Introduction: the state and family killed my Messiah; a true ongoing event, a re

I never would have written a book that could get some people in trouble, I was not a snitch, I still am not a snitch, but there was a point when certain people tried to kill me and followed me everywhere and even the day that my child was murdered these people were outside waiting for me making it difficult to care for my child, even the mother was under threat, and it was not the Philippines although they participated, it was Americans who had worked for the American military, some claimed to have just gotten out of the war and still had security clearance, I had talked to several of them because I stopped them from following me and some even had a drink with me , some gave me their phone numbers, but I will only speak about the actual people who I know for a fact participated in my baby girls death and the attempts on my life because that is the line I draw, and if any of these people have some medal such as purple heart or even a medal of honor as some who followed me had said, then I suggest we take it away from them, and those people at the state department who participated using poison to make me look sick while I ran from them in order to get me to hospital where men waited to changed the death certificate, I wish they are arrested, there were many , likely under contract whoever investigates for the state department under contract or some of those who worked for my parents, my child died because of them, I abandoned my residences because of them, and I barely survived but by G-d saving me, I lived to tell you about this, and these people should all be arrested, even if there are one hundred of them. I am 100% sure that if any investigator were to research and interview in the Philippines about this situation there would be hundreds of witnesses in jails in gangs in the police and NBI and also the state department. Writing about anything to do with the state department is one thing that could get me killed, but I am in a catch 22, they will come again if I don’t say anything, I want to call this book catch 23. I originally titled this book something to do with a reward asking Presidential Donald Trump and officer Steven Seagal for help since they are becoming commander in Chief or in police, and I had written and faxed police in Boston, Weston , Locally wherever I was when these things happened, I had written congress and attorney generals, Investigator at attorney general, FBI, and several more, including dozens of lawyers but for unknown reasons all of those I contacted no one replied. On my baby girls death certificate was written death by unknown causes when they delivered her body. I carried her in the pure white cotton I had prepared after the priest whom I hired to bless her upon coming into our world and carried her to the only 6 foot grave in the state I had dug specially since law had said only 3 feet were allowed, and I prayed the burial rites and a shooting star flew above, I was the only one there that night along two neighbors of the cemetery who had asked help covering the grave site that night. The Yudowitz family did in fact conspire to kill me in revenge for dishonoring their name when I did exactly what they told me to do as always, to seek counseling for my shame which was due to years of horrific sexual abuse and emotional abuse and violence which they in turn told others that everything was fine at home, and during a lost passport investigation by the state department my father began a rumor by calling many people and telling them without cause that he wanted for the record that I may be insane, but I was normal, I am normal, just that whenever I had sex I felt great shame and even sitting near people I felt they would touch me, but those feelings dissipated over time and now in my forties those feelings have dissipated mostly.

My father’s statement added pressure to the state department when I was being investigated for lost passports and made me more of a suspect, they might have thought I was selling passports or that I was insane which was fueling aggression on the investigators.

I had travelled most of my time since leaving home in high school as a salesman or as a salesman, so I had no long time friends to help me deal with this situation, and I promise everyone out there reading, there is not a chance in hell that I would hurt myself or others, I find a complete strength in G-d and a yearning to live life to the furthest, so I asked that Donald trump who would become president to accept my will and testament to especially continue publishing my book forever also to arrest those federal contract workers and my family involved; those bad people were in fact the investigators for my father and the state department. They can be brought to justice, or lose their pension, lose their loved ones in disgrace,, they are evil, and I had done nothing wrong ever to my country, I do admit there may have been times when younger that I took some yogurt from a store or a magazine or baseball cards and I regret having reasoned that I could make friends by doing so in school or revenge for something taken or me, and I am wise man, Yudowitz means wisdom, and I drew the line to flirt with that much trouble when I was younger, I knew as a good person then but also as a very young person , it was going to be difficult to be such a good person in such a bad world fitting in so I may have flirted, I was not perfect.

Writing this edition and the previous ones too, was very difficult to relive the incredible trauma, and I would not even mention much about the even with the child because that is sacred and it was as such when you hear stories about veterans at war and the hell in war and this was worse.

Growing up I envied poor inner city people being so cool, but I hated them for thinking that rich kids like me were so ungrateful and had it all, I was tortured as a kid, and the reasons I was not rescued was because I was trapped in a isolated house and my father was director of the depart of corrections psychology and his background was Jewish Mafia and some of the FBI he worked with off the record were in line with the likes of whitey Bulger, whom he mentioned out loud when I was in the house , he was opening the mail and said out loud, “I am sure gona miss Whitey, he could sure fix a problem”, this was just after Whitey escaped Boston. This alone might be construed as me snitching but I am not and these guys suck, for they are the kinds of people that were involved and only someone like Trump or Seagal would have the ability to find out about.

Also just before the hit man switched placed with the doctor at my physical in Baguio Philippines had told the Hillel in New York in confidentiality that I intended to Boycott them and also the Yudowitz Medical lecture hall in Scotland because I could not in goods conscience let the Jewish mafia name be on any medical , psychology or religious or law building, and those people there shame on them if they feel comfortable there, besides it wouldn’t be kosher.

My family is so cheap that they would kill their own family for money, they simply don’t value life at all, ultimately it lead to my disavowing their entire lineage, if I had a wish I would boycott the entire Yudowitz name worldwide not just the three or more buildings, I do think all Yudowitz around the world in which ever spelling should pay attention to the seriousness of this child killing and what took place in the Yudowitz house, that those people shouldn’t get away with this.

No one can say that I wasn’t asking for help all the way through. I called the stated department to beg that my parents send some money for the hospital to send the mother who was trying to kill the child and about the men who chased us and threatened her life also but the state department seemed to be involved I don’t know how but when they poisoned me ands some American came up to me and joked, aren’t you confused, or those American came with their foreign military friends threaten my life proclaimed they had once worked as secret agents, I have no respect for them and no one should, they are a disgrace and should have their medals removed. The embassy law officer who I requested help from the afternoon I walked in there poisoned, likely by their own people, he refused to attend to me and probably so he could stay far away from the problem, but he should be removed from duty for derelict of duty, and the girl from Arlington Massachusetts and others who phone called my father and relayed every word I made without any privacy act waiver, they should all be prosecuted The duty officer on the phone with me I called him many times, I had been poisoned with a powerful LSD, and I clearly heard him tell me there was a Warrant on my life, he told me to call back in the morning, and when I did the next officer was suspiciously asking me about who I spoke with the night before ( in the Philippines there is no LSD) Out there is a princess , whom my father judged his success from counseling her, what kind of Princess would hold her head up high now knowing this, how will she help, since she is how this man judges his own success, and how she might judge her own.

The previous two Christmases I was chased by covert operatives and they nearly killed me and they were responsible along my father for the death of the most beautiful girl in the world, and so now I write this introduction to see if there is anyone good out there who can stop the hit team. People, my mind, my heart, is healthy and I swear to G-d that I am telling the truth, and if you all have any humanity in you, the good stuff, then you will be a good Samaritan, even if you are involved and under threat of death or incarceration, please do the right thing now. My books are copyrighted and I wish that this can be an example forever for the public to learn from.


Introduction: the state and family killed my Messiah; a true ongoing event, a re

Begging for my life and the life of my baby girl not only were pleas rejected but the state and family literally in the legal sense conspired to have us killed. This book is intended to help find good Samaritans, so far there are none, and to bring justice, so far there has been none, and to boycott private institutions related.

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Introduction: the state and family killed my Messiah; a true ongoing event, a re Introduction: the state and family killed my Messiah; a true ongoing event, a re