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Ice Teeth


Ice Teeth


Copyright 2017 Richards Hall and e.

Published by Richards Hall and e. at Shakespir

Ice Teeth (Iced Teeth?)



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|Don’t get ahead of me, I’m already there, and it’s crowed|*


This is a very brief, slightly-grim, non-fictional fiction intro of upcoming not-grim fiction that does not adhere to the following grim base-scenario. Ben Grim, are you listening? I will try not to be funny, apart from that little opening jibe. If you don’t think it’s funny, I’ll be batting a thousand.


Quantum is not the road to nowhere. It may sound exactly like that, as it is permanent, but what it does is recycle and repair what’s come before it and which is surrounding it.


Christianity is a major cycle in modern times, if not exactly a success story, leading to an anti-cycle. A cycle isn’t a person, it isn’t a circle, it’s processing of forward motion until it hits anti-cycle, when the cycle O deteriorates into C by losing a point.


What is O other than a circular line of points, a big cycle made of little cycles. Break the key cycle and BANG, that O snaps back into a reverse C, or sea, and alters the direction of time and space by changing, utterly rearranging, it’s current. Time and space as re-imaginged clumps of z’ist and z’ing.


Post reverse-cycle quantum will send that current back through lawless time and space, zist and zing.


Why stop there?


Death, anti-force, will also be lawless, and it will work it’s way back to life as a force anew, armed with unbound z’ist and z’ing, first and foremost by going through the bringers of armageddon, if that’s what you want to call it. The last man standing will be the first to fall, serving as mouth and hole for all the crap that follows until the cycle re-cycles again. That’ll call for a big big grin, boy, boys, all of you contenders. It’s good to see you’re practising.


Maybe you’ll all get to play from mouth to tail.

Leaving one of you alone would be too cruel, and not enough fun.

As such, death is already taking names and making a list.

It’s OH so sexy and exciting.


The clock resets at 6:66




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Ice Teeth

A stark introduction to the fiction genre of quant?m eg-zistencia, based on words as celestial, but not too celestial, DNA, doing their thing among Z’ist and Z’ing. This is really more writer’s reading material. There is NOOO science, but there is a good dose of metaphysical geometry. If you are not into geometry, symmetry and asymmetry, be afraid, be very afraid. Just kidding. Nothing is written in stone.

  • ISBN: 9781370061617
  • Author: Richards Hall
  • Published: 2017-03-18 15:50:08
  • Words: 389
Ice Teeth Ice Teeth