Infidelity is Natural

Infidelity is Natural

In American society, we emphasize staying faithful and committed to one person, but I’m here to state that I think infidelity is perfectly natural.

        Many times when people are unfaithful it is because they are unsatisfied somewhere in their relationship, but I think even if you were satisfied, if the opportunity presents itself, that is reason enough to take it. If an intimate relationship is not being pursued and yet it still finds its way to you, that is life telling you that this is what you need.

If one partner is not satisfied enough, I think of it as perfectly fine to find someone that fills the voids missing in your relationship. Whatever desire you feel, meet it with the person that best fulfills it, regardless of who you’re with. Instead of worrying about being faithful, we should worry a lot more about being satisfied. For those I’ve met, one person just doesn’t do it. Most people think if they ignore their desire(s) that it’ll go away, but the reality is: it will get stronger. It’s like being hungry – if you’re hungry, and you look in the fridge and see there is no food, your hunger does not go away. Instead, you look for another way to satisfy yourself, i.e. searching the freezer and the pantry. This is no different to being in a relationship. If your partner is your fridge, and they’re empty in the food that you want, it’s okay to look somewhere else.

We should worry less about being faithful, and more about being understanding. It’s just selfish to want someone to be faithful if you’re not doing enough to satisfy them. In any case, if there is a cheater in the relationship, before anyone gets angry, [_really try and fix the problem first! _] If the problem still can’t be fixed, then just know that that’s not your lane. Don’t be mad that you can’t play baseball, be glad that you can play soccer.

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Infidelity is Natural

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  • Published: 2016-09-28 01:35:06
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Infidelity is Natural Infidelity is Natural