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by Anita Philmar

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I hope you enjoy this short ebook. We all want to be loved, but like everything else in the world, love needs to be nurtured to grow.

Below is a list of 20 ideas that can help you keep the love alive in your relationships.


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1. Don’t do the expected.

Instead of singing a song, try playing an air guitar or create the song with a sound effects to have a crazy tune for your lover 

2. Love is….

waking your lover with gently kisses and soft caresses.

3. Togetherness

Do something together like ride a bicycle for two.

4. Be Flexible

Change from work mode to personal mode is a challenge but remember your lover will appreciate your efforts.

5. How do I love you, let me count the ways.

The number of different ways you can touch your lover.



holding hands

neck rub

sitting on your lap

Shoot for at least twenty gentle touches a day, or more.

6. Discovery your own hometown.

No matter where you live. There are things to see near you. Why not play tourist in your own home town with you lover. See what you each can dig up to do.

7. Memorize your favorite poem and share it with your lover.

How do I like to go up in a Swing,

Up in the air so blue ?

Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing

Ever a child can do!


by Robert Louis Stevenson.

8. Share the love

Take some post it notes and send some love to your lover when you aren’t together. Stash a few of them in his/her briefcase, sit them on the dashboard of your lover’s car, hid them in the cup holder, put them in his/her shoes.

9. Draw a picture in your head of your lover.

Remember he/she is not just your husband/wife.

They are handsome, kind, loving, and the one that you fell head-over-heels in love with.

10. Gently reminders.

Maybe, someone you know needs to remember to slow down and enjoy the moment.

Create a fake traffic ticket and put it under their windshield wiper.


  • Driving me crazy

  • Racing by possible encounters with your lover.

You get the idea.

11. Myth Buster –

Romantic gestures – that you score points and will receive back the same amount you put into it.

Sorry, it’s not like that. If you want to do something for your lover do it because you love them not because you expect something in return.

12. Take a picture to remember the good times.

13. Dress Up for the evening.

You don’t have to go out to have an elegant dinner. Stay in and have fun at home.

14. Be silly by putting on a red nose and clown around.

15. Use your lipstick for something other than your lips.

draw a heart on a piece of paper and give it to your lover.

put it on your lips then kiss the mirror where he shaves.

16. Write or send your lover a love note or card.

17. Why not add a little romance to your life by visiting a few new places together?

A restaurant


the zoo,

the park,

a play,

a movie,

a flower shop,

a new car lot,

the beach,

your favorite watering hole.

See the options are endless.

18. Pick a book that you both will enjoy and read to each other.

19. Remember to say I love you.

It is so easy to do but sometimes we forget to say it.

20. Learn something new by taking a class together.

 Like a golf lessons, yoga, or cooking?

Then you can practice together later.

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Coming in Fall of 2017 – The 1st book in the series –

Mia’s Special Students

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I look forward to hearing from you and make sure to check out the bonus chapter at the end.


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Naked Bluff, Texas

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In Deep Water -

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Deputy’s Bride –

A Cowboy’s Pleasure – (John meets Tess)

The Country Doctor’s Bride – (John is involved)

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Bonus: Read the first chapter of …

A Cowboy’s Pleasure

John Bristol Smith needed a job.

He didn’t particular care where it came from.

After having traveled halfway across the United States to escape the war between the states, he wanted nothing more than to settle in Texas. Yes, they were involved in the war but Union troops weren’t tramping across their land like they owned the place.

Luckily, on the way out of Louisiana, John had met a kind soul in Tobias Poe. The man had been traveling home and had encouraged John to visit the one-horse town of Naked Bluff, Texas.

Now, thanks to Tobias, John had a place to sleep and the chance at a job.

He dusted off his shirt and walked up the steps of a large, white, colonial. After knocking, he enjoyed the shade provided by the porch that reduced the blistering heat from hot, autumn sun.

A female voice rang through the thick partition. “I’m tired of excuses. I want results.”

The lock clicked open, and the door shifted on its hinges. A light squeak sounded, and a cracked formed around the frame. Still, he couldn’t see who stood on the other side.

“You know what I want. If you can’t give it to me, I’ll find someone else that can.” The female continued as if she was carrying on a conversation with another person inside the house.

John waited patiently, not certain if he should speak or perhaps turn and leave.


The door swung inward and the lady in questioned faced him.

Caught immediately by the young woman’s beauty, he straightened and slid his hat off his head. Dressed in a red silk dress, she appeared ready for a party. “Hello, Madam, I was told Mr. Van Pelt was looking for someone to help out around the house.”

With a slight smirk, she said, “Really, and who may I ask gave you this piece of information?”

“Tobias Poe, he hauls freight for Mr. Van Pelt.” John rushed to reassure the woman he was not some beggar. He didn’t mind working and only wanted an opportunity to prove himself.

Her blue eyes narrowed. She stepped back to wave him inside with a smile. “Yes, Tobias is correct. We are looking for help.”

“Now, wait just a moment,” a male voice interjected from the landing of the staircase. A stout man in his early forties walked into view. He brushed a hand through his dirty blonde hair and continued down the stairs. The thud of his boots marked his descend to the ground floor. “Where are you from young man?”

“Georgia, I arrived in town a few days ago. I met Tobias, and we struck up a conversation. He said you might be in need of some help.” John held out his hand. “The name is John Smith.”

The man clamped his hand around John’s and asked, “Van Pelt, and who else are you familiar with in these parts?”

“I’m sorry to say no one. Any other references, I might offer, don’t even live in the state.” John had a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach but held his ground, hoping against hope that things might work out.

“Sounds like you’re just the man for the job,” the lady responded and shut the door. “Now, why don’t we step into the parlor and see if we might come to some type of arrangement.”

Mr. Van Pelt eyed the woman and then waved her forward. “Why don’t you lead the way, my dear? After all, it’s you that have to be happy with our selection.”

Suddenly realizing he’d be working with the lady of the house, John turned his attention to her. The light sway of her hips displayed her confidence to attract men. She held her head high and her raven hair rested in a knitted hairpiece on the back of her neck. With elegant grace, she led the way across the foyer and into the oversized room. “Please have a sit, Mr. Smith. Gab, why don’t you fix him a drink?”

“Oh, no, madam, I’m good.” John had no intention of overstepping his welcome. And this was a job interview. The expensive furnishings already had him feeling uncomfortable what with the rich upholstered couch where Tess sat which could easily hold three people. The huge brick fireplace had enough room to roast a pig and a thick wooden beam for a mantle. On each end stood porcelain lamps and above it hung a large picture of a summer garden. Underfoot lay a plush carpet, which dampened the sound of their footsteps. He shuffled uneasily on his feet. Was he crazy for hanging around?

“Have a seat, John. You’re going to need that drink. In fact, I think we can all use one.” Gab walked to a cabinet in the corner and drew out a bottle of whiskey.

John stood in the center of the room, uncertain as to what to do next. “I, uh…”

“Now, don’t be nervous. We’re all going to be fast friends. My name is Tess, and that’s Gab. Oh, course, you must call us Mr. and Mrs. Van Pelt when in public. But while we’re here, there is no need for us to be so formal.” She straightened her skirt and folded her hands demurely on her lap.

“Tess tread softly he hasn’t even agreed to your terms yet.” Gab poured the drinks, closed the bottle and then lifted the tray where he’d set three glasses.

“And why wouldn’t he agree? It is the perfect solution for all of us. We’ll all get what we want.” She smiled at John and something in her unyielding gaze warned him that what they were about to discuss might not be to his liking.

“Then tell him straight out what you’re after.” Gab carried the tray over to the table in front of the couch where his wife sat. He handed her a glass then walked the other drink to John.

“Shouldn’t we, at least, give him a little background on us first?” She queried.

After taking the glass, John stepped to a wingback chair and perched on the edge. “I’m sure whatever type of job you’re offering, I’ll be more than willing to work for you.”

Gab chuckled, “You’re right. Most men would, but this requires you not discuss anything that happens within these walls with anyone.”

“Can you do that, John?” Mrs. Van Pelt sipped her drink and her eyes undress him.

Uncomfortable with her probing inspection, he glanced at her husband. “I have no one to tell. Remember, I’m new in town.”

“Yes, you are a God sent. Tess, here, is getting a little restless. She’s used to getting what she wants right away. And well, I’m afraid I’ve kept her waiting too long.” Gab turned to his wife and smiled. “I must admit, now that you are here, I believe the plan has more merit than I previously gave it.”

“See, I told you. It’ll be just like old times.” Tess patted the spot next to her on the couch and her husband sat beside her.

Sorting through every possible job he could envision, John struggled to come up with the task they wanted to achieve. Mrs. Van Pelt seemed excited by the possibility of him working with them. So perhaps, they liked him and would want him to hire on for a few months, maybe even longer.

“Then I guess we better see if John is open to the idea of making love to you,” Gab said and lifted his glass. “So what do you say?”

Uncertain if he’d heard the man correctly, he glanced between the couple and noted their age difference. “And why would you want me to do that, Sir?”

“He’s good. He avoided answering until he’s certain he has the lay of the land.” Mrs. Van Pelt kicked back the last of her whiskey in one swallow and set the glass on the table. “The problem is Gab and I have fallen into a rut. We were rather daring when we first got married. We enjoyed inviting different partners to share in our pleasure. Then well, Gab’s business took off and we moved here. Seeing as how we now live in a small town, we have to show a more respectable front.”

“I’m sure you’re confused as to why a man would let another man make love to his wife. Well, I’ll give you several reasons. First, I plan to join in on the fun. Tess is one sexy lady. Not only do I enjoy watching her fuck different men, but it makes her go wild. I assure you it’ll take both of us to please her. She’s never completely satisfied until she experiences at least two or three orgasms. In truth, it’s part of the reason, I married her.”

“But why me?” John stared at the couple, searching for a reason for them to choose him.

“Because you are a stranger and there is no guarantee you’ll even stick around. Who else could we unearth in this back wood’s town?” Mrs. Van Pelt stood and strolled to him. “Do you find me unattractive?”

“No, madam, I mean, uh…you’re one fine lady but I…” He wasn’t exactly sure how to respond. This was way beyond anything he’d ever encountered. “I just can’t understand why you’d choose me.”

She grinned and held out her hand for his drink. “Why don’t you take off your shirt and convince me I’m right about you?”

John relinquished his glass and peered at Gab. “Are you sure, Sir?”

“Oh, yes, I’m getting hard just contemplating what she has in store for you.” Gab shifted restlessly and spread his legs wide.

With a quick glance at the man’s crotch, John noted the man’s cock pressing relentlessly against his pants. Sharing the need for relief, John rose and reached for the top button of his shirt. Pushing the small disk through the mooring, he moved toward his waistband of his pants until it stalled his progress. Tugging the tail free, he continued. With his gaze locked on Tess Van Pelt, he tried to judge her reaction to his lean form.

“Now, take it off.” She set down his drink, stepped forward, and brushed a hand across his chest. Her soft touch had his body igniting with need. She might be a petite woman but the bold glint in her eyes spoke of her strong-willed temperament. No, she didn’t change her mind until she got what she wanted.

Attracted to resilient women, John found she appealed to him more and more as each second passed. Did he want to have sex with this woman while her husband watched? The thought had him glancing to Gab.

He smiled and nodded as if giving his approval.

“Yes, madam.” He shucked off his shirt and allowed it to slide off his arms and fall behind him.

She edged closer and her hands gripped his waist as she peered up at him. “Are you getting hard, John?”

As if searching for the answer to the question, she ran her hand down the front of his pants. The seductive caress ignited a fire in his loins. He groaned and caught hold of her shoulders. “I believe, madam, I should be working to please you before you worry about satisfying me.”

“And how exactly do you plan to pleasure me?” She stepped back with a slight lift of her brow.

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