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Ibipuma and the Man of God

Ibipuma was born in a society where the pattern of life was simple and balanced. Most of its citizens earned their living by farming and palm wine tapping. At that golden age when the world was in its infancy, nobody practiced what was bad. A villager in danger was assisted at once. The people loved to enjoy life and were happy to retire to the grave with gladness.Ibipuma earned a living by selling palm wine and beer at his bar, named ‘The Bread of life Bar’. There were a lot of wine bars in Puma village yet Ibipuma had a fair share of the sales, he had special attributes that made him different from other bar operators. He was noted to be humble, hardworking, kind and a helper of the needy ones. The Man of God who entered Puma village could be described as a mystery man whose name no one knows except the Man of God entered the Bread of life bar and was astonished of the wonderful things he saw. He settled at the Bread of life Bar to offer sermons to its customers. From the day the Man of God entered the Bread of life Bar, things were no longer the same. Whenever the Man of God came Ibipuma would set up his table and serve him free of charge. The Man of God on his part gave sermons at the bar. The news of the lifesaving sermons given by the Man of God spread to other villages and people came from near and far to listen to the sermons with topics like wine, hope, trial, patience worry, not my job, poverty and the greatest values in life. The Man of God stole the hearts of the people of Puma village and beyond hence the people deserted to the Bread of life Bar. In a space of three years that the Man of God came to the bar Ibipuma became rich and famous because of the Man of God’s sermon in the bar. Ibipuma, a man once in low spirits. He went to bed a satisfied man who believed he had touched the lives of many in Puma village through his Bread of life Bar. I After three years, the Man of God said he had never paid Ibipuma for the wine and food he had eaten and dug a well for Ibipuma to show appreciation. The well turned out to be a miracle well that produced the best of wine. The Man of God offered it as his payment. After seven days he dug the well he bid farewell and departed. Ibipuma took over from where he stopped and gave out sermons that the Man of God taught him. Three years passed before the Man of God appeared again. Ibipuma was happy to welcome him at the flourishing Bread of Life Bar. The Man of God was glad that Ibipuma practiced what he learnt from him. The Man of God offered more prayers that the heaven’s gate should open for Ibipuma to lead sinners who trooped to the Bread of life Bar to change and have the mindset to think of repentance. The man of God asked Ibipuma if the wine is good. Ibipuma said it is very good. Ibipuma complained that the well is good but only there is no dregs for his pigs, and asked the Man of God to command that it should produce dregs for the pigs. The Man of God laughed, laughed and laughed for a long time then took chalk and wrote on the wall of the Bread of life Bar ‘high is the sky but higher is human desires, Ibipuma sells well water as wine, yet complains of lack of dregs for his pigs’. The Man of God who had the peace of the Father went away and the well gave no more wine. Ibipuma lost the wonderful opportunities of selling well water as wine. He had no other option than to revert to his former system of wine tapping because of his high human desire.

  • ISBN: 9780463575703
  • Author: Tengafinibigha Ogolo
  • Published: 2018-06-29 11:05:07
  • Words: 13811
Ibipuma and the Man of God Ibipuma and the Man of God