Introduction: Good Samaritan's needed to help Save Lawrence Yudowitz from This R


People tried to kill me and followed me everywhere and the day

that my child was murdered these people were outside waiting for

me making it difficult to care for my child, even the mother was

under threat, and this happened in Hong Kong, Seattle and

during my stay in the Philippines, but I will only speak about the

actual people who I know for a fact participated in my baby girls

death and the attempts on my life because that is the line I draw,

those people used poison to make me look sick while I ran from

them in order to get me to hospital where men waited in my

opinion to changed the death certificate as was done to the baby’s .

My child died because of them, I abandoned my residences

because of them, and I barely survived. I lived to tell you about

this, I am 100% sure that if any investigator were to research and

interview in the Philippines about this situation there would be

hundreds of witnesses in jails in gangs in the police and NBI and

also the state department.

Writing about anything to do with the state department is one

thing that could get me killed according to one group of these men

in Mactan, Cebu at Deca 3 they sat at a table downstairs from my

room where a small convenient store was and upon coming

downstairs and shaking their hands a man named Jun said “I am

not going to shoot that man”, and there to his right was a Philippino

with a huge birthmark around his eye, and to his right one American bald

with arm tattoos, I asked who they were and they said the Philippine

army, I asked the American, are you with the state department and he said

“why’ do you want to die?”, and I said “no I want more evidence”

(referring to constant threats while under investigation) This man

suddenly twisted his neck to his left as if in fear. I was told by the man at

the window of the Boston passport agency Id likely be investigated

due to lost passports.

I am in a catch 22, they will come again if I don’t say anything,

I want to call this book catch 23 because it is worse than a catch 22


I wrote a book after I escaped the Philippines and then I began

offering a reward on Amazon Kindle and I half expected Amazon to

call the police or FBI because I was writing a non fiction asking

for life/death help but not a response even requesting help with

that question from their legal department., in the book I was

asking Presidential Donald Trump and officer Steven Seagal for

help since they are becoming commander in Chief or in police, and

I had written and faxed police in Boston, Weston, Locally wherever

I was when these things happened, I had written congress and

attorney generals, Investigator at attorney general, FBI, and

several more, including dozens of lawyers but for unknown reasons

all of those I contacted no one replied.

I carried my baby in the pure white cotton I had prepared after the

priest whom I hired blessed her upon coming into our world, and

I carried her to the only 6 foot grave in the state I had dug specially

since law had said only 3 feet were allowed, and I prayed the burial

rites and a shooting star flew above. I was the only one there

digging that night along two neighbors of the cemetery who I asked

help covering the grave site that night.

The Yudowitz family I strongly suspect did in fact conspire to kill

me in revenge for dishonoring their name after I did exactly what

they told me to do as always, to seek counseling for my shame

issues which was due to years of horrific sexual abuse and

emotional abuse and violence, and then during a lost passport

investigation by the state department my father began a rumor by

calling many people and telling them without cause that he wanted

for the record that I may be insane and a manipulator, but I was

normal, I am normal, just that whenever I had sex I felt great

shame and even sitting near people I felt they would touch me, but

those feelings dissipated over time and now in my forties those

feelings have gone finally. During the abuse as a kid I wouldn’t

want anyone to even look at me, I was so hurt, but they told all the

teachers everything was fine at home, I called my mom’s

psychiatrist to ask why wasn’t a report I discovered around 2009

was covered up, it said that I had an incestuous relationship with

my mom , mostly loving though I refused her bathing because

Didn’t like it, she was not the molester though; and so I called that

Dr. Onesti , he said his notes said that she said everything was fine

at home, yet my mom had sent me a letter here saying things were

so bad that the family couldn’t have a doctors appointment, the

school said they wanted us as a family to be seen otherwise id have

to leave the school , and so they took the later choice, I was 8., My

father scared her or anyone from getting in his way.

My father’s statement seemingly added pressure to the state

department when I was being investigated for lost passports and

made me more of a suspect, they might have thought I was selling

passports or that I was insane which was fueling aggression on the

investigators who teased me about some small sci fi story I wrote

which I have deleted so hard to say why they brought it up. A

women there from Arlington Massachusetts laughed at me when I

called her during my application for a repatriation loan when I told

her that my dad probably said that I was crazy and she said yes.

The hit team appeared at the house just after that, one American

male Caucasian with two cowering Philippine police men. I went

outside to great them and the American snarled at me about when

I told someone at a club the month before that I was from France

as a joke. About a week before this is when a different American

looking man walked by our door, the house I stayed in at 26 c Imus

Highway waiting for the loan. That same short man appeared a

year later by me just before the same emergency room doctor

switched places with my appointment doctor and he tried to kill

me. I never got the loan and though the girl from Arlington said

she was arranging the necessary 2500 to exit and buy airfare, only

1500 was sent, thus keeping me in that house with the most

terrible of people, both her fathers had been murdered and her

godfather claimed to work as an assassin for Americans previously

also. It seemed that the Philippines was a training ground for

covert operations and that my Dad was like that in Israel. Every

time I called Weston for help in a life or death situation , they said I

had done a public service or that they would think about it, some

things they said they could have only known if they were in contact




I had travelled most of my time since leaving home in high school

as a salesman so I had no long time friends to help me deal with

this situation, and I promise everyone out there reading, there is

not a chance in hell that I would hurt myself or others, I find a

complete strength in G-d and a yearning to live life to the furthest,

so I asked that Donald trump who would become president to

accept my will and testament to especially continue publishing my

book forever also to arrest those people and my family involved,

there were several laws at least laws broken, even now I had

suspicion that my trust account might have something to do with it

since the next man to inherit in case of my death would be my

oldest brother who I have no respect for. I asked for a copy

according to Massachusetts law but not given, I had given my

family my address to pay my taxes several years in a row but time

again they make excuses and lie telling me that they didn’t know

where to send it though they did send my high school transcripts

for my criminology class abroad, they paid my taxes behind my

back with no authorization also suspiciously looking to hide my

own financial matters.

I had done nothing wrong ever to my country, I do admit there

may have been times when younger that I took some yogurt from a

store or a magazine or baseball cards and I regret having reasoned

that I could make friends by doing so in school or revenge for

something taken or me, and I am wise man, Yudowitz means

wisdom, and I drew the line to flirt with that much trouble when I

was younger, I knew as a good person then but also as a very young

person , it was going to be difficult to be such a good person in such

a bad world fitting in so I may have flirted, I was not perfect. the

Growing up I envied poor inner city people being so cool, but I

hated them for thinking that rich kids like me were so ungrateful

and had it all, I was tortured as a kid, and the reasons I was not

rescued was because I was trapped in a isolated house and my

father was director of the depart of corrections psychology .when I

was in the house , he was opening the mail and said out loud, “I am

sure goona miss Whitey, he could sure fix a problem”, this was just





Writing this edition and the previous ones too, was very difficult

to relive the incredible traumas of being killed and the several

instances when the baby was crushed to death at 71/2 months just

before delivery and the mom laughed at how the baby struggled for

life.., and I would not even mention much about the even with the

child because that is sacred and it was as such when you hear

stories about veterans at war and the hell in war and this was

worse, and those peo0ple that I called the state department and my

family about for help, they all took note but no help. In fact during

the pregnancy I was poisoned a few times ,all variations of a strong

hallucinogen more like mdma than lsd, at the time before my

escape from the Philippines the drug felt to have been combined

with some neurotoxin, I have a sample stored of my blood, there is

no such thing like that in the Philippines, and I first noticed a

puncture wound in my right muscle behind the knee and down that

was puffy when I tried to analyze the experience which was severe.

I didn’t go to the hospital because of an event that happened in

Cebu several months earlier , there was a group of people following

us in a grey suv and four special immigration agents outside my

room and I had also called an ambulance which came but waited so

long so I went myself to the hospital, and some doctor standing by

himself in the emergency room when I arrived gave me a pill from

his pocket which made me feel 100 x’s worse, definitely not a

placebo, and he refused to take my blood pressure and he acted

funny so I went outside to throw it up and left..

Also just before the hit man switched placed with the doctor at my

physical in Baguio Philippines had told the Hillel in New York in

confidentiality that I intended to Boycott them and also the

Yudowitz Medical lecture hall in Scotland because I could not in

goods conscience see my own family name on any medical,

psychology or religious or law building, it wouldn’t be kosher.

when they poisoned me some Caucasian female came up to me and

joked, aren’t you confused, The embassy law officer who I

requested help from the afternoon I walked in there poisoned,

likely by their own people, he refused to attend to me and probably

so he could stay far away from the problem, but he should be

removed from duty for derelict of duty, and the girl from Arlington

Massachusetts inside the consulate who phone called my father and

relayed my words I made without any privacy act waiver, they

should all be reprimanded. I had told them my baby would be dead

if they didn’t help, and the Americans following me continued and

so did the mothers anger. The duty officer on the phone with me I

called him many times, I had been poisoned with a powerful LSD

like drug, and I clearly heard him tell me there was a Warrant on

my life, he told me to call back in the morning, and when I did the

next officer was suspiciously asking me about who I spoke to the

night before ( in the Philippines there is no hallucinogenic drug for

street sale)

Out there is a princess , whom my father judges his success from

counseling her, what kind of Princess would hold her head up high

now knowing this, and can she help?

The previous two Christmases I was chased by hired covert

operatives and they nearly killed me and caused for the death of

the most beautiful girl in the world, why cant I make manslaughter

charges for the child and so now I write this introduction to see if

there is anyone good out there who can stop the hit team. I swear

to G-d that I am telling the truth, and if you are involved in this

and under threat of death or incarceration, please do the right

thing now and whistle blow, I will give you whatever I can for a

reward if you lose your job. My books are copyrighted.

A very real group of killers is in fact trying to kill me. I have

asked for help from every department that I can think of, but not

one has replied, so in this book I show it ask the readers, if their is

one good Samaritan out there to help.

I will not allow myself to be murdered like so many others in the

news had, under suspicious circumstance and will not let anyone

suicide me. I will never allow myself to die.

If I may have missed something in the huge pile of evidence so I

want the public to see if they can solve some of this mystery.

The attempts on my life literally began after making a call to some

man asking me questions about my lost passport gave me his

number to make friends with at the 2008 and when I called him he

said that he didn’t know me, I called him after being hit in the head

with a bottle leaving a club, though he might be in the area, though

he was black, I had no friends around. Two men came to sit by me

a few days after telling me they were going to kill me, I didn’t know

what to do but call my dad and he used the same exact words they

did, but I continued to trust my dad, I had not fully realized that

he could like the murder inc. he grew up around, maybe he had a

double life.

I wouldn’t want to be his enemy, and one man named Gary or

Jerry came into my house in Davao Philippines, he helped me to

open my new coffee shop before I began school. I like him like a

best friend though all the café owners around there disliked him. I

stopped being his friend after he invited me into a drug house

which I refused and then he was arrested for selling fake

Marlboros, and last I saw of him was I left a sandwich for him at

the jail gate. He said that he wanted to see for himself if what

others said was true, if I was a manipulator and he asked me a

question about my sci-fi story, he came into my house and pointed

to a photo of my dad and said he wouldn’t want to cross that man. I

know 100% that he can identify the people who belong to the hit

team. If you find this man he will whistleblower, I am certain. He is

about 45 years old, reddish light brown hair, carries a thin

briefcase folder and a fake Quezon city police id with his picture on

it. He stands 5 9 and 175 pounds and his teeth are yellowish semi

buck toothed., speaks like an American like Connecticut people.

Finding him might save my life.

The information that all these people have said to me reflect

only what my dad would normally say about me, and also my dads

began telling people these rumors

back near 2009 I know

because my first time hearing these words was from a certain rabbi

in Seattle whom argued with me one day and said it to me, I had

only had dinner with him a few times in which he asked me to help

him get money from my dad for his library. My family has never

been kind to me, and I have always been good to them, they are

just bad people in my Judeo Christian opinion.

Please help people, Someone please. It is Christmas now soon

and these people have come around Christmas for four years

already. I will be as safe as possible.

Introduction: Good Samaritan's needed to help Save Lawrence Yudowitz from This R

This true current event, in which the author asks help from a good Samaritan a real Christian, or a real law enforcement officer, so far no such.

  • ISBN: 9781370653126
  • Author: Larry Margulies
  • Published: 2016-11-14 15:35:09
  • Words: 3023
Introduction: Good Samaritan's needed to help Save Lawrence Yudowitz from This R Introduction: Good Samaritan's needed to help Save Lawrence Yudowitz from This R