How to Love Your Child

How To Love Your Child

7 Days To A Healthy Relationship

Yvonne Brooks 






Copyright 2014 by Yvonne Brooks

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How To Love Your Child: 7 Days To A Healthy Relationship


Copyright 2014 by Yvonne Brooks.


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Table of Contents

Day One – Use Love To Build Up Your Child

Day Two – 14 Ways To Love Your Child

Day Three – 20 Reasons You Should Love Your Child

Day Four – 9 Ingredients For Loving Your Child

Day Five – Loving Your Child With Substance

Day Six – Vibrate Love To Your Child

Day Seven – Light Up Your Child’s Heart With Love

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One of the best pieces of advice ever given to parents is to “Choose your words wisely.” Why? Positive and loving words will not only build your child’s self-esteem, they will positively impact your life as well. Consider:

  • What happens to your personal energy when you communicate to your child with love? It goes up!

  • What happens when you ask your child to do something around the house…and you do so from a foundation of love? Healing takes place in your heart! 

  • What happens when your child responds with respect to your outpouring of love? Your inner peace grows!

  • What do you experience when you “build up” your child early in the morning? You feel joy attached to your day!

  • When you watch your child control their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, have you noticed that your own level of patience increases?

  • When you use love to build up your child, it is almost as though an [_explosion _]of positive changes happen within your own heart.

There is only one thing that matters in parenting if you wish to build a solid foundation for your child’s success: using [_love _]as the basis for all your communications.  Best of all, nothing in this lifetime will ever compare to the healing that takes place in your own heart when you do so.

Tearing your child down is never an option in parenting.  Always act and communicate from a place of love.  Your child will grow in positive ways and you will find an amazing healing ministering to any damaged area in your own heart.

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1. Love your child to the same degree that you love yourself. (And if you are feeling broken or damaged yourself, love them [_more _]and watch your own healing take place as part of the process.)

2. Love your child enough to put down your phone when they are speaking to you.

3. Love your child as God loves you.

4. Love your child without falseness.

5. Love your child with sincerity.

6. Love your child through service.

7. Love your child with your deeds as well as your words.

8. Love your child without fear.

9. Love your child with healthy emotions.

10. Love your child with patience.

11. Love your child as a person of value.

12. Love your child beyond measure.

13. Love your child with a pure heart.

14. Love your child in thought.

**] [

1. To prove that you are of love.

2. To show proof of your personal healing.

3. To prove that you place a high value on love.

4. To reflect all the love you have received.

5. To show gratitude for the love that was imparted to you.

6. To expand your life.

7. To fulfill your duty.

8. Because love dwells in you.

9. Because you believe in love.

10. Because love is the best antidepressant.

11. Because love is the greatest emotion on the planet.

12. Because children die without love.

13. Because love allows yourself to be all you can be with your child.

14. Because you are personally a product of love.

15. Because you are aligned to love.

16. Because the love you put forth will return to you.

17. Because your mind is set to a frequency of love.

18. Because love is the absence of fear.

19. Because it is natural to love.

20. Because God first loved you.

**] [

1. Patience: Allow your child time to self-correct.  Believe your child has the ability to practice and learn self-discipline.  Care enough to wait patiently for your child to welcome your love.  Stay committed and endure all things with your child on their journey toward success.

2. Kindness: Be consistent and demonstrate your love through kind actions. As you speak words of love, be sure your actions match your words. Consider the simple things that put a smile on your child’s face. Shower your child with respect and honor. Go out of your way to show your child just how valuable he or she is to you.

3. Generosity: Be willing to share your inner self with your child.  Find daily opportunities to teach your child how to be free from meanness or smallness of mind.  Release abundance into your child’s life through the words you choose to communicate. If you make it a daily ritual to show your child generosity, you will amplify their ability to lead. 

4. Humility: The quality of being humble is giving yourself permission to go more than halfway to meet the needs and demands of your child.  Use humility as a major theme in your home.  Humility does not deny your worth as an individual. Rather, it is the tool that allows you to build a strong and rewarding relationship with your child.

5. Courtesy: Show politeness in your attitudes and behaviors toward your child.  Make the use of courtesy in your speech a 24/7 habit with your child.  Be creative! Find ways to demonstrate random acts of kindness and favor to your child. This is a journey that will help empower your child toward greatness.

6. Unselfishness: Children notice when parents and other adults choose not to put themselves first. When you willingly devote time and effort to strengthening your child’s emotional balance, you are demonstrating one of the greatest gifts of unselfishness. Use unselfish devotion to guide your child with wisdom and skill.

7. Good Temper: Short-temper is the result of a mental deficiency.   Mental deficiencies are associated with lack of self-control, anger, strife, anxiety and victim mindsets. Good-tempered parents are calm and able to control personal anger.  

The ability to negotiate, come to agreement, compromise, and look for mutually beneficial solutions is a hallmark of a good-tempered parent.

8. Morality: Morality is first taught in the home. A parent’s beliefs and standards of behavior concerning what is wrong and what is not acceptable for the family are critical and necessary ingredients in loving homes.

When you apply principles that allow your children to conform to the rules of right conduct, you are successfully living up to your responsibility as a parent.

9. Sincerity: To be sincere is to be free from pretense, deceit or hypocrisy. As you raise your child, your sincerity must be unquestionable.  Express your true feelings of love to your child in an honest way.

Remove negative thoughts about your parenting style and replace them with thoughts that are loving, kind, and true.   Be sincere with yourself first so you can express sincerity freely to your child.

**] [

When you share love with your child, you are sharing the healed portion of yourself.  The ability to love your child with substance comes from your own experience.  Your daily interactions with your child create the substance that produces the love your child craves and leads to emotional stability.

Parenting is an opportunity to increase your capacity to love! You have the capacity to receive love from your child, and you have the capacity to give love to your child.

It is not possible to be in a loving relationship with your child if you are fundamentally a needy person at your core. If you are successfully expressing love toward your child it means you have received the love that your soul longs for and do not need to look outside of yourself for comfort. 

True love is taking responsibility for getting your own needs met, so as to offer love to your child no matter what their behavior. 

It is unnatural to be out of love with your child.  Never hold your child responsible for how you feel.  You are completely in-charge of how you feel.   You do not need your child’s permission to feel love or to give love. You are an adult.

How you choose to love your child is a choice.   Make the decision to live from a higher standard of love. This is the secret to cultivating the substance of love in your home.

**] [

Every emotion is expressed with a different level of vibrational reality.  Therefore, your relationship with your child is a constantly changing vibration in motion.  The highest vibrational value you can give your child is the vibration of love. As your love vibrates out to help him or her, that same vibration of love will come back to you.

You stand as a representative of love to your child and your child desires to vibrate love back to you.  Nothing will ever feel better to your child than the vibration of love you put out to them daily.  As they receive this “liquid love,” they are able to vibrate love back to the family, their friends, and others.

You must care enough to focus on thoughts that vibrate love to your child.  You are in your child’s life to uplift, to be an example, and to add value as they learn to perceive themselves through love.

Your steady vibration of love will help to align your child back to a state of love when their behavior is expressing something different. Remember, your child’s behavior has nothing to do with you.  If you look, you can always find an abundance of reasons to vibrate love, rather than reflecting back emotions that amplify strife.

You have a lot to do with your child’s progress.  Your example will always be the best way to set the emotion of love vibrating between you and your child. 

Parenting with love is almost like a natural high – love’s vibration is a vibration of optimism. Your desire to vibrate love in your daily experiences with your child will pay big dividends to everyone in the family!

Pay attention to any emotional vibrations that try to raise or lower your own vibrational state. As you train yourself to feel better and better about your role as a parent, it will automatically raise your vibrational state with your child.

Become addicted to love and create a high vibrational reality that expresses progress in your home.  Remember, you have no shortage of love.  You are healed.  Believe this and begin to vibrate love to your child.

**] [

Like a lighthouse that guides children to safe shores, or a star that shines down on children in their darkest hour, so is a parent that lights up their children’s hearts with love.

A parent’s light is a type of energy greater than electromagnetic radiation.  Children use this light (this loving energy) to aid in their growth and development. 

Light travels as a wave.  Your light is made up of little packets of energy called photons.  This means your light can travel through an airless space to your child.  Nothing travels faster than light energy. 

Your light can be visible or invisible to your child.  All darkness (negative behavior) is the absence of light.

Whenever light hits a surface, its energy can be absorbed (soaked up), reflected, or deflected (refracted). 

When your light (your emotional energy) falls on your child, its energy has the ability to affect your child’s moods.  In some instances, your child will absorb some of your light and will be able to use it as a guide toward clear thinking.  In other instances your child will not be able to absorb the photons; therefore, your light will pass through them.

In reflection, your light rays will bounce off your child. Reflection always flips images from left to right.  Your child’s behavior is a reflection of the amount of light that was absorbed.  Poor behavior is usually the result of your child’s inability to absorb your light (your positive emotional energy – your love).

In refraction, your light rays travel more slowly toward your child.  The change in your speed (your emotional energy) can cause your light to change direction.  This directional change can be deceptive because it makes the relationship with your child appear closer than it really is.

If light waves are intensified and directed, as they are in a laser, they are powerful and concentrated. If you can bring your emotional energy (your light) to this level, it can produce an incredible encounter with your child.  This causes light (positive loving energy) to bounce back and forth between parent and child before being released as substance.

Laser light will not spread out in the way that light from other sources do. As a result, if your emotional energy is focused like a laser, it can be concentrated far more accurately to produce love in its highest potency.  

Love, focused with the intensity of a laser, has the potential to overcome all emotional outbursts, negative behaviors, crying spells, and any other darkness over great distances without losing quality. 

The world’s most powerful laser can have the power of a hydrogen bomb.  That is amazing!  However, the light (loving energy) you carry for your child is far greater than the most powerful light ever created by man.

Light up your child’s heart with love!

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How to Love Your Child

How you choose to love your child is a choice. Make the decision to live from a higher standard of love. This is the secret to cultivating the substance of love in your home. There is only one thing that matters in parenting if you wish to build a solid foundation for your child’s success: using love as the basis for all your communications. Best of all, nothing in this lifetime will ever compare to the healing that takes place in your own heart when you do so. Tearing your child down is never an option in parenting. Always act and communicate from a place of love. Your child will grow in positive ways and you will find an amazing healing ministering to any damaged area in your own heart.

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How to Love Your Child How to Love Your Child