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How The Perfume Blows (Right Under The Bear's Nose)


How The Perfume Blows (Right Under The Bear’s Nose)

Barbara M. Schwarz


Oh how the perfume blows

right under the bear’s nose…


On the front: “It’s Summer, I suppose (the bear that knows)” 2017


And Summer, now she shows

Victorious in her flows

the element that snows

showers of delight

gave way to leafy sight


the blossom scent my head

a last perfume victorious lead

me to see


“It happens now so easily

the growing naturally

produce enormously

the perfumed shade, I prayed in aid

to deliver us from the staid…”


oh how the perfume played

great roses serenade

but you, my godly tune,

now had lilac in full bloom


lilac tree, lilac tree

you once remembered me

the blossom white and still

my senses caused to thrill


the sweetness of repose

as summer season grows

ready as before

other worlds now to explore


and I am rested where

deep relaxation touch the air


and heavy weather, muggy thought

oh how now the sun cavort

with my very being

and lifted memory seeing


the perfume freeing me

to light along so easily

and the clouds hum

in floated queue


“Summer: we remember you!”


And the garden bear,

stood regimented there

proud now to share

a vibrant life’s atmosphere


and in gentleness she knows

how the perfume flows

by giving up before

to open wide the next in store


“The next in store – the next in store,

Summer, I really must implore

what it is that you ignore

feel the space on your dance floor

swifter move than once before”


And now once before

Summer opened wide its door

Summer knew to see

the greater part of destiny

is flowering endlessly

in abundance ecstasy


Oh Apex of Design

Know, I this divine

To be my final rhyme


A perfumed length of time

to delicate sublime

A strength of healing vine


A relaxation sign:

“All now on Good Time”


I catch the scent

of what I meant

the seasons that the hours lent


and in my final rhythm, I see it coming through

all that reverberates around me and you

has come alive to worship too:


Summer in your midst

that fatal sense and twist


in all the ephemeral show

feel how the perfume flow


and as my garden surge to grow

Jasmine lifts my heart so


Sanctity and holy hour

perfume sense,

and goodly shower


and all that came to me

was relaxation energy


Purple Eyes Publishing

The work so hard earned, done

the garden now in fun

with the sun shall run

until abundance fully won.


And plucked strings from my guitar

the music travelled closely from afar


A final sense of resurrection

the garden now in pure perfection

of love heart’s connection


the blossom and the queue

of the lovely scent we once knew

as summer now grew

a perfumed life anew.


How The Perfume Blows (Right Under The Bear's Nose)

I caught a whiff, a simple love riff, and I knew: Summer's harmony was coming through - the perfume flew in wisps of dew and fresh the scent I find on you.

  • ISBN: 9781370340217
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2017-05-16 11:05:09
  • Words: 474
How The Perfume Blows (Right Under The Bear's Nose) How The Perfume Blows (Right Under The Bear's Nose)