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Hope, Magic, and Fantasy

The short story "Hope" is a story about a girl named Jenny that runs away from her abusive father. She ends up hitchhiking with a total stranger. Will she make it to her destination? Did she make a mistake hitchhiking with a stranger? In "The Songwriter" Misty is a struggling singer and songwriter. She performed at a small nightclub every night just to make ends meet. Will she be discovered? Will she not have to struggle to survive? In the magical story "Endless Possibilities" Roxy is tired of the same old same old especially when it comes to intimate relationships. She starts a new job working on the night shift. In the middle of her shift, she discovers an interesting secret about the place she works. Does she make the best decision? Will she have a chance of a better life?

  • Author: Lesley Nessa
  • Published: 2018-10-21 22:10:06
  • Words: 2602
Hope, Magic, and Fantasy Hope, Magic, and Fantasy