Interior Design - Dream Design on a Shoestring - A Guide to Feng Shui, Decoratin

Having a well-furnished and well-designed home is a dream many people hold. Some of us take that dream further, longing to design that home for ourselves. The urge to design our interior or living place is not new; the same urge was probably present in the cavemen. Historically, the ancient Egyptians used interior design thousands of years ago. In the modern day, interior design is not only a popular and well paid profession, but a rapidly growing industry. Today, many people are involved in this profession, and even more people are interested in joining. Some are left behind, because they have no way to start. Here, in this book, our target readers are those with a passion for interior design and who need guidelines on where to start. Whether you want to design your own house or step into the world of interior design profession, this book will provide the foundation for that goal. We have tried to focus on the basics of interior design: how to prepare yourself to be an interior designer, the basic principles and elements of interior design, etc. We also discuss popular interior design styles that can serve as an inspiration for beginners. Instructions are also given on how to start a business as an interior designer. A careful reading of this book will provide useful information for beginners. Many people use the terms, interior decorating and interior design interchangeably, but this book will explain why you should not use them interchangeably and the differences between a decorator and a designer. An interior designer plays an important role in making a place beautiful, cozy, and functional, whether it is a commercial space or a home. To accomplish such a vital task, it is important to understand the basics. Our goal is to present the basic ideas and rules of interior design to the readers, whether they are designing their own house or working for others. Hopefully, the information in this book will help you design your first project, successfully. Though this book is not aimed at readers, who have already stepped into to the world of interior design, they may also find it helpful if they need to brush up on the basics of design. Happy reading!

  • Author: jon son, Sr
  • Published: 2018-01-15 11:35:10
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Interior Design - Dream Design on a Shoestring - A Guide to Feng Shui, Decoratin Interior Design - Dream Design on a Shoestring - A Guide to Feng Shui, Decoratin