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Jello Shots Issue #2

Jello Shots

Issue #2


Maria Morisot


Published by Moan Lisa Press at Shakespir


Public Domain


Something unexceptional placed

slowly and methodically

pacing down

to center


A cup

of unexpected

surrealism; dadaism



In every way,

the motion of the sun

rescinds; creates

new pathways

through my neural




Semaphore I repeat,

in memory’s bank

unbeknown to us

there must be someone

dead to trigger his

unconscious rhythmic

deity. To alter his

perception about


of form & function

strapped into the

electric chair;

still breathing but short—


Contemplating insecticide; cerebral heliotropes

blocks of dirty messages

stacked inside permuted space

what necessitates

clean utterances of God in all of His conditions

the memory

of our






horticultural inebriation

stacked hand silencing

protrusions set in stone


With a password: nYUrle8u I seize an opportunity

to devolve in my communications and necessitate decay

I rant and piece together

the philosophy of science and God

and rake in the leaves of sedimentary


never before, here,

has news devolved

so completely into

public denial

my systemic







Could mean rebuttal in the first form

to glean heaven’s ascendants

my long, lost relativistic

surgical implants

death- defying acts of post-war



‘’Had you,, & I

sought out scientific

truths as consequential

rain as synthetic

glue & gossamer

reconstructive, preconceived dismissal

without dignity

the science of

letting things


danger & wanton glass shards

of hurt in parallel

with & in addition to

the silhouette which spans the seas


A bird; a poet, I should have seen it

from the beginning; she can fly, soar

but they will put her down; in chains.

Nobody wants to see her

drowning in the dirty depths; but here

we are; dashing through the snow

without a sleigh bell jingling.

have thought I’d

placed a plastic bag

over my head and recited

every word in its

abundance taking to

heart the necessities

of my imagination


Pieces of rearranged gods

a silent night satisfying evocation

will we commune and damnify the heathen

for her uncanny wit; sour spill & helium

migration path herein

bleeding profusely

uncommonly called by sentient

glass ‘’instability,,

a satiated

chain reaction

to circumscribe life-theoretic

manufacturing systems

here, in the oceanic tide; stopped by wave

after wave; particle

by particle, these quantum computations








Rise & fall

of Western



Appropriated symphonic forms; ab-

stracted synthesis of materialized

ovulation, decimation, short order

cook; two-step

meandering through Eden,

watchful for the vines

as we dance; joyfully through

another night; naked as we are.


Come, close

to me, spirit

away indignity &

silently murder my ghost,

the stable sword of centurions

buckled against the side of me


Framed backwards, a foil

skin; a tin can crutch

a bottle at sea, message

inside reads:


‘’No more contents,,





a real risk

factor; to persist when every facet

of her self aims to

withdraw and disengage


‘’So say we all,,


And to the foyer, retract our bid

in seriousness of silence

desecrating God’s internal




Benediction chamber of

circular saw reactionary





Felt like iron

tentacles; marmalade

polarization fields,

aperture grooves.


Fat like scientific journals,

I melt the door like wax;




But the door is shut.


Rote, rote, rote, rote


The capital ‘’X,,

divisive segmentation

denotes a possibility

for change; ‘’X,,


Zile consumes my thoughts;

the typewriter of the new millennium

pierced through words with binary

comprehension; I couldn’t

stay awake without thoughts of you

crossing my mind.

Foster children,

static symbolic

Easter eggs; curtailed

semantic corpses

in red lingerie

symbolizing desire &

necessitating Purgatory’s spell




To redeem my thoughts and cleanse the attic of my soul;

to spend without regard, for words come in abundance,

severing all mention of sanity for scraping content

from the bowl of my deepest longings; I came into

here from the outside world to see your face again;


Because you have no body recognizable,

my words will form your mouth and I will

kiss your lips with the expenditure of sentence


Choking on gum,

chewing on ideal reality;

I spew my salient sperm

across this ‘’wetware,, receptacle.

A nano-technologic suicide

endorsed by God’s

delightful offspring


Oust, kill,




and counter-

[act; feit]


Blooms afford construction and simple measurement


To pierce






with Satan

Jello Shots Issue #2

  • ISBN: 9781370971664
  • Author: Maria Morisot
  • Published: 2016-11-25 11:50:09
  • Words: 714
Jello Shots Issue #2 Jello Shots Issue #2