How Unscientific the “Scientific” Philosophy of God!

From time immemorial man has talked of God. Most of the humans have believed that God created the universe and sustains it. A minuscule percentage of humans have argued that man created or invented God and their psychological and social needs sustain Him. In sciences too, there has always been huge controversy on the role of God in the creation and sustenance of the universe. The debate between what we understand as Sciences and Religion today – the two concepts attained their current understanding only in the last 2-3 centuries – has been quite vociferous. But what was missed altogether was the impact of the emerging philosophies in Political and Economic domains on the dichotomy between the two. The evolution of knowledge including natural sciences in the last two centuries has been under the influence of what I call Economic Fundamentalism. Industrial Revolution resulted in progressive strengthening of the grip of the industrialists over the world and the ideology they propagated.

  • ISBN: 9780463482339
  • Author: Javed Jamil
  • Published: 2018-10-25 22:15:06
  • Words: 39043
How Unscientific the “Scientific” Philosophy of God! How Unscientific the “Scientific” Philosophy of God!