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How to Hire a Ghostwriter


So you have this amazing idea that will generate thousands of sales and jump start your career as an author, but you sit back and think about it, realizing that there is a problem: you don’t know how to write well enough for anyone to take you seriously. Believe it or not, this is where most amazing ideas die, in the conception period (something mentioned in another of our books: How to Create a Bestselling Idea). This graveyard is crowded, and unfortunately, shouldn’t be. Ideas are a very precious commodity and should be cherished, nurtured, and allowed to grow into something amazing. Now, some ideas are bad, and those ideas should die, but a lot of the ideas for books that could do well don’t make it out of this area.

This usually comes down to the ability of the creator to write effectively enough to get his idea across. Not everyone is blessed with the skills required to convey their message in text. These people may be incredible speakers and orators, but this does not translate into being an effective writer. Many people who attempt to write fall into the trap of writing in the manner that you casually talk, preaching in a diatribe while interjecting one liners, thinking that’s what sounds good in their head. Unfortunately, it sounds great in that writer’s head, because it’s how that writer conveys his or her message in normal conversation.

The problem with writing with in a style that resembles a casual conversation, the reader is not accustomed to the overall tone of the speaker. If the author wanted to sound very serious and sincere, they could honestly come off as sarcastic and cruel. This isn’t because the author is a bad person, but when it comes to the tone of words, how you place them in succession and how you build your idea is just as important as the idea itself. This is evidence of an overall lack of experience and training in writing for the author. Even if they had the greatest idea on the planet, by not writing it effectively, that idea will be lost forever or completely misinterpreted.

There is a very reasonable solution to this dilemma for the author: hire a Ghostwriter.

What is a Ghostwriter?

Ghostwriters have become the norm in the literary realm. As publishers, we don’t know who they are or what works they are creating, because as far as we know, or even care, these works are created by the person submitting it to us.

~Christopher Roper, Vice President of Content Design for a publishing company

A ghostwriter is someone who is commissioned to create a written work from an idea given to them by their client, in this case, the person with the idea. These ghostwriters have their own sense of style, organization, and conceptualization for creating works. These people are typically gifted with writing clean, crisp, and detailed works that convey the overall message for their client. When a prospective author realizes that he cannot convey his message on his own, hiring a ghostwriter becomes the sensible decision. No two ghostwriters are alike; however, as each one is completely unique in the way they create their works.

Ghostwriters are typically former authors or students, people who have created works in the past and written works for the bulk of their lives. Some of these men and women have studied how to write creatively in college, or attended workshops and seminars to boost their knowledge and know how. They’ve spent years honing their craft and creating their own sense of style. They will use different words in different places, achieving different levels of beauty with their unique designs. Many of these men and women are published authors, having gone down the path of creating their own idea, writing it, and publishing it.

Typically, these ghostwriters understand grammar or syntax (or at least should). By hiring a ghostwriter, you should be able to save a lot of money on hiring an editor, because your work should already be near perfect (you will still need an editor, but you should be able to save because of the amount of work needed on your manuscript).

Ghostwriters receive absolutely no credit for writing anything that they are commissioned to write. All of the rights belong to the person who pays for their services, and a ghostwriter knows and accepts this. These men and women do not want the recognition or the fame for the work. They are simply out to create a work for their client, building a relationship with them with the hope of working with them again. If the work becomes a best seller and the author makes a fortune, the ghostwriter accepts that they will not receive anything extra for it. Publishing is a gamble, no matter the idea. Ghostwriters do not participate in this system, taking payment on the front end for the author to take their chances with publishing and distribution.

How do I know they won’t steal my idea?

As an author, you have to take care of yourself and protect your idea. The easiest way to do this is by having the ghostwriter sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. These agreements will state plainly that the author will retain the rights to the works and the ghostwriter will relinquish any and all claim to the idea and the work. If, in the future, that ghostwriter comes out and publishes that same book, you can sue them for plagiarism, which would ultimately end their career and cost them a lot of money.

Ultimately, you have to have faith that they won’t do that. Yes, there is a chance, but by following the right protocol and getting the right documentation, you can stop anyone from stealing your work, not just a ghostwriter.

This is something that everyone thinks about. Their idea is precious and they want to make sure that it is protected. At Paradigm Literary Services (www.paradigmliterary.com), all of our ghostwriters sign, prior to receiving any work, a Non Disclosure Agreement on any future works facilitated through Paradigm Literary Services (www.paradigmliterary.com). Also, before starting on any work, the ghostwriters will sign an additional Non Disclosure specifically geared toward the work in question, making sure that your work will remain yours.

How do I choose the right Ghostwriter?

This is a personal question, but one that you have to answer before agreeing to hire someone. As an author, you have to know what you want your idea to read like. You have to know how you want your idea conveyed and you have to know how you want it to look stylistically. Do you want it to read like a Tolkien novel, full of descriptions for the descriptions, or do you want it to read quickly, with a lot of action and pace?

Take the time to examine what each ghostwriter you interview brings to the table. Ultimately, they work for you, and you have to make sure they are the person geared to getting you the right results. Demand to see samples of previous works, looking it over diligently to ensure this is the person you want. Don’t just hire the cheapest option because of the price, because when you go for a cut rate option, a lot of the time, you end up getting burned. On the flip side, don’t always go for the one with best resume and history, because that can be falsified. Read samples from these perspective authors to ensure that this is what you’re wanting. One of the best things you can do when hiring a ghostwriter is assigning them a short topic to write a few paragraphs about. They won’t be able to falsify this and you’ll be able to ensure that this is the person that you want to write your work for you.

Don’t be afraid to tell them what you think either. Again, they work for you. They are being paid to complete a job in a manner that is effective for what you’re wanting. They are being held to a standard and you have to enforce that standard. If you’re working with an agency, make sure you have the contact information to the project manager. Agencies are just as cost effective as freelancers, but offer more layers to ensure satisfaction.

Understanding who the right Ghostwriter is a very stressful and nerve wrecking decision. At Paradigm Literary Services (www.paradigmliterary.com), we have a large number of ghostwriters on staff so that we can help match you up with the person or persons who will do the best job possible for you. The first person you will talk to with be a project manager, and their job will be to introduce you to the ghostwriters that match up best with what you’re after, showing you samples of their work and their resumes. With us at Paradigm Literary Services (www.paradigmliterary.com), we will ensure that the best ghostwriter suited for your work is working on your project.

What’s the difference between an Agency and a Freelancer?

A freelancer is a sole entity, one person working by themselves without the aid or assistance from others to get the job done. These men and women are hard workers, relying on their previous work and reputation to generate more clients and more work. They are only held to the standard that their clients hold them to, while only having their reputation and the current contract at risk.

An agency is a company that provides the services of the freelancer, except there is more than one person in the ranks. If something goes awry or the author has a complaint, the agency can provide a different person to complete the job to satisfaction. This is, arguably, the biggest perk. If you’re dissatisfied with one of the ghostwriters, the agency can provide you with another one. Another perk, is that if something does go awry with the ghostwriter, your work can be picked up and continued, unlike if you hire a freelancer. If you hire a freelancer, and the freelancer disappears, so does your work. You have to start over from scratch. Another large perk is that the agency has already vetted the ghostwriter and is holding that person to a set standard.

At Paradigm Literary Services (www.paradigmliterary.com), we have a staff of trained ghostwriters, all with different areas of expertise and experience. One of our greatest strengths is the diversity that we possess. We have men and women on staff who have researched and written thesis and dissertations from topics of etymology to ancient warfare. We have fiction writers who have been published numerous times, all specializing in different genres. We have excellent romance writers, whether you’re after an adult romance with some spice and flair, or a more tame romance, focusing more on emotion and feeling. Our authors write science fiction, fantasy, adventure, and any other form of fiction imaginable.

Our project managers are organized and will ensure your satisfaction before anything else. They are trained to not focus on the bottom line, but to make sure that you are happy with the overall result. We strive to help authors achieve their goals. For more information, please visit www.paradigmliterary.com/ghostwriting/

How to Hire a Ghostwriter

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How to Hire a Ghostwriter How to Hire a Ghostwriter