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A Prose poem

And then you became immortal.

-E.E. Evans

One by one day after day she saw him more and more, and with every look, she took her heart was so weak that it fell slowly for him. His sweet smile, the way he walks with such security.

She never made a move to let him know how much she admires him, how much he meant to her.

Days pass by. She was reluctant to let go of a person, that meant that it was never going to happened day after day she thought of him. He was now far away to ever believe he could have a chance with her. The little talks were now a dream of once upon a time story. She was now a hopeless soul who was giving up on love.

A one side love affair who was eating her heart out slowly by the despair and the hurt that was once a love affair. After so much time, he was oblivious to her and she slowly became a hopeless human who loves an immortal man.

She pours it all of her love in a meaningless word and no one ever knew why she believes so much in love when not once he ever gave her a chance to love her.

Words by words hurt more than she could ever believe and every one of those words disappeared into thin air. Dreams were getting forgotten and he began to live in her mind and never speak of. Forever he was eternal. She was living a life with a heart full of love and no way to give it all up.

Love is such a grand experience and it makes you fall for that one person like he is the end of your life as you think you knew all along. And then comes the moment you make him all you are and without a doubt, he becomes immortal for you, he lives in you making him all the more eternal. How a girl made her love for a man who never knew she loves him, Immortal.

He was never meant to know. Love in his book was not the priority. Girls were making lines following him to everywhere he went. He was always in the spotlight; she was always backstage. Once in a while, she would talk to him, never letting him know how she felt for him, after all, he was not the one, or so she thought.

Copyrights ©2016 Emma Ellie Evans


A prose poem of a love that became eternal. And then you became immortal. -E.E. Evans

  • ISBN: 9781370494194
  • Author: Emma Ellie Evans
  • Published: 2016-09-23 18:50:31
  • Words: 421
Immortal Immortal