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In One Painting Show (How Entanglement Go)


In One Painting Show (How Entanglement Go)

Barbara M. Schwarz



On the front: “Entanglement flow: the brand new way to go”.


Just a word or two…

on how the painting grew


as a preliminary discovery

of colour ecstasy


That simple thing

the painting bring

a way to sing




Once you see the transformation

you count alive each germination

of new sensation caught on a whim

of whispering anew

all the soul can do!


In steady shape of prose

we see how our (perception) angle grows


In steady state of light

we feel ignite:

brand new insight


Entanglement brought to flow

in the one painting I show

as a way to go beyond imprisoned minds

at what injustice finds


steady source of pen

and yet again,

an opening of when

we start to see

the ‘bigger-ness’ in you and me


A painting, then, as introduction

to life’s own ‘in-fluction’

the wake, and our call

‘to rise above it all’


A twinkle moment past

with sail put to the mast

and a cast so fair

the weathering of air

in our mind


when we perceive the kind

is here to stay

each and every day


with what we choose to go

to let entanglement flow

from warren hedgerow


pot-holed eternity

welcome now modernity


to see

the truth abides free

from false expectancy.



Purple Eyes Publishing


Welcome to the odyssey of each painting’s (personal) ecstasy!

“Entanglement – leaving another’s confusion” 2010 – cried out for joy profusion!



“Nurtured Earth – baked to goodness (with all the colour left in)” 2012 – see how life we win!


Dropped consistency – the early part of history.


Glistening down – a feather eiderdown (becomes a vibrant crown).


Settled sunshine – I savour the divine.


Landscaped garden – life without pardon or sorry! (A bounteous quarry).



Ice fired – the truth my heart desired.



River rise – the sun alights my surprise.




Spotted bubble – the end of needless trouble (I’m in a greater ‘hubble’).


Glimmer – see how life new shimmer.


Ridged divide – no leftover pride: now all earth collide (into one joy ride).


Footprints: in the sand – worlds to command.



Footprint – my mind eye glint – at every new hint, joy tint – sharp as flint.






In One Painting Show (How Entanglement Go)

A simple painting show - the element of process flow - the sense that we can see - a way beyond each instancy - and start to recall: "we're much bigger than it all!" A simple thing to see how colour can just free - a joy experience easily. An artist enter flow to embrace a journey's merry-go.

  • ISBN: 9781370777563
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2017-05-11 11:35:15
  • Words: 375
In One Painting Show (How Entanglement Go) In One Painting Show (How Entanglement Go)