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Josie and the Christmas Lights


Josie and the

Christmas Lights

Heidi Nel

Shakespir Edition

Copyright 2015 Heidi Nel

All rights reserved

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Josie was laying stretched out with the other cats, and they were all enjoying the warm rays of the

sun. It was the perfect day. The flowers were in full bloom all around them and there was just the

tiniest hint of a breeze. A beautiful butterfly landed on the tip of Josie’s nose and he touched it

playfully with his paw. Suddenly he remembered something important, and he sat up straight.

The butterfly flew away in alarm. “What’s gotten into you?” asked a sleepy Suyaki.

Josie looked at him and said, “I just thought of something.”


Spunky pricked his adorable little cat ears, and asked teasingly, “Oh, what were you thinking of ?

Chasing your own tail ?” he laughed.

Josie pulled a face at him and said amiably, “No, silly. I was thinking that there’s a carnival on in

town today, and tonight the mayor of the town will be switching on the Christmas lights. We can

walk all the way there and maybe grab a pancake or two for each of us, and then we can enjoy

ourselves while watching the lights being switched on.”


Babu sat up instantly and yawned. Then he said excitedly, “Sounds like a great plan to me

but I’d much rather grab myself a hamburger. I just love hamburgers.”

Spunky sat up as well, and he was listening to all this. Ooh, he was all ears. Then he chirped in

eagerly, “Groovy, man. We can go right now. I’m so looking forward to a steak for myself with

a little something on the side.”

Suyaki sprang up and said , “Oh, I can hardly wait. It’s a wonderful plan. As soon as we

get there, I’m going to help myself to a big piece of fish, the bigger the better. You know what I


The other cats all said in a chorus, “We know what you mean.”


They laughed together and then they started walking to town. Ooh, it was a long walk, but the

four cats were very determined. Nothing could stop them now. A horse that was also on its way

to the carnival walked past them. They quickly ran up to it and jumped onto its back, because

they intended to get there in style. Luckily the horse didn’t mind one bit.



The horse entered the town with the four cats on her back, and they all jumped off and thanked her

for the ride. Then they went directly to the food stalls and Josie grabbed a steak off the table

when the owner of the stall was looking the other way. Babu went to a different stall and grabbed

a huge hamburger for himself and Spunky. Suyaki ran hurriedly to the fish stall, and as he got

there, he saw a very pretty lady cat standing there. She winked at him very coyly, and his face

turned red.

Then he made a decision with his little cat brain and grabbed two big pieces of fish when the

owner of the fish stall wasn’t looking. He strolled over to the pretty lady cat and like a real

Casanova he gallantly gave her one piece of fish, and kept the other piece of fish for himself.

The pretty lady cat thanked him by giving him a kiss on his cheek, and he smiled with pleasure.

He then walked back to Josie, Babu and Spunky, and they kept on teasing him about the pretty

lady cat while they ate their food. The food tasted really good.






After they had eaten, they went to another stall and had their faces painted by a nice lady who

was really an expert at painting faces. They hardly recognized themselves afterwards. When the

nice lady’s back was turned, Josie snatched the face painting kit, and they all ran away as fast

as they could. Josie had big plans with the face painting kit. He wanted to scare the neighbour’s

dog properly, because the neighbour’s dog kept on giving Spunky a hard time, and Spunky had

become quite fearful of the neighbour’s dog.

Josie with his painted face.






The day passed pleasantly. The four cats had a lot of fun. They enjoyed every second of the

carnival. Then the sun set and the night felt like a cloak around them. It was time for the

mayor to switch on the Christmas lights.


The big moment that everybody had been waiting for had arrived. The mayor was going to

switch on the Christmas lights. But first he posed for a photo for the local newspaper.

Josie could not wait any longer, and before anybody could stop him, he leaped forward

and flipped on the switch with his little paw.


The Christmas lights came on instantly. It was simply awesome.







Josie, Spunky, Babu and Suyaki couldn’t stop staring at the Christmas lights. They were

completely spellbound. It was such a memorable moment for all of them, and it really touched

their hearts in such a special way. Never before had they seen anything more magnificent.


The mayor felt a bit put out but luckily not for long. He recovered his composure, and looked at

Josie with affection. With a big smile on his face, he turned to the huge crowd of people, and

said joyfully, “Everybody, please give this extraordinary cat a huge round of applause.”

Everybody clapped hands and looked at Josie with such fondness. They also all smiled at him,

and Josie blushed a bright pink color. It was his moment in the spotlight, and the photographer

also took a photograph of him with his cat buddies. They thoroughly enjoyed the moment.

Afterwards, Spunky, Babu, and Suyaki looked at him in awe. They thought that Josie was

indeed greater than great.


They stayed in town for another hour or so, and then they walked all the way back home. Once

they got there, Josie started swaying his hips wildly, and Spunky and Suyaki started dancing too.

Babu thought of a suitable song. Then he cleared his throat dramatically, and sang


We had such fun at the Carnival today

We enjoyed ourselves in each and every way

The day passed too quickly, and soon it was night

And Josie flipped on the switch, and made the Christmas

lights shine bright


Babu sang his little song over and over again, while Josie, Spunky and Suyaki danced. The four

cats were extremely happy, because they felt that they had done something very special, and

afterwards they went to sleep with their face paint still on. While they slept, they were already

dreaming of more adventures.



Josie Rescues A Chick

By Heidi Nel

[* *

Josie, Suyaki, Babu and Spunky were still walking around outside one day, and

they were busy smelling the wild flowers, when all of a sudden Josie stopped what

he was doing. Something made him look up into the beautiful blue sky, so cloudless,

and oh, so high. He saw an eagle soar above them, and it was looking down. Josie

looked around him to try and see what the eagle was looking at.





All he saw was a mother hen with seven of her newborn chicks. She was walking

in front and her newborn chicks was walking in a neat row behind her. The mother

hen was still busy showing off her chicks to the other hens that stood nearby, when

the eagle startled her by swooping down from the sky above. It snatched one of her chicks

from the ground in one fluid motion, thinking of it as a very tasty treat. The mother

hen shouted in alarm, “Oh, my child ! My child ! Somebody please help my child !

Oh, pleeze !”







Josie surprised the other cats when he ran with super great speed. He ran up to the

eagle, and before the eagle could fly back up and away, Josie closed his eyes, and

made a leap of faith. He caught the eagle by one of its claws and held on for all he

was worth. He removed the tiny chick from the other claw, and held onto it with his

paw. The eagle was very angry, and he started to rise above the ground, with Josie

still clinging to it. Then, without warning, he suddenly rose higher, and then he flew

away out of sight.


He flew to a mountain that was quite some distance away, and as he was about to fly

over the mountain, Josie somehow managed to scrape enough courage together.

“Okay, Chickie…on the count of three”, he whispered nervously to the chick.

“One, two, three”, and on the count of three he drew his breath in sharply and let go

of the eagle’s claw. He dropped onto the mountain like a flat pancake, and felt very

relieved that he was still in one piece. The innocent little chick was still in one piece

too. He was still in Josie’s paw, and after Josie stood back up, he put the tiny chick

onto his back. “Can you please take me back to my mother now, Uncle Josie?”

asked the tiny chick in a frightened little voice.





Josie was still wondering to himself how on earth he was going to get off the

mountain, but then, luckily for him, he spotted a mountain path. He felt much better,

and he said to the tiny chick in a kind and soothing voice, “Sure, little fellow. I’ll

have both of us safely back home in a little while from now. I promise.”


Upon hearing this, the tiny chick felt mighty pleased, because he was really starting

to miss his mommy. He settled comfortably on Josie’s back and enjoyed the ride,

while Josie made his way down the mountain path. It took them a while to get all

the way down the mountain path, but when they finally got there, the sun had set

behind the mountain, and night fell upon them. Josie decided to spend the night at

the foot of the mountain, and he lay down. The tiny chick snuggled close to him,

and soon they were both fast asleep.





When they awoke early the next morning, Josie caught a juicy worm, and fed it to

the tiny chick. Then he put the chick back onto his back, and once again they were

on their merry way. Cats always find their way back home, and Josie knew exactly

in which direction he had to walk. While he walked on and on and on, the tiny chick

became very chirpy, so Josie never once felt bored.


When they eventually got home, the sun was shining down upon them in all of its

glory. Suyaki, Babu and Spunky, and the tiny chick’s mother was waiting for them.

When Josie helped the chick off his back, and everyone saw that the chick was

unharmed and totally safe, the mother hen stepped forward, and gave Josie an

affectionate peck on his cheek. Then she said joyfully, “Oh, thank you so much for

saving my child’s life. You are so brave and you are also a true hero. I will never

forget what you did for my child. Thank you.”





Josie blushed a bright pink color from the peck he received on his cheek. “Oh, it

was nothing. I was just doing what I felt was the right thing to do at the time, and

me and your tiny chick really got to know one another and we also became the best

of friends”, he said humbly.

The mother hen smiled warmly at him. Then she said, “Oh, that’s just so heart

warming. I’m so glad that the two of you became the best of friends. It’s just so



Before they walked away to join the other chickens, the tiny chick looked up at Josie, and asked

in a bright little voice, “Will you allow me to ride on your back again sometime, Uncle Josie?”

Josie looked at the tiny chick with such a wonderful tenderness. “Sure, little fellow.

You can take a ride on my back anytime you feel like it”, he said pleasantly.

The tiny chick felt happier than ever when he said, “Oh, thank you, Uncle Josie. I

just love you so much Uncle Josie.”


Josie wiped away a tear, and patted the tiny chick on its head. “I love you too, little

fellow”, he said smilingly.

The tiny chick and its mother walked over to the other chickens. Then Suyaki

embraced Josie, and said, “Welcome home, old chap. We didn’t think that we’d

ever see you again…and by the way, I love you too, man”


Next Babu stepped forward, and he hugged Josie very tightly. “When that eagle

took off with you and the tiny chick, we thought that you were both gonners for sure.

You really had us all worried. I’m just so glad that you’re safe and sound, and I love

you too, and I will always love you, my friend”, he said shyly.

Spunky was his usual spunky self when he also stepped forward and embraced Josie.


“Ha ! Ha ! You really showed that eagle a thing or two. Hopefully he’ll never show

his eagle face around here ever again. We all missed you so much, man. Life sure

ain’t the same without you…and I just also want to say that I love you dearly. You

truly are a wonderful friend, and I’m so glad that you’re back here with us. This is

where you truly belong, my buddy. This is your home”, he said cheerfully.


As Josie looked at the three of them, his little cat heart filled with so much gratitude.

“Aah…you guys. You’re just so special, man. You’re my best friends, and you

always will be. I love you too, man. More than you’ll ever know…and I’m really

glad that the tiny chick and I made our way back home. It sure feels great to be






They looked at each other affectionately. Then Suyaki said joyfully, “Let’s do

something nice to celebrate Josie’s return. Let’s dance, man.”

He started swaying his hips wildly, and then he shouted happily, “Sing us a nice

song, Babu !”

Babu nodded eagerly to him, and started singing a lovely song at the top of his lungs.

It went like this :


“Josie is safely back home with us.

Oh, Josie. Josie, such a wonderful cat

Josie, we love you, and we always will

Josie, the cat with the great fighting skill

Josie is a whole lot sweeter than honey

Josie is so pleasant and oh, so funny.”


As Babu sang his heart out, Josie and Spunky and Suyaki danced with vigour, and

they felt very jolly. They were together again, and it’s all that mattered to them,

and together they looked forward to the promise of each new day, because they

were playful cats who loved fun and adventure.


















About the Author


She is young at heart and lives on a homestead in South Africa. Her hobbies are

reading, writing, horse riding, exercise and yoga. She loves her two dogs and many,

many cats. Her motto is to keep plugging away bit by bit with diligence and discipline.


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Josie and the Christmas Lights

Josie and the Christmas Lights is a children's story about four cats. They go to the carnival and get up to all kinds of mischief. The other story in this book set is 'Josie Rescues a Chick'. In this story Josie, the hero rescues a chick who is snatched by an eagle. Josie grabs the eagle and is carried high into the air with the little chick. They finally land on a mountain and Josie sets out to get the little chick safely back to it's mother.

  • Author: Anita Hasch
  • Published: 2015-11-16 06:20:08
  • Words: 2595
Josie and the Christmas Lights Josie and the Christmas Lights