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Karthik's Glimpse Of Past



I would like to express my gratitude for the people who saw me through this book and tried to support my message and to all those who supported me in this journey.

I would like thank all those who insisted me to write on this topic and for the ones who appreciated my work. Above all I would like to thank my father Vishal Dhar who was the backbone, my mother Anupama Raina Dhar who initialized this work and my grandparents M.L Dhar and Sarla Dhar who gave me perfect picture about the incident. I would like to thank my friends and other family members for supporting me in this journey. I would also like to thank Unnathi J.N for pin pointing the mistakes I made in while writing this book.


Akshit Dhar



















It was March of ’88,just as a regular day in the valley they called Kashmir. The spring had just entered. The soft rays of the sun, the birds chirping was merely mesmerizing. With the calm breeze blowing and the lush green environment, it was home for some and heaven for rest.

“Wake up, Kartik” said the mother trying to wake his sixteen year old son.

Kartik, unlike his father was tall and had fair complexion. He though having a sharp mind, indulges himself in naughty things. His hyperactive and extrovert nature made him look like an immature, where in he possess opposite.

”In a minute, Ma” said the boy in drowsy voice. Unlike teens of his age group, he was not very fond of sleeping. The warmth from the fireplace made him restless. The house though not so big, was beautifully furnished with the best quality walnut wood. The whole house was internally heated. The exquisite artifacts and decorative sets of the house were envying.

Kartik’s Father was very keen about all these things. He was working in a big firm as Head of managing operations and used to earn pretty well. He was short with dense black hair and french mustache with bold and stubborn nature who respected his work more than anything. He was among the brightest students in his college years. He finished his post graduation from one of the reputed college and good grade. His mother was almost as tall as his father with soft and loving nature. Although she was a homemaker, she had a degree in biotechnology. She preferred staying in home than work. They both had been married for nineteen years now and were doing fine.

“It’s already 7, son. You will get late for school.”said mother rushing back to kitchen. The odour of the Rice and Knol-Khol was all over the house.

“Kartik!”shouted his Dad.

The boy was thunderstruck hearing the voice of his angry dad, who was reading morning paper in veranda.

“I am already up, Dad” said the startled boy, rushing to the bathroom.

It was 8:15 in morning. Kartik was ready to go to school which was downhill in the amidst of the city.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

There was a knock on the door. Kartik went to attend the door. Two strangers both men, of at-least 6′ each with nice build, carrying bags with them were decently dressed with dense beard and liner applied in the eyes.

“Hello! Son. Is your Dad up there?”asked one of the them.

“Yeah! He is here, but may I ask who you are” asked Kartik with a weird look. “We are your father’s colleague’s from his previous firm” replied the stranger in a gentle tone.

“OK! Wait. I’ll call him” said Kartik running to his father.

Father was waiting for his breakfast to be served. The sweet odour of dish delighted his heart.

“Dad, there are a couple of guys probably your colleague’s out there waiting to meet you” said the informing Kartik.

“Quite an unusual time for my colleagues to be here” exclaimed his father feeling eccentric walking towards the door. As he reached for the door, he saw the strangers armed with ammunition. With a sigh!, deep in his heart saw his end, the feeling of adrenaline rush through the body, everything looked still. Before he could think anything, the gun was loaded and pointed. Suddenly all the good memories of his loved ones was in front of him. He just prayed for the well being of his family.

Loud bluster!

Kartik and his mother heard the cracking sound and rushed outside.

Thousand of bad thoughts popped up in their mind. His father lying still on floor was bleeding at alarming rate. Thunderstruck!. The heart was not ready to believe and accept what eyes saw.

Eyes were wet.

Everything was shattered.


His father was killed for no . His family suffered for .

This story was based on real incident that took place in around 1990’s. Kashmiri pandits(Brahmin’s) community were force to leave from all districts of Kashmir including Srinagar due to terrorism. None of them took the initiative or responsibility for helping, not even government. People were forced to live as refugees in their own country.

Karthik's Glimpse Of Past

The story is based on the real incident that took place in the Srinagar in 1980-1990's. The story is based on teenager boy, Karthik whose family goes through the worst nightmare that he could ever imagine. The world turned upside-down leaving him shattered. That moment shook his life forever leaving feeling of terror in the eyes.

  • ISBN: 9781310419553
  • Author: Akshit Dhar
  • Published: 2016-06-19 14:50:07
  • Words: 842
Karthik's Glimpse Of Past Karthik's Glimpse Of Past