Increasing Child's Intelligence by Story

Author and Illustrator:

Setiawan G Sasongko


A writer, cartoonist, and illustrator. He make many themes of book: children stories, adventure stories, detective stories for children, teenage story, novels, short stories, mysterious stories, biography, etc. You can order him a story which your son/daughter become main character. To know more about him, please click: setiawan-sasongko.blogspot.co.id



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p<{color:#000;}. Jine Was Kidnaped

p<{color:#000;}. Octopus and Hermit Crab

p<{color:#000;}. Smilky and Little Sun

p<{color:#000;}. Dreaming Wing

p<{color:#000;}. Little Kite

p<{color:#000;}. New House

p<{color:#000;}. Two Field Ghost

p<{color:#000;}. Ulo Want to Fly

p<{color:#000;}. Why Firefly Lighting?




What Is Intellegence?


William Lewis Stern (1871 – 1938), a German psychologist and philosopher who noted as a pioneer in the field of the psychology of personality and intelligence, said that intelligence is the awareness of individuals to adjust his mind to requirements or new demands. A Britain psychologist Charles Edward Spearman (1863 – 1945) argued that intelligence consists of two abilities related to intellectual tasks and solve problems. By these opinions we can take conclusion that person’s ability to adapt and solve new problems is called intelligence.

Intelligence is not only the IQ, but includes the pieces ability which located in the different parts of the brain. Intelligence is not static or permanent since the birth. A Swiss psychologist and philosopher Jean Piaget (1896 – 1980) conduct research on intellectual development of children from birth to adulthood, then, he divided the development into four stages. Sensory motor stage: in this stage children can make connections between sensory and their motor activity, the child began to distinguish themselves from the reality outside theirselves. Pre-operational stage: children begin to use language and can make the objects in the form of symbols, both in thought and word. In this stage children are very selfish, do not care about other people. Concrete operational stage: children begin to think logically and know the concept. And the last is formal operational stage.

The brain is a very complex organ, because all our bodies and our movements are controlled by the brain. Brain moves based on the mind, whereas the brain and the mind is very different. The brain is the real object, but the mind is abstract objects. Even so, the brain and mind is always cooperate. Brain consists of several parts:


p<>{color:#000;}. Big brain, the back as the center of vision, side as the auditory center, the center as a regulator of skin and muscle from heat, cold, touch, and pressure. Between the middle and back as the development center of intelligence, memory, skills, and attitudes.

p<>{color:#000;}. Midbrain (lobus optikus) is the center reflex of eye.

p<>{color:#000;}. Littlebrain (cerebellum) is the center of balance. There is a varol bridge in the front of the cerebellum as the channeling impulses to the left and right of muscles of body.

p<>{color:#000;}. Modula obloganta containing many brain ganglion and become central regulator reflex movement of cardiac, breathing, dilation and constriction of blood vessels.


Childhood is the golden age of brain development. Basically, thought processes related with the brain development. Brain development in preschoolers is not as good as the previous period. But it still requires adequate stimulation so child’s brain function can develop maximum. Of course, it requires appropriate stimulation of physical and mental readiness of children.

Right brain and left brain have different functions, and it is determined by the mental activity proceeds in each hemisphere of the brain.  The left hemisphere controls the intellectual functions: memory, language, logic, counting, sorting, classification, writing, memorization, and analysis. The right hemisphere controls the mental functions: intuition, emotion, visual, music, rhythm, and art. Left and right brain are not hostile, they cooperation continuously. Typically, a creative person tends wearing the right hemisphere. A logical person tends wearing the left hemisphere. Therefor, if you want your child be creative, you have to optimize their right brain function early.



Storytelling Increasing Child’s Intelligence

Storytelling is a tell activity about story which usually told in childhood. The ability to tell stories is one of the advantages of human. Maybe, storytelling activities have done since antiquity. It was done as a means to pass on skills for survival. Fairy tales presented by the hunters for their children certainly different from the tale of the farmers or the ranchers. Thus, since long time ago, humans realized that they have ability of theory and practice. Hunting techniques, for example, described in words before the child invited hunting directly. Compared with the kittens, though instinctively already have the ability to hunt a mouse, but they should see their mother pounced on a mouse directly. Cat never give a teory to hunt a mouse.

When my father told me about the adventure of Old Shaterhand—Karl May’s book—I imagined the character of the cowboy and his close friend, Winnetou. I am very pleased. I imagined how they were crawling in the bushes approaching enemy. I imagined the dense forest full of trees and animals. Or, I imagined a hunting field like my father’s story. Indeed, I fantasize as if I was the character of the story. When a girls listening the story of Cinderella, they will dream as Cinderella who will meet the prince. They can be sad or happy, depending on the content of the story.

In the elementary school, first grade and second grade, I was taught by the same teacher, Mr. Sri Suhardi. He was very good on story telling. In fact, I got Cinderella story from him, because my father preferred to tell the local stories (Indonesia). Every week there was a new story from Mr. Sri. Compared with the other teachers, I and my friends had more emotional closeness with Mr. Sri. He also taught us to sing the children’s songs. We remembering him as a favorite teacher.

Storytelling is very important. Kak Seto, an expert in child psychology from Indonesia, reminding the importance of storytelling, sightseeing, and sing in the child development. Children must listen story to grow their imagination. Children must be sharpened their conscience, mind, and feelings. Storytelling will develop million feelings, imagination, and mind. Of course, if the story build a positive character, the happy ending story, the good win against the evil. Someone who at his childhood always listened stories, compared with someone who never got it, will have higher level of intelligence. Why? Because storytelling sharpens the child intelligence.


Storytelling is also a way of forming a creative child, as the impact of improving child intelligence. Listening story is an activity that uses child’s abilities to explore himself and the environment with a variety of ways. Why listening stories is essential for children? Because listening stories has education function. This activity also make them happy. Listening story is one way to be creative. Addition, a child’s interest on an object can show their talent. If your son interest in Cinderella’s clothes, may be, he will be a designer. Studies had shown that listening stories could enhance creativity and also as a recreation for children.

Then, what is the relationship between listening story and the increase of IQ? We always describe that an intelligent man is a person who always get high mark on school exam. Whereas, factors that influence IQ are hereditary and environment. Listening stories have a role as the environment support. There is a kid who genetically smart but he did not receive support from the environment, there is no stimulus to be creative, then he is not going to be a smart kid.

Since it was introduced by Daniel Goleman, born March 7, 1946, A CEO Emotional Intelligence Services in Sudbury, Massachusetts, more and more people are interested to apply ideas about emotional intelligence (EQ). According to research, successful or not of someone is also determined by emotional intelligence, not only determined by IQ and spiritual intelligence. EQ is person’s ability to recognize, motivate, manage their own sense of self, and in relation with others. Goleman said there five basic skills that must be mastered: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. Emotion is a reaction to external encouragement from outside and from within. Emotions be related with the changes of physiological and mind. Listening story is an important means to develop the emotional intelligence, because equip children to think realistic and optimistic. Children who difficult to understand other’s feeling and himself, usually, it will be a problem for his behavior on later.

Meanwhile, spiritual intelligence (SQ) are potentials spiritual such as the nature of courage, optimism, faith, how to look natural, constructive behavior, empathy, and forgiveness. There are some criteria to find spiritual intelligence: the existence of a deep self-awareness, intuition, the existence of a broad view of the world, awareness of the cosmos that he lived as a part of nature, high morals, understanding the purpose of life, caring to others, sharing, have fresh ideas, and sometimes bizarre.

By listening prophet stories and stories that come from the scriptures then the conscience is always sharpened, often arise conscience because there is a stimulus from the outside. Example, while listening story of Cinderella who persecuted by her stepmother and stepsister. But Cinderella does not grudge. If her heart was filled of hate, then it would be bad impact.

Please, you command your child to memorize ten words: frogs, shooting, soccer, boxer, sewing, a well, mice, fishing, dairy, and marble. It is not an easy job! It would be easier if the words were be made into a simple story:


“a frog was practicing shooting a ball near the boxer who sewing clothes in a well, then comes a mice carrying fishing and milk cans containing marbles.”


Why it is more easier? By combining those words into a story, so the right brain and left brain worked at the same time, especially if the story was made as a song. It is the reason why people more easily to memorize a song rather than to memorize formula of mathematics, unless the mathematics formula also made as a song.

Whether the child was involved to make a story? We can provoke him by a sentence: “Lets make a story!” Or at other time the parents said, “Now, what story?”, “Bobby, tell me a story!” Your child must be supported to tell his story, to express his imagination even though it is something that does not a real. The story that made by adults often is not a real, isn’t it? Maybe your child would speak, “One day, when a butterfly take a walk at the market….” Although it is only a few words or several sentences, please give him a good appreciation. Never to underestimate him. If you do it, maybe, he never willing to tell his story again, or he will lost his confident.

Whether we must tell the classic stories? Stories from our ancestors or legends? But, it is very good if you create a story by yourself. This book guide you to make stories by yourself. By the guide of this book, parents and teachers are easily to create a story. There are very much idea. Anything that you find or anything that you imagine can be made as an interesting stories, depends on how you to process, it is similar with the activity to cook a food. When you had find an idea (matter), then, you can process it to become a story. There are many word which can help you to open your story easier: “one day, once upon in time”. But words “then, next, after, hereafter, after that, when” will help you to run your story. For example:


One day a snake felt very hungry, then it go to a farmer house. The snake met a young farmer and asked a permit to eat his young chicken. The young farmer very surprise. He never see that a snake can speak before. After that he run to his father. And then, they saw the strange snake together. The snake said to the old man, “Please, give me your fat chicken. I am very hungry.” After heard the voice the old man had an idea. He answered, “Ok, I will give you a chicken. But you must sing a song. Are you agree?” The snake nodded. Then the old farmer told all his neighbors to see the unique snake. When the snake sing a song, his neighbors very glad and gave him some money. The snake got a chicken and the old farmer got much money. After that the snake was invited by the old farmer to go to market……and so forth.


While you create a story by yourself it will enrich you with stories. If you and your child consider that it is a good story, you can write it by a simple way. How is to know if it a good story? If your child always ask you to tell the story. For example, when my daughter was three years old, I made a story. The story was about an old man who had many cattle, his name was Pak Duwek. He also had two granddaughter, Ola and Ura. The name of Ola came from my younger daughter’s name, Viola. My oldest daughter’s name was Aura who the name of Ura came from.

Mr Duwek and A Ghost Cow


One day Mr Duwek went to cattle market. He bought a cow. When he arrived at home, he called his granddaughters, “Ura and Ola, grandfather buy a milch cow! Come on, you can milking the cow so we can drink milk!” Gladly, Ola and Ura milking the cow. But, suddenly, the cow can speak, “Hmooh…! Do not take my milk!” Ola and Ura frightened and run away. “Grandfather! It is a ghost cow! It is not a realy cow. The cow can speak like humans!” said Ola to Pak Duwek about their new cow. Then, they went to the cowshed. There was a voice again, “Hmooh! Do not take my milk….” Mr Duwek checked the cowshed and found a man who hide in haystack. “You have frightened my granddaughter!” said Mr Duwek angrily, “What are you doing here?” The strange man said, “Forgive me. I promise that I’m not going to repeat it again. I’m only escape from a debt collector.” When the man had gone, Mr Duwek, Ola, and Ura, milking the cow together.


Although it was a simple story, but for my three years old daughter, it was an interesting story. She always asked me to tell the story of Pak Duwek, of course, I told the story with different themes. “Now tell me when Pak Duwek found a kite!” said Ola. Others day was my turn to ask her to tell Pak Duwek story, and she did happily.


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Increasing Child's Intelligence by Story

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  • Author: Setiawan G Sasongko
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Increasing Child's Intelligence by Story Increasing Child's Intelligence by Story