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Questions and Answers


Q: What makes people laugh?

A: Jokes




You says


Tommy: Jason say Joke.

Jason: Joke.

Tommy: Hold on you might just choke.



Invention Jokes


I invented the you say jokes.



Kids facts


A baby has twice the bones as an adult.





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Gummy bears!



























Q: What kind of song Jamaica cats enjoy?

A: Reggae mewsic.



Q: What three words jamaican uses to describes hell?

A: Devil, evil, d’vile.



Q: What kind of bags do they called Jamaican kids?

A: Side bags.



Q: What did Bob Marley saw after he wakes up?

A: His three little birds.














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Q: What do Jamaica say when they’re ok?

A: Irie mon.




Q: What two bears are found around the house?

A: Gummy and teddy bear.




Q: What do Jamaicans called stealing?

A: Illegal borrowing.




Q: What all Jamaicans will wear into hell?

A: Hell-met. (helmet)




Q: What do jamaican say about football?

A: Foot kick it and mouth bawl.






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Q: What’s the most suitable ride to hell?

A: Hell-icopter.



Q: Why did the vampire get arrested?

A: Because he robbed the blood bank.



Q: Which fish is found in the sky?

A: Star fish.



Q: Why don’t mosquitos bite clowns?

A: Because they taste funny.
















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Q: Why the national stadium was so cold during the match?

A: Because of all those fans.




[*Q: What Jamaican birds do on the Internet? *]

A: Tweets.  




Q: What number does the weather update for?

A: 4 cost. (Forecast)




Q: How do Jamaicans made cold hard cash?

A: Put their money in the freezer.




Q: What do you find at the end of Jamaica?

A: The letter ‘a’.






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Q: What kind of sickness the Jamaican karate team get?

A: Kung flu.




Q: What kind of trees Jamaican grow in their hands?

A: Palm trees.




Q: Why Jamaican skeleton is always lonely?

A: They has no-body.




Q: What leaves is found inside the clock?

A: Thyme leaves.












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Q:What’s the only thing with three hands?

A: Clock.




Q:What wave is found in the house?

A: Microwaves.




Q: When do they need police in the sky?

A: During star wars.




Q: Which two letters you really need in the hot summer time ?

A: A.c (Air conditioning).




Q: Why babies don’t born with teeth?

A: Milk don’t need to be chew.










Q: What’s the difference between numbers and letters?

A: When will you find a capital number.



Q: Why Jamaicans love Chinese food?

A: Because they’re Jamaicanese.



Q: What kind of oil airplane use?

A: Hair oil.



Q: What  has the hardest age?

A: Stone age.



Q: Whats the slippers say after hard foot pressuring?

A: Flip-flops.












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Q: Who cry to end the drought?

A: The clouds the rain came.




Q: What sweets comes in a can?

A: Candy.




Q: What scrape the sky?

A: A sky scraper.




[*Q: What keeps Rubbing the banks running away? *]

A: The river.












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Q: Where do fishes store their money?

A: The river banks.



Q: Where was the first cane found?

A: In the bible.



Q: What do you called a set of rabbits arrange in a line?

A: Carrot hare-line.



Q: Why did Usain bolt couldn’t listen Kartel new song at Beijing Olympic?

A: Because he broke the record.














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Jamaica kids Joke

Jamaica kids jokes and more this piece will energized not just your kids, but for the entire family it will keep kids laughing and participating in speech that will bring families together to share comical moments. Fun hilarious pieces wrap in the Jamaican kids jokes and more........... Comedians, family jokers, all entertainers come and more comic to your jokes vocabulary. Q: What kind of song Jamaica cats enjoy? A: Reggae mewsic. Q: What three words jamaican uses to describes hell? A: Devil, evil, d'vile. Kino: Paul say time. Paul: Time. Kino: you see this? Paul: What? No? Kino: Then you are blind. *How tall are you 5 feet 4 hands 3 heads and a bonus tail*

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  • Author: Penric Gamhra
  • Published: 2016-12-14 10:35:23
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Jamaica kids Joke Jamaica kids Joke