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Intruder Style

Intruder style



Torch Hard


Copyright Torch Hard 2017













































Intruder style:

crown of shame:


When darkness comes along- happy all is well. Like a seeking peeking heaping bunch of trash. We see to it sigh cry need no crown to waste on a lurk murky shock. Ha ha ha pump up the crown height lamp. Shake like a billy game clan. Chance it to a caught limit. Shape a logo seeking cricket. Mapping sacking whirling twirling seeing a shame crown hurling. Mark it up with black hack- scram – yeah crown of shame! Make it up your a false blood hood up. Crown of shame! Rake man sup! Ladder take it on! Muck it on! Sew it on! Ham it on! On – rat on! Crown of shame! Lash hash the crasher. mash the twitch. hash the hunk. mash the lumper. mash the skinner. Whatever! Whoever! What a slacker crown of shame why get shunned? lack it. sock it. bone it. lone it. Mask it. Trap it. Tap it. Sail it. Just don't put on the crown of shame! Just don't put on the crown of shame! Just don't put on the crown of shame! Just don't put on the crown of shame! Just!- don't-put- on – the -crown- of shame!!! so just get a shyster dice just fake it you may make... just remember.. I told you so! I told you so! I told you so! Told you so! Told you so! I told you so! So don't dare make me!

























Intruder style:

All eyes crossed:


Making total trash out of a scene. Crying to a crush for help. Dancing fragile moments away. Mirroring rash act that what I am feeling no cramps. At all trying no treatment no! As crowd flees crying stop! Stop! Stop! Then fleeing back. All eyes crossed seeing eyes crossed I cross the bucket with no mannered manners lurking in me fair and nothing crash! All eyes crossed look all eyes crossed. Oh so every eyes seems cross all the fools staring at me seeming so dumb they are. Ramp a big clear cut mate seeming fake as an owl seems to hoot a lot. Rash as ever never stop. Oh so! Keep in mind a creep seems dumb till marching up with a crossed face lurking out man seeming very pronounced enough ha? See and listen and light will come on. Fare away air will race in. so go on! come on! come on! Come on! Come on! Bring it on! Bring it! Ha ha ha! Cry a face-sleep and dirty dirty leaps are enough so take it on keep your eyes crossed! All eyes crossed!




















Intruder style:


Fame a bunch of light! Light! Light! Light! Light! Light! No cryin roll it off! off! of off! Buying no years seeing no! Sweet shining drops! When the flashlight comes along. Feelin sorta humming bird. Peeping here peeping there find not a blink of light. Because the light is gonna shine! Shine! Shine! Shine! Shine! Flashlight come on sit up or its gone. No! Shake it up for no peeps meek. See it hum. Flashlight seek more sit I cry. We see me more sly we cry. We are tearing our eyes. Sneeking in soak making our eyes dark! Got to seek no light this time! Ho ho ho! Sheer madness you will go make a hot spot lock for it. Because flashlight come on. Come come come on already. Will you? Shack down! Hehe hehe. Like or not like or not. Flashlight turns it off. Seeing a trap seek a flashlight regret it . Try it. Yup keep tryin. Heart in heart out out! Flashlight you need no seeing. Flashlight hey! Flashlight please back off I don’t need you in my head anymore no more! Back off now back off now! Sham!






















Intruder style:

Bump a crash:

Lame lame bump sash crash it out! Will you you come with me? Shush out rat crew hard. Swoon show up the man. Acre reputation. Come with me tonight knock up: knick knack snack fry lush. Crinkety shame neat lock socket. Shoo shoo look far so. Eek are you!? ha. Ruck muck sick. Look it up! Up up up up. Sick it up! Look it up! Muck it up! Shoo look shoo hoo! Push back a back back back back a back! Eyes rack it up. Eye eye eye eyes rack it! Lock suck lock it lock it lock it. Show off- fake it bump a crash cra cra cra cra cras-sh!!! we crash all the party party. Pa pa party! Shame a bump a crash whine suck! Look it up! Hoe so crash a bump! Bump a crash! Bump a crash! Crash a bump! Bump! Bump! Bump! Ha! Lump sacks. The crash of bolts! Sicko. No more! Woe crash a bump. Crash a bump! Woe! Woe! Woe! Man seek no cbones. Seek seek a crud filled brain. More luck no! Luck not may. Sneek sheeple hip hip hip snit hit! Hi hi hi hi hit! Lush home! More shark nike salt. Moor moor moor moor loor hoor.lock sore shore near core. Hard core! Mean heat meat. Meer hear. Sock a sham hole heep thick hook. Frick nitlick took na more bump a crash bump a crash! A suck crash the party. Crash axe mark look snoor. Shine or core same. Blunt hose crunch worm put on the nose hand. Bump forever! crash forever! bump ha ha ha ha ha ha hands! Forever sicko ha. Oh stick a crash in the fork crash bump. Bump bump bump play it hard. Cut!

















Intruder style:

lucky hat:


Ramp up tonight, no worry no! Cause I have my lucky hat oh yeah! Shreik like petty freaks. My heart wil rack till a lucky hat fails to a meeting the insane I go. Because mark my words leak no nonesense. Proud hard! Rate learn! Pick a fight to a bird pecking lank man. Sure meet it hard. Bark a rally. Dwell it. Sure. Becuse a lucky hat will crush you! Like a hot sick animal will hush you. So don't mess with my skull head oh no. Keep a blind eye you son of hipster freaklit! Meet a fork trap to wreak. Una read barks more on? Lucky hat luck hat lucky hat! No lazy loon tricks no don't dare- laugh charade a pouncing freak aha!


























Cry dark:

Pain of a shadow cry out a pain track yeah. Why so dull hmm. So cry a tear of darkness yeah! See to it no tears get out! We cry for a dark eyed man! So tear up an forget the world! Cry dark ha! Seek cry of matching minds! Lurking a man of black. A cheap sign of ranting parashells! Vengience longs beyond. So mark a kind lamb tear fake up! Cry dark all through the night! Dark all torn apart. So take it on and be free, take make it off. Turn through no more say no! Mark- take it. No more say no! Mark a dark eye ey ey ey eye! So why cry?!!! rap it up in take old makes makes! Without a face man! Dirty it up up up! So make it take off! No ranting darkness without a sound! Sip a little dar dar dar dar darkness darkness! Come on try it! Please try try try try try try it! Try it!












Intruder Style

  • ISBN: 9781370447800
  • Author: Torch Hard
  • Published: 2017-05-09 23:50:09
  • Words: 1235
Intruder Style Intruder Style