Kindle Success Formula: My Step-By-Step System for Making Six Figures with Kindl

Kindle Success Formula

My Step-By-Step System for Making Six-Figures on Kindle Publishing

















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I guess I should start off by introducing myself. My name is Dalton Scott; I am a twenty-three year old self-employed internet marketer. Like many people, I always despised putting on a nice shirt and going to a job that primarily benefited a faceless boss, rather than the hardworking laborers. That is why I have dedicated the past two years to becoming an established independent self-publisher of ebooks on Amazon.com. My journey of multiple financial experiments, Kindle successes and failures, and passion for helping others led me to go from making zero dollars to ten grand a month. Because all of my dedication and hard work I can proudly say that at I am making a six-figure income just by working at home.


I’ve had a ton successes and failures with my Kindle Publishing business; it has definitely been a roller coaster ride. However, I can truly say that Kindle Direct Publishing has completely changed my life. I know that right now I probably sound like a bad infomercial for a weight loss supplement, but it is true nonetheless. Kindle Publishing has allowed me to have the freedom to do what I want in life. I can spend quality time with my family and friends on a regular basis, which would be harder to do if I was employed with a standard job. I can travel around the world and have once-in-a-lifetime experiences. There is no specific schedule or “to do” list given to me by someone higher up that dictates my life.


So, I have been doing this online business for a pretty long time. By using all the skills and methods I’ve developed, I now have the chance to teach other people how to publish ebooks online. One of my biggest successes having helped more than six people quit their day jobs to work fulltime as kindle publishers or writers. I have been coaching clients for a little over a year now with great success.


I can truly say that Kindle has been the single best platform for me to jump start my career and freedom in every other aspect of my life. It started out with kindle, and then branched out into me creating a blog; you can find it at www.daltonscottblog.com. On my website I talk a lot about self-development, Kindle Publishing, and other ways to make money online. With the visitors and subscribers count increasing, my only hope is that my content is helping them improve their lives.


Along with my blog, I also have a YouTube channel. On my channel I post a video almost every day talking about how to improve your life, kindle tips, and the steps on how to self-publish online. Kindle Direct Publishing has allowed me to live my life freely and on my own terms, and my channel lets me share my methods to success with anyone who wants learn how to become self-sufficient. Without Kindle Direct Publishing and the people who have helped me develop my kindle business along the way, I would not be where I am now; I wouldn’t be able to live my life to the fullest, like I am today.


So right about now you are probably asking yourself, “How can this book help me?” After all, everyone is in it for themselves, right? In this book I am going to detail for you what Kindle Direct Publishing is, why I decided to get into it, why it is an amazing idea for you to get in it, and why I think it is an opportunity that will give success to anyone who is open to pursuing it. I have seen how the success from KDP has changed my own life and my clients’ lives. I know that the success that I have had in KDP can be replicated by anyone, especially in your life.


I definitely recommend getting into kindle publishing, and this book will teach you everything you need to know about the business. I am going to teach you the exact steps that you have to take in order to publish a book on KDP. I will show you on how to publish your books so that they are profitable and make long-term sales. If you want to learn how to publish books online and develop this business into something you can supplement or make your fulltime source of income, then this book can definitely help get you there. These methods have all worked for me and my current clients, and I know that they will help you achieve the success you deserve.

[]Chapter 1: What Is Kindle Publishing?


The internet has given us amazing things; instant recipes, social media sites, funny cat videos, and dozens of ways to make money. You have probably heard the line “earn an income working at home from your computer” a thousand times, with each promising link leading you to a misleading scam program. Sure, you can make money filling out surveys! Receive ten dollars deposited straight into your Paypal account when you fill out 1,000 surveys, collect 50,000 of our website dollars, and dance the hokey pokey 212 times! Or, you get caught up in one of those nasty pyramid schemes that encourage you to make cash by scamming your friends and family into joining.


I definitely understand that you are having serious doubts about what I am going to tell you, but that’s ok. You really can make money online and you can do it without investing thousands of dollars. You can do it without even relying on anyone but yourself. I know that after all your hours of searching for ways to make a quick buck online, this seems too good to be true. I thought so too, until I took the first steps and watched my income grow.


First let me set the scene, so you have something to visualize. I am a twenty-three year old male, with a total of 2 semesters of college experience under my belt. It took me a year to finally realize that college was just not for me. But I knew that I wanted to do something amazing that inspires people and makes a lot of money. After a good six months of research, I finally found the perfect opportunity to have the success I wanted that would lead me to financial freedom.


In 2007, Amazon created a way for authors to self-publish their books by releasing them online as eBooks, for Kindle eReaders. The website is called Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), and it has changed my life. KDP allows you to publish your books, completely removing “the middleman” from the equation. Before this option, an author would have had to send their book out to dozens of publishers, hoping that one of them would say yes and finally publish their book. The process could take years and involve complicated contracts, without any guarantee that you would actually make money. That is, if your book was even picked up by a publishing house.


Many major publishing houses, like Pearson or Simon and Shuster, do not even take the time to read the thousands of books that are sent to them, let alone choose yours to publish. Even J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, was denied by not just one, but twelve publishers before one of them said yes to her manuscript. From physical copies to eBooks, KDP has launched the careers of many successful writers, some of whom even make millions of dollars annually. Amazon did this just by creating an entirely new platform for you to display your own up-and-coming content.


Signing up for Kindle Direct Publishing is so simple that people of all ages have done it. KDP may only release your work to Amazon.com, but Amazon is the largest online marketplace, even beating out the sales made through Wal-Mart’s website. Amazon is growing larger every year, so that your content is being put out into the world, and being discovered by more people every day. Your book will be exposed to the entire world to read. The great thing about KDP is that anyone can sign up and use it and you do not need to send in a resume or samples of previous work. There is no way for KDP to discriminate you on gender, sex, ethnicity, or appearance. It doesn’t even care about your work ethic or skills.


Self-publishing is a way for you to completely cut out all the unnecessary hassle that large publication companies enforce, and start building a greater income in a small amount of time. Becoming successful on KDP takes very little effort and time on your part and only 30% of what you make is paid to Amazon for their services. In many ways, KDP is the fastest growing “get-rich-quick” methods out there. It is up to you to take full advantage of the opportunity and become a success by self-publishing eBooks. As long as you efficiently choose the right niches, promote your books correctly, take the time to exchange reviews and get social proof, there is no reason that you shouldn’t be making at least a few extra thousand dollars a month by publishing kindle books.



[]Chapter 2: Why I decided to get into Kindle Publishing


The standard for any person between the ages of 17-25 today is to go to college, get a degree, and then spend the rest of your life paying back your college debt. But loans do not just stop at college tuition. Your future cars, homes, and investments almost always depend on a helping heap of money from the bank. Even small loans, like asking a friend for help when an unexpected emergency arises, will hold you down. The American Dream is not just to own your own land and make money; it is to be financially free from all debt. Being dependent on another human being is not what I had planned for my future, but no one really sets that as a goal in life. However, I was willing to do whatever it took to make sure that I would never have to depend on another person, not my mom, best friend, or the bank for the rest of my life.


About two years ago, in October of 2013, I made the decision to get into Kindle Publishing. I had done some research on it, as there wasn’t nearly as much information about it as there is now. Most importantly, I had started following a Kindle Direct Publishing Guru: Stefan Pylarinos. Along with a $40/month subscription to his Kindle Mastermind Group, Stefan also offered one-on-one coaching sessions. I never spent the money on the coaching, but every piece of advice I could get from Stefan’s videos and the other KDP publishers in the group, I used to my advantage.


I bought Stefan’s online course and basically followed it to a T. Whenever your life begins to change you can always trace your decisions back to a certain moment of clarity, an epiphany. I had my epiphany while going through one of Stefan’s course videos explaining passive income. Passive income! The exact money-making method I wanted and was willing to work for. Passive income is when you are making money even when you are not actively doing any work. While you are making passive income, you can be sleeping, shopping, eating and still be making money. This was the life I definitely wanted to live. When I heard about KDP, I had one of those “wow” moments. I thought, “Whoa, I can make good money without actually doing anything!” And KDP is the perfect way to make passive income online.


Time Is Freedom


Most jobs follow the same equation: work 5-8 hours a day + 365 days/year = your income. Most people trade their time for money without realizing it, but I did not want to do that. My time is valuable to me; I want to travel, make unforgettable memories, and experience life to the fullest. Time really is money, but that does not mean you should limit your free time so you can spend more time working to make money. Passive income allows you to set your own hours, make an unlimited amount of income, and live the life of your dreams.


Time is freedom. Being able to do whatever you want, when you want is the greatest gift that you can give yourself. Nine out of ten people will give the excuse, “I can’t do this because I don’t have the time for it.” This one excuse is universal and can be applied to almost anything. “I don’t lose weight because I don’t have time to go to the gym.” “I can’t watch popular television shows because I’m too busy catching up on housework or paperwork.” “I can’t take a Caribbean cruise because I don’t have the money for it.” You need to stop telling yourself these lies. These excuses are what is holding you back from taking the plunge into something bigger and greater than what you are doing right now.



Figuring Out What Works


Now, I’m not going to lie to you and say that my Kindle business was easy to make and that I became an instant success. That is not the case for anyone, especially me. Starting up my business came with many successes and failures, just like any other entrepreneur start-up company. I recognized that with KDP I needed to take risks in order to gain huge rewards. While this is true at a base level, the way I spent my investment money probably was not the best idea.


I started by taking out a $3,000 loan in order to finance my first 30-40 books. Looking back now, I realize that those first 30-40 books were absolutely terrible. The content was not high quality, the covers were not eye-catching and creative, and the overall amount of effort put forth was very minimal. I made money but I definitely had the option to make more, had I focused on the quality of the products I was distributing. I chose the cheapest writers I could find, the most inexpensive graphic designers, and did the review exchanges myself; the outcome ultimately reflected my poor effort.


My mindset was to get as many books out there as fast as I could and make money right then and there. I wanted instant gratification, regardless of whether or not I actually deserved the reward. That was my first mistake. Had I focused all of my energy and time on producing quality content, I would have made a lot more money and paid back my loan faster. My mind was so set on making content that I completely cut out learning and understand more about the business. I didn’t take the time to discover what techniques actually worked for me. A good example of a failure of mine was picking the right niche. I didn’t understand how to pick a niche correctly, nor did I put in the effort of researching profitable topics. I based my book ideas off of my own interests or what I thought people wanted to read, instead of looking up actual numbers and figuring out what makes people tick. My thought process was somewhere along the lines of, “I like video games! Let’s make a book about video games!” and “I think people want to learn about time management, so I’ll just do that!”



How KDP Works


Are you ready for this life-changing, mind-blowing, proven Kindle Direct Publishing fact? You do not have to be a writer to publish ebooks. Shocking, right? Not only can you be a publisher without being a writer, but you also do not need any writing or literary skills whatsoever. That’s right, you have just struck online-money-making gold. In all honesty, I have never written any of my Kindle ebooks, until now.


One of the most common misconceptions about getting into KDP is that you have to write your own books in order to publish them. There are thousands of freelance writers online who are begging for work. From Elance.com to Craigslist, it is super easy to find high quality writers who will do exactly what you ask in the shortest amount of time possible. That is exactly what I did.


When I first started Kindle Direct Publishing I used Epicwrite.com to employ writers to create my books. However, the quality was so terrible that I needed to hire an editor to go through and correct simple grammar and spelling mistakes; not to mention that it took weeks to get my books back. From that point on I made it a necessity to have a team of writers to back up my products. I have gone through a number of freelance writers, all of them ranging in age, gender, and ethnicity. Many of them would get lazy and I was forced to fire them. I finally found that the best employees were college students; young adults who were looking for some extra cash and willing to take ten hours out of their week to write high quality books. I found that college students are willing to work at a cheap rate, are in the midst of regularly completing quality writing assignments for class, and will put forth the effort to gain some serious resume skills.


Hiring my own quality team of writers enabled me to produce more than 300 books. I was able to scale my business to new heights, even though the ebook market is growing at an exponential rate. Whether you want to make some extra cash every month or earn a living publishing ebooks, the quality of your writers is the biggest influence to your success. One piece of advice: do not cheap out on paying skilled writers to save a buck. Your money will be well spent and their gratitude will be shown in the quality you receive.



Let’s Start Making Money with KDP!


In the next few chapters of this book, I’m going to give you the strategic formula for picking profitable niches. I have structured the perfect method of choosing niches with a lot less guesswork. Although no one can ever guarantee you success, reading this book and applying the information to your Kindle Direct Publishing business will, at the very least, help you line your ducks up in a row so that your chances of success are much higher.


One of the most important things that you will learn is how to look at all the variables; being careful about what books you choose and limiting the amount of failures you have. My first 30-40 books did not do as great as I had hoped. I was making around $1,500-$2,000 a month, which was a great start; what I made when I first started was a significant change from my previous hourly-wage job. However, my sales and success started to become stagnant. I stayed where I was without knowing how to jumpstart my Kindle business into a money making machine. That is when I found a number of people who were also in the KDP game, who had been doing it far longer than I had, and had come up with their own techniques to help me out of my rut. Over the next six months I built my business and my income started to reach over $10,000 a month by publishing ebooks. It completely blew my mind. The most I was ever paid for a job was $10 an hour and now I was making more money than most college graduates. While other people my age were in 4-6 year degree programs, I was making a life for myself the way I wanted. I was amazed by the free time I had. I only spent about 10 hours a week dedicated to my Kindle business and could use the rest of my time enjoying my life however I saw fit. The benefits were amazing.


My kindle journey has had a lot of up’s and down’s; something would discourage me and then I would bounce right back up again, stronger and smarter than before. It all comes back to the principles that I will detail in this book. I want you to learn everything that I did, without having to make the same mistakes and go through as many failures as I did. With what I am going to teach you in this book, there is no reason that you will not even more KDP success than me.

[]Chapter 3: Picking a Profitable Niche to Create a Book In



Now that you have heard what KDP is all about and how I got into it, let’s move on to how to choose a profitable niche to create a book in. Picking a niche is absolutely the most important factor for your KDP success rate. A niche is a specific, but profitable subject in the KDP market. You are not going to make any money pulling ideas out of thin air or choosing random words from the dictionary to make a book out of. So many KDP publishers make the mistake of choosing random topics to create a book in and they always fail. I used to make the same mistake with my books, and I rarely made back the money I put into making the book. I am telling you, guessing is the dumbest and worst way to go about KDP. Market research is the most crucial part of deciding what niche or topic to write your book on. Do not waste your time guessing what people want to read or learn about, and actually take the time to do some research.


To be successful with Kindle publishing, you want to make a book based on the specific criteria; you do not want it to be guess work. You want to know the success rate of the topics you are picking. There are a number of contributing factors that will determine your successes and failures when picking a niche.


p<>{color:#000;}. When picking a niche, you want to guarantee that it will sell. To know whether or not a specific niche is selling, check out the Amazon Best Seller list. This list ranks the highest selling books in every topic. This is the first and most important step for deciding on a topic. After years and testing a variety of methods, I have found that you want to find a book in the Best Seller list that is ranked at 30,000 or below: meaning between the numbers of 1-30,000. When a book is selling this well, it means that the publisher is selling at least 2 copies a day. Below is a picture of the where you can find the sales rank of an Amazon Kindle book. Just scroll down the page until you see the product details.














A niche with any number above the 30,000 mark is a waste of your time and money.


p<>{color:#000;}. As you begin to research the niches you have chosen, take a glance at how long the top selling books of that niche have been out for. Amazon goes by a specific algorithm; they promote new author’s books by boosting the newest books up in the ranking. The first few books that you see on the niche’s page are the ones you are competing with. In order to tell if the niche is popular in general, make sure the top ranking books have been out for at least a month. You want to make sure that the book isn’t brand new, but has stayed on top even with new books being published. You can check out a competing book’s publication date in the product details of the book.


p<>{color:#000;}. The next step is to check out the competition in that niche. You obviously want to make sure there is as little competition as possible so that you can dominate that area and be the number one book that readers want. You do not want to be putting out a book in a niche that thirty other KD publishers are also jumping into; that will only decrease your sales rate. Checking out whether or not a niche is too competitive is very simple. Take the title of the book that you want to publish, for example “Productivity.” Copy that title and plug it into the Amazon search bar in the Kindle store. The way that Amazon works is very similar to how Google was about ten years ago. Google used to use keywords, and when you searched for that specific key word, only articles with that keyword in the title would pop up. Knowing that this is how Amazon works can be used to your advantage; it makes finding niches and pointing out the competitors that much easier. Take a good look at how many books have that same exact title. Note that your title is “Productivity” and if you see another book that says “Tips for Being Productive,” that is not your competition. Competing books have the exact title as you. If there are four or five books with that same title, do not go with that niche.

p<>{color:#000;}. As a publisher, it is your job to ensure that your books are visually appealing and that the first impression of the book draws in readers. If you hire mediocre cover designers, a description that is two sentences long, and have no positive reviews, then your book is going to fail. You need to put a lot of value into the book so that there is no doubt your book is the best one in that niche. If there is a book that has been selling really well for a few months, then your book has to top it; no one is going to buy a second-rate product. Everything about your book needs to be better, starting with four main categories. Your book should be able to beat the competitors in at least two of the following areas:


p<>{color:#000;}. Books Cover

p<>{color:#000;}. Description

p<>{color:#000;}. Price

p<>{color:#000;}. Reviews


Even though the minimum standard is two, I always try to beat out the other book in all four categories. If you produce a book at a lower quality than the top ranking one in that niche, you are going to get bad reviews, lose money, and your ranking will plummet. This is the niche picking criteria. Read over it thousands of times if you have to, until you memorize it by heart and live by these standards.


This list is the most important part of your Kindle business. I have coached dozens of clients, and some of them just end up quitting Kindle all together because they do not follow this simple niche picking formula. Their books do not sell as well as they hoped and they get discouraged and call out Kindle Direct Publishing as a waste of time. Once again, this step is crucial to Kindle Publishing success. If you do not follow it, your books will not sell. It really is that simple.


[]Chapter 4: Outsourcing/ Writing the Book


This is a very important topic that we need to touch on in this book, so let’s dive right into it. There are two options that are open to you when going into Kindle. You can do whichever option fits your needs or you can try both.


p<>{color:#000;}. The first option is the writing method. With this route, what you do is basically come up with a topic. Then you research other books in that niche and see what kind of information other writers are providing in their books. Next, make a list of all the best content that you think is informative and helpful, and begin writing your own book that provides similar information. Your book needs to have higher quality and more facts in order to succeed. After all, you want your book to be better than your competitor’s. Writing your own content can take anywhere from a week to two weeks to complete.


p<>{color:#000;}. The second option is the outsourcing method. This is how I became successful with Kindle; I am great at a lot of things, but I have absolutely no writing skills whatsoever. For me to write a decent book takes a lot of time, effort, and precision. But most of the time I do not want to give up the free time I have, so I choose to outsource my books. Outsourcing is when you have a task, and you pay someone else to complete the task for you. In this case, you would be paying someone to write your content using ghostwriting services. So, what you want to do is find someone who can write you an ebook at a very low cost. The cool thing about outsourcing is that you can scale your business faster. What does that mean? Well, you have a finite amount of time in a day; we all have twenty-four hours to do everything we want to do. I very highly doubt that even if you spent every minute of your week writing books, that you won’t get done more than three. By outsourcing, you will first of all, not be spending your time trying to get all these books done as fast as you humanly can. And second of all, you will be able to produce a decent number of books and publish them in a very short amount of time. Outsourcing is how I was able to get my income from $0 to $10,000 a month very quickly. The point is to not let your lack of writing ability stop you from taking a shot at making money through Kindle Direct Publishing.


Right now you may be asking yourself, “But where would I get my books outsourced? What do I do about finding the right writers?” I will give you three sources right now that will help you outsource your books and get them back to you very quickly and with high quality.


The first website is www.ewritersolutions.com. This is a website that I created because, like you, I had a lot of trouble getting my ebooks created at a reasonable rate. The services provided by websites, like EpicWrite, never provided me with high quality content and would take weeks at a time to return the finished product to me. After being a part of kindle for so long and hearing the same complaints time and time again about all of these other writing services, I wanted to create a place for publishers to order their books and know that they are getting the best content in return. At Ewritersolutions, we offer content creation services for people looking to get their books, blog posts, and articles ghostwritten. You pay us a premium, which is very cheap, compared to our competitors, and we will return your product within seven days of ordering it.


If you don’t want to use my site, I won’t take it personally. There are two other sites that I would recommend for ebooks publishers: Elance and Upwork. These two websites generally go by the same format. You write a job post saying what you are looking for (ex: “Ebook writer on a weekly basis”), and then you get a number of applicants who respond back. You read their samples, then interview the people who you feel are the most qualified. Then, you decided how much you are going to pay them, hire them, and then send their payment through the Elance or Upwork website.


So now you have three quality options for hiring someone else to write your books for you. I personally recommend that as a beginner, getting a content creation service for your books is the best option. However, as you get more familiar and farther along in the publishing process, I would recommend that you search for and hire your own personal writers, and outsource that way.



As with any two options, both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. By outsourcing, an advantage is that scaling your publishing business is quicker and can be done at whatever pace you want. You also get to hire your own quality writers who will do all the work for you. A disadvantage is that outsourcing is clearly more expensive than writing the books yourself. Also, if you are trying to build your own authority on Amazon, hiring other people to write your content will show inconsistency in your products, unless you hire the same author to write all of your books. But whether or not you are hiring ghostwriters, you can still outsource the cover design and review exchanges.


If you do choose to outsource but do not like the rates that creative content websites and independent writers ask for, you can seek employees at a college near you. Some of my best writers have been college students looking to make an extra buck. My requirements usually consist of students seeking a degree in the English or Communication departments, or who are in a major that requires a lot of writing.


There are number of questions that you must answer as soon as you decide to outsource. And you may be wondering about these small details right now. These are the most important factors that you have to decide when you hire a ghostwriter and when you are even looking to write the ebook yourself:


p<>{color:#000;}. How long should I make my ebooks?


p<>{color:#000;}. An ebook should range from 6,000 to 10,000 words at the most. You want your books to have enough content to give the reader the information they need, but also, you do not want to be repetitive or so long that the reader gets bored and stops reading.


p<>{color:#000;}. How much do I pay my writers?


p<>{color:#000;}. There are a variety of pay rates on creative content websites. Personally, I give my writers $1 per 100 words. That would make a 10,000 word book $100, and a 6,000 word book $60.


p<>{color:#000;}. How much time should I give them to complete the book?


p<>{color:#000;}. Like I said before, I give my writers a seven day turnaround time to complete an order, no matter the length. Of course, if you hire an independent freelance writer, they might ask for more time or hand in the product early. It is up to you to set the terms of return based on how fast you want to publish your books. Just don’t expect a writer to complete 8,000 words in two days.



After you hire a writer, you are going to want to assign them their first book as soon as possible. I advise having a template already prepared for them so that it includes all of the formatting you want for your book before they write it. With your template should be a detailed list of how you want the description of your book to be written. Here is a link for a detailed template all ready for you to use.


[+ Click Here to Download a Free Ebook Template+]




The greatest advantage to writing your own book is that you will be able to build your own brand. Not only will readers recognize your content, but they will also know your name. If you have an important message that you want to get out there, or are passionate about something that you want to make into a full time job, then make your own books. Like I said before, there are plenty of other things you can outsource.




The Importance of A Good Description


When you order your ebook or write it yourself, you need to also have a good description to go along with it. When going through the step-by-step process of publishing your book, Amazon will ask you to fill in your book’s description. Once you publish your book, your description will be one of the first things that a customer will see. I don’t purchase anything without reading the description first, and readers definitely don’t just buy a book without seeing what it’s all about. Your cover is the first step to selling your book, your description is the second step. Everything about your description needs to sell the reader into buying your book; the spelling and grammar, the formatting, whether the description itself draws the reader in. You want the description to be detailed. It should tell the reader exactly what they will learn from reading the book, and have a personal touch to it. Here is an example of a description from one of my published books.


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[]Chapter 5: Getting a Bestselling Cover for Your Book


Now that you have either written your book or hired a ghostwriter to do it for you, the next step to publishing is getting a high quality cover made for your book. As you have probably guessed, covers are a crucial factor for your Kindle Direct Publishing success. A picture is worth a thousand words, and your first impression is very important. Your cover is your book’s first impression to the reader; it needs to clearly say what the book is about and draw in the reader aesthetically. Throughout your life you have heard, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Well, when we are talking about publishing books and making money online, people definitely do judge your covers. Just like with writing your book, you have two options for designing the cover. You can either do it yourself or outsource it.


Designing Your Own Cover


If you have the skills to design your own cover, then by all means go for it! I have absolutely no Photoshop or creative skills, so I prefer to have my covers outsourced. Outsourcing also frees up your time so that you can focus on accomplishing other productive tasks. For designing your covers you can use programs such as Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.


Outsourcing Your Cover Design


So you are probably asking where the best place is to get your covers designed. There are a ton of websites out there where you can hire graphic designers at a really cheap rate. From my experience, the place I have found that does awesome covers at a great price is fiverr.com. Fiverr is an awesome website that anyone can easily use, and ordering a cover is so simple that a toddler could do it. All you pay for on the site is $5 for a microtask. A microtask can be any small job, like creating an ebook cover or promoting your book.



Before ordering a cover for your book, you want to at least have an idea of what you want your cover to look like. So, the first thing you need to do is search for a non-copyrighted image that you think represents the content in your book. For example, if your book is about gardening tips, find an image of gardening tools, flower beds, or seed packets. You want the best cover possible, so pick an image that is visually appealing and won’t be lost when the title put over top of it. For ideas about the design of your cover, just look up other books on kindle, and they don’t even have to necessarily be in your book’s niche. Just take some time to go through some covers that jump out at you and write down everything that you like about them. Combine all of the other covers’ best characteristics and put them into your cover. Always ask yourself if there are ways in which you can make your book’s cover more appealing. You want your cover to stand out from your competitor’s books. Believe it or not, many publishers actually end up having very similar covers because they all choose the same images for their books. Make yours unique and the readers will be drawn to your book. With my orders, I also like to give my designers a template or an example of some covers that I like.


Just follow this step-by-step process and you will have your cover in no time!


1. Go to Fiverr.com


2. Type into the website’s search bar “Kindle Covers”


3. You will see hundreds of graphic designers who are displaying examples of their previous work. Every designer has their own method and unique spin on the covers they make. Take some time to go through some of the designers you like best and choose the person you want to create your cover.


4. Now you need to purchase their services. Click the button on the designer’s page that says “Gig.” Once again, your cover only costs $5, so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money for a quality product. The graphic designer is going to want specific instructions for how you want your cover designed. This is where you upload the picture that you want to be your cover and other ebook covers that you liked. Once again, your instructions for the format of the title and subtitle need to be as specific as possible. Your product should look exactly how you envisioned it.


5. Now all you need to do is press the “Send” button and you have officially ordered your first ebook cover.


After sending in the instructions, it’s basically a waiting game. The cool thing about Fiverr is that once you get the cover back, if you don’t really like something about it, you can ask for revisions. Just point out the specific characteristic that you don’t like and ask for the designer to come up with an alternative. You can request revisions as many times as is it necessary until you get back the cover you envisioned. Once you get the cover, you will be one step closer to publishing your first ebook.


If you are interested in looking at other websites to hire a graphic designer, then you can also check out https://www.upwork.com/ and http://www.craigslist.org/. These sites do require more work on your part, but you might be able to find someone who can produce covers that are higher quality than what you may find on Fiverr.com. Although the process will take longer and may cost a little more.


[]Chapter 6: Finding Highly Profitable Keywords


Amazon’s Kindle Department literally has millions of books. With all of the organized chaos and competition, you want readers to find your book and buy it. You spend a good amount of time picking the right niche, but you still need to narrow down your book topic so that it reaches the right group of readers. However, although it sounds like an oxymoron, you also want your book to pop up in other categories that are relevant to it. This technique will allow your book to be more profitable. Therefore, you must find highly profitable keywords, seven to be exact, that will help further sell your book.


Let’s start with Search Engine Optimization Keywords. Of course you want your book to rank number one in its niche category. If you publish a book about Sex Positions and it became an instant success on Amazon for the term “Sex Positions,” it would be awesome. However, the reality is that method is not practical or realistic. To perfect the method of selecting the right keywords for your book you have to find a balanced high demand and low competition category. You cannot find this balance by choosing keywords that are broad or short phrases like “Sex Positions.” What you want to do is look for the “long tail” keywords. A long tail keyword is actually a phrase, rather than a single word. An example of this would be if you had a book on Essential Oils, you could have a long tail keyword like “Essential Oils For Anxiety”. Keep in mind though; the long tail keyword does not need to include the title of your book. When your long tail keyword is longer, you will have less competition up against your book, but also less traffic towards it. Although using a long tail keyword will draw in less traffic to your book, your customer base will be more focused and in need of your book’s services.


When picking keywords, make sure your book is reaching a larger audience. The best way to do this is by not having repetitive keywords. It is good to have a few keywords that don’t have your book title in it. You’re going to want to have things that are related to the niche. For example, things related to Essential Oils would be aromatherapy, natural cures, natural medicine, holistic medicine, alternative medicine and natural health. Follow these simple guidelines and you will have no problem picking winning keywords for your books.


It says in the Amazon KDP rules that you cannot choose an Amazon keyword that is also in the title of the book or anywhere else in the book’s sales page. Don’t panic, as long as you have a thesaurus and are sort of creative, you will be fine. For the Amazon keywords, instead you will pick words or phrases that are similar to your SEO Keyword.


To help you understand what I’m saying, here is an example: you just wrote a book titled “Gardening Tips for The Elderly.” Amazon will not allow you to use the words and phrases in the title for your keywords, so “gardening tips” “elderly” are out. However, you can be crafty and use other synonymous words and phrases such as: planting, outdoor landscaping, or seniors.

[]Chapter 7: Publishing Your Book on Amazon.com


Creating a KDP Account


To publish a book on to Kindle Direct Publishing, you obviously need to create an account. You can do this by going onto www.kdp.amazon.com. You need to have an Amazon account already created, so if you are not already signed up with Amazon, take a minute to do that before moving onto these next steps. On the Kindle Direct Publishing sign in/sign up page, it will give you both options. Once you have an Amazon account, you can just click the “sign in” button to begin your Kindle account process.


Upon signing into your account, Amazon will present you with the “Kindle Direct Publishing Terms of Service.” Now, normally this is something we all scroll through and pretend to have read, but as this is now a business venture you need to read these terms of service as it is a contract between you and Amazon. Recently, Amazon has been making small changes to their services and agreements, and although not all of them may affect you, most of them will. So, becoming familiar with their rules will keep you from being surprised when they enforce a rule to your account. Click the “Agree” button and get ready to publish.


The webpage will then bring you to your KDP dashboard. Once you are on the dashboard page, which you will become very familiar with, you are going to click “(Your Name’s) Account” in the upper right hand corner of the page. You will be brought to a page that will require some personal information like your full name, address, and phone number. On that same page, depending on where you live, you will need to put in your tax information. This is a really easy step as long as you have all of your information handy.


On the same page, you will also need to enter in your bank account information. This step is very crucial. If you do not set up your payments to be directly deposited into your bank account, you will get your KDP checks in the mail. And let me tell you, it is not easy finding a place to transfer your Japanese Yen payments into U.S. dollar bills. If you do choose to have checks sent to your address for whatever reason, you do need to pass a certain sales threshold; you need to make $100 before they send you your payments. This can be really inconvenient if your book doesn’t sell as well as you hoped or if you need the money sooner, rather than later. By signing up for direct deposit, the threshold is only $10 and other countries’ currencies are automatically converted into your nation’s currency. After you have filled in and submitted your general information, tax information, and your royalty payment information, you are good to go.


If you are more of a visual learner or want to see exactly how to setup your Kindle account, then click this link right here to watch my step-by-step video.





How to Upload Your Content


Now that you have successfully created and set up your Kindle Direct Publishing account, you are ready to publish your book and start making money. The process of publishing your book is super easy, and I will take you step-by-step on how to do it.


You are going to want to now upload your content to your Kindle account. Start by logging into your account, if you haven’t already done so. Once you log in, your KDP dashboard will come up. On the upper left-hand side is a button that says “Add new title.” Once you click that button your screen will change and show the content labeled “Introducing KDP Select.” Kindle Direct Publishing Select is a program that Amazon offers to make your content exclusive to their platform. By clicking the “Enroll this book in KDP Select” box, you are promising Amazon that you are only going to offer your book on Amazon.com.


Since you are only publishing your book on their platform, Amazon will allow you to put your book on free promotion for five days, every three months. I advise you also to sign up for Kindle Countdown Deals. Kindle Countdown Deals allow you to put your book on a special discount for a certain number of days, and have your book featured on a special section on their website. I always choose to enroll in KDP Select because Amazon holds 90% of the market share of ebook sales. So you are already going to get 90% of your profits from Amazon.com. By using the free promotion on Amazon.com, I am able to get my books ranked very high in their niche and in the Kindle Department in general. I highly recommend that you take advantage of the free promotion option.


Now you need to fill out details about your book. Scroll down the page to see the boxes where you need to input your book title, subtitle, edition number, publisher, and description. Fill in all of that information as necessary. Obviously, your books are going to be self-published, so don’t worry about filling the publisher name in.


When you are filling in the description of your book, Amazon actually allows you to use html tags. These tags help format your description to look more visually appealing by appearing in different colors and fonts. If you want to find out more about using html tags, just use a simple Google search. You can find all the html tags for your book descriptions just by using a search engine.


Once you have filled in your book description, scroll down a little until you see the section right under the description box that is labeled, “book contributors.” You want to press the “Add contributors” button. A small box will pop up with three boxes labeled, “First,” “Last,” and the “Title” of the contributor. Click on the title box and on the list of options, select Author. Now fill in the other two boxes that will make up the author’s name. I personally use pen names for all of my books. If you want to use your own name, that is your choice. However, I highly discourage it unless you are publishing your own series of books that are in the same niche or relative niches. You don’t want your name to appear with a book about gardening and then on a book about aliens in the science fiction niche. Inconsistent niches for books that have the same author name will make your books seem less credible. Once you insert the name you want to use, press “submit.”


The next section will be labeled “Language.” Simply select the language that you want your book to be published in. Now, scroll down to “2. Verify Your Publishing Rights”. Always pick the option, “This is not a public domain work and I hold the necessary publishing rights”. Selecting this option ensures that your work will not be used in the public domain. The third section of the publishing process will allow you to select the category that your book will be published in. This is going to help people find your book, so select the categories that your book best fits into.


Scrolling down the page, you come to the option where Amazon lets you choose your seven keywords. Just fill in this box in accordance with the explanation in Chapter 6. The next step is to select your book release option. I always choose to release my book now. However, you can also choose to have your book available for pre-order. The fifth step on the page is to upload your ebook cover. Before even setting out to publish your book, you should already have your ebook cover finished and saved to your computer. So just click “Browse for image” and select your cover from your computer files.


The sixth step is to upload the actual book onto Amazon. So once again, click “Browse” and select the document that is your ebook. Once you have uploaded your book and Amazon converts the file to Kindle format, Amazon will let you know if your document has any spelling errors. Now, if you edited your book or hired an editor, and know that your book does not have any actually spelling errors, then ignore this pop-up. Always check your book for grammar and spelling errors as soon as it is finished, this is Kindle Publishing 101. The seventh step is to preview your book, which basically just shows you how your book will appear when your customer buys it. Now, press the “Save and Continue” button.


Your screen will change and you will need to verify your publishing territories. I always choose the option for “Worldwide rights-all territories,” so that my book is offered everywhere around the world.


The ninth step is one of the most important steps of this whole process: the pricing. You have the option to sell your book for however much you want. I always choose the option for 70% royalty. When choosing this option, your book has to be between $2.99-$9.99. I always choose to price my books at $2.99- U.S. currency. At the 70% royalty rate that I chose, for every sale I get $2.08. If you scroll down the page, you can see the conversions of all the other currencies, and your price and royalties for each country that your book is sold in.


Scroll all the way down the page and check off the little box at the bottom. This is you saying to Amazon that you have all distribution rights to the book that you are putting out. You are saying that there is no copyright infringement or plagiarism. Now you are ready to publish your book! Take a deep breath, click “Save and Publish,” and savor the moment of becoming a Kindle ebook publisher. Congratulations! Just note that it can take up to twenty-four hours for your book to be published on Amazon.com, so don’t sweat it if you go to search for your book on Amazon and don’t see it yet.


[]Chapter 8: Bestseller Promotion & Pricing Strategies


Now that you have officially published your book, you want to make sure that it sells. There are a handful of techniques that will help your book rise to the top. Amazon ranks your book based on a few factors, also known as the Amazon Algorithm:


p<>{color:#000;}. The title

p<>{color:#000;}. Keywords

p<>{color:#000;}. Paid Sales (Sales Rank)

p<>{color:#000;}. Free Downloads

p<>{color:#000;}. Reviews


Knowing that these are the factors that determine your ranking and sales rate on Amazon, what can you do to maximize the number of times your book is downloaded?

The Title: Now, I already explained to you how you want to make sure that your book title is the keyword that you want the customers to type into the search bar. If your book is about essential oils, then your title should be “Essential Oils.” The subtitle of your book can then go even more in depth about what else is in the book and include a few other keywords.

Keywords: In Chapter 6 I talked about the importance of using Keywords. If you need a quick refresher, just go back to Chapter 6 and look over it again.

Paid Sales: The “paid sales” are actually your sales rank. When Amazon sees that your book is selling a ton of copies, they will start promoting it on their platform. They want to promote the best books that they have to offer. So when they see that customers are crazy for your book, they will show it off to new potential customers. The goal is to get as many paid sales as possible. Here are a few strategies for getting book sales:

p<>{color:#000;}. When you first release your book, sell it at the $0.99 price point. This will increase your sales because you will have a lower price than the majority of your competitors.

p<>{color:#000;}. Find social platforms on the internet where you think your book could provide value. Try promoting it on Facebook groups, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. Let everyone on those sites know that your book is only $0.99.

p<>{color:#000;}. Also go on Fiverr and promote your book using different promotional “gigs.” Fiverr has tons of different gigs where you pay someone just $5 to promote your book on different platforms. Just go to Fiverr.com and search “Kindle Promotions.”



Free Downloads: Once you have generated a ton of sales at the price point of $0.99, it is now time to promote your book using the free promotion tool provided to you by Kindle Direct Publishing Select. Amazon will give you five days to have your book on free promotion. While you won’t be making any money by promoting it, but the number of downloads will help skyrocket your book to the top of your niche and Amazon’s promotion list. While your book is on free promotion, use the same strategies to promote it that you used when it was at $0.99. This will show Amazon how much people “love” your book. Once the free promotion is over, make sure to change your price to $2.99 at 70% royalty.


[]Chapter 9: Getting Social Proof


Review (Social Proof): When you go on a website and want to buy something, what is one of the first things you look at? The reviews! Reviews let your know if a product is good or bad, and most of the time in the most blatantly honest ways. This means that getting positive reviews on your kindle books is essential to your KDP success. “So Dalton, how do I get reviews for my Kindle book and when?”


I’m so glad you asked. Let’s start with the “how to.” Now that you are a part of the Kindle game, you want to find other kindle publishers and authors who are distributing ebooks and do honest review exchanges with them. The keyword here is “honest.” Review exchanges are basically the “an eye for an eye” deal. You review their book and they review yours, done deal. The best place to go to find reviews is Facebook. Here is a link with a list of awesome groups where people are looking to do review exchanges.


All you need to do is either post in the group with your book, or PM (private message) anyone who you feel would be interested in review exchanging with you. Personally, I am a fan of PM’s, because I feel that it works faster. Not sure what to say to other publishers? Here is an example of what the conversation should look like:


You: Hey, would you like to do an honest $0.99 review swap?


Them: Sure!


You: Awesome, here is my link (insert link here). Send me your book and let me know when your download mine!


Them: (Link) I got your book. I will check it out and leave a review in a few days.


You: Me too! Thanks.


This is just an example of how a review exchange could go. Now, there are a lot of rules to follow when doing honest review exchanges. For my sheet on doing honest review exchanges correctly, Click Here. If you follow my sheet, you should have no problem getting the social proof needed for your book.


The next question you might have is: how many reviews do you need? Well, good question! The number of necessary reviews is dependent on the amount of competition in your niche. So, if the book you are competing against has 20 reviews, then get more than 20. If your competition only has 10, then get more than 10. It’s as simple as that!

[]Chapter 10: Start Making Money!


Hey guys, I’m glad that you got this far! You are nearing the end of the book, and hopefully are pumped up to start making some real cash online. As long as you understand the steps that I’ve given you and are able to implement them, then you will be able to start making money now. I have had clients who initially failed in Kindle Direct Publishing because they ignored my methods or just didn’t understand how to utilize the information. Once they started to pay attention to how my techniques work and focused on each step-by-step process, all of them found success and some of them began to work fulltime at home just doing Kindle Publishing. If you follow the steps, then there is no reason that you can’t make a good income with Kindle Publishing.


Regardless about everything that you have read so far in this book, none of it will work without the most important step; and that is YOU taking action. Any business venture is all about taking action and motivating yourself to get the work done: to take the risk of starting a new business. You can read this book ten or even a hundred times and it won’t mean anything unless you take action on these ideas. Motivating yourself to take action is more important than just reading about it.


Look, I understand if you are a little concerned that this isn’t real or that you can’t do this, you’re not the only one. I thought the same thing when I first got into KDP. I had just about convinced myself that ebook publishing on Amazon wasn’t legitimate when I decided to at least give it a shot. My whole mindset changed and all of my worries and fears about getting into a business online vanished when I made my first dollar on Kindle. Building up your hope and faith in Kindle is all for that moment when you make your first dollar. Once you see that people really do buy your books and that there is a legitimate possibility of making money working at home, it becomes very real. Once you make that first dollar, it is easy to push yourself and make $5, $20, $100, or even $10,000.


I thought that any internet money-making plan was just bullshit because of how many times I’ve been warned about or encountered scams. Once you start making a little money, it is easy to motivate yourself to just keep pushing, keep ramping up your book production, sales, reviews, and income. Kindle Publishing is the perfect business because it’s really all up to you to scale your business and keep moving forward.

When comparing it to the world of narcotics, Kindle Publishing is basically a gateway drug to making money online. Kindle Direct Publishing introduces you to the basic methods of internet marketing so that you can apply what you’ve done with Kindle to all other aspects of making money online. Personally, I have taken advantage of everything that I learned from KDP and created other businesses online. I have a few more avenues of income just working online, and Kindle opened that door for me. None of my success would have been possible if I did not take that initial leap of faith into Kindle Direct Publishing.


[]Chapter 11: Scaling Your Kindle Business


Once you publish one book, you want to start thinking about how you are going to keep making money on KDP. Kindle is basically as good as you allow it to be. One book is only going to make you so much money. The power in Kindle and the amazing thing about this business is that you have the ability to scale however much you want or need to. Scaling is basically adding more books to the marketplace, making your amount of available content bigger and bigger. I started off publishing one book a week, then went to two, jumped to three and even went as far as publishing five books a week. Scaling allowed me to quadruple my content, which in turn helped me make a greater income.


With kindle, you can go from having one book to thirty books published a month. It is all about implementing a publishing schedule and a strategy that helps you achieve your scaling goals. What I advise you to do is, sit down and make a publishing schedule that allows you to produce however many books that you want to every week. Decide how many books that you want publish in a week, map out the days that you need to order the books to be written and when the cover needs to be created. If you decide to publish three books a week, by the end of the month you will have 12 books selling in the market place. As long as you implement all the other steps in this book, there is no reason that you shouldn’t be making a really decent income online.


What I have seen in my years of doing this is that a person will publish a few books here and there, and then become discouraged. Two months later, they aren’t making any money because their books basically die. In this business, you have to be organized, consistent with your publishing schedule, and methodical. More books equals more money made. However, quantity should not compromise your quality. Each book you put out needs all of your attention because you want to be producing high quality content. What I’ve noticed people doing (and what I did when I first started Kindle) is getting so wrapped up in trying to get as many books published as possible, that they side-swept the quality of the books under the rug and end up with bad reviews and no one purchasing their content.


You need to make sure that each book gets attention and achieves its potential. Scaling is really important and can work to your advantage, as long as you don’t scale too fast. Scaling will lead you to massive results as long as you build a reliable team that will work at a pace that is fitting to your scaling schedule. If you want to produce three books a week, then you are going to need three writers. Once again, make sure that you are picking quality niches and replicating the promoting process with every book you put out, and you will increase your income.


[]Chapter 12: The Importance of Building an Authority with Your Books


Now that you know how Kindle Publishing works, let’s talk about the importance of building an authority in the niche or topic you decided to develop a book on. There are so many important aspects to being successful in Kindle Publishing, but in order to have long term success, the most crucial part is building an authority. Why do people want to keep buying your content? Because they trust you and resonate with you. So, how do you create that sense of reliability and credibility in your ebooks? You can do this by making an authority in a specific niche and building that authority into a brand.


p<>{color:#000;}. First of all, you do not want to just be throwing random books into the kindle store: this is a guaranteed route to failure. Pick a pen name for your niche and make sure that the author of that pen name only writes about topics within that niche. For example: John Smith loves writing about cool Zen subjects like chakras, spirituality, and karma. If a customer sees that he also writes about gluten-free recipes and computer coding, they are going to know that he is not a legitimate author. Stick to one pen name per niche and keep it that way.


p<>{color:#000;}. The second thing that you want to do is publish multiple books in your niche. John Smith is going to dominate the chakra and spirituality niche with these six other books that he’s written!


p<>{color:#000;}. It is time to start building a brand on social media platforms. I’ve already shown you how to do this, so you should not have a problem promoting John Smith’s line of spirituality books. Go onto multiple social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and start promoting your books with all of the credit going to the same author.


p<>{color:#000;}. Start building an email list where you can promote your newer and older books. This gives you the ability to also promote your other products to your readers. This is called the backend of Kindle Publishing. I believe this is key to ensuring long term success with Kindle Publishing.


Some of the advantages to build an email list are:

p<>{color:#000;}. Promoting your content

p<>{color:#000;}. Staying connected with your readers

p<>{color:#000;}. Selling products such as affiliate

p<>{color:#000;}. Getting customers to keep coming back


I have a course on how to build your Kindle Backend. If you want to check it out, here is the link to it: http://kbackendpro.com/.


Building a Brand


I do not think that I could stress enough how important it is to build a brand on Kindle Publishing. Brands withstand the test of time. Purposefully publishing books geared towards the same audience will help you build an authority on that platform, which you can use to establish your brand. Creating a brand that sends traffic to your books from other platforms besides Amazon is going to help you maintain sales over a long period of time. This is the most crucial part for creating a successful long-term Kindle business. Like I said before, putting out one book or a bunch of random books in different niches is only going to get you so far. For long term success, building an authority and building a brand in a specific niche is critical.


[]Chapter 13: Using Createspace & ACX to Repurpose Your Content and Make More Money


Most people are under the impression that self-publishing books on Amazon is strictly for ebooks only. One of the great things about Kindle Publishing is that you have the ability to repurpose your content and sell it in different ways on Amazon. While it may be true that most of your sales will be from digital downloads of your books, there is also an opportunity for you to sell paperback copies of your books. This is something that I do with Createspace.


Createspace allows you to publish your book as a paperback. This grants you the ability to reach people who don’t have a Kindle or just prefer reading physical books over digital ones. The best part is that you don’t have to pay any extra to publish your book on Createspace. The process is very simple and is something that I highly recommend for you to do to help build your brand. You can check out Createspace through this link: https://www.createspace.com/. And you can find a tutorial on Youtube.com that will help you go through the process of using createspace. This opportunity will help you increase your income without anymore investment.

Another platform that will give your KDP business more room to grow is ACX, or Audiobook Creation Exchange. Publishing your books via audio book allows you to publish your content in a new way to reach even more people. Just like Createspace, this process will also cost you nothing and give you the chance to repurpose your content.

Producing audiobooks requires professional recording equipment and the talent of a skilled narrator. Trying to create an audiobook by narrating it yourself will just come across as unprofessional. No one wants the sound of airplanes or barking in the background of their audiobook. Amazon ACX offers the service to connect readers with professional audiobook narrators while also handling the distribution and payments, leaving you with more free time.

To post a project on ACX, find the book that you want to make into an audiobook on Amazon in the “new project” window. When you select the book you want to have recorded, Amazon will give you the three options of finding a narrator to produce your book, upload a previously recorded book and sell it, or narrate your own book and upload the file later. After agreeing to the terms and conditions of ACX, you will need to fill out the book’s description, category, copyright information, and what you want your narrator’s voice to sound like. I.e. gender, age, style, accent.

For a step-by-step summary of how to correctly use ACX, check out this link. It will tell you exactly how to use ACX and how to choose the right narrator for your audiobook.


[]Chapter 14: Where Do I Go From Here?


Well, that is simple: TAKE ACTION! You need to get started today! You literally have all of the information you need to be successful on Kindle Direct Publishing, so there is no excuse for you not to do it. The first step is just taking the time to learn how to make a passive income online. The second step is using what you have learned and applying it to your life. You can watch a video of someone learning to ride a bike one thousand times, but you will never do it yourself unless you actually hop on one! If you want more details about KDP or just want to learn even more, then you can get my free kindle publishing starter kit. The link is right here:


Kindle Publishing Starter Kit: CLICK HERE


If you are more of a visual learner or not very computer savvy, then you can check out my KPowerProfits course, where I will walk you through every step of this process. Of course, here is the link to my course for that as well: http://kpowerprofits.com/.


The least you can do is start following the steps in this book. Do not be afraid to take this leap of faith. There are literally hundreds of real success stories from Kindle self-publishers whose lives have been completely changed by the power of KDP. Working a nine-to-five job is not for everyone. College is not for everyone. You do not have to go to college to get a job, or earn a degree that gives you credibility to be someone’s boss. You can start making money by working for yourself just by publishing books online. Most fast money-making schemes are just that, schemes. They either completely falsify their agenda, or you risk losing all of your money and credit just trying to make some extra cash. But with KDP, even if your book does not sell as well as you had hoped it would, you’re not even out of a hundred dollars. In fact, you could publish two books with just $120. And the reward has the potential to be quadruple that first investment.


There is nothing more to think about, either you are ready to take control of your life, or you can just stay doing the same thing every day until you retire or die. Life is meant for us to enjoy. There are hundreds of places in this world to explore, thousands of people to meet, and millions of unforgettable memories to make. Kindle self-publishing has the potential to completely open your world up to the many opportunities that are out there waiting for you. Don’t be afraid. Don’t hold yourself back. Take action.


I want to thank you for reading this book; I had a lot of fun writing it. My hope is that it will inspire you to change your life. If you liked this book and want to see or read more of my stuff, check out the resources below. Good luck!



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Kindle Success Formula: My Step-By-Step System for Making Six Figures with Kindl

Hey Guys! So after a long time about thinking about it, I decided to write the book on Kindle publishing; quite literally. This book is everything I’ve learned in the last 2 + years about making money self-publishing on Kindle. If you are someone looking to write and publish your own work or someone looking to outsource the writing, then this book is for you. I’ve included all of the knowledge that I’ve painstakingly gotten over the years. I decided to write this book because Kindle publishing changed my life and I’ve seen it change many other people’s lives as well. With Kindle publishing I was able to quit my job and work full time for myself. It was only just a few years ago that I thought something like this was impossible! Kindle Publishing gives everyone and anyone the ability to make money online. I know whenever most people see the “make money online” line they just cringe, and I was the same way. I’ve tried program after program and nothing worked for me, then I decided to take a leap of faith into the world of self publishing and my life has never been the same. 5 Reasons you should by this book 1. If you want to start making a REAL income online 2. If you are tired of scammers and “get rich quick” schemes 3. If you are looking for a way to generate freedom in your life 4. If you want to skip the long and expensive learning process 5. If you want to make a real lifestyle change The problem with most people is they simply do not take action! The world becomes an amazing place for people who are willing to take action and are not afraid to take risks. This mindset is what sets me apart from other publishers and online entrepreneurs and it’s one that you are going to want to adopt. So on that note: get the book! Take ACTION and CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

  • Author: Dalton Scott
  • Published: 2015-10-14 17:40:35
  • Words: 13340
Kindle Success Formula: My Step-By-Step System for Making Six Figures with Kindl Kindle Success Formula: My Step-By-Step System for Making Six Figures with Kindl