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In Search of Melville

A burning desire to write an Australian historical novel sets the scene for a road trip holiday to Robe in South Australia for research purposes. The novel would be set in the sea port of Robe in Colonial times. What sort of discoveries were ahead? The trip would be from Toowoomba Queensland through the middle of New South Wales across Victoria into the south-eastern corner of South Australia. Robe was a busy international sea port in Colonial times and the centre of governance for the Guichen Bay area. Robe a town rich in history an ideal place to be the setting for an historical novel. Would I find a main central character to weave the story line around? Would the research yield a harvest of events and people worthy of inclusion in an historical novel? The only way to find out was to go to Robe! Come with me on a journey of discovery.

  • Author: Jon Peasey
  • Published: 2018-02-23 03:20:10
  • Words: 9637
In Search of Melville In Search of Melville