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Jokes About Cats

Jokes About Cats


William Gore


Copyright William Gore 2016


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1. Jokes about cats


Jokes about cats


In a police station phone calls:

- To the aid, to the aid! – it is heard in a tube. – To the aid!

- Now we leave, – the inspector speaks. – But what happened?

- The cat rushed into a room!

- Forgive, the monsieur, but because of such trifles police do not disturb.

Who are you?

- How it who? Parrot, certainly!


Having returned from fishing, the husband asks:

- Cat of the house?

- Come, be not afraid, I to it sprats bought, – the wife answers.


The thief asks a black cat who stole a march on it,

when he was off to commit criminal act:

- For whom you work?

- Messes! – that answered.


Three cats meet, argue who from them is lazier.

- I lay yesterday on a floor, and from a table sausage fell. So to me laziness

was to approach and eat…

- And yesterday the hostess with milk under a nose delivered a saucer to me, and me

to drink up laziness…

- And you heard yesterday shouts? So it I to myself on egg came.

Painfully, and a paw to lift laziness…

Jokes About Cats

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  • Author: William Gore
  • Published: 2016-12-21 01:20:07
  • Words: 216
Jokes About Cats Jokes About Cats