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Josie Climbs Mount Everest

Josie Climbs Mount Everest

By Heidi Nel

Shakespir Edition

ISBN N0 9781370134557

Copyright by Heidi Nel 2016

All rights reserved

Josie, Suyaki, Babu and Spunky were seated in a plane, and they were all feeling very excited, because they were on their way to Mount Everest, the highest mountain on earth. They were flying with catty airline, and their pilot was a very happy-go-lucky cat, and his name was Catyver. Josie thought that Catyver was one of the best cat pilots in the world. He knew that flying an aeroplane was one of Catyver’s great passions, and he felt safe, knowing that Catyver was their pilot.

Catyver’s voice interrupted his kitty thoughts when his voice came on the loudspeaker. “Good morning to all you lovely cats. We are flying high in the sky. So very high”, he said, in a jolly tone of voice. Then, without warning, he shrieked, “Oh, my goodness ! Oh, no, no !” There was an ominous silence, and all the cats on the plane looked very worried. Josie, Suyaki, Babu and Spunky were absolutely terrified. Their little cat hearts were beating so fast, because they thought that the plane was going to crash. Never before had they felt so much fear. The seconds ticked by, and Josie slammed his eyes shut in terror. Then, Catyver’s voice came back on the loudspeaker again. He said ever so sincerely, “I would like to apologize to all you cats. I was busy sipping some warm milk while I was chatting to you over the loudspeaker, and I spilled some of the milk on myself. You must see what the front of my pants looks like.” Josie breathed a huge sigh of relief when he heard Catyver’s words. All the panic instantly flowed out of him. He shouted to the front of the plane,

“That’s nothing ! You must see what the back of my pants looks like!” Catyver burst out laughing when he heard Josie’s words, and he laughed so much that he almost dropped the plane from the sky. Luckily, he got his laughter under control, and he managed to keep the plane from falling, because he was Catyver, one of the best cat pilots in the world.

Catyver played some soothing music on the loudspeaker to calm the nerves of his jittery cat passengers. It worked like a charm. Soon all the cat passengers relaxed while listening to the beautiful singing voice of ‘Meeowline Mion.’ The rest of the flight went smoothly, except for two or three incidents, when the plane very nearly did drop from the sky. Catyver handled each incident without even breaking a sweat, because he was Catyver, the cunning cat pilot who knew exactly how to get out of any difficult situation. He was oh, so shrewd.

As soon as the plane landed, Josie and his cat buddies said goodbye to Catyver, and the lovely cat air hostesses, and then they went straight to Mount Everest. As they stood at the bottom of the mountain, and looked up at it, they hardly dared to breathe, because the mountain was just so beautiful and so majestic. Mount Everest sat on the crest of the Great Himalayas, in Asia, and it lay on the border between Nepal and Tibet. It was simply awesome. Josie and his cat buddies felt deeply touched as they stood looking up at this mountain.

Then they got interrupted by the cat guide as he came walking towards them. He stopped in front of them, and held out his paw. “Hello, I’m your guide, and my name is Tumiki,” he greeted them in a serious tone of voice.

Josie, and his cat buddies took turns shaking Tumiki’s paw. They introduced themselves to Tumiki with huge smiles on their adorable cat faces. Then Suyaki said pleasantly, “Oh, you have such a fancy name. I wish I had a name like that.” Tumiki looked at him without smiling. Then he said boastfully, “It’s a fancy name for a fancy cat, and I’m a very fancy cat, so yeah, my name suits me.”

Suyaki, Josie, Babu and Spunky looked at him in a astonished sort of way. Then Suyaki said slowly, “Okay, whatever you say”, and he rolled his eyes dramatically at Josie, Babu and Spunky. Their eyes grew wider as they looked at this very fancy cat guide who stood in front of them. After a moment of silence, Babu looked curiously up at the mountain again. Then he asked hesitantly, “Ummm, how high is this mountain exactly.

Tumiki, the cat guide, turned his head to also look at the mountain, and there was respect in his voice when he replied, “Mount Everest is 8,848,13 meters above sea level. That is very high.” He looked skeptically at Babu, and said kindly, “I think the mountain is way too high for you to come by.”

Babu looked very unhappy when he heard the cat guide’s words. Tumiki saw how unhappy Babu looked, and his heart softened a little bit. “I was only joking around with you. Anyone can climb the mountain. Anyone who really wants to”, he said comfortingly. He solemnly put his paw on his heart, and said in a very serious tone of voice, “You must feel the desire in your heart to climb the mountain. That’s all there is to it. I stood at the bottom of the mountain once, many years ago, and looked up at it, and I just felt so drawn to the mountain. That’s when I felt the desire in my heart to climb it, and I am proud to say that I climbed it more than once, so I know the mountain really well.”

Babu looked at him and said dejectedly, “Well, good for you.” His eyes then flitted back to the mountain, and then suddenly, without warning, his eyes welled up with tears. “The truth is that I’m not as brave as Josie. He’s the one that is going to climb the mountain, and he is by far the bravest cat that I know, and I’m so proud of him,” he sobbed.

Josie felt deeply touched by Babu’s sincere words. He embraced Babu, making Babu feel a whole lot better. Suyaki wiped away a single tear that rolled down his cheek. Then he admitted sheepishly, “Well, I’m also afraid of climbing the mountain. I’m definitely no brave heart, that’s for sure. Besides, we can’t all be heroes.” He thought for a moment, and then his expression became joyful when he uttered jovially, “I’ll be the first to congratulate Josie if he manages to climb the mountain all the way to the top, and back down again. He’s my hero, man.”

“He’s my hero too”, Babu said shyly. Spunky, who hadn’t said a single word, opened his mouth, and said pleasantly, “And he’s my hero also. Mountain climbing is not for me. I think Josie is so brave and so wonderful. I’m good at dancing, so I’ll stick to what I do best. I’ll dance my way through life.”

Spunky’s words made Babu think, and he thought hard. He thought so hard, in fact, that he screwed up his little cat face. Then his facial muscles relaxed, and he smiled through his tears. “Well, I’m good at singing, and that’s something that I’m really good at. So, yeah, I’ll sing my way through life,” he said, feeling very impressed with himself.

Suyaki smiled at them, and said cheerfully, “Well, I’m also good at something, believe it or not. I’m a good chess player. Playing chess makes me smile with happiness, so as long as I keep on playing chess, I’ll keep on smiling through life. Oh, that’s just perfect.”

Tumiki looked at his wrist-watch, and said with a worried frown on his cat face, “I hate to cut this conversation short, but it’s time for me and Josie to start climbing the mountain. We’ll be on the mountain for a couple of days.” He looked at Josie with a kind expression on his face. “Josie,” he said steadily. “If you believe that you can climb this mountain all the way to the top, then you can do it. So, I hope you’re ready.”

Josie wasn’t the type to chicken out. Besides, he loved a challenge, and Mount Everest was the ultimate challenge. He drew himself up to his full height, and uttered eleven words. “I was born ready. Let us go and climb the mountain.”

He wiped away a tear, because he suddenly felt overcome with emotion. Climbing the mountain was something that he had been waiting for his whole life, and now, finally the big moment had arrived. He was going to make his dream come true. He said goodbye to Babu, Suyaki and Spunky, and they were also wiping away the tears, because they knew what it meant to Josie to climb Mount Everest. They had booked themselves into a nearby cat motel, where they would be waiting with bated breath for his safe return. They loved their buddy, Josie, and they were extremely loyal to him.

Tumiki and Josie started climbing the highest mountain in the world, and everything went well. As he climbed higher, and higher, and higher, Josie felt such a huge blossoming of joy in his heart. He just loved this mountain. He had his little oxygen tank in his backpack, because he knew that he was going to need it. Once he started climbing higher than 3300 meters, he would put his oxygen mask on his sweet little cat face, because there was a scarcity of oxygen beyond 3300 meters. If Josie didn’t have his oxygen tank with him, he might have gotten the dreadful mountain sickness. The symptoms of mountain sickness was headaches, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, vomiting or giddiness. Josie, who was a very busy cat, didn’t want to get sick.

Tumiki and Josie had been climbing the mountain for a couple of hours, when Tumiki decided that it was time for some well deserved rest. They put up their cute little tent, designed especially for cats, and then they warmed some milk on their little gas stove. They drank their milk thirstily, and then they each opened a can of tuna, which they ate very hungrily. With their cat bellies full, they climbed into their sleeping bags, and talked for a bit, until they fell fast asleep.

Tumiki woke Josie up very early the next morning. Josie still wanted to sleep for a little while longer, but Tumiki kept on meowing around his little cat ears, making sleep impossible. So Josie got up very grumpily, and they packed up their cute little tent, their sleeping bags, and their little gas stove, and soon they were on their way. The mountain slopes were icy, and it was quite a difficult climb. It was so cold that the whiskers on Josie’s adorable little cat face froze completely. He tried his best to ignore the cold, but it was quite impossible.

They had been climbing for a couple of days in extremely cold weather when Josie looked down, and got the fright of his life. It was such a long way down, and he felt quite dizzy with fear. Oh, poor Josie. He was clinging to the mountain, and his little cat heart was thumping very loudly. He didn’t want to fall. Not now! Not ever! He felt so afraid that he almost couldn’t breathe. He refused to give in to the fear, though. He knew that he had to carry on climbing. He just knew. He felt so desperate that he said a little prayer, and then he motivated himself into action by scraping all his courage together, and forcing himself to carry on. Bit by scary bit, he started climbing again. It was very tough on his nerves, but he knew that he had no choice. Climbing Mount Everest had been a lifelong dream of his, and now that he was so close to the top, he wasn’t prepared to disappoint himself by giving up. No sirree! Reaching the top of Mount Everest was important to him. It would make his little cat life more meaningful, and besides, he loved climbing, and he was an adventurous little cat.

They climbed for another hour or so, and then finally, they reached the top of the mountain. Josie took his little South African flag from his backpack, and with trembling paws, he planted it right there at the top of the mountain. Then he stood back proudly, and looked at it for a little while. It was a very special moment for him, because he had made it all the way to the top, and it was so worth it, because the view from the top of the mountain was incredible. It was simply awesome. Tumiki, the cat guide, smiled broadly at him, and said cheerfully, “Well done, Josie. You’re an excellent mountain climber.”

Then he slapped Josie on the back in a hearty manner, but the slap on Josie’s back was a bit too hearty, because the next instant, Josie lost his balance, and started falling from the top of the mountain. His instinct for survival helped him, because he frantically reached out with both paws, and clung to the mountain for dear life. There he was, dangling from Mount Everest, and he was feeling absolutely petrified. His cat life flashed before his eyes, and he knew that if he didn’t hold on tight, he would fall to below, and he didn’t want to fall. He thought of Babu, Suyaki, and Spunky, and he knew that they needed him, and that gave him the strength to hold on. All of a sudden, he heard Tumiki calling to him, and he looked up and saw that Tumiki was lying flat on his belly at the top of the mountain, with his arm stretched over the side. “Josie ! I want you to grab onto my paw, so that I can pull you up !” he shouted, trying his best to keep the fear from his voice. Josie felt so relieved. So very relieved! Oh, he was going to make it! Without hanging around for a second longer, he swung his body weight forward and up, and grabbed onto Tumiki’s paw with all his might, and miraculously, Tumiki pulled him to safety. Overjoyed, and so relieved that he had survived his ordeal. He embraced Tumiki, and said happily, “You saved my life, so now you’re my buddy. Thank you, my buddy. Thank you so very much. I don’t know what I would have done without you. You’re the best.”

Tumiki smiled at him, and said in a relieved tone of voice, “You had me worried for a couple of minutes, but luckily everything turned out well. So no more worries. Now we can enjoy the beautiful view one last time, and then we can climb back down.”

And that is what they did. They oohed and aahed over the breathtaking view, and then Tumiki took a photograph of Josie with Josie’s camera, and after that, Josie took a photograph of Tumiki, and it was a wonderful moment for both of them. Then, they admired the view one last time, and finally, they started climbing back down the mountain. Tumiki and Josie were both in a hurry to reach the bottom of the mountain, and Josie felt eager to see Suyaki, Babu and Spunky again. They kept at it, and went lower and lower and lower, until finally, they reached the bottom. The first thing Josie saw when he reached the bottom of the mountain, was the happy faces of his friends. They rushed up to him, and took turns embracing him, and then they embraced Tumiki too. Tumiki felt deeply touched because, just like Josie, they called him buddy too. It felt good to be somebody’s buddy. Oh, it felt so good! They all felt so excited, and Suyaki gave Josie and Tumiki some warm milk, and Babu and Spunky gave each of them an open can of tuna. The two of them drank and ate with such great delight, because they were so thirsty, and oh, so very hungry. The warm milk and the tuna was just what they needed to get their strength back. It tasted ooh, so delicious.

Spunky looked at Josie, and the love was shining from his eyes when he said joyfully, “We waited at the bottom of the mountain every single day, knowing that you would be coming down from it soon, and here you are, and you’re safe, and we’re so happy to have you back.”

“It’s great to have you back, Josie, because we missed you so much. Life just isn’t the same without you buddy,” Suyaki said cheerfully. He then looked gratefully at Tumiki, and said with so much sincerity, “Thank you so much for taking care of Josie on the mountain, and for bringing him safely back to us. For doing that, you’re our buddy for life.” Tumiki felt so much happiness in his heart when he heard Suyaki’s words. “Thank you for calling me your buddy. I feel deeply honoured, and if one of you ever feel like climbing Mount Everest somewhere in the future, just give me a call, and I’ll be at your service,” he said kindly. Then he pointed at Josie, and said wisely, “Josie here is proof that if you can believe it, you can achieve it. He climbed Mount Everest all the way to the top, and back down again, and he did it with the right kind of attitude, and for that, I applaud him.”

Babu had a huge smile on his adorable cat face. He felt so delighted to have Josie back where he belonged. He was back in their circle of true friends. It just felt so special. Although it was a very cold day, the love that they felt for each other just warmed their little cat hearts. “Ooh, I know just how to celebrate Josie’s successful climb up Mount Everest. I just thought of a lovely song which I can sing right now, and while I sing, you can all dance,” he said excitedly. Without further ado, he started singing in his high-pitched, shrill little cat voice,

“Josie made it all the way to the top of Mount Everest

He climbed for a whole lot of days, and he did his best

Josie is so brave, and he is such a wonderful friend

He is our hero, and our love for him will never end

We knew in our hearts that Josie would return to us

He’s a one of a kind cat, and he’s also a cat without fuss.”

Babu sang his cute song over and over again, and for him, it was a song straight from the heart. While he sang, Josie, Tumiki, Suyaki and Spunky swayed their hips very vigorously from side to side, and as they danced, their hearts overflowed with so much joy, and Josie turned his head to look at Mount Everest one last time. He felt so glad that he had succeeded in making it all the way to the top of the mountain, and back down again. It just meant so much to him. As he danced with his buddies, he exclaimed loudly to Babu, “Thank you for this great song, Babu ! It means such a lot to me! You’re such a good singer! Keep on singing buddy, so that we can keep on dancing Babu smiled merrily at him, and kept on singing, and all the cats felt wonderful.

About the Author :

Heidi Nel is a 44 year old woman, and she is young at heart. Her hobbies are exercise, yoga, dancing, horse riding and daydreaming. She loves the beautiful South African sunsets, and the gardenia flower. She has a great passion for cats. She would love to run the comrades marathon, the two oceans marathon, and she would also love to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Her motto in life is to keep plugging away bit by bit, and to keep at it.

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Josie Climbs Mount Everest

Josie's lifelong dream was to climb Mount Everest. So he and his cat buddies flew to Tibet in a plane. When the plane landed, he and his cat buddies went straight to the mountain and while his cat buddies waited with bated breath in a nearby cat motel, Josie started climbing the mountain with the help of a cat guide who knew the mountain well. Josie wanted to climb Mount Everest all the way to the top. In his little cat heart, he knew that he could do it. He was a very brave cat and he was very adventurous.

  • ISBN: 9781370134557
  • Author: Anita Hasch
  • Published: 2016-08-12 13:35:08
  • Words: 3405
Josie Climbs Mount Everest Josie Climbs Mount Everest