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Jellyfish Meltdown



Jellyfish Meltdown





Elancharan Gunasekaran




All rights reserved

Copyright © 2016 Elancharan Gunasekaran


















O, just the random poetic ramblings of a mad man…

























Eye Drops

one drop, two drops still

ice on fire, eyes on fire

I cry-

for all to see



I want your love

your sex- your best

I want a slice of your brain


Take Off

on highways we run

naked- boobs floating

taking off into the night











Satellites plunge, into atmosphere, blinding eyes.


Veins, vessels, they pop; bodies bleed.


Metallic arms, calculate danger, dropping crates.


Earth to dropship, do not enter.


Airlock open, she kicked me out.











Not Right

words, spill, spill forth

spit fire, spit saliva

crumpling paper into matter



feed our society rich

they’ll feed scraps in return

feed our society with love

maybe they’ll learn



jellyfish to control

do you copy? I repeat…

Fuck you!











Part of me is, becoming alien.


Leaving behind, family, friends, goodbye Earth.


No love out here, in space.


No out, no in, only here.


No feminism, work together to survive.











Hot Days

the heat seeps

into the autumn of skin

burning, burning, we all fall down



abduct me please

bare, naked for stars to see

abduct me, you will be pleased



the smell of paint

drugging my pressure

I’m speaking to strange beings












Bitch please, do you speak English?


Voyager has landed, can we leave?


Rescue is still light years away.


Ejected pods, hurtling towards the Earth.


Break open, tentacles emerge, strangling innocents.











Little Bits

a little laughter

a little touch

sex, sex, smacking things


Devils in Suits

to politicians-

we sell our souls

prepare, to be disappointed



in symphony, we dance

bodies sliding- waltzing beneath sheets

on sweat and rabid moans























Foreign creatures, snatching bodies, living lies.


Logging my daily report, to robots.


Three years in space. Overgrown beard.


Missing bolts, damaged suits, waiting out.


Sun’s flare, burning holes in concrete.












she slams the door

in faces, in the hearts of people

single and happy, you think you are



stares, questions, leaving worlds-

across borders, into heavens

may I have your passport please?


No Play

work, until your last

work, until you tired and lost

then life?












Fortified skin, human nails breaking off.


Moving strange objects with my mind.


First we destroy, then we escape.


No regrets, darling. Initiating self-destruct sequence.


Floating in space, eating dark matter.












head under the water

holding breath- air, air, air

jellyfishes, tugging at my soul



in anger- I stomp, screams peaking

putting the non-living to shame

humans, fuck us all!


No Noise

a place to sleep, please

knock, knock, fuck you, wake up, knock

eyes closed, grinding teeth












One fleeting moment, I felt alive.


Black surrounds us all, consuming light.


Thrusters at max, we lose control.


From sand, from hell, starships emerge.


First day in space. I crashed.












Jellyfish, would you die for me?

imploding, exploding-

going supernova, yet you always here


Out of Luck

life is a crime, a police car chase

run, hide, run, shoot, breathe, run, run

a day of escaping the enforcers of death



a lobotomy for the world

gods in white coats confer at an orgy

about time, they did something about us












Space sex- Out of this world!


Aliens are friends; show them love.


Broken. Beaten. Warped. I feel old.


Trump has won. Bye-bye Mother Earth.


We, are trash in space. Hooah!











Michael Jordan, 2.30 meters tall and naked

running on air, his teeth pearl white

cameras flashing, trying to keep up with history



grabbing pussies, grabbing cocks

voting boxes filled with hate

choose none, hear the people’s say


Look Me in the Eyes

have some booze, maybe a teat

suckle for pleasure, suckle dear mammal

boobs confused with faces; don’t stare












Do you dream of numbers? Aye.


Empty spaces for all, come share.


Fix the reactor! Eject it quick!


Space cows stealing our show. Lack of oxygen.


I’m sorry. For blowing up this planet…










Play God

finger in the cosmos

black and white, I mix

the milky ways, swirling destinies


Somewhere In There

he sits there, smiling

making love to his cellphone

human emotions emerging-

for just one moment…


Living Life

fuck the numbers

hand in hand, I would marry life

lose your virginity, it’s perfectly fine











Dream on, dream on. Set your soul free.


Initials on space rock. I’m famous!


Pricking fingers. We sip wine with blood.


Spacesuit tight. I slap your butt.


Close to the Sun. We sweat in kisses.










Slippery Floors

faces in the rushing wind

voices in the wild rain

slip, slip, we all fall down



pay to be published

go on, pay up! Pockets bleed

to see words on paper



I would like to say a few words

this world is painful, maybe mad

laughter helps













Captain. We have a situation. No food.


I found the black hole. We’re in it.


Stop, drop, roll. How do you put out a nuclear fire?


Her love is alien. Her love is abductive.


Before you soul-search, you should die.



















This Was Coming

this world

is a crime, a sinful product

the adultery of gods


Porn Flick

shoot. Reload. Shoot…

bullets run out, breath runs dry

masturbating on lies




they came, they preached

they fucking left us to die























From up here, the world seems fucking fine.


Wait till we get closer. I mean real close.


Now we seeing it. I take back my words.


Oh hell. I see red, white and lots of Facebook regrets.


Mayday! Mayday! Abort landing!




















Hard Sex

honey spilled from the cock

she made it spasm, rock and roll

our pets tilted heads at our moans



I took her hand in mine

from a sculpted cliff, we jumped

into marriage



sing me a song please

one of buttered farted tunes

sing me to sleep please























Cull the banks, stash our money in gunny sacks!


Thunder thighs become space-thin. O, come back please.


Give me a camera; let me shoot you down.


Remember space is void. So no sorrows, only smiles.


Jellyfishes in space. Would you prefer man-eating-mind-warping aliens?




















this evening,

I wrote my first eulogy.

many have past, I’m a little late


Good Stuff

my plus points are never argued.

I manipulate and steal

for the good of the world



through lens I watch.

the world turn mad

and streets swallow the living ghosts























I hate it when you whine and cry. No one hears you!


This deep in space. The jellyfishes are waltzing to your heartbeat.


I’m glad, I’m not alone. You, me, we and radio static…


Bragging rights- The first human to be lost in infinity.


You see, you are no more. Your food, your clothes. All mine.




















when they talk too much-

you put jellyfish in their mouth

make them choke on death


Said Who?

LOVE is great!

said everyone who ever did

well fuck yall!


Life Goals

I was given a simple task in life-

To meltdown

and guess what? I did!






























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About the Author





Elancharan is a visual artist and poet. He resides in Singapore with his family and cat, Leo. He has a strange love for all things poetical and Sci-Fi. He is the author of several modern poetry collections. His latest publications are Why You So Dark? by UndergroundBooks (New York), Chanting Demons by Rainy Day Reads (Portland) and Dark Revolver by Roman Books (UK/India). His poetry has been published worldwide, on various international print and online platforms. To view his creative portfolio visit Instagram: @elancharan or Twitter: @elancharang



Jellyfish Meltdown

O, just the random poetic ramblings of a mad man...

  • ISBN: 9781370222124
  • Author: Elancharan Gunasekaran
  • Published: 2016-11-30 04:50:40
  • Words: 1307
Jellyfish Meltdown Jellyfish Meltdown