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(A Collection of Poems)

Compiled and Edited


Carlos Luis





Carlos Luis

Carlos Luis was born and brought up in Varca, Goa. His determination in whatever he does has proved him successful. He is a topper in English literature from Loyola College, Chennai. At present he is a book reviewer, blogger, poet, and short story writer. He took to writing when his debut short story titled, “Twin Triumphs” was published by ‘The Hindu’ newspaper. He writes about whatever touches his heart and makes a lasting impression on him. Recently, his short stories and poems have been published in many bestselling anthologies. He has also written for magazines and journals like, “Rally,” “Smart Companion,” “Mother News,” “Vision,” and “Prabodhana.” He has a dream- to train children in the path of knowledge and give the youth a sense of purpose in their lives. He has been a strong agent of change through his provocative writing in the local newspapers in Goa. He has an intrinsic quality to make friends easily and treasure memories deep down in his heart. He is a lover of nature. He has published his debut book titled, “Rays and Ripples” and edited an anthology titled, “The Red Balloons: A Journey of Love.”


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When I at first began to do this anthology I just made an announcement on Facebook regarding it. But the response was quite meager but there were two humble souls who felt the need to make it big and assisted me to make this anthology on Christ a grand success. I would like to take this as the best opportunity to thank them: Dr. Ampat Koshy and Mr. Daipayan Nair.


A special thanks to my Pallottine family; Fathers and Brothers for nurturing the writer within me and most of all for instilling in me the desire to love Christ.



























It was 2000 and more years back when Christ Jesus hung on the cross and gave up his life for our sake. That self-giving was total and fantastic that even till date we remember and commemorate in our liturgies. As in the season of lent we remind ourselves of that excruciating pain that Jesus Christ went through for our sake. Let this collection of poems be a reflective agency of that exemplary sacrifice. May these poems help us to love Christ and reach God, through Him. May these poems be our lovely prayers intertwined with our emotions.

Enjoy reading and reflecting on the passion of Christ.


When I look at you hung on the cross

heart frets not… Divine Love has risen!

© Jen Walls 2016



When I look at you hung on the cross

INRI sign I saw, my emotion carried upon you

And it touched my heart with sense of chaos

I felt that sacrifices you went through

Blood you let bleed to humanity bestowed

To efface from our faces the committed sins

Pearly drops from my eyes flowed

I felt the salty pain deep to my skins

And touched my senses – I felt numb

But I admired you as one of Almighty Gurus

Oh INRI – Ieusus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum

Jesus of Nazareth, The King of Jews

Oh Lord – the King of all Kings

I pray upon you for my blessings

© Ency Bearis 2016


When I look at you hung on the cross,

I embark…

When I look at you hung on the cross,

I reflect…

When, I look at you hung on the cross,

I realize…

Tears seep in penetration..

Drop by drop

Piercing every ripe vein of my heart..

My heart in reflection through my eyes,

Seeps in sucks in a core…

When I look at you hung on the cross,

Your words echos in haunting melancholy..

“Father Oh Father in heaven! Forgive them….have mercy Father…..as they don’t realize their deeds”.

How many more…how long again…

Shall prophets and saviours cry our retribution….

A call unbelled from our within…alark!

I weep in regret, I cry in your holy gratitude our saviour of sins……

When I look at you hung on the cross.

I pledge my crucifixion one day…

In tribute to your almighty..

Bearing sins in agony..

Yet in pleasing union with my godliness, with you my shepherd…

When, I look at you hung on the cross. Amen

© Satabdi Banerjee 2016


When I look at you hung on the cross

I am overwhelmed with with an unbearable sense of loss

O ‘ Jesus my saviour my boss

I love thee from my heart’s deepest cores

It tears my heart apart and

And my blood begins

To boil when I

Empathise with the pain

You might have undergone

When you were crucified

What a sight it would have

Been to see you

O ‘ saviour hanged

Bleeding profusely

U hardly complained

Or prophasise

But look how we

Ordinary mortals

Are making a mockery

Of your sacrifice

Bogged down by

Mental Strifes

We indulge in pseudo


Without any genuine cause

Hatred, ostentation and


Have become our

Daily dose

We pride ourselves

On materialistic gains

Little knowing that

It is nothing more

Than a tightening

Of attachment ‘s noose

Save Lord O’ my merciful


From these

So that we stand

Enlightened before

Our demise and

Lead life with our fellow

Human beings enamoured

With compassion and


© Snigdha Jha 2016


When I look at you hung on the cross

The core sobs copiously at the inevitable loss

Spite has subjugated serenity that subsisted

Compassion has been impaired with scars inflicted

The trouncing is superfluous, intricate to coup

Pardon apiece delinquent who eventually stoop

Eradicating all sort of bliss to the humanity

Moment to seek redemption and clasp chastity

© Rajdeep Chowdhury 2016


You Hung on The Cross

When I look at you hung on the Cross,

A holy place for skulls to remorse;

Even Mount Golgotha quaked,

Crucified time got froze;

And a sepulchred scripture unfolds.

Thy headed ahead to bleed,

Dethroned barbed wires a thorny greed,

The barbarians crowned a King to prick.

They whipped whacks,

Mocked and spat in wrath;

A forsaken son beaten blue and black.

Then a Carpenter at thirty three,

Dragged his death;

And nails for free.

In a carried frame of an eternal guilt,

The written sin;

Which makes no meaning,

For anybody’s kill.

We love the way Jehovah loves,

God still guides;

And the cattle walks;

He leads the herd.

His bearded cheek,

Still offers a second slap to clap;

The resurrection waits,

For a blasphemy to relapse.

© Aakash Sagar Chouhan 2016


When I look at you hung on the cross

Never I waver from my faithful path, that

Thee had shown the heart in righteousness and purity

I may shudder by my trembling hands, as

I look blood dripping down thy face


To Ward off sinners from their thick sheath

I resurrect my being, anew

With compassion and kindness to them

When I look at you hung on the cross

Believe me, I also pine to be with you

To take a holy sip to my vision and mind:

Not to take guilt on the cross, but

To drain out body and the blood

Taking sins of all the sinners

I may mumble in quietude

The pain of your heart, but

My rosary will count eternity

Casting humble glance

© Tapeshwar Prasad 2016


To save mankind from self created evils

That linger on like Satan and devil

When I look at you hung on the cross

I remember the great cause

The day mankind was graced

And the noble deed ever praised

When I look at you hung on the cross

Words fail me, always at a loss

The thought that a lot has to be learnt

From your deeds across

Pride, ego and jealousy must be burnt

When I look at you hung on the cross

Your blood shall not go in vain

For I shall rouse myself awake

Understanding the cause

When I look at you hung on the cross

There will come a day soon

Living upto the goals of the boon

And before comittting any sins, pause

When I look at you hung on the cross

© Kavita Panyam 2016


When I look at you hung on the cross,

I feel it was all in vain, boss!

Familiarity breeds contempt!

Nonchalance gross!

People look at you and look away unmoved,

Not unnerved!

Sinners couldn’t care less

Forgiven or not!

When realisation hits them,

They will come to nought.

Taken for granted is your visage ,

Like the sun and moon which everyday arise,

All your edifices are just that,

Things to be posed with in snapshots,

Spiritually bankrupt!

Yet, please love the child,

The father you castigate,

And punish

The adult in us.

© Pratima Apte 2016


When I look at you hung on the cross

my curious mind begins to ask

why you were not believed by some

and who played the human’s boss

to decide that you are not son of God

but a common flesh who has no rights

to spread words of love

When I look at you hung on the cross

my eyes remain tearless in the thoughts

why you always smiled in the midst of

harsh words and disbelieving souls

who spread hatred and words of war

and convinced the cosmos to turn into

chaos and kill goodness

When I look at you hung on your cross

my heart burns in secret desire to take

birth in your time and stop you from

giving hopes, dreams and strength

to humans who would kiss the Judas

but a voice within echoes: “And the

Word became flesh, and dwelt among us.” *

When I look at you hung on your cross

my silence is heard in the empty Church

and centuries later I feel the connection

of beliefs merging in time and space and

creating waves of images

and We become You and I, I and You, We

and They, They and Me in reflections…

© Anindita Bose 2016

(* Bible in John 1:14: "And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us." )


When I look at you hung on the cross

A wave of melancholia sweeps

Was it really worth the deep loss

Giving your life for our sins in heaps

Now we fight in your name

And spread hatred in the name of love

It is all just the game of blame

As we indiscriminately kill the dove

When I look at you hung on the cross

I wish you would again come back

Show us that you are the boss

And for our sins let us take the flak

© Gauri Dixit 2016


When I look at You hung on the Cross,

I smile.

I smile on my sins-

Multiplying in number,

And unfathomable in depth.

They say, You came

And took their sins too.

I ask them, then why they still

Carry the blood stains on their hands?

They turn their red eye

And call it ‘Blasphemy’!

I,again, look at You hung on the Cross,

And now You smile back.

© Smaranika Roy 2016


When I look at You hung on a cross,

I feel sad and I feel at loss!

Only a Man can be so cruel,

And torture Others so brutal,

And for what???

Power and Belief,

Religion and Greed,

Lust and Deceit!

I sin, You Sin, We all Sin,

But someone has to pay for all our deeds!

God chose You… My Son of God!

To show us how badly we have sinned,

O Jesus!… I cried in disbelief at the cruelty in Us,

As the nails were hammered on to your palms,

As the nail was hammered on to your tendons,

As the thorny crown was put on your head,

You bleeded in RED and washed away our sins!

The ghastly sight horrified our souls,

The demons in us had shuddered in fear,

We prayed and prayed in panic and pain,

Thinking it could be Any of us…in your place,

The price which You payed through your blood,

Brought us penance and strengthened our morals!

Mankind survived through your faith,

You ignited the light in all our hearts,

The light of faith,

The light of trust,

The light of care,

The light of acceptance!

Let this retribution of Yours not go in waste,

Let Your brothers not start the war again,

For how many times you will show us the light,

For how many times you will weep in red blood,

For how many times you will crucified again,

And how many times you will take birth from death!

© Mou Sircar 2016


When I look at you hung on cross

I lay my face in the warmth of tears.

It is dark unsettled as refugees’ land

a banishment in unrelenting hair strands.

My hunger forgets you give us a piece of bread

a prayer summoned in reward and bloodshed.

An orphan born

tied to a black cat’s watching eyes.

Father you descend

and wash away my bed smeared in sex.

I scribble language with a piece of white chalk

my baby is born, the clock strikes: one o’ clock.

Tears are ever warm as she cries for the first time

the night snorts through ~

Baby,’You’ are my Christ

as calm as my inner sighs!

© Ritamvara Bhattacharya 2016


When I look at you hung on the cross

I feel pity for the earth at its eternal loss

You still wear a blood smeared thorny crown

nails still prick you and you don’t even frown

You body is bared and withered since ages

Your existence adorns the history pages

Does a Messiah really deserve to be crucified?

Can this query ever be justified?

When will you get freedom from the pain

And the world will be free from cruelty and disdain?

Our eyes will be quenched on that special day

When the whole world will be happy and gay.

© Fatima Afshan 2016


When I look at you hung on the cross,

My heart sinks with a sense of loss,

To think of the pains and sufferings that you had gone across,

To redeem mankind, Jesus you had died on the cross,

And thousands of questions crisscross,

When the mind is in a doss,

While seeing the cross hung with much material gloss,

Whereas the bare ruined are covered with moss,

These are the contrasting thoughts that again and again recross,

But I am a pangloss,

Who believe like the spiritual posse,

That your sacrifices for the salvation of mankind will never be dross.

© Sunanda Bhadra 2016


When I look at you hung on the cross

Blood dripping from both the hands

Face disfigured and discoloured with blood across

With the thorns crowning your crown as red band

I am moved with remorse and regret

“Have I sinned against sinning?”

How can I turn my face in cool neglect?

When every blood-drop keeps me pinning:

“What’s the portion of your cup?”

“Oh Jesus, it has turned a potion!”

There was many a slip betwixt the lip and the cup

Now I repent and remit in expiation.

© Arputharaj Devaraj 2016


When I look at you,

Hung on the cross.

My soul goes back,

To the time,

When you suffered.

My blood boils,

My eye cries,

I breathe even faster,

Than the time.

Eons have passed,

Things are still,

The same!

The world is,

Still demonic, I say!

O Jeez!

When I see you,

Hung on the cross.

I never do cry,

But my heart & soul

Puke out tears,

When I see you, Hung on the cross.

© Anindita Dash 2016


W hen I look at You

H ung

O n the cross,

I see

S alvation with its cost.

T here is sacrifice

H ere where hungry lions

E njoy their feeding.

O nly to be accursed,

N ot capable of hindsight,

E nraptured in midnight.

T here is something

R avenous in the weak

U njustly crucifying the meek—

E xperience taunts me.

L anguishing, anguishing therefore go

I in my

G houlishly endeavoring for

H onesty—

T ime rewards seeds the sown.

O ppression thrives in darkness’ treason:

F orever, my struggled meditation on reason.

M ankind, self and as a whole

A lways seeking satiation—

N ever-ending, the ravening.


The cross stands while earth and sky breaks,

Innocence is plunged into the abyss.

A perfect man, one without mistakes,

A snake, no longer striking at heels, mutes his hiss.

When I look at You hung on the cross,

I see all we have gained not all we lost.

© Marshall G. Kent Sr. 2016


When I Look at you hung on the cross…..

When I look at you hung on the cross

For a moment and so My Heart wrenched and sunk

What could be more cruelty… than this I thought?

How could the mortal corpse bear such ache and hurt?

I was lost in forming reasonable questionnaires

How couldn’t The Lord! Heard your last Prayers

Why didn’t He came to save you from that pain

And stopped the evils to play that bloody game?

I asked myself and The Lord!! Over and again

What pleasure you might have got from that excruciating pain

How could you’ve forgiven the Evils and devils as if Charity?

Just because…You loved all and loved the humanity

When I look at you hung on the cross

I comprehend that it denote a sacred verse

To conquer the hatred and victory of choicest love

Engraved in the history of humanity by The Cosmos

Written on earth by the sanguine fluid of noble soul

To defeat the purpose of hatred of all souls of evil

When I looked at you Hung on cross

For moment I felt as if all evils in me are lost!!!

© Tina Acharya 2016


A Plane of Existence

WHEN I look at you hung on the cross

I feel a sense of who’s my true boss

LOOK at all we’ve acquired

AT the dreams you’ve inspired

YOU opened the eyes of the blind

HUNG on for mankind

ON the day of your death

THE angels wept

CROSS this earthly plane shall we meet?

© Gary Manz 2016


Fathoms of Faith

Red skies in the morning

Sailors take warning

And so, I was born into the world

To begin my adventure

With my soul indentured

Setting sail with my flag unfurled

But my heart remained empty

In this ocean of plenty

Barron and void to be precise

Thus it remained until I knew Christ

Now full of joy and love

From our Savior above

My sea is no longer pitched and tossed

You bring me peace

Strength that will never cease

When I look at you hung on the cross

Red skies at night

Sailors delight

© Gary Manz 2016


When I look at you hung on the cross,

I wonder at the image of the men gross;

Overwhelming was your love and acceptance,

Yet the ignorant did not give you credence;

I wonder that no Bible, no Gita and no Quran,

Can truly save the doomed clan of man;

Pitiable is the fact,

That morality of modern man,

Is going down a shallow tract;

But, love your enemies, you said,

And sacrificed your blood, the God’s lad;

Love never fails, you said;

Such pure love, only you could have had;

Hung on the Cross, When I look at you,

I see personification of the perfect love,

Had you any religion other than love,

I don’t think of that I have a clue;

For the sake of man,

You happily paid the hefty price,

What’s troubling is a question,

Has the man truly understood the sacrifice?

When I look at you,

I see the benchmark of pure love,

The infinite sea of understanding,

A heart tender than a thousand dove;

An eye for an eye,

Is making this world’s soul dry;

The blind passions and obsessions,

Making the man distant from thy;

I wonder that no Bible, no Gita and no Quran,

Can truly save the doomed clan of man;

Pitiable is the fact,

That morality of modern man,

Is going down a shallow tract.

And yet when I look at you hung on the cross,

I see a hope even for the grossest of gross.

© Megha Rana 2016


Unbroken love

When I look at you hung on the cross

I wonder at the brutality that did that

At how anyone can be seen lower than another

For the sake of beliefs and convictions different

And at your grace which submitted to that

Those nails tore into your flesh as they were driven

Even then you asked that they be forgiven

Your soul remained untouched, unhurt

Gathering up your corporal shell you arose

The signs of torture remnant still

Your celestial figure shining forth

Dispelling darkness lighting up hearts

With faith hope joy and divine grace

© Vineetha Mekkoth 2016


When I look at you hung on the cross,

My sadness due to us your life you have lost

You were died for us and for our sin

For the whole world you had suffered, in pain

You have had carried the cross, across the land

And you were crucified, to his command

But before, you know that all this will be happen

You and the Apostle´s are on last meal snapping

Suddenly, you declare, “one of you betrayed me”

And yes, he gave you the sign a, kiss. it´s He

They caught and treated you like a beast

Every time I watch the “Passion”, my heart in tears

The pain I feel inside, cuts so deep

But it must be happen to awaken those who sleep

I knelt down and pray of your forgiveness

For all my sin and for others, my deeds are my witness.

Then again, I look at you, must all those done? I asked

But for the sacrifice you have done for us, I thanked.

© Gina Ancheta Agsaulio 2016


When I look at you hung on the cross

I look at myself in a box, below a cloud

It doesn’t reach me

but the outer walls of my touch.

and the touch traverses to every eye

as hail, monsoon and dews.

The last wood of your touch,

that is the cross, is an intersection

of colors,

and this noon of blessings does not

befall, based and biased on

human cries.

I see a dawn on the banks of your hairs

A raven cawing nature in your palm

and a creeper at those feet, crawling

for wisdom.

I look at you on the cross

I return home and look at my lawn.

A banyan

with hued branches.

© Daipayan Nair 2016


All of these thoughts are not mine.

All of my thoughts are not divine.

Possession, demons cast into swine,

And I’ll always take bacon with wine.

Here I stand, life making me cross,

Compelled to think as the body’s dross.

Am I albacore or albatross?

Then a miracle happens and I’m not lost.

A spirit, a symbol worn, a crown of thorns,

A casting of lots for Christ’s raiments worn.

A cross by three and a murderer goes free,

Here I realize the murderer is me.

When I look at You hung on the cross,

I’m compelled to calculate totality of cost.

Winter lets loose its rigid frost,

Spring becomes new life, but not without cost.

When I look at You hung on the cross,

A Son calls to His Father for the lost.

He knows the cup, this Holy Grail,

He needs not a physical body to defeat Hell.

When I look at You hung on the cross,

I hear Your voice, it is not lost.

Cast away the temple’s raiment it’s rent to Hell,

Upon every Word of Christ shall I dwell.

© Marshall G. Kent Sr. 2016


When i look at you hung on the cross

My heart weeps like the harmless albatross

Who too was shot without any treason by the boss

These cold blooded neuters take no loss

They simply use the bird as a dental floss.

His body wrapped in wire was made to toss

Blood splashing in ounces seemed to them like a sauce

Tears drooled from the eyes of the crowd and from the trees wearing the spanish moss

Even his life today wouldn’t take away his teachings neither from our mind nor from our thoughts.

Even though he was crucified on the cross

He came back across

Spreading happiness like the albatross

Riding his chariot in the sky with the helios.

© Diptendu Chakraborty 2016


When I look at you

Hung on the cross

Your wounds bleeding

I see infinite love flowing

For all humanity

Touching a chosen few

Who were transformed.

© Himali Narang 2016


When I look at you hung on the cross

My heart is heavy and my eyes are moist

How could a king stoop so low

Only to unburden my shoulders and wipe away my Sorrow

When I look at you hung on the cross

I remember just how far I was lost

That the son of God would sacrifice himself just for me

Shade his blood on Calvary

For my soul to be set free

When I look at you hung on the cross

Arms out-stretched welcoming me home

Where I will dine with the angelic hosts

Rejected you were only to become the corner stone

Now I bask under your amazing grace knowing at the end of the journey I will rejoice

© Precious Chilongozi 2016



When I look at you hung on the cross,

To know what they did to you, so gross,

In which Heaven or Earth is there such a clause,

Where sacrifice and love tumble down to toss?!

Is there a Mother who’d see what was done to you,

Could you not have worked a miracle on them too,

Barbarians who refused to see Your purpose to accrue,

For humanity that just didn’t deserve Your love to ensue.

Now You are gone and Your silence scarred the wood,

The nails bled through Your spirit, as flesh misunderstood,

What a mockery of a victory, before Yours who really could,

You transcended death, breathed forgiveness, like Sun risen You stood!

You knew they would put You through the test, ironically,

Your compassion and mercy, did they deserve really?

Now you remain a silent testimony to nemesis strangely,

INRI, there You are, as those who know You kneel eternally.

© Geethanjali Dilip 2016


When I look at you hung on the cross

Tears stream down seeped in remorse

You sacrificed yourself

For us o lord

How far removed are We now from God

The nails they poked in your holy body

They scream to me

Of plans shoddy

I love you Jesus for the example you set

If only from you a lesson we get

You left behind a divine legacy

Of sharing and caring with efficacy

It’s only when we love all men

That we’ll be worthy of being men

© Lily Swarn 2016


Real Love

When I look at you, hung on the cross

My eyes bleed that I am standing helpless

I wish you weren’t crucified

A miracle could have happened

Let it be just a dream, I yearn

Oh then, I remember, you were resurrected

It’s a miracle, your words came true

But you suffered in the cross, isn’t it?

It trembles my weak heart

How true, deep and broad-minded was your love?

Why did they kill you?

My hatred for them burns bright –

Just a second, my brain pats me

Hey fool “Love thy neighbor”

Locked, I get back to your words

© Shalini Samuel 2016


When I look at you hung on the cross

My words lies buried and at a loss;

How deep can someone’s Love be?

Did anyone ever cared to find, to see?

Those beads of blood are of Love,

Love that showered from above;

The word became flesh and dwelt amongst us,

The Messiah still forgives from the cross;

Love shall reign over all nations,

Blessed be the man, God’s supreme creation.

© Ronald Tuhin D’Rozario 2016


When I look at you hung on the cross

Sometimes it seems that all else is dross

Sometimes it seems it was such a loss

You remain the rolling stone that gathers no moss.

You were perhaps the first who had insight

Who preferred to die rather than to fight

To show the world that there was no foresight

In anything but peace and its might.

You were alone, but felt not so

Death’s pallor could not remain on your brow

Story, myth, legend, fable, parable or no

You remain for me, the Metaphor Foremost.

© Ampat Koshy 2016


Easter Comes

When I look at you hung on the cross

The existence of mine with tears toss

Never a word of curse had you

For Judas, Mathew, Pilates or foes.

You are the Emperor oh Lord!

Born in the darkness of a virgin’s womb

Travelled from Heaven to Earth

To be a human and die for them

A curtain was torn to permit the entry

You the Resurrected Lord defeated Death

Death, where is your sting?

None can keep my beloved under the tomb

You are the breathe of Lazarus,

The eyes of Bartimaeus

Your existence is the light and

the vibration of words at creation

You became the servant, king of kings!

Washed the feet of all

You converted the conspiracy, vengeance into transparent love

Love that never envies and boasts

but is peace , joy , kindness

and faithfulness

Love that is never rude

but rejoices with the truth

And protects, preserves and trusts

Love that never fails Oh! Lord

You left the Throne to take birth in the manger

Your death is never the death

As God can never die,

you are resurrected

Your love travels the longest

and touches every dust

Dust of Adam to the stains

of the streets and lanes

Your love has no agendas

As you said on the cross

“For they know not what they are doing”

But yes Lord,

Every day our tongues, our hands,

our minds, our perceptions,

our jealousy and hatred

Hang you on the cross millions of times

Forgive us oh Lord!

I pray Lord,

Let this be my last mistake,

Let you not be crucified

again and again ---

I repent and regret -

I love and adore,

My beloved Jesus,

Resurrected shepherd

I open my heart for you dearest

Before you knock the door

Before you knock the door

You are the rose of Sharon

You are mine and I am yours

You are mine and I am yours

© Swapna Behera 2016


When Jesus I see you hung there,

I grow desperate and fail not to care,

That you died for me and my sins to tear,

And make me whole, perfect like you, clear for my welfare.

That drop of blood, rather drops of blood,

You shed for me, saving me from the incurable flood,

That through which I would not drive myself out,

That through which I would not free myself out.

With just your one dying on that cross,

You did it so magically for us all,

You didn’t worry about your pains,

Neither did you worry about your gains.

Wholeheartedly you shed your precious blood,

For the love of your father above,

And for the love of us all below.

Thank you Jesus for bearing all the pain,

For hanging there on the cross, Shameless and courageous.

© Carlos Luis 2016


"Hung on the cross" is a collection of poems reflecting the Passion of Christ. The poems are heartfelt feelings of each individual poet. These poems will not just enhance your faith but give your a reflective attitude during this apt season of lent and easter. The anthology is a blend of mix feelings about the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. Christ gave up his life totally that we may unite ourselves to the Father bearing all the pain that came along the way. Hung on the cross is a sure effort to commemorate the Passion of Christ.

  • Author: Carlos Luis
  • Published: 2016-03-23 19:05:09
  • Words: 5449