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Immeasurably - All Gone What Was Ever Grafted On


Immeasurably – All Gone What Was Ever Grafted On

© 2016 Barbara M Schwarz

Purple Eyes Publishing (PEP)

The Value of Knowing


Published by PEP at Shakespir

ISBN: 978-1-910774-68-7


Please respect the author’s copyright and the artist’s creations.


On the front cover: “Autumn’s Journey Now Begun” 2016.


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What I start to see, opens up immeasurably.


And a monkey whizzed from a tree

“I wonder if you’ll ever catch me”

It’s always the gorilla you ever don’t see

Why psychologically

You count to one-two-three

Instead of opening up

To Autumn’s Harmony


Grafted on – despair was gone

Grafted free…?

Why, that’s



And l looked at heavens’ door

Opened up a little more

Time for life and me explore

What was never there before

And as I shore away

The last thing I’ll ever say:

“Immeasurably – the grafted on was ever gone”.


(And I fulfilled my panda song)


Immeasurably – All Gone What Was Ever Grafted On


Thrilling years of energy

Loosen up your memory

Breathe a fresh new start

In the depths of deepest heart

Spark your time for me

To gather constantly

The matter beauty see

That’s all around me


This my prayer

The artist laid to rest just there

And carried on her way

Not much further now today

All around Autumn decay

Whatever thoughts I wished to say


And now streaming through:

Loads to do!

The Great Brand New

And all that once was new

A grafted broken queue

That just won’t do

Until Spring release its own purview


Autumn coming through

Make way and find a passage through

To the love we thought we knew


Open energy queue

To an entirely different purview

And showered on her times

The myriad sense of chimes

Those ever ceasing rhymes

Act as mind mimes

And let her solider through

To the Great Brand New


And just overhead

Wings applaud what I had said

I never really know

Except Autumn now will swallow me whole

In the great undertow

All things whole

The simplest moment let go

A world before that I loved so

Is gone beyond ignition

I find no recognition

Except in my pure soul

To laugh at Winter whole


Golden golden path

You’ve stopped me in my craft

And I shall fade away

Like the sun that play on another day

Autumn’s great hooray

Let me have my way

To say goodbye today

To wealths of former play


And I drew so still

The world before had lost its drill

There was no further intention

It is the harvest that I mention

For me to gather there

Four seasons now full square

Such dying embers where

Lives once lost at sea

Rose up magnificently


And I was but a tree

In slumber’s grace so quietly

Losing all before

To be bare just once more

And without another function

Except viability junction


And I was braced for cold

I saw seasons rise of old

For now I knew for me

To work the harmony

And solider goodly through

Alive to what I do

And embrace ‘The Great Brand New’


Immeasurably – All Gone

What was ever grafted on

The mushroom song


For joy that’s yet to be

I let myself now see

A free flow memory


And the chain fell from my neck

What the heck

What the heck

I’m way beyond a beck

Let Autumn resurrect

My resourcefulness

The simplest source I possess

To make the grandest thing

Openly take wing

And await the joy of Spring

A grand opening of shows

Always needs to close

And as Autumn goes

She knows

She knows

She flows


Land of future dwelling

An openness now spelling

To catch the end of desire

Raise high on funeral pyre

And now go my way

Much further on today


And speak with great aplomb

For Autumn now just carry on

When you wither an old song

You shiver right along

And in the sharpest light

You know new paths alight

To Autumn’s merry flight

Of one great show

The bounteous harvest that we know

Will help when fields of snow

Obscure the path that we should go


Autumn now in gratitude

For years of life that I exude

I return once more

To an empty open floor

And knocking at my door

The wind that howl and roar

The element to explore

For what was once grafted on

Has long since gone

And I have sung my artist’s song

So I shall not prolong

As the world moves on

The Great Brand New

Open doors renew

A passage cold and blue

Where sunlight twinkles through

And the cold light harries you

“Much to do – much to do:

All of life shining through”


In the Great Brand New,

Autumn, I’ll remember you


“Show care!”

But the wind was sharp and bit the air

All now gone

What was ever grafted on!


You snatch greedily in the air

But don’t despair

I’m no longer there


Now the open atmosphere

Beyond repair

Just breathes there


Autumn stair and well

Your last resounding bell


All all gone

Last vestige of an old old song

in an echo prong

Long since moved along

For all the grafted gone

All the shafted won

Breaths of freshest air

Autumn how you dare

Dive to just elsewhere


But then came marching through

The beat I always knew

The glorious Great Brand New

With loads of things to do

And a bird on my wing

Start to sing

Start to sing

Time of life glorious bring

Harvest season fit for King


And mushrooms now stood where

The grafted once could share

A breath of freshest air

Autumn now repair




And I built with my shrine

A temple so divine

A living breathing sign

For Autumn you are mine

To go beyond the depths of time


For Autumn in your wing

You always carry Spring


All gone what was ever grafted on


Autumn’s journey now begun

to catch the rays of ebbing sun

and simply become





Purple Eyes Publishing The Value of Growing…

without even knowing, in the measure we are slowing, we are immeasurably flowing without showing what we do when we open wide to Autumn’s crew, the golden can seep through and renew, the joy that first got you to see… immeasurably.


Immeasurably - All Gone What Was Ever Grafted On

In Autumn's throng, a voice said clearly, "Move along", for there was nothing left to prolong whenever the grafted was gone, and shafted by a piece of light, I saw the measure of such insight: immeasurably, I see life welcome me; immeasurably, I know autumn flow; immeasurably, for me, un-captivated, free... immeasurably.

  • ISBN: 9781910774687
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2016-08-22 17:20:13
  • Words: 1088
Immeasurably - All Gone What Was Ever Grafted On Immeasurably - All Gone What Was Ever Grafted On