I Am A Woman And Not Stupidly Touchy About It


By Santosh Jha

Copyright 2017 Santosh Jha

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Is it appropriate, even necessary to speak out…?

… Deep within, in the primary substructure of the conscious self, this question always lurks around the innocent and compassionate emotion, which definitively wants to be sure of the utility and fruition of any words spelt out.

This emotion has sure and certain righteousness and precision. The uncertainties and embedded troubles of the navigation of communication apart, the primary question is – when reception of expression and meaningfulness of communication rest with listener and not speaker, how can words be allowed to journey ahead without a sense of onus and organization. Even the most compassionate and innocently affectionate words may happen to be instinctive and presupposed culprit of aggression. It has been, in the history of humanity…!

… When even silence often stands guilty of the offence of entrenched antagonism and sado-masochism, words naturally tend to appear as prima facie offenders of hostility.

This shall always happen, as it is our mechanism. Our brain, which handles all expressions and every reception, engenders this innate trouble for humanity. Consciousness has no words and no compassionate connection with linguistic excellence of communication. Unfortunately, more intelligent we become, greater is the probability of our communication and expression becoming dualistic and hence exposed to becoming more antagonistic for easy reception.

Brains work on imageries and it expresses and communicates in neuro-chemical and neuro-electrical language. This physical entity of expression then has to ride on the intangible entity of humanly designed linguistic expressions. The intangible is no match with the tangible in communication system. It is natural that a dualism is engendered the moment we allow tangible entity to enter the virtual skin and flesh of intangible facility. For example, the word ‘joy’ is somehow very differently expressed by our brain in its neuro-chemical language. The probabilities of shades of joy offer multiplicities of meanings, often subjectively competitive and objectively relative.

The trouble does not end here. What brain accepts as expression is then filtered through the mind channels. Brain is the physical pathway, mind is the functional one. Mind has influences of popular culture as well as individual experiences. Therefore, what brain accepts as ‘joy’, the mind interprets it in its own milieu and then, the mind picks up a humanly designed word to ride on, for navigation of communication. This complex and dualistic mechanism of our expressions ensures loads of chaos, conflict and confusion in what we speak and how we accept the spoken or written words.

There is only one way out to avoid this trap and trouble of human communication mechanism. This however, is also not fully protected and exempted from the above-mentioned trouble of dualism. Still, it needs to be said that the only possible way out is innocence. If an expression of words is accepted with primary and uncultured innocence, every word spelt or written automatically gets coated with a smooth and brilliantly navigable gel of compassion. Compassion shields every word from the possibility of even the intangibility of violence and conflict.

This helps even conflicts and confusion of a word become far more affectionately acceptable. All communication needs the navigation of innocence to journey the road to utility and fruition, even when they are loaded with multiplicity of probabilistic shades of expressions. Innocence of compassion is the primeval and cardinal utility. All sub-utilities of expressions automatically fall in this wider utility, if this primary utility is there to hold them tight in their parental embrace.

Why I am saying all this? Is it appropriate, even necessary to speak out all these?

Yes, you are right. I am here to say so many words. As these words are going to be about an idea, which has always been tough to talk about, I humbly, innocently and very compassionately appeal to you to accept this hypothesis and be with me in complete innocence of compassion to receive what I wish to express with the help of humanly designed words…

… Kindly accept the primary utility of innocence of compassion and then do accept the sub-utility of a completely different interpretation of the idea of true womanhood and its right empowerment.

I accept, even this call for innocence may spark off the suspicion of narcissism in my part. However, I again wish to exhort to you that even when all words instinctively stand as culprit of a possible antagonism, this apprehension is won over by the magic of innocence of compassion. My primary appeal is – even if innocence remains a doubtful presupposition in the part of the sayer (me as writer), I simply cannot have any doubt over ubiquitous innocence of compassion in the part of receiver (you as reader) because; this shall defeat the very purpose and utility of the enterprise of saying. I cannot imagine of futility at the very start of an enterprise to create a higher utility.

I am also very much in possession of the deep sense of immensity, this enterprise involves as what I am attempting is a journey of words beyond the archetypal dualism of communication. The domain of human consciousness and cognition is the classical example of the dualism, which our body-mind mechanism engenders, when it comes to the reception of realisms of the world we live in and the cosmos.

Therefore, it is pertinent here to discuss in outlines only as to what ‘Fact’ is and what is ‘Fiction’ in life’s realism? It seems; realism – as a subjective self accepts – is brain’s choice (mostly randomized) of elements from the ambient milieu. Therefore, both ‘Fact & Fiction’ are equally entitled to being Realism. There are both tangible and intangible elements in any milieu. Consciousness (subjective self) as the navigation mapping mechanism, facilitated by the brain, accepts both elements with equal ease.

Interestingly, all tangibles acquire form and content from the intangibles of life and all intangibles attain utility and suitability from tangibles. Therefore, it seems, realism is an eclectic mix of Fact & Fiction. However, it depends on early childhood milieu and initial experiences of a person, whether this mix has more fact or more fiction.

It seems, in contemporary milieu of most popular cultures, both men and women are growingly having a subjective consciousness with more fiction and less fact inclinations. Absolutely no insinuation at the possibility of the superiority of consciousnesses either with more elements of Fiction or Fact. This small talk is meant just to arrive at all shades of possible interpretations, which facilitate the navigation of the enterprise at hand – discussion over womanhood and empowerment.

The idea and idealism of womanhood and empowerment are matters of human consciousness and cognition, which happens to be a domain, where multidimensionality and plurality are in rainbowish colors. That is why it is a rather tough task to get people to be in reception of a shade of colors, which somehow stands beyond the seven colors of popular and contemporary spectrum. Being in complete reception of the enormity of the enterprise, I muster up all humility, innocence and compassion in my part to take the first step. However, I shall also humbly request you to be in complete reception mode of consciousness, which innocently rises above the boundaries of Cognition and Causality of the populist cultural Consciousness.

It is almost impossible for anyone to receive and accept an idea or realism, which is alien to existing popular and contemporary cultural mindset. An idea or realism beyond popular cultural benchmarking and matrices of mind consciousness is a tough enterprise. There is a cardinal rule to the success of every enterprise of life. At the start, every enterprise looks huge and tough. Human mind is not good at seeing far ahead. Therefore, it is always advised to take small steps towards achievement of part of the enterprise and set aim for smaller goals.

Your innocence and honesty is your best preparations to attain your goals. The simple idea is; it is your imagination, which makes you a winner, when you have to make any important decision in life. This imagination puts you above and aloof from the immediate milieus, culture and body-mind instincts, which often either blur your judgment or keep you in a flux. Worse, it makes you drift with it, beyond your conscious control.

You have to use your power of conscious imagination to accept your being and self as someone, not only your body, not only your mind, not only your milieus and not even the interaction between them. You have to accept it as some super consciousness, which observes each of your thought-action-behavior matrices from a position above and aloof from all the dimensions of your consciousness and being. This enables you to hold every emotion, instinct and ideas back for a while, sit over them with an objective and independent super consciousness.

As this super consciousness is a receptive mode facility, you shall be endowed with a power to observe and control all your instinctive and culturally induced thought-action-behavior of action-reaction mode. This is the stage where, you become the conscious decider of what should ideally present yourself with your decision-matrix at any point of time in your life. This is a sure facility for personalizing your own wellness and making them independent of milieus, culture and instincts.

I humbly appeal to you to be in this super consciousness mode, when we deal with new insights in the domain of womanhood and empowerment, as this shall facilitate a reception essential for the utility and fruition of the enterprise. Thanks.

Let This Sink In…

The primeval question of ‘Who I Am’ has always been there but never ever as tumultuously tempestuous as it is now in contemporary competitive milieu. This institution of ‘Identity’ is definitively in the storm of 3Cs – Confusion, Conflict and Chaos as modern social-cultural-economic-political milieus have sort of installed this urge of associations and dissociations deep in populist psyche of people. For women, especially the modern liberated women, who are buoying up and down in ocean of ‘unsettled’ consciousnesses and cognition, the ‘Identity’ issue; the critical ‘Who I Am’ question comes with precariously poised package of 3Ms – Mystic, Magic and Marvel…

Decades back, scientists had warned that future battles shall not be fought in open but within minds of people, over multitude of identities and ethnicity. They insisted to beware of the possibility that as the world would become more complex and multitudinal, people’s perceptions about realism shall become more abstract. That would complicate life and living, resulting in more conflicts and battles within individuals, societies, cultures and outside.

At the very outset, this primary question of ‘Identity’ or ‘Who I Am’ must always be assigned primary and proportionate attention as in modern milieus, the identity issue has been dominating most perceptions and shaping major realism. As abstractions rule the roost in contemporaneous cultures; clear, unemotionally objective and singularly logical understanding and acceptance of the identity-issue is of core importance. For modern women, somehow, it is a challenge, though gender-neutral but more pernicious on their side of the wall…

As a rule, psychology should facilitate clarity and definitiveness, but often, the populist and un-academic psychologies often complicate and confuse things. This core and critical issue of ‘Identity’ meets with the same destiny in the hands of contemporary psychology. Somehow, populist psychology does the reverse – instead of making an understanding unemotionally objective, it itself adds loads of emotionalism and subjective stupidities to an issue or idea at hand. Identity issue is worst hit.

Here, along with the issue of ‘Identity’, there is another core idea and idealism of ‘Personality’, which modern women must deal with unemotional and neutral consciousness and cognition. The populist psychologies may not wish it to be like this but somehow, there is this huge burden on every woman as well as man to assign high discretion for distinction between ‘Identity’ and ‘Personality’. Let us talk about it…

As against the entity of ‘Identity’, which engenders the critical question of ‘Who I Am’, the core idea and idealism of ‘Personality’ shapes up the more important and beneficial question of ‘How I Am’. Often, we hate to accept it but the reality is that this ‘I’ itself is the biggest mystery of humanity and from birth to death, this ‘I’ stands as primary culprit of all stupidities of life and living. And as if, this was not enough, we have loads of stupidly emotional identities, from our birth to death, which either we are born with or align with. Therefore, this ‘Who I Am’ comes with many identities, which this ‘I’ seldom decides, often subconsciously wears and then gets unconsciously shaped up.

So, years before the ‘Self’ acquires consciousness and personality of any sort, the person born, gets loaded with multitude of identities, the burden of which he or she carries till death. Like, a child is born an American, a girl, a white, a Californian, a certain baseball team supporter as her dad is, a Christian, etc. Much later, may be 12-15 years from the birth, this girl shall evolve to have the beginning of her own personality making initiatives, which shall design the idea of ‘How She Is’; but already, the idea of ‘Who She Is’ has shaped her subconscious and unconscious mind, as she is born with a certain package of identities.

Almost always, this question of ‘How I Am’ is more important and more related to our overall wellness and personal excellence than this question of ‘Who I Am’. The personality issue is more crucial and critical for wellness than identity. This we all need to see, understand and accept. Who cares if I am an American or African, if I am white or black? However, it is concern for all and also primarily for self if I am good, right, amiable and compassionate. Yes, being a white or black or brown may have different social meaning and even benefits or loss for me but then, it surely is not ‘mine’ as I have definitively not done anything to deserve it or not deserve it…!

Very interestingly, as against the populist notion, the idea and idealism of ‘Empowerment’ is about ‘Unlearning’ the stupidities of ‘Identities’, which get sedimented in our subconscious and unconscious mind layers, since we are born with them or get associated with them, following or rather aping the populist perceptions and trends. Empowerment is about ‘I’ and this ‘I’ is what I decide, that too very consciously and never subconsciously and unconsciously. Often, personality is personal enterprise and its gains, however, identities usually are sort of gratuitous accruals; some sort of freebies…

If I am a woman, it is always ‘I’, which shall decide for me ‘How I Am A Woman’ and not the stupid identities shall decide me. Womanhood may well be a generic identity but what ‘I’ accept ‘womanhood’ and ‘empowerment’ as, is definitively a conscious and judicious enterprise of the ‘power’ or energy, which ‘I’ acquire through personal initiatives.

That is why, a modern empowered woman shall always insist on the question of ‘How I Am’ – the conscious personality positioning. The modern empowered woman shall definitively ‘Unlearn’ the unwanted elements in her generic identity, which unnecessarily colors the question of ‘Who I Am’. No doubt, this identity of ‘Being A Woman’ is a blessing in itself but then, ‘How I Am A Woman’ is the question, which only the conscious mind of a personality-driven woman shall decide.

Interestingly, this very question of ‘Who I Am’ may always have multitude of mutually competing and conflicting answers, bordering abstractions. However, this core question of ‘How I Am’ always has singular and unemotionally objective and logical answer. I may be a man or woman, American or African, White or Black, Rich or Poor, Christian or Buddhist; but I am always a good, right, amicable, honest, sincere and compassionate person, transcending all my generic identities. This shall never change for ‘I’ – my singular constant personality; even if ‘Who I Am’ may get stupidly associated with multitude of battle-inducing identities…

…For Finality Of Fruition

It is not that people await good times, the good times also await good people to come and hoist the potential seeded in the soil of future. Good words also wish for good readers, to be in reception of and be in linearity of the innocent intent, which ride on the shoulders of the words, for the finality of their fruition…

On Navigation And Expression Of Intent

There has to be a humble admittance – Any word, however well meant and well spelt, is a possible suspect of misinterpretation. There is a simple reason. People are in different consciousnesses and culturally as well as personally inclined to a specific value-summation of utilities. As a writer, it is a huge temptation to take liberties, with not only imaginations but also with the words, as against their common and popular use. Do kindly accept my latitude with language and personal coinages of words, as I understand, many times, they may not conform to popular usages. I share with you whatever is part of my consciousness. All wisdoms say, what stays with you is what sinks in. Wisdom is what we internalize. I share with you whatever I have internalized in my life. This may not be mainstream stuff; but may have utility in some meaningful way. I believe, as a reader, you shall enjoy this novelty and pleasant awkwardness of the writing.

Thanks For Your Magnanimity, The First Chapter Begins…


Human perception is innately and instinctively oriented towards emotional perception of realism and this in turn leads many of us to believe and accept ‘abstractions’ of realism, which is not purely truth but a precarious mix of Truth and Illusions – Trullusions…!

As we talked earlier, human cognition is equally at ease with both facts as well as fictions in the milieu and if someone’s consciousness is not aware, it can easily align to acceptance of Trullusions. As this is something wired in our mechanism, we can accept, it is primary human stupidity and all aware person need to unlearn it fast. We are talking as why this is more an emergent task at hand for modern empowered women.

This trullusion-living must end… we are not living in ancient archaic world of illusions! We live in 21st century of a new millennium, which is marked by a new empowerment, initiated and installed by singularly logical factualism of objective science and neutral technology – bereft of the cumbersome baggage of emotional and subjective ‘perceptions’. Naturally, the singular call for the young men and women living in the new millennium is to ‘unlearn’ fast, the ‘Trullusions’, which still lingers as vestiges of archaic subconscious an collective unconscious mind domains of the brain states.

Somehow, most stupidities of human life-living essentially emanate out of our body-mind mechanism and as it is broadly and majorly common for men and women, most stupidities are universal – beyond any reasonable shade of gender conflict. Therefore, what needs to be done to unlearn these stupidities, which form the core of self-actualization process, holding the critical element for new millennium empowerment, are gender-neutral – common for men and women!

This new millennium ‘empowerment’ about life-living realism, based on ‘facts’ and not ‘trullusions’, must be our singular benchmark of all acceptances. This is a must for all, especially women. If all social utilities and cultural righteousness are tangible and intangible expressions of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ of women in individuality as well as collectivity, then new millennium women must objectively and unemotionally know and accept what actually is empowerment, which alone can lead to the doorway of true happiness and success.

… Women may hold half the heaven but they definitively do shape and symmetritize almost everything on earth…!

No doubt, if the wise of the world are saying that this world is becoming a better space for life and living; we must accept that this is because, many of us are evolving as objective and holistic personalities; rising above our viscerally emotional stupidities of abstractive perception-based realism-acceptance…!

Globally, the primary focus, when we talk about women empowerment, is the violence against women. This includes not only crimes against women but all forms of aggressions and violence – physical as well as mental, which stand as biggest impediments in women’s acceptability as equal in social and economic domains. This problem remains in developed as well as developing societies with varying shades and degrees.

Essentially, the bare basic in any idea of empowerment is a neutralized milieu, where there is fearlessness of movement and reasonably minimal neutral restriction for free-fearless movement. Globally, most milieus are considered ‘restrictive’ for women, especially because of fear-factor of impending violence and crimes against women. Therefore, any talk of womanhood and empowerment must first address the issue of this element of violence against women in all milieus in modern world.

Now, when we talk about objectivity and holism, we mean – If we have a problem, we need to do two things –

p<>{color:#000;}. Not accept what the media, masses and social voices tell about the problem but be inquisitive enough to individually ‘dissect’ the problem into smallest possible details and drain down the ‘slices of truths’ and ‘subjective perceptions’ about it, so that actual objective face of trouble is percolated and understood…

p<>{color:#000;}. Based on objective, logical and holistic ‘truth’ of the problem, settle for non-emotional and grassroots elements, which could go in a definitive way towards the solution of the problem…

Now, apply this formula to the problem of crime and violence against women.

When we see and accept the global trends in Crime And Violence Against Women in different nations, developed and underdeveloped, in differently cultured societies, then only we can have ‘true picture’ of the problem and then only we can understand the true reasons for this problem.

Once this happens, we shall see and accept how media and populist ‘trullusions’ about the problem of Crime And Violence Against Women is being ‘sliced up’ for abstract and emotionally defocused populist acceptance of the problem. Naturally, this sways individual judgment, especially the perception and judgments of young women. Surely, the solutions too become sliced up and evade holism…!

The primary singular objectively logical intelligence in assessment of any problem, including this problem of crime and violence against women is –

p<>{color:#000;}. Humans are definitively NOT born intelligent but absolutely instinctive, guided primarily by their visceral drives like hunger, sex, selfish survival, joy maximizations, etc. In that sense, humans, in their innate visceral ‘avtaar ’ are very similar to their close cousins, the gorilla, with whom, we humans share 99% of our genes. A human is human, better than ape and gorilla, only when he or she evolves through objective education and learning, to override his or her innate instincts. This is primary empowerment – qualifying to be a human, bettering our animalistic viscerality. However, given the state of poverty, intellectual misery, poor availability of right education and general socio-cultural chaos; a vast majority of humans are truly still apes and gorilla. The human mechanism of decision-making on his or her action and behavior is primarily instinctive, seldom ‘intellectual’. Only a handful humans have the empowered and evolved consciousness to act and behave on the basis of ‘thoughtful & righteous’ decision-making, overriding instinctive drives of hunger, sex, survival selfishness and joy maximizations. That is why, stupidity, reactionary visceral priorities, hypocrisy, selfishness, self-indulgence, base consumptive joys, etc come natural and over-encompassingly to most humans. And, this is gender-neutral – makes no difference between man and woman. However, since men are having a world, where they have larger muscle and more maneuvering space, men’s visceral stupidities are far greater and more entrenched than that of women. And, that is why, in contemporary times too, men remain the largest perpetrators of atrocities and violence against women…

Somehow, acceptance of objectivity comes from acceptance of our own mechanism. In the new millennium, we now know a hell lot about how human brain works and how our stupid brain, a scary organ of human evolution, which itself is established as ‘stupid engineering’, makes us close to apes and gorillas.

The objective singularity of the problem of crime and violence against women having been accepted, the singular objective solution is simple –

p<>{color:#000;}. We humans are different from apes and gorillas only because we have evolved language and we live in somehow complex yet organized societies and arrayed cultures. To be human, we all need strong, logically objective and intellectually aligned education for mind training. This education is not about how one cracks certain college or competitive exams and becomes engineer, doctor, scientist, administrator, etc, but is about how a person can learn to ‘unlearn’ his or her visceral drives and act/behave responsibly in structured societies and cultures. This education is about how a person’s all live-living decision-making rises above drives and instincts to a state of consciousness, where his or her decision-making is solely guided by higher social intelligence…

Tragically, no government, no culture, in any country has been successful in evolving such an education. This is simply because; this education is not a government’s burden. It is the duty and responsibility of families and societies. The primary onus is on father and mother. Apes and gorillas can only produce apes and gorillas. Only human parents can think of having a human son and daughter…!

The holism of all solutions is – acceptance of visceral human stupidity as a species and then the learning process to weed out those instincts and drives, which keep him or her in the league of animals…!

The very critical issue of crime and violence against women needs to be accepted intellectually and objectively; never emotionally as the media, social voices and celebrities present it. The young women have to see and accept that average human, constituting bulk of population in most milieus, are as unpredictably unsafe as they are only true to their drives and instincts, which are animal like. Also, every human being may look the same but humans have different, at least seven competing shades or memes of consciousnesses. Therefore, everyone, irrespective of gender, should accept this ‘unpredictability’ of human actions and behaviors. This is gender-neutral stupidity and threat to all – women and men. Naturally, one needs to be mentally and physically ready to deal with such unpredictability of human nature. This is maturity and empowerment…

Secondly, factual data from all parts of the global societies have established the fact that crime and violence against women is more likely in a certain social milieu. Majority of crime and violence against women are perpetuated by those men and women, who are known to them and may well be their relatives, friends and mates. Globally, even in well educated, culturally advanced, economically developed and well governed nations, Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and domestic violence against women are very high. Even in India, more than 90% of crimes against women are perpetuated by ‘known people’. That is why, there is this saying – ‘ The Most Unsafe Place For A Woman Is Home…!’

Often, there is a perception about a realism, which makes a problem look far more good or bad in popular knowledge. That is why, it is important that modern women must unlearn such populist notions and look at the realism with objectivity and equanimity of consciousness and cognition.

For example, in the animal world of natural instinctive behavior, it is accepted that herbivores can consume only ten percent of available plants of the world for their energy needs. Similarly, even the carnivores can predate only ten percent of herbivores for their energy needs. This means, a major part of 90 percent of herbivores are lucky enough not to be predated. But, what we popularly perceive is that poor herbivores have the toughest of life as they are always predated and carnivores are the kings of jungle as they can kill anyone. The reality is – the chances of lions and tigers being killed in territorial rivalries or otherwise; are higher than their own chances of predating others. Similarly, herbivores have more chances of dying in other incidents than being predated. However, popular perceptions are far away from this reality.

Therefore, true empowerment for not only women but anyone is to see, understand and accept objective facts and realities of life on earth, human nature, social fabric and cultural realism. We have a huge case of non-emotional and intellectually inclined acceptance of the situation that crime and violence against women is not a ‘gender issue’, not a ‘symptom or syndrome’ of social and cultural malaise. Rather, it is simply and stupidly a natural expression of how human poorly body-mind has been designed by evolution. It is about how, we as humans have failed in accepting ourselves as big stupids and never ever feeling the need for objective-logical mind training since childhood to instill ‘some sense and sanity’…

Brutally offensive and very unpleasant it may sound but this is a human reality in our world that – ‘Whatever is up there with some utility and worth, it is up for predation and pilferage…!’ This is some realism, about which nobody should be touchy about. Human selfishness, sense of ‘I & Me’ is visceral and we all are wired for such behavior – men or women. Human empowerment is about singular objective, logical and unemotional acceptance of realism, as it is.

Out of nearly half million murders in world every year, 90% victims are men; women are only 10 percent victims. This hints at non-emotional acceptance that crime should ideally be not seen and accepted as ‘gender-specific’ but must be objectively accepted as ‘mechanism-problem’ of human body-mind make-up. We need to accept that ‘predation’ has a pattern, which is gender-neutral. Predatory issues are unemotionally and realistically about this singular objective hypothesis that – Whatever is up there with some utility and worth, it is up for predation and pilferage. This predation and pilferage pattern may vary. Like, which carnivore predates which herbivore and how much, varies in different geographical territories. However, common, essential and over-encompassing pattern is that whatever is being predated is a ‘worth’ for life-living. The only difference is – in human world, this predation may not always be ‘survival-essential’ but for many other perceived reasons. However, none of these reasons is unpredictable and therefore all such reasons have decipherable pattern. Empowerment is to see and accept that.

At present, only 10 percent women are victims of global murder incidents. However, as social and cultural changes are taking place, may be few decades from now, this figure may go up to 30-40 percent. Few decades back, it was rare to even think of a male rape victim. However, in contemporary times, there are millions of male rape victims in USA. Over 90,000 men are victims of rape in a year in USA with around half of rape perpetrators are females.

The simple and very unemotionally singular realism is – it is visceral for humans to have predatory instincts. Most of us have it. Everything with any utility and worth is up for possible threat of predation. Yes, what is predated and who is the predator is essentially time-space specific but reality is, it is human stupidity – truly and singularly gender-neutral…

We humans are wired and constructed this way. Predatory threats are always there. Survival however has always been unemotional objective skill and realistic-pragmatic artistry; never an idealistic-emotional virtualism…

This objectivity and unemotional acceptance needs to be inculcated since childhood. We all see and know that young kids, even 6-8 years of age explicitly show up this ‘predatory-instinct’, which is essentially a wired behavior in humans; a vestige of past, the ‘tribal-viscerality’. These kids would gang-up and pick up someone from their own group for ‘predation’. This solitary victim shall be subjected to jeers and mockery, even occasional violence to submit to the might of the gang. The gang enjoys it and feels great about their ‘enterprise’. It is like lion cubs playing the games of jostling up with siblings, as preparation for their predatory life ahead.

Humans too are wired for predatory behavior. Scientists have confirmed that racialism is also a wired behavior, a visceral one, owing its genesis in old, archaic and now obsolete ‘tribal-living’. Thousands of years back, when humans lived in tribes, they were often attacked by other tribes and predated for ‘worth’ in their possession. For security reasons, members of a tribe would dress and look similar, to identify any intruder rival, who would be from other tribe and would look different. Therefore, human brain is wired to look at suspicion and with upfront violence at anyone, who is not similar looking to them. A bearded non-white man in USA automatically elicits ‘suspicion’ in the minds of many white Americans. We are wired for not only this stupidity of racialism but thousands of similar and more calamitous stupidities. Empowerment is to attain freedom from these visceral stupidities…

Therefore, without carrying any emotional baggage, young women need to see and accept the problem of crime and violence against women very objectively and holistically, sans emotionalism. Crime and violence has a pattern and genesis, which is deeply embedded in human body-mind make-up. This is objective realism. Therefore, this should be accepted logically, objectively and unemotionally. This empowerment then can easily work out logical and singularly objective solutions.

The solutions may be as listed below –

p<>{color:#000;}. This world may have majority of average humans with little intellectual self-control, still, there always are good and righteous people in any milieu. Young women need to develop this habit of aligning themselves with such people in any milieu, especially when they are alone, in unknown milieus and vulnerable. There is a beautiful example of survival-symmetry in nature where Zebras, Deer and Gazelles always move and graze together as this helps them stand a better chance of survival when their predators attack them.

p<>{color:#000;}. Young women must develop this artistry of deciphering as what is the shade of consciousness of a person they are being friendly with. Remember, since thousands of years, it is women who have shaped human righteousness. If women decisively reject and renounce those with dubious and grey shades of consciousnesses, men shall have to change it. Never ever allow any latitude to persons, who do not stand up to the high standards of evolved consciousness. Have zero tolerance for frivolous and casual disposition by all, even family members. Always remember, humanity has evolved well from ape to humans as evolution was energized by ‘sexual selection’, which is exclusively controlled by women. It is the power of women’s definitive ‘NO’, as against frivolous ‘YES’, which has always engendered good cultures and societies…

p<>{color:#000;}. There is this objective realism of life – ‘Love may be precious, gains of life may be luring, however, nothing can replace the respect of a human, irrespective of men or woman.’ Therefore, in any walk of life and living, never ever compromise with your self-respect. Everyone must respect others. Simple as it is – ‘To love or not to love may be your choice, but to respect me is option-less’. This need is gender-neutral.

p<>{color:#000;}. Empowerment is not about having what you want to have. For all humans, not only a woman, it is important to accept that empowerment means ‘self control’. Our drives are very powerful and they always lead our judgment of desires and consumption. However, empowerment means, you have a consciousness, which can rise above these drives. Young women especially must accept that not only they have to work for this brand of ‘true empowerment’, but also have to ensure that they align and be friends with only such ‘empowered’ people. We shall talk about this shade of empowerment in later chapters when we talk about how viscerality needs to be unlearnt.

Most people say that solutions are all about a ‘positive mind’, which can work its way around pool of negativity. However, a positive mind is one, which unemotionally and objectively accepts realism, based on holistic facts, not subjective perceptions. This is empowerment and in this lies all solutions.


When something is exposed to overuse, it lands itself in the tumultuous domain of populism, available to all shades of conveniences and every gratifying initiative, it not only loses its true meaning, rather also starts gathering such meanings, which essentially corrode the very idea of that something…!

This is general hypothesis of entropy – usage has this innate alignment with diminishing efficacy of qualitative aspect of any realism. To make it simple; meaning of an idea is rarely singular as it means different in different domains of individual minds as well as social consciousness.

Somehow, even though it may sound preposterous, it seems the idea called ‘empowerment’ and the meaning associated with this term has hit the above-mentioned state of reality. And, when it comes to women empowerment, it seems, the reality is far more complicated. Empowerment seems to have attained the dubious-distinction of ‘nothingness of everythingness’ that happens when an idea or term is exposed to overuse and lands itself in domain of populism…

Moreover, as we talked about the importance of the need to ‘unlearn’ old and archaic yet deeply embedded cultural mind-consciousness of seeing realism with the perspective of ethnicity and gender; the term and idea of ‘empowerment’ needs to be pruned of stereotypes of gender perspectives. Energies must remain value-neutral and untouched by ethnic-divides.

Someone said, ‘If something is described as empowering, we can safely assume that nothing of authoritative and powerful elements can be anywhere near to it’. Why? This probably is a statement marking the deeply ingrained confusion, conflict and chaos associated with the idea of not only empowerment, but many other human ideas.

On the other hand, Ruth Whippman, author of ‘America The Anxious: How Our Pursuit Of Happiness Is Creating A Nation Of Nervous Wrecks’ says – ‘The word has taken on a kind of ubiquitous vacuousness, with virtually any act performed enthusiastically by a woman –from washing her hair to contouring her body – are now officially designated as empowering.’

The trouble with idea of empowerment, as enlisted by many wise women and men is – The term ‘empowerment’ is being associated with almost everything men and women do and feel, however, the true and real ‘power’ is hugely elusive in the contemporary realism of ‘empowerment’. As we said earlier, this is happening because of two reasons –

p<>{color:#000;}. Clarity of the idea and its associated elements are missing as it is being defined by all in a way, which is essentially either personal whim or cultural populism…

p<>{color:#000;}. As the idea of empowerment, like most human ideas, has no singular, logical and objective benchmark or signpost, almost all stupidities find it easy to ride the steamy bandwagon of self-vindicating stupidities of viscerality…

Therefore, we just have to understand why this is happening and what is missing, which is making empowerment – both for women and men, an elusive realism –

Semantically, empowerment as an idea is in the mist of confusion. We first have to see and accept this mysticism about the idea of empowerment. By definition, empowerment is often referred to as ‘freedom and power of self-determination’. This very definition is muffled in confusion. Let us understand it –

Empowerment is also about self-determination but it is not only that. Empowerment is more about ‘self-awareness’ and ‘self-control’ than ‘self-determination’. Let us define empowerment in best possible holistic way –

‘Empowerment is the self-ability of a person (woman or man) to rise above and be in self-control of the instincts and culturally learnt notions, which form our subconscious behaviors and actions, to test the validity, utility and worth of all our actions and behaviors very consciously.’

The core idea is – Our body-mind mechanism is designed for reactionary actions and behaviors, which are controlled in auto-mode process by our subconscious mind. Science says, almost 90% of our daily life actions and behaviors are decided not by our ‘conscious self’, but by our subconscious mind, over which we have little control. What this means…?

The simple idea is – When ‘I’ do not and cannot control my actions/behaviors and do not and cannot own the onus of 90% of my actions, how can I say I am an empowered person? If ‘I’, my conscious ‘self’, is not powerful enough to exercise effective ‘self-determination’ over my own actions/behaviors on daily basis, how can I say I am empowered? If by having freedom and power of ‘self-determination’ over what I eat, what I drink, what I wear, what job I do and with whom I have relationship, etc, I think I am ‘empowered’ then I am doing the cardinal mistake about which Whippman has pointed out. That is – ‘The word has taken on a kind of ubiquitous vacuousness, with virtually any act performed enthusiastically by a woman –from washing her hair to contouring her body – are now officially designated as empowering.’

The simple idea is – when we are very proud of ‘self-determination’ of all our actions and behaviors in any milieu of all times, there must be ‘total control’ of ‘I’, or the ‘self’ over them all. We determine, what we can own and control. However, scientific evidence is beyond doubt that 90 percent of our daily life-living decisions of actions and behaviors are visceral – controlled by subconscious mind, not our conscious mind, which alone can have the semblance of slightest of control.

So, essentially, usually, we own, control and determine only 10 percent of our actions and behaviors. Out of this miniscule 10 percent, 90 percent of determinations are guided by populist cultural benchmarking in modern milieus, which we essentially either ape or are influenced by others – celebrities or dominant trends. So, this very core hypothesis of populist notion of ‘empowerment’ is erroneous and a misnomer.

Let us see and accept that empowerment is an intangibility and it may have its external expression in so many tangibilities of our body-choices but essentially, empowerment is an internalized attainment, which comes not through external expression of ‘self-determination’ but internal attainments of ‘self-awareness’ and ‘self-control’. Empowerment comes through a tough process of ‘self-actualization’, which is not an auto-mode attainment of body-mind viscerality but a learned, evolved and matured of higher consciousness. This comes through self-control and self-discipline…

Now, we need to accept that for a holistic perception of empowerment, we have to accept a larger and deeper definition of the idealism of empowerment. This definition says –

‘Empowerment is not only about how a person feels and accepts him or her, but it is predominantly about how the milieus – Social/cultural/political/economic/religious, offer, sustain and nurture the elements of equality, equitability and objective neutrality, which transfers and ingrains power and authority to all consciousnesses in people – whether they are women or men, to facilitate self-determination through self-awareness and self-control…’

The simple idea is – all energies need a medium and this energy of empowerment also needs the medium of amicable and catalytic milieu. As true empowerment can happen only when our subconscious minds accept the idea and idealism of equitability and freedom; it is important that we have a milieu, which allows these elements to get embedded in our subconscious minds. Usually, what we subconsciously do or follow is meme – this collective unconscious. We can call it ambient, predominant culture in a milieu.

The core idea is – Empowerment is the idealism less in the side of people but mostly in the domain of milieus – the ambient socio-cultural and physical environment, where women and men grow and mature. A milieu which ensures equality, equitability and neutrality of all identities, not only man/woman, is the seed situation for the idealism of empowerment to grow and blossom. The meme must have seeds of empowerment; the collective unconscious must have these entrenched elements of equitability and freedom.

Unfortunately, this milieu is missing…! Most milieus invariably lack the idealism of equality-equitability-neutrality, which is the soil where empowerment grows. This is valid for both men and women. Men need this nurturing milieu for their excellence as good as women. Empowerment for women surely has to do with freedom and power of ‘self-determination’ but this is only partial. The holistic empowerment comes only when all women, for that matter all people of a society, have equality-equitability-neutrality, which women themselves cannot ensure. That is why women still miss the true empowerment.

Empowerment is not entirely an individual enterprise but a social and societal one too. And, as we still have societies and cultures where men dominate most enterprises, empowerment of women and all others is essentially a man’s enterprise…! It seems, men have to be more compassionate about women empowerment as many men are using the ‘few and scattered’ examples of some women ‘misusing’ their ‘so-called empowerment’ as pretext and basis for talking against true women empowerment. We need to create this meme of equitability and for this to happen, this current gender-divide and ‘gender-battle’ must go. We, both men and women, as collective entity, as a society have to work together in collaboration, not competition and conflict to attain and install a society where equitability and freedom is in the milieu. This shall ensure ‘empowerment’ to all, sans gender identities.

The most important part of empowerment is to understand that it surely is not ‘freedom and choice to do what one feels like doing’. Many women feel and accept that being visceral – accepting the ultimate righteousness of innate instincts; is true empowerment. The women have seen since ages that men have been doing what they wish and desire; therefore an empowered woman is also like a man, who could be trigger happy following her viscerality.

This is huge trap for women. Age-old and archaic stupidities of men may look like the shining gold but all that shines is not gold and even modern men are unlearning these archaic stupidities of their visceral-selves. Women’s empowerment surely has this good contribution from these evolved men. The world already has enough of such men-stupidities. Women needn’t add more to the men-stupidities, the world is over-burdened with. In the next chapter, we talk about this viscerality as necessary unlearning element for true empowerment.


Populism often has this weird tendency to ride on ‘abstract logic’, mostly suiting personal utilities. As individual desires are common and operative ambient milieus too are symmetrical, such populist perspectives become memes, which we call as ‘collective unconscious’. Pop cultures often have deep shades of powerful memes, painted on the canvas of collective unconscious, beyond conscious cognition. Consciousness anyway is usually in constant drift, blown apart by powerful pop sinews.

One such populist perspective is the term and idea called ‘visceral’. The populist perception is that what is instinctive to all of us has the ultimate utility and wisdom. This emanates out of this contemporary liberal and consumerist meme that ‘I Know and I Know It Right As It is Visceral To Me’. This seemingly embedded over-egoism of ‘I’ and its avowed ‘super-hero’ imagery has fueled this penchant for all things visceral.

This populist perception to validate all shades of desires and wants of our instinctive urges and drives however is only a very personalized value, which has become a meme but has no roots in logic and objective prudence. Interestingly mystical seems the realism that what happens to us, felt obviously by its deep-seated ‘desire-drive’, is more believable and acceptable than some distant and ‘external’ prudence of objective logic. That is why, pop feminism seems to have this penchant for accepting viscerality and drive-driven choices as true empowerment, as this comes easy, without any enterprise of conscious initiatives.

Scientists warn that most human drives or instincts are without conscience. They do not care about long-range effects. It seeks only immediate personal gratification as to most of us, feeling one’s own desires is the easiest thing and many believe – All good things need to be simple…!

Modern knowledge of brain realism also accepts that consciousness is very localized. It instinctively being a reactive mode facility cares for only short term utility and worth. And as deciphering one’s personal desires and gratification needs are the easiest wisdom, most of us fall for this utility of ‘intelligence’.

However, visceral drives and their utility apart, what singular objective logic says is –

‘If conscience exists, it exists in the intellect of the human, not always in instincts. To be human is to allow the intellect to preside over the utility and worth of every important action-behavior over the dimensions of time, space, people and processes. It is this necessary intellectual control of the instincts which makes a culture successful.’

Globally, there are studies and researches going on, which are looking into the dynamics of individual drives and social viability and they see clear trends. We see contemporary cultures in loads of drift and flux because majority of people are behaving true to their instincts (Visceral Wisdom), without much intellectual control and conscience.

Interestingly, even though this intellectual self control is a learned function and is called self-discipline, to over-ride less desirable instinctive behavior, the very seed of this need for self-control is deeply wired in our instincts itself. The guilt or remorse or even this ephemeral ‘second-thought’ that often follows instant-self-gratification is also instinctive and visceral. We seldom accept it this way.

That is why in most advanced contemporary cultures, where liberalism has unleashed uncontrolled instinctive drives of humanity, sans any intellectual self-control, the governments of the day have to spend huge moneys on police, jails and other emergency measures. Most modern cultures are failed cultures as the level of self-control in people in personal and societal spheres are very little and diminishing fast. The element of self-regulation and self-discipline, in the domain of ‘collective unconscious’; is gradually going down.

Science is working on bio-engineering probabilities, which could install a ‘package’ of knowledge and information in the minds of every new born, like a computer is installed with a software, so that every individual of every new generation could not have to spend long years reading about them and learning them. May be, science could also be someday successful in creating a ‘pre-fabricated’ brain-software, which makes it possible for all kids to be born with all past knowledge of humanity. Till then, it is ‘field-day’ for every stupid man and woman to flamboyantly flash his or her ignorance and proudly proclaim it to be the ‘exclusive genius’ of humanity…! This is visceral…!

Solipsism, early-life streaks of ‘anti-intellectualism’ and ‘anti-rationalism’ is not something, which come ‘pre-installed’ or ‘pre-fabricated’ in human mind but we are wired for them. Individual men and women ‘learn’ these ‘stupidities’ from their mad-milieus, as not only now, in all ages, ambient social-cultural milieus always have abundance of ‘stupidities’ for every young man and woman to ‘learn’ and then flash them as ‘exclusive genius’ of personal possession. Aping is visceral, however, what one apes is his or her choice, evolved out of the milieu, he or she was born and raised into…

Somehow, every newborn boy or girl comes on this planet with just an operating system of raw instincts, wired deep in his or her neural-make-up of brain states. Though, science may not yet have devised this ‘magic-software’ of ‘knowledge-package’, to install in every newborn’s mind but for sure; since ages, most newborn boy and girl are blessed with two ‘engineers’, in the form of mother and father, who keep installing ‘good-software’ of necessary personal/social/cultural knowledge and information in the computer of young minds, so that they have the contemporaneous mind training to fit into the larger sanity of humanity as well as ambient milieus.

However, tragically, not only in contemporary world, but in almost all ages, majority of newborns are assigned stupid ‘engineers’ of mother-father, who either do not have ‘sound engineering’ knowledge themselves, or they are themselves victims of stupidities, or they do not have the time, wherewithal and inclination to do their cosmic duties. In contemporary cultures, the parenting has become qualitatively more precarious. There is now marked evidences on correlation of parental misadventures and stupidities of their kids, when they grow up.

Therefore, on an average, at any time in evolution, human society has been inundated with over 80% stupids, who believe and accept that just being born as human being, they become the veritable genius and most knowledgeable creatures on earth. It is only very natural that average level of stupidity in human society and culture is almost always constant at 80%-stupidity. Somehow, it is also visceral and that is why the critical mass of stupidity is stabilized at optimum 80%. Why?

It is largely because, some humans may endure all pains and sufferings to unravel and decipher the true sanity and symmetry of knowledge for human wellness and excellence but they are always part of our history – A knowledge base not amenable for automatic transference to every newborn mind. No mind is born ‘pre-loaded’ with a software of ‘historicity’. Every individual boy and girl has to grow and evolve to learn the ‘history of knowledge and wisdom’ and then make practical use of this human wisdom in their own lives. This is some task, which requires loads of painstaking and honest labor and persevered poise. Only handfuls have it… This is also visceral… Why?

Somehow, solipsism, anti-intellectualism and anti-rationality are all something, for which we all are wired. This is how evolution has designed our body-mind mechanism and consciousness as evolution itself has been and remains a stupid engineering. That is why, in this factory, mostly stupids are manufactured. Science has deciphered this ‘hardware-software’ trouble of humanity, even as billions of humans happily and stupidly accept themselves as geniuses. This is hardwired… visceral to all of us…!

Science says –

“When confronted with the unpredictable and unknown, your frontopolar cortex refuses to admit defeat. It draws on all your computational abilities to search for patterns in random data. In the absence of real patterns, it will detect illusory ones. And it will prompt you to act on them.”

That means, we all live in a world of make-shift beliefs and ‘perceptions’, for which our brain and mind consciousness has such predilection that it is ever willing to accept any idea, which is already there in our memory/experience – part of ‘I’ or ‘Self’, which we have an infatuation to associate with. However, even a universal truth or transcendental realism, which is not in our brain referral, we shall ignore it and would rather fight against it with all might of our ‘perceptional’ mind consciousness. That is why, most people love to live, survive and thrive in the world of ‘self-suiting’ and ‘self-satisfying’ perceptional world of imaginations, sans facts and truths.

Globally, we can easily find such a person and personality among our dear politicians, whom we hail like ‘God’ and other God-Like celebrities, whom we ape like primates. We shall also talk about this issue of why most of us all are in deep infatuation with this perceptional-living.

So, different people shall have different personal expression of their core drives. Someone shall feel and accept that life is futile and there is no meaning of eating, drinking and having limitless sex. Many however shall readily accept life’s purpose as simple as the above. So, your core drives themselves create all shades of questions within you and accept answers as per their neural make-up in brain states. Science says, there are seven shades of consciousnesses and 16 brain types, which make people different in their thoughts, perceptions and actions. This in turn ensures that human conflict with each other is perpetual…!

The trouble is – stupidity of ‘visceral-living’ and self-certified-genius of ‘perceptional-living’ is what we all are wired for. There always is plethora of wisdom, all aligned to simple acceptance for every human being – man or woman. However, very few have the intelligence of personal initiative to seek it and imbibe it. This is the role and duty of parents but parents are themselves often the worst bunch of stupids in contemporary world of consumerism and instant-self-gratification.

As a wise said –

Every race, every art has its hypocrisy. Every community, every nation has its own lie, which it calls its idealism. Every creature therein breathes this lie from birth to death; lies are adapted to the mind of each race and art. There are only a few men of genius who can break free from it through heroic moments of crisis… genius cannot be defined without touching the ridiculous…!

The good as well as bad thing is – Humanity has a long history and history has this goodness to repeat itself, so that the stupid humanity could at least see the light of sanity, even when they fail again. However, there are only handfuls of humans, who think it necessary to check the pages of history to learn continued wisdom and unlearn past mistakes.

Here is an example –

In most parts of developing world, like India, China, etc, sexual revolution is now becoming mature. Now even teenage girls are openly mouthing ‘free-sex’ and ‘unlimited-sex’ demands. This somehow makes many girls and women believe that ‘empowerment’ begins and ends with ‘Doing What Body Wants’ and what all bodies ‘want’ is sex-thrills and instant-self-gratification, most of which we do not ‘need’. This ‘Be Yourself’ stupidity of visceral drives is some ‘perceptional empowerment’ many women think is being ‘modern and contemporary’. This they do, not even bothering to check, what recent and long history of humanity has to offer as ‘learning’ and ‘unlearning’. As we said, it is some stupidity, we all are wired for. However, historicity and its sedimented wisdom does not come pre-installed in new born brains.

As contemporary young women and even teenage girls are advocating free-unlimited-sex liberalism, the part of world, where it all started, has now spent decades structuring an advocacy against it. Already, anti-feminism and ‘back-to-basic’ voices among many reasoned women and girls are getting stronger and those societies, who launched (rather re-launched) it and ‘repeated’ the mistake, humanity had committed thousands of years back, are now well on road to sanity, with both most men and women accepting the futility of the dwindling, yet prevalent free-unlimited-sex culture.

If only we could check Oriental history and if only we could check the history of social sciences, we all could accept why this contemporaneous ‘free-unlimited-sex’ intellectualism and ‘Be Yourself’ empowerment is an old-obsolete vestige of history and why the new millennium men and women are moving away from this once very powerful ‘unsettled-feminism’ agenda of unbridled-unlimited-sex.

Our History –

Around 3000 years back, in India, when human civilization and culture had settled enough to find and enjoy the level of security, abundance and even opulence to think of higher joys and goals of life, there was a very powerful and popular idea of ‘Sexual-unputdownability’, wrapped in the garb of ‘Liberal Righteousness’, ‘Be Yourself’ agenda and ‘Visceral Is Intelligence’ philosophy. We have descriptions of these ‘sexual-liberalism’ of ancient India in our classical texts. The Buddha was born in such cultural and ideational chaos of ancient India, where rich and wealthy population was out to ‘enjoy life bounties’ and were willing to adhere to a wing of life-philosophy, which was akin to modern sexual-insanity, where all sex-escapades were advocated to be made above moral-questioning. Where all shades of viscerality of instant-self-gratifications and hardcore consumptive-carnality were justified and even practiced.

Buddhist literatures and texts of the time are full of description of socio-cultural anarchy, which was prevalent in times of Buddha, which moved Buddha to embark on a path of ‘samyak-vichar’ (poised thought). There are enough written texts available for all young men and women to read and learn from our history. If contemporary young men and women think and live in the perceptional world that what they are witnessing and practicing is something new, novel and contemporaneous to humanity, then they are away from facts and truths. It is just history repeating its stupidities. Their novelty is somehow only a few thousand years obsolete.

Somehow, the ancient Indian epic of Mahabharta and the embedded spiritual philosophy of Geeta in it are great texts of societal and cultural situations of the times that seem to be pre-dating Buddha. In Mahabharta also, which scientists date around 1400-1500 BC; there are vivid details of how ‘unbridled-sexualism’ and ‘irresponsible-liberalism’ had created a society and culture of ‘mad-consumptive-opulence’. In Geeta too, there is a very powerful description of a ‘demographic theory’, where Krishna elaborates to Arjuna about how ‘unbridled-sexualism’ and ‘irresponsible-liberalism’ in the then society had resulted in wider chaos and unnecessary conflicts in society, threatening the very survival of human civilization.

Geeta and Mahabharta must also be accepted as one huge ‘social science’ text. Similarly, Buddha must be accepted as probably the first ‘Cognitive Science/psychology’ genius, who understood human drives, human cognitive conundrum and consciousness conflicts. It is debatable whether he was the first but so many greats of past insisted on this need to see and understand the wired drives of body and mind and then rise above them through a persevered process of self-dialogue and self-actualization. Indian spiritual philosophies of Yoga and Vipasyana are brilliant cognitive texts, detailing the causalities of human drives and milieus, which engender this stupidity of ‘Be Yourself’ viscerality. They also list the way out.

Then again, around in 600-800 AD, India again witnessed the same situation. There was a spiritual-philosophical movement led by Shankra, who advocated a ‘poised-life’ even when there was a contemporary populist philosophy by ‘Charvaks’, which advocated this ‘unbridled-liberalism’, based on ‘visceral-intelligence’ and so-called ‘Be Yourself’ philosophy.

Many believe that this Charvak philosophy was also there in the times of Buddha. In fact, since the inception of human civilization and culture, two streams of life-living philosophy has always existed –

p<>{color:#000;}. This wing of philosophy believed that life-living and humans have higher goals and they are different than what the innate body-mind mechanism tells us…

p<>{color:#000;}. The opposite philosophy accepted body as ultimate intelligence. It insisted that there was nothing called ‘higher goals’ of life or higher purpose of life and that is why, the body and mind is genius enough to see and accept that what body-mind tells and seeks is right and good…

Here, we have to see and accept something very critical. There is always this ‘cyclicality’ in time-space domain. That is why history repeats itself. There is also this very well documented history of social sciences evolved between 15-17th century, which have well elaborated how human thoughts create socio-cultural conflicts. The general will, social contract and Epicureanism ideas are there for all to see and understand.

Classical spiritualism has said it way back, social sciences documented it in modern era and now modern contemporary science in new millennium has been telling us that this cyclicality of human society is wired in our brain. That is why it has this cyclicality of repeating itself in time-space continuity. This we need to see, understand and accept –

p<>{color:#000;}. Humans are born with core drives of 3Ps – Possession, Preservation and Perpetuation. Our drives give us kick of life, as they do to most creatures, being aligned with our bio-chemical system of hormones. Our drives have been installed by evolution to live a life of subconscious indulgence of 3Ps – Possession, Preservation and Perpetuation. The 3Ps shall always advocate ‘unbridled-pursuits’ and any check on these 3Ps make us in fight-mode to secure them. This is visceral intelligence, wired deep in us. However, thousands of years back, humanity chose to live in communities, leaving behind the life of wanderer-gatherer. In fact, evolution has also wired us for ‘tribe-living’ as humans have sustained in community-living since thousands of years. We humans have gregarious genes. Scientists have clearly mentioned of human’s social animal needs. There are now concrete scientific evidences as how individual wellness and excellence is majorly dependent on a balance of tangible factors like money and wealth as well as intangibles like emotional support, family nurturance and love-compassion. That is why, humans need collective wellness and this community or societal living requires some ‘reasonable restrictions’ on our core drives. As a political philosophy says – ‘Individual’s right to stretch his/her hands ends where the nose of other individual begins’. To be human is to have a poise between ‘wants’ of drives and social ‘needs’. Both are visceral and a wired realism for all of us. The two powerful human needs always split all humans. That is why, this conflict and dualism creates a cyclicality in human history. This dualism is wired in our body-mind mechanism and that is why this dualism revisits us cyclically in time-space domains.

In contemporary societies, where life and living has become very complex, it is only natural that humans shall feel the pinch of poise in a hard way. If we see, understand and accept it, we all are wise and our societies are happy. It is primary wisdom…!

Though, it is a long and complicated scientific explanation as how our brains have been designed in long years of evolution; we just have to know and accept that unlike other human organs, human brain is not a single organ. It is rather a cooperative of many parts, evolved during different times of evolution, with each part being an addition to the old one, not a replacement.

Therefore, what we need to accept is that our brain is not doing this favor of intellectual discretion to us. It still has the primitive brain, over which the new parts have piled up. That is why our brain still has the primitive instincts and drives. It also has modern logical parts but brain is not doing any automatic pruning for us. We have to exercise learnt and nurtured intellectual control over our instincts. Both instincts and intellect are part of our brain mechanism but this self-control thing works well only when we have evolved a higher consciousness.

This hypothesis advocates this contemporary wisdom that ‘Be Yourself’ ideology is a qualified wisdom. Just being yourself or blindly following what our instincts leads us to is stupidity. True meaning of ‘Be Yourself’ is seeing, understanding and accepting the drives and instincts through a tough and objective process of ‘self-actualization’ and ‘self-dialogue’ and then install intellectual self-control over all our visceral desires.

As ancient spiritual traditions as well modern science has been telling us – ‘What we seek is what we want and all that we want is not what we need.’ There is this fine-line between what we ‘want’ and what we actually ‘need’. This is the prudence of evolving and maturing as a human being. Our visceral self shall always lead us to our primary drives of 3Ps – Possession, Preservation and Perpetuation. These drives are wired intelligence, so that we all survive and excel. However, our drives are value-neutral and very localized. In collective modern living, we cannot solely rely on our drives and justify it by professing to Be Yourself viscerality. We need to apply intellectual self-control to prune our old and obsolete vestiges of drives.

There was an interesting survey in USA, where a group of people were asked whether they would accept $100 right then or forego it to get $500 after six months. Study found that overwhelming majority of people accepted only $100, not bothering to wait for six months in anticipation of better gains. This is some viscerality, which we need to unlearn. Be Yourself drives and instincts can be good, but not always and not in all situations. Our drives were created when humans lived in precarious life-living milieus. We now live in reasonably settled and structured milieus. That is why, we cannot and should not rely blindly on such old and obsolete drives, which have lost their utility and worth in modern milieus.

Instinctive behaviors are auto-mode, intellectual initiatives are not. Therefore, the intellectual self-control needs to be inculcated and persevered through conscious practice. This presupposes quality time with self. Contemporary life-living of constant drift and flux drowns us in auto-mode reactive decision-making, conditioned by our raw viscerality. This we all need to unlearn. This unlearning is the true empowerment and it has nothing to do with gender question. Both men and women need the same empowerment.


Empowerment is everyone’s conscious as well as subconscious desire. Since childhood, this idea of ‘empowerment’ is ingrained in our thought-process. It is also something, all battles are fought for! Especially the most original and primeval battle of gender…!

To be strong, powerful and rootedly endowed is something which most women feel so emphatically about; more than men as since ages, it is being made out that women are not getting and offered the ‘rightful’ quantum of empowerment, which they deserve. However, this is not a question of gender. Everyone, be it a man or woman, should experience and live-up empowerment! Moreover, as man and woman have evolved to be complementary to each other and live in symbiosis for preservation and perpetuation of human race, each have to ensure the empowerment of other as it shall finally benefit both.

Somehow, like most good qualities about life-living experiences, empowerment too has become a very abstract idealism and therefore has become associated with such stupid and impractical external elements, which make such a cherished idea of ‘empowerment’ the most precariously ‘over-celebrated’ idealism with least substance and out-of-place externalities.

It seems, this is happening more to women as ‘empowerment’ is something, being ‘marketed and supplied’ to women in the garb of many masqueraded matters, sans the idealism. Naturally, when the ‘customer’ is not well-informed, uncertain and even zealously and reactionarily into a ‘buying-spree’; spurious and ‘mimicked’ utilities and worths tend to flood the market place. Then, even an informed customer has trouble buying the ‘genuine’ product…!

So, what is ‘empowerment’? Especially, from the perspective of women! Let us list the elements, which most experts believe constitute empowerment for women –

p<>{color:#000;}. Fitness/Health – Globally, all empowerment of any kind is first associated with body-mind fitness. Healthy and poised body-mind is primary empowerment. Women need to invest most and hugely on fitness, health and poise. Exercise, enough sleep and leisure, positivity, de-stressing and most importantly, a receptive and in-ward looking consciousness, which facilitates constant ‘self-dialogue’, without falling prey to populist exhortations. Sadly, in most women, even in modern well-off women, across all cultures, this empowerment is the most neglected!

p<>{color:#000;}. Self-Defence/Self-Security – Being women is a package deal! A woman has best of endowments but a poor protective mechanism. The best way for a woman to feel empowered is to have deep confident feeling that she can, without the help of men in their lives (dad/brother/friend/husband) defend and secure herself. Self-defence skill development and safety-training are primary empowerment need for all women, especially young. Not only that, security and safety is essentially a mindset which needs to be ingrained deeply in the subconscious, so that women feel at their confident best in any milieu they move in. Global surveys however show that massive majority of women do very little for their self-defence and are hugely crippled by their ‘security/safety’ concerns. They also at many times, casually drop their natural guard against troubles in their daily lives.

p<>{color:#000;}. Think Positive/Drop Negation/Embrace Neutrality – Women all over the world are considered a ‘complaining tribe’, infested with the syndrome of negativity and negation. No doubt, things are very tough for women in all milieus and cultures. Negativity is more in the milieu than in women’s collective psyche. Still, when it comes to empowerment, a woman has to nurture and inculcate the consciousness of positivity and poise. The idea is – Accept that as nobody else may stand as your support, you are your own best cheerleader! Empowerment is in celebrating positivity and neutralizing negativity and negation. Globally, it is a primary accusation on modern women that most of their life-living priorities are energized by reactionary and negative priorities. Empowerment is all within, comes with consciousness, not what we accept externally. Positivity facilitates the journey of consciousness within…

p<>{color:#000;}. Self-Respect/Self-Acceptance/Self-Worth – There are populist cultural benchmarks for women about beauty, looks, body, dressing, attitudes, etc. A woman’s vacillations, conflicts, confusion and dualism are very crippling propositions for true empowerment. Empowerment means standing tall and strong to yourself and your own pluses and minuses. Nobody is born perfect but rigidity and over-insistence about perfection itself is negativity. Empowerment means acceptance of one’s strengths as well as weaknesses. Nobody is born with a Zero! Everyone has some pluses and some minuses. Working your own ‘mathematics’ right with acceptance is empowerment. This is some area, where most women waste huge amount of time, energy and money, chasing something and wishing for such ‘attainments & endowments’, which actually are ‘mimicked’ empowerment.

p<>{color:#000;}. Setting High Standards/Benchmarks – Empowerment does not come smooth. You set standards for self, say no to mediocrity and be assertive about quality in all life-living choices. Nothing casual should be entertained. Never be comfortable with populist and chic practicality. Setting high benchmarks for who you shall date, what high-valued people you shall be seen with, what lifestyle choices you say an emphatic NO, etc. Most women, even when they are well empowered, do not care about what elements their personality and consciousness is being associated with and identified with. That is why, often, their own body language and personality positioning exhibit ‘wrong signals’ to many around them. Labeling and judging starts pouring in and it is tough to remain ‘cool’ to such intrusions…

p<>{color:#000;}. Unlearning/Deculturing – Being a woman, it is a natural awareness that a woman’s instincts and cultured action/behavior have so many histogenetic factors, ingrained since ages of wrong and skewed socialization. An empowered woman has a long list of attitudes, instincts, orientations and so-called ‘soul-voices’ to unlearn, as many of them are vestiges of past, with little veracity and utility in contemporary milieus. Science has now facilitated the learning of how men and women differ because of the brain structures and how many brain structures are subconsciously ‘scripted’ because of wrong and unequal cultural factors. A new-age woman needs to ‘unlearn’ a huge portion of ‘archaic and cultured’ mind consciousness. This pruning is very crucial to empowerment.

p<>{color:#000;}. Symmetry Of Success – Much of the contemporary and populist benchmarks of successes are man-made and man-favored. The world is not truly a women-centric realism. Women hold the potential and prospect for future because they are different and can see the world and all contemporary benchmarks uniquely. Men have unleashed enough stupidities on earth since ages. Women need not subscribe to them and add more to them. They have to redesign and reshape their own novel and unique successes, as they see and wish. An empowered woman ‘redesigns’ all utilities and worth of life and living with the poised and symmetrical sensitivities, which are truly and uniquely women-centric. The mad-rush to out-race and outstrip men in the zeal for ‘equality’ is bad agenda. New agenda is the sanity and sensitivity of empowered women. This aspect seems to be hugely missing.

However, when we weed the gender element out of the above idea of empowerment, we all can clearly see that there is nothing man or woman about it. An empowerment is essentially gender-neutral. All goodness and idealisms are gender-neutral. All good men and women are the same – brimming with love, compassion, equanimity, positivity and purpose. Everyone needs to be empowered. In fact, ideal it is that men should strive more to make women empowered and women should look to make men empowered too.

Why should we have a world where ‘empowerment’ is not in balance and equanimity? What better picture of a future earth where everyone is empowered – woman or man, it is never asked…! No need anyway…

As the wise say – The Human intelligence is a sure process towards complexities. Don’t align your life energies with complexities. To align all your energies with peace-harmony and self-poise, we all have to align with our personal and internal Innocence. We all have to accept – Only that Intelligence is true and right, which empowers and aligns us to Innocence. True empowerment is in aligning with your own individualistic Innocence, never the Intelligence. Rather, if possible, use all your intelligence to empower and enhance your own Innocence…!


Tonnes of literature, especially poetry have been written on behavioral idiosyncrasies of females. In Oriental Urdu language, this word called ‘Ada’ is the most common subject of all Shayars (poets), from starters to the arrived.

Somehow, Ada is associated with positivity of reception, in the part of men, who never complained about Ada of the women in their lives. This positivity was always there, even when the consequences of these behavioral idiosyncrasies (Ada) were often aimed at painfulness for the men. The Ada of beloved was often this emotionless neutrality, bordering neglect and even conceited carelessness. Still, the Shayars, the men in love of their unaffected beloved wrote beautiful poetry over Ada and even labeled them as something, which engendered joys for them…

A Poet said –

‘Iltiza Ka Malal Kya Kije, Unke Dar Par Kahin Padi Hogi…’

This means – What regret I can have of my request (Of Love) to her, it (request) would probably be lying unattended on her doorstep…!

Another poet said –

‘Jinke Hothon Pe Hasin, Panw Mein Chhale Honge, Han Wahi Log Tere Chahne Wale Honge…’

This means – Those, who shall keep smiling, even when blisters shall fill up their feet, can dare to claim to be your lovers…!

Somehow, this Ada, stands to be compared with what contemporary culture accepts as attitude. The men, who talked positively about Ada of women folks and wrote copious poetries over the subject, are now very bitter about the ‘attitudes’ modern women are dishing out to them. No doubt, no poetry of any worth is being written about attitudes of contemporary women and all sorts of bitter and negative talks are listed against them. These men-accusations have now become a meme – rooted part of collective unconscious of modern men, who now accept this realism as generic trouble with all modern women. This is another trullusion! Perceptional but so widely accepted that it has become a meme.

A person wrote on a social site –

‘If the brain of a modern woman is squeezed, the attitude that shall come out of it can easily equal water in Pacific Ocean…’

Often, contemporary men feel scared and even embattled with the so-called attitudes of modern women. The reality remains that ‘attitude’ is something, most people are wearing more than clothes today. Men are also wearing enough attitudes; women however are listed as greater and larger offenders. It may be a realism that as most attitudes of men are age-old and a continuation from the past, they are not even noticed, whereas modern women have attitudes, which surely are new, acquired recently out of their newly-established empowerment and operative in new milieus of contemporary society and cultures, they are being counted more and are registered deeply.

The core issue is – what is this attitude, which becomes negative and scary, whereas Ada was good and even praised! The meanings of attitude, as listed in dictionaries varies from a ‘settled worldview’ to ‘negativity of behavior’. Similarly, Ada too is defined similarly. Though, some details may vary, the common factor is related to some ‘unpleasantness of behavior’.

So, what makes Ada so good, or not so bad but attitude as definitively bad?

If the two realisms – Ada and Attitude are compared and details of various shades of two are scrutinized, it seems clear as why Ada is good and attitude is bad. Let us list the differences –

p<>{color:#000;}. Somehow, both Ada and Attitude are predominantly women-specific entities and both pertain to behavioral impropriety of the person. Still, Ada is often very implicit, latent and subtle, whereas it seems, attitude is explicit, overt and intentionally tangible.

p<>{color:#000;}. Ada in popular sense is associated with ‘neutrality’ of beloved or women, in return of lover’s overtures for intimacy, not targeted at him but there as usual demeanor; whereas, attitude is a usually particularalistic and ‘intended negativity’ towards a defined target. Attitude surely does not have the benefit of doubt as ‘neutrality’ is hugely missing, whereas Ada is mostly the neutrality, in response to the request for ‘positivity’ of lover.

p<>{color:#000;}. Most importantly, Ada literally has more to do with body language and words are often missing. It is more about casualness and unattachedness of attention, expressed and communicated through ‘unresponsiveness’ and ‘neutrality’ of body postures and body languages. Attitude in contemporary times has begun to take words along body languages. This accompaniment of words is the prime culprit of offence. Attitude carries words and actionable body language, whereas Ada has no words and actionability is smothered by absolute neutrality…

p<>{color:#000;}. Last but not the least, Ada was considered as an expression of vulnerability and helplessness of a woman, as women in past had to live with loads of socio-cultural restrictions. A woman’s neutrality was considered an Ada as lovers accepted that she was crippled by restrictions on her and was not as liberated as men to express and communicate their inside desires. However, attitude is associated with strength, endowments and empowerment of modern liberalized women. Ada emanated out of helplessness and choicelessness, whereas, attitude is engendered out of liberty and empowerment.

The simple fact is – neither Ada, nor attitude is a desired state of human choice. Both present a situation to men and women to ‘be, what they may not be and what they intend to be but they are not’. This conflict and dualism is never good for human relationships, especially man-woman intimate relationships. We all are better off being simple and true persons. Wearing something, which hides and discolors our true consciousness and personality is not desirable for the person as well as others. We already have so much distrust among men and women.

The purpose of this talk is to bring about the importance of the strength of communication for modern empowered women. Communication is rather a very critical element of empowerment and here it is now not necessary to say that this too is gender-neutral.


There are ‘Fictions’, and there are acoustics of insinuations; the mass and energy all behind this populist simulation, beckoning with all its unputdownable might, to be accepted as ‘Facts’. There are ‘Virtualisms’, cosmetically wrapped and muffled with pink-posturing, with loads of visual-vehementality, urging to sediment them in subconscious and unconscious mind domains as ‘Realism’…!

It is a deluge out there – Torrents of mighty cascades of ‘Iconism’, ‘Populism’, perceptional parenthesis, benchmarking and signposts of semantic successes. Tough… hugely tough to keep oneself standing ‘rooted’ and in ‘poise’ of personal positioning…!

There are projections of ‘I’ and populist list of expectations from ‘Self’. More than that, there is this fervent felicitation of an ‘over-effort’ – both physically and mentally – to toe the populist cultural benchmarking of Good, Right And Appropriates…!

It is tough… hugely complexly precarious to understand and accept – ‘What and which way a woman should be; which way I am a woman… which way I need to accept to stay as a genuinely true woman. … the answers are not easy and they come with loads of scars on your soul…

The ambient milieu is flushed with ‘perceptional’ factualisms of weird proportions. Your ‘I’ is not isolated and in control of ‘Self’. The family, the relatives, the peer group, everyone has ‘facts’ to offer you as ‘appropriates’ but most of them are ‘populist perceptions’…

There is surely an easy way… the easy way of accepting oneself as a body and accept body benchmarks of being woman. Even the notion of womanhood then takes ‘Shape and Form’ from these body-specific appropriates. Of course, the multi-million dollar business for ‘shaping-up-women’ (both body-wise and mind-wise) tells you loads about how best a woman you can be if you get done this and that appropriates…! Most of these populist adverts are for bodies as ‘woman’ not as minds of human consciousness, sans gender appropriates…!

The tough way however is to ask questions about which way I am a woman, which ‘Shapes’ me in lasting peace and connect with my elemental womanhood …! Can I ask, isn’t it appropriate to be a woman, who asks for ‘shaping up appropriately’, the honesty, simplicity, innocence, trust and many such intangibles, all around in whatever milieus she moves? Isn’t it an inseparable benchmark of womanhood to seek a lasting system of sincerity; a strong and ever-evolving connect with wellness in society and cultures…?

Seldom in the history of humanity, the larger society and popular cultures cared for nurturance of elemental womanhood. They all however have crafted masterly artistry of ‘body-appropriates’ for women. The sculpting artistry of yesteryears has now become more raw, rough, blatantly and brutally indiscreet about woman body in contemporary porn world. The selfiegraphy shall show wider and deeper ingenuities.

This artistry of sculpting of stones of yesteryears, to make figures of populist idealisms, has shifted business. Real people and their bare bodies are now being sculpted as per the idealisms of the contemporary culture of artistic appropriates.

It seems, collective conscience of humanity never ever created a craft, which could stay as epic of nurturance for womanhood. Men write epics about women, the mysticism and miseries of women, her body and love. Wonder, why there is no epic written on the craft of nurturance-needs of womanhood, which every man must follow as essential appropriates.

Therefore, it is for an individual woman, with all her genius or stupidities, to engender a world of wellness for herself, where she has all appropriates of nurturance. The society, the cultures, the larger humanity does not seem to be offering anything substantial…

… this is hugely tough…! Why…?

Because – “There are ‘Fictions’, and there are acoustics of insinuations; the mass and energy all behind this populist simulation, beckoning with all its unputdownable might, to be accepted as ‘Facts’. There are ‘Virtualisms’, cosmetically wrapped and muffled with pink-posturing, with loads of visual-vehementality, urging to sediment them in subconscious and unconscious mind domains as ‘Realism’…!”

In such modern milieus, the empowerment, the call for wellness is – Stop-See-Introspect-Assess-Align-Assign…!

The details can be in specificity. However, empowerment is generic, lies in objectivity…! Being a ‘woman’ and accepting milieu-appropriated ‘perceptional’ factualism about idealisms of feminism and womanhood has already split vertically the age-old man-woman symbiosis and symmetry. Goodness, Righteousness and Appropriates are seldom ‘gender-appropriate’. There is already so much ‘bad perceptions’ about man-woman symbiosis and symmetry’ most of which is far away from grassroots facts.

Appropriates are aligned to regaining this man-woman symbiosis and symmetry and installing it to the high pedestal of nurturance, wellness and poise…


The contemporary socio-cultural sphere is very complex and full of conflicts. The challenge for a modern woman of substance to have her poise and exude righteous benchmarks of wellness for society and culture is tough. She must understand and accept why she is the dominant gender and why cultures always take on what she chooses and decides. Cultures always take the hint of utility and righteousness from what the female gender of all species accepts as. It is the way evolution works. Feminity energies the process of evolution.

The single transcendental fact is, feminization is the primeval energy and at work since the inception of the universe. Whatever creation process we look at, the guiding energy is feminine. Understand the core energy of human cultural evolution as well as the instinctive and conscious process of this evolution; it would be clear that the primeval energy of evolution process is feminization and it has been very good and productive.

The facts supporting the Feminization energy are:

p<>{color:#000;}. Evolution is, generally speaking, a product of ‘natural selection’ and ‘sexual selection’ and in both the selection processes, the regulator and master are females. This is true for not only humans but also for all species since 680 million years ago.

p<>{color:#000;}. Most aspects of modern as well as ancient culture of species, including human are products of the morphological and behavioral adaptations resulting, owing to the female-powered ‘selection’ mechanisms.

p<>{color:#000;}. The cell of the complex organism contains two sets of DNA. The ‘nuclear DNA’ provides the organism shape and function, whereas the ‘mitochondrial DNA’ provides the functioning of the cell itself. Nuclear DNA is supplied by both parents. But, only the mother supplies the mitochondrial DNA. The nuclear DNA, once the organism is mature, rarely replicates. Mitochondrial DNA constantly replicates during the life cycle and is responsible for the wellbeing of the organism. Therefore, as against the popular perception, it is actually a female, which is the ‘dominant sex’; genetically speaking.

p<>{color:#000;}. In Indian spiritual-religious system, it has clearly been said that we can pay off the pitra-rin (debt of father) but never the matri-rin (debt of mother). This establishes the fact that what a female does to humanity is unredeemable. The female element is the primary energy shaping most entities in the world. Such energy needs to be respected but also has to be responsible.

In the early hominid, it was necessary to form cooperative groups (herds, tribes) wherein the roles of the males and females were quite different. When roles are different between two organisms such as the male and female of a species, even though they may share the same reproductive process, evolution develops form in each to fit those cultural differences. Dimorphism (male larger than the female in the human) was one of the results.

Physical differences in form and shape between the sexes were not the only differences. Neural differences were also developed and they still exist. As a result of the male having a different role from that of the female, there were both physical and mental differences between the two. Although both experience the same environment, and they share large overlapping regions of agreement, they think differently about it and provide different solutions to the same problems. The cooperative combination of the two then provides optimum species survival.

It has to be reiterated here that evolution created gender differences for better utility of species survival and excellence. It is the human culture, which classified them inferior and superior. These need to be unlearnt by both females as well as males in modern world. Moreover, it also needs to be accepted that gender role differentiations are not static. Modern contemporary cultures need to redefine the gender roles, as per the new requirement. Here, it must be cautioned that there should never be the idea of superiority in accepting role differentiations. Male-female cooperation is a requirement for species survival and excellence and therefore, all roles by either male or female are of equal importance. They need to be respected.

The fact remains that with ‘power’ comes ‘responsibility’. The energy, if value-neutral, develops the potential of entropy and disorder. Creation is an immense power; creation can be both good and bad. Power can be good as well as bad. Authorization and empowerment needs very strong structure and process of responsibilities. The superiority is not only in authorization, it is in a judicious mix of power and responsibilities. Modern contemporary women of substance need to be in a holistic and receptive mind consciousness to accept that feminine-energy is the dominant and creative energy of the cosmos. This energy cannot shun responsibility of the role, which is so powerful and constructive.

It is important to understand and accept that in human life, it is the intangible element, of milieus as well as consciousness, which are decisive. Our mind consciousness is designed in such a way that even tangible entities are accepted by mind consciousness and registered by brain mechanism in intangible perspectives. Women have a distinct mechanism from what males have. The mind consciousness of women accepts more intangibles to its male counterpart. Female brain is distinct from male brain. The hormonal system of females is also different. Modern women of substance must accept that their mind consciousness is designed to be a better receptor of intangibles of milieus around. Women shall always have a completely distinct and unique sense and perspective of life-living wellness and personal excellence, as their mind consciousness shall always value the intangibles of life, more than the tangibles.

Nature has designed this distinction and it has larger utility for the survival and excellence of human species. Women of substance shall always accept and respect this brilliance and utility of the body-mind-neural difference. In reactive and competing mood and mode, the modern women of substance shall never favor a choice and priority, which goes against her personal wellness and natural excellence. She is nature’s chosen energy of responsible construction and nurturance. The evolution has chosen her as the dominant element of cosmic construction. In her reactiveness and competing zeal, modern women of substance cannot accept those priorities, which work against her innate mind consciousness and instinctive wellness and excellence.

She is the prime, pristine and predominant energy of all good things in the cosmos for the last billions of years. She is the pristine and primary beauty of cosmic construction. She is the ultimate hope for future and excellence of the human species on earth. On her judicious priorities depend the survival of the human race on earth. It is for sure, the universe has always believed in the ultimate righteousness of feminization energy and it shall always. The universe has been patient since 14 billion years… we all have to be …. we are…!


Most women think of feminism as an agenda. Females do not have to think in terms of agenda. All they have to do is to be a woman they are. Women have evolved in the long history of humanity as an alternative mode of life view. Feminism is not born out of what women decide to achieve while competing for an equal space in the man’s world or what the contemporary world-order perpetuated singe long desiderates. It is in fact a simple manifestation of a woman’s own alternative view on all things in life. Feminism is all about the very essence of the female portion of the nature… and it is a natural winner.

The good thing about the golden future of feminism seems to be the fact that there is more feminism in all good men of substance, which they refuse to accept and there are shades of men in all females, which they do not know how to handle. All good men are ‘mothers at heart’ and thanks to changes in the social milieu, we have more good men around. What better news can be for feminism! It is great news that the pristine symbiosis, homeostasis and complementarity between male-female elements are falling back to its rightful place and utility.

The foremost need however is to understand the confusion about the agenda of contemporary feminism. Most women globally perceive feminism as something big and complex and that is why they fail to accept that it is as simple and direct as being a true woman. Feminism is in being than in doing… goodness is in being, not doing.

Every woman of substance needs to understand that the innate element of feminism is first a mind consciousness, which engenders because of the very mechanism of a woman and all entities female in the world. Feminism must not be accepted as a physical and tangible agenda as this shall make feminism a reactionary possibility. We shall explain why we say this.

The women of the new contemporary modern milieu, used to accepting the male worldview of actionable accomplishments, are reluctant to accept that feminism is achieved just by doing nothing but being what they are. Reactive energies are never the end; they are just the initial tool for effecting the commencement of a change. Means cannot and should not be the ends. Once a change is seeded, it needs the soil of receptive mind consciousness and sunshine of poised priorities to germinate the seed and grow it as a beautiful tree. It is time for the feminism-tree to grow big and tall.

Let us understand as why women empowerment agenda is not in doing or undoing but in just being

The wise of humanity have said it silently, probably to themselves only, still their talks are everywhere and scattered in so many words. The old wisdom is simple, yet very much shrouded in the veil of mystique. The sayer of wisdom words probably could not think about the importance of making the millions understand the inevitability of dualism and a process and mechanism of coming out of it. The ‘arriving’ surely mitigates the pains and purpose of ‘journey’!

It is so beautiful, yet so perplexing! The wise say, ‘Don’t do anything, yet become everything’. They say, ‘Give up everything, you get everything’. They say, ‘Go where you began, you shall arrive’. They say, ‘What you see outside, is inside you’. They say, ‘Seek the zero, get the infinity’. They say, ‘Keep quiet, the music shall flow’. They say, ‘Do not be, you shall be’. Etc.

The hapless asks the arrived, ‘Are you not mad, are you serious, anyway, how to do it?’ The sayer usually smiles and moves away. Some would just say, ‘Do not do, just be’. The hapless remains confused, conflicted and is convinced, the wisdom man is surely mad and prays God to help him out of his debauchery!

The journey from dualism to non-dualism is very tough, religion as well as science says, it is not amenable and available for everyone, it is only for a few blessed ones! This is, they say, not ordinary but ordained by almighty! Mechanism confirms, brain structure and consciousness varies and it decides the ordinary and ordained. Debates apart, the wisdom however says, ‘Talent is important but what makes a genius is ‘practice’ not patronage. The teachers, the gurus and wise have said, ‘The real master is perseverance of practice’.

Arriving is all about mind training to lead the consciousness to a certain positioning or situationalism. As this happens, the dualism goes away as it is then clear that what the greats have been talking about the wisdom seems contradictory but actually, both the conflicting options, though looking mutually exclusive, are and remain simultaneously available. Check this:

God says, ‘Stop seeing me, you shall see’. God says, ‘Stop searching me, you shall find’. Now, there are semantic conflations also in these words, apart from the dualism, which is purely a mind and consciousness positioning. Semantically, the words tell you that actually you are caught between two simultaneous actions and that is why you do not arrive at either of the two. When you are seeing or searching, you are amid two actions – the effort of seeing and searching and second is the act of seeing and searching. And, you are not clear as what you actually want – to see or search, as the dualism itself throws at you so many probable options of realism.

From the perspective of mind dualism, the same is happening. You are amid two. The mechanism tells us that when we are in a search or looking, there are two things happening to us – first the search and second the seeing. We see so many things and naturally the brain processes all colors and shapes we see and throws to us multiple options for value-summation or what we call our subjective decision as what we find and see is actually what we think we are looking for or not.

The prescription of wisdom is also susceptible to the conflation of dualism and usually, people land on the wrong and transitional side of the wisdom, which actually shows us the absolute perspective through a transitional shade of consciousness. The prescription says, it seems, to opt for an action or non-action. Actually, it is not. It just says to be aware of both the simultaneous forces and use them to arrive.

For example, a lover says to his beloved, ‘I would say only what pleases you to the extent that if you prefer to call a day as night, I would too!’ There is a huge semantic as well as mental dualism in this positioning. Most people accept things and even mark them as benchmark for ‘true’ love and divinity. This looks like what wisdom says, ‘Don’t do, just be’. It seems to suggest, when you love or you seek God, you should not question but simply accept!

The dualism has to be understood. The lover says, ‘for me right and wrong is not important, what is, is your joy as I love you’. Similar is deemed true for God’s love. What other aspect, the meaning which the lines convey may be, ‘love has positioned me to defer the issue of right and wrong as primary is your joy, the righteousness can wait’. What it also conveys is, ‘my accepting or rejecting a right or wrong is not in my hand as right or wrong shall be what they are irrespective of my viewpoint, what is in my hand and I am very happy to do it is, I accept what you say as I truly love you’.

More importantly, what it may actually mean is, ‘it is actually a first step towards the realization and arriving at right or wrong because, when I accept your viewpoint, I take the first necessary step towards assimilation and as and when you and me assimilate, there shall never be two minds and two consciousness. This is the time when we together shall see day as day and night as night. It is just a transitional but primary step that I am so happily accepting as I love you’.

You and me cannot find or search a God or a love. It is there in whatever shape, color or positioning irrespective of my semantic and mental confusion about what and how God and love is. We get God and love not by finding or searching for it but by stopping doing it as this leads us to be assimilated in God and Love as both are in everything and everywhere. The dualism stops and non-dualism is arrived.

The beloved must understand, where and what is love. If she thinks that a true love is only that which says and accepts what she says and accepts, then she is actually denying and drifting away from love. Love is not in seeing and searching what you think is there for you. It is where it is irrespective of you and your love. Stop doing it and you get love.

Of course, the blame is not on the beloved. The cultured mind and the mechanism of brain has to do with it. Things become very difficult for a mind after the age of 25 to attune and align itself towards a completely new and alien value and belief system. That is why, goodness has to be ingrained in early childhood and adolescent.

Stop doing it to get love is not easy. This comes from painful and persevered practice. In every and all aspects of your pursuit and endeavors, this dualism would attract you to make you adrift. You shall have to practice hard to understand the undercurrent of dualism and then use the energy of this dualism in arriving at the non-dualism.

Sadly enough, people do not have either the mental willingness or strength to accept the utility and fruition of this painful and prolong process of practice. That is why the non-dualism is so rare. Dualism triumphs in this world as it is easy and amenable to average brain and resolve. There have always been greats who have told ‘right’ things to humanity, but it is always met with disbelieve and distrust.

The non-dualistic wisdom often gets the label of it being debauch and hypocritical as most people cannot understand the semantic and mental conflation of the dualism. Secondly, even if they get close to it, they would seldom go beyond a lover’s acceptance to a beloved’s ‘preference’. The beloved would be happy that she has a lover who accepts her blindly and then, she happily ‘stops’ there and, as her ingenuity would prompt her, she would use all the above mentioned wisdom in the defense of her action.

It is not the ignorance, which is the worst enemy of humanity. Actually, there is nothing called ‘ignorance’ in this world full of humans. What we have everywhere and loads of it is ‘subjective intelligence’. ‘Nothing’ is not such a bad proposition at all. What is calamitous for humanity is subjective intelligence; the personalized somethingness, and the ingenuity to prove it as the cosmic and global wisdom for all.

This has done the most damaging thing for humanity. Love and Godliness has become extinct. What we all have now is the ‘search’ and ‘seeing’ of Love and God. Everyone is in the lookout for Love and God, they cease to be on earth, way back, let us say for convenience!

… we can say, similar is the contemporary realism about empowerment and agenda of feminism. As and when we see, understand and accept the dualism of ‘Don’t be, you shall be’ prescription of the wise, we shall arrive.


Human brain is a busy businessperson! Somehow, it has to be. This stupid 1.2 kilogram plexus of trillions of cells has a business empire, which covers all spaces of the world and all concerns of all times. Every second, thousands of sensory inputs are being fed to the brain and like a true and smart businessperson, the brain has to keep track of all incoming and outgoing information and also, do something, for which it has been designed and evolved since last 4 million years; that is – Pattern building…!

 Human brain is brilliant at pattern building. New sets of information keep trickling in, because the external environment always keeps changing, and as a result; brain has to process the new information to create sense and pattern for appropriate behavior and actions. The new patterns of information are matched with old ones and then, the brain does something, which most of us do to others but hate to accept for ourselves.

That is – Judging.

Judging other’s behavior and actions is a result of matching new patterns of information with old ones. Judging is primary intelligence for all of us. Even if we consciously try to avoid it, our brain does it as auto-mode routine.

Instinctively, we tend to judge those things more and more intently where things are changing fast. Human mind has little business with static milieus, where things are not changing and brain is settled with its old pattern, which it has once created and processed well. However, brain automatically tunes to those info which are new and happen because of changes in the milieus. As brain does it, judging has to happen.

In contemporary culture, things are happening fast and change is the buzz word. Everywhere – be it society, culture, economy, politics or faith system, change is the keyword and therefore, brain is flooded with new info, which it constantly matches with old established patterns and therefore, modern brain is judging most.

In modern times, therefore, the most pro-active and reactive judging is happening for women and their world as things are changing most and that too immensely fast in women’s world. Also, the human mind, especially the minds of men are sort of wired with old patterns about the women’s world and as new things are happening fast and deep in women’s world, men are judging women the most. Men are judging women and their ways not only most but also very reactively and extremely. This is often alarming as such judgments have the potential of going against the wellness of women and unleash unconscious violence against them – mental as well as physical.

Men are judging everything about the new women and their new world of liberty and equality. The women empowerment has led the male brain resort to reactionary judgment and this trend signals challenging times for women.

The women of contemporary times do not have to feel threatened but they surely have to accept the realism, which is there and cannot be wished away. As the judging and resultant conflicts and confusion is the result of the way human brain is designed to work, we surely cannot refer to it as a ‘law and order’ crisis or ‘sick mentality’. Modern women just have to accept this realism objectively and work their way out to objectively logical ‘appropriate’ action/behavior.

The idea, which needs to be accepted is – human brain does not like fast changes as it accepts change as inimical to survival. Therefore, collective male consciousness feels threatened by the new liberalized and uninhibited behavior/action of modern women. Not only average men, rather highly educated and even intellectuals are talking suspiciously about the new women and judging their new behavior and actions adversely. As we have accepted the hypothesis earlier, as there is so much confusion and chaos associated with ‘empowerment’ and feminism, it is only natural that even this judging enterprise is loaded with perceptional stupidities, away from realism.

So what happens is, for example – A modern educated and liberal woman, who lives and relishes this new-age objectivity and equality in her modern culture and milieu, hugs a male friend causally and does not assign any ‘intimacy-element’ to it. For her, this close hug is like men hugging each other. However, men do not usually take it this simple way. They instantly and instinctively start judging this act and behavior and assign ‘value-loaded’ opinions and comments. That is why, there are so many freaky and stupid sounding opinions and judgments coming from men about how modern women dress, talk, present themselves and about their body-language, etc.

Somehow, modern women also tend to be reactive and reactionary over such judgments and opinions. Our dear young women need not be that. We just have to accept how it is a natural and instinctive design of a human brain. Why only men, old and aged women also judge the new women in similar ways. Therefore, we have to be objective and logically smart about all these, which not only women but all of us face in our lives. As we have been insisting throughout in this book, modern empowered women do not have to be touchy and emotionally reactive about the new milieus and new attitudes.

Changes are always a circumspect acceptance for any brain, be it a male or female brain. This judging business is brain’s core competence. Therefore, to be empowered, to be a modern successful man or woman is to be objectively logical and smart about this all. To be successful is to be in easy and poised acceptance of basic and core realism of life and living truths. Once in acceptance mode, this same brain of ours has ease in pattern-acceptance and then judging becomes objective and logical. Let us all be like that.


As we come to the concluding part of the book, we also need to talk about our mechanism of emotions. Science clearly says, you are what you think and feel you are. Therefore, it has to be accepted that our emotional state of consciousness has got much to do with how we accept ourselves as. Emotions and cognition are inter-dependent realism for us. That is why emotional poise is so crucial for wellness. We can hit the poise if we understand the mechanism of our emotions well. We need to see and accept as why emotionalism usually makes us off target of realism.

We all need to understand why poise of emotions is important in our life-living wellness scheme of things. It is also very important to know why the primary emotions of reward and rejection must not be associated exclusively or predominantly with tangibles of life. We have to accept as why it is ideal to come out of this cognition of emotions of reward and rejection, to get final emancipation (nirvana) from this causality – this cyclicality of gain and loss, reward and rejection.

This emotion of reward and rejection is at the core of ‘deprivation’ and ‘alienation’ feelings and that is why a detailed understanding of the emotional mechanism of our body-mind structures shall help us in a big way to deftly decipher true empowerment.

It is important to understand and accept that most behavior and actions of average people are aimed at attaining or restoring overall poise of wellness. However, the actual choices depend mostly on how an individual subjectively perceives his or her life situation and what emotions shape or guide his or her choices. For example, a man, even in poor health, may opt for working more hours in office, instead of taking proper rest, if he perceives that he needs more money for better education of his kids.

Science says, ‘you are in your perspectives and your perspectives are in you’. This means, what and how an individual perceives his or her actual and real life situation can be very subjective. This is true with our perceptions about all things and life situations. It has to be understood that any cognitive factor of wellness and ‘empowered-feeling’ is also subject to emotional interpretation. Like; income and wealth as key cognitive factors for wellness and empowered feeling are important but only up to a limit after which it rather has negative impact.

However, what actually is the optimum level of income and wealth is a subjective and emotional decision, given also the fact that we all live in a modern environment where income and wealth disparities are huge. Only 5 percent of global population owns 95 percent of wealth. This contemporary clutter culture has loads of such chaos, conflict and confusion, which irrationally affect choices of behaviors.

In such an environment, decision-making is more tilted towards emotional rather than logical. Scientists confirm that this cognitive-conundrum is biological, part of our body-mind mechanism. Science says, confusion and chaos makes one emotional in thinking and decision-making, as limbic system is activated. So, emotions make the fine-line between optimum and maximum blurred. This prompts risky behavior, even though the behavior is instinctively towards restoring or attaining the equilibrium of wellness.

First objective hypothesis seems to be that – the contemporary clutter culture is a dysfunctional and debilitating realism as it makes most of us land in chaos, conflict and confusion. Even scientists like Stephen Hawking have raised alarm over this. This clutter culture and resultant conflicts in turn lands us in a charged up emotional state, affecting our logical and appropriate decision-making, as it blurs our perceptions about actualism of realism.

Contemporary times are defined more by ‘reactionary-priorities’ of people, in action and behavior choices. Much of it can be ascribed to clutter culture. Emotionalism almost always leads to reactionary choices. This has cyclic calamity for society and cultures.

Yes, emotions are good when you are in love and wish to optimize the joy of drift in the ocean of intimacy. However, you need never be ‘emotional’, while deciding about who is the right love-partner for you. In decision-making on major life-living issues, emotions always land you in unreal situation. In such important decisions like ‘Who I Am’ and ‘How Can I Be Empowered’, it is crucial that we shun emotionalism and settle down for objective, logical and poised consciousness.

When you have opted consciously for a non-action or inaction positioning for your action-behavior, it is good if you ask your emotions to lead your pleasures. This is good because, everything is in ‘internalized-mode’ and you are in a singular and non-competitive time and space. However, when you opt for actionable decision-making choices, you need to be objective and logical. This necessitates dropping your emotionalism and accepting elements presented for your decision-making in high objectivity and holism. Emotionalism is personal, subjective and very individualistically partial. Whereas; most of the crucial life-living decisions, must always be based on holism.

The clutter culture affects our consciousness negatively and this in turn affects our cognition. Naturally, affected consciousness and illogical cognitions throws us in the deep oceans of bad and calamitous causality. If emotionalism leads us to blurred perceptions, it is for sure, we land ourselves in bad judgments and then, our own wellness is compromised.

Second core fact emanates out of the first. That is; when the crucial 3Cs – Consciousness, Cognition and Causality are hit by another 3Cs – Chaos, Conflict and Confusion, we begin to lose the Sense of Appropriateness of self-awareness, self-control and self-actualization. That is why we begin to perceive some good and right things as bad and wrong and the vice-versa. This confusion adds to the conflict.

Often, it seems, genius is all about being infallibly dogmatic about utility of one’s ability for fallibility….! There is always a popularly defined benchmark of ‘success’ and ‘utility’. Most people do not have the courage of conviction to do or accept anything beyond it as anything outside this populism is considered a fallibility. This emotionalism about success and utility comes with our partial life view and perspectives.

However, a true genius, almost like a ‘stupid’, seems in happy and unbending acceptance of his or her fallibility as he or she is not thinking about success or failure but just the intangible joy and thrill of the hypothesis, which he has accepted for his or her pursuits of purpose.

Acceptance of fallibility, as primary signpost of success, is like being your own God. The moment you rise above this humanly populist concerns of success and failure, which the contemporary populism benchmarks, you become happily independent of God. Why? Just because, divinity for average humanity is largely about the cultural business of right and wrong as well as success and failure. As this facilitative situation happens for you, your consciousness is free and road to genius is easy and smooth.

The happy position for a genius is that he or she has risen above the populist utility of action as human attainment. The genius is true and aligned only to his or her own Imaginative Inactionability. This hypothesis is so mystically marvellous. Just try to free yourself of action-oriented mindset and perspectives, just try to accept this simple hypothesis that fallibility is all about not being aligned to your own inner intuitive imaginations and see the magic unravel. Failure is about doing something, which is aimed at attaining something outside you. Success is about undoing this attitudinal slavery of doing…!

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Accept My Gratitude

Writing something is a daunting task as there is always a lurking apprehension of it not being of utility for some readers. I however feel at ease, because of my faith in magnanimity of readers. I am happily sure; you shall forgive if my efforts could not be up to your expectations. Thank you so much for being with me and allowing me to share with you. Wish you an empowered life; with the prosperity of the consciousness.

About The Author

People say, what conspire to make you what you finally become are always behind the veil of intangibility. Someone called it ‘Intangible-Affectors’. Inquisitiveness was the soil, I was born with and the seeds, these intangible-affectors planted in me made me somewhat analytical. My long stint in media, in different capacities as journalist, as brand professional and strategic planning, conspired too! However, I must say it with all innocence at my behest that the chief conspirators of my making have been the loads of beautiful and multi-dimensional people, who traversed along me, in my life journey so far. The mutuality and innocence of love and compassion always prevailed and magically worked as the catalyst in my learning and most importantly, unlearning from these people. Unconsciously, these amazing people also worked out to be the live theatres of my experiments with my life’s scripts. I, sharing with you as a writer, is essentially my very modest way to express my gratitude for all of them. In my stupidities is my innocence of love for all my beautifully worthy conspirators!

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भारत का सांस्कृतिक विकास: जरूरत आत्म-अन्वेषण की

एक बेहद मासूम सी गुफतगूं की आरजू, शब्दों की सतरंगी पोशाक पहनने की जिद ठाने बैठी थी। मैंने उसे डराया भी कि शब्दों से संवाद की बदगुमानी अच्छी नहीं। पर जिद के आगे झुकना पड़ा। आपसे गुजारिश और यह उम्मीद भी कि आपकी स्वीकृति उसी प्रेम व करुणा के भावों में मिलेगी, जिस भाव में अभिव्यक्ति की अल्हड़ सी कोशिश है। लफ्जों की इस नौरंगी-नार की पजीराई कीजिए। इस संवाद से दिलरुबाई कीजिए।


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I Am A Woman And Not Stupidly Touchy About It

I am a woman, but it is always ‘I’, which shall decide for me ‘How I Am A Woman’ and not the populist generic identities. Womanhood is a blessing but what ‘I’ accept ‘womanhood’ and ‘empowerment’ as, is definitively a conscious-judicious enterprise of ‘power’ I acquire through personal initiatives. Man or woman, I’m always a good, amicable, honest, sincere and compassionate person, transcending generic identities. Identity as a woman matters, but personality defines me as a person and constructs my wellness and excellence. ‘How I Am’ matters more for me than ‘Who I Am’ as I am an empowered woman, not in emotional-reactive, but objectively logical way.

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I Am A Woman And Not Stupidly Touchy About It I Am A Woman And Not Stupidly Touchy About It