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In a Different Skin eBook

IN A DIFFERENT SKIN is a collection of fantastical tales with character of various minorities. In these tales, readers are put in the shoes of others different from themselves to see their point of view while still enjoying the intrigue and drama of Sci-Fi/Fantasy plot lines. Mr. Grawson has to try and figure out how to survive an encounter with a man that may be a creature or a creature that may be a man in the Sci-Fi, Mystery BIGFOOT. They say Bigfoot has never been sighted or captured on camera, but perhaps that is by Bigfoot's design. BECAUSE I'M BLACK is a politically charged piece about a young man who just wants to get the chinese food he's ordered home to his parents. When he sees red and blue flashing lights in his rearview mirror, he becomes less convinced that he will. A simple typo lands Carlton Johnston in hot water when he wakes up bound and far from home in IF YOU WANT SOMETHING DONE RIGHT. It'll take more than rote begging to get Carlton home to his husband and daughter, but could things really have gone so wrong all because one missed letter? It's all broken and no heart in LOVE IS TRICKY BUSINESS, a scene from THE SILVER STATE SERIES: NHIA. Nhia is fully aware that falling in love with his male best friend was his own fault, but what's he to do when his friend returns from a year disappearance looking to resume their long-lost friendship?

  • ISBN: 9780463680025
  • Author: Jasmine Carroll
  • Published: 2018-09-17 04:25:05
  • Words: 4923
In a Different Skin eBook In a Different Skin eBook