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Indians In 2017

Indians in 2017

Extra-large intelligent, over the moon

By Chanchal

About the Author

Chanchal’s first novel, Simple Boy, written when he was twenty-five, received immense love from the readers. Since then he has written a number of novellas, essays, theories (The theory of God), short stories (life in a minute), letter (letter from the Muslim boy), the law (nature law) and short story for kids (Sophie’s toys’ club).


Literate Indians or I can say people who live in metro cities.

They have good schools for their children. Qualified teachers teach them. They have the internet, so world is here in their laptop. Friends are so close than the heartbeat, through the WhatsApp and messenger, have 4 wheelers for going to the mall and wear the branded clothes. They drink distilled water when they roam outside or of aqua guard when they rest in home. Their favorite time pass to sit in McDonald or eat pizza or watch the all types of man’s films like Spiderman, batman, ironman or x-man which shows the same theory line like “there is an attack on American soil that means attack on humanity”. And they tell that Indian film industry should learn from these movies to make the good watchable movies.

They are gentleman. They think and don’t do anything more than that.

1-“When your own soil is dirt and others shit is gold “

They love America. They said, when Americans were making twitter, at the same time we Indians were killing each other in the name of religion. When Americans were making Facebook, at the same time we Indians were fighting on Dalits, would they go the temple or not? When Americans were making Google, that time Indians were doing corruption and all other crimes nothing else.

When Mr. Ram asked them (urban people), were you killing people in the name of god? They replied, no.

Then why you didn’t make twitter?

Rahim asked the second question to the literate urban people of India, were you fighting against the Dalits to not enter in schools? They replied, no.

Then why you didn’t make the Facebook?

Mr. Russell asked the third question to the literate Indians, were you paying bribes? They said, no.

Then why you didn’t make the Google?

Many questions arise from these questions.

First- Are literate Indians expecting from criminals to create the Facebook, twitter or Google?

Second- Is this the responsibility of the murders, racists, rapist or corrupt people to create Facebook?

Then what is meaning of literate Indians? Why they all studied?

India as a country is same and equal to all regardless of caste, colour and religion.

It is unbelievable that the whole country is killing. Otherwise no one should alive.

But there is a question for them, what they were doing when Americans were creating twitter and Facebook. Is India not their country? Is it not their responsibility to create these sites?

Or they think that, those criminals were busy there on killing people, otherwise they would create it.

Is this the intelligent talk or nonsense?

Crime happens everywhere. There is not a single country, state, or city where murder, rape or stealing do not happen.

India is a Hindu majority country. These crimes happen here. You can find these crimes in Islamic countries too, like Pakistan or see the Arab countries. You know crimes happen in Africa too where majority of people are black. And now see the western countries, these crimes exist there too, majority of white people.

All these involve Hindus, Christian, Muslims and Sikhs etc. and black, white and brown people.

That means religion and colour does not matter.

That’s why they use to say “terrorism does not have religion”.

Crime is crime.

But it is disgusting that literate Indians have access to internet and have knowledge of this world and they see good things about other country and bad things about their own country. The more disgusting is that; they feel proud by insulting their own country.

There are many bad things in America too.

Jail of Guantanamo, they keep Muslims their worse than the animals. They pee on them. They torture them in worst of worst way. Just because they are Muslims.

Many incidents of Sikhs in which, people target them because of their long beard and turban. They label them terrorist.

In one incident, a police officer beat the Indian man Mr. Patel who went America for seeing his newborn grandson, just because he didn’t know the English.

An officer asked the Mr. Patel something in English. He said “no English, no English” “I am tourist”,

Officer asked him once more but Mr. Patel replied the same.

Officer beat him, currently Mr. Patel is paralyses

Judgment came in 2015 in which the judge said it was the responsibility of Mr. Patel to know English. No fault of officer.


But still Mark Zuckerberg created the Facebook. He didn’t say that, there are racist or criminals in his country.

Larry Page didn’t sit quiet and just throwing responsibility on the criminals and waited to create Google.

They understand their responsibilities to create better America.

Literate Indians or urban Indians don’t try to see beyond the curtain of money and power of USA.

[* 2- “American dream” *]

Almost every urban Indian wants to go America. They want just one opportunity and they are ready to go.

Many people don’t get opportunity so then they start thinking American dreams for the kids. So, they can tell their friends, relatives and neighbor that their kid is in America. It can increase their reputation in the society.

Ram asked them “you get your education in India but you are giving your service your knowledge in America”.

They (urban people) said “there are a corruption, poverty and unemployment and lots of crime. There is no future in India”.

Rahim asked them “how can you people let your country in the hands of murderer or killer or corrupt people or poor people or unemployed or illiterate people?”

It is disgusting to believe that these urban people let their country in the hands of people who are literate or poor. So, they will stand and make better India. Then these literate and urban Indians will come back home or don’t dream about America and make better India.

According to them these literate Indians are not capable of making better India but it is the responsibility of illiterate Indians or poor Indians to create employment and eradicate poverty.

Earlier they were expecting from criminals to create Facebook, twitter and Google etc.

It is hard to believe in their theory also that there is poverty and unemployment, that’s why they want to go or working in America.

These things exist, there is no doubt.

These people were working in India. That’s why they get the opportunity to work in America. So, it is difficult to believe that they were unemployed and not getting the two times meal in a day and living in a one of the slums.

And suddenly one-day American company came in India and seeing their talent after hunting them in Indian slums and gave them their American dream.

Disgusting to listen this from our literate Indians or urban Indians, they don’t have any other excuse to put curtains on their irresponsibility’s.

Then ran away or they want to just for money. That is the truth. Go and work and earn money and live your life, but don’t say against your nation. Don’t see the bad things only of your country and feel proud. Like you done the amazing thing.

If there is anything bad in your country, you held the equal responsibility like others.

[* 3- “Be human “ *]

Literate Indians or urban Indians statement

“See these people were killing each other in the name of god. 500 people died in the riots. They are all illiterate. They are so much fool that they came under the influence of these religious institutions and political leader”.

Are they, right? Yes. But they forget that same applies on them too.

Some people killed a boy in New Delhi; capital of India, that boy was from north East India.

In another incident, some people were beating some black people in Bangalore.

On these times, they didn’t say anything like racist attack or they were illiterate.

No hashtag in twitter on this issue.

Long articles were printed in the newspaper which was telling the readers that there is not a single city like Bangalore in India, which shows so such liberty after the partisan.

Urban people didn’t have time to discuss on these issues. Because how can be they racist after all?

They are literate people. They live in metro cities.

[* 4- “Independence Day-15 ]^th^ [*August 1947”]

Urban literate Indians statement about Independence Day

“Independence Day is like any other day. We are happy that we get the holiday at least.

There is nothing extraordinary in our country. Politicians are corrupt and police too, So much poverty and unemployment”.

Wow that’s great to hear the same bullshits again and again.

Our politicians are corrupt and police too, so that they will not celebrate Independence Day.

But it is because of your (urban people) fault. You people never stand against anything.

If they think that mother India will come out from the soil and fight against all odds for you people. Then don’t dream.

Things don’t run like this.

They say that nobody stands for making better India.

But Rahim said “who the hell are you to ask this question? What the hell you are doing for the nation? Why you are sitting?’

And Russell said to these urban literate people. “You have the right and say disgusting things. Like you everyone is here. Others are also expecting the same like you. This time they are expecting from you. Will you stand?”

But what is the fault of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, sukhdev, Chandrasekhar Azad, Bismill, Ashfaq and others.

But what is the fault of these revolutionaries and others like them? They did not wait for others and died for the nation.

People should remember them and their efforts but what these urban literates want fun and how they will get this?

Do they want again their nation a slave country? Then people will again die for the nation. Then they will get the fun. Bullshit.

Or want some item girl to dance and entertain you?

Come on man.

Studies the four extra books can’t make you the king of the nation and take away you from your responsibilities. You will not get the subsidies on this. Even king also stands, when his people get the threats.

Remember freedom fighter and their efforts and celebrate the Independence Day.

If you have any problem with the nation, then stand and if you cannot then think if same they would think then you would never get the freedom.

[* 5- “You can sleep on American roads, so clean” *]

Indian people are watching in movies that American roads are clean enough that even we can sleep there.

We are hearing this from last 68 years. These same urban people have the money to go there. They take this news from there and nobody else.

According to them our roads are dirty because our farmer’s girl eats the 10 rupees lays chips and throw the rapper on road. That’s why roads are dirty and they can’t sleep on roads.

But there is a change in thinking from the 2014 when Mr. Modi becomes the Prime Minister of India.

Swacch bharat (clean India) movement is going on.

Now they get to know that it is their responsibility to throw the dust in dustbin not on roads. And they get this after 68 years of independence.

But they get this fact only. They are thinking about on this issue. Because it is hard to accept the responsibility after all they are literate urban people.

They read the four extra books than other people of India. They can criticize others if they get the time. How can they take the responsibility?

“Responsibility is the duty of poor people or murderers or rioters or corrupt people or criminals”.

They (urban people) are gentle man.

[* 6- “Not my cup of tea” *]

Ram asked them “according to you people, there is a problem in our country. Why don’t think of joining police?”

They replied “that’s not my cup of tea. I will do private jobs. “.

They never ever think about joining the police. They don’t want to join even Army and other security forces.

They even don’t try government jobs.

Private jobs are their dreams.

Majority of soldiers come from rural area or semi-rural areas and the same with the police and other forces.

It is against their reputation. How can they think about others and take the responsibilities of the nation?

That is not their cup of tea.

They can work hard under the boss, hear all slangs and earn money.

[* 7- “Artist are messenger of peace” *]

“Artists don’t have any boundaries; they are messenger of peace”.

First take the Bollywood. There are many incident of casting couch. There are many cases of rape against these so-called artists. Girls are humiliated and molested by the artists.

All they come under the Indian panel law. Law does not give exemptions to artists.

There are some murder cases also.

Many producers are investing the like Hawalla’s money and criminals’ money.

There are many artists who has connection with the underworlds.

In 90’s many actors’ and actresses used to get film through the criminals or dons.

Some artists are doing suicide because some people are forcing them.

All these things come under the crime. All these artists come under the law.

They are artist because they do particular things. That is their profession.

Anybody can become the right or wrong. There are many doctors who are criminal. There are engineers too and there are marketing guys too. It does not matter how good they are in their profession. Still they remain human being, and come under the law like any other normal people.

Anybody can be criminal and anybody can be right person.

“According to intellectual, second thing is that artists are messenger of peace”. How many times these actors and actresses have been in Naxalites affected areas for bringing peace? Never.

Still they bring peace, how? Nobody knows that.

If somebody is an artist, it is his profession. That’s it. Nobody is god.

[* 8- “India is a secular country” Really? *]

Meaning of secularism

“Secularism is the principle of the separation of government institutions and persons mandated to represent the state from religious institutions and religious dignitaries.”

But there are two laws in India. One is IPC (Indian Panel Code) and second is Muslim law.

There are some crimes on which Muslims also come under the IPC.

But there are few exemptions.

1st- Mr. A will be criminal if he will do second marriage without divorcing 1st wife.

The same is with the woman.

Mr. B can marry to four women at the same time. He can keep all of them at the same time.

Take this as A cannot marry without second or third time without divorcing present wife. But B can. A is criminal but B can roam free.

Mr. A is Hindu and Mr. B is Muslim. .

Mr. B can roam free because he is not criminal according to our laws, because Mr. B is Muslim.

That’s called secularism in India.

But the amazing part is that, Muslim women don’t have the same rights like Muslim men to keep four husbands.

2nd- Mr. C can do marriage of his daughter at the age of 15 But Mr. D cannot. Mr. D has to marriage his daughter after 18 only. Otherwise he will be punished under the IPC.

Mr. C is Muslim. Mr. D is Hindu.

It is also hard to believe that a Hindu girl becomes adult at the age of 18. By the way a Muslim girl becomes adult at 15 only.

Which scientific proof they have or they have done for this? I don’t know. They never declassified those files.

3rd If Mr. X gets divorce and then in some cases he has to pay monthly allowances to his wife.

If Mr. Y gets Divorce, there should be no provision under any law. It is on his choices only to give Monthly allowances or not.

Mr. X is Hindu and Mr. Y is Muslim.

There are others so many.

4th Mr. M says against the Muslims. He is not secular.

Mr. N says against the Hindu. He is secular.

Quite strange isn’t?

Mr. M is Hindu organization or outfit and Mr. N is Literate Indians.

This is secularism in India. Law is not equal to all and it is differed in the name of religion.

The day when uniform civil code will introduce in INDIA that day India will become the secular. Till then it is secular in papers only.

[* 9- “Soldiers are fighting for us but getting salary” *]

Is this the crime to fight for the nation? Is doing service for the nation, a wrong thing?


There are 14 lakh soldiers in Indian Army. They have the families. How they will feed them? If they will not get the salary or income, how they will do marriage? Who will pay for their marriage?

If tomorrow their children or kids will ask for toffee or chocolate or toys? Who will pay for that? Who will provide for their education?

What these so-called intellectuals want from our soldier? that, soldiers now bring the bowl and ask the money from the citizens of India, for surviving?

Wake up, brother and understand this. They have families to feed. Their families have needs like yours. These, son of the soil is giving their service to the nation. They are giving their lives. They bring pride to our nation. They provide freedom to us, to do our work in free air.

And, these soldiers should not beg in front of their own people for feeding their families. They have respect, they have reputation, that’s why they get salaries.

People are doing jobs in banks, some people are engineer, some are pilots and some are doing business. Everybody is getting money. They all give their service to some limited people, 100 to 500 people, without risking their life. But soldier is giving their service to whole nation, to 125 crore people. They deserve income to live their life respectfully.

“The secret rests here”

It is unfortunate that people who are educated and are tech savvy, who should be intellectual than others, think in a worst possible way to put curtains on the deeds. They never try to take responsibility of this nation.

Crime happens in develop countries too.

India is the country of all. If somebody is more educated than others, he should do something. But no, he tries to save himself.

If they think, they are educated and that’s why they will get the exemptions from his responsibilities. That is nonsense.

He (urban man) becomes the gentle man. He can sit. He can criticize others. He has twitter, Facebook and other social networking site where he posts his important and intellectual thoughts. And others like him like those posts and tweets and the game goes on.

They let the girl die, when someone raped her and threw her on the footpath. They just saw her from their car window and went away.

For them if girls wear the jeans then she has the open mind. She can discuss on ideas. Otherwise she cannot. It is like if animal wears the jeans than he also becomes the open minded.

That is great idea isn’t? …………… Utter nonsense.

If somebody is dump, then tell him to wear the jeans. Then the wonder will happen. He will become intelligent.

They wait for the marriage day for fulfilling their lots of dreams like having the car, if they have Already have then have a bigger car or individual car, A/C, fridge, washing machine, Iron, TV, sofa set, table, double bed and other things which a couple need in their life. That’s called dowry.

They spend many lakh rupees on the wedding. If somebody comes without invitation and eats food, they start curse him and sometime beat too. That is their strategy to stop the poverty.

That’s amazing.

According to them, expecting nationalism from these urban people is called Hindu nationalism.

The truth is that, normal people are now making strong points and these so called urban Literate cannot and afraid of it.

Their theory about terrorism in India is extraordinary. “We are against terrorism and it is a coward act. Terrorism does not have any religion but it happens because riots happened in our country. Muslims died there and that’s they become the terrorist. They are soft target”.

Wow, terrorism has no religion but Muslims died in the riots and that’s why they are soft target for terrorist organization.

Are they out of their mind? Two minutes before they were saying terrorism has no religion and after that they start tagging Muslims as a terrorist.

And why Hindus are not soft target? because Hindus died in less numbers than the Muslims in riots and that’s why they are satisfied with that.

What is meaning of education when these literate Indians are literate rustic. It is beyond the mind to understand their logics.

Their theory is out of date. They cannot accept that others can think and think without biased.

Urban literate Indians are seeing outside but they have to see inside.

They are trying to be someone else. But others are coming and they see India and feel proud to be Indian.

There is no shame on taking the responsibility of their nation.

Stand up and be the Indian.

And how can you stand for the nation and show patriotism? Just stand and criticize your nation in every possible way by taking out bad thing and feel proud.

You don’t have to do anything for the nation to be the literate Indians, because they don’t do anything.

For being Indian you have to responsible of nation like your home.

The end

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Indians In 2017

Introduction Literate Indians or I can say people who live in metro cities. They have good schools for their children. Qualified teachers teach them. They have the internet, so world is here in their laptop. Friends are so close than the heartbeat, through the WhatsApp and messenger, have 4 wheelers for going to the mall and wear the branded clothes. They drink distilled water when they roam outside or of aqua guard when they rest in home. Their favorite time pass to sit in McDonald or eat pizza or watch the all types of man’s films like Spiderman, batman, ironman or x-man which shows the same theory line like “there is an attack on American soil that means attack on humanity”. And they tell that Indian film industry should learn from these movies to make the good watchable movies. They are gentleman. They think and don’t do anything more than that.

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  • Author: Chanchal
  • Published: 2017-07-26 12:05:08
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Indians In 2017 Indians In 2017