really put her crayons, colored pencils and water colors away like most adults.

She loves nature and animals and has a special affinity for kittens and all things soft, cute and fluffy.

Jasmine creates and publishes a variety of adult coloring books with varying styles and levels of difficulty for all to enjoy. She is thrilled to offer her coloring books and hopes to inspire you on your creative journey. Enjoy and happy coloring!

Kitten Coloring: A Realistic Picture Reference Book for Adults

Immerse yourself in creative inspiration with these realistic colored kitten image examples. Use this eBook to accompany the coloring book print version. These examples illustrate blending and shading techniques that are possible for you to create stunning colored kitten masterpieces. The unique image design provides just enough detail to unleash your artistic liberty and freedom... unlike many other coloring books. You Owe It to Yourself If you're ready to treat yourself, unwind and bathe in the therapeutic effects that coloring can offer then browse this eBook and grab a copy of the print version on Amazon. You'll be able to watch as your color palette and imagination awaken these adorable kittens. Are you ready? Just hit the buy button and start your coloring journey now! It's FREE so enjoy... you've got nothing to lose!

  • Author: Jasmine Taylor
  • Published: 2017-03-28 02:50:11
  • Words: 397
Kitten Coloring: A Realistic Picture Reference Book for Adults Kitten Coloring: A Realistic Picture Reference Book for Adults