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Hot Cocoa


E.E. Evans
Shakespir Edition
Copyright 2017 E.E. Evans

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The guy who nobody talks to, the guy who everyone says is weird, he’s the one helping me, my car decided to broke down on my way to home and with a cell phone out of battery, he passing by saw me and stop to help me.

“Are you alright” not really the car don’t start and my cell is out of battery”

“Okay,” he got out of his monster truck and started to tow my car with no more words said.

He motion for me to get in the truck and I just stood there staring at him, is he crazy I don’t know him”

“I don’t know you, you can get my car to where ever you can but I won’t go, I don’t know you, for all I know you could kill me on the way”

“Look lady my name is Joel and I’m not going to kill you ,I know your dad and he knows me can you just get in ,is snowing, I’m wet and I am really hungry, I promise to get you to Mr. Daniels safe if I don’t eat you first” right there his stomach made its presence. I had to laugh if he knows my dad name maybe he was telling the true.

“Ok but if you as much do anything I know self-defense.”

I got on the truck and started towards home.

15 minutes and he didn’t even say who he was.

“What’s your name?”


“So I know who you are, I’m not going to ride in this monster and not know what is your name if you kidnap me, at least, I know your name”

“Now I won’t tell you, are you crazy!”

“What? I’m not crazy, you know me but I don’t know you, which is mess up,”

“Whatever, I still think you’re crazy!” He was serious, not even flinch when I keep looking at him, the only thing visible was his eyes and nose, in this cold weather that was the normal attire. I am far more cover up; I hated the cold I had almost three set of clothes on and still the cold got to me.

Dad was the same he had some nails on his leg since he was in the military, so it was bad to him too.

We got home and dad got out looking amuses and surprised at the same time.

“Hey Dad”

“What happen? Finally, that piece of junk died?” He was making mocking me.

He was laughing and worries at the same time. He was telling me one day the car was going to leave me alone on the road and I had to finally admit I needed a new one, he just didn’t know it was going to break down on a cold night.

“Hello Joel, I see you rescued penny here, thank God it was you and not some creepy guy!”

“Dad, you really know him? I was a bit scary he didn’t really know you, thank God is not a kidnapper or a killer” Dad again laughed and the buff dude, Joel was finished unhooking my “piece of junk” and was going to leave when dad stops him. “Joel, sorry to break it you, but looks like you have to stay here tonight, I was seeing the news and the weather is going to get worst, they say this is the worst snowstorm in the last 15 years, so tonight you have to crash here, sorry this is not your plans for tonight but I can’t let you go alone and in a storm”

“Ironic, I was buying some things in case of a storm, now I’m stuck here, no offense sir.”

“None taken, she was to buying things for the same thing, well come one you two let’s get inside and eat that turkey I been watching like a hawk for the last 2 hours, thank god you got here, my sugar was dropping”

“Dad, don’t be so dramatic, I was gone for 1 hour, and I bet the turkey is missing a leg,”

We were sitting at the dinner table when suddenly the light went out.

And just like that two set of flashlights when on.

I looked at Dad then to the guy who now I know as Joel, they were eating like nothing.

“Were did you get that flashlight dude? I know dad had one but where did you get one so fast”

“Your Dad” wow so much for hostility, kind of rude if you tell me.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to be rude, you dad got it for me, we knew the power was going to go out”

Did I say that out loud, crap?

“Honey, no bad words on the table, and yes you said it out loud”

I just started and them and realize I was talking out loud.

“Sir, this is good, thank you”


“Dad, I made this don’t I get the credits?’

“Yeah, sure” wow… men

“Man, this is going to be a long night”

“You can say that again,” said Joel dramatically. Is been 2 hours and we were in the living room, dad was long gone to bed and I was still not tired, Joel was on the bigger couch snoring , really snoring it didn’t even bother him I was there and awake, he just lay down and instantly fell asleep, how could they sleep with that storm and not enough heat, it was warm but I could still feel the cold, I looked at the clock on the wall, great, two hours down and God only knew how many more to go.

I notice there was silence, when I looked to Joel he was staring at me like really weird, when suddenly he was by my side and looking out, I turn around when I saw the window, there was going the worst storm ever, every light on the street was out so the only thing I could make out was the wind and snow. It was really scary and without knowing I was grabbing his arm really tight. I’m scared of storms sue me!

“Don’t worry were safe here I just never realize it could be that bad”

I looked at him and that’s when I realize I was touching m and let go his arm slowly. I went to the kitchen. Might as well do something.

“Want some hot cocoa?”


I made him some and threw in some marshmallows and gave him the cup I stood by the sink and he sit down at the table; I keep looking at him suddenly he talk.

“This is the best cocoa I had in a long time, what did you do?”

“Just a little magic touch” I smile if he only knew”

“You did something to it, I can taste it, and what is it”

“Nothing just a magic touch”

“That’s the thing you gave it a magic touch, really is making me weird…” he said kind of tipsy.

“Are you ok?” Man, I think I gave him too much, I can’t just tell him, he’s going to kill me, what do I do.

“Oh my god, you gave me magic?!”

My cup when by itself to the floor and I just stood there looking at him, how he knew, unless…

“You’re lucky I know your dad, you are really sneaky, I’m not stupid, and you Dad told me about you. Guess what?” He was smiling I notice for the first time he was really smiling, I’m in trouble.

“What do you mean?” Now I was nervous.

“I know you just gave me magic with your hot cocoa, your dad told me to be careful of your hot cocoa, is your favorite drink and you use it to trick him with you magic. He said you don’t use with anyone else but I just experience it. By the way I have it too, that’s why it didn’t work on me.” I stood there in shock, is he for real? He knew everything and he too had magic.

“Yeah, and I also just discover I can read your mind, this is a first so we are at the same level. I don’t know why or how but I can do it”

What happens now, thank God I didn’t say anything about him being cute, and I, though, crap!

“You think I’m cute, that a first”

“Oh my god I forgot you can read my mind, this is so much I need to lay down” I was so embarrassed.

I went and sat and the bigger couch and in came him sitting beside me.

“Look, I’m sorry I read your mind but I’m lost too, I don’t know how it happens I think it was you cocoa, what kind of magic you used?”

“Ummm… I used a true and talking spell, you were really annoying being quiet and I didn’t know you and obviously, you or Dad weren’t saying anything I was tired of sitting with you here and not talking and I like to talk, you were getting on my last nerve, you got to him fast and I just gave you the hot cocoa so we could talk, I just didn’t know you have magic…”

Now I was getting how he knew dad

“You knew that because of your magic, right?”

“Yeah, when we were in the army, he find me one day making a drink to help me sleep and he caught me, he just said I was out of trouble, and after explaining that he took my drink and then we became friends, well more like he was my mentor, and since then we became really good friends, he’s the best to me, even when I was in trouble he was there for me.”

“Oh, he didn’t tell me about you, I guess he forgot he doesn’t talk much about war with everything he went there. What I don’t understand is how my cocoa didn’t work for you but gave you the ability to read my mind, which I just block you, I don’t like having you in my mind”

“It was the mix penny”

We looked at us and there was my dad, yeah I was in big trouble, we woke the chief and when he wakes up from his sleep he gets cranky.

Sorry I scared you guys, but I heard something break and I thought it was the storm, I was trying to go to sleep but couldn’t. What’s this about you using magic on Joel, penny? I guess I had to tell you about him sooner I didn’t think you were going to use it on him, now what kind of spell you used that he can read your mind?”

“I’m sorry Dad, he was not talking and I didn’t know anything so I made a true and talk spell”

“Well, that is not powerful enough to make him do it since he didn’t drink the whole thing, did you, Joel?” “No sir, I only took a gulp and knew, I got to say it’s really is good, best I had.”

“I know thank you, I can make you some without magic if you like?!”

“Sure, that be great”

“Want some Daddy?”

“Sure, might as well enjoy it while we figure this mind thing.”

We were sitting once again in the living room, this time, all awake and reading some books as to why Joel could read my mind, I had to block him and he once in a while looked at me trying to read me, but I just laugh and keep my eyes on the book.

“I got it! Well, I found something about mind reading” Dad shout it and we were waiting for him to continue.

“Apparently this book says that a mix of two spells can make side effects but not like mind reading, more like pass out, some kind of rash and sometimes losing the magic for some hours, nothing about mind reading. So we know none of the things happen, right Joel?”

“No, still have my magic, actually I have more now because I can read her mind, wait, sir, I can’t read yours, and I didn’t notice it. I only read hers and you have being here and nothing out of yours… how can that be?”

“Have you tried to read his mind?” I ask him.

“Well, no. but I didn’t try it on you, it just happen.”

He looked at dad and dad looked at him both staring quietly.


“Nothing, sir”

“Wait, you were trying to read mine, sir?”

“I was trying, nothing happens so you’re safe!”

I was hearing them and at the same time reading my book when something caught my attention,

‘A mix of spell on drinks can have different side effects is they are given by couples or siblings, this happens if they are soul mates, married couple or siblings. In cases, they are permanent and in cases they are by short times but they can’t be reverse. They are not harmful and most time couples who are soul mates or married will share said side effect for the rest of their lives, siblings loose the side effects when they get married or if one of them die, resulting of the spell to be broken’

“Oh no, this is so mess up”

“What did you find Penny?” “What?” I looked at the both of them and they were looking funny at me. Dad took the book and started to read it out loud when suddenly Joel stood and took the book from dad reading it too.

“Penny, what did you do?” Dad was out of words staring at me; Joel looked my way and sat on a chair far from me.

“What do you mean me, I have a brother and you didn’t tell me about it!” I question him.

“Penny, Joel is not my son…”

“So He’s mom? That’s mess up”

“Penelope, read that out loud once more and try to understand it this time,”

Dad told me and Joel gave me the book looking at me funny, he’s eyes were showing he was scared, happy but at the same time really nervous, mostly happy.

I took the book and read it out loud this time when suddenly I read the same word again ‘soul mates’

There went to the book to the floor.

“What have I done?”

“Penny, close your mouth and breathe”

“Dad, that book says that he’s my soul mate I don’t even know him, maybe that book is out of date, is that even the latest edition?” Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit, now I know why he was happy and really nervous. Wait he was happy… oh my…

“Sweetheart, if you don’t want me to read you mind, you should stop now”

I turn my head to look at Joel and now he was really full of smiling and not nervous at all.

“…God, are you serious, and aren’t you even worry, this is a lot to take in.” I lay down on the sofa and daddy was now sitting looking at me and at Joel with a smirk. Is he seriously making up a plan in his head that smirk usually means he solve the problem and was taking advantage of it for his benefit!

“Dad, wipe of that smirk, what are you thinking about, is really making me more nervous, stop it old man”

“Penny, you know I love you right?”

“Dad, what’s going on?” Now I was sitting up and Joel was by my side looking at Dad too.

“Guys I need to tell you something and I hope you understand this and try to be calm about it.”

“Dad, what did you do?”

“Sir, you’re scaring me too” “Guys, remember how you got here right?!”

“My car broke down, dad I know he’s a piece of crap I’m going to get one new, don’t have to rub it in.”

“Penny, I put a spell on him, I knew Joel here was in town to buy some things for the storm and I made it so he could go get you, and you see I knew Joel here is your soul mate. I found out about three weeks ago when he was here helping me with some spells for a friend and I accidentally made a spell and that spell told me he was your soul mate, I didn’t tell him I just let it go, but then I got to think you’re always alone and he’s always alone , neither one of you get out how were you two going to end up together if you did even knew either one of you exists, so I plan for you two to meet, but the storm got in and Joel had to stay here and you had to get him cocoa, and well in my defense you weren’t supposed to know it tonight I was hoping two could go on a date and talk and bam! You fell in love” “Wow, sir I didn’t think you were that clever but really playing cupid is not the best hobby”

“Dad, why would you want me to get a boyfriend or, this time, a husband, no offense Joel, are you tired of me…” “None taken, I jump with you”

“Really Joel, not the time, let’s get pass this”

“Penny, I’m not tired of you, I just think you all alone here, taking care of me and you don’t go out, you are always working on a book and don’t go have fun and I get sad because you’re a beautiful young lady and deserves to have some fun and maybe meet a guy that will make you happy, and I know Joel is him, I’m sorry you just had to find like this. I love you penny, I want you to be happy and not get stuck here with an old man, you need love and I know he’s the one”

“Dad, I don’t want to leave you because I know you want me to be happy but I am happy here, sure a guy can make me happy, but your my father and I want the best first for you and the. I can be happy any guy who thinks otherwise is not worth my life, you will always be first. And I say you’re old but you know is out of love, you will always my daddy!”

“I know honey, I wish your mama can see the beautiful young lady you have become, she would be proud!”

We stood up and we hug each other I may be 26 years old but my dad hugs were the best in the whole wide world, I never tired of them, we broke apart and he went to Joel said something in his ear and went up the stair saying good night.

I looked at the clock and it was 4:00 am and it was still dark outside, the storm was quieter but you could see the snow falling more slowly.

I went again to the kitchen and Joel right behind me, he sat on a barstool. I made more hot cocoa and gave him a different cup this time; he eyed the cup before he eyed me.

“Is clean I swear” I assure him, it was real and pure hot cocoa. I pull out some marshmallows, took the bag and sit on a barstool next to him.

We were still processing what we found out, we were soul mates. “I’m sorry for reading your mind”

“Don’t worry, it could have been worst you could have passed out”


“So what are we going to do now that we found out what are we?”

“I don’t know, but I like to get to know you and maybe try to go on a date if it’s up to you?”

“I like that, I’m sorry again for giving you that trick up cocoa, I promise never to give you again my magic.”

“I promise not to give you some of the mine, I have given you a drop and I’m scared what can happen!”

“That would have been interesting right?!”


“What did Dad said to you later?”

“Don’t screw up, she’s the one”

“Oh my god, REALLY DAD!” I scream to Dad and Joel laughs.

“I like to do something if you let me, there’s no magic involved I swear!”

“Okay, what is it?”

“I didn’t introduce myself the right way back when we were at the roadside; I like to start up the right way!”

He stood up and I follow him, he gave me his hand I gave him mine and he smile.

“Hi, my name is Joel, I’m your Dad friend from the military and I would like to get to know you, because I really like you!”

I was smiling so hard that I just stood on my toes and gave him a kiss on the cheek and hug him. We broke the hug and now I could see in his eyes, he really was fully happy and excited; I keep smiling and looking at his eyes.

I can’t believe a cup of hot cocoa help me find true love. And I was glad I made that cup.

Hot Cocoa

When you mix a bit of cocoa and a little of magic, even the coldest hearts feels warm and when magic is involved anything can happen

  • ISBN: 9781370466849
  • Author: E.E. Evans
  • Published: 2017-06-13 10:27:40
  • Words: 3627
Hot Cocoa Hot Cocoa